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    Episode Two Translation Guide by DingoEnderZOE2

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                          Sakura Taisen 5  Farewell my love
    			   サクラ大戦V 〜さらば愛しき人よ〜 
    		     	  Episode 2 Translation
    			      Version 4.0
    Copyright 2007 Tenchi(Tenchiharasaki@yahoo.com) As always please, respect all 
    my hard work by asking for permission if you would like to post this on Web 
    sites of any kind.
    This FAQ will contain a few Japanese text in S-JIS encoding.
    Sakura Taisen 5 Farewell my love by the wonderful people of SEGA and 
    RED Entertainment
    I'm not trying to be fluent in Japanese. I'm just trying to learn and 
    understand it more. Since I'm not perfect with Japanese, I do not Guarantee a
    100 % accurate translation so I welcome any comments and suggestions that you
    feel would help improve this File. I'm doing translations for the fun of it,
    to hopefully improve my Japanese more, and to give you a better understanding
    on what's going on and what's being said during the scenarios I translate. Of
    course it's also better to own the game(ESPECIALLY Sakura Taisen) and enjoy the
    experience while playing as well, instead of just reading. I will most likely
    ask for help and run into problems while translating so Please, feel free to
    send your comments or suggestions to Tenchiharasaki@yahoo.com.
    Just like in my last Sakura Taisen guide, once again the main characters name
    will already be set for you. The name this time is Set as Taiga Shinjirou. The
    nephew of Oogami Ichirou the Original Main Character from Sakura Taisen 1 - 4.
    About Honorific titles
    -San:>As some of you guys may know, this is the most common honorific you will
    hear. -San is the American equivalent to Mr.,miss,ms.,or Mrs. It can be used in
    any situation where politeness is required. To put it simply, This is THE
    honorific to use if you want to address others in a formal polite way.
    -Sama:>This honorific is the more formal version of "-San",  It's used to
    confer great respect for those with much higher rank than themselves. Example:
    This would be used for a butler or slave(^_^;) to address his master. It can
    also be used in commercial and business settings to address and refer to
    customers.  If I were to translate this, it would be the American equivalent to
    "Lord-" or "Master-"
    -Kun:>This Honorific can be used in three different ways. It can be used from
    girls as an informal and intimate honorific mostly used for males. It is also
    used by superiors in addressing inferiors, by males of roughly the same age and
    status in addressing each other, and in addressing male children. In a business
    settings young women may also be addressed as kun by older male superiors.
    Which is why Ohgami always addresses Sakura,Sumire,Orihime,etc with -kun.
    -Dono:>This is a old honorific, like Samurai Era old(You will hear this
    honorific a lot if you check out Rurouni Kenshin.) Although it may not be used
    as much(If at all) in daily conversation,it's still used in some types of
    written business correspondence. It works the same as -Sama.
    -Chan:>This is the informal, intimate, diminutive equivalent of san, used to
    refer to children and female family members,pets, close friends and lovers. 
    Chan is also used for adults as a title of affection. It gives a sense of
    childish cuteness thus making It very babyish, which is why some people are
    less forgiving with being address with it than others.
    -Senpai:>is used to refer to or address teachers, doctors, lawyers,
    politicians, or other authority figures. It is also used to show respect to
    someone who has achieved a certain level of mastery in an art form or some
    other skill. It's most often used In school settings, where underclassmen refer
    to their upperclassmen as "Senpai". This may be a bad example but: Say you're
    a new employee at your job, everyone there is your Senpai because most of the
    people at your job have more experience then you do. To put it simply, in the
    workplace, it's used when a newer employee addresses an employee who has
    seniority(I.e. more experience)in the company.
    -Kohai:>Simply the opposite of Senpai. Used toward underclassmen in school or
    newcomers in the workplace.
    Ver 0.5 - 2005.10.16
    - Sorry for the wait everyone, Next up is the second episode. As always
    starting off slow. Completed the guide up until the episode title pops up.
    Ver 0.6 - 2005.11.11
    - Sorry for the long delay everyone. I just now got my system back so I can get
    back to work.  As for the updates, I've completed the guide up until the
    Cameratron instruction LIPS. Once again, if any of you readers believe you've
    got what it takes to help me in anyway with the completion of this and future
    ST guides give me an E-mail at Tenchiharasaki@yahoo.com I could really some
    more supporters.
    Ver 0.8 -2005.11.24
    - Completed the guide up until after you learn how to use the Cameratron and
    after you leave with Kayama and Gemini.
    Ver 0.9 -2005.12.04
    - Completed up until after you go to Harlem for the first time.
    Ver 1.0 -2005.12.10
    - Thanks to Canton's translating skills, that long section of Japanese text has
     been translated. Also I updated the guide up until the first Free Roam.
    Ver.1.5   -2006.3.22
    -Wow it seems like its been forever since I've updated this. Because of
    College, a little bit of outside interference(Including the fact that I've been
    distracted by my X-box 360), and the fact that all of my spring break was TAKEN
    very bitter...) I haven't had much time to sit down and translate.  No worries
    though ladies and gentlemen. For the update this time, I managed to get some
    help from Canton with some of the Japanese Dialogue that were left alone before
    and I also owe the dialogue and events that were added for this update to
    Ver 2.0 -2006.3.29
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    Ver 3.6 -2007.04.08
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    before you proceed to the final battle of the episode. Special thanks to
    ijuinkun & Kamatari47 for providing the translation for some of the dialogue
    during the first battle section.
    Ver 3.7 -2007.04.12
    - Finished the guide. Special thanks to Kamatari47 for providing the
    translation for some of the dialogue during the first battle section and a
    section I need a translation for. I ask again if there are any willing
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    appreciated. It would also make it so these would be completed at a much
    quicker pace. E-mail me if you're interested....Seriously.
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    Ver 3.9 -2007.04.20
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    help with a phr that I had trouble translating near the end of
    the guide.
    Ver 4.0 2007.10.06
    - Fixed a few minor mistakes during the battle sections.
    {Shinjiro}: Huh!? Is that true, Sunny-san!!
    {Sunnyside}: Yeah. I wouldn't gain anything if I lied about something like this.
    	Starting today, you are going to work as the New York Floral Assault Squad 
    Star Division's Captain apprentice. 
    	Well for the time being, I'll just have you watch and learn about various 
    things from Ratchet and the others.
    {Shinjiro}: Yes! I Taiga Shinjiro shall.....
    == LIPS 2.1 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Shall do my utmost very best!" -- (Ratchet +)
    -- Option 2 - "So I guess I'm not the captain after all." -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "Shall have her teach me everything!!" -- (Ratchet - )
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - "Shall do my utmost very best!" -- (Ratchet +)
    {Shinjiro}: Shall do my utmost very best! Commander Sunnyside, I look forward
    to your guidance.
    {Sunnyside}: The "utmost very best" again? You're always saying that. Well
    that's reassuring.
    {Ratchet}: My, you look like you're enjoying yourselves. What's going on you 
    {Sunnyside}: When I talked to him about that matter, he gladly accepted it. In
    addition he said the pleasant phrase that he'll do his utmost very best.
    {Ratchet}: Well, that's good to hear. Taiga-kun, I have high hopes for you so
    from this moment on do you best.
    {Shinjiro}: Yes! I'll do all that I can, So please instruct me!!
    {Ratchet}: My, you two seem to be having fun. What's going on you two?
    {Sunnyside}: When I talked to him about that matter, he gladly accepted it. In
    addition he said the pleasant phrase of he'll do his utmost very best.
    {Ratchet}: Well, that's good to hear. Taiga-kun, I have high hopes for you, so
    starting from here do your best.
    {Shinjiro}: Yes! I will give it all I've got, I request your guidance!!
    -- Option 2 - "So I guess I'm not the captain after all." -- (No effect)
    {Shinjiro}: So I guess I'm not the commander after all. I thought I was going
    to become the captain....
    {Sunnyside}: Whoa whoa....There's no need for that. When I say apprentice, it
    means the things you do are the same as the captain. The only difference is...
    {Shinjiro}: Is.....?
    {Sunnyside}: Your salary is cheap.
    {Shinjiro}: The-There's no need for that.....
    {Ratchet}: My, you two seem to be having fun. What's going on you two?
    {Sunnyside}: When I talked to him about that matter, he said the horrible 
    phrase of "I'm not the captain so I don't want to.". Ratchet, you say
    something to him too.
    {Ratchet}: Is that so....And here I was hoping that you would accept the 
    {Shinjiro}: That's not true, Ratchet-san! I never said I wouldn't become a
    captain apprentice...
    {Ratchet}: Really? Well then, do your best. I shall instruct you relentlessly.
    {Shinjiro}: Ye-yes. I Taiga Shinjiro, will give it all I've got!!
    == LIPS 1.1 End
    {Sunnyside}: And so, along with Taiga-kun's promotion, I will  have Ratchet
    become the New York Floral Assault Squad vice-commander.
    {Ratchet}: Understood.
    Episode Two
    - The law of the people,by the people,for the people -
    {Sunnyside}: Taiga-kun....Here in New York, is a place where everyone's hope's
    and dreams are gathered.....It possesses power as a sacred place.
    	Therefore....There are negative powers such as treachery and greed that are 
    gathered here as well. Just like that enemy from last time.
    {Shinjiro}: The enemy from last time....You mean that giant evil beast
    commander unit?
    {Sunnyside}: Well that's the gist of it. Taiga-kun.....Is there anything you'd
    like to ask?
    {Shinjiro}: Let's see.....
    == Untimed LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Who was that Gigantic Enemy?" -- 
    -- Option 2 - "Just what do you mean by New York is a sacred place....?" --
    -- Option 3 - "No, not particular." -- (Appears if you've beaten the game at
    least once.)
    -- Option 1 - "Who was that Gigantic Enemy?" -- 
    {Shinjiro}: Do we know who that gigantic enemy was?
    {Sunnyside}: No, We're currently investigating. Well, Up until now We've
    managed to repel Enemies of that degree so....It's nothing particularly to
    be surprised about.
    	I mean just a little while ago, Mummy monsters overflowed New York.
    {Shinjiro}: O-Oh....I see....
    {Ratchet}: Taiga-Kun, Investigating information on the enemy is also our duty
    as the Star Division. Stay firm.
    {Shinjiro}: Yes m'am! Understood!!
    {Sunnyside} :......Well then, Taiga-kun. Is there anything else you'd like to
    {Shinjiro}: Ah....Yes. Let me see....
    -- Option 2 - "Just what do you mean by New York is a sacred place....?" --
    {Shinjiro}: When you said that New York is a sacred place....Just what did you
    mean by that?
    {Sunnyside}: A capitol city is a place that can hold spiritual meaning. In
    other words…it's a Holy Land.
    	New York is a capitol city founded on land that has been blessed with spiritual
    power. In that sense ….it is similar to the Imperial Capitol and Paris.
    {Ratchet}: Due to its being a Holy Land, a capitol city will continue to
    flourish, drawing forth both people and power.
    {Shinjiro}: Ooh....
    {Sunnyside}: Taiga, you have probably already felt it, but the glamour of New
    York has the power to attract all sorts of things.
    	It not only attracts those which are good, things such as dreams and hopes,
    but evil in the form of lust and ambition.
    	That is why New York needs people like us, the Floral Assault Team.
    What do you think? Pretty cool, huh?
    {Shinjiro}: I see….So this is the kind of city New York is.
    == Untimed LIPS End ==
    {Sunnyside}: Ah yes yes,Taiga-kun. Have you been using the pocket watch we gave
    you earlier?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah....You mean this? It's pretty handy. It can become both a watch
    and a communicator.
    {Ratchet}: Taiga-kun.....That pocket watch is called a cameratron, and the
    truth is....It can take photographs as well.
    {Shinjiro}: Cameraton!? Wow, that's amazing! It can do stuff like that too!?
    {Sunnyside}: Well I must admit it's convenient during an investigation, amazing
    technology don't you think? Just what you would expect from America.
    	I saw a spy carrying this in a motion picture and thought to myself,
    "This is it!"
    {Shinjiro}: Oooh.....Is that so....
    {Sunnyside}: Ah, Oh yes! Take our picture to test it out.
    {Ratchet}: Good idea. Taiga-kun,If you would please.
    {Shinjiro}: Ah, Okay.
    {Sunnyside}: By the way.....Do you know how to use that camera? I could teach
    you if you'd like.
    {Shinjiro}: Let's see...
    == Untimed LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Yes, Please." -- 
    -- Option 2 - "No, I'm fine." -- 
    -- Option 1 - "Yes, Please." --
    {Shinjiro}: Yes,please teach me!
    {Sunnyside}: Okay! Now then first of all, set up the camera.
    {Sunnyside}: How does it look, Taiga-kun? Can you see Ratchet and me?
    {Shinjiro}: No, not at all....
    {Sunnyside}: Okay then, use the left analog stick to focus the lens on us.
    {Shinjiro}: The left analog stick? Okay....
    {Shinjiro}: Ah I see you! But.....There's only one person within the finder...
    {Sunnyside}: If that's the case then, move up and down on the D-pad to adjust
    the zoom in feature.
    {Shinjiro}: Up and down on the D-pad? Okay....
    {Shinjiro}: Umm, Sunny-san....It looks like the two of you are in, but the
    screen is extremely blurry.
    {Sunnyside}: In that case, Press the L1 and R1 buttons to focus. Make the two
    wobbling circles pile up firmly and in place against each other.
    {Shinjiro}: Use the L1 and R1 button to pile the wobbling circles together
    in place...Understood, I'll give it a try!
    {Shinjiro}: Ah, I can see you two perfectly!
    {Sunnyside}: Okay! Now all that's left is to press the square button to click
    the shutter.
    	Now then, this is a review of everything you've learned up until now.
    Show me your best shot.
    {Shinjiro}: Yes sir, understood. Now....
    -- Option 2 - "No, I'm fine." -- 
    {Shinjiro}: No...I understand how it works so, I'm fine.
    {Sunnyside}: Okay! Take a nice one. The shutter is the square button.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay, now....
    == Untimed LIPS End ==
    == Camera Shot Begins ==
    - Picture blurry -
    - Both Ratchet and Sunnyside - (Ratchet +)
    - Of Ratchet's breasts(^_^;) - (Ratchet --)......Of course. :D
    - Ratchet Only - (Ratchet +)
    - Sunnyside only -(No effect)
    - Of Ratchet's breasts(^_^;) - (Ratchet --)
    {Shinjiro}: Eh heh heh.....
    {Ratchet}: What's the picture look like? Can I see?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah!? Thi-, This is....
    {Ratchet}: Ta-....TAIGA-KUN!? What's the meaning of this picture!? We didn't
    supply you with the Cameratron to take pictures like this!!
    	I'm confiscating this picture. Is that clear!?
    {Shinjiro}: Yes m'am....I'm sorry....
    {Ratchet}: Honestly....you're such a child.....
    {Sunnyside}: Hahaha! That's unfortunate eh, Taiga-kun?
    - Both Ratchet and Sunnyside - (Ratchet +)
    {Shinjiro}: How's this? Did I take a nice picture?
    {Ratchet}: Truly! Taiga-kun, you've got nice senses.
    {Sunnyside}: Indeed. Looking at it this way, it would appear like
    we're lovers.
    {Ratchet}: .....No it wouldn't.
    {Sunnyside}: Ouch, ouch! You didn't have to stomp on my foot with those high
    {Shinjiro}: Ha ha ha....
    == Camera Shot End ==
    {Ratchet}: Now then....This will be all for today. You've still got time before
    the Theater opens for business.....When it's time to open, make sure you come.
    	Now then, From here on stay on your toes, Captain apprentice Taiga-kun.
    {Shinjiro}: Roger!
    {Shinjiro}:Captain in training....This is where I have to give it my all, and
    have everyone approve of me!
    	"If you try, you shall succeed!" All right! I shall show them all the spirit
    of the Samurai!!
    {Gemini}: Ah, well if it isn't Shinjiro. What's up? Did something good happen
    to you or something?
    {Shinjiro}: Yup! Listen to this Gemini!! I've become a Captain apprentice!
    Isn't that cool or what!?
    {Gemini}: Wow! That's awesome! Even though you're "in training" you're still a
    Captain! I'm cheering you on! Good luck!
    {Kayama}: Hooh, Well done Shinjiro! I expected nothing less of Ohgami's nephew.
    They sure know a good thing when they see it!!
    {Shinjiro}: Ah, Kayama-san, you've come too. Thank you very much. I'll give it
    my all!!
    {Kayama}: It's good thing to keep doing your best! All right, Then Big brother
    will take you to a nice place.
    {Shinjiro}: .....Nice place? Where would that be?
    {Gemini}:The Metropolitan Art Museum! They're doing a display on Japan. I'll
    be going too.
    {Shinjiro}:Wow, that sounds like fun. I want to go too!
    {Kayama}:All right! Well then, Let's go!!
    -{The dialogue from here was all done by Canton a fellow Sakura Taisen fan
    helping me.}-
    Kayama: Alright, we've arrived. This is the metropolitan museum. What do you
    think? Huge, huh?
    Shinjiro: Th, This is...Is this whole building the museum?
    Gemini: Yeah. They say it can take a week to see the whole thing. Hehehe....
    This will be my fourth time here but, I've only seen half of the whole museum.
    Shinjiro: Wow....That's New York for you. Everything here is big.
    Kayama: The bigger the better. Alright, let's go! Get ready you two!!
    Shinjiro: Roger!
    Shinjiro: ....What's this place?
    Gemini: This is the Egypt exhibit. Mummies, statues of gods, and other things
    are on display here.
    Shinjiro: So this is a mummy....This is my first time seeing one.
    Gemini: New Yorkers have got everything. Aren't mummies supposed to be the
    corpses of people from long ago?
    	Do you think there's some kind of curse with it? A mummy's curse, or something?
    Shinjiro: Hmmm....Now that you say that, yes, there might in fact be one.
    Gemini: Ah...Sorry! Here I am saying weird things. And, on such a nice day.
    Shinjiro: No, don't worry about. I agree with you, Gemini.
    Gemini: Oh, I almost forgot! I haven't gotten to say it to you yet.
    	Congratulations, Shinjiro. I'm happy that you were able to become a
    Captain-in-training. I'm happy for you, too.
    Shinjiro: Th-, Thanks....I'm kind of embarrassed about it all, though.
    Gemini: Oh, no. It's a really great experience. I really respect you. You're my
    hope, Shinjiro. I feel like I can become a member of the Hoshi-Gumi if I work
    hard, too.
    Shinjiro: Hmmm, I wonder about that....Gemini...
    == LIPS 2.2 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "I'll ask Sunnyside." -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "You will become a member for sure, Gemini!! " -- (Gemini +)
    -- Option 3 - "You'd have to be much prettier then you are now...." --
    (Gemini -- Leads to a second set of LIPS afterwards )
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "You will become a member for sure, Gemini!! " -- (Gemini +)
    Shinjiro: You will become a member for sure, Gemini!! I'm cheering for you.
    Gemini: Do you think so! Do you think so! Do you think I can become a member of
    the Hoshi-Gumi? No way!! That's too wonderful!
    Shinjiro: I was able to become a captain-in-training, after all. I'm sure you
    will be able to become a Hoshi-Gumi member.
    Gemini: You're right! You're right! You were able to become one! There has to
    be hope for me, too!
    Shinjiro: I,I'm not quite 100% sure, but you have a chance. Go for it, Gemini!
    Gemini: Alright! I'm going to do my best!! Shinjiro, just you watch!
    Shinjiro: Of course!! Let's both give it our best!!
    == LIPS 2.2 End ==
    Kayama: Hey, what are you doing? The Japanese exhibit is over here.
    Shinjiro: Ah, Yes. We'll be right there.
    Shinjiro: What's this...?
    Kayama: This is the prize of the Japanese exhibit… "The Ruler's Sword."
    Shinjiro: The Ruler's Sword…I feel great power…It's definitely a marvelous
    Gemini: Japanese swords are really nice. I really admire them. If I had one,
    Shinjiro: Ge-, Gemini....? Are...Are you fantasizing again?
    Kayama: ....Shinjiro, listen carefully. Currently, Japanese culture is
    extremely popular all over the world.
    	You could even say that Japanese Culture is the most popular culture at the
    moment. However, there are also people who have false presumptions about Japan.
    ~If you have a PS2 Sakura Taisen 3 save file.~
    Kayama:  There is even a girl who believes that Japanese people have top-knots
    and live in Ninja Castles.
    Shinjiro: ....That's awfully specific. Is she an acquaintance of yours?
    Kayama: Her name is Erica-kun....And she sure can be a handful. Even I...
    Even I....
    Shinjiro: Umm...That's uh, what about the subject we were talking about?
    Kayama: Ah, I'm sorry. I kind of went of track for a second there....
    Kayama: You saw the "The Ruler's Sword," right? The real one has a brilliance
    that surpasses all else.
    Shinjiro: .....
    Kayama: You have become a captain-in-training. As a young Japanese, you have to
    show everyone what Japan is truly about. Alright, Shinjiro?
    	Don't forget that the pride of Japan rests upon your shoulders.
    Shinjiro: Kayama-san.....
    == LIPS 2.3 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Do you really think I'm the genuiue article?"--
    (No effect leads to Analog LIPS directly afterwards.)
    -- Option 2 - "I understand, leave it to me " -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "Don't you have the pride of Japan on your shoulders?" -- (No
    effect )
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "I understand, leave it to me " -- (No effect)
    Shinjiro: I understand, leave it to me. I am a  young Japanese!
    I'll show them what I've got!!
    Kayama: That's a good answer, Shinjiro. Now that's the man that was chosen by
    Ogami. You can be even bigger than you are now.
    	All you have to do is put forth your best effort everyday.
    Shinjiro: Thank you very much. I will do my best, bearing Japan's pride.
    == LIPS 2.3 End ==
    Shinjiro: Now that I think about it....Isn't it strange to for there to be such
    an amazing Japanese sword in New York?
    Kayama: You could say that. But, I understand what you mean. This isn't much
    history in this town yet. America is a new country.
    	People have immigrated to this country looking for a future. However....The
    future is built upon the past. I wonder if this country has realized this yet.
    Shinjiro: Ah....So that's how it is.
    Kayama: That's the reason why they have collected all kinds of piece of history
    from other countries to display here.
    	They even have "The Ruler's Sword." You understand...., right, Shinjiro?
    Shinjiro: Yes...
    Shinjiro: ....Hmm? What the....What's that sound?
    Kayama: It's coming from you pocket. Could that be....
    Shinjiro: Yes, it's a call from the theater. Excuse me for a moment....
    ...Yes. This is Taiga Shinjiro.
    Rachette: Taiga-kun, could you return to the theater? We're going to start
    preparing for the show.
    Shinjiro: Roger. We will be heading for the theater right away.
    Kayama: Alright, why don't we get going then? You two have to start getting the
    theater ready, right?
    Shinjiro: Yes, that's correct. Gemini, let's get going. Come on!
    Gemijni: (As Sanjuro) Princess! This is of great importance. You must lay down
    that sword and run away as soon as possible.
    Gemini: (As Princess) Sanjuro, I cannot! I am protecting the castle for my late
    father. This is the duty of the king's daughter.
    Gemini: (As Sanjuro) Hmph....I would expect nothing less from the princess. If
    you must, then I, Sanjuro, shall accompany you to until the bitter end.
    Gemini: (As herself) ....Is what he'd say to me! Yeah, right! Yeah, right!
    Shinjiro: Ge...Gemini...Are you fantasizing again? Hey, let's get back to the
    Shinjiro: Ah...Did I do it again? Hehehe...Was it time to get ready for the
    musical already?
    Kayama: Gemini sure is handful when she starts fantasizing. Well...I had better
    be getting back to the store. You two should come and buy something sometime.
    Shinjiro: Mr. Kayama, thank you for everything today.
    Kayama: Sure, it was nothing. It's a big brother's job to help raise a boy. See
    you later, then. Gemini, you keep up the hard work.
    Gemini: Yes sir! Thank you very much! Invite us out again sometime. Okay then,
    Shinjiro…We should get going, too.
    Shjinjiro: You're right. I couldn't face everyone at the theater if I were late
    to my first day on the job.
    Gemini: Alright, let's race to the theater! Ready….Go!
    Shinjiro: Okay! I'm not gonna lose!
    {Gemini}: Well then.....I got guest seat cleaning to do so I'll be going.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay, I'll see you later. Now then.....I'll go report to everyone
    that I've become the Captain apprentice.
    {Plum}:Taiga, did you come back? In that case, could you lend me a little hand?
    {Anri}: Ah! Please help me over here too!!
    {Shinjiro}: Eh!? Both....Both of you? Guess there's no helping it......I'll
    talk to everyone about it after the Musical.
    {Plum}: C'mon! What are you doing!? It's tough before opening hours!!
    {Shinjiro}: Okay! I'm coming right now!!
    {Shinjiro}: Whew....Today sure was rough.....It was a ringing applause. Now....
    I have to let Sajitta and the others know that I've become the Captain 
    	I wonder what they'll say. I wonder if they'll be surprised.....I've gotten
    kind of nervous for now.
    {Subaru}: Is there something you need? You're in such high spirits.
    {Shinjiro}: There's something I want everyone to hear!! Is Sajitta-San around 
    {Subaru}: ....In the Dressing room.
    {Shinjiro}: Really!? Well then, We'll talk in the Dressing room. C'mon, Please
    come in!!
    {Sajitta}: Wh-Who's there!? Ta, Taiga....!?
    {Shinjiro}: Waaah!! Sa-,Sajitta-san, You're still changing!?
    {Sajitta}: GET OUT! Just get out already!! I'll call security!
    {Shinjiro}: Uh, ummm...
    == LIPS 1.2 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "I've become the Captain apprentice." -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "I didn't mean to peep!!" -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "What's that mark on your stomach....." -- (Sajitta - )
    -- Time Over -- (Sajitta -)
    -- Option 1 - "I've become the Captain apprentice." -- (No effect)
    {Shinjiro}: I've become the Captain apprentice. Therefore, I wanted to inform
    {Sajitta}: Yes, I understand that!  I'll hear your story later. Hurry and get
    {Shinjiro}: O-....Okay!!
    -- Option 2 - "I didn't mean to peep!!" -- (No effect)
    {Shinjiro}: I didn't mean to peep!! Therefore, well....
    {Sajitta}: How long do you plan on looking!? I'll hear your excuse later so
    hurry up and get out!!
    {Shinjiro}: Ye-....Yes m'am!!
    -- Option 3 - "What's that mark on your stomach....." -- (Sajitta - )
    {Shinjiro}: What's that mark on your stomach.....?
    {Sajitta}: .....Scar?
    {Shinjiro}: Right. There's a strange mark on the side of your stomach......Did
    you hurt yourself?
    {Sajitta}: ....That has nothing to do with this! Get out of her already! Get
    {Shinjiro}: O-...Okay!!
    == LIPS 1.2 End ==
    {Shinjiro}: Haah....That surprised me.....
    {Subaru}: It's not anything to be surprised about. It's a natural action to
    change once the stage is over.
    {Shinjiro}: Subaru-san....If you knew, you should have at least told me....
    {Subaru}: You didn't ask.....What you asked me was whether or not she was
    present.....That is all.
    {Shinjiro}: .....Ugh. True, you have a point.....
    {Sajitta}: ........
    {Shinjiro}: Uh, Ummm... Sajitta-san.....
    {Sajitta}: Everything said from this point will be a public declaration, so you
    should refrain from putting forth any disadvantageous testimony.
    	Also you have a right to call an attorney. Now, if you have anything to say
    for yourself then speak.
    {Shinjiro}: We-Well.....Even if you were say something like that I wouldn't...
    {Subaru}: ......It's gotten quite noisy.
    {Sajitta}: Subaru.....You saw him peep on me while I was changing didn't you?
    {Subaru}: I couldn't see very well......Did you?
    {Shinjiro}: Li-....Like I said, that was an accident......It's not like I
    peeped on purpose.....
    {Sajitta}: .....All right then, although it's informal we'll settle this by
    law. Subaru, You can be the judge.
    {Subaru}: .....Okay. Well.....Sajitta, go from your arguement.
    {Sajitta}: Taiga entered the dressing room without knocking and peeped on me
    changing my clothes, and I was awarded with mental anguish.
    	As evidence....I request Taiga's words during the time he peeped on me.
    {Subaru}: .......Accepted. Taiga, what did you say?
    {Shinjiro}: Uh, Ummm....
     == LIPS 1.2 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "You're still changing!?" -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "{What you said during LIPS 1.1} " -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "Oh-,Okay!"-- (Sajitta - )
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "{What you said during LIPS 1.1} " -- (No effect)
    {Shinjiro}: [I.....I didn't mean to peep.]....That was it.
    {Sajitta}: That's right! In short....whether or not it was your intention, you
    acknowledge that you peeped!
    {Shinjiro}: Hawwu!! No-, Now that you mention it....You're right.....but....
    {Subaru}: Subaru concludes.....Whether or not it was your intention to peep was
    not the issue.
    	With your words as proof, it is a fact that peeping on Sajitta while she was
    changing has caused damage.
    {Sajitta}: That is correct. That fact that you peeped in on my changing alone
    is the problem. I've been violated....That is the truth of the matter.
    	I have the right to demand restitution; this is guaranteed by the law.
    == Lips 1.2 End ==
    {Shinjiro}: N-No way......I was just....Trying to let it be known that I became
    the Captain Apprentice...
    {Sajitta}: There's no room for objection. I will report this to the higher up
    commander and request you be punishment on the full extent of the law.
    {Shinjiro}: Haah!? O-, Oh come on.....
    {Subaru}: Sajitta.....Taiga seems to have reflected for his action. How about
    you just forgive him for the moment?
    {Sajitta}: .....I understand, I will obey the conclusion of the case. Boy, you
    should be grateful that I won't complain about this incident.
    {Shinjiro}: I'm....I'm sorry. Uh,Umm...And so then....
    {Sajitta}: You still have some business? Well then, Spit it out already.
    {Shinjiro}: And so, well....I would like to talk to everyone about the
    activties of the Assault squad from here on.
    {Sajitta}: I shall dismiss that purposal. It's already past business hours. I
    have no contract to unnesscary overtime.
    {Shinjiro}: Business hours......I don't think that has anything to do with
    protecting the peace....
    {Sajitta}: The contract in this country is.....The law is everything. Using
    your position to force people to work is a violation of the law.
    	Taiga Shinjiro.....How about you study a little on how this country operates?
    {Shinjiro}: Ugh....N-No way....
    {Subaru}: Sajitta.....Didn't you have a contract with a client?
    {Sajitta}: That's right....He's waiting for me at the office. I'll take me
    	Taiga.....If you're going to do trival things any further, think about legal
    measures as well.
    {Shinjiro}: Sa-Sajitta-san....
    {Subaru}: Well, I'll go too. Here after.....Try not to cause anymore ruckus.
    {Shinjiro}: Ah, Subaru-san.......Uh, Umm.....
    == LIPS 1.3 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "I became the Captain Apprentice and so...."-- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "I really didn't mean to peep! " -- (Subaru -)
    -- Option 3 - "Thanks for helping me earlier."-- (No effect)
    -- Time Over -- (Subaru +)
    -- Time Over -- (Subaru +)
    {Shinjiro}: .........
    {Subaru}: Didn't you have something you wanted to say?
    {Shinjiro}: No.....Nevermind. I don't want to trouble you any further.....
    {Subaru}: Hmmmm.....
    == LIPS 1.3 End ==
    {Subaru}: Well then, I'm going back. .....Excuse me.
    {Shinjiro}: Hah....I've gotten pretty exhausted....I'll just go home for today.
    {Shinjiro}: That about does it.....I made sure the doors are locked.....
    Let's go home.
    {Ou}: .....Shinjiro-Dono. I have a small request.
    {Shinjiro}: Wahyaa! Do'....Don't scare me like that please.
    {Ou}: Could you go and give this envelope to Sajitta-dono? We receieved an
    envelope addressed to her but....It would appear she has already gone home. It
    appears to be important documents....
    	I believe it might be best to hand it over to her as soon as possible.
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san? I'm kind of reluctant to do this.....
    {Ou}: Don't speak like that. Sajitta-dono's office is located in Harlem on 
    your map.
    {Shinjiro}: Hah....Well I do want to have a firm conversation about before so..
    Understood, I'll deliever it.
    {Ou}: I leave it in your hands. Well then, excuse me.
    {Shinjiro}: He said that Sajitta-san's office is in Harlem.....All right,
    I'll go take a look.
    {Shinjiro}: I-.....I have a hunch that this place.....Is a little dangerous....
    Sajitta-san's office....Just where is it? I should hurry up and deliver it.....
    {Shinjiro}: Is...Is Sajitta-san's office around here?.....But....This place is 
    quite rough.....
    	It has ruins and vacant lands and.....Wahyaa!! Wha-.....What the!?
    {Carlos}: Hey hey....We've got ourselves an outsider. Just what is going on 
    with our lookout!
    {Jingjing}: Hey, you!! Harlem is ours!!
    {Shinjiro}: Uh....Ummm....I have something for a person name Sajitta-san....
    {Carlos}: Sajitta? Someone like doesn't belong here in Harlem! Not anymore!!
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....Bu-, But....I heard she had an office in Harlem.....
    {Barbara}: Get out. This isn't a place for someone like you to be!
    {Shinjiro}: O-....Okay!!
    {Shinjiro}: Haah haah....That was scary....but...I can't go to the Harlem Map 
    at this rate....
    	What am I gonna do? Maybe I should go ask Ou-san...
    {Ratchet}: .....Taiga-kun, What's the matter? You're breathing heavily.....
    Like you were running.
    {Shinjiro}: Yes...I ran here. From Harlem to be precise.....
    {Ratchet}: That must have been awful. But, why were you in Harlem at such a 
    late hour anyway?
    {Shinjiro}: I wanted to go and deliver an envelope to Sajitta-san's office but..
    I was sent away from the entrance.
    {Ratchet}: I see...The people over there are quite weary to those they've only
    just met.....
    	Perhaps you should try bringing along someone who also has business to take
    care of in Harlem as well.
    {Shinjiro}: Ah, That's a good idea. I'll give that a try.
    {Ratchet}: Well, I still have work to do so I'm returning to the managers
    office. Hang in there, Taiga-kun.
    {Shinjiro}: All right....I'll try searching for someone who has something they
    have to do in Harlem.
    ** Free Movement 2.1 Start **
    ~~ Locations covered in free movement 2.1 ~~  (20:15 to 20:55) Note:If you
    don't find someone to go to Harlem with you by 20:35 - 20:40, You end up
    going with Ou and you accomplish nothing with him.)
    	      - Theater (シアタ) -
     - Drink Bar (ドリングバー)
     - Gift shop (売店)
    - Backstage (舞台裏)
    - Managers office (支配室) (Possible to go to Harlem with Ratchet if event is
    activated no later than 20:35.)
    	   - Midtown (ミッドタウン) Section -
     - Subaru's room(昴の部屋) (Possible to go to Harlem with Subaru if event
    is activated no later than 20:35.)
    	   - Harlem(ハーレム)Section -[While with Subaru]
    - Alley (路地裏)
    - Church (教会)
    - Jazz Bar (ジャズバー)
    	   - Village (ビレッジ)  Section -
     - The library (図書館) (20:40, If you didn't go to Harlem with Gemini.)
     - Maggy's shop(マギーの店)
    			~~ Photo Application ~~
    		     - Gemini Sunrise/Romando  -
    ~~ [Automactic Event] ~~
    {Plum}: Taiga, wait a minute! You have a Cameratron don't you?
    {Shinjiro}: Eh, yes I do....
    {Plum}: You see, here in the Theater we're issueing pamphets every month...We 
    have a section that introduces the performers of the theater. 
    	That's where we publish photo contributions every month. You're welcome to try
    too if you like.
    {Shinjiro}: Pamphet photos? Hmmm, that sounds interesting.
    {Plum}: -Giggles-, well then....Shall I explain a little about the rules?
    {Shinjiro}: Let's see....
    == Untimed LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Yes, please."-- 
    -- Option 2 - "No, I'll be fine even if I don't ask." -- 
    -- Option 1 - "Yes, please."-- 
    {Shinjiro}: Well then, if you would please.
    {Plum}: Okay! What we're advertising are photographs of scenery that go well 
    with the person. The point is that we're taking pictures of people, but we're
    pretty much taking pictures of scenery.
    	As you walk around town, and the name of the location you would like to 
    photograph displays itself....press the triangle button, and select the
    [Camera] option from the menu.
    	After that you take the picture just like you did before. It would be best 
    to take a picture that really captures the essence of the place you're
    	Ah, speaking of which, we don't take photos from within the Theater, so I'm 
    counting on you to take photos from outside.
    	What's more, we can't publish photos that are too dark and gloomy, So be sure
    to keep that in mind when you take pictures at night. 
    	Even if you make a mistake you can take as many shots as you need to fix the
    mistake but.....We can only apply just one picture, so you need to pay
    {Shinjiro}: Ok, I see....
    {Plum}: Once you've taken a good picture bring it on down to the Drink bar. By
    the way this months theme is, for the energtic cleaning girl Gemini Sunrise.
    	Let's see....It may be best for you to snap a shot of a shop that she stops 
    by often.
    {Shinjiro}: A shop that Gemini stops by often....I'll go search for it.
    {Plum}: And one more thing.....Announcements for the advertisements are all
    over the Radio. The people we introduce in the pamphlet change every month,
    so be sure to check back to us regularly.
    	That's all for the explanation. If you take a good photo I'll give you a
    wonderful treat! Now then....Good luck with your snapshots!
    -- Option 2 - "No, I'll be fine even if I don't ask." -- 
    {Shinjiro}: No, I'll be fine.
    {Plum}: Oh is that right? Well, The theme this month is for Gemini. Once you've
    snap a picture, bring it to the Drink Bar.
    	If you snap a good picture, I'll give you a wonderful Re-Wa-rd! Good luck!!
    {Shinjiro}: Okay, well then, I'm leaving!
    == Untimed LIPS End ==
    - Theater (シアタ) -
    ~~ Drink Bar (ドリングバー) ~~ Time limit: 20:15 - 20:55
    {Plum}: Taiga, how's it look? Have you found the scenery that would suit Gemini?
    When you take a picture, be sure to show it to me!
    {Shinjiro}: Okay, well then....
    == Drink Bar Menu Start ==
    -- Option 1 - Ask about the photo theme. -- (If you have yet to take a photo.)
    -- Option 1 - Submit the photo --(If you have a photo to present already)
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Plum. --
    -- Option 3 - Leave the Drinkbar. --
    -- Option 1 - Ask about the photo theme. -- (If you have yet to take a photo.)
    {Shinjiro}: Exactly what was the Photo Theme for this Month?
    {Plum}: The theme for this month is scenary that best suits Gemini. Let's see..
    I think a photograph of a shop that she would most likely frequent would be
    a good idea.
    {Shinjiro}: I see. Well then, I'll give it a shot.
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Plum. --
    {Plum}:Hey, Taiga, do you know what soft cream is? You know It's soft, silky, 
    and really delicious ice cream…. 
    	I heard they developed a machine that makes soft cream-making easy, so I 
    borrowed the proto type.
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmm....So, was it easy to make?
    {Plum}: It's actually difficult.  You're supposed move the cone in a spiral 
    motion while the soft serve pours out.  I can't really get a nice swirl to
    come out.
    	I know, why don't you give it a try, Taiga?  If I see someone else do it, I
    might be able to figure the technique out.
    	Alright, I'm going to turn the switch on…Make sure to spiral the cone
    properly, okay.
    {Shinjiro}: Alright....
    == Stick Lips Begin ==
    -- four gauges filled -- (Plum +)
    {Shinjiro}: Okay, how does this look?
    {Plum}: Great! That's a nice swirl. See that just now, I think I've figured 
    the trick out....Thanks Taiga.
    {Shinjiro}: Don't worry about it. I'm just glad to have been of some help.
    -- All gauges filled --(Plum
    {Shijiro}: Whew, I swarled it nicely!
    {Plum}: Kyaafun! What a big size!! It's about 50 centimeters!! That'a Amazing
    Taiga. Going this far it has the level of a work of art.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh he he...
    {Plum}: ....But with this, you have to figure out how to eat it. It's so large
    that it wouldn't fit in your mouth.
    {Shinjiro}: ....Ah.
    == Stick Lips End ==
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Plum. --#2
    {Plum}: Come to think of it, Taiga, you've become a captain in training, right?
    	Congratulations! You have to continue to keep doing your best, okay.
    {Shinjiro}: Yes! Thank you very much. I'll give it everything I've got!
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Plum. --#3(and all consecutive times)
    {Plum}: Now then....I'd better get ready to go home. Taiga, don't stay out 
    late for too long okay?
    -- Option 3 - Leave the Drinkbar. --
    {Shinjiro}: I'm going to get going now. I have to deliver something to 
    Sajitta-san's office.
    {Plum}: Oh my, right now? Be careful okay.
    == Drink Bar Menu End ==
    - Gift shop (売店) ~~ Time limit: 20:15 - 20:55
    {Anri}: Ah, Taiga-san. What are you doing here at this hour? We're closed, so
    if you want to buy something make it quick.
    {Shinjiro}: Oh, Okay.....
    == Gift Shop Menu Start ==
    -- Option 1 - Purchase a Bromide--
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri. --
    -- Option 3 - Leave the Gift shop. --
    -- Option 1 - Purchase a Bromide--
    {Shinjiro}: Umm.....Can I have a bromide?
    {Anri}: Do you want one? Well then, I'll make an exception. Now.....Please
    Choose one among these
    	Of the bromide's of everyone in the Star divison's.. 
    == Bromide selection Start ==
    -- Look at Sajitta's bromide --
    {Anri}: That's.....Sajitta-san's bromide. Will you buy it?
    -- Buy Sajitta's bromide --
    {Anri}: You're okay with Ratchet-san's bromide?  Sajitta-san really has got
    some style doesn't she? Which is exactly why the women adore her.
    	Okay then, that'll be 50 cents. Please treasure that.
    == Bromide selection End ==
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri. --
    {Anri}:.....Oh? Taiga-san the button on your vest is coming off.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....? Ah, you're right.
    {Anri}: You're so hopeless....Since you're the Ticket clipper you have to be 
    watchful of your appearance. Ah, If you want I could fix that for you.
    	Since I'm pretty good at sewing and all. You couldn't do it on your own
    anyway right? C'mon, lend me your vest.
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "You're so nice, Anri-kun"-- (Anri ++)
    -- Option 2 - "Thank you, if you would please." -- (Anri +)
    -- Option 3 - "It's okay, I can do it myself!"-- (No effect)
    -- Time Over -- (Anri -)
    -- Option 1 - "You're so nice, Anri-kun"-- (Anri ++)
    {Shinjiro}: You're so nice, Anri-kun. Is something wrong today?
    {Anri}:  Nyaau!? That's not what I meant....A,after all...Taiga-san, I didn't 
    think you'd be able to fix it yourself so....
    	Don't get the wrong idea! There's no way I'd be nice to you, Taiga-san.
    {Shinjiro}: Hahaha....Not exactly the honest type are we Anri-kun.
    == LIPS End ==
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri -- #2
    {Shinjiro}: Come to think of it.....Anri-kun, you said you were good at sewing
    {Anri}: Well, you could say that. I made all of the theater's wardrobe.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh!? Is, Is that right?
    {Anri}: You see those costumes hanging in the back of the gift shop? I made 
    those too.
    {Shinjiro}: You made....all of them!? That's amazing, Anri-kun....
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri -- #3(and all consecutive times) 
    {Anri}: Well then....I better hurry and clean up, so I can go home with Plum.
    Taiga-san, if you don't have anything left to do, you should hurry home.
    {Shinjiro}: Su-Sure.
    -- Option 3 - Leave the Gift shop. --
    {Shinjiro}: Well then, I'm going to get going now.
    {Anri}: Is that so? See you then, Taiga-san.
    == Gift Shop Menu End ==
    - Backstage (舞台裏) ~~ Time Limit: 20:15 - 20:35
    {Shinjiro}: Oh, it's Gemini. What are you doing at this hour?
    {Gemini}: Ah Shinjiro. Good timing! I've been looking for a step ladder so I
    could change the Corridor lights but....I can't find it anywhere.
    	Say...if it's alright with you, could you give me a ride on your shoulders?
    {Shinjiro}: Sure, okay. Leave it to me.
    {Gemini}: Well then this way! C'mon!!
    {Gemini}: It's that light on the ceiling.
    {Shinjiro}: Roger! Now then Gemini, Come up on my shoulders.
    {Gemini}: Okay there we go. Okay, could you stand up? It's dangerous if my
    balance is crumpled so go carefully.
    {Shinjiro}: Alright! Okay....
    == Analog Lips Begin == (You actually have to do it carefully)
    75-100% - (Gemini -) 
    50 %- (Gemini +) 
    25% - (Gemini +) 
    0% - (No effect)
    TIme over (Gemini --)
    ~~ Managers office (支配室) ~~ Time Limit: 20:30 - 20:35(It's possible to go to
    Harlem with Ratchet if event is activated no later than 20:35)
    {Ratchet}: My word Taiga-kun. You're still in the theater? You didn't...go to
    Sajitta office did you? At this rate anyway.
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah....
    {Ratchet}: Well....That's perfect. I was in the middle of heading down to the
    church in Harlem. I had some urgent business. 
    	I'll be walking the roads in the middle of the night alone so, I was wondering
    if you could be my escort. Well? Can I ask this of you?
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....
    == Untimed LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Yes please allow me!" -- (Ratchet becomes your Harlem tour
    -- Option 2 - "You should be fine on your own" --
    -- Option 1 - "Yes please allow me!" -- (Ratchet becomes your Harlem tour
    {Shinjiro}:Yes please allow me! I won't let even a dog get close to you.
    {Ratchet}: -Giggles-.....That sounds promising. I'm counting on you, Taiga-kun.
    	Now then, let's get going right away shall we?
     Midtown (ミッドタウン) Section -
     - Subaru's room(昴の部屋) ~~ Time limit: 20:15 - 20:35, (It's possible to go
    to Harlem with Subaru if event is activated no later than 20:35.)
    {Shinjiro}: Ah, Subaru-san. What are you doing standing in front of the hotel?
    {Subaru}: Subaru replies, I am waiting for the limousine.
    {Shinjiro}: A limousine?
    {Subaru}: I suppose you could call it a taxi of high class. I was thinking of
    going to attend a performance in a Harlem Jazz bar.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....You're going to Harlem?
    {Subaru}: Hmmm...It would appear that you have some business in Harlem as well.
    In that case, would you like to accompany me?
    	It's a difficult place to walkthrough, if you're not used to it....I wouldn't
    mind showing you around.
    {Shinjiro}: You'd do that Subaru-san? Well then....
    == Untimed LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "By all means, please do!" -- (Subaru becomes your Harlem tour
    -- Option 2 - "I'll decline..." --
    -- Option 1 - "By all means, please do!" --
    {Shinjiro}: By all means, please do! I've been meaning to go to over to
    Sajitta-san's office.
    {Subaru}: Sajitta's office was it?....Understood. Oh....It seems the
    limousine's arrived. Let's be on our way, Taiga.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay!
    == Untimed LIPS End ==
    - Harlem(ハーレム)Section - [While with Subaru]
    -- [Subaru as Shinjiro's Harlem Tour Guide Begin] --
    {Subaru}:....We've arrived. This is the Harlem area. Sajitta's office is right
    down this road. It's located within the building with the Laundry-mat on the
    first floor. 
    	Oh...there's still time, yet....Since we're here, I'll show you around.
    {Shinjiro}: Really? Thank you very much.
    {Subaru}: Well then, let's head over to the Jazz bar once we've walked around
    the area. Let's go, Taiga.
    - Alley (路地裏) ~~ Time limit: 20:15 - 20:40 (With Subaru)
    {Subaru}: There are few street lights in this victinity, and there also aren't
    any pedestrian traffic when it's dark. This may be a difficult place for us to
    {Shinjiro}: When I came here by myself earlier.....It was a little scary.
    {Subaru}: Heh heh....really? Well, I'm here with you, So would you like to stop
    by for a bit?
    {Shinjiro}: Wow. They have a basketball court right in the middle of the town
    like this....
    {Subaru}: Come to think of it, Taiga....You have a Cameratron correct?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah....Yes. I just got it so I haven't mastered how to properly use
    it yet....
    {Subaru}: I figured as much. Well then....How about I teach you? There aren't
    any passerbys in the area so this should be perfect. 
    	For a trial test, take a photo of that bike. Show me the extent of your skill.
    {Shinjiro}: Oh, Okay. Well then.....
    == Camera Shot Begin ==
    - Picture blurry  - (Subaru -)
    - Clear large shot of bike - (Subaru +)
    - Of Subaru's face & Bike - (Subaru -)
    - Clear large shot of bike - (Subaru +)
    {Shinjiro}: How's this? I think i took a pretty good picture.
    {Subaru}: Hmmm....Not a bad job at all. It appears there was no need for me to
    even teach you.
    {Shinjiro}: Heh heh....
    == Camera Shot End ==
    {Subaru}: Now then...We've seen all we needed to see here, Let's move on to the
    next location.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay!
    - Church (教会) ~~ Time limit: 20:15 - 20:40(With Subaru)
    {Subaru}: This is.....Harlem's church. The lights are still on, Shall we take a
    look while taking care to not be much of a burden? .....Oh? 
    	It appears that noone is around. I heard that there was a nun who's supposed
    to attend to this church...Well, it can't be help. Now then....Let's go 
    someplace else.
    - Jazz Bar (ジャズバー) ~~ Time limit: 20:15 - 20:40 (With Subaru)
    {Shinjiro}: This is the Jazz bar that you mentioned before, isn't it Subaru-san?
    {Subaru}: Yes....It's a bar that calls itself "Mercury". Come, let's go inside.
    {Veleno}: FANTASTIC!
    {Shinjiro}: Wow, this is amazing! Jazz sure is powerful. Don't you think, 
    {Subaru}: Hmmm....So it's just music after all....
    {Shinjiro}: Subaru-san...?
    {Dotchmo}: Yo, Japanese! What did you think of our gig? Are you enjoying 
    {Shinjiro}: Oh, yes we are! Thanks for asking!!
    {Dotchmo}: What's the matter with that younster over there? Been looking pretty
    bored for a while now.
    {Subaru}: .......
    {Shinjiro}: Er....well....
    == LIPS  Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - ".......Please, don't mind us. (Subaru +)
    -- Option 2 - "It looks like he/she's not feeling well...." -- (Subaru +)
    -- Option 3 - "It looks like he/she isn't interested in Jazz."-- (Subaru -)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - ".......Please, don't mind us. (Subaru +)
    {Shinjiro}: Please don't mind us. We're always like this.
    {Dotchmo}: Hmm…Is that so?  Quite the moody fellow I take it. Well, 
    have a good time.
    {Subaru}: Hmph....It appears that you've slightly begun to understand me. 
    	Actually, for a while now, I have been analyzing the flow of the Jazz sound. 
    I have gained an understanding of… its particular rhythm, cord progression 
    and principle of improvisation. 
    	All that is left is to attain the techniques with which to produce the sound.
    Well, not to worry. Subaru asserts…That I will be able to execute a perfect 
    performance of it.
    {Shinjiro}: Oh, that's amazing….I would like to hear a performance by you,
    {Subaru}: Heh heh.....One day, should the opportunity arises.
    == LIPS End ==
    {Subaru}: Well then, I will stay here and listen a while longer. You should go 
    and deliver that letter.
    {Shinjiro}: You're right. Well then, I'll be going now.
    -- [Subaru as Shinjiro's Harlem Tour Guide End] --
    -- [Ratchet as Shinjiro's Harlem Tour Guide Begin] --
    {Ratchet}: ....Well we've arrived. This is the Harlem area. Along this street
    are the church, Sajitta's office and the Jazz bar.
    {Shinjiro}: Wow...they sure do have alot here.
    {Ratchet}: Oh? It appears that I still have time before I go to the church.
    	Since we've come all this way, shall we head to the church while looking
    around the area?
    {Shinjiro}: Understood! Well now let's be off.
    - Jazz Bar (ジャズバー) ~~ Time limit: 20:15 - 20:40 (With Ratchet)
    {Shinjiro}: Um Ratchet-san...What's this place?
    {Ratchet}: This is  a jazz bar called "Mercury". A well renown establishment
    in New York.
    	This is your first time seeing a Jazz bar correct? Then how about we head
    inside and have a look?
    {Veleno}: FANTASTIC!
    {Shinjiro}: Wow there's an uproar. There's quite the amount of enthusiasn.
    {Ratchet}: -Giggles- You think so? Jazz can be pretty powerful. ....Oh yes,
    Taiga-kun, You're carrying the Cameratron correct? Since we're here,
    how about you take a photo?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah, okay. Now....
    == Camera Shot Begins ==
    - Picture blurry -
    - Both Ratchet and the surroundings - (Ratchet +)
    - Of Ratchet's breasts(^_^;) - (Ratchet --)......Once again Of course. :D
    - Surroundings only - (Ratchet +)
    - Closeup to Ratchet's face -(Ratchet +)
    - Of Ratchet's breasts(^_^;) - (Ratchet --)......Once again Of course. :D
    {Shinjiro}: Ah....Eh he he....
    {Ratchet}: Hmm....How's it look? Let me have a look.
    {Shinjiro}: Eeh!?
    {Ratchet}: My...Here I was wondering what you took a picture of and this is 
    	....I'll be confiscating this.
    {Shinjiro}: Awww....
    == Camera Shot End ==
    {Ratchet}: Now then....Shall we move on to the next location?
    {Shinjiro}: yeah. I'm counting on you for the tour.
    - Village (ビレッジ)  Section -
     - The library (図書館) ~~ Time limit: 20:20 - 20:55 (Takes place if Gemini
    was not the Harlem tour guide.)
    {Gemini}: One,Two,Three! One,Two,Three!! All right! And a turn right here.....
    Ouch! Uwaaaah! It's swelling!!
    {Shinjiro}: Gem-, Gemini!? What's wrong?
    {Gemini}: Ugh...Shinjiro....I was doing dance practices and then I bumped my 
    head. Ouch....It hurts so much....
    {Shinjiro}: Gemini....
    == LIPS  Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "This is what you get for dancing in a place like this...."
    (Gemini -)
    -- Option 2 - "It would be best if we treat that as fast as possible." -- 
    (Gemini +)
    -- Option 3 - "Pain pain go away!"-- (Leads to Analog LIPS)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "Pain pain go away!"-- (Leads to Analog LIPS)
    {Shinjiro}: (Pain pain go away....I guess that's what this is made for. I just
    place my hand on Gemini's bump.....All right....Here we go.)
    == Analog LIPS Begin ==
    100% - (Gemini --)
    75% - (Gemini -)
    50% - (Gemini +)
    25 - (Gemini ++)
    0- (Gemini -)
    Time Over - (no effect)
    100% - (Gemini --)
    {Shinjiro}: PAIN PAIN GO AWAY!
    {Gemini}: Gyaah!! Uwaaah! The swelling's increased! You're a horrible person
    {Shinjiro}: Sor-, Sorry....I didn't mean to put so much strength into that...
    But Gemini, Why are you dancing in a place like this?
    50% - (Gemini +)
    {Shinjiro}: Pain pain go away!
    {Gemini}: .....Hmm? What was that? Some kind of good luck charm?
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah it's a charm that makes pain go away. When I was little, my
    mom used to do this to me alot.
    {Gemini}: Hmmm....That's an interesting charm. Ah, I think...the pain might be
    starting to go away! I'll have to try this next time.
    {Shinjiro}: By the way Gemini.....Why are you dancing in a place like this?
    25 - (Gemini ++) 
    {Shinjiro}: Pain pain go away!
    {Gemini}: Huh, how strange....When you placed your hand on me, it started to 
    feel like the pain just left me....
    	What was that just now? What kind of trick did you use on me?
    {Shinjiro}: It's a charm that makes pain go away. When I was little, my
    mom used to do this to me alot.
    {Gemini}: Oh, really? That's a wonderful charm. I should try to use it next 
    {Shinjiro}: By the way Gemini.....Why are you dancing in a place like this?
    == Analog LIPS End ==
    == Lips End ==
    {Gemini}: Well this place is wide and easy to use...There aren't alot of 
    buildings surrounding the area so that makes it okay if I were to make noises. 
    	In addition, there aren't alot of passerbys at this time of night, this makes
    it perfect for me to practice by myself.
    {Shinjiro}: I see....But, it's dangerous if you stay out too late by yourself.
    {Gemini}: Yeah...you're right. Now then, I guess I'll go home. Good night
    Shinjiro. I'll see you tomorrow.
    {Shinjiro}: Well....I should get going myself.
    - Maggy's shop(マギーの店)~~ Time limit: 20:15 - 20:55
    {Plum}: Kyaafun! Taiga, good timing!!
    {Shinjiro}: Oh, Plum and Anri. What's up?
    {Plum}: Say, Taiga. Do you think you could spin a hula hoop? Maggy's shop is
    having a once a month sale today.....
    {Anri}: Spinning the hula hoop alone will give us a discount. Me and Plum won't
    be able to spin very well because of our outfits so....You'll be able to do it
    right Taiga-san?
    {Shinjiro}: We-Well....I suppose I can....
    {Maggy}: Oh, Taiga so you're up to the challenge? Okay then, you may begin.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay...
    == Stick Lips Begin ==
    -- five gauges filled -- (Plum & Anri +)
    {Shinjiro}: All right! How about this!!
    {Maggy}: Yo-, You're so fast that I can't even count!? My goodness....very
    well, today is free of charge.
    {Anri}: Really!? Cool! Taiga-san, you did better than I expected!!
    {Plum}: Kyafun! Taiga, you're the best!! The way you move those hips....That's
    not something you can imitate easily!
    {Shinjiro}: Eh heh heh....
    == Stick LIPS End ==
    {Anri}: Now then....We've finished our shopping, we should head back Plum.
    {Plum}: Right. Taiga, thanks for your help! Later!!
    ~~ Free roam limit time up ~~
    {Shinjiro}: Oh, it's already this late? If it gets too late outside, I'll
    trouble Sajitta-san. I guess it's about time I go to deliver the envelope.
    {Shinjiro}: All right, I've arrived. I'm pretty sure, that there was an office
    inside this building. For the time being, I'll go in to take a look.
    == Eyecatch 2.1 ==
    {Shinjiro}: [Weingberg law offices]....Yup it's this room. All right....let's
    {Sajitta}: .....Ouch. Now who would be standing around in such a place like
    {Shinjiro}: I'm...I'm sorry. I didn't think the door would open so fast like
    {Sajitta}: The boy....
    {Bill}: Is something wrong Ms.Weingberg?
    {Sajitta}: Ah....no it's nothing. Please don't mind us.
    {Bill}: ....Then I'm leaving the re-development to you, Let's both get our
    jobs done right.
    {Sajitta}: ....Okay. Pardon me but please go on ahead of me to the meeting
    {Bill}: I understand. I'll be waiting.
    {Sajitta}: .....Boy, is there something you need that would require for you to
    come to my law office?
    {Shinjiro}: Well....an envelope arrived at the theater addressed to you so...
    {Sajitta}: Ah....I see. In that case could you come inside for a minute?
    {Shinjiro}: Su...sure.
    {Shinjiro}: So this is your law office.....It's quite well-organized...
    {Sajitta}: Don't just stand there looking around, have a seat on the sofa.
    {Shinjiro}: Ah...okay. Well pardon my intrusion.
    {Sajitta}: Now...what about this envelope? You did bring it with you didn't
    {Shinjiro}: I did it's right here. .....and here you go.
    {Sajitta}: The Harlem resident register that my client from the Steam frontier
    company mentioned.....This'll help boy, thanks.
    {Shinjiro}: No don't mention it, since it's during my spare time anyway.
    {Sajitta}: But that was a poor reaction earlier. When we bumped into each other
    you just apologized right on the spot didn't you?
    {Shinjiro}: Huh....yes I did....
    {Sajitta}: Apologizing means admitting to ones crimes. Which would result in
    your loss during that point in time. 
    {Shinjiro}: It wasn't about victory or defeat. I mean we were both at fault
    for what happened....
    {Sajitta}: Shut up! In this country you can't use such naive ideas like that.
    Black or white....Guilty or not guilty. 
    	Those alone are the truth to this country, we have laws for that purpose.
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmmm...
    {Sajitta}: I give you permission to speak. Say what you have to say.
    {Shinjiro}: Ummm....Sajitta-san.....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Isn't that a little heartless?"(No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "That was very educational." -- (Sajitta +)
    -- Option 3 - "You really are a Lawyer aren't you?"-- (Sajitta -) 
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "That was very educational." -- (Sajitta +)
    {Shinjiro}: That was very educational. I never thought of it in that such a
    difficult way.
    {Sajitta}: As long as you understand. You haven't been in this country for very
    long so it can't helped. 
    	The law is everything.....After all as long as you carry the law with you, you
    can achieve anything.
    {Shinjiro}: ...........
    == LIPS END ==
    {Shijinro}: Wha- what's going on!? Has a fight started or something?
    {Sajitta}: Heh heh heh....It's the usual. The residents of Harlem go about on
    their cars or bikes. 
    	Since all the young guys around here have that much energy, once it gets this
    hour it's pretty much like this.
    {Shinjiro}: I see....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Sajitta-san, you look pleased."(Sajitta ++)
    -- Option 2 - "Makes it sort of a scary town don't you think?" -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "How about we go out there and enjoy ourselves too?"--
    (Sajitta ++) 
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "How about we go out there and enjoy ourselves too?"-- 
    (Sajitta ++) 
    {Shinjiro}: How about we go out there and enjoy ourselves too? When I hear all
    the noise outside it kinda makes me a little excited!
    {Sajitta}: Ah ha ha ha ha! Boy now aren't you the sensible type. You might have
    Harlem blood flowing within you if you can appreciate how fun it can be
    to go wild.
    {Shinjiro}: Ha ha ha....Maybe. It seems like it can be alot of fun when
    everyday's wild like a festival.
    == LIPS End ==
    {Sajitta}: But you know....that's not all there is. There's plently of other
    things in this street. My becoming a lawyer was so that I can help everyone
    in Harlem.
    	I want to make Harlem shine so that everyone can raise their heads up high
    as the residents of the best part of New York.
    	This is common for me to say but...About the same way I love everyone else, I
    love Harlem.
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san....
    {Sajitta}: .....It looks like I've spoken more than I should have. I have an
    appointment with my client from before so I should go now.
    {Shinjiro}: Ah sure. I should be going home too.
    {Sajitta}: Well be careful out there. This part of town is strict on outsiders
    after all.
    {Shinjiro}: Ha ha ha....I'm well aware of that.
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san.....she really does care for the people in Harlem.....
    She even became a lawyer so that she could help me.....She must have
    been alot of effort into that.
    	But she's nothing but "the law" this and "the law" that.....In my opinion  I
    think it's best to have more human empathy.... 
    {From this point whoever you traveled to Harlem with will appear.}
    -- Subaru --
    {Shinjiro}: Ah.....is that Subaru-san over there? Subaru-saaan! Are you on your
    way back now?
    {Subaru}: .....Taiga. You've no need to raise your voice, the distance is
    enough for me to hear you.
    {Shinjiro}: Ummm....Subaru-san are you finished with the Jazz bar?
    {Subaru}: Yes I am....Is something wrong?
    {Shinjiro}: In that case shall we go back together? We're both going in the
    same direction.....Is that okay?
    {Subaru}: .....It is.
    {Subaru}: .....Did you have anything you wanted to talk about?
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....
    {Subaru}: Didn't you ask me to go with you because you wanted to say something
    to me?
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah....well something's been bugging me when I was talking with
    Sajitta-san.....She said that all of the incidents that occurs in New York
    should be solved with the law. 
    	But I think that it should be something more important than the law.....
    {Subaru}: Hmmm....And so this important idea you speak of, just what would that
    {Shinjiro}: It would be....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "I think it's....Love"(Subaru -)
    -- Option 2 - "I think it's.....Empathy" -- (Subaru +)
    -- Option 3 - "I think it's....Money."-- (Subaru ++)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "I think it's....Money."-- (Subaru ++)
    {Shinjiro}: Money....I guess. In the end money is what it all comes down 
    {Subaru}: Hmmm....I see...
    {Shinjiro}: Is something the matter? Did I.....say something strange?
    {Subaru}: It's essential that I change my view of you....
    {Shinjiro}: .....?
    {Subaru}: I had predicted that you would have said "Empathy" or "Love". For
    you to say money of all things.....
    	Quite an interesting conceptualisation. Very interesting.
    {Shinjiro}: Ah well....it's not that big of a deal.....
    {Subaru}: It's true that money....in a way is said to be the absolute value
    that goes together with all humans. 
    	Empathy.....and Emotions like Love....Money is much easier to understand than
    things that appeal to the human heart.
    {Shinjiro}: You're right. In the end Empathy.....can't be properly used can it.
    {Subaru}: No....I won't say that in New York Empathy can't be properly used.
    In the end aren't we humans  living beings?  
    == LIPS End ==
    {Shinjiro}: Wha.....what the!?
    {Subaru}: ....It appears to be an explosion. Eleven o Clock......distance two
    {Carlos}: Damn! The dogs of the Steam frontier company, they're here!!
    {Jing jing}: Kuh....My leg...
    {Barbara}: Are you all right!? Damnit....the rubble!!
    {Shinjiro}: What's going on!? Did something happen!?
    {Carlos}: The kid from before....What the hell are you doing here!?
    {Shinjiro}: What are you saying!? I'm here to help too. I have to help her
    quick or....
    {Jing Jing}: Kyaah! 
    {Subaru}: Direction point:1.5.7! The girl will take a direct hit from the
    	Unless we settle this within one hundred and fifteen seconds!!
    {Shinjiro}: Damnit! I have to do something!! Can I make it in time!?
    == Stick LIPS Begin ==
    -- All gauges filled -- (Subaru +)
    {Shinjiro}: How's that!
    {Subaru}: .....Operation successful.
    {Carlos}: You've managed to stop it....But if we don't make haste more will
    fall on us!
    {Barbara}: C'mon Jing Jing! We have to get out of here quick!!
    {Jing Jing}: Thanks Samurai-boy!! I owe you!
    == Stick LIPS end ==
    {Carlos}: Sajitta! You would leave your old comrades to die!? Have you
    abandoned us!?
    {Shinjiro}: Sa- Sajitta....? Sajitta-san's up there!?
    {Sajitta}: ......
    {Shinjiro}: It is, It is her.....But why is she doing this....
    {Carlos}: Say something Sajitta! SAY SOMETHING!!
    {Sajitta}: ....Let's move on. It appears that this is all we can do for today.
    {Bill}: As I expected the scale is too large for us to handle this as an
    accident isn't it?
    {Carlos}: Sajitta!!
    {Carlos}: They've....made a mess of this part too......Damn those Steam
    frontier company dogs!!
    {Jing jing}: Our mark....our centaur mark....was split into two.
    {Shinjiro}: ......What's going on here? I didn't think Sajitta-san would do
    something like.....
    {Barbara}: Sajitta's changed.....Back in the day, She would have never done
    anything like that....
    {Carlos}: She said she would protect our Harlemy together with us.....what ever
    happened to that!?
    {Jing jing}: Ouch...
    {Barbara}: Jing jing are you okay? It doesn't look like you've broken any
    bones.... we need to treat that right away.....
    {Carlos}: I hear you, Barbara. We need to go take Jing Jing to the hospital
    right away.
    {Shinjiro}: Ex-excuse me....
    {Carlos}: Ah it's you. You really helped us out back there, I'm Carlos.....and
    you are?
    {Shinjiro}: Shinjiro, Taiga Shinjiro. More importantly....what happened here?
    {Carlos}: Shinjiro....Sorry but it has to wait until later. Right now I want to
    hurry to the hospital.
    {Shinjiro}: ......Just what happened. Why would Sajitta-san do something
    like that....
    {Subaru}: The Steam frontier company....A construction company that makes it's
    profits by land re-adjusting or re-developing. Subaru warns you....
    	It's best not to get too involved with this.
    {Shinjiro}: But I just can't do that. I can't just....act like this has
    nothing to do with me.
    {Kokuryu-hime}:This is New York.....Such a filthy city. Not even a small speck
    of order. 
    	The people's hearts are desolate and filled to bursting with the swirling
    miasma of evil spirits... This place truly is cursed.
    {Red eyed demon}: Cursed eh.....Heh heh heh heh heh.....certainly.
    {Kokuryu-hime}: It's you....Do you have business with me?
    {Red eyed demon}: Not really....It's really to the extend that you would call
    it business....Just wondering if you're doing what you're supposed to.
    {Kokuryu-hime}: No need for you to worry. In this land where we shall greet
    our lord....The filth of those insects are unforgivable.
    {Red eyed demon}: And so....Just what do you plan on doing about that? Oh
    princess of the black dragon?
    {Kokuryu-hime}: Kuh kuh kuh....that is simple. I shall determine my rule, and
    until they obey my laws, I shall kill all who dares to oppose it. 
    	That way all of the masses shall follow my every whim. With the power I
    possess, I shall easily create order in this land.
    	After all I Kokuryuhime am order!! All shall bow down before me! Ah ha ha
    ha ha ha ha ha!
    == Eyecatch 2.2 ==
    {Sunnyside}: Ohayou!! Good morning!  Isn't it nice for us all to have breakfest
    once in a while together? 
    	This morning in celebration of Taiga-kun's promotion, we will be having the
    "Natto Special". We shall prepare it right away.
    {Gemini}: I never thought I'd get a chance to to be invited to Sunny-side-san's
    mansion.....I'm so moved!
    {Sunnyside}: Ha ha ha....Come to think of it, last night there appeared to be
    some sort of incident in the Harlem district.
    {Sajitta}: ........
    {Sunnyside}: I heard that there was an huge earthquake, and near 180 street
    there was a big fire as well.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....? Something like that happened too?
    {Sunnyside}: It was quite a terrible fire it seems. Buildings were burned down
    without a trace. 
    	There also appears to have been another outburst within Harlem other than the
    fire, Taiga-kun are you aware of what that was?
    {Shinjiro}: Uh, um.....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Well that was all from Sajitta-san...."(Sajitta -)
    -- Option 2 - "You mean what happened at the Jazz bar with Subaru?"(If Subaru
    was the Harlem tour guide)
    -- Option 3 - "The incident with the steam construction machines...."-- (If
    Subaru was with you = Subaru +) 
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "The incident with the steam construction machines...."-- (If
    Subaru was with you = Subaru +) 
    {Shinjiro}: The incident with the steam construction machines......Well.....
    Some company called the Steam Frontier corp and the Harlem Residents were
    {Subaru}: Subaru witnessed it.....Using Steam construction machines they
    destoryed buildings and cleared some of the soil. In addition....next to those
    construction machines, Sajitta was standing beside them.
    {Sajitta}: ......
    {Subaru}: .....This is fact. If you wish....we could discuss this in the
    {Sunnyside}: .....Well that's what those two are saying, but what do you have
    to say about that Sajitta-kun?
    {Sajitta}: .......
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san....
    == LIPS End ==
    {Sajitta}: ..This is nothing more than breakfest time, not a strategy meeting..
    This is also not a courtroom is it not?
    {Sunnyside}: Yes, that's correct. We are holding this breakfest fest to
    celebrate Taiga-kun's promotion into Captain apprentice.
    {Sajitta}: In that case......If I were to excuse myself it wouldn't turn into
    a violation of instructions.
    {Sunnyside}:Yes, that's correct. Whether you eat breakfest with us or you up
    and leave, you're entirely free to do so.
    {Shinjiro}: Uh, ummm....Let's not fight you too.....
    [Sajitta}: Then I'll excuse myself. I had arrangements to meet a client this
    {Sunnyside}: Come now Taiga-kun. You should go after her.
    {Shinjiro}: Ah, okay! Sajitta-san, wait up!!
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san, please wait! Hol-....Hold on.
    {Sajitta}: .....What is it? I'm in a hurry.
    {Shinjiro}: Uh, umm.....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Don't let what happened get to you."
    -- Option 2 - "......Tell me what really happened." -Next LIPS-
    -- Option 3 - "Aren't you gonna eat breakfest with us?" (Sajitta -)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "......What really happened?" -Next LIPS-
    {Shinjiro}: ......What really happened? Last night why did you do such a thing?
    {Sajitta}: I have no reason to tell you. What's more....Do you yourself
    have a right to ask me?
    {Shinjiro}: I don't know whether or not I have the right but I.....I just.....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "I'm your comrade!"
    -- Option 2 - "Putting the apprentice part aside, I'm the Captain!" 
    (Sajitta --)
    -- Option 3 - "I just want to know the truth!!" (Sajitta ++)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "I just want to know the truth!!" (Sajitta ++)
    {Shinjiro}: I just want to know the truth!! Please tell me Sajitta-san!
    {Sajitta}: .......
    {Shinjiro}: Why were you there Sajitta-san......What were you trying to do.....
    If you can't tell me the truth, I won't be able to know the real you!
    {Sajitta}: .....Good attitude. No matter what stands in your way, you seek the
    	However......There are times when you can't fight with just the truth at your
    {Shinjiro}: Eh...?
    {Sajitta}: The justice of this country.....exists within the law after all.....
    == LIPS End ==
    {Sajitta}: Well then...I have to get going. I have nothing more to speak of.
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san....
    {Rachet}: Taiga-kun...How did it go? Did you talk to Sajitta-san?
    {Shinjiro}: No....It was nothing important.....
    {Sunnyside}: Well things will work out on their own. Like Sajitta-kun said,
    this is her problem. 
    	For Sajitta it's rare for her to talk about various things at all. Is this
    because you're easy to talk to Taiga-kun?
    {Shinjiro}: .......
    {Sunnyside}: Well....That has nothing to do with us anyway. Now Breakfest is
    ready. Eat it before it gets cold!
    {Shinjiro}: .....Sunny-san! I'm going to talk to Sajitta-san one more time!!
    She's already gone....I have to hurry and catch her!
    {Sunnyside}: Ahh The young are so fully of energy. Now then, let us feast on
    our breakfest. If we don't hurry it'll get cold.
    {Subaru}: Subaru shall eat. Breakfest is basis of the day. The nutrition of
    Japanese meals are well balanced.
    {Sunnyside}: All that's left now is await the results. Since this is Taiga-kun
    I'm sure he'll figure something out.
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmmm...I may have flown off like that but what do I do now? Still
    just what is Sajitta-san thinking anyway.
    {Diana}: Greetings.....Ummm....we meet again.
    {Shinjiro}: Ah Diana.....san?
    {Diana}: Yes. And you're Taiga....Shinjiro-san correct?
    {Shinjiro}: Yes that's right. Are you basking in the sun again today Diana-san?
    {Diana}: Yes, these birds said they wanted to play outside.....How are you
    doing today? Are you troubled again?
    {Shinjiro}: The truth is......
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "I became a Captain apprentice!" (Diana +)
    -- Option 2 - "My comrade won't open her heart to me...." (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "I wanted to see you Diana-san...." (Diana +)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "I wanted to see you Diana-san....." (Diana +)
    {Shinjiro}: I wanted to see you Diana-san....So I...
    {Diana}: My....Really? I feel the same way. -Giggles-......You're quite a
    pleasant person so I wondered if I would get a chance to speak to you again
    {Shinjiro}: Ri-right....Really. That's good to hear.....
    == LIPS End ==
    {Diana}: Taiga-san.....You are a person with a future ahead of you. Therefore
    don't give up. 
    	As long as you don't give up the way will show it's way to you. ....yes?
    {Shinjiro}: You're right! Diana-san thank you very much!! I've feel like I've
    gotten an understanding!! I'll give it my best without giving up!
    {Diana}: Yes give it your best. I'm rooting for your success.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay!! I'm off!
    {Shinjiro}: All right! I'll give it a shot!! Until Sajita-san understands I'll
    speak to her as many times as it take!! 
    	Sajitta-san are you there!? I've got something to ask you!!
    {Sajitta}: .....Boy? I'm talking to a client right now. Could you save it for
    {Shinjiro}: But....
    {Sajitta}: Don't push your luck. .....I said later.
    {Shinjiro}: Kuh.....I understand. But I'm not gonna give up.
    {Shinjiro}: (......I will absolutely not give up. Not until I bring out
    Sajitta-san's true feelings......)
    {Sajitta}: You're still here? Would you give it a rest? You're in the way of
    my job.
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san, Please tell me!! Why were you involved in that
    {Sajitta}: You're so annoying. I'm going to the next place. Don't follow me
    {Shinjiro}: Kugh....Like I'm gonna give up! Wait for me Sajitta-san!! 
    {Shinjiro}: (This is the courthouse.....I wonder what Sajitta-san's doing
    {Sajitta}: ....You're still here? Could you stop already? Just what right do
    you have to be doing this?
    {Shinjiro}: This has nothing to do with rights. I just want to know something
    about you.
    {Sajitta}: .......Do what you want.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay! I'll do what I want!!
    (Shinjiro}: (We're back at Harlem.....But just what does Sajitta-san have to do
    coming here? Hmmm......what's that? There's alot of people gathered around....)
    {Sajitta}: There's no other reason for everyone here to be gathered. In
    accordance Harlem's redevelopment, This is to request that everyone get's
    evicted from the district.
    {Shinjiro}: Wha-....what!? Harlem's redevelopment? Evicted!?
    {Barbara}: Though you use the word Redevelopment, It's simply just chasing
    us out isn't it!?
    {Jing-jing}: We're not gonna leave this place!! Don't just speak like you
    just kick us out!
    {Sajitta}: Just listen to me! The Steam frontier corp issued conditions. The
    first.....Offering homes. 
    	We will prepare homes of preferred tastes to each evicted individual
    	Then....A lump sum of allowance. The individuals who are determined to be
    evicted will receive a payment of one thousand dollars.  
    {Carlos}: Kuh...Tha-, that's a lie! Don't be fooled everyone!!
    {Brian}: Bu- but listen....It's a thousand dollars. Plus they said they're
    preparing us homes....
    {Carlos}: You guys all know don't you!? How the Steam Frontier does things!?
    To them we're just in the way!
    {Jing-Jing}: Their "Redevelopment" they speak of, is just them chasing us away
    because we're in their way!!
    {Shinjiro}: (I see....So that's how it is. So that's why Carlos and the rest
    are fighting....)
    {Carlos}: Ah Shinjiro! You saw it too didn't you!? Those guys tried to kill
    	That night....using those steam construction machines they pinned Jing-Jing
    under a pile of rubble!!
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....
    {Sajitta}: This has nothing to do with this man! I am speaking to all of you!!
    {Carlos}: Shinjiro! Tell them! What happened that night!!
    {Shinjiro}: Uh well....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Talk about that night." (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "Look into Sajitta's eyes" (No effect)
    -- Time Over -- (Sajitta -)
    -- Option 1 - "Talk about that night." (No effect)
    {Shinjiro}: Last night Sajita-san was destroying buildings with someone from
    the Steam Frontier corp.....
    {Jing-Jing}: That's right! I injured my leg at that point!!
    {Barbara}: I'm sure the fire that started in Harlem their work too! They're
    trying to chase us out by force!!
    {Sajitta}: That's not true! The fire had nothing to do with us! Just the
    construction incident was.....
    {Carlos}: Sajitta! We're gonna fight until the very end!! Harlem is ours to
    {Sajitta}: I'm speaking with your benefit in mind! If we redevelop Harlem then
    everyone will be happy! Just listen to what I have to say!
    == LIPS End ==
    {Carlos}: Leave us Sajitta! Harlem is ours!!
    {Sajitta}: In accordance to the law the ones who are correct is us! If you say
    you won't be evicted then I also have an idea.
    {Jing-Jing}: We will never leave Harlem no matter what! After all this place
    is my home!!
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san.....This is how everyone feels. Why are you so
    concerned with the law?
    {Sajitta}: .....Very well. If that's how it's gotta be then we have no other
    choice but to settle this in court. 
    	Tomorrow we'll open a pseudo courtroom in Harlem. We shall settle things
    {Shinjiro}: ........
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "We accept!" (Sajitta +)
    -- Option 2 - "Isn't it a bit much to go to court over this...." (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "What should we do Carlos-san?" (Sajitta -)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - "We accept!" (Sajitta +)
    {Shinjiro}: ....Understood. Sajitta-san we accept!!
    {Sajitta}: Good resolution Taiga Shinjiro. I'll make sure you don't forget
    those words. 
    	I'll teach you.....that the justice of this country is the law.....That we're
    the ones who are Justice.
    {Carlos}: Shinjiro well said! Our battle tomorrow is in court. All right! Let's
    get ready to rock!!
    {Shinjiro}: Yes. It's already pretty late now so let's prepare our court-battle
    for tomorrow.
    {Barbara}: Gotcha! Well then good night Shinjiro!!
    == LIPS End ==
    == Eyecatch 2.3 ==
    {Shinjiro}: Today's the courtroom day with Sajitta-san. Sajitta-san's an actual
    attorney so if I don't prepare myself I will most definitely lose.
    	I'll gather evidence, testimonies and get as much information as I can until
    it's time to go to court. 
    	All right....here we go!! If you try, you shall succeed! I'll show her the
    spirit of the Samurai!!
    ** Free Movement 2.2 Start **
    ~~ Locations covered in free movement 2.2 ~~  (10:00 to 11:25) 
    - Village (ビレッジ)  Section -
     - Cafe restaurant (カフェレストラン) (10:00 to 10:25 can gain evidence.)
     - Maggy's shop(マギーの店)
     - Maggy's shop(マギーの店)(Second visit)
     - Library (図書館)
    - Theater (シアタ) -
     - Gift shop (売店)
     - Drink Bar (ドリングバー)
     - Backstage (舞台裏)
     - Outdoor Salon (屋外サロン)
    	   - Midtown (ミッドタウン) Section -
     - Central Park (セントラルパーク)
     - Subaru's room (昴の部屋) 
     - High class apartment (高級アパート)
     - 5th avenue street (五番街)
    	   - Harlem(ハーレム)Section -
    - Alley (路地裏)
    - Church (教会)
    - Jazz Bar (ジャズバー)
     Village (ビレッジ)  Section -
     - Cafe restaurant (カフェレストラン) (10:00 to 10:25 can gain evidence.)
    {Shinjiro}: Isn't that....Sajitta-san? What's she doing here?
    {Sajitta}: .....Although certainly this is unexpected this is our chance. If we
    can have Harlems will is directed toward the redevelopment in this trial, we
    can carry on with the project.
    {Bill}: I understand that but our company requests that we have "Low risk, High
    {Sajitta}: Are saying that I might lose? Though it's a pseudo-courtroom.....
    I've put alot into it. 
    	I have supporters in Harlem and we've completed the bribery of the
    influentials. It did go a bit over our budget however.
    {Shinjiro}: (Bribery? .....So Sajitta-san and those guys really are the bad
    {Sajitta}: Who's there!?
    {Shinjiro}: Ugh, uh....
    {Sajitta}: .....Hmph! Were you perhaps observing us? You know no matter how
    hard you try you can't possibly win against a Lawyer like myself in court.
    {Shinjiro}: That's something....you won't know until you try.
    {Sajitta}: A third rate way of thinking. By gathering information, analysis,
    and prediction. You can understand the results in advance.
    	Plus....Controlling the situtation so you get the results you desire is the
    first rate way of doing things.
    {Shinjiro}: Kuh....
    {Bill}: Well then Sajitta-san, shall we be heading off? We have to prepare for
    the courtroom meeting.
    {Sajitta}: Yes I understand. I would like to talk to this man for a bit so
    could you go on ahead.
    {Bill}: Okay. Well I'll be going ahead....
    {Shinjiro}: Wha....what do you have to talk with me about? You can't buy me
    with money.
    {Sajitta} :.....I'll just say this. I....am not doing this to destory Harlem. I
    am doing nothing more but trying to make Harlem grow using my own methods....
    	That's how I feel.	Carlos and the rest.....They just can't see that.
    And thus....it can't be helped.
    {Shinjiro}: .......
    {Sajitta}: I'm going to be going myself. I will absolutely not lose this trial.
    {Shinjiro}: I'm not going to lose myself, I have to win for Harlems Sake.
    "Bribery of the influentials" I'm sure that'll be great evidence!
    	Okay! With this I might be able to win!! Now then....So that I will win the
    trial I should gather more evidence.
    - Maggy's shop(マギーの店)
    {Shinjiro}: Huh? Wasn't that person just now.....from Harlem?  
    {Shinjiro}: Um....excuse me. Would you happen to be Barbara-san?
    {Barbara}: Shinjiro......it's you? What brings you to a place like this? How's
    your evidence collection going?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah yeah I've been investigating alot, but it's not enough yet. What
    were you doing here Barbara-san?
    {Barbara}: Medicine for Jing-Jing. Since it would use up alot of money if I
    were to show her to a doctor.
    	However....thanks to you it was a minor injury. It was much appreciated.
    {Shinjiro}: There's no need to thank me. Um if it's a doctor you're looking
    for...I have a acquaintance that could help.
    {Barbara}: Thanks for the information. Once this trail is over could we go
    with you?
    {Shinjiro}: Yes of course!! Please tell me whenever you're ready.
    {Barbara}: You're a life saver. Well then.....I'm about to go. I'll see you
    - Library (図書館)
    {Shinjiro}:  Since it's a Library.....there might be some evidence I could use.
    All right....guess I'll have a look.
    {Shinjiro}: I can't expect myself to search with though this many books.....All
    right I'll try asking someone. 
    	Um excuse me. I'm trying to look up information on the Steam Frontier
    {Woman}: Ah in that case....On the second floor to the inner left there are
    records from a previous trail.
    	I'm pretty sure....that it said something about them being suspicious for
    having connections with a gang in Georgia.....
    {Shinjiro}: Second floor to the inner left was it? All right I'll search for
    == Double Lips Begin ==
    - Click on the second book shelf on the second floor from the left#1
    {Shinjiro}: It looks like the court records are in this book shelf....But I
    don't have any idea where the records on the Steam Frontier corp incident
    could be. 
    	Oh well....I'll have to search this bookshelf just a little bit more.
    - Click on the second book shelf on the second floor from the left#2
    {Shinjiro}: S.....S....Steam Frontier Corp....Huh? It's not here?
    {Woman}: If you're looking for those court records a man from earlier took
    them. He was wearing a flashy suit.
    {Shinjiro}: Could that mean....that someone from the company is trying to
    destory evidence.....? 
    	A man in a flashy suit.....He might still be in the Library. I've got to
    - Click on the man in the suit
    == Double Lips Begin ==
    {Shinjiro}: Um...excuse me. Are you reading the court records on the Steam
    Frontier Corp?
    {Dolce}: Wha-...What the? And what the hell do you want!? Yo- you couldn't
    be....Are you the one who's fighting Bill in that trial....
    {Shinjiro}: .....And just why do you happen to know about that? Don't tell
    me....that you're!?
    {Dolce}: Kuh.....I can't hand over these court records to you!
    {Shinjiro}: Damnit!! Running away now!?
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - Give chase!! (You get Evidence)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - Give chase!! (You get Evidence)
    {Shinjiro}: Hold it!! Give me those court records!
    {Dolce}: Tsk!! You're here already!
    {Shinjiro}: I won't let you get away!! Now hand over those court records!
    {Dolce}: Damn....I screwed up! I didn't expect to fail after all of that....
    {Shinjiro}: He ran away....But I got these court records. Now lets see....
    "Unfair business activities in the state of Georgia...."
    	I see...So even in Georgia they chased out the residents by enlisting the help
    of a gang. In the end they somehow got a not guilty verdict......
    	However it looks like it was a forced verdict. Okay the Steam Frontier corp
    does bad deeds by asking the help of a gang. "Suspicion of gangs in Georgia." 
    	This is great evidence! All right! I'll gather some more!!
    - Theater (シアタ) -
    - Gift shop (売店)
    {Anri}: Ah....Taiga-san. What do you need? Should you really be visiting here?
    {Shinjiro}: Well....it's not like I'm here to visit.....
    {Anri}: If you want a Bromide then please just buy one.
    {Shinjiro}: Ha ha ha ha.....Same old Anri-kun.
    == Gift Shop Menu Start ==
    -- Option 1 - Purchase a Bromide--
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri. --
    -- Option 3 - Leave the Gift shop. --
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri. --
    {Shinjiro}: Say Anri-kun....Do you know anything about Harlem?
    {Anri}: Hmmmm....Harlem? Let me see.....Just recently I went on an errand with
    Plum to the church in Harlem!! 
    	After that....She took me to a Jazz bar!! I wouldn't be able to get in by
    myself so Plum took me with her! It was fun!!
    {Shinjiro}: U-uh....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "......That sounds nice." (Anri +)
    -- Option 2 - "I'd want to go too." (Anri -)
    -- Option 3 - "That's not what I asked!!" (Anri --)
    -- Time Over -- (Anri ++)
    -- Option 1 - "......That sounds nice." (Anri +)
    {Shinjiro}: .....That sounds nice.
    {Anri}: Doesn't it!? Eh heh heh heh heh!
    {Shinjiro}: S-so....About Harlem.....
    {Anri}: I don't know anything else. I mean that place is dangerous so I'm
    told not to go there. 
    	You were chased out of there yourself weren't you?
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmmm....Well you're right about that.....
    -- Option 2 - "I'd want to go too." (Anri -)
    {Shinjiro}: I'd want to go too. You should have called me.....
    {Anri}: No.
    {Shinjiro}: No.....Wow in just one word.....
    {Anri}: If you were there Taiga-san......Plum would spend most of the time
    talking to you. Thus making you.....a pest. So go away.
    {Shinjiro}: Ugh....That's horrible Anri-kun.....
    == LIPS End ==
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri -- #2
    {Shinjiro}: Hey Anri-kun.....Do you know anything else? Anything would be fine.
    {Anri}: Let me see....In that case there's something written in this magazine.
    Umm...."The shadow over the Harlem redevelopment plan. The dark connection
    between Steam Frontier corp and the city council!"
    {Shinjiro}: That's it!! Let me see! "In a hotel near 5th avenue an employee of
    Steam Frontier corp and the city council commences meetings....."
    	It's also said that "a Mafia participant moves Fowl money into the
    	I see.....A hotel near 5th avenue.....That's something worth checking out.
    Thanks Anri-kun. I owe you.
    {Anri}: Eh....Yeah sure......I wasn't doing that just for you or anything
    like that.
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri -- #3(and all consecutive times) 
    {Shinjiro}: Hey Anri-kun. Know anything else?
    {Anri}: No I don't!! Why not just go to that Hotel already!?
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah you got a point. I'll check it out later.
    -- Option 3 - Leave the Gift Shop --
    {Shinjiro}: Well then....I should move along. I gotta prepare for that trail.
    {Anri}: Yeah why don't you do that. Though i think it's impossible for you to
    win against Sajitta-san.
    {Shinjiro}: Ugh.....Anri-kun you really are harsh....Well later then.
    - Drink Bar (ドリングバー)
    {Plum}: HI TIGER! I heard all about it. You're going to fight Sajitta in court?
    Just what I'd expect from a Samurai, you have such a flashy of doing things. 
    	So anyway....Is there something you need?
    {Shinjiro}: Ummmm....
    == Drink Bar Menu Start ==
    -- Option 1 - Ask about the photo theme. -- (If you have yet to take a photo.)
    -- Option 1 - Submit the photo --(If you have a photo to present already)
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Plum. --
    -- Option 3 - Leave the Drinkbar. --
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Plum. --
    {Shinjiro}: Uh Plum-san....Do you know anything about Sajitta-san?
    {Plum}: About Sajitta.....Hmmmm.....Ah oh yeah......I've made something
    nice. Try eating this.
    {Shinjiro}: What's this something nice you're talking about?
    {Plum}: Soul food. I prepared it when a big shot from Harlem came to the
    Theater today. Fried chicken and bean soup.....
    	This this cooking to the residents of Harlem's hearts......known as soul food.
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmmm....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Like the so called "Taste of your mothers cooking"?" (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "Do you suppose Sajita-san likes it too?" (Plum +)
    -- Option 3 - "Just like I thought you're pretty good with cooking." (Plum ++)
    -- Time Over -- (Plum -)
    -- Option 3 - "Just like I thought you're pretty good with cooking." (Plum ++)
    {Shinjiro}: Just like I thought, you're pretty good with cooking. You can
    even cook soul food.
    {Plum}: Hmmm mmmm! Well If it's by hands I can. You can keep praising me!!
    However....Rather than Harlem....I suppose it's more Sajitta's taste. 
    	Since Sajitta was the one who taught me this soul food recipe.
    {Shinjiro}: Really....is that right. So this is the soul food that
    Sajitta-san eats....
    {Plum}: Thats right. Now that you know, you should eat up. If you were refills
    there's still some left.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay!! I'm digging in!
    {Plum}: How is it? Is it delicious? We don't get that many chances to eat Soul
    food here you see.
    {Shinjiro}: Yes....it's delicious. So this is soul food, it's kind of got a
    nostalgic taste to it.
    {Plum}: Yes That's good to hear. This is Sajitta's taste. The soul food of
    {Shinjiro}: "Soul food" huh.....I'll write it in my notes. I might be able to
    use this in court!
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Plum. --#2
    {Shinjiro}: Oh yeah Plum-san....Have you known Sajitta-san for long?
    {Plum}: Ever since she arrived here shes been a top notch Attorney, and strict
    when it came to matters of the law. 
    	I don't know the details but she became an attorney for an old friend of
    hers.....She even said things like....."In this country the law is everything."
    {Shinjiro}: I see....Sajitta-san doesn't really talk to me all that much
    {Plum}: Come to think of it....I heard she used to ride a motorcycle.....but
    how I wonder how that is now. Do you suppose it's still in Harlem?
    {Shinjiro}: A motorcycle......I'll head to Harlem later. Thanks for the food!!
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Plum. --#3(and all consecutive times) 
    {Shinjiro}: Umm Plum-san....
    {Plum}: Taiga should you really be hanging around here? Isn't there something
    you should be doing?
    {Shinjiro}: Gathering evidence for the trail. I'm aware of that.....I'm just
    taking a short break.
    -- Option 3 - Leave the Drinkbar. --
    {Shinjiro}: Now then Plum-san....I'm heading out.
    {Plum}: Okay! Good luck Taiga.
    - Backstage (舞台裏)
    {Shinjiro}: Hmm....? I hear singing....Is someone singing on stage?
    {Gemini}: Don't give me some unbelievable line about freedom! Start with the
    simple things you can do!! 
    	Like getting up in the morning and putting on your shoes!
    {Shinjiro}: (Gemini.....she's pretty good at singing.....All right I'll give
    her a round of applause!)
    == Stick Lips Begin ==
    -- all five gauges filled -- Gemini +
    {Shinjiro}: Amazing!! Gemini you're good! When did you start practicing!?
    {Gemini}: Eh....Shinjiro!? Wha-....What? You were here....
    {Shinjiro}: You were pretty great. I didn't know you were good at singing
    {Gemini}: Eh he heh....Thanks Shinjiro.
    == Stick LIPS End ==
    {Shinjiro}: So Gemini.....What were you singing?
    {Gemini}: It's called Gospel they sing it in Harlem. Sajitta-san taught it to
    	When I talked to her about me wanting to sing in the Musicals she took me
    to the church.
    {Shinjiro}: Is that right....It's music that kinda rings in your heart eh?
    {Gemini}: You think so too Shinjiro!? When I first heard it, it give me the
    shivers.....I was so moved!!
    	Rather than my soul being jolted.....I broke into tears and held onto
    {Shinjiro}: Gospel eh.....Harlems music to the soul.
    {Gemini}: You wanna sing too Shinjiro? I can teach you.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay....sure.
    {Gemini}: With Gospel you sing with your body. So....Sing along with me while
    moving left and right with the rhythm. 
    	Don't be too hasty just slowly move with the rhythm until the end of the song.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay I got it. Just move with the rhythm while singing gospel.
    {Gemini}: Okay here we go!!
    {Shinjiro}: Ready!!
    == Stick Lips Begin ==
    -- four gauges filled -- Gemini ++
    {Shinjiro}: Down down heart! A kiss to your mother
    {Gemini}: Down down Heart! Of my soul!! Down down my heart!!
    {Gemini}: Amazing! That was great!! You can sing Gospel too Shinjiro!?
    {Shinjiro}: Yo-you think so.....My body just moved on it's own....
    {Gemini}: Thats important when it comes to Gospel. That's what Sajitta-san
    told me. Where your heart sings along on it's own.....That is Gospel.
    The heart of Harlem.
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah....you're right. I kinda understand.
    == Stick LIPS End ==
    {Gemini}: Well then I'm going to go. I stii got some cleaning left to do.
    Ah....keep the fact that I sing here a secret from everyone. Later Shinjiro!
    {Shinjiro}: "Gospel".....The soul of Harlem indeed. I'll write that in my notes.
    Now then....I should search around to find any other evidence I could
    use in court.
    - Outdoor Salon (屋外サロン)
    {Shinjiro}: Ah! Rachet-san. So this is where you were.
    {Rachet}: Oh Taiga-kun. What's the matter?
    {Shinjiro}: I'm gathering evidence for my trial with Sajitta-san but.....I
    haven't gathered enough yet.
    {Rachet}: Is that right, hang in there. If you believe that you're right you
    should enforce it.
    {Shinjiro}: I understand! I'll do my best!!
    {Rachet}: Good hang in there. I'm pretty sure you can do it. Ah....Ah yes
    Taiga-kun. How have you been coming along? 
    	Have you already gotten settled in with the New York Floral Assault Squad?
    {Shinjiro}: Let's see.....
    == Analog Lips Begin ==
    -- Bar all the way to the top/100% --(Ratchet +)
    {Shinjiro}: Yes! I've settled in very much!! Everyone's been such good people.
    {Ratchet}: Really? That's great. Though you're going to be real busy with your
    work at the theater so it might be tough on you. 
    	Taiga-kun make sure you keep a firm girp on your duties. That'll help me out
    as well.
    {Shinjiro}: Not at all....You were the one who helped out on alot of things.
    {Ratchet}: -giggles-.....Thank you. I'll be relying on you from here on as
    {Shinjiro}: Okay!! I'll give it my very best!
    == Analog LIPS End ==
    {Ratchet}: Oh yes Taiga-kun....Have you met Mother Carol from the Church in
    	She's someone who knows Sajitta quite well so it might be best that you speak
    with her. If you tell her I told you to ask her she should talk to you.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay I got it. Thank you very much.
    {Ratchet}: Well then....I'm going. Taiga-kun good luck. As long as you try you
    should be able to win.
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah...you're right. I gotta try harder! All right I'm off!!
    Midtown (ミッドタウン) Section 
    - Central Park (セントラルパーク)
    {}:Wh-who the hell do you think you are!! -shriek-!!
    {Shinjiro}: A scream!? Over here!!
    {Shinjiro}: Stop!! What do you think you're doing!?
    {Veleno}: Tsk! Another pest!
    {Shinjiro}: Uwaah!!
    {Carol}: Are you....all right?
    {Shinjiro}: I'm fine back...did something happen here?
    {Carol}: Well....When we said that we wouldn't leave Harlem they came at us
    with force......
    	The guys at the Steam Frontier corp believes that they can chase us away by
    threatening us with the Mafia.
    {Shinjiro}: So that's how it is.....Umm...Would you like me to escort you back?
    {Carol}: You're....Taiga Shinjiro right?
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....? How do you know my name...
    {Carol}: I am Mother Carol. I'm a nun at the church. I heard the story. You're
    facing off against Sajitta. I got it....come by the church in Harlem later. 
    	I have something I would like to talk to you about.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay I understand. I'll come by later. Well then take care of
    {Shinjiro}: Now then...I'll get going too. I should also go to that church in
    - Subaru's room (昴の部屋) 
    {Subaru}: .....Taiga what are you doing here? I don't believe this is a place
    where you should be....
    {Shinjiro}: Ah Subaru-san. I was just wondering if there were any evidence
    that I could use in the trail with Sajitta-san....
    {Subaru}: In that case.....You should look over there. There's something
    interesting over there.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....Something interesting....?
    {Bill}: ........
    {Shinjiro}: Ah!? That's the guy from....the Steam Frontier corp!
    {Subaru}: And who's with him are the Mafia and a city council member. ....What
    could they be doing. 
    	As you can see....they're on the move. What are you going to do?
    {Shinjiro}: Let me see....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Stalk them."?" (Leads into more LIPS)
    -- Option 2 - "Ask them directly." (Subaru -- event over)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect event over)
    -- Option 1 - "Stalk them."?" (Leads into more LIPS)
    {Shinjiro}: Let's stalk them. There's no mistake that they must be plotting
    something bad.
    {Subaru}: .....Possibly. Then....I'll come with you.
    {Bill}: .....Now then, shall we move on to a location that's a little less
    {Man}: There's nothing really wrong with this Hotel is there....?
    {Baby}: You're the one who's going to be in trouble if we get caught.
    C'mon...let's go.
    {Shinjiro}: (Just like I thought.....they are doing something bad....)
    {Subaru}: (Taiga....what are you doing? You should move as quietly as you
    {Shinjiro}: (Ah okay....)
    == Analog LIPS Begin ==
    -- Time over -- (Subaru +)
    {Shinjiro}: .......
    {Subaru}: ......
    {Baby}: .......
    {Bill}: What's the matter? Is something wrong?
    {Baby}: .....No it must have been my imagination. I thought I heard something.
    {Subaru}: (We should be careful....that man is pretty sharp. We can't allow
    ourselves to move poorly....)
    {Shinjiro}: (Oh....Okay. I understand....)
    == Analog LIPS End ==
    {Shinjiro}: (Just where are they planning on going.)
    {Subaru}: (Probably.....since there's too much people here, an indoor location
    that's closed off. This might be surprising but that's much easier to have
    private talk than a place that's completely unpopulated.)
    {Shinjiro}: (Really....Just what I'd expect from you Subaru-san, you know
    {Baby}: ......
    {Subaru}: (That man from the mafia is starting to notice us.....We have to
    find a way to stall somehow.)
    {Shinjiro}: (Eh...Wha-, what should we do.....)
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Pretend to be lovers"?" (Subaru --)
    -- Option 2 - "Pretend to be sightseeing" (Subaru +)
    -- Option 3 - "Pretend to play dumb." (Subaru ++)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "Pretend to be sightseeing" (Subaru +)
    {Shinjiro}: (Let's pretend like we're sightseeing. We're both Japanese so we
    might be able to pull it off.)
    {Subaru}: (You're right....that might be a good idea.)
    {Baby}: Hey you two....Have you been looking at us this whole time?
    {Shinjiro}: Umm.... We're here from Japan to sightsee.....
    {Subaru}: We got lost on our way.....Um....could you tell us how to get to 5th
    {Baby}: Japan? Bumpkins.....Turn right on this road and go straight. Don't
    follow us anymore.
    {Subaru}: Whew.....We seemed to have pulled it off. Now, let's continue our
    = LIPS End ==
    {Shinjiro}: This is...the metropolitan museum.....
    {Subaru}: I see.....there's a high possibility If it's here noone would pay any
    attention if one were to have private conversation. 
    	Taiga...this is where it's do or die. Let's keep our guard up.
    {Shinjiro}: ....Okay. I'll do my best!
    {Bill}: ......
    {Man}: .......
    {Subaru}: (Looks like he's receiving cash....I see....it's bribery.
    {Shinjiro}: (Bribery....?)
    {Subaru}: (They plan on utilizing the government by handing over a large sum of
    money to congress......Such disgusting people.)
    {Shinjiro}: (This is great evidence! "Handed over bribes" I'll write that in my
    notes. And so....how do we find a way to figure out what they're talking
    {Subaru}:  (While looking around aimlessly....and while looking at the
    paintings around the area, that's the only way to naturally get close.)
    {Shinjiro}: (I understand. Let's do it.)
    == Stick LIPS Begin ==
    -- All five gauges filled -- (Subaru +)
    {Shinjiro}: ........
    {Subaru}: (Nice. This should be a good location....to hear their voices.)
    == Stick LIPS End ==
    {Bill}: ......now as promised, please settle the matter of the Harlem
    redevelopment plan with the city council.
    {Man}: I shall establish a special law  so that you should be able to advance
    with ease.
    {Baby}: Now then....Just sign here. Our contract will then be complete.
    {Man}: Okay....Then...I should sign here?
    {Bill}: Now our contract has been completed. Now let's hurry and leave here,
    I have no interest in art.
    {Subaru}: As I suspected....it's as I thought. They would bribe a city council
    member which would in turn buy their services......
    	Taiga....Have you remembered the whole conversation just now.
    {Shinjiro}: "Handed over bribes" "To purchase services."......Got it all in my
    notes. If I use this evidence.....I'll be able to advance in the trial greatly!
    {Subaru}: All right....good. Now then we should head out.
    {Subaru}: Well Taiga....I will be excusing myself. At the trial....hang in
    -[If Subaru was a witness to the incident in Harlem.]-
    {Shinjiro}: Ah oh...Subaru-san. Do you remember that incident at Harlem
    just a while back?
    {Subaru}: The one where Steam construction machines were used? Of course
    I remember.
    {Shinjiro}: Could you testify for todays Trial about that? I'm pretty sure
    that's going to be important.
    {Subaru}: .....Sure. If I'm able to help I will.
    {Shinjiro}: Thank you very much. Well then please come to Harlem later.
    {Subaru}: ....Acknowledged. Well then If you'll excuse me....
    - High class apartment (高級アパート)
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmmm....This doesn't look like a good place for me to find some
    evidence for the trial.
    {Sajitta}: ....Taiga? What are you doing here? Are you following me?
    {Shinjiro}: Not at all this is just a coincidence! What about you Sajitta-san,
    what are you doing here?
    {Sajitta}: Meeting up with a new client. The redevlopment of Harlem alone isn't
    my job after all. 
    	And so....Have you prepared yourself for the trial?
    {Shinjiro}: Muuu......
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - ".....Are you curious?" (Sajita + ~ If you have more than five
    pieces of evidence. ~/No effect ~ If you have less than 5 pieces of evidence ~)
    -- Option 2 - "Perfectly!" (Sajitta ++ ~ If you have more than 7 pieces of
    evidence ~/Sajitta - ~ If you have less than 8 pieces of evidence ~)
    -- Option 3 - "Do you know where I could find some good evidence?" (No effect
    ~ If you have more than 5 pieces of evidence/ Sajitta -- ~ If you have less
    than 5 pieces
    of evidence ~)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "Perfectly!" (Sajitta ++ ~ If you have more than 7 pieces of
    evidence ~/Sajitta - ~ If you have less than 8 pieces of evidence ~)
    {Shinjiro}: Perfectly! I won't be losing to you Sajitta-san.
    {Sajitta}: Ah ha ha ha ha!! Perfectly? Don't make me laugh.
    ~ If you've gathered more than 7 pieces of evidence ~
    {Shinjiro}: .......
    {Sajitta}: .....It looks like you're serious. Does that also show....just how
    much evidence you've gathered?
    == LIPS End ==
    {Sajitta}: Well....I should get going. Do try to put your best effort into
    {Shinjiro}: For the sake of everyone in Harlem....I absolutely won't lose.
    All right....time to gather evidence. I have to somehow fight with great
    - Alley (路地裏)
    {Shinjiro}: This is....a basketball court. I wonder if there's any evidence I
    can use.....
    	Hmmmm.....There just might be something here so.....I'll just take a picture
    with my Cameratron.
    == Camera Shot Begins ==
    - Clear picture of Sajitta's bike -
    {Shinjiro}: This is a motorcycle. But who does it belong to? It's pretty well
    {Barbara}: That belongs to.....Sajitta.
    {Shinjiro}: Ah Barbara-san.....What's Sajitta-san's motorcycle doing in a
    place like this?
    {Barbara}: A while back....Sajitta would ride around with us on her motorcycle.
    We gathered our friends since we were young, and to protect Harlem we formed
    our team.....
    	On our days off we would go touring around.....We had some good times
    {Shinjiro}: Barbara-san....
    {Barbara}: But....ever since that time, Sajitta changed.
    {Shinjiro}: That time....? Did something happen?
    {Barbara}: Well...She became an attorney, she fought alot of battles and at
    first it was for us....But....she lost a trial that she couldn't afford to
    	Since then....Sajitta's been going on and on about "the law this" and "the
    law that."
    	......Such a idiot.....What could she possibly achieve if she even lost her
    Harlem Soul.....
    {Shinjiro}: Barbara-san.....
    {Barbara}: She abandoned her motorcycle. In addition she even abandoned us.....
    {Shinjiro}: But this bike.....It's quite tidy....
    {Barbara}: The motorcycle has no sins.....What's more....There might be a day
    when Sajitta will ride it again.....
    	Right now this is the only unbreakable bond we have left between us and
    Sajitta is this bike...... 
    {Shinjiro}: Is that right.....So that was Sajitta-san's motorcycle.....Do you
    mind if I use this photo.....for the trial?
    {Barbara}: .....Do what you want. If that's what it takes to bring the old
    Sajitta back. Well....I'm see you later.
    {Shinjiro}: "Sajitta-san's bike".....It would be great if I could use this to
    make Sajitta-san reconsider. 
    	Now then I should go. There might be more evidence that I could use....
    == Camera Shot Ends ==
    - Church (教会)
    {Shinjiro}: Um...excuse me. Do you have a minute?
    {Carol}: Oh Shinjiro....Good of you to make it. I've been waiting for you.
    Thank you for earlier, you really helped me out. 
    	Shinjiro.....not only do you possess kindness, you also possess a strong
    heart. If it's about Sajitta.....It would be wise to speak to you about her....
    {Shinjiro}: ..........
    {Carol}: You see Sajitta....she wasn't like that in the past. She fought her
    very best for Harlem......with her comrades. 
    	While not giving a care about authority.....She had an overflowing love for
    freedom,pride.....and Harlem. 
    	However.....That did not amuse the groups of police and congress. Sajitta's
    friends were......arrested unfairly on a false charge. 
    	Thus Sajitta fought for them. But she couldn't win.....With her own power....
    she couldn't win. Which is why that child....decided to become a attorney.
    {Shinjiro}: An attorney....? But why?
    {Carol}: To win with the law.....She believed that was her only option. To save
    her friends who were imprisoned under a false charge, her only option was to
    become a attorney. 
    	However.....Since she became an attorney Sajitta changed....She was held
    captive by the chain known as the law......
    	She said that she would become an attorney to help her innocent friends but
    despite that.....She had forgotten her goal. 
    	Just what happened to her......She wouldn't talk to me about it so I don't
    know the details..... 
    	She couldn't forgive herself for being so powerless.....Which is why she
    wanted to become strong.....By solely seeking the power known as the law....
    {Shinjiro}: So that's what happened.....That's why Sajitta-san's so....
    {Carol}: Ahh she had a strong sense of responsibility that child. She brought
    everything on herself alone....
    	To the point that she forgot why she became an attorney in the first place.
    {Shinjiro}: .......
    {Carol}: Shinjiro.....Just give that child a good smack to her face.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....!? I, I couldn't just....
    {Carol}: Have her open her eyes. If it's you....I'm sure you can do it.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay "The reason she became a attorney" I've got that in my notes.
    I should try not to forget that during the trial.
    {Carol}: Yes I'm counting on you. Well then, safe trip.....
    - Church (教会)#2
    {Shinjiro}: Um...excuse me. Do you have a minute?
    {Carol}: Oh....it's you? What is the matter?
    {Shinjiro}: Umm....I'd like to know more about Harlem....
    {Carol}: Well let me see....Harlem is where all the members are like a family.
    We all help each other. 
    	Whether you're strong, weak.....rich, or poor.....We all support each other
    like a family.....That is what Harlem prides itself in.
    {Shinjiro}: "Harlem is a family".....I see.....I understand perfectly.
    I'll write that in my notes.
    {Carol}: Shinjiro I'm counting on you. Sajitta she.....just lost sight of
    {Shinjiro}: Yes....I understand. I'll do my best.
    {Carol}: Now then you should go. There's much more things you should know
    about Harlem.
    {Shinjiro}: Thank you very much! I'm going now!!
    - Jazz Bar (ジャズバー)
    {Shinjiro}: Umm excuse me.....I've got something I'd like to ask....
    {Dotchmo}: Hmmm....Aren't you the Japanese boy who's going at it with Sajitta?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah yes....that's right. So....I'd like you to tell me something
    about Harlem....
    {Dotchmo}: Let me see....To me Harlem is about....Jazz. Jazz is what Harlem
    lives off of. It's great music. 
    	Rhythm to swing your body too....To sing with your heart.....Jazz is our soul.
    {Shinjiro}: Jazz...That sounds like great music.
    {Dotchmo}: Heh....Though you might not understand it....However a day will
    come when you will be able to.
    {Shinjiro}: "Jazz".....Harlem's great music.....The soul. I might be able to
    use it in court. 
    	Thank you very much. If there's anything else please tell me.
    {Dotchmo}: Yeah sure. Come whenever you want.....I'll be here.
    - 11:00 Checkpoint -
    {Shinjiro}: Ah...It's already this hour. I'm sure the trial starts at noon.....
    There's still some time left but, should I just head on over the the court.....
    == Untimed LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Head for the trial."" (Free roam ends, Leads into eyecatch)
    -- Option 2 - "Search for evidence a little longer." (Free roam continues until
    -- Option 2 - "Search for evidence a little longer." (Free roam continues until
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmm.....Since there's still time I should search for evidence
    just a little bit longer. 
    	I am going up against Sajitta-san after all, if I don't make sure I'm fully
    prepared I might just get my butt kicked.
    == Untimed LIPS End ==
    - Central Park (セントラルパーク)
    {Diana}: Oh Taiga-san....Is something the matter?
    {Shinjiro}: Um Diana-san....Do you know anything about Harlem?
    {Diana}: No....Not especially. Just that the children in Harlem are healthy....
    is all that comes to mind.
    {Shinjiro}: I see....."The children are healthy"....was it? I could use this
    during the trial! Thank you very much. Well then...I'll see you later.
    - 5th avenue street (五番街)
    {Shinjiro}: Ah it's Ratchet-san. I wonder if she's shopping for something.
    Hmm....She's waving for me to come over to her.
    {Shinjiro}: If-if you'll excuse me....Is this a good idea? for someone like me
    to be coming in here....?
    {Brian}: ...........
    {Kelly}: Welcome. Take your time....
    {Shinjiro}: Ah okay.....So....so what's going on Ratchet-san?
    {Ratchet}: You came at the right moment. I was just in the middle of picking
    out a present for you.
    {Shinjiro}: Huh....a present for me? What present?
    {Ratchet}: My personal expression of gratitude for celebration of your
    position and for saving me just a while ago. 
    	That's the only necktie you have isn't it Taiga-kun? Which is why I thought
    you should have one more.
    {Shinjiro}: Oh no....You don't have to thank me......
    {Ratchet}: It's okay, it's my personal feelings after all. What's more men
    have to be wary of their appearance.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay....thank you very much. I'll treasure it.
    {Ratchet}: Okay then....I'll go and pay for it so you wait here okay?
    {Shinjiro}: Eh heh heh heh.....Ratchet-san's buying me a necktie.
    {Kelly}: Sir that's quite fortunate for you. I believe that necktie will suit
    	This shop's wares are superior in quality, and often used by people of high
    class, such as Ms.Altair.
    {Shinjiro}: Isis that right.....She's paying for such an expensive item
    for me.....
    {Kelly}: Plus....When a woman buys a necktie for a man.....it means that they
    want to restrain you.....in a strong confession of love kind of meaning.
    Sir....you'd be wise to realize that.
    {Shinjiro}: Huh.....Wants to restrain me.....a confession of love....?
    {Ratchet}: Sorry to keep you waiting. So how do you like the necktie?
    {Shinjiro}: Uh, umm....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Your feelings make me happy but...." (Ratchet -)
    -- Option 2 - "I'll do my very best." (Ratchet ++)
    -- Option 3 - "I'll live up to your wishes!" (No effect)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "I'll do my very best." (Ratchet ++)
    {Shinjiro}: Although I don't know how I will do....I'll do my very best.
    {Ratchet}: I'm pretty sure you'll be fine. Follow my expectations. There might
    be plently of reckless orders for you to do but....do your best.
    {Shinjiro}: S-....So there's going to be reckless orders after all too?
    {Ratchet}: Of course....You will be doing unique things as well. Isn't that
    {Shinjiro}: Ha ha ha ha ha....You're right. So it looks like that's what the
    necktie meant.....
    {Ratchet}: Yes...That's right. Now then....I'll be going. I look forward to the
    results of your actions Taiga-kun.
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmmm....Whether or not I can answer to Ratchet-san's
    expectations.....I'm not very confident....
    == LIPS End ==
    {Shinjiro}: Well I should be off too. There's still some time until the
    trial....So I should gather much more evidence.
    - Alley (路地裏)
    {Shinjiro}: This is....a basketball court. I wonder if there's any evidence I
    can use.....
    	Hmmmm.....There just might be something here so.....I'll just take a picture
    with my Cameratron.
    == Camera Shot Begins ==
    - Clear picture of Basketball hoop -
    {Shinjiro}: A basketball score goal....I wonder if this will help.
    {Jing-jing}: What are you doing here?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah Jing-jing-san. I was wondering if I could use this as evidence
    for the trial.....
    {Jing-Jing}: And you were wondering about the basketball hoop? Well yeah....
    This is our dream.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....? Is that right?
    {Jing-Jing}: Yeah you do know about sports right? It's where you can approve of
    your own ability! 
    	There's alot of people here in Harlem, so we formed our own basketball team
    with our famous players. 
    	The children have adults like that in their lives and because of that they can
    chase their dreams.
    {Shinjiro}: Chasing dreams huh......Basketballs quite deep.
    {Jing-Jing}: To catch their dreams in one shot, Everyone here in Harlem has
    guts!! In addition my big brother is aiming to become a boxing champion! 
    	When it's time for his match I'll give you a call and you can come root for
    him. Well then I'll see you later!!
    {Shinjiro}: "Basketball".....This is where the dreams of Harlem lies.
    == Camera Shot Ends ==
    {Shinjiro}: Now then....I should be going. There's gotta be more evidence
    around somewhere.
    - Jazz Bar (ジャズバー)#2
    {Dotchmo}: What's this....you came back? What do you want to know this time?
    {Shinjiro}: Ummm....Do you know anything about Sajitta-san?
    {Dotchmo}: Sajitta....You want to know about her. Well naturally, since she is
    your opponent in that trial. 
    	She's....caring for her friends.....has a strong sense of responsibility.....
    and a natural born leader. But....she was too strong. 
    	To the point....Where everything in her being gathered together in one spot...
    overflowed....and then vanished.
    {Shinjiro}: Vanished....what do you mean...?
    {Dotchmo}: She's got money....and also the new power known as the law....
    however Sajitta the way she is now is empty. 
    	When you lose your soul, we become empty vessals. Our Harlem Soul.
    {Shinjiro}:" The soul known as Harlem"I see....That's quite deep. I'll write
    it in my notes. 
    	Thank you very much. If anything else happens please inform me.
    {Dotchmo}: Heh heh....such a funny fellow. Well come whenever you need
    to.....I'll be here.
    - Maggy's shop(マギーの店)(Second visit)
    {Shinjiro}: Ah....I'm pretty sure that persons from the Steam Frontier corp....
    {Bill}: ....Did I not just say hand me that envelope!
    {Boy}: Wha-....What's with you!? I brought it to you so the least you could
    do it thank me!
    {Bill}: You're such a little pest.....Go away you little brat!!
    {Boy}: Uwwaaaah!! He kicked me!!
    {Bill}: Hmph....I should have did that to begin with. If it meant you touching
    my possessions with your filthy hands....
    {Shinjiro}: Wha-....What a jerk. How could he kick a child like that....
    {Girl}: So you're a bad guy. For right now.....I'll shoot you!
    {Bill}: Uwaah!!
    {Shinjiro}: Ah ha ha ha ha ha!! Serves him right. "They kick children" I'll
    write that one into my notes as evidence! I'll be able to corner them
    with this!!
    ~~ Free roam limit time up ~~
    {Shinjiro}: Now....it's about time for the trial to start. I'll head for
    -- If you don't have a certain picture from the Alley --
    {Carlos}: Yo Shinjiro. You came at a right time....I have something I want to
    speak with you about before the trial starts. Come over here for a minute.
    {Shinjiro}: Ah okay. What's the matter?
    {Carlos}: You see that wall over there....with the yellow sword mark on it?
    Take a picture of that.
    {Shinjiro}: What's this mark? Is there something I should know about it?
    {Carlos}: That's....Our mark of the centaurs.....
    {Shinjiro}: Centaurs....? What's that?
    {Carlos}: Harlem is...despite the way it looks is a town full of the weak.....
    In order for us and Sajitta to protect Harlem.....We formed our team. 
    	That team was named the Centaurs. We were a team with no bonds to the law who
    just wanted to protect Harlem. "All for one and one for all.....Just for our
    love for Harlem." 
    	That was the vow that Sajitta made for the centaurs....That meant everything
    to us.
    {Shinjiro}: "Just for our love of Harlem....The vow of the centaurs".....
    {Carlos}: You should remember this. Sajitta's not with us now but, that's our 
    {Shinjiro}: Okay I understand. I'll wrote it down in my notes.
    {Carlos}: Well....let's get going. Sajitta's waiting for us.
    == Eyecatch 2.4 ==
    {Shinjiro}: ......Finally it's time for my court battle with Sajitta-san. I've
    done all the preparations that I could but....
    	I guess I just can't shake this uneasy feeling after all.
    {Sajitta}: So good of you to come....boy. The preparations for the court is
    {Shinjiro}: Wha-what's all this....?
    {Sajitta}: The courtroom I especially designed.....In this country there's no
    show as wonderful as a trial.
    	Justice and Evil, Life and love are all decided right here. The courtroom can
    be a stage where the everyone here are the actors. 
    	You or me....There's no other place like this where we can decide which one
    is Justice.
    {Shinjiro}: .....I understand. We're going for broke! Let's begin Sajitta-san!!
    {Sajitta}: Within this country the law is justice. I'll show you just have true
    that is! 
    	....Now then from here we will begin the trial for redevelopment of Harlem.
    The verdict will be decided by the citizens of Harlem as the jury.
    {Carlos}: Naturally. We decide everything for Harlem.
    {Sajitta}: Do both sides swear in this assembly hall to tell the truth and
    nothing but the truth?
    {Shinjiro}: We do!
    {Sajitta}: In the name and honor under the flag of the law and truth, Court is
    now in session!!
    == Court Battle Start ==
    {Sajitta}:From here we shall begin the first debate, starting with us. The
    redevelopment of Harlem which is underway from the Steam Frontier Corp are
    thinking with the best interest and happiness of it's citizens in mind. 
    	Up until this point they've achieved redevelopment in Georgia, and Atlanta....
    Which ended up with the people in the area being satisfied.
    	I shall have Bill the one in charge testify on this subject.
    {Bill}: I am Bill of the Steam Frontier. I shall swear to speak truthfully. Our
    company Motto is "Mutual prosperity for the area" 
    	This time we have come to redevelop Harlem for the purpose of prospering this
    	In Atlanta after it's redevelopment, we've received good responses by making
    it an easy place to live by constructing Parks, hospitals, and Schools.
    	If you allow us to proceed with Harlems redevelopment you can firmly believe
    that we will contribute to your happiness.
    {Sajitta}: Do you all understand? About Steam Frontier corps policy? The
    redevelopment of Harlem is here to make all of you happy!
    	Now then we shall go over to Taiga Shinjiro's statements.
    {Shinjiro}: .....Okay.
    {Carlos}: Expose all the bad deeds that the Steam Frontier corp has done up
    until now! Tell Harlem about their dirty methods!
    {Shinjiro}: ....understood.
    == Court LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "They kick children" (Influence +)/
    -- Option 2 - "They hurt Jing-Jing." (Influence +)/
    -- Option 3 - "What about the gang suspicions in Georgia!?" (Influence +)/
    -- Option 4 - "You bribed Harlem's influentials!" (Influence +)/
    -- Option 5 - "And who was the one who bribed a city council member!?" 
    (Influence +)/「市議会議員にワイロを贈ったのは!?」
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - "They kick children" (Influence +)/
    {Shinjiro}: Bill-san, you kicked a child didn't you!? I saw you do it!
    {Carlos}: Wha...What are you saying? This is a court of law! Not some
    childrens fight!!
    {Bill}: Wha....That was because well.....
    {Sajitta}: You....did something like that....?
    {Bill}: Ah....Well It was a reflex.....The kid was being so pushy so....
    {Carlos}: They're too distracted by their own words. Shinjiro now's your
    chance!! Attack them!!
    {Shinjiro}: Okay!!
    == Analog LIPS Begin ==
    100% - (Influence +)
    {Shinjiro}: Can you trust someone who would kick a child!? I couldn't!! How
    about all of you!?
    {Sajitta}: Kuh....For him to use such a trifling detail.....
    {Bill}: II'm sorry....I was careless....
    -- Option 2 - "They hurt Jing-Jing." (Influence +)/
    {Shinjiro}: They hurt Jing-Jing! What's the meaning of injuring a girl!?
    {Sajitta}: Do you have a witness to testify that? You're not going to just say
    you saw it yourself are you?
    -[If Subaru was your witness and you asked her to testify ahead of time.]-
    {Shinjiro}: If it's a witness you want.....I have one!
    {Sajitta}: What!?
    {Shinjiro}: My witness is Subaru-san! Now I leave the testimony to you!!
    {Subaru}: I Kujou Subaru....When asked upon I shall testify. On the night
    before yesterday....While walking together with Taiga we heard an explosion. 
    	I believe Sajitta and Bill were present at the scene of the crime while
    controlling steam construction machines.
    {Sajitta}: Well....did you see us move the machines to hurt her?
    {Subaru}: You were instructing them weren't you? If you think about everything
    from the situtation, I'd say you both have a responsiblity to this.
    	Supposing....you have an objection to my testimony.....Can you both testify
    how you wasn't at the scene of the crime? 
    	If you can't explain that....At the very least you can't avoid taking
    responsiblity for your actions.
    {Sajitta}: Kuh....That's what you would call counter evidence.....
    {Bill}: Wha-....What's going on? What's that person saying?
    {Sajitta}: He's saying that if we can't prove that we wasn't there the
    responsiblity stays with us. 
    	Just what I'd expect from Subaru.....that was a flawless testimony.
    {Subaru}: Taiga....Was that enough?
    {Shinjiro}: Thank you very much Subaru-san. You helped out alot!!
    -- Option 3 - "What about the gang suspicions in Georgia!?" (Influence +)/
    {Shinjiro}: What about the gang suspicions in Georgia!? You made deals with
    gangs and then you chased the inhabitants away didn't you!?
    {Bill}: Th-that was....
    {Sajitta}: That was a valid business consignment based on the contract.
    Legally, there are no problems either...
    {Shinjiro}: Nonetheless.....a gang is a gang!! I couldn't trust a company
    like that!
    {Sajitta}: Kuh....
    {Carlos}: Good job Shinjiro! That's the way to do it!!
    -- Option 4 - "You bribed Harlem's influentials!" (Influence +)/
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san....You bribed Harlem's influentials! Is this correct!?
    {Carlos}: Is that true Shinjiro!? But if you announce that then Harlem might
    cause a commotion....
    {Sajitta}: I am an Attorney born and raised in Harlem after all. I'm aware that
    the people of Harlem live to help one another. 
    	Even so can you truly say that there's a traitor among Harlem's citizens?
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "I'd say you have some supporters!" (Influence-)
    -- Option 2 - "No....I withdraw my statement." (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "The traitor is you Sajitta-san!" (Influence + Sajitta -)
    -- Time Over -- (Influence -)
    -- Option 3 - "The traitor is you Sajitta-san!" (Influence + Sajitta -)
    {Shinjiro}: The traitor is you Sajitta-san! You're the one putting the people
    of Harlem though all of this!!
    {Carlos}: Thats right! Even without the redevelopment, we can all be happy!
    {Sajitta}: Kuh....Calling me a tratior like that.....
    {Bill}: What are you getting distracted for? Get a grip on yourself!!
    {Sajitta}: I....I understand. I'm sorry.....
    -- Option 5 - "And who was the one who bribed a city council member!?"
    (Influence +)/「市議会議員にワイロを贈ったのは!?」
    {Shinjiro}: And who was the one who bribed a city council member!? Didn't you
    hand a large amount of money to a member of of the city council!?
    {Bill}: That....that wasn't a bribe. It was an official procedure of
    political contributions.
    {Sajitta}: The Steam frontier Company has an interest in honest politics. Is
    there some kind of problem with that?
    {Shinjiro}: Kuh...This, this can't be right.....
    {Carlos}: That's not good Shinjiro.....You have to find a way to tide this
    over.....Don't you have any sort of dirt on them?
    {Shinjiro}: Come to think of it.....They did ask for the city council to do
    something. Should I attack them for bribery here....?
    == Analog LIPS Begin ==
    100% - (Influence +)
    {Shinjiro}: But....a bribe is a bribe! They had the city council approve of
    Harlem's redevelopment though bribery!! 
    	It just so happened that I witnessed the matter at the metropolitan musuem!!
    {Sajitta}: Kuh....I didn't think he would have investigated this much....
    {Bill}: Could he have....stalked me.....such a disgrace.....
    {Carlos}: That's the way Shinjiro! That's a point for us!!
    -- After all of your evidence was presented and the influence was high --
    {Sajitta}: ....With this the first debate has been completed.
    {Shinjiro}: ....How did I do? Did I do well?
    {Carlos}: All right that was a good performance. Getting this far up against
    Sajitta was plenty.Listen to the crowd, Harlem's rooting for you.
    {Shinjiro}: All right....I'll do my best in the next round too!!
    {Sajitta}: Now then from here we are proceeding to the 2nd debate. This time...
    We will start from Taiga Shinjiro.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay! Understood.
    {Carlos}: ....Since we don't know what they're going to do from here,we have to
    somehow bring Harlem on our side. 
    	Shinjiro Appeal to the virtues of Harlem that you experienced yourself! 
    {Shinjiro}: Okay! I'll do what I can!!
    == Court LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "The people of Harlem are all family!" (Influence +)/
    -- Option 2 - "Jazz is the soul of Harlem!!" (Influence +)/
    -- Option 3 - "....I shall end my statements." /「……以上で発言を終了します」
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - "The people of Harlem are all family" (Influence +)/
    {Shinjiro}: The people of Harlem are all family! Everyone supports each other.
    Be it the strong, the weak.....The rich or the poor. 
    	Everyone looks out for one another like a family.....And that is what Harlem
    prides itself in!!
    {Carol}: Yes that is correct. Everyone is like a child to me. Who should all
    be loved...right?
    {Carlos}: Right! You can't break our family bond! That is Harlems pride!!
    {Sajitta}: Heh....
    {Shinjiro}: Ugh...What's with that expression? Could she, could she have
    something up her sleeve?
    {Sajitta}: Do you have anything else you'd like to say? If you do....now's the
    time to speak up.
    {Shinjiro}: Uh, Ummm...
    -- Option 2 - "Jazz is the soul of Harlem!!" (Influence +)/
    {Shinjiro}: A rhythm that swings your body.....A song that catches your heart..
    Jazz is Harlems soul! 
    	The music that born in Harlem.....Is what the people of Harlem was raised
    {Dotchmo}: That's right. The fact that Jazz was born in Harlem is what makes
    it great music. 
    	Wouldn't you say that life without Jazz....is like a hamburger without the 
    {Carlos}: Jazz is our soul! The shout of Harlems soul!!
    {Sajitta}: Anything else...?
    {Shinjiro}: ....She still has that expression? Then does that means, she really
    does have something up her sleeve?
    {Sajitta}: If you have anything more to say....Now would be a good time to
    say it.
    {Shinjiro}: Uh, Ummmm....
    -- Option 3 - "....I shall end my statements." /「……以上で発言を終了します」
    {Shinjiro}: ......I shall end my statements.
    {Sajitta}: Heh....Excellent judgement. It's best not to try  any useless
    	Now then....We shall now move on to Steam frontier's debate.
    {Shinjiro}: Kuh....That expression....Just what is she trying to do?
    {Sajitta}:For those who approve of the eviction, Steam Frontier has something
    prepared by priority. 
    	We've prepared new homes,jobs,wage assurance.And also....as a financial
    handshake we've also included five thousand dollars to go along with them.
    {Shinjiro}: Fiv-.....Five thousand dollars!? Isn't that a years worth of my
    {Sajitta}:In addition...The homes we will supply will all be electricity
    installed brand new apartment buildings. 
    	The jobs we supply will all be dependent business with Steam frontier which
    will offer sufficient wages. 
    	However...This condition will go to the first 100 households. Anymore than
    that will go to the previous condition.
    {Carlos}: Wha-....What a trump card! So that's why Sajitta's been looking so
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Don't take Harlem so lightly!" (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "Using money to influence us is foul!" (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "Maybe I should get evicted to..." (Influence -)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - "Don't take Harlem so lightly!" (No effect)
    {Shinjiro}: Don't take Harlem so lightly! To try to settle this with Money....
    You can't hope to deceive us with a tactic like that!! 
    {Carlos}: Five thousand dollars....tough call.
    {Shinjiro}: Wha what are you saying!? Please don't go saying things like that!!
    {Sajitta}: Heh....You can still be qualified. If you approve of the eviction
    that is.
    {Shinjiro}: Damnnit....
    == LIPS End ==
    {Sajitta}: Now then, this concludes the second debate.
    {Shinjiro}: I expected nothing less of Sajitta-san....She already got the
    people of Harlem right right where she wants them. 
    	I won't be able to win at this rate.
    {Carlos}: Don't worry Shinjiro. The people of Harlem aren't stupid, there are
    still people depending on you. Hang in there admiral.
    {Shinjiro}: All right, I must not become faint of heart. I'll do my best in
    the next round.
    {Sajitta}: Now we are procedding to the final debate. From this debate We shall
    give out the verdict to everyone. 
    	This time the debate will start from us the Steam frontier.
    {Carlos}: Rain or Shine this is the final round. We've got to somehow find
    some contradiction to their redevelopment.
    {Shinjiro}: All right. I'll start my counter attack from there.
    {Sajitta}: We shall talk about how Harlem shall change with it's redevelopment.
    We shall make arrangements to make Harlem become the easiest place to live in
    New York.
    {Bill}: We shall provide a 24 hours a day emergency hospital, A relaxing school
    for the children to attend,Guaranteed long term employment to industrial
    complexes, movie theaters,a playhouse, and a concert hall. 
    	We shall also provide a large shopping mall along with amusement facilities.
    Of course,the residents of Harem will enjoy a concessionary price when using
    these facilities.
    {Sajitta}: And we have one more....big news for you. You know what it is....
    We've established the homeground of the american football team New York
    	Our Harlem will grow into a wonderful town together with towns square!
    {Carlos}: My...My god. If things keep up like this....We won't be able to
    oppose the the redevelopment. 
    	Shinjiro.....You've got to do something!! You're all we got for this! There's
    got to be something they're hiding in their story! There just has to be!!
    {Shinjiro}: True when you stop to think about it....Sajitta-san's story sounds
    just too good to be true! 
    	The hidden meaning in their statement....Their suspicious debate....I'll
    tear them apart with a contradiction in them!
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "How Harlem shall change...." (Influence -)
    -- Option 2 - "About the concessionary price" (Influence -)
    -- Option 3 - "Our Harlem...." (Influence +)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "Our Harlem...." (Influence +)
    {Shinjiro}: You said "Our Harlem" correct? What exactly did you mean by that?
    {Sajitta}: Kuh....
    {Shinjiro}: Could, could you possibly mean....that the people living in Harlem
    now wouldn't be living in the redeveloped Harlem.....?
    {Carlos}: Is...is that true!? You're trying to kick us all out of Harlem!?
    {Sajitta}: Tha-that's.....
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san!
    == LIPS End ==
    == Analog LIPS Begin ==
    100% - (Influence +++)
    100% - (Influence +++)
    {Shinjiro}: Answer us!! Who would be living in the Harlem you're speaking of!?
    This redeveloped Harlem.....just who's Harlem is this supposed to be for!?
    {Sajitta}: ........
    {Bill}:Wha, what should we do? We're paying you a large toll, do something!!
    {Sajitta}:I can't.....I can't just let myself lose here. Thinking in accordance
    to the law I are not mistaken!! 
    	The new Harlem will be exclusive residential district! We can't allow the
    current residents to reside there!! 
    	In addition....It's up to Steam frontier to decide who gets to live within
    the new Harlem!!
    {Carlos}: Sajitta's starting to expose the faults in her statements!! Now's
    your chance Shinjiro! Show Sajitta the soul of Harlem!!
    {Shinjiro}: All right! Sajitta-san....
    == Analog LIPS End ==
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Listen to the cries of Harlem!!"(Influence +)
    -- Option 2 - "I like Harlem the way it is now!!" (Influence +)
    -- Option 3 - "We shall protect Harlem!" (Influence +)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - "Listen to the cries of Harlem!!"(Influence +)
    {Shinjiro}: Listen to the cries of Harlem!! Everyone's thoughts!! You should
    already understand! 
    	Noone's asking for the town that you're speaking of!! They all help each
    other.....and they all rejoice....and that's what creates Harlem!!
    {Sajitta}: Kuh....
    {Carlos}: We'll never sell out Harlem to anyone!! This town is our soul!
    {Jing-Jing}: That's right! I was born in Harlem and raised in Harlem!!
    {Barbara}: It's not like we're living because of the fact that it's Harlem.....
    {Carlos}:The fact that we're here is what makes this Harlem!! Viva! Harlem!!
    We'll protect our town of Harlem with our own hands!! 
    	This concludes the debate! Is this clear!? Harlem belongs to us!! We'll decide
    what becomes of it ourselves!! 
    	The juror for this trial are us the ones who live in Harlem! How many of you
    all want to protect Harlem together with us!?
    == Lips Begin ==
    {Shinjiro}: Wow....Amazing! We've got the approval of mostly everyone in
    {Sajitta}: Argh....Well then are there anyone who approves of Steam Frontiers
    redevelopment!? ....... No one at all!? You don't want new homes? The jobs!? 
    The five thousand dollars!? 
    	Come on say it! That you shall approve of the redevelopment!!
    {Carlos}: Sajitta....You've lost. We the people of Harlem can't be influenced
    by money. 
    	We're influenced by the moment when our souls shivers!! Have you forgotten
    {Sajitta}: Kuh...
    {Carlos}: We did it Shinjiro!! This is our win....Harlem's victory! Your
    endurance moved our souls. The souls of everyone in Harlem!!
    {Shinjiro}: Ah ha ha ha ha ha!! This is everyones victory!! We won!!
    {Sajitta}: Kuh....In that case....I have my own idea for this!!
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san! What are you about to do!?
    {Sajitta}: We have here everyones resident registration and bonds of compulsory
    execution that we've issued from the courthouse! 
    	You are all illegal occupants! You have no legal qualifications to be living
    in this street! With these official papers we are legally entitled to expel you
    from Harlem!! 
    	What can you possibly accomplish....in a town like this! Why don't you just
    give it a rest and listen to what we have to say!?
    {Carlos}: ....What, what are you saying Sajitta?....You're a resident of
    Harlem too aren't you?
    {Jing-Jing}: Sajitta.....You'd treat us who were your friends like we're
    criminals too...?
    {Bill}: Heh...It appears that this is our victory.
    {Sajitta}: If you can't obey the law then you have no right living in New
    York!! Just get up and leave!!
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san!
    == Analog LIPS Begin ==
    100% - (Influence +++)
    100% - (Influence +++)
    {Shinjiro}: What are you saying! I know Sajitta-san!! I know just how much
    you....How much you love Harlem!!
    {Sajitta}: Wha...!?
    {Bill}: Sajitta! Have you forgotten!? About our transactions!?
    {Sajitta}: .........You....You're all illegal occupants....You should
    all immediately....
    == Analog LIPS End ==
    {Sunnyside}: There's no need for you to leave. It's no problem!! There's
    nothing to worry about!
    {Shinjiro}: Sunny-san!! Why...why are you here?
    {Sunnyside}: Now now don't you mind that. More importantly....Do you know what
    this is??
    {Sajitta}: Tha-that's....Harlem's landing patent!!
    {Sunnyside}: Yup. I bought every last bit of Harlem's land.
    {Shinjiro}: Wha...
    {Sunnyside}: Of course I paid a proper amount to everyone in Harlem.
    {Carlos}: Well then does that makes us....non illegal occupants!?
    {Sunnyside}: Yeah basically. Though I will be charging land rent.
    -[Credit goes to ijuinkun for providing the translation]-
    {Bill}: Damnnit!! Well then we still have the steam construction machines.....
    {Subaru}: Subaru is....in a ill mood. I had to participate in such a trivial
    farce. So I had to get my hands dirty....
    {Bill}: Uggh....
    {Shinjiro}: Subaru-san!
    {Subaru}: Taiga....The annoyance has been cut down. You guys are all doing
    the right thing. Fight fairly.
    {Ratchet}: You can leave this side to us. Don't let up Taiga-kun.
    {Shinjiro}: Thank you very much!! Sajitta-san please try to understand!!
    We don't need this trial.
    {Sajitta}: But I'm.....I'm only trying to....
    {Carol}: Sajitta....Try stating your name.
    {Sajitta}: Mother....
    {Carol}: You can't can you. After all...you've lost sight of your name in
    	However...you haven't abandoned it.You've merely lost it. Therefore you
    have to take it back. The people of Harlem will assist you in taking it back. 
    {Sajitta}: Mother....Everyone....
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san....
    == Untimed LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Show her the photo of her Bike"
    -- Option 2 - "Talk about the reason she became an Attorney" 
    -- Option 3 - "Show her the mark of Centaur" 
    -- Option 1 - "Show her the photo of her Bike"
    {Shinjiro} :....Do you recognize this bike?
    {Sajitta}: Tha, that's.....my Bike....The bouncer. But I haven't rode that....
    not once since I became an Attorney....
    {Shinjiro}: Even though you didn't ride it everyone adjusted it for you. So
    that you can ride it whenever you're ready again!!
    {Sajitta}: Eh....
    {Barbara} :.....It's only Natural. After all....The bouncer is the bond
    between us all.
    {Sajitta}: Barbara....
    -- Option 2 - "Talk about the reason she became an Attorney"
    {Shinjiro}: I asked you about why you became a Attorney....You became a
    Attorney so you could help out a friend who was imprisioned on a false charg
     wasn't it?
    {Sajitta}: .......
    {Shinjiro}: If that's the case then why....Why aren't you protecting the
    people of Harlem? 
    	With that attitude....it's impossible to understand why you became a attorney
    in the first place.
    {Jing-Jing}: Sis....Try to remember! When you took the Attorney examination
    test....Isn't this what you said to me?
    	"I'll become an Attorney for Harlem's sake!" "I'll protect the smiling faces
    of everyone!!"
    {Sajitta}: Jing-Jing.....
    -- Option 3 - "Show her the mark of Centaur"
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san....Please take a look at this.
    {Sajitta}: Tha, that's....
    {Shinjiro}: That's right....I saw this in the back alley. In the past you drew
    this with everyone. 
    	Vowing that you'd always live in Harlem...That you'd always support each
    {Carlos}: Sajitta....You haven't lost your name. No...It could never be lost.
    No matter what happens you will always be who you are, and that's Sajitta
    of Harlem.
    {Sajitta}: Carlos...
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "The vow of Centaur!"
    -- Time Over -- (Has effect on option that shows up later)
    -- Option 1 - "The vow of Centaur!"
    {Shinjiro}: The vow of Centaur! Was that a lie?
    {Sajitta}: It wasn't a lie! But....I....
    {Jing-Jing}: One for all....
    {Barbara}: All for one....
    {Carlos}: And simply loving Harlem. I've decided to go along with you. which is
    why...I believed in you. 
    	That you would someday come back to Harlem. So you have nothing to worry
    about. The rest of the people of Harlem feels the same way. We love you.
    {Sajitta}: Every one...
    == LIPS End ==
    {Sajitta}: I....Harlem.....Everyone.....
    {Carlos}: Sajitta! State your name!!
    {Sajitta}: Eh...
    {Carlos}: Say it!
    {Sajitta}: Sajitta Weinburg....
    {Carol}: That's right Sajitta.....That is your name. The joy of 100, the
    happiness of 1000, and the affection of ten thousand. 
    	Taking possession of those strong qualites, you show affection to tender
    hearts. That is what makes you Sajitta. 
    	Those words are attached to your name. During the time you lost a hold of your
    name, I'd like to present your name to you with those words.....
    {Sajitta}: Mother....
    {Carlos}: This town....The people of this town are your god fathers. We've
    become your godparents. 
    	Welcome back Sajitta. Come on, let's bring Harlem back to the way it was one
    more time.
    {Sajitta}: I want to fix things.....I want to but...I...
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san...
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "You love Harlem don't you"(Sajitta ++)
    -- Option 2 - "It's fine now." (Sajitta ++)
    -- Option 3 - "You still don't understand!?" (Sajitta ++)
    -- Time Over -- (Sajitta ++)
    -- Option 1 - "You love Harlem don't you"(Sajitta ++)
    {Shinjiro}: You love Harlem don't you? Isn't that enough? Just that alone.....
    {Sajitta}: .....
    {Shinjiro}: Now...Return to them. Everyone's waiting for you....in Harlem.
    {Sajitta}: Everyone....You'll all....Accept me in Harlem again?
    {Carlos}: Of course we will. You're our Sajitta after all!
    {Sajitta}: Thank you.....Thank you everyone....
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san....I'm happy for you.
    {Sajitta}: Taiga....No, Shinjiro....This is all thanks to you. My return....If
    you wasn't around we wouldn't be having this trial.....
    	I wouldn't have known how everyone felt. You've been trying so hard for
    someone like me.....despite that I've been just.....
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san...
    {Sajitta}: Thank you Shinjiro. I'll never....let Harlem fall out of my
    hands again.....
    {Shinjiro}: ....Yes.
    == LIPS End ==
    {Sajitta}: Now then....I'll be heading back. I have a lot of things I have to
    do. Starting off with...breaking the contract I had with the Steam
    Frontier company.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay!! I'll help too!
    {Sajitta}: Okay you guys! We're going to rebuild Harlem with our own two
    {Carlos}: Right!!
    {Kokuryu-hime}: Without thy permission....Such an act.....shall not be
    {Shinjiro}: Wha...What the!!
    {Kokuryu-Hime}: For purification....I shall start an inferno of flames among
    all of the homes of this land's residence. 
    	I shall determine the laws of this land, and you shall all serve me as thy
    humble servants!
    {Shinjiro}: Co-could it be....That the fires in Harlem were all your doing!?
    {Kokuryu-Hime}: You spout such foolishness...The filth shall burn...That is
    the law I have determined.
    {Carlos}: You bastard!! Don't feed us that crap!!
    {Kokuryu-hime}: What awaits those who dare to defy I.....is death!! That is
    also thy law!!
    {Carlos}: Guwaah!!
    {Kokuryu-hime}: Ahahahahahaha! Splendid splendid.
    {Sajitta}: My comrades....Bastard....What the hell do you think you're doing!?
    {Kokuryu-hime}: I am Kokuryu-hime....The bringer of law and order within
    this land.
    {Sajitta}: You burn Harlem.....You hurt everyone....And you call that the
    law.... Laws......? Order....? I can't allow you call such a act a law!
    I won't allow it!!
    -Movie Scene- -Credit goes to ijuinkun for providing the translation-
    Sagitta: Shinjiro! Look after them!
    Shinjiro: Sagitta-san . . .
    Sagitta: You dare to hurt my friends?! I will punish this transgression!
    Sagitta: Here I come!
    Kokuryuu-hime: What the--?
    Sagitta: Eat this!
    -Movie Scene End-
    {Sajitta}: Hmph...The law....I'd rather you not use such a word in such a
    thoughtless manner. Especially....from someone like you!
    {Kokuryu-Hime}: Inexcusable....This is in-excusable!!
    {Sajitta}: Damn....what a woman. You're still alive!?
    {Kokuryu-hime}: I shall kill all who are ignorant to the law. I shall kill all
    oppose my law! I shall rule all!! 
    	The humans in this land....with thy sword, I shall slaughter the lot of you!!
    {Sajitta}: Guwa....At this rate....Everyone in Harlem will be...
    {Masked Swordsman}: You! This is vengeance for my master!!
    {Kokuryu-hime}: Wha-....What is this!?
    {Masked Rider}: Die!!
    {Kokuryu-hime}: Kuh....This swordsmanship....What manner of creature are you!?
    {Shinjiro}: She's distracted! That Kokuryu-hime.....She has her hands full
    going up against the masked swordsman. Sajitta-san!!
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Take care of the evacuation of the residents of Harlem!!"
    (Sajitta ++)
    -- Option 2 - "Let us provide backup!" (Sajitta +)
    -- Option 3 - "Hurry up and get out of here!" (Sajitta ++)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "Hurry up and get out of here!" (Sajitta ++)
    {Shinjiro}: Hurry up and get out of here! I'll take it from here!!
    {Sajitta}: Shinjiro....Don't go taking all the good parts. Protecting Harlem is
    my justice. Don't take that away from me.
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san...
    {Sajitta}: Shinjiro, Evacuate everyone into a safer place. I'm counting on you.
    {Shinjiro}: Understood!
    == Lips End ==
    {Carlos}: Don't come over here! We'll take care of things here!! We'll all
    protect everyone!
    {Shinjiro}: Eh!? Bu- but...
    {Carlos}: If anything were to happen to you.....Who would there be left to
    protect Harlem!?
    {Sajitta}: But....This doesn't seem like something you could do on your own....
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san...Let's go call for reinforcements. The reassuring....
    {Sajitta}: Reinforcements....? I see! They would be reassuring reinforcements!!
    Carlos, we'll come back right away!! I'll leave the rest up to you!
    {Carlos}: Heh....We're the members of the Centaur cross. We'd take care of
    business even without you telling us to!!
    {Sajitta}: Let's go Shinjiro! Let's go call for reinforcements!!
    {Shinjiro}: Roger!!
    {Sajitta}: Are the adjustments to the Star's completed yet? The enemy has
    arrived in Harlem!! Scramble us right away!
    {Sunnyside}: Come now, relax. There's a certain procedure to follow even
    during a scramble.
    {Sajitta}: Sunny! Right now I'm really worked up. If you screw around with
    me your response will be pain!!
    {Subaru}: ....Subaru questions. In a trial what is the most important?
    {Sajitta}: A thorough examination and a calm sense of judgement....Whew...I
    {Shinjiro}: Rachett-san, How's the situation in Harlem?
    {Ratchet}: Sajitta be at ease. The evacuation of the residents went by
    smoothly, we've also taken care of the injured. 
    	The masked swordsman has also withdrawed, currently Kokuryu-hime alone is
    causing destruction among Harlem.
    {Sajitta}: Tsk...What a load of crap. I got the situation! Hurry up and move
    us out!!
    {Rachett}: I understand. Now then, New York Floral Assault squad.....
    {Sajitta}: Hold it right there. Rachet....That's not your job anymore. Putting
    aside the fact that he's an apprentice....our captain Shinjiro....is you.
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san...
    {Sajitta}: C'mon Shinjiro!! Give us the order! The order to move out!
    {Shinjiro}: Understood!
    == Analog Lips Begin ==
    100% - (Sajitta ++ Subaru+)
    {Shinjiro}: New York Floral Assault Squad Star Division Move out!! Take down
    the Enemy that are attacking Harlem!
    {Sajitta}: Yes sir!! I'll show her....Just what the rules of Harlem really
    == Eyecatch 2.5 ==
    				June 1928, Harlem
    {Shinjiro}: Wha.....What's this it's almost like we're inside a fire storm.
    {Sajitta}: Kuh.....For Harlem to be in such a state....Is this all because of
    that woman too!?
    {Rachet}: Tai.....ga-kun, can you hear me? This is the Air hub. Taiga-....kun.
    {Shinjiro}: Rachet-san. Just what's going on around here?
    {Ratchet}: The entire Harlem area is enveloped in tremendous demonic energy.
    It's covered in thunderclouds so thick that monitoring the ground from above
    is impossible. 
    	Don't expect to be able to count on aid from the Air-hub......Be careful
    {Shinjiro}: I guess it can't be helped. Sajitta-san, Subaru-san, I'm counting
    on you.
    {Sajitta}: Okay! As long as we can pound on that stupid woman I'm okay
    with that.
    {Subaru}: I am detecting a strong demonic energy source bearing one hundred and
    thirty-two degrees.
    	Subaru speculates that those device are drawing thunderclouds to the Harlem
    	Further more, there are more signals spread all over Harlem.
    {Shinjiro}: So...we are to move around Harlem, fighting as we go?
    {Sajitta}: Oh right....Shinjiro, isn't this your first time moving around the
    area during battle?  In that case, shall I teach you about "area movement"?
    {Shinjiro}: Let's see.....
    == Untimed Lips begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Yes please!"
    -- Option 2 - "No, I'll be fine." 
    -- Option 1 - "Yes please!"
    {Shinjiro}: Yes please!  I want to hear the specifics to things I don't know 
    {Sajitta}: Okay! All right then could you take a look at the Area window on
    lower right of your screen?
    	This is the area where the battle is taking place....In other words, the
    areas where it's possible for us move to are being displayed.  
    	The star mark symbolizes the area where we are, and the other two points are..
    are separate areas we can move to from here.
    	During the circumstances when a star is placed on a location where "area
    movement" is possible....A sign will appear in your area window.
    	Afterwards press the triangle button, the command window will then open, and
    once you select "area movement"......You will go on auto pilot and fly to the
    respective corresponded area.
    {Subaru}: Provided that area movement can only be used once per turn. You
    won't be able to "return".
    {Shinjiro}: I see....Am I able to investigate the locations where I'm able to
    commence area movement?
    {Sajitta}: Good question! During those times press the R1 or R2 buttons and
    you can use "Area review".
    	If you use Area review, the locations where you'll be able commence an area
    movement will always be displayed.
    {Shinjiro}: Area review....That should come in handy! I'll give it a try later.
    {Sajitta}: Oh, by the way, I have one more piece of advice for you. Area
    movement divides the total strength of the team, and that could lead to a
    disadvantageous situation in battle. 
    	If you should find yourself in a pinch, where you need someone to help you...
    call on us right away.
    {Shinjiro}: Call...for help? How do I do that?
    {Sajitta}: C'mon what are you blabbing about? In this country when you want to
    call for help there's only one thing for you to do......To yell "Help Me"!
    {Shinjiro}: Help.....Me!?
    {Sajitta}: Don't overwork yourself during times of danger, and just call for
    us. We'll rush to you right away.
    {Shinjiro}: I understand. I'll do my best.
    -- Option 2 - "No, I'll be fine." 
    {Shinjiro}: No I'll be fine. I'd like to experiment for myself.
    {Sajitta}: Sure, that might be for the best. Hang in there.
    == Untimed Lips End ==
    {Subaru}:Taiga, Sajitta....the time for lessons are over. The enemy is making
    their move. 
    	I'm picking up adnormal demonic energy readings from above. The thunder
    cloud....is shifting.
    {Sajitta}: The back alleys...!? Did that thunder cloud just do that....
    {Subaru}: That thunder cloud will prove to be a burden....All we can do avoid
    the areas with the thunder clouds while destorying the generators. 
    {Shinjiro}: Understood. The objective is the destruction of the generators!
    New York Floral Assault Squad.....Ready go!!
    == Battle Start ==
    ~~ After the first generator is destoryed Begin ~~
    {Shinjiro}: All right! The generator has been destoryed!! The demonic energy
    should be weakening. 
    	All that remains....is two more! Let's hurry and destory the rest and
    protect Harlem!
    ~~ After the second generator is destoryed ~~
    {Shinjiro}: Okay....Destruction of the generator confirmed. It looks like the
    demonic energy has weakened greatly. 
    	All that remains now is one more! Let's hurry and destroy it and do something
    about this thunder cloud.
    ~~ After the first generator is destoryed End ~~
    ~~ If Shinjiro destorys a basketball court Begin ~~
    {Sajitta}: What are you doing!! What good is for you to be destorying Harlem!
    {Shinjiro}: Sorry! I-I didn't mean....
    {Sajitta}: This court is where children who dream of being star players in the
    future can play. This is an important place for all of us who live in Harlem.
    {Shinjiro}: I didn't know that....I'm sorry. I'll be careful during battle.
    ~~ If Sajitta's unit should ever be next to Subaru's Begin ~~ (Co-op +)
    {Sajitta}: Subaru....Thanks. I really appreciate you protecting Harlem with me.
    {Subaru}: It's my duty, You should to be aware of that. In addition up until
    now....You'd never say something like that....
    {Sajitta}: Somethings wrong with that is there? Right now I'm just in the
    mood.....to say thanks.
    {Subaru}: That's fine by me.....Subaru unit is returning to battle. Excuse me.
    ~~ If Shinjiro destorys a basketball court End ~~
    ~~ If Shinjiro's turn should ever be next to Sajitta Begin ~~ 
    {Sajitta}: Shinjiro, you've help me out so much. Now all that's left to do
    to finish this is to protect Harlem from that woman!
    {Shinjiro}: You're right! I'll stay with you until the end.
    {Sajitta}: That's a good answer. When I look at you, I remember the way I
    used to be.
    {Shinjiro}: The way Sajitta used to be.....? Am I that.....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Cute?"(Sajitta +)
    -- Option 2 - "I'm not that violent!" (Sajitta -)
    -- Option 3 - " I'm not that tall...." (No effect)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - "Cute?"(Sajitta +)
    {Shinjiro}: Cute? The old you was.....cute right?
    {Sajitta}: Wha-.....What are you saying? Cute.....Well I guess I was....Hmm...?
    Did you say....the old me?
    {Shinjiro}: Uh no well....You were saying I resemble the way you used to be
    {Sajitta}: .....Once this battle is over I'll be waiting for you behind the
    theater. Let's have a pleasant chat about this shall we?
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....No that's okay!! I'm sorry Sajitta-san!
    == LIPS End ==
    ~~ If Shinjiro's turn should ever end next to Sajitta End ~~ 
    ~~ During Shinjiro's third turn Begin ~~ 
    {Sajitta}: Oh yeah....I have another piece of advice for you boy. Putting aside
    the fact that you're an apprentice you've become our captain. So how about you
    use modes?
    {Shinjiro}: Modes....?
    {Sajitta}: There is an operational mode that emphasizes offense, a mode
    devoted to defense, and a mode for reacting to the situation as it develops. 
    	If you use these three modes of operation to respond to what a situation calls
    for, you will be able to turn the tide of battle and gain the upper hand. 
    	We the Hoshigumi call the offensive mode "Shin", the all-purpose mode "Waza",
    and the defensive mode "Tai."
    {Shinjiro}: "Shin"Waza"Tai" Aren't those Japanese knowledge? We're in America
    so why are they....
    {Sajitta}: Who knows....This was Sunny sides idea. He's influenced by Japan.
    But if you use these three 3 mode types you should be able to gain the
    chance to alter the situation.
    {Shinjiro}: I see! Shin,Waza,Tai..... I'll give these three mode types a try!!
    ~~ During Shinjiro's third turn End ~~ 
    == Once all the generators have been destroyed ==
    {Shinjiro}: Right.....That should be all of the generators we needed to destory.
    {Sajitta}: Now all that's left is.....that stupid woman. Come on out! I shall
    be the one to pass judgement upon you!!
    悪念将機 KUSAKAGE
    Evil Beast commander unit KUSAKAGE
    {Kokuryu-hime}: Hmph...Those as weak as you howls the most.
    {Sajitta}: Humph...someone who can't handle being taunted has no right to get
    worked up about it.
    {Kokuryu-hime}: It is foolish to oppose I. It appears that it is nessecary to
    enforce the order of the law in this land after all.
    {Sajitta}: Stop!
    {Kokuryu-hime}:The humans of this area, even if we were to bring the law to
    light within this country, there still exists those who would break the law. 
    	Which why I shall pass judgement upon them. Besides....I've watched you.
    When you were convicting this lands people in the name of the law. 
    	You and I are both disciples of justice. Enforcing the laws is what makes us
    the force known as justice!
    	You would go to the aid of those who would break the law!? In that case, Then
    where could we find the order of the law!? We enforcers of the laws are
    	Acknowledge it! Acknowledge that we are justice! Come, disciple of the law!!
    {Sajitta}: Kuh....Tha-that's...
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san!
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Don't acknowledge her!"(Sajitta +)
    -- Option 2 - "[The law of the centaur]!" (Sajitta ++)
    -- Option 2 - "Are you planning to abandon Harlem!?" (Sajitta +) -If you let
    time run out during one of the earlier LIPS-
    -- Option 3 - " Something like that isn't justice at all!" (Sajitta ++) 
    -- Time Over -- (Sajitta +)
    -- Option 2 - "[The law of the centaur]!" (Sajitta ++)
    {Shinjiro}: [The law of the centaur]! Have you forgotten!? Didn't you vow that
    fighting for your friends....for your family is your justice!?
    {Sajitta}: The law of the centaur....
    {Kokuryu-Hime}: Heathen, do not interfere!! If you shall not acknowledge
    thy law then you shall be convicted here!
    {Shinjiro}: Uwaaah! Kuh...Ah?
    {Sajitta}: Kuh.....I could never forget....something that means everything to
    me....The one's I should be protecting.....are the weak! 
    	The one's who accepted me.....I shall protect the ones I love!! That is my
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san!!
    {Sajitta}: Heh....Was that enough for you Shinjiro?
    {Shinjiro}: Yes!!
    == LIPS End ==
    {Kokuryu-hime}: Kuh....You heathens! Unforgivable....I shall not forgive you!!
    {Sajitta}: Kokuryu-hime.....State my name.
    {Kokuryu-hime}: Kuh....I do not know!! I wouldn't know the name of such a
    filthy insect!
    {Sajitta}: I'll tell you....My name is Sajitta Weinburg. Centaur's Sajitta
    Weinburg.....the one who shall protect Harlem!!
    {Kokuryu-hime}: Hee.....
    {Sajitta}: I shall pass judgement upon you.....Kokuryu-hime....You are
    dismissed. You are guilty.
    {Kokuryu-hime}: Be-be Silent!! Don't spout such foolishness!! I shall destroy
    this entire land!! I am the one to enforce the law!!
    {Plum}: ....Taiga, can you hear me!? Kyaafun! What a relief!! It looks like
    the communications been restored.
    {Anri}: The enemy beast commander unit and moving on route to the underground
    	She appears to be planning to destroy the underground subway and cause all of
    New York to sink into the ground!
    {Shinjiro}: Kuh....If that were to happen....then New York would be....
    {Sajitta}: Shinjiro let's go after her!! We can't let her continue to do what
    she pleases any longer!
    {Shinjiro}: Roger! Let's go!! Change Flight mode!!
    {Shinjiro}: Kuh....If we don't stop her quick then New York's going to be in
    a lot of trouble.
    {Anri}: Do you read me Taiga-san!? We're picking up a strong demonic energy
    reaction from the abdomen of the enemy beast commander unit. 
    {Shinjiro}: Strong energy reaction!? Bu- but....the arm of the enemy beast
    unit is blocking the way....in addition we won't be able to go around in
    this small route.
    {Rachet}: Think Taiga-kun! I'm sure there has to be a good idea! First off
    lower as much of the enemy defenses as you can! We'll come up with a plan
    on our side.
    {Shinjiro}: Copy that! I'm counting on you Ratchet-san!
    == Battle Start ==
    ~~ During Shinjiro's second turn Begin ~~ 
    {Rachet}: Taiga-kun, listen up! A train is speeding beneath the enemy. So if
    you were ride on top of it and attack....
    {Shinjiro}: I see! We'd be able to attack the abdomen of the enemy beast
    commander unit!!
    {Rachet}: By dropping altitude and closing in on the train and by using area
    movement, you should be able to land on top of it. 
    	We aren't able to support you but....Taiga-kun give it your best.
    {Shinjiro}: Yes sir!! resuming destruction of the Enemy beast commander unit!
    ~~ During Shinjiro's second turn End ~~ 
    ~~ If Subaru's turn should ever end next to Sajitta Begin ~~ 
    {Sajitta}: That Kokuryu-hime! How dare she go about destroying New York as
    much as she pleases!
    {Subaru}: Sajitta I seem to recall that you....tried to destory Harlem as well.
    {Sajitta}: No, well...that was because I was deceived by the word known as
    redevelopment.....Ugh...Shinjiro. Could you try saying something to Subaru?
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Let's let bygones be bygones."(Sajitta +)
    -- Option 2 - "Come on now you two, please fight seriously." (Sajitta &
    Subaru -) 
    -- Option 3 - " Sajitta-san, you are guilty!" (Subaru +) 
    -- Time Over -- (Subaru ++)
    -- Time Over -- (Subaru ++)
    {Shinjiro}: No....This isn't something for me to add my input. Please settle
    this yourselves you two.
    {Subaru}: I see....you are correct. Even you can say things that are
    absolutely correct.
    {Sajitta}: Guh....Fine! I get it! It was my fault. Right now I want to protect
    New york. So...please cooperate with me.
    {Subaru}: You should have said so in the first place. I have already
    completed....cooperation preparations.
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san, the same goes for me too. Let's all protect New
    York together!
    {Sajitta}: Thank you. Now then....Follow after me!!
    == LIPS End ==
    ~~ If Subaru's turn should ever end next to Sajitta End ~~ 
    ~~ If a train gets destoryed Begin ~~
    {Shinjiro}: Da- damnit! She destoryed the train with her tail....
    {Anri}: Nyaun! Please rest assured. Since The trains are running on automatic
    control there weren't any people riding inside.
    {Plum}: We'll arrange for another train, so you keep fighting until your
    hearts content!
    {Shinjiro}: Thank you very much! All right! The rest starts from here!!
    ~~ If a train gets destoryed End ~~
    ~~ Once Kokuryu-hime's health reach critical status Begin ~~
    {Shinjiro}: Kokuryu-hime! There's no place you can run!
    {Kokuryu-hime}: Heathen....you're so persistently insolent! I am absolute! I
    would never be defeated by those as ignorant such as yourselves!!
    {Sajitta}: Why don't you just burn out already. It's over for you. You
    {Kokuryu-hime}: Wha...!?
    {Sajitta}: The filth shall be burned.....wasn't that the law you established?
    If that's the case then what should be the one to burn.....
    	Is you Kokuryu-hime!! Face the Judgement of Sajitta Weinburg!
    {Kokuryu-hime}: Grrr.....I shall never be judged by anyone! I shall seal that
    annoying tongue of yours!!
    ~~ Once Kokuryu-hime's health reach critical status End ~~
    == After defeating Kokuryu-hime ==
    {Kokuryu-hime}: Ho-how could this be....How could I be defeated!! My law...
    could not have been mistaken!!
    {Sajitta}: Shinjiro.....Thanks.It's all thanks to you....that we were able to
    protect Harlem.
    {Shinjiro}: That's not true. It's because you did your best Sajitta-san. You
    told me yourself after all, that you love Harlem. 
    	You were able to protect Harlem because of those feelings Sajitta-san.
    {Subaru}: Hmmm....I did not expect for you to say such things Sajitta.
    {Sajitta}: .....Lay off Subaru. Even I can say sentimental things once in a
    while. Come on now let's all gather together. Okay....Let's set our usual
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah! Okay here we go!!
    {Sajitta}: All right!! C'mon everyone! Victory pose-....
    {Everyone}: -Set!!
    * * * * *
    {Shinjiro}: "Dear, Mother....Since then Sajitta-san has retired from her
    position as Steam Frontier's corporation lawyer.....and has begun her own law
    	From here on she plans to make use of the law in order to protect the people
    of Harlem.
    {Sajitta}: Now for our first lecture. Teaching Law to you is so you all could
    protect your families. 
    	To put your heart into your studies and play your part for Harlem.
    {Carlos}: Tha-....That's all well and good but.....Do you think that we
    could actually be able to study the law? 
    {Sajitta}: Good grief....It looks like you guys have gotten quite rusty during
    the time I've been away from you guys....
    	You call yourselves Centaur members!? Give it your all!! Put some energy
    into it!!
    {Carlos}: Kuwwah! Our big sister really isn't so gentle after all!!
    {Shinjiro}: ".....And one more thing has changed. That's when....
    {Shinjiro}: Ah ouch ouch.....
    {Sajitta}: Oh the boy again huh? It's because you wasn't watching where you
    were going that you bumped into me.
    {Shinjiro}: I-I'm sorry....Ah....Sajitta-san, do you have attorney duties
    today too?
    {Sajitta}: You could say that. But I won't be using the law anymore. A law of
    the people,by the people,for the people....That's what I'm trying to
    {Shinjiro}: Good luck. I'll be rooting for you!
    {Sajitta}: Thanks. What's more....I'm to blame too. Sorry for bumping into you.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay!
    == Preview of next episode ==
    Rika: The gold gun or the silver gun: Which do you want to be shot with?
          Bad guys will be shot! This is Rika's code!
          Next time, "Spiritual Rikaritta"
          I'll just shoot!
          Shoot to the skyscrapers! -BANG!-
    == Eyecatch 2.6 ==

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