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    Episode Three Translation Guide (JIS) by DingoEnderZOE2

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                       Sakura Taisen 5  Farewell my love
    			   サクラ大戦V 〜さらば愛しき人よ〜
    			Episode 3 Translation
    			      Version 1.9
    Copyright 2007 Tenchi(Tenchiharasaki@yahoo.com) As always please, respect all
    my hard work by asking for permission if you would like to post this on Web
    sites of any kind
    This FAQ will contain a few Japanese text in S-JIS encoding.
    Sakura Taisen 5 Farewell my love by the wonderful people of SEGA and RED
    I'm not trying to be fluent in Japanese. I'm just trying to learn and
    understand it more. Since I'm not perfect with Japanese, I do not Guarantee a
    100 % accurate translation so I welcome any comments and suggestions that you
    feel would help improve this File. I'm doing translations for the fun of it,
    to hopefully improve my Japanese more, and to give you a better understanding
    on what's going on and what's being said during the scenarios I translate.
    Of course it's also better to own the game(ESPECIALLY Sakura Taisen) and enjoy
    the experience while playing as well, instead of just reading. I will most
    likely ask for help and run into problems while translating so Please, feel
    free to send your comments or suggestions to Tenchiharasaki@yahoo.com.
    Just like in my last Sakura Taisen guide, once again the main characters name
    will already be set for you. The name this time is Set as Taiga Shinjirou.
    The nephew of Oogami Ichirou the Original Main Character from Sakura Taisen
    1 - 4.  
    About Honorific titles
    -San:>As some of you guys may know(Especially if you watch a lot of
    Subbed Anime), this is the most common honorific you will hear. -San is the 
    American equivalent to Mr.,miss,ms.,or Mrs. It can be used in any situation 
    where politeness is required. To put it simply, This is THE honorific to use 
    if you want to address others in a formal polite way.
    -Sama:>This honorific is the more formal version of "-San",  It's used to 
    confer great respect for those with much higher rank than themselves. 
    Example:This would be used for a butler or slave(^_^;) to address his master. 
    It can also be used in commercial and business settings to address and refer to 
    customers.  If I were to translate this, it would be the American equivalent to 
    "Lord-" or "Master-"
    -Kun:>This Honorific can be used in three different ways. It can be used from 
    girls as an informal and intimate honorific mostly used for males. It is also 
    used by superiors in addressing inferiors, by males of roughly the same age 
    and status in addressing each other, and in addressing male children. In a 
    business settings young women may also be addressed as kun by older male 
    superiors. Which is why Ohgami always addresses Sakura,Sumire,Orihime,etc with 
    -Dono:>This is a old honorific, like Samurai Era old(You will hear this 
    honorific a lot if you check out Rurouni Kenshin.) Although it may not be used 
    as much(If at all) in daily conversation,it's still used in some types of 
    written business correspondence. It works the same as -Sama.
    -Chan:>This is the informal, intimate, diminutive equivalent of san, used to 
    refer to children and female family members,pets, close friends and lovers. 
    Chan is also used for adults as a title of affection. It gives a sense of 
    childish cuteness thus making It very babyish, which is why some people are 
    less forgiving with being address with it than others.
    -Senpai:>is used to refer to or address teachers, doctors, lawyers, 
    politicians, or other authority figures. It is also used to show respect to 
    someone who has achieved a certain level of mastery in an art form or some 
    other skill. It's most often used In school settings, where underclassmen refer
    to their upperclassmen as "Senpai". This may be a bad example but: Say you're a
    new employee at your job, everyone there is your Senpai because most of the 
    people at your job have more experience then you do. To put it simply, in the 
    workplace, it's used when a newer employee addresses an employee who has 
    seniority(I.e. more experience)in the company.
    -Kohai:>Simply the opposite of Senpai. Used toward underclassmen in school or 
    newcomers in the workplace. 
    - Ver 1.7 -
    - Completed the guide up until the third eyecatch.
    - Ver 1.8 -
    - Completed the guide up until just after the beginning of the battle section
    of this episode. Also please excuse any Un-translated Japanese dialogue(Besides
    the episode titles of course.) you may see from here on out. Feel free to send
    me an E-mail if you're willing to help me with translating any of them.
    - Ver 1.9 -
    - Completed the guide up until the beginning of the second free roam of
    the episode.
    - Ver 1.9 -
    - Small update: Added a small amount of Free Roam events.
    ~~ If Sajitta trusts you the most by this point Start ~~
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah, that was delicious. I didn't know there was a hot dog stand 
    in a place like this.
    {Sajitta}: See didn't I tell you? They're so superb, that on days when I win a 
    trial I just have to get a hot dog from them.
    {Shinjiro}: Wow I see. I expected nothing less from you Sajitta-san....You're 
    quite wise.
    {Sajitta}: Ho ho ho ho! Feel free to praise me more. Just leave everything to
    me when it comes to wall street. All right! If I win the next trial I'll tell
    you about another nice place.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh!? Really? I'm looking forward to it!! Please make sure you win.
    {Sajitta}: Ha ha ha, leave it to me. Ah!? I have to make sure the lawyers fee
    from that last case deposited into the bank. Sorry Shinjiro, but could you wait
    for me for a little bit? I'll be right back.
    {Shinjiro}: .....But still, from banks to courthouses....Wall street sure is
    ~~ If Subaru trusts you the most by this point Start ~~
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah, that was delicious. I didn't know there was a hot dog stand 
    in a place like this.
    {Subaru}: I selected them because their sausages are hand-made and their breads 
    are made of wheat. It's only natural their hot dogs would be delicious. I told 
    you about them because you wanted to know no matter what. It would have been 
    pointless to tell others otherwise.
    {Shinjiro}: Yes, I understand. Just what to expect from Subaru-san.....You're 
    wise about alot of things.
    {Subaru}:ウォール街には、株の取引でよく来るから...Finding that stop was also a 
    stroke of chance. In addition....What's to be praised is the hot dog stand.....
    not Subaru.
    {Shinjiro}: That's not true. If you hadn't told me about it, I would have never
    found it myself.
    {Subaru}: We'll just leave it at that....by the way....I have business to 
    attend to at the bank. Taiga it might be best for you to go on ahead back to 
    the Theater.....It's just a feeling I get.
    {Shinjiro}: Even if I were to go back....it's not like I have anything I have 
    to do so, I guess I'll just wait for Subaru-san.
    ~~ If Ratchet trusts you the most by this point Start ~~
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah, that was delicious. I didn't know there was a hot dog stand 
    in a place like this.
    {Ratchet}: You see? As far as I know the hot dogs there are the most delicious
    in New York.
    	I go there to eat quite often. Though it's a little immodest of me to eat them
    while I walk.
    {Shinjiro}: That's not true at all. But still Ratchet-san, you sure do know
    about a lot of things.
    {Ratchet}: I come by Wall Street on business alot....so I just so happened to
    have found it.
    I just couldn't resist that delicious smell no matter how hard I tried...
    -Giggles-, guess I couldn't help myself huh?
    {Shinjiro}: Ha ha ha same for me. I'd probably eat there every day.
    {Ratchet}: -Giggles- Be sure to invite me when that time comes. Ah oh yes....
    I had an appointment with the Bank president at the bank.
    It's going to take a little time so, you can head on back to the Theater.
    {Shinjiro}: But it's not like I have anything to do there....I guess I'll
    just wait for Ratchet-san.
    ~~ If NOONE trusts you at all by this point Start ~~
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah, that was delicious. I didn't know there was a hot dog stand 
    in a place like this.
    {Kayama}: YES! You see you see!? Living in New York is just so dandy. Wall
    street is right on the mark too.
    	Searching for cheap delicious food is also a pleasure of living in a foreign
    country. Don't you think Shinjiro?
    {Shinjiro}: Hahaha, yeah that's true. I expected nothing less from you
    Kayama-san. That was quite educational.
    {Kayama}: Ahhahahahaha! If there's anything you'd like to know, just ask me,
    Kayama Yuuichi.
    I was instructed from Ohgami to watch over you after all. So you can just call
    me Big brother Shinjiro.
    {Shinjiro}: Ha ha ha, My regards. But rather than Big brother....Perhaps Uncle
    would be better...
    {Kayama}: Hey c'mon now, despite appearances I'm a bachelor. To be called 
    "uncle" would just be....
    	Well...no matter. I'm going to stop by the bank....So could you wait for me?
    We'll talk later.
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmmm....Did I just do something inconsiderate? I didn't think
    that would bother Kayama-san....
    {Shinjiro}: Wha- what the!? Is that coming from the bank!?
    {Woman}: Bank robbers!! Som-....Someone!
    {Tommy}: Move get out the way!
    {Shinjiro}: Kuh.....Another Bank robbery!? Just what's going on with
    this city!?
    {Noko}: Kyu!
    {Shinjiro}: Wha-...What's this!? A weasel!?
    {Girl}: Move!! You're in the way!
    {Shinjiro}: Wha-....What!? This girl....?
    -Movie Scene- -Credit goes to ijuinkun for providing the translation-
    Rika: Rika won't forgive this!
    Shinjiro: Y-you!
    Robber: W-what?! Come any closer and I'll have to hurt you!
    Shinjiro: Look out!
    Shinjiro: A--a gun?! That small child shot down three guys at once!
    Robbers: W-we surrender!
    Rika: The gold gun or the silver gun: which do you want to be shot with? 
    -Movie scene end-
    Episode Three
    - Spritual Rikaritta -
    {Rika}: Hmmm.....
    {Tommy}: W-...We surrender! Help....Someone help!!
    {Rika}: I'll just shoot!
    {Shinjiro}: Wha-....What!?
    == LIPS 3.1 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - Stop the young girl! -- (Girl -/Subaru +)
    -- Option 2 - Call()for help! -- (Gemini +/Sajitta +/Subaru -/Ratchet +/Plum +/
    Anri -)
    -- Option 3 - Defend the Robbers! -- (Subaru +/Anri +)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - Stop the young girl! -- (Girl -)
    {Shinjiro}:Stop! They've already surrendered!
    {Rika}: Hm? Who're you? Are you getting in Rika's way?
    {Shinjiro}: No I'm not it's just....since they surrendered, you don't have to 
    fire at them anymore do you!?
    {Tommy}: Now's our chance!! Japanese, put your hands in the air!!
    {Shinjiro}: What!? There Robbers....they're still carrying guns!?
    {Tommy}: Gyah!!
    {Rika}: Fire before you're fired at! This is Rika's code!!
    {Shinjiro}: Ama- amazing....What a girl.....
    {Tommy}: We....We surrender. Please don't shoot any more.....
    {Shinjiro}: Whew....It's finally over. That scared me....
    {Rika}: Reward! I saved you so gimme a reward!!
    {Shinjiro}: Eh!? Ah, ahh...let's see. What would be okay with you?
    {Rika}: Rika's hungry. I'll eat some food.
    {Shinjiro}: Sure that's fine. I owe you for saving me so, I'll treat you to 
    whatever you like.
    {Rika}: Yaaay!! Food! Food!! tasty food!! Food's terrific!! And tasty!! 
    Spin spin spin! 
    ~ Sajitta ~
    {Sajitta}: Are you okay Shinjiro!? Are you hurt!?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah, Sajitta-san. I'm okay. I was saved by this child.
    {Rika}: I saved him.
    {Sajitta}: Ah! This kid....I'm sure she's the one Sunnyside was searching....
    are you Rika?
    ~ Subaru ~
    {Subaru}: Taiga, I saw you. That was precise judgement you've displayed. But...
    You let your guard down in the end.
    {Shinjiro}: Subaru-san....If you were watching you should have just 
    saved me....
    {Rika}: I saved him.
    {Subaru}: You're....Rika correct? My superior's searching for you.
    -- Option 2 - Call()for help! -- (Gemini +/Sajitta +/Subaru -/Ratchet +/Plum +/
    Anri -)
    ~ Ratchet ~
    {Shinjiro}: Wha-....What am I going to do!? Ratchet-s~~an!! Please do
    {Tommy}: What's this Japanese's deal!? To hell with it!! Let's take him hostage
    and get out of here!!
    {Ratchet}: What's the matter Taiga-kun!? Eh...!? Tha-that child is!? 
    {Shinjiro}: Ratchet-san what are you looking at!? Help me please!
    {Ratchet}: You've nothing to worry about. Just stand still just like that.
    Don't make not one move.
    {Tommy}: If you don't want me to kill this guy then clear a path for us to...
    {Tommy}: Gyaah!!
    {Rika}: All bad guys will be shot! This is Rika's code!!
    {Tommy}: We....We surrender. Please don't shoot any more.....
    {Shinjiro}: Ratchet-san...You didn't come save me....Do you hate me?
    {Ratchet}: N-No that's not it!! You see....that girl was there so I figured
    there was nothing to worry about....
    {Shinjiro}: -Sniff-
    {Ratchet}: I'll save you next time....okay? Cheer up now. Smile smile.
    ~ Sajitta ~
    {Shinjiro}: Wha-....What am I going to do!? Sajitta-s~~an!! Please do
    {Tommy}: What's this Japanese's deal!? To hell with it!! Let's take him hostage
    and get out of here!!
    {Sajitta}: This is the Robbery from a bit ago!?  And just why are you being
    held as a hostage!?
    {Shinjiro}: I was caught....Please help me....
    {Tommy}: Uggh! Just shut up!! If you don't want me to kill tihs guy then clear
    a path for us to...
    {Sajitta}: You people....If you were to hurt that boy even in the slightest, I
    won't be letting you off the hook easily!!
    {Tommy}: Gyaah! Yo-You tramp!!
    {Sajitta}: Cut this out!! If you go any further....I'll have you taste the
    verdict of the law!!
    {Rika}: That's right!! All bad guys will be shot! This is Rika's code!!
    {Tommy}: We....We surrender. Please don't shoot any more.....
    {Shinjiro}: Whew....That's finally been settled. Thank you very much....
    Sajitta-san, I'm saved thanks to you.
    {Sajitta}: Really now you're hopeless when I'm not around. Honestly....What am
    I going to do with you.
    ~ Kayama ~
    {Shinjiro}: Uwwwwaaaaah! Kayama-sa~~n!! Help me!
    {Kayama}: Heh....Here I am! The heavens call for me, The earth call for me,
    and Shinjiro calls me. When there is evil to be vaniquished, I am called!!
    	New York's number one Dandy man!! It is I, Kayama Yuuichi! You robbers over
    there! Come quietly!!
    {Tommy}: Shut up! If you don't shut your yap, I'll fire!!
    {Kayama}: Uwaah!? He's shooting! Shi-....Shinjiro Help me!!
    {Shinjiro}: Uwwwaaah! Someone help me too!!
    {Tommy}: If you don't want me to kill this guy then clear a path for us to...
    {Tommy}: Gyaah!!
    {Rika}: All bad guys will be shot! This is Rika's code!!
    {Tommy}: We....We surrender. Please don't shoot any more.....
    {Shinjro}:I-....I'm saved....
    {Rika}: Reward! I saved you so gimme a reward!!
    {Shinjiro}: Eh!? Ah, ahh...let's see. What would be okay with you?
    {Rika}: Rika's hungry. I'll eat some food.
    {Shinjiro}: Sure that's fine. I owe you for saving me so, I'll treat you to 
    whatever you like.
    {Rika}: Yaaay!! Food! Food!! tasty food!! Food's terrific!! And tasty!! 
    Spin spin spin! 
    ~ Ratchet ~
    {Ratchet}: You're....Rika right? Thank you, you've really helped out. We've
    been looking for you.
    ~ Sajitta ~
    {Sajitta}: Ah! This kid....I'm sure she's the one Sunnyside was searching....
    are you Rika?
    ~ Kayama ~
    {Kayama}: Oh! This child....I'm sure this is one who Commander Sunny-Side was
    looking for....Are you Rika?
    -- Option 3 - Defend the Robbers! -- (Subaru +/Anri +)
    {Shinjiro}: Stop! They've already surrendered! Give them a break!
    {Tommy}: Now's our chance! We'll take this guy hostage and get away!!
    {Shinjiro}: Wha-....What!? Didn't you surrender!?
    {Tommy}: Gyaah!!
    {Rika}: I won't let you take a hostage. All bad guys will be shot! This is 
    Rika's code!!
    {Shinjiro}: Whew....I'm saved.....
    {Tommy}: We....We surrender. Please don't shoot any more.....
    {Shinjiro}: Whew....It's finally over. That scared me....
    {Rika}: Reward! I saved you so gimme a reward!!
    {Shinjiro}: Eh!? Ah, ahh...let's see. What would be okay with you?
    {Rika}: Rika's hungry. I'll eat some food.
    {Shinjiro}: Sure that's fine. I owe you for saving me so, I'll treat you to 
    whatever you like.
    {Rika}: Yaaay!! Food! Food!! tasty food!! Food's terrific!! And tasty!! 
    Spin spin spin! 
    ~ Sajitta ~
    {Sajitta}: Are you okay Shinjiro!? Are you hurt!?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah, Sajitta-san. I'm okay. I was saved by this child.
    {Rika}: I saved him.
    {Sajitta}: Ah! This kid....I'm sure she's the one Sunnyside was searching....
    are you Rika?
    ~ Subaru ~
    {Subaru}: Taiga, I saw you. That was precise judgement you've displayed. But...
    You let your guard down in the end.
    {Shinjiro}: Subaru-san....If you were watching you should have just 
    saved me....
    {Rika}: I saved him.
    {Subaru}: You're....Rika correct? My superior's searching for you.
    ~ Ratchet ~
    {Ratchet}: Taiga-kun!? Are you alright!? Are you hurt!?
    {Shinjiro}:Ah, Ratchet-san. I'm okay. I was saved by this child.
    {Rika}: I saved him.
    {Ratchet}: You're....Rika right? Thank you, you've really helped out. We've
    been looking for you.
    ~ Kayama ~
    {Kayama}: Are you okay Shinjiro!? Do you have any injurys!?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah, Kayama-san. I'm okay. I was saved by this child.
    {Rika}: I saved him.
    {Kayama}: Oh! This child....I'm sure this is one who Commander Sunny-Side was
    looking for....Are you Rika?
    == LIPS 3.1 End ==
    ~~ If Sajitta trusts you the most by this point End ~~
    ~~ If Subaru trusts you the most by this point End ~~
    ~~ If Ratchet trusts you the most by this point End ~~
    ~~ If NOONE trusts you at all by this point End ~~
    {Rika}:Rikaritta Aries!  Everyone can just call Rika Rika!! This one here is 
    Noko! Rika's partner!!
    {Sunnyside}: And so, This is Rikaritta Aries who will be everyone's comrade 
    starting today.
    {Rika}: Rikaritta Aries! Rika will do fine. Nice to meet ya, nice to meet ya, 
    nice to meet ya!!
    {Noko}: Kyu kyu kyu!
    {Rika}: This is Noko. Rika's partner. Be nice to him!!
    {Shinjiro}: My regards here as well.
    {Ratchet}: Despite appearances Rika is a renown Pot Hunter...In other words
    a Bounty Hunter.
    {Shinjiro}: Bounty Hunter!? Yo-.....You mean this little girl!?
    == LIPS 3.2 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Stop this dangerous line of work!" -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "She does have some amazing skills with her guns." -- (Rika +)
    -- Option 3 - ".....Is that some kind of joke?" -- (Rika -)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "She does have some amazing skills with her guns." -- (Rika +)
    {Shinjiro}: She does have some amazing skills with her guns. She even took down
    each of the bank robbers with a single shot...
    ~ If Sajitta trusts you the most and she was with you at the beginning Start ~
    {Sajitta}: Yeah it was like one shot on the mark. You wouldn't be able to pull
    off a stunt like that easily.
    {Rika}: Is Rika being praised?
    {Ratchet}: That's right Rika. They're praising you by saying that you're very 
    {Rika}: Really!? Ish shi shi shi! Just leave everything to Rika!!
    == LIPS 3.2 End ==
    {Sunnyside}: Okay....we'll proceed with our introductions. I am Sunnyside. 
    The highest authority here. 
    	So....please do get along with Ratchet, Sajitta, Subaru and Shinjiro.
    {Rika}:Hmm....SunnySide, then Ratchet, then Sajitta, and then Subaru. And
    	Rika gets it.  So Shinjiro's the weakest right? He'll be Rika's 
    {Shinjiro}: Muuh...
    {Rika}: So....Where's the food? Rika came here to eat food as a reward.
    {Ratchet}: Could you wait for a bit longer? We'll be going through 
    the new recruit procedures soon.
    {Rika}: Rika...won't be able to eat her food?
    {Ratchet}: Wait a bit longer okay? Can you be patient?
    {Rika}: No I can't. Noko...come over here.
    {Noko}: Kyuu...
    {Rika}: You know what this means don't you, Noko? You're going to 
    become Rika's food.
    {Noko}: Kyu Kyu!!
    {Shinjiro}: Wha-...Her food!?
    == LIPS 3.3 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Ratchet-san, get her food ready!!" -- (Rika +, Ratchet +)
    -- Option 2 - "Stop that Rika!" -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - ".....Can I taste him?" -- (Ratchet -)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - "Ratchet-san, get her food ready!!" -- (Rika +, Ratchet +)
    {Shinjiro}: Ratchet-san, get her food ready!! Hur-...hurry!
    {Ratchet}: Okay!! Rika we'll have your lunch ready right away, so don't go 
    eating that animal!!
    {Rika}: Hmmm...Do you have cake?
    {Ratchet}: We do! Yes we have cake!! We'll prepare anything you'd like to 
    eat Rika!
    {Rika}: Uwwwhooo!! In that case, Noko doesn't get eaten. Rika will be patient!!
    {Shinjiro}: Whew....that was sudden....
    {Rika}: Your life was spared Noko. Say your thanks.
    {Noko}: kyuu....
    {Rika}: Ishi shi shi.....Noko is my emergency food supply. If there's an 
    emergency next time I'll be having him to eat.
    == LIPS 3.3 End ==
    {Sajitta}: Emergency food supply....? Like food to eat as backup?
    {Subaru}: I see....It lacks common sense, but it's very logical.
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san, Subaru-san don't agree with that!! Rika you shouldn't
    be trying to eat him!
    {Rika}: Emergency!! Emergency!! Noko is Rika's emergency food supply!
    {Noko}: Ukyuu....
    {Shinjiro}: Rika....did you really understand what I just said?
    {Ratchet}: Fo-....for the time being, let's prepare your meal.  We'll talk 
    after that....okay?
    {Sunnyside}: Yes that sounds like a good idea. Children are at their best when
    they're full of energy. .....Probably.
    {Ratchet}: Okay.....now then Rika? Could you head outside? We'll get your food
    for you.
    {Rika}: Yaaay! Food food!! Spin spin spin!!
    {Shinjiro}: Wow...I don't know what to say anymore...
    {Ratchet}:  Well....she's quite reassuring don't you think? Rika is one of the
    leading professional marksman in New York after all.
    {Shinjiro}: Well that's true but....Whew...it feels like this might turn into 
    something big....
    {Rika}: Uwhyaa!! Food, Food!! C'mon you have some too Noko! There's plently
    {Noko}:Kyu kyuu!!
    {Shinjiro}:Co-....could one person really eat all of this?
    {Rika}: Yup! Eat when you can eat. This is Rika's code!!
    {Sajitta}: Hmmm....I don't know whether to say that's amazing.....or
    {Subaru}: Indeed.....where would all of that go in her body? Could her stomach
    shape be different?
    {Gemini}: Okay!  Here's your steak! I'll cook as much as you want!! You guys
    eat too Shinjiro.
    {Shinjiro}: Uwwah! It all smells really delicious. Okay then....
    {Rika}: This is Rika's food.  Take it and be shot!!
    {Shinjiro}: Wha-....
    == LIPS 3.4 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "You're already firing!!" -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "Could I at least....have one bite?" -- (No effect) -Leads to
    a second set of LIPS-
    -- Option 3 - "So-Sorry....." -- (No effect) -Leads to
    a second set of LIPS-
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "Could I at least....have one bite?" -- (No effect) -Leads to
    a second set of LIPS-
    {Shinjiro}: Could I at least....have one bite? Please Rika?
    {Rika}: Hmm...Oh fine. Just one bite. Ok say "Ahhhh".
    {Shinjiro}: .......
    == Analog Lips Begin ==
    100% - (Rika -)
    75% - (Rika + Ratchet+ ) 
    50% - (Rika + Subaru +)
    25% - (No effect)
    0%  - (Sajitta - Subaru - Ratchet +)
    Time Over - (No effect)
    50% - (Rika + Subaru +)
    {Shinjiro}: Ahhhh! -Munch munch-
    {Rika}: Hm....Is it that good? C'mon eat some more. It's good.
    {Shinjiro}: Are you sure? Alright then, I'm digging in!
    {Rika}: Ishi shi shi shi.....Eat up Shinjiro. The veggies are good too.
    {Subaru}: I see....The wave length between Rika and Taiga match. Very
    0%  - (Sajitta - Subaru - Ratchet +)
    {Shinjiro}: Alright, Just one bite....Ahh.
    {Rika}: What's the matter, Shinjiro? That's all you're going to eat? Do you
    hate steaks?
    	You can't be picky about food. C'mon eat some more. Rika will feed you.
    {Shinjiro}:Mugghmph.....I-I can't...Fit anymore...H-...Help me...
    {Subaru}: .....I'm speechless. Are those two supposed to be children?
    {Sajitta}: Yeah, they are children. It's all because he was reserved to someone
    like Rika. That's what he gets.
    {Rachet}: Good good. I'm glad they get along. I should be able to relax now.
    {Rika}: C'mon Shinjiro. Don't just eat the meat, eat some Veggies too. It's
    {Shinjiro}:Melp mii~....
    == Analog Lips End ==
    == LIPS 3.4 End ==
    {Sunnyside}: You all seem to be enjoying yourselves. Rika was the food tasty?
    {Rika}: Yeah! I've never had food as tasty as this!!
    {Sunnyside}: Then how about you come by every day to eat?
    {Rika}: Rika can come to eat!? Really Sunny side!?
    {Sunnyside}: In exchange...Could you participate in our musicals?
    {Rika}: Sure!! Rika's strong points are performances!!  I could do anything!
    {Ratchet}: Well then....Could you come on stage by noon today? 
    幕あいにある、子ザルのダンスなんかいいわね。It's a show that uses guns.
    {Rika}: Yaay!! Rika will do her best!! Rika's really good with guns!
    {Sajitta}: Good luck Rika. Even if you were to make a mistake we'll cover for
    {Rika}: Rika...won't make a mistake. Mistakes are bad....
    {Shinjiro}: Rika...?
    {Rika}: Hm...Ah ha ha ha ha! Rika's full!! Rika will prepare for the show!
    {Ratchet}: Eh...is that right? Well...could you come this way? We'll prepare
    your outfit.
    {Anri}: Rika-chan this way. I'll fix up a Monkey girl outfit for you.
    {Rika}: Okay! Well Rika's off Shinjiro.
    {Sajitta}: Hey Shinjiro....Did Rika seem weird just a minute ago?
    {Shinjiro}: Huh...you think? I didn't really notice anything...
    {Ratchet}: Okay now...Everyone get yourselves ready. It's almost time to open
    {Sajitta}: Hmmm....Maybe I was thinking too much? Ah well. Well then...Let's
    go Subaru.
    {Ratchet}: Hey Taiga-kun. I leave Rika in your hands. I'm concerned about
    Sajitta's words as well.
    {Shinjiro}: Yes I understand. I'll make sure to keep an eye on her.
    {Shinjiro}: ........It's almost about time for Rika's turn. I want to go take a
    small look but,  I have work to do in the hall....
    {Plum}: You're concerned about Rika aren't you Taiga?
    {Shinjiro}: Yes....It's her debut and all.... I kind of want to see how it's
    {Anri}: When I was preparing her outfit she was going "can't make a mistake"
    ...it got me curious.
    {Shinjiro}: I see.....I wonder if somethings the matter.
    {Plum}: How about you go....check out Rika on stage? Anri and I will take
    care of the Hall.
    {Shinjiro}: Thank you very much. Okay...I'll be right back.
    {Shinjiro}: Haah Haah.....Rika....Is she doing alright?
    {Rika}: The gold gun or the silver gun....which do you want to see be shot!?
    Either way, Rika will always hit the bull's-eye!! Here we go!
    {Shinjiro}: Well....Here I am all worried and here she is doing just fine.
    {Rika}: Rika is the sheriff of the jungle! Bad animals....will just be shot!!
    {Shinjiro}: Just what to be expected from Rika....Her marksmenship would give
    even an adult a run for their money.
    {Rika}: Everyone's delighted! Rika will....show you some more! I'll keep
    bringing on the shooting!!
    {Shinjiro}: Huh...Rika's turn should have already been over by now...
    {Ratchet}: Yes...it should be. Sajitta and the other's been waiting for 30
    minutes. ....Look, over there backstage.
    {Shinjiro}: Wah!? They....they look really angry!!
    {Ratchet}: Once Rika did her tricks the customers started applauding....So
    she would keep doing her tricks. 
    	It's been the same thing over and over for quite a while now...
    Taiga-kun....do something.
    {Shinjiro}: Ev-....Even if you were to tell me that....
    == LIPS 3.5 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - Go and stop Rika -- (Sajitta -- Subaru -- Ratchet --)
    -- Option 2 - Ask Sajitta-san -- (Sajitta - Subaru - Ratchet +)
    -- Option 3 - Shut off the electricity -- (Sajitta + Subaru + Ratchet +)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - Shut off the electricity -- (Sajitta + Subaru + Ratchet +)
    {Shinjiro}: Let's cut the electricity. Then I'll take Rika to the back of the
    {Ratchet}: I wonder if that'll work....If we just shut off the power it
    could turn into a panic...
    {Shinjiro}: But...I can't think of any other way so...Could we at least give
    it a try for the time being?
    {Ratchet}: You're right....Well....here we go. One....two....Three!!
    {Rika}:Wha-...What's this!? It turned dark!! ....Bugyah!!
    {Ratchet}: Taiga-kun, now's your chance! Bring Rika over here!
    {Shinjiro}: Here she is!! It should all right now!
    {Rika}: Kyuu....my head hurts...
    {Ratchet}: Nicely done. Somehow we managed to get through that. 
    {Shinjiro}: It looks like she hit her head when she fell once the lights went
    off on her. She's passed out.
    {Ratchet}: Let's have a look...her injury is minor....Well she should be fine.
    	Ah....hold on. I'm sure that's a transmission from Subaru and the 
    	Yes....That was Taiga-kun's decision. Continue on with the musicial.
    You guys should be able to do that. Also...About Rika, We'll have a talk with
    her later.
    	Sajitta and Subaru are doing well. Also...those two have given you
    praise for your actions.
    {Shinjiro}: Whew....what a relief. And here Rika's so cute when she's
    quiet like this 
    {Rika}: Kyuu....
    == LIPS 3.5 End ==
    == Eyecatch 3.1 ==
    {Sajitta}: What were you doing!? The stage doesn't center around just you you
    {Rika}: The customers were happy. They gave tons of applause.
    {Subaru}: However...we were only able to perform but a half of the musical we
    had scheduled.
    {Ratchet}: Rika do you understand? You were a bother to everyone.
    {Rika}: A bother? But...everyone was happy. Rika did her best!!
    {Sajitta}: But when it comes to the musical you made a mistake.
    {Rika}: Mistake.....? Did Rika make a mistake?
    {Ratchet}: .....
    {Rika}: Shinjiro.....
    {Shinjiro}: Rika....
    == LIPS 3.6 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "It was a nice performance." -- (Sajitta - Rika +)
    -- Option 2 - "Don't worry about a little mistake." -- (Rika -)
    -- Option 3 - "Say you're sorry to everyone" -- (Sajitta & Rika Co-op +++)
    -- Time Over -- (Rika -)
    -- Option 3 - "Say you're sorry to everyone" -- (Sajitta & Rika Co-op +++)
    {Shinjiro}: Say you're sorry to everyone. That way they'll forgive you.
    {Rika}: .......Sorry.
    {Sajitta}: Hmmm.....Well I guess it's okay. Be careful from now on.
    {Rika}: .....Sorry. Rika won't make mistakes anymore. So....Rika's sorry....
    {Shinjiro}: Rika.....it's okay now. Sajitta-san forgives you.
    {Rika}: .....Rika's sorry.
    {Shinjiro}: Rika....
    == LIPS 3.6 End ==
    {Ratchet}: Okay, Let's wrap that up. Rika since that was your first performance
    you must be exhausted. Since we don't have any night performances, everyone
    can just take a load off.
    {Subaru}: ....Acknowledged. Then we'll be excusing ourselves. Let's go Sajitta. 
    {Ratchet}: Now then, Rika you should change out of those clothes. I'll assist
    {Rika}: Sure...okay.
    {Ratchet}: Taiga-kun I have something to talk to you about, could you wait
    outside for me?
    {Shinjiro}: .....Okay, I understand.
    {Shinjiro}: Whew.....Things sure have been becoming difficult.....Rika....when
    she heard she made a mistake she started to get depressed, I wonder what was
    {Gemini}: What's wrong with you Shinjiro? Is there something you're worried
    {Shinjiro}: Well....yeah you could say I'm worried about something. Hey,
    == LIPS 3.7 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Do you think making mistakes is wrong?" -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "Rika's gotten depressed..." -- (Gemini +)
    -- Option 3 - "Why are you so spirited?" -- (Gemini -)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "Rika's gotten depressed..." -- (Gemini +)
    {Shinjiro}:  Rika's gotten depressed....After she was told that she made a
    mistake on stage...
    {Gemini}: Hmmm...You've been somewhat becoming more like a captain. You're
    starting to sound a little reliable.
    {Shinjiro}: C-Come on Gemini! I'm trying to have an honest discussion here.
    {Gemini}: Sorry Sorry....I understand. You're worried about Rika right?
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah....I got the feeling that Rika would always have a smile on
    her face, but for her to get so down like that all of a sudden...
    {Gemini}:Yeah...If a girl like that were to be troubled, you would worry about
    	In that case....You should try to cheer her up Shinjiro. I'm sure if
    it's you you'll be able to understand Rika.
    {Shinjiro}: You think so....
    {Gemini}: I guarantee it. I mean you're always trying your hardest Shinjiro. 
    So you'll be fine. I'm sure Rika would understand.
    {Shinjiro}: Ok I got it. I'll give it a try. Thanks Gemini.
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    {Shinjiro}: .........
    {Gemini}: What's wrong! If you're going to say something half way, you should
    finish it through the end!!
    {Shinjiro}: But....
    {Gemini}:Ah....Could it be....about me? Tha-....That's no good.
    	It's not like I hate you or anything Shinjiro.....But....It's only been....
    Just a little while since we've met.....
    	But....If that's how you really feel....Then I wouldn't....Kyaaah!! Just
    kidding just kidding!!
    {Shinjiro}: Uh, umm....It was about Rika....She's been feeling down.
    {Gemini}: Eh!? About Rika!? Kyaah!! Did I go and do it again!?
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah....
    {Gemini}: Ah....This is Rika we're talking about. If she were to feel down....
    you would worry about her. Eh he he he.....
    Ah I got it! How about you try cheering her up.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....?
    {Gemini}: I'm sure  I'm sure if it's you you'll be able to understand Rika.
    {Shinjiro}: You think so....
    {Gemini}: I guarantee it. I mean you're always trying your hardest Shinjiro. 
    So you'll be fine. I'm sure Rika would understand.
    {Shinjiro}: Ok I got it. I'll give it a try. Thanks Gemini.
    == LIPS 3.7 end ==
    {Gemini}: Now, I have some cleaning to do, so I'm off. Don't go fretting 
    {Shinjiro}: Alright....if you try you shall succeed! I'll Boost Rika's Spirits!
    {Ratchet}: Taiga-kun, thank you for waiting. Rika's done changing so shall we
    {Shinjiro}:Eh? Go where?
    {Ratchet}: Sunnyside's place. He had something to talk to Rika about.
    {Rika}: .......
    {Ratchet}: Now then, Rika, Taiga-kun, let us be off.
    {Sunnyside}: Hey it's good of you to come. I've been waiting for you.
    {Rika}: Is Sunnyside mad at Rika too?
    {Sunnyside}: I've no reason to be upset. I just thought I'd give you a
    {Rika}: Kyameratron.....? What's that?
    {Sunnyside}: It's this. It's a communicator....But it can also take
    {Rika}: Photographs.....? A communicator....?
    {Sunnyside}: Here it's like this. If you press the shutter button like so....
    {Sunnyside}: It'll take your picture. Isn't that interesting?
    {Rika}: Uwayhaah!! What is this, this is cool!! Rika will take pictures too!!
    Rika will use this Cameratron!! This is Sunnyside......Ratchet.....and
    Shinjiro's picture!!
    	So these are photographs!? Ahahahahahahahaha!! This is so neat!! Rika 
    will take everyone's picture! Rika's heading out for a bit!!
    {Ratchet}: Just a minute Rika!! Go with Taiga-kun!
    {Rika}: Okay! Rika's going first Shinjiro!! So hurry and c'mon!!
    {Shinjiro}: Ah ha ha....She's sure a piece of work, that Rika.
    {Ratchet}: She's also gotten alot better. Thank you Sunny.
    {Sunnyside}: It's okay. Although the rest now is up to Taiga-kun.
    {Ratchet}: You're right. Taiga-kun, make sure you escort Rika home.
    We're counting on you.
    {Shinjiro}: Yes I understand. I'm heading out for a bit!!
    ** Free Movement 3.1 Start ** (16:00 to 16:55)
    ~~ Locations covered in free movement 3.1 ~~  
                - Theater (シアタ) -
     - Open air bath (露天風呂)
     - Gift shop (売店)
     - Drink Bar (ドリングバー)
     - Outdoor Salon (屋外サロン)
    	  - Village (ビレッジ)  Section -
     - Gemini's Apartment (ジェミニのアパート)
     - Taiga's Apartment (大河のアパート)
     	   - Midtown (ミッドタウン) Section -
     - Central Park (セントラルパーク)	
     - 5th avenue street (五番街)
     - Subaru's room (昴の部屋)
    	   - Bay Area(ベイエリア)Section -
     - Seaside Park (臨海公園)
    	   - Harlem((ハーレム)Section -
     - Alley (路地裏)
     - Sajitta's office (サジータの事務所)
    			~~ Photo Application ~~
    		     - Kujou Subaru/Jazz Bar  -
    - Theater (シアタ) -
    ~~ Open air bath (露天風呂) ~~ Time Limit: 16:00 - 16:15 (Before you put up
    {Shinjiro}: Huh, there are clothes in the basket. I wonder Whose they are?
    {Anri}: .....You're so lucky. Plum how come your's are so big?
    {Plum}: -Giggles-....Because my breasts are filled with love and valor.
    {Anri}: Re-...Really!? Then do I not have enough love and valor?
    {Plum}: That's not true at all. You see, you have tons of it around here.
    {Anri}: Noooo! Don't go touching me there--!!
    {Shinjiro}:Wha-...What's Happening!? Here I should....
    == LIPS  Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - Go outside -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - My body's headed for the shower room of its own accord...... -- (
    Leads to next set of LIPS)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - My body's headed for the shower room on it's own...... -- (
    Leads to next set of LIPS)
    {Shinjiro}: Wah wah!? Wha-what's going on!? My body's headed for the shower
    room on it's own...
    {Anri}: Aaaan! You're so mean Plum!!
    {Plum}: Ah it feels so nice. I can make a habit of this....
    {Shinjiro}: Her belly?
    {Anri}: Ta-Taiga-san!? What are you doing over there!?
    {Shinjiro}: (Damnit she saw me!!)
    {Plum}: -Giggles- Do you want to check for her love and valor too Taiga? 
    It's all nice and squishy.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh...
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "That's not proper at all!!" -- (Anri ++ Plum - then Anri --)
    -- Option 2 - "That's okay...I'll be leaving now." -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "Well then if you don't mind...." -- (Anri --)
    -- Time Over -- (Plum + Anri -)
    -- Option 2 - "That's okay...I'll be leaving now." -- (No effect)
    {Shinjiro}: No tha-that's okay....it looks like I'm interuptting so I'll be
    leaving now....
    {Plum}: Oh...That's so boring. Right Anri?
    {Anri}: Honestly! Of course it's not boring!! Hurry up and get out of here!!
    {Shinjiro}: O-Okay! Excuse me!!
    {Shinjiro}: Anri-kun was pretty mad...It might be a good idea if I apologize to
    her later.....
    	Anyway	right now I have to go get Rika....
    == LIPS End ==
    ~~ Meet up With Rika at the Elevator ~~
    {Rika}:Oh! You're finally here!!
    {Shinjiro}: Sorry Sorry. Okay then...Shall we go?
    {Rika}: Okay!!
    ~~ Gift shop (売店) ~~ Time limit: 16:00 - 16:55
    {Anri}: Ah....It's Taiga-san. What business do you have here?
    {Shinjiro}: I'm showing Rika around. I thought there might be something
    interesting here to show her.
    {Rika}: Oh!! Is that Rika!? Is that Rika's picture!?
    {Anri}: Yes it's a Bromide. You know....the picture we took before you got on
    {Rika}: So it's that one!?  Wow! This is cool!! So this is a Bromide!
    {Anri}: I'll give you one.  Here it's a present.
    {Rika}: Yay!! Thank you Anri!
    {Anri}: You're very welcome. Though I won't be giving one to Taiga-san.
    {Shinjiro}: Tah ha ha ha ha....
    {Anri}: So...What do you need? Are you shopping?
    ~~ If you peeped on her and Plum ~~
    {Anri}: Ah....The peeping tom's come.
    {Shinjiro}: Pe-Peeping tom....That's a little....
    {Anri}: You better be careful too Rika-chan, or this peeping tom will go
    peeping on you in the bath.
    {Rika}: Huh....?
    {Shinjiro}: I really didn't mean to do that. Which is why I'm here apologizing
    like this too....
    {Anri}: ......I'll let it go just this one time.....But I will never ever
    forget what you did!!
    {Shinjiro}: Yes....I'm sorry....
    == Gift Shop Menu Start ==
    -- Option 1 - Purchase a Bromide--
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri. --
    -- Option 3 - Leave the Gift shop. --
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri. -- (If you select this option first before the
    first one.)
    {Shinjiro}: Say Anri-kun....Could I have Rika's Bromide too?
    {Anri}: And just why should I give one to you? You can just buy one yourself
    {Rika}: That's right that's right! You're Rika's Henchman so buy Rika's
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....? Well, but I....Okay....I understand.
    -- Option 1 - Purchase a Bromide--
    {Shinjiro}: Ummm....I suppose I'd like to have a Bromide.
    {Anri}: You want one don't you? Well then, this is especially for you. Okay...
    Choose one among these. 
    	Of the bromide's of everyone in the Star divison's.
    -- Look at Rika's bromide --
    {Anri}: That is.....Rika's bromide. Will you buy it?
    == Bromide selection Start ==
    -- Buy Rika's bromide --
    {Anri}: You'd like Rika's bromide correct? Rika's so energetic and cute that
    she's gotten quite popular with the older women of New York. 
    	Now then that'll be 50 cents. Take good care of that bromide.
    == Bromide selection End ==
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri. -- (If you select this option directly after
    buying Rika's bromide.) Rika + Anri +
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmm....So this is Rika's bromide. She looks pretty cute.
    {Rika}: Rika's cute!? I shi shi shi!!
    {Shinjiro}: You made her that costume too didn't you Anri-kun? It's pretty
    well crafted.
    {Anri}:Ye-yeah....well something of this scale was no problem....Bu-but saying
    stuff like that....isn't going to get you anything!
    	Kn-knowing you Taiga-san....You'd say things like that to anyone
    wouldn't you!?
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....It's not like that at all. Geez, Anri-kun you always say
    things like that on the spot.
    {Anri}: .......
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri -- #2
    {Shinjiro}: By the way Anri-kun.....
    {Rika}: Hey hey!! Let's have our pictures taken Anri!
    {Anri}: Eh!? Picture? I don't mind....
    {Rika}: Yaaay! Shinjiro take it!!
    == Camera Shot Begins ==
    - Picture blurry - (Rika - Anri -)
    - Both Rika and Anri - (Rika + Anri +)
    - Rika only - (Anri --)
    - Anri only -(Anri ++)
    - Anri only -(Anri ++)
    {Shinjiro}: What do you think? I hope you find it to your liking....
    {Rika}: Rika's not here!! Only Anri is!!
    {Anri}: Hmm...Ah you're right...But how come....?
    {Shinjiro}: How come you ask....well...It's because I wanted to take a picture
    of you Anri.....
    	Look....Don't you think that it....looks kind of like a bromide?
    {Anri}:Ye-yes....I think you took it nicely....but...I was with Rika-chan too
    {Rika}: Anri, what's the matter? Your face is all red.
    {Anri}: No-....it's nothing!! Here you go Rika-chan. The picture....I'll give
    it to you!!
    {Shinjiro}: Ah...
    {Anri}: I won't give it....to Taiga-san. You can just....take another picture.
    {Shinjiro}: Anri-kun....
    == Camera Shot End ==
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri -- #3(and all consecutive times) 
    {Shinjiro}: Say Anri-kun....
    {Anri}:....Shouldn't you be going off with Rika-chan somewhere?
    {Shinjiro}: Geez, Anri-kun you can be so....
    -- Option 3 - Leave the Gift shop. --
    {Shinjiro}: Well then....I'm going to get going. Later Anri-kun.
    {Anri}: Do try to have your fun with Rika-chan. Bye bye 
    {Shinjiro}: Ugh...Anri-kun, you really are harsh....Well I'll be going.
    == Gift Shop Menu End ==
    ~~ Drink Bar (ドリングバー) ~~ Time limit: 16:00 - 16:55
    {Rika}: It smells nice here! Rika's here to visit!!
    {Plum}: -Giggles- Okay. Big sister here will pl-a-y wi-th you! What do you
    need, Taiga?
    {Shinjiro}: Umm....
    ~~ If you peeped on her and Anri ~~
    {Plum}: My my it's the appearance of the naughty boy.
    {Shinjiro}: Uh, um....I'm sorry about before. I couldn't well, help....
    {Plum}: Well it's okay. If it was you seeing me....you know?
    {Shinjiro}: Eh...?
    {Rika}: Hey hey...What are you talking about?
    {Plum}: You see....Taiga here he....
    {Shinjiro}: It-...It was nothing!! Right Plum-san!?
    {Plum}: -Giggles-....Oh Taiga, you're just too cute. So what can I do for you?
    == Drink Bar Menu Start ==
    -- Option 1 - Ask about the photo theme. -- (If you have yet to take a photo.)
    -- Option 1 - Submit the photo --(If you have a photo to present already)
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Plum. --
    -- Option 3 - Leave the Drinkbar. --
    -- Option 1 - Ask about the photo theme. -- (If you have yet to take a photo.)
    {Shinjiro}: Exactly what was the Photo Theme for this Month?
    {Plum}: The theme for this month is scenary that best suits Subaru. 
    	Let's see....I think a photograph of a location that has an Adult atmosphere
    would be a good idea.
    {Shinjiro}: I see. Well then, I'll give it a shot.
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Plum. --
    {Shinjiro}: Hey Plum-san....
    {Rika}: Hey hey!! Rika will take a picture with you! What do you think!?
    {Plum}: Oh? A picture of me...? Can you make it pretty?
    {Rika}: Yup yup!! Rika's pictures are pretty good!
    {Plum}: In that case....Shall I ask this of you?
    {Rika}: All right!! Shinjiro I'm leaving this to you! Take a picture of Plum
    and Rika!
    == Camera Shot Begins ==
    - Picture blurry - (Rika -)
    - Both Rika and Plum - (Plum + Rika +)
    - Of Plum's breasts - (Rika + Plum ++)......!!!!?
    - Plum only - (Plum + Rika -)
    - Rika only -(Rika - Plum -)
    - Of Plum's breasts - (Rika + Plum ++)......!!!!?
    {Shinjiro}: .........
    {Plum}: ....What's wrong? Let me see.
    {Plum}: Goodness....
    {Rika}: Let Rika see too!! Hmm....What's this? Ah!? Are these Plum's Boobies!?
    {Shinjiro}:Uh, well....I just couldn't help.....
    {Rika}: Plum those are amazing! They're HUGELY appealing!! They're dynamite!!
    {Plum}: Honestly....
    {Plum}: Taiga.....You're such a naughty boy....This picture...is being
    {Shinjiro}: O-Okay....I'm sorry....
    - Plum only - (Plum + Rika -)
    {Shinjiro}: What do you think? I hope you find it to your liking....
    {Plum}: Oh this is nice! It looks like I really am photogenic after all!!
    {Rika}: Hmm....!? Rika's not here!!
    {Shinjiro}: Sorry....I couldn't help taking a picture of just Plum.
    {Rika}: Buuuu!! What are you doing Shinjiro!? Are you a meanie!?
    {Plum}: Now now, I'll give this picture to you. You're much cuter when you're
    smiling Rika.
    {Rika}: .........
    	Ishishishishishi!! Rika will be taking this picture! Your life was spared,
    == Camera Shot End ==
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Plum. -- #2
    {Shinjiro}: By the way, Plum-san....
    {Rika}: Hey hey!! What do you do here?
    {Plum}: I make juices, and I make Sandwiches. You wanna have a drink?
    {Rika}: Yup yup!! Rika wants Banana juice!
    {Plum}: Okay! You'll have one too right Taiga?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah Thank you very much. And so I....
    {Rika}: I'll be helping myself!!
    {Plum}: Taiga were you about to say something? Do you not like Banana Juice?
    {Shinjiro}: No....It's nothing. I'll be helping myself to this....
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Plum -- #3(and all consecutive times) 
    {Shinjiro}: Uh, um....
    {Plum}: Come to think of it, were you trying to say something just now?
    {Shinjiro}:No...Never mind....
    -- Option 3 - Leave the Drinkbar. --
    {Shinjiro}: Well Plum-san....We should be going.
    {Plum}: Okay! Rika depend on him as much as you please.
    {Rika}: All right! Leave it to Rika!
    ~~ Outdoor Salon (屋外サロン) ~~ Time limit: 16:00 - 16:55
    {Ratchet}: Oh Taiga-kun. Are you showing Rika around?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah yes I am. What are you doing here in the Salon Ratchet-san?
    {Ratchet}: Well...Since Rika's been enlisted, I thought I'd determine
    everyone's duties.
    {Rika}: Duties? Like what? Will Rika be doing something?
    {Ratchet}: That's right. Like a cleaner, being a keeper, or a helper.
    {Shinjiro}: Duties like that eh? It kind of sounds like we're in school.
    {Ratchet}: -Giggles-....You're right. If the theater was a school everyone
    would be students.
    	If that's the case, what would I be?
    {Shinjiro}: What Ratchet-san would be....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "A teacher after all." -- (Ratchet +)
    -- Option 2 - "Unattainable...perhaps?" -- (Ratchet ++)(This option only
    appears if Ratchet's trust level is at the max.)
    -- Option 3 - "I suppose an upperclassman." -- (Ratchet +)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "Unattainable...perhaps?" -- (Ratchet ++)(This option only
    appears if Ratchet's trust level is at the max.)
    {Shinjiro}: Unattainable...perhaps? You know like a school idol.
    {Ratchet}: Honestly....That's not what I was asking...You're so silly
    {Shinjiro}: But...that's what I figured....
    == LIPS End ==
    {Rika}: Hey hey! Then what would Rika be?
    {Shinjiro}: Huh....Rika? Let me see...
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "....A pet?" -- (Rika +)
    -- Option 2 - "....An energetic junior?" -- (Rika +)
    -- Option 3 - "....An emergency food supply" -- (Rika --)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - "....A pet?" -- (Rika +)
    {Shinjiro}: .....A pet? I mean you're always running around.
    {Rika}: Oh! Rika's a pet!? A pet! A pet!!
    {Ratchet}: Taiga-kun!? A pet....I understand the feeling but...
    {Rika}: Yaaay!! Rika's a pet! Spin spin spin spin spin!!
    {Ratchet}: We-Well...If Rika's happy about it then I guess it's alright...
    But a pet?
    -- Option 2 - "....An energetic junior?" -- (Rika +)
    {Shinjiro}: .....An energetic junior? You're a newly listed member after all.
    {Rika}: A junior? What's that?
    {Ratchet}: Taiga's bascially saying that he wants to look after you.
    {Rika}: Really! Well then look after Rika!
    {Ratchet}: -Giggles-.....Good luck Taiga-kun.
    -- Option 3 - "....An emergency food supply" -- (Rika --)
    {Shinjiro}: ....An emergency food supply?
    {Rika}: Ngyaah!? You're putting Rika with Noko!? Rika's gonna get eaten!?
    {Ratchet}: Ta-...Taiga-kun what are you saying!? Rika as an emergency food
    supply...There's no way that'll happen!!
    {Rika}: Oh was that a mistake? That was scary....wasn't it Noko?
    {Noko}: Ukyuu.
    == LIPS End ==
    {Ratchet}: ...Now then. I'm going to be going. I'll announce the duties at a
    later time. Well Taiga-kun...Make sure you look after Rika.
    {Rika}: Shinjiro We should be going too!!
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah you're right. Where should we go next?
    - Village (ビレッジ)  Section -
    ~~ Gemini's Apartment (ジェミニのアパート) ~~ Time limit: 16:00 - 16:55
    {Shinjiro}: This is Gemini's apartment. She's my neighbor.
    {Rika}: Gemini....You mean that cleaner. Wow so she lives here.
    {Gemini}: Hmmm...? What's up? Is there something you need with me?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah Gemini. We were just stopping by for a little bit.
    {Gemini}: Hmmm I see. It looks like Rika's doing better. Nice work Shinjiro.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh he he he....It was all thanks to you. You gave me good advice.
    {Gemini}: You think so? I was only stating the obvious.
    {Rika}: Hey hey!! Gemini let's take a picture!! Is that okay?
    {Gemini}: Eh....A picture? Sure that's okay....
    {Rika}: Shinjiro you take it.  Rika's going to be in the picture with Gemini.
    {Shinjiro}: Sure okay. Okay then....Line up and make a pose.
    == Camera Shot Begins ==
    - Picture blurry - (Rika - Gemini -)
    - Both Rika and Gemini - (Rika + Gemini +)
    - Rika only - (Gemini - Rika +)
    - Gemini only -(Gemini + Rika -)
    - Both Rika and Gemini - (Rika + Gemini +)
    {Shinjiro}: Well what do you think? I think I took a good picture.
    {Rika}: Yup! It's great Shinjiro!! It's good! it's good!!
    {Gemini}: Ah yeah you're right!! You might be able to make it as a photographer
    if you put your mind to it!
    {Shinjiro}: You think so? Eh he he he....
    == Camera Shot End ==
    {Gemini}: Alright then....I'm going to get going. I have a lot of things to do.
    	Bye bye Rika. Let's take pictures together again sometime.
    {Shinjiro}: We're going to get going too. Where do you want to go Rika?
    {Rika}: If it's a place you've decided anywhere will do. All right! Let's go!!
    ~~ Taiga's Apartment (大河のアパート) ~~ Time limit: 16:00 - 16:55
    {Rika}: Is this Shinjiro's house!? Rika wants to see!! Is that okay!? Can I!?
    {Shinjiro}: Sure that's fine. Well then...Come on up.
    {Rika}: Woow!! Your rooms all shiny! Not bad Shinjiro!! What's this!? Are
    these your clothes!? Do you have anything to eat!?
    {Shinjiro}: C'mon Rika! Don't go opening up the drawers! Oh and what's inside
    that pot is...
    {Rika}: It's sour!! What the heck is this!?
    {Shinjiro}: You ate the dried plum....You see...what did I tell you? I'll go
    get you something to drink so just be still and wait here.
    {Rika}: Shinjiro left me. Muuu...Rika's got nothing to do right now. 
    So this is Shinjiro's bed? Hmmm....wow it's soft and fluffy. So I should
    lay like this...
    {Shinjiro}: Rika is milk okay with you? Huh...She's not here. Rika where did
    you go? Hmm...Ah!?
    {Rika}: Hmm...Munyaa....
    {Shinjiro}: She's sleeping...And here she was causing all the ruckus just a
    minute ago...She really is just a child...
    	Hmm...There's some kind of strange scar on Rika's arm. A circle and stars...
    It looks like a umenohara.
    {Noko}: Ukyuu!!
    {Shinjiro}: You're right. And you have the mark of a star on you. Hahahahaha...
    Yeah she sure is sleeping well but...I have to wake her up. Rika! It's time
    to wake up!!
    {Rika}: Unyuuuu....
    {Shinjiro}: Gee guess it can't be helped....If I pinch both her cheeks she
    might wake up.
    	Okay....I'll try pinching her cheeks just a little bit.
    == Stick LIPS Begin ==
    -- One or two gauges filled -- (Rika +)
    {Shinjiro}: Hmm...?
    {Rika}: Nyaaaah....I'm awake!! Rika feels better! Rika was sound asleep.
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah I'm happy for you. Well then, shall we get going?
    {Rika}: But...Rika's cheeks kinda feels weird....Did you do something Shinjiro?
    {Shinjiro}: N-no....Nothing really...
    {Rika}: Well then all's well...let's go Shinjiro! Come with Rika!!
    {Shinjiro}: Ho-hold on a minute!! Rika!!
    == Stick LIPS End ==
    - Midtown (ミッドタウン) Section -
     ~~ Central Park (セントラルパーク) ~~ Time limit: 16:00 - 16:55- 	
    {Rika}: This feels great!! Yup this is the place to be if you want to feel
    {Noko}: Kyu kyu kyu!!
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah the weathers nice here, it really does feel refreshing.
    {Gemini}: Ah!! It's Shinjiro and Rika! Great timing! C'mon let's play
    some baseball!!
    {Shinjiro}: Gemini.....? Baseball?
    {Gemini}: Yeah Baseball, Or "Yakyuu." Sunny-san gave me a bat and ball.
    	I've always had a dream about this!! "America's first female picher! Gemini
    {Rika}: Amazing!! Rika will become one too!! Let's play Baseball!
    {Gemini}: All right then, I'll be the pitcher. Shinjiro you can be the batter.
    And Rika you can protect the rear.
    {Rika}: Okay!! Just leave it to Rika!
    {Gemini}: Okay here we go. We'll have a 3 ball match. Get a good grip on the
    bat and swing it with everything you got! All right....Here it comes!!
    {Shinjiro}: All right! Come on!!
    == Stick LIPS Begin ==
    -- All gauges filled -- (Home run)
    {Shinjiro}: Yaah!!
    {Gemini}: Wow!! Great hit! Home run!!
    {Rika}: Nyaah!! Look at it fly!
    == Stick LIPS End ==
    {Gemini}: All right!! You won't be hitting the next one! Here it comes
    {Shinjiro}: Okay C'mon!!
    == Stick LIPS Begin ==
    -- All gauges filled -- (Home run)
    {Shinjiro}: Daah!!
    {Gemini}: You hit the ball directly!! Nice job Shinjiro!
    {Rika}: Nyah Nyah!! Great work Shinjiro!! Home run!!
    == Stick LIPS End ==
    {Gemini}: Rats!! The next one is the last one...Let's have a fair match! You
    will definitly not be hitting this one!!
    {Shinjiro}: As you wish!! Bring it on! Gemini!!
    == Stick LIPS Begin ==
    -- All gauges filled -- (Home run)
    {Shinjiro}: Teeya!!
    {Gemini}: Whoa! He hit it!!
    {Rika}: Nyah nyah nyah!! It's a homerun! Look at it fly out the park!!
    ~~ If all 3 hits were homeruns ~~ (Gemini ++ Rika ++)
    {Gemini}: Terrific job Shinjiro! Every hit was a homerun. I'm so impressed!!
    {Rika}: Shinjiro you didn't do too bad!! Rika has a better opinion of you! 
    That's just what's to be expected of Rika's henchman!!
    {Shinjiro}: Eh he he he...If you put it like that you'll embarrass me.
    == Stick LIPS End ==
    {Gemini}: Whew...That was fun. Thanks for hanging out with me.
    {Shinjiro}: It wasn't a problem, we had fun too. Let's play baseball again
    sometime. Well We'll see you later.
    {Gemini}: Sure Bye bye!!
     ~~ 5th avenue street (五番街) ~~ Time limit: 16:00 - 16:55- 	
    {Rika}: This place sure is pretty isn't it? It's all nice and shiny. Rika
    like's this place!
    {Shinjiro}: Rika you've been here before?
    {Rika}: Nope this is my first time!! Since it's nice and shiny then time for
    the Cameratron!!
    	Ishishishishi!! Look look Shinjiro. It's a shiny picture!
    {Brian}: Hey girl...I'd request for you to refrain from taking photographs
    without proper permission.
    {Rika}: What did you say? You're confusing!!
    {Brian}: Tsk....No matter but that camera....Could you hand that over to me?
    {Rika}: This is Rika's! You trying to steal it from Rika!? What are you....
    An enemy!? Or an Ally!?
    {Shinjiro}: Rika!?
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "A teacher after all." -- (Ratchet -)
    -- Option 2 - "Let's run!!" -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "Apologize!" -- (Ratchet + Rika +)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "Apologize!" -- (Ratchet + Rika +)
    {Shinjiro}: Apologize! During times like this, you should say you're sorry.
    {Rika}: Ah you're right!! Ishishishi....Rika shouldn't shoot.
    	Umm....Rika's sorry. But that picture is Rikas.
    {Brian}: Ah ha ha ha ha!! You want this picture that much?
    {Rika}: Yes. Rika likes that picture.
    {Brian}: .....All right. But you really shouldn't be taking photographs
    without asking.
    {Rika}: Yaay!! You're a pretty nice guy. Rika like's that!!
    {Shinjiro}: That's good for you isn't it Rika? You got your picture.
    {Rika}: It's because Rika said she was sorry. You sure say good things every
    now and then Shinjiro.
    {Ratchet}: Yes. I'd have to agree.
    {Shinjiro}: Ra-....Ratchet-san!? Why are you here?
    {Ratchet}: Well I had some business with this establishment. More importantly..
    That was a good decision. Having Rika apologize that is.
    	With this I can be at ease and allow you to continue looking after her.
    {Shinjiro}: Re-really? Thank you very much.
    {Ratchet}: Now then I'm going to go. Take care of Rika.
    {Shinjiro}: We're going to get going too. You got your picture and all.
    {Rika}: Yeah!! Let's go Shinjiro!
    ~~ Subaru's room (昴の部屋) ~~ Time limit: 16:00 - 16:55- 
    {Rika}: Wow!! What's this place!?
    {Shinjiro}: This is the hotel where Subaru-san lives.
    {Walter}: I'm terribly sorry. You are troubling the other customers, I'd like
    to ask you to retire to another location...
    {Shinjiro}: Ah...We-We're sorry. It looks like we caused a disturbance...
    {Subaru}: Don't worry about it Walter. These are my guests.
    -- If Subaru has yet to get an apology at this point --
    {Shinjiro}: Subaru-san....
    {Subaru}: ...What do you want? Right now for the both of you....This place is
    {Shinjiro}: Umm...Subaru-san, are you still angry....about what happened on
    stage earlier?
    {Subaru}: ....Not especially. I've no interest in things that has passed. If
    that was impossible for me I'd have just retire from the stage.
    {Shinjiro}: Subaru-san....Rika's already reflected on what she's done, so could
    you forgive her?
    {Rika}: Subaru it was my fault. Rika's sorry. Rika promise's to do better next
    {Subaru}: Who you should be apologizing to are the audience. So I won't be
    making any anticipations. Results are everything after all.
    {Rika}: Okay! Rika will do her best!!
    {Rika}: Hey hey! Rika wants a picture of you!! Is that okay!?
    {Subaru}: A picture of me...?
    {Shinjiro}: Rika's just gotten a Cameratron so she's been wanting to take
    {Subaru}: ....I don't really want to....leave behind things like photographs
    but...Rika wouldn't be convinced with that would she?
    	.....It cannot be helped. However this is a public location. If you're going
    to take a photograph then do it quickly.
    {Rika}: This will be quick!! Shinjiro take the picture. Rika will stand next
    to Subaru!
    == Camera Shot Begins ==
    - Picture blurry - (Rika -)
    - Both Rika and Subaru - (Rika +) (Subaru & Rika Co-op ++)
    - Subaru Only - (Subaru - Rika +)
    - Rika only -(Subaru + Rika -)
    - Both Rika and Subaru - (Rika +) (Subaru & Rika Co-op ++)
    {Shinjiro}: What do you think? I think I took a nice picture.
    {Rika}: Oh!! Nice! It's Subaru's picture! Rika likes it!!
    {Subaru}: Well....no matter. Rika's pleased. However please make this the last
    == Camera Shot End ==
    {Rika}: Ishishishishi!! Subaru Thank you!! You're a pretty nice person.
    {Subaru}: Heh...Rika sure doesn't know about some expressions. There's nothing
    for me to be upset over anymore.
    {Shinjiro}: Hahaha.... Rika shall we get going? We're a burden if we stay here.
    {Rika}: Sure okay! Later Subaru!!
    {Subaru}: I was in the middle of going out myself. Taiga be sure you look
    after Rika.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay. See you Subaru-san.
    ~~ After some time has passed ~~
    {Shinjiro}: A transmission from the Cameratron? What's going on?
    {Ratchet}: Taiga-kun! There's an incident occuring in the bay area. Could you
    go investigate?
    {Shinjiro}: Bay area...? Where can I find that!?
    {Rika}: That's where Rika's house is!! Come with me Shinjiro!
    {Shinjiro}: All right!! I'm counting on you Rika!!
    {Rika}: ....We're here! This is the bay area!
    {Shinjiro}: This place is.....This is the place from when I first arrived in
    New York...
    {Ratchet}: Head to the Federal Bank in Wall street! We've detected a demonic
    energy reading in that location!!
    {Shinjiro}: Roger that!! Let's go Rika!
    {Rika}: Roger!!
    {Woman}: Kyaah!! Ba-....Bank robbers!
    {Tommy}: ......
    {Shinjiro}: That's...the bank robber who Rika caught...? What's the meaning of
    {Rika}: Stop!! The gold gun or the silver gun: which do you want to be shot
    {Tommy}: .....
    {Shinjiro}: What's with this guy....He's different than before...I'm kinda....
    Getting a bad feeling from him!
    {Rika}: Rika's really going to shoot you!! For now....let's shoot!!
    	Ngyaah!? Wha-...What the!?
    {Shinjiro}: Rika are you okay!?
    {Rika}: Ye-...Yeah. Huh!? The bad guys....gone.
    {Ratchet}: Taiga-kun Did something happen!? Just when I thought the demonic
    energy was raising, all of it just vanished...
    {Shinjiro}: No...I don't understand myself. Just when I thought there was an
    earthquake the robbers just vanished....
    {Ratchet}: That's odd...We didn't pick up anything like an earthquake on our
    	....No matter. Should we pick up the reading again we'll contact you. Good
    work Taiga-kun.
    {Rika}: What did Ratchet say? What's happening?
    {Shinjiro}: Nothing the case has been closed. Our work is done.
    {Rika}: Really!? Hmm that's good! Ah oh yeah!! Rika's house is close around
    	Wanna come over? Rika's house is a big box! But you know there are a lot of
    neat places here!!
    	Rika still has energy to spare. We'll go to Rika's house after we play a bit
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah. This is my first time around here too, so shall we go on
    a little adventure?
    - Bay Area(ベイエリア)Section -
    ~~  Seaside Park (臨海公園) ~~ Time limit: 16:30 - 16:55- 
    {Rika}: What do you think Shinjiro!? Feels great here doesn't it!?
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah it does...The breeze from the sea is blowing too....It's a
    nice relaxing place.
    {Rika}: Isn't it!? Rika likes it here!! You can bask in the sun here.
    	Hey hey!! Take Rika's picture!!
    {Shinjiro}: A picture? Sure okay. All right...strike a pose.
    == Camera Shot Begins ==
    - Picture blurry - (Rika -)
    - First pose - (Rika ++)
    - 2nd pose - (Rika +)
    - 3rd pose - (Rika +)
    - 4th pose -(Rika +)
    - 5th pose -(Rika -)
    - 6th pose -(Rika --)
    - If the pictures zoomed out too far -(No effect)
    - Close up of Noko -(No effect)
    - First pose - (Rika ++)
    {Shinjiro}: What do you think Rika? I took it like a Bromide.
    {Rika}: ....Really!? Shinjiro you're pretty good!! You're a cameraman!!
    	Uhyoooh!! All right!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
    {Shinjiro}: Eh he he he....Good isn't it Rika?
    == Camera Shot End ==
    {Rika}: All right let's go! I'll take you to a bunch of places!!
    {Shinjiro}: Sure okay. Well then shall we go?
    - Harlem((ハーレム)Section -
    ~~  Alley (路地裏) ~~ Time limit: 16:00 - 16:55- 
    {Sajitta}: Hmm...Shinjiro and Rika? You'd come to a place even like this too?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah Sajitta-san. What are you doing?
    {Sajitta}: Ah oh yeah. I'm just playing a little basketball with these guys...
    	You guys wanna play too?
    {Rika}: Yeah yeah!! We'll play basketball!! Right!? Is that okay Shinjiro!?
    {Shinjiro}: All right!! It'll be a game between Rika and Shinjiro's team
    against my team. 
    {Rika}: Okay! So....What is Basketball? 
    {Sajitta}:U-Uhh....Well if you play you'll get it. Now....Game on!!
    {Rika}: Ah hahahahaha!! Hey this is pretty fun! 
    {Sajitta}: Rika's got the ball!! Carlos Steal it!
    {Carlos}: Aye sir!! Leave it to me!
    {Shinjiro}: (This isn't good....At this rate the ball will be taken from
    her....I have to do something)
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Pass it to me!" -- (Leads to second set of LIPS)
    -- Option 2 - "Shoot it!!" -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "Dribble your way through!!" -- (No effect)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - "Pass it to me!" -- (Leads to second set of LIPS)
    {Shinjiro}: Pass it to me!! Rika! Give the ball to me!
    {Rika}: All right! ...Toryaah!!
    {Shinjiro}: ....All right! From here I'll dribble and cut my way through to the
    {Sajitta}: Like I'll allow that!!
    {Shinjiro}: .....Here I go!!
    == Stick LIPS Begin ==
    -- All gauges filled -- (Leads to Analog LIPS)
    {Shinjiro}: Okay!! At this rate the goal shall be mine!
    {Sajitta}: Damnnit! I won't let you!!
    {Shinjiro}: Here it comes!!
    == Analog LIPS Begin
    100% - (Rika +)
    75% - (Rika ++ Sajitta + ) (Sajitta & Rika Co-op +++)
    50% - (Rika ++)
    25% - (No effect)
    0%  - (No effect)
    Time Over - (No effect)
    75% - (Rika ++ Sajitta + ) (Sajitta & Rika Co-op +++)
    {Shinjiro}: Shoot!!
    {Sajitta}: Is it going to go in!?
    {Rika}: You did it Shinjiro!! We won!
    {Shinjiro}: Eh he he he....It's thanks to you passing the ball to me Rika.
    {Sajitta}: Not bad boy. -Giggles-....That was a nice shot.
    {Shinjiro}: Thank you very much. I was a little into it there but....I'm glad
    it went well.
    {Sajitta}: Ah hahaha....! We enjoyed ourselves too. It worked up a good sweat.
    == LIPS End ==
    == Analog LIPS End ==
    {Sajitta}:All right then....We're going to get going. Bye....Rika and Shinjiro.
    {Rika}: Bye bye!! Let's play again sometime!
    {Shinjiro}: Okay...We should be going ourselves.
    {Rika}: Okay!! Where are we going next!?	
    ~~  Sajitta's office (サジータの事務所) ~~ Time limit: 16:00 - 16:55- 
    {Shinjiro}: This is Sajitta's office. Alot of customers come here.
    {Rika}: Hmm...Not too shabby.
    {Sajitta}: ...What are you doing here? Is there something you need with me?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah Sajitta-san. I'm showing Rika your office.
    {Rika}: Hey hey!! I wanna see your room Sajitta! Can I?
    {Sajitta}: ....I don't especially mind. There's nothing else here but my
    {Sajitta}: This is my office. What do you think?
    {Rika}: Wow!! You've got nothing but books here! You seem all high and mighty!!
    {Sajitta]: Oh Ho ho ho ho!! Well of course. I am popular after all.
    {Shinjiro}: (No matter how you look at it...Sajitta-san really seems to like
    == Click LIPS Begin == (Ends in 6 clicks)
    -- Look at Sajitta's hair #1 --
    {Shinjiro}: (Sajitta-san...She always has her hair tied up but her hairs
    really long.)
    {Sajitta}: .....What is it? Is there something in my hair?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah...No not really....
    {Sajitta}: Is that so? In that case that's fine then...
    -- Look at Sajitta's hair #2 --
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san, do you ever let your hair down?
    {Sajitta}: When I have work it's always tied...but why do you want to know?
    	What is it boy.....Do you prefer me with my hair down?
    {Shinjiro}: Well...
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "It's more suiting...when your hair's down." -- (Sajitta + ~If
    her trust rank is high ~)
    -- Option 2 - "Your hair right now is wonderful too." -- (Sajitta +)
    -- Option 3 - "Maybe I should grow out my hair..." -- (No effect)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - "It's more suiting...when your hair's down." -- (Sajitta + ~If
    her trust rank is high ~)
    {Shinjiro}: Yes...Your hair when it down suits you much more Sajitta-san.
    {Sajitta}: ....Like this?
    {Shinjiro}: Ah...Ye-yes.
    {Sajitta}: Really...You're far too advanced for your age...You're about one
    hundred years too early to be requesting on a womans hairstyle.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh hehe...
    {Sajitta}: ....Now then, that's enough of your present. The only other time's
    I let my hair down is when I'm on my bike...or in front of the man I like.
    {Shinjiro}: I see...
    {Sajitta}: If you want me to take down my hair, You'd have to get me to fall
    for you. Well....That might be impossible for you.
    {Shinjiro}: ...........
    == LIPS End ==
    -- Look at Sajitta's hair #3 --
    {Shinjiro}: (Sajitta's hair style...it reminds me of something. What was
    that....Well whatever.)
    -- Talk to Sajitta #1 --
    {Shinjiro}: Excuse me Sajitta-san. Do you have any Attorney jobs today?
    {Sajitta}: Nah....I have a mountain of other work to do. I have the settlement
    of my contract with the Steam Frontier company to complete as well.
    	Well...the one's who were doing illegal acts were them so they probably
    won't file a lawsuit.
    	But when it comes to that vengeful Bill...I don't think he would let this
    slide easily.
    {Shinjiro}: Does that mean....
    {Sajitta}: Yes....That he's currently thinking on picking a fight with me.
    	Accept all challenges handed to me. That my friend...is my rule.
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san...
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "That's just what I expected of you." -- (Sajitta -)
    -- Option 2 - "I'll back you up!" -- (Sajitta +)
    -- Option 3 - "Yo-....you mustn't be fighting!" -- (Sajitta -)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "I'll back you up!" -- (Sajitta +)
    {Shinjiro}: I'll back you up! Despite how it may seem, I'm a black belt in
    {Rika}: Rika will too! Should I just shoot!?
    {Sajitta}: Shinjiro, Rika...are you misunderstanding something? When I said
    fight....I don't mean a fist fight. I'm an attorney after all.
    {Shinjiro}: Huh...
    {Sajitta}: It's going to be a trial, just a trial. We'll be fighting in the
    name of the law.
    {Shinjiro}: Oh...so that's what you meant. Since it was you I thought that....
    {Sajitta}: Since it was me....what?
    {Shinjiro}: No-....Nothing!! Ah ha ha ha ha!!
    {Sajitta}: Well no matter. I'll accept your intentions.
    == LIPS End ==
    -- Talk to Sajitta #2 --
    {Shinjiro}: Umm...
    {Rika}: Hey hey. Rika wants to take a picture. With Sajitta!
    {Sajitta}: A picture...?
    {Shinjiro}: She just got her own Cameratron so it's to be expected that
    she'd want to take pictures.
    {Sajitta}: Ah sure. Well...Hold on a minute.
    	All right...This should do. I should just be in the frame with Rika correct?
    	Dut you know...Rika's pretty short. I'll bring a stand so you can stand on it.
    {Rika}: Okay!! Rika will stand on it!!
    {Shinjiro}: Okay then....Here I go!
    == Camera Shot Begins ==
    - Picture blurry - (Rika - Sajitta -)
    - Both Rika and Sajitta - (Rika + Sajitta +) (Sajitta & Rika Co-op +++)
    - Rika only - (Rika - Sajitta -)
    - Sajitta only -(Rika -)
    - Both Rika and Sajitta - (Rika + Sajitta +) (Sajitta & Rika Co-op +++)
    {Shinjiro}: Well what do you think? I think I took a good picture.
    {Rika}: Oh!! That's nice! Sajitta you really are huge!!
    {Sajitta}: Rika you're just tiny. You have to keep eating otherwise you won't
    get big.
    {Shinjiro}: Yup this is a nice picture. You two really look like you're getting
    along together.
    == Camera Shot End ==
    == Click LIPS End ==
    {Sajitta}: ....Okay. That should about do it. Are you satisifed Rika? 
    {Rika}: Yup!! Thanks Sajitta!
    	Hey hey,  We should get going.
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah. We've kept our selves here for quite some time, so we should
    {Sajitta}: Is that so? In that case...I should be going myself. I have some
    things I have to do.
    {Shinjiro}: Is that right? Well...We'll see you later Sajitta-san.
    {Sajitta}: Yeah later. You two behave yourselves.
    ~~ Free Roam Time Limit Up ~~
    {Rika}: .....Rika's tired. Rika's going home.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh...Tha-that was sudden....
    {Rika}: Shinjiro you come too. Rika will take you to Rika's house.
    {Shinjiro}: Sure...Well I guess I'll be intruding.
    {Rika}: This is Rika's house! Rika sleeps here.
    {Shiniro}: This place is....a warehouse isn't it?  Are you okay....living in
    a place like this?
    {Rika}: Don't worry about it Shinjiro. Rika's not worrying about it either. Now
    come on in.
    {Shinjiro}: Well I suppose that's fine...for the time being excuse me for
    {Shinjiro}: So this is Rika's room....It's quite wide.
    {Rika}: This room, Rika made it herself. It's Rika's favorite place!
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmm oh really....
    == Click LIPS Begin == (Ends in 6 clicks)
    -- Look at the hammock #1 --
    {Shinjiro}: Rika what's this?
    {Rika}: A sleeping spot. Rika sleeps here.
    {Shinjiro}: I see. It's a bed huh....It's quite a unique bed isn't it?
    {Rika}: You think so? It's pretty nice and wobbly.
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmm....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Say, can I try laying down?" -- (- Leads to a stick LIPS -)
    -- Option 2 - "Do you ever fall off?" -- (Rika +)
    -- Option 3 - "You wanna exchange for my bed?" -- (- If you went to your
    apartment with Rika - Rika +)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "You wanna exchange for my bed?" -- (- If you went to your
    apartment with Rika - Rika +)
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah it does look relaxing. Say Rika....You wanna trade with my bed?
    {Rika}: Shinjiro's bed!?  As Rika's sleepy bed!? Can I!? Yours is pretty airy!
    It's like being on top of a cloud!! Is it really okay!?
    {Shinjiro}: Sure it is. In exchange can I have your bed?
    {Rika}: Muuuu... .....No it's okay after all. This is Rika's favorite! Rika's
    fine with it!!
    	Give up on it Shinjiro. If you want this you're going to have to sleep over.
    {Shinjiro}: Tah ha ha ha....I understand.
    == LIPS End ==
    -- Look at the hammock #2 --
    {Shinjiro}: So this is Rika's bed. I'd like to lay on something like this.
    {Rika}: It's really nice and wobbly. You wanna lay down Shinjiro?
    {Shinjiro}: No right now I'm fine. Next time okay?
    -- Look at the bonfire #1--
    {Shinjiro}: Ri-Rika....You'd start a bon fire in a place like this?
    {Rika}: Of course! Meat and fish are Rika's lunch. Unless you grill them you
    can't eat them.
    {Shinjiro}: Bu-but it's dangerous to start a fire here.
    {Rika}: Hm....? Okay then, would you eat your food without grilling them
    {Shinjiro}: Well...
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Well there's sliced raw fish." -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "Like I said bon fires are dangerous!" -- (Rika -)
    -- Option 3 - "Rika you can cook!?" -- (Rika +)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "Rika so you can cook!?" -- (Rika +)
    {Shinjiro}: More importantly Rika...You can cook!?
    {Rika}: Rika's pretty good! Rika's food is delicious!!
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmm what do you usually eat?
    {Rika}: Grilled beef! And then there's grilled chicken!! And then theres....
    grilled fish!!
    {Shinjiro}: Sounds like you cook nothing but grilled food...
    {Rika}: And then there's pancakes!! Rika loves pancakes!!
    {Shinjiro}: Wow you can make them too? I'd like to try them sometime.
    {Rika}: Okay! I'll treat you to them sometime. So look forward to it!!
    == LIPS End ==
    -- Look at the Rika's guns #1 --
    {Shinjiro}: Are the guns here all yours Rika?
    {Rika}: Nope. Half of them are Rika's. The other half are Papa's.
    {Shinjiro}: Papa...? Ah you mean your father.
    {Rika}: Yeah....
    {Shinjiro}: (Rika....She's kinda starting to look lonely.)
    -- Look at the Rika's stuffed Noko #1 --
    {Shinjiro}: Hey Rika, What's this?
    {Rika}: This is Noko's toy. Noko's still a baby so he has to play with toys.
    {Noko}: Kyu kyu!!
    {Rika}: This is Noko's favorite toy. And when Noko exercises he becomes tasty
    so Rika becomes happy.
    {Noko}: Kyukyu!? Kyuu~....
    {Shinjiro}: Poor Noko...
    -- After 6 clicks --
    == Click LIPS End ==
    {Shinjiro}: Hey Rika, do you live her by yourself?
    {Rika}: Nope, Rika lives here with Noko. Not by myself.
    {Shinjiro}: Don't you have a mother or a father?
    {Rika}: .....No. Papa and Mama are gone. Rika's Mama....died a long time
    ago.....Rika doesn't know anything about Mama.
    	So Rika's....always been traveling together with Papa. Papa taught
    Rika how to use a gun, and among lots of other things.
    	Rika would always do Shows with Papa in various towns, and it was really
    fun!! And if the customers became happy then Papa would give Rika food!
    	But if Rika were to mess up, there'd be no food....Papa wouldn't treat me....
    {Shinjiro}: I see...
    {Rika}: But Rika loved Papa!! Rika loved him but...Papa....went away.....
    Because Rika messed up a show, Papa and Rika got hurt a little bit...
    	On that day there was a lot of rain...and when the river began to rage.....
    Rika and Papa fell in the river...
    	But Papa saved Rika. Rika was saved but....Papa went away....It was
    because of Rika's mistake that....Papa....
    	Because Rika messed up he went away...Since then Rika has been all alone....
    No....Rika's been with Noko. We came this far together.
    {Shinjiro}: Rika....
    == LIPS 3.8 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "...That must have been hard." -- (Rika +)
    -- Option 2 - "That wasn't....your fault Rika." -- (Rika +)
    -- Option 3 - "How about I be your step Papa?" -- (Rika -)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - "...That must have been hard." -- (Rika +)
    {Shinjiro}: .....That must have been hard. To be alone for so long....
    {Rika}: Hard....? Rika doesn't understand....Rika's been waiting for a long
    time with Noko. Rika's sure....that Papa will come back.
    {Shinjiro}: Rika...
    {Rika}: Cheer up Shinjiro! Rika had fun today, because Rika was with you
    	Rika may have made a mistake....but....Rika's okay!! Things will work out!
    Rika's with Shinjiro! and Noko too!! So cheer up Shinjiro!
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah. While you may have gotten scolded today, just do better
    {Rika}: Rika will do her best! Fight on!
    {Shinjiro}: I'll do my best too! Fight on!
    {Rika}: Ishishishishi....
    == LIPS 3.8 End ==
    {Shinjiro}: Well then....I guess I should be going.
    {Rika}: Eh...You're going home Shinjiro...?
    {Shinjiro}: It's gotten pretty late, so I should be heading back...
    {Rika}: Rika will treat you! Rika will grill some beef!! So Shinjiro you eat
    {Shinjiro}: Eh...
    {Rika}: Or...Would you rather have Noko?
    {Noko}: Kyu!?
    {Shinjiro}: I don't plan on eating Noko but.....just what should I do?
    == LIPS 3.9 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Okay...Than I guess I'll have you treat me." -- (Rika + Has an
    effect on the next LIPS)
    -- Option 2 - "No I should really be heading back." -- (Rika -- Has an effect
    on the next LIPS)
    -- Option 3 - "Would it be alright if I slept over?" -- (Rika ++ Has an effect
    on the next LIPS)
    -- Time Over -- (Rika - Has an effect on the next LIPS.)
    -- Option 3 - "Would it be alright if I slept over?" -- (Rika ++ Has an effect
    on the next LIPS)
    {Shinjiro}: Alright then....Would it be alright if I slept over? I want to
    talk with you about alot of things too.
    {Rika}: You really really mean that!? You'll stay with Rika? Yaay!! Spin spin
    {Noko}: Kyurukyurukyuru!!
    {Rika}: Rika will show you something really cool! It's pretty awesome!! Papa's
    gun I mean! Ah...But before that we gotta eat!! Food food! Let's all eat
    {Shinjiro}: Ah hahahaha....Well let's dig in!
    {Rika}: Shinjiro don't hesitate to eat up. Rika will eat up too! Ah hahahahah
    == LIPS 3.9 End ==
    {Red eyed Demon}: Kuh kuh kuh....What a splendid country this place is. There
    are a mountains worth of the gold we need to revive our master. Truly
    this is....splendid!
    {Dokuro-bo}: Very well, with my tonomo granting me with what is said to be
    supreme intellect....then I Dokuro-bo-Sama shall steal them all! Gah ha ha
    ha ha ha ha ha!
    {Red eyed Demon}: Supreme....you mixed up the proper meanings. And That's
    exactly why you live so strangely...
    {Dokuro-bo}: Bugaah!! This is my unparalleled sword!! Because of it my head
    has become clear!
    {Red eyed Demon}: That doesn't matter to me either way. Rather than your
    intellectual power use your brute strength instead. It'd be best if you put
    your foolish way of thinking to rest.
    {Dokuro-Bo}: How dare you be so rude!! I have already gathered the proper
    chess pieces. There is no doubt that my plan will succeed!
    {Tommy}: ......
    {Red eyed Demon}: That's fine then...Just try not to ruin the efforts of our
    master. Otherwise....I'll have to be the one to kill you. Ah ha ha ha ha
    ha ha ha ha...
    {Dokuro-bo}: Do not make a fool of me!! If it's a task up to me things will
    be settled in no time! Listen up my underlings! You are to plunder as
    many of the citys gold as you can!!
    {Tommy}: ......
    == Eyecatch 3.2 ==
    {Shinjiro}: Ugh....What the, it's already morning...and I'm already getting a
    transmission from the Cameratron? Yes this is Taiga....
    {Ratchet}: Taiga-kun, could you come down to the theater for a little bit? I
    have something to talk to you about Rika.
    {Shinjiro}: Ah...okay. Sure I'll be there right away. -Yawn-.....Oh yeah I
    slept over Rika's house yesterday..... 
    	When I saw Rika showing such a face of pleasure....I just couldn't go back
    home like that.
    {Rika}: Kuuh....
    {Shinjiro}: Rika it's morning. Can you get up?
    {Rika}: Hmmm....Papa....Let me sleep a bit longer...
    {Shinjiro}: Rika....It looks like she's having a pleasant dream. It would be a
    to wake her up now....
    	Okay then, I guess I'll write her a letter and leave it here. That way she
    won't feel too lonely. Okay...I'm off.
    {Ratchet}: Good of you to come Taiga-kun. So did you find out anything
    about Rika?
    {Shinjiro}: Yes...the reason for her to be so afraid of making mistakes is
    probably because of her father. 
    	She believes that her fathers death was her fault....
    {Ratchet}: I see...So that's how Rika felt. However...I get the feeling that's
    not the only reason....
    	I'm sure...that there has to be seperate reason for her to fear mistakes...
    {Shinjiro}: A seperate....reason?
    {Ratchet}: So here's what I decided Taiga-kun. I got an idea on what we
    should do. And that is....
    {Shinjiro}: Camping!? All of us!?
    {Ratchet}: I thought it would be a good idea for everyone to understand one
    another by staying under the same roof.
    	By living together we'd all be able to come into a better understanding of
    each other don't you think?
    {Sajitta}: Well...you may be right about that. Even in Harlem there are
    plenty of cases where we'd all come together by eating the same food.
    {Subaru}: Subaru....Opposes this. An individuals privacy should be respected.
    {Ratchet}: What do you think Taiga-kun? Do you oppose to the camping idea?
    {Shinjiro}: Well...
    == LIPS 3.10 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Yeah let's do it!" -- (Sajitta + Ratchet +)
    -- Option 2 - "I'm sure Rika will be pleased as well." -- (If you spent the
    night with Rika Sajitta + Subaru +  otherwise Ratchet - Subaru - Sajitta -)
    -- Option 3 - "I don't think we have to go that far..." -- (Subaru +)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "I'm sure Rika will be pleased as well." -- (If you spent the
    night with Rika Sajitta + Subaru +  otherwise Ratchet - Subaru - Sajitta -)
    {Shinjiro}: I'm sure Rika will be pleased as well. When I spent the night over
    her house yesterday, she was very happy.
    {Ratchet}: Taiga-kun...You slept over Rika's house!?
    {Shinjiro}: Yes...I did. Rika really insisted and all...
    {Ratchet}: Taiga-kun....You are aware aren't you? You are a male and
    Rika's a female....and well...the law between our troops would not...
    {Sajitta}: Ratchet you're over thinking this. This is Shinjiro and Rika here.
    Nothing like THAT would actually happen.
    	Knowing them they probably just ate together and played cards or the like.
    {Shinjiro}: Yes that's about right. She even showed me her fathers guns.
    {Sajitta}: Well then there's no problem then. After all Shinjiro, you were
    only worried about Rika as the Captain Apprentice.
    {Subaru}: Subaru believes so too. Taiga just doesn't have that in him.
    {Shinjiro}: That kind of....doesn't feel like I'm being praised....
    {Ratchet}: .....Well okay. So we're all up for the idea of camping correct?
    == LIPS 3.10 End ==
    {Ratchet}: What about Plum and the rest of you? Are you all going to
    participate in our boarding house as well?
    {Plum}: Okay. There's the meal preparations to take care of as well, it'll be
    fun like a field trip. 
    {Anri}: If Plum's going to then I'll participate too! I'll be looking forward
    to our stay.
    {Gemini}: Is it okay if I participate too? If it involves cleaning I think I'll
    be able to help with that.
    {Ratchet}: Okay we're all participating then. The location will be the theater,
    I'll determine where we all will be sleeping and the like.
    	Now then....Let's go call Rika shall we?
    {Rika}: Rika's here. Do you need something?
    	Shinjiro so this is where you were? It surprised me when I saw you were gone
    this morning.  
    {Shinjiro}: Didn't you read the letter? I left one for you....
    {Rika}: If you're talking about the paper with the weird handwriting then
    Rika saw that. But it was too hard for Rika to read.
    {Shinjiro}: Aah Oh yeah that's right. Sorry about that Rika.
    {Ratchet}: Rika we've all thought about camping together. What do you think?
    Does that sound fun to you?
    {Rika}: Camping....? What's that mean?
    {Shinjiro}: Where we all stay at the theater. And eat together and stuff.
    {Rika}: Everyone!? Staying here!? Can Noko come too!?
    {Ratchet}: Sure of course. We can all camp together.
    {Rika}: Rika will camp!! Camping! Camping!! Spin spin spin!!
    {Noko}: Kyukyukyukyukyu!!
    {Ratchet}: Starting today, Let's all enjoy ourselves for the week.
    {Rika}: Okay!!
    {Ratchet}: okay, let's start rehearsing the play. We'll focus on the dialogue,
    starting with the simple parts.
    {Rika}: Okay!! Rika will do her best! For the time being let's snap!!
    {Sajitta}: C'mon now don't go playing around with the Cameratron. What happened
    to the pleasant response?
    {Subaru}: Don't worry about that and let's begin. First off...We'll start from
    Rika's scene. 
    	Rika read over your scenario.
    {Rika}: Hmmm...Um...It's so complicated Rika can't read it! Shinjiro you read
    it. Rika will memorize!!
    {Shinjiro}: Oh guess it can't be helped....All right then....
    == LIPS 3.11 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Read her scenario" -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "Show her a model." -- (Rika +)
    -- Option 3 - "Show her how to read." -- (No effect)
    -- Time Over -- (Rika -)
    -- Option 2 - "Show her a model." -- (Rika +)
    {Shinjiro}: Okay then...I'll act it out so take a good look at me. "Offender
    Offender where are you? If you don't come out....I'll shoot!!"
    {Rika}: You're pretty good Shinjiro! Rika's proud of you!! Good for you good
    for you!
    {Shinjiro}: He he he....Yo-you think so?
    {Sajitta}: Good good Shinjiro can do it. So you can do it too right Rika?
    {Rika}: Yup! Rika will do her best!!
    == LIPS 3.11 End ==
    {Ratchet}: Next up we'll all clean up the dressing room together. It's a place
    that we all use, so let's keep it tidy.
    {Gemini}: I'll sweep the floor with this broom, and I'll wipe the table. Is
    that okay?
    {Sajitta}: You're not going to use the steam vacuum cleaner? Wouldn't that be
    more convenient?
    {Gemini}: Ugh...If I were to use it I'd just end up breaking it.....I'm not
    very good with machines....
    {Subaru}: .....No matter. Taiga and I will sweep the floors, and Rika and
    Sajitta will take care of the scrubbings.
    {Sajitta}: Gotcha. Rika come over here. Let's go fill the bucket with water.
    {Rika}: I'll snap a photo of Sajitta and Subaru cleaning!! Ishishishishi.....
    {Ratchet}: Hey Rika! Concentrate on the task at hand!!
    {Sajitta}: Now now it's okay isn't it? C'mon Rika. Stop playing around and
    let's start cleaning.
    {Rika}: Okay!! Rika will clean!! Let's go Noko!!
    {Noko}: Kyu kyu kyu kyu!
    {Shinjiro}: Whew....The first day's finally over.
    {Rika}: Wow this is great!! It's so warm!
    {Ratchet}: -Giggles-....This is called a hot bath. How is it? Does it feel
    {Plum}: Okay Anri you're all done. Rika you come over here too. I'll wash your
    hair for you.
    {Anri}: Whew...Plum your shampoo feels so nice....
    {Sajitta}: Shinjiro! The hot water's starting to get cold!! Don't slack off
    with the boiler adjustments.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay! I'll get to it right away!! Tohoho....And here I am stuck
    with bath duties....
    {Subaru}: How about you go in too Taiga? Since it's such a rare occassion.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....?
    == LIPS 3.12 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Okay then, I'll accept your kind offer..." -- (Sajitta -- 
    Ratchet --)
    -- Option 2 - "I can't do that!!" -- (No effect. -Effects the next LIPS-)
    -- Option 3 - "Aren't you going to go in, Subaru-san?" -- (Subaru +)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "Aren't you going to go in, Subaru-san?" -- (Subaru +)
    {Shinjiro}: Aren't you going to go in Subaru-san? You should all go in
    {Subaru}: -Giggles-....What an interesting statement coming from you. 
    However...that's unpermittable for me. You should understand don't you Taiga?
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....? What do you mean?
    {Subaru}: Heh....You'll understand someday. Plus I don't like my body being
    looked at by others.
    	Well then Taiga. Keep up your good work with your bath duties.
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmm....I couldn't understand that at all. That Subaru-san is so
    full of mysteries.
    {Sajitta}: Hey boy why don't you come on over!! It's pretty fun!
    {Rika}: Yup it is!! Shinjiro come on in here!
    {Ratchet}: N...No don't Taiga-kun!! You understand don't you!?
    {Shinjiro}: It's all right! Please don't worry.
    {Rika}: This is pretty nice!! Rika will be a submarine!! Blub blub blub!!
    {Shinjiro}: Ha ha ha ha ha ha....Rika really seems to be enjoying herself.
    == LIPS 3.12 End ==
    {Shinjiro}: Whew....that felt great. Nothing beats a hot bath. Even though I
    was all by myself...
    	Hmmm...? I can hear Rika's voice.
    {Rika}: Are we gonna get caught? Subaru we're not gonna get caught are we?
    {Subaru}: It's okay. You've no need to worry.
    {Shinjiro}: What are you doing?
    {Rika}: Wah!? Shi-....Shinjiro!!
    {Noko}: Kyu kyu kyu kyu kyu kyu!!
    {Subaru}: Rika said she was hungry so I thought I'd make her some hot milk.
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmm is that so? Looks tasty.
    {Rika}: You wanna drink too Shinjiro? The hot milk that Subaru makes are
    sweet and yummy.
    {Shinjiro}: Let me think....
    == LIPS 3.13-1 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Well, I guess I'll take a sip." -- (Rika +)
    -- Option 2 - "Want me to make something too?" -- (Rika +  Subaru +(If Subaru
    was the one who was with you in the beginning.)
    -- Option 3 - "You're quite nice aren't you Subaru-san?" -- (Subaru +)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - "Want me to make something too?" -- (Rika +  Subaru +(If Subaru
    was the one who was with you in the beginning.)
    {Shinjiro}: Want me to make something too? Is there anything you'd like to eat?
    {Rika}: Really!? In that case in that case! Hot dogs then!!
    {Shinjiro}: Ah if that's the case, then I can make those. I ate them a little
    while ago too.
    {Subaru}: I'll be looking forward to that. I'll count on you for my share as
    {Shinjiro}: Okay then.....Could you wait a little while? I'll make some good
    {Rika}: Yaay!! Rika can hardly wait!
    == LIPS 3.13-1 End ==
    {Ratchet}: ....Now then it's getting pretty late out, so we should get ready
    for bed.
    {Rika}: Okay! Rika will be bunking!
    {Ratchet}: Alright then....Rika and the rest of us will prepare our
    sleeping area as the dressing room.
    {Shinjiro}: Ratchet-san, where will I be sleeping?
    {Ratchet}: Since you're a boy Taiga-kun.....How's this? Will the backstage room
    be good for you?
    {Shinjiro}: Ehhhh!? Th-....The backstage room?
    {Subaru}: Subaru will rest in the wardrobe room. I can't sleep in a room where
    there's people.
    {Sajitta}: Subaru....We can't allow that. You'll be sleeping with the rest of
    us, there's alot we have to ask you after all.
    {Subaru}: Wha-....
    {Rika}: Subaru you come too!! Rika's happy!! Spin spin spin!
    {Subaru}: Whew....It looks like you'd drag me even if I were to say no. Very
    well....As you wish.
    {Ratchet}: Okay it's settled! Well that'll be all for today. Good night
    {Shinjiro}: Sure good night.
    {Rika}: Good night!!
    {Shinjiro}: ......I would be too scared to sleep in a place like this all by
    myself after all. Guess I'll go out for a walk....
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmm...Isn't that...Rika over there? Rika what's the matter? Can't
    {Rika}: Ah Shinjiro. Rika's looking at her pictures. Since we were together alot
    Rika took a bunch of pictures.
    	This is Sajitta. She's scary when she's mad but she's nice. She strokes
    Rika's head. This is Subaru. Whenever I take the picture Subaru would try
    to run. But Rika took it.
    	Look look here's Ratchet too. She braided Rika's hair. But she's a little bad
    at it though....
    {Shinjiro}: Ha ha ha....Is that so. But still you sure took a lot of pictures.
    You're pretty good at taking pictures aren't you Rika?
    {Rika}: Yup! It's pretty fun!! Here's Plum, Anri, and Gemini too. But you know
    but you know!! Rika has Shinjiro's pictures the most! See!? Rika took this!!
    {Shinjiro|: Ah, they're really are alot. Hey Rika....
    == LIPS 3.14 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - "Shall I take a picture of you too Rika?" -- (Rika +)
    -- Option 2 - "I want to see the picture you took in the bath." -- (Rika -(
    Pops up if you picked "I can't do that!" in LIPS 3.12)
    -- Option 2 - "I want to see the other pictures" -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - "Hmmm not a bad set of pictures." -- (No effect)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - "Shall I take a picture of you too Rika?" -- (Rika +)
    {Shinjiro}: Shall I take a picture of you too Rika? You have all these pictures
    of us but there's none of you.
    {Rika}: Really!? Then Rika wants one with you Shinjiro!!
    {Shinjiro}: Sure that's fine. All right shall we take a picture together then?
    {Rika}: Yaay!! Let's do it let's do! C'mon hurry up!!
    {Shinjiro}: Let's see....Place the Cameratron right here....and then am I
    supposed to press this button here?
    {Rika}: Let me see....Yup! ! A perfect shot!
    {Shinjiro}: Ah yeah you're right. It doesn't look half bad.
    {Rika}: Rika's very happy!! This will be Rika's treasure! Ishi shi shi shi shi
    {Shinjiro}: Hahahahaha....When you put it like that it makes me happy too.
    {Rika}: A picture with Rika and Shinjiro.....Rika's happy! So happy!! Spin spin
    spin spin!!
    {Shinjiro}: ....C'mon we should be heading back. If we stay here for too long
    we'll catch a cold.
    {Rika}: Yeah!! Rika's going to sleep. You go to sleep too Shinjiro. Today Rika
    got in trouble for alot but it was also alot of fun!! 
    	Rika loves camping together! night! night!! Later Shinjiro! Keep it up for
    tomorrow too!!
    {Shinjiro}: Rika really does seem to be having fun with everyone. Okay....I
    should go to sleep too. I gotta get up early tomorrow as well....-Yawn-
    {Sajitta}: Wake up Shinjiro!!
    {Shinjiro}: Hmm....Wha-What's going on? This early in the morning....
    {Ratchet}: Rika's disappeared! Do you know anything Taiga-kun!?
    {Sajitta]: Could it possibly be....a kidnapping? But there's not a trace of
    anyone leaving from the theater....
    {Shinjiro}: Sajitta-san try to relax! If we all search for her I'm sure we
    can find her.
    {Rika}: Nyuuu....So loud....
    {Sajitta}: Ri-....Rika!? You were in Shinjiro's bed?
    {Rika}: Together with Shinjiro....Rika loves Shinjiro's scent....
    {Subaru}: .....Just as I thought.
    {Sajitta}: That has nothing to do with this! First of all....Uggh!! This is
    all Shinjiro's fault!
    {Shinjiro}: What!? Rika c'mon say something!! Waah!? Sajitta-san, Cut that
    {Rika}: That looks fun everyone! Rika will fight too!!
    {Ratchet}: And here Camp has only just started....Whew....I wonder what's going
    to happen next.
    {Rika}: Ishishishishi! Camping is so fun!!
    == Eyecatch 3.3 ==
    {Shinjiro}: .....And thus a week has passed, with today being the final day of
    our camp as well.
    {Ratchet}: And with this our camp ends today. Let's all eat delicious food
    together in conclusion.
    {Rika}: Pancakes! Rika will make some!! It's Rika's specialty! Papa showed me
    how to!! It's tasty!
    {Shinjiro}: Okay let's all make it together. Rika could you tell us how to
    make the pancakes?
    {Rika}: Leave it to me! Rika will treat everyone!!
    {Rika}: .....And so you'd put an apple in Papa's pancakes. In Tiny and round
    rings! Huh? There aren't any apples?
    {Plum}: Here's your apple. Will this be enough?
    {Rika}: Yup! Umm....And now we make them tiny and round...
    {Subaru}: So we should cut them in circles?  .....Rika will this do?
    {Rika}: Right! That's pretty good Subaru. Have you ever eaten Papa's pancakes
    {Sajitta}: Rika we've gotten the whipped cream. You wanted lot's of sugar
    {Anri}: I made some custard cream too. I think it'll go well with the pancakes.
    {Rika}: Really!? Rika loves sweets! Sajitta, Anri nice job!!
    {Shinjiro}: Ratchet-san, Rika seems to be enjoying herself doesn't she?
    {Ratchet}: I hope that with this she'll be able to understand the relations
    between cooperation and trust.
    {Rika}: Shinjiro are the materials for the pancakes are finished? We're putting
    in the apples.
    {Shinjiro}: Sure that's fine. All I have to do now is stir it up.
    {Rika}: Okay, It's all up to you Shinjiro. Hang in there.
    {Shinjiro}: Ha ha ha ha ha, All right. Here we go....
    == Stick LIPS Begin ==
    -- All gauges filled -- (Rika +)
    {Shinjiro}: All right, this should do it. It's all mixed up nicely....How's it
    look Rika?
    {Rika}: Yup! It's good!! You've made progress Shinjiro.
    == Stick LIPS End ==
    {Gemini}: The frying pan's been warmed up. The baking preparations are already
    {Rika}: Rika will do the baking! Papa's pancakes are pretty hard to make after
    	First off, there's a trick to how you want to cool off the frying pan. This
    would be the pancake's code!
    	And then....you bake it! Bake it carefully!!
    {Sajitta}: Oh that's a nice scent. You're pretty good Rika.
    {Rika}: Ishi shi shi shi.....Papa's pancake's is the food Rika's most good
    at cooking!! Rika was taught how to from Papa. 
    	If we got lot's a applause Papa would bake us pancakes.
    {Shinjiro}: Is that right.....Those pancakes sure gave you some memories then
    {Rika}: Memories.....? Rika doesn't really get that.
    {Subaru}: Hmmmm....? It's burnt Rika.
    {Rika}: Ahh! It's burnt a little..... Rika made a mistake.....Sorry....
    {Sajitta}: It's okay it's okay. If you take away a little of the burnt
    spot....It won't take away from the taste.
    {Subaru}: In addition....If it's a little burnt it'll increase the sweet
    taste of the apples. The great achievement of injury so to speak.
    {Rika}: Hmmmmm....That's all so confusing. Rika made a mistake.....but will
    it really be okay?
    {Shinjiro}: Sure it will Rika. C'mon let's take it to the Salon and all eat
    it together!
    {Rika}: Okay...
    {Rika}: How is it....Is it bad because Rika made a mistake after all?
    {Subaru}: Indeed the apples are nice. The moderate sour taste brings out 
    {Rika}: Rika doesn't understand. Does that mean.....it's no good?
    {Sajitta}: It's delicious Rika. It's a little burnt but...you don't have to
    worry about it.
    {Shinjiro}: Go on Rika, you have a bite too. It's really good. C'mon say Ah....
    {Rika}: Ah....-Munch Munch- ...... Yup....It's good!! It's exactly like
    Papa's pancakes! Really tasty!
    	But why? Rika made a mistake.....so why is it so good?
    {Shinjiro}: That's because....
    == LIPS 3.15 Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - " Because cooking is filled with affection." -- (Rika +)
    -- Option 2 - " Because we all cooperated together." -- (Rika +)
    -- Option 3 - " Because failure is the mother of success." -- (No effect)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - " Because we all cooperated together." -- (Rika +)
    {Shinjiro}: Because we all cooperated together. Even if you were to make a
    mistake Rika, we would all help out wouldn't we?
    {Rika}: Yup. Sajitta and Subaru took off the burned part. And Plum,Anri,Gemini
    and Shinjiro all helped me.
    {Shinjiro}: You see? It's because we all made it that the pan cakes
    were able to come out delicious.
    {Rika}: Really!! Rika understands! What cooperation means!!
    == LIPS 3.15 End ==
    {Sajitta}: That's the way it is, Rika. We're not all alone here. All of us make
    the Star divison.
    	So there's no need to be afraid even if you were to make mistakes.
    {Subaru}: Yes that's correct. Making uses of each others advantages, and making
    up for the disadvantages.
    	That's what it means to be comrades....To have cooperation, and also
    {Rika}: Comrades....cooperation...affection....I think I'm starting to
    {Shinjiro}: We're all comrades. Which is based on trust. So Rika, we'd like you
    to trust in us.
    {Rika}: Rika understands! Rika had trust in me and Papa! Rika loved Papa!!
    	And Rika likes Sajitta! And Subaru, Ratchet, Plum, Anri, and Gemini, I like
    them too!!
    	I love Shinjiro too! Rika understands what trust means!!
    {Shinjiro}: Rika.....
    	Wha-....What the!? Of all times!!
    {Ratchet}: Everyone! It seems that the enemy has appeared!! To the briefing
    room quickly!
    {Shinjiro}: Roger!!
    {Sunnyside}: The U.S. federal Bank in Wall street is under attack. The robbery
    has appeared to have reached the point of the underground vault.
    {Ratchet}: This will be Rika's first dispatch. Are you okay?
    {Rika}: Rika's fine!! Rika can do this! Just leave it to me!!
    {Ratchet}: Nice response. Taiga-kun, I'm leaving Rika in your hands.
    {Shinjiro}: Yes understood. Now then....New York Floral Assault Squad Star
    Division move out!!
    {Rika}: Okay!!
    - (Rika Co-op +) -
    == Eyecatch 3.4 ==
    				July 1928 Wall Street
    {Dokuro-bo}: Gah ha ha ha ha ha!! A wonderful frontal breakthrough! I shall be
    taking the gold bars!!
    	Delicate tactics along with daring actions to support them! That's my
    principle!! Now come and admire me!!
    {}: It's show time!!
    {Dokuro-bo}: Who goes there...?
    {New York Floral Assault Squad}:New York Floral Assault Squad.....Ready.....go!
    {Rika}: So you're the bad guy!! Rika won't be forgiving you!
    {Dokuro-bo}: Oooh...so you're the New York Floral Assault Squad. I've heard of
    	Since I Dokuro-bo am here, with this I can now recover....Kokuryu-hime's
    dishonor!! Are you prepared!?
    {Subaru}: Dishonor are to be relinquished. What would be the point of
    recovering them?
    	Dokuro-bo....You lack a proper vocabulary.
    {Dokuro-bo}: Mu-kii!! Do-....Don't ridicule me! Unforgivable! I shall crush
    {Shinjiro}: Wahyaah! He- here he comes!! Please switch to battle operations!!
    {Rika}: Yes sir!
    {Ratchet}: If the U.S. Federal Bank were to fall into enemy hands it would
    cause a devasating blow for us.
    	Eraducate all of the Evil mechanisms before the damage increases.
    {Anri}: Nyaun! Please listen to this!! An enemy cannon has been confirmed among
    the evil mechanisms!
    {Plum}: Try to be careful of takeing a hit from a cannon while
    you're in the middle of defeating the evil mechanisms!
    {Shinjiro}: Understood.
    == Battle Start ==
    ~~ If Shinjiro's turn should end next to Rika Begin ~~ 
    {Rika}: Shinjiro this is pretty cool! This can move!
    {Shinjiro}: "This can move"...Oh you mean the Star? Ha ha ha, Well of
    course it moves.
    {Rika}: And here it's so huge....How is it able to? How come?
    {Shinjiro}: Eh!? Well that's because....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - " Will power....I guess?." -- (Rika +)
    -- Option 2 - " I think it's because of the spirit energy...." -- (No effect)
    -- Option 3 - " Because you're moving it Rika." -- (Rika +)
    -- Time Over -- (Rika -)
    -- Option 3 - " Because you're moving it Rika." -- (Rika +)
    {Shinjiro}: Why you ask....It's because you're moving it Rika.
    {Rika}: Hmmm....I am?
    {Shinjiro}: Yes that's right. It's because you're moving that the Star is
    moving along with you....isn't that right?
    {Rika}: Ah....I see! So it's because Rika's moving it!! Ishi shi shi....I get
    {Shinjiro}: So move the Star as much as you wish and let's take out the enemy!
    {Rika}: Right! Leave it to Rika!!
    == LIPS End ==
    ~~ If Shinjiro's unit should ever be next to Rika's End ~~
    ~~ After Rika takes out her first Steam beast Begin ~~
    {Rika}: Bang Bang! I took out a bad guy!
    {Shinjiro}: Impressive Rika. You sure aren't a skilled Bounty Hunter for
    	As a reward for doing your best, shall we go out for a hamburger after the
    battles over?
    {Rika}: Hamburgers!? Really!? Woo-hoo!! All right!! Rika will keep beating
    ~~ After Rika takes out her first Steam beast End ~~
    ~~ After Rika takes out her second Steam beast (Rika Co-op +) Begin ~~
    {Rika}: How's that!? Rika took one out again! Shinjiro! Shinjiro!! Rika wants
    to eat some cake!!
    {Shinjiro}: Cake? Sure that's fine.
    {Rika}: Oh! Oh!! And not just any cake! I want one with Strawberries!!
    {Shinjiro}: All right. So that's a strawberry cake right? Once we get back to
    the theater we're eat some.
    {Rika}: Woo-hoo!! Cake! Cake!! Nya ha ha!!
    ~~ After Rika takes out her second Steam beast (Rika Co-op +) End ~~
    ~~ After Rika takes out her third Steam beast  Begin ~~
    {Rika}: Bang bang bang! Rika did it yet again!! Rika wants to eat a Rabbit
    apple! Is that okay!?
    {Shinjiro}: A rabbit apple....You mean an apple where the skin is in the
    shape of a Rabbit?
    {Rika}: That's it!! リカ、うまくできない。いっつも丸かじりー!
    {Shinjiro}: All right. A Rabbit Apple right? Okay I'll peel one for you!
    {Rika}: Really!? Shinjiro you're great!! Awesome!! You must be a chef!!
    {Shinjiro}: Now then, let's do our best during this fight and get back to the
    theater shall we!?
    {Rika}: Right!! Just leave it to Rika!! Spin Spin Spin!!
    ~~ After Rika takes out her third Steam beast  End ~~
    ~~ After Rika takes out her fourth Steam beast  Begin ~~
    {Rika}: Hamburgers! Strawberry cakes!! And a Rabbit Apple!! Rika will keep
    beating them!! Shinjiro!! Let's hurry this up and go back to the theater!!
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah sure thing. Now then, Shall we take them all out at once!!
    ~~ After Rika takes out her fourth Steam beast  End ~~
    ~~ After a cannon sinks into the ground for the first time Begin ~~
    {Shinjiro}: The cannon....It's disappeared into the ground? Now we
    won't be able to attack it like this.
    {Plum}: And if you were to shut the manhole from coming up just like that, 
    It should make the battle easier...
    {Shinjiro}: Shutting it up....Okay. I'll try out a few things.
    ~~ After a cannon sinks into the ground for the first time  End ~~
    ~~ When a cannon attempts to raise back from the ground with a Star unit on
    top of it's manhole Begin  (Ratchet +) ~~
    {Plum}: Kyaafun!! Taiga look! Look!! The cannon can't raise up!
    {Ratchet}: It appears that if you place a Star on top of the manhole, the
    cannons won't be able to raise.
    	Avoiding any needless battles are also important after all. Be sure to keep
    that in mind.
    {Shinjiro}: Okay! Understood!! I'll do my best!!
    ~~ When a cannon attempts to raise back from the ground with a Star unit on
    top of it's manhole End  (Ratchet +) ~~
    ~~ If Rika turn should end next to Sajitta Begin ~~
    {Sajitta}: How's it going for you Rika? It's your first battle so there's no
    need for you to push yourself.
    {Rika}: Rika's fine! I'll take down all the bad guys! Just leave it to Rika!!
    {Sajitta}: All right in that case...You wanna have a competition to see who
    can take out the next enemy first?
    {Rika}: Okay! If I win I got food!! Food! Food!! Spin Spin Spin!!
    {Sajitta}: All right!! I'll accept that!! Okay then...Ready Go!!
    ~~ If Rika turn should end next to Sajitta End ~~
    ~~ If Rika defeats the next target first Begin ~~
    {Rika}: Ishi shi shi shi!! Rika did it first! The food is mine!!
    {Sajitta}: Heh heh heh....I lost. As to be expected from a skill bounty hunter,
    nice movements.
    	Okay as promised, I'll treat you to some extraordinary fried chicken.
    {Rika}: Really!? Rika loves chicken!! Make sure to give me second helpings!!
    ~~ If Rika defeats the next target first End ~~
    == Once all enemies have been destroyed ==
    {Shinjiro}: How was that, all of your underlings have been defeated! Now
    then...What now!?
    {Dokuro-bo}: Mukii!! Since it's come down to this, It looks like I'm going to
    have to take care of this myself after all!!
    {Rika}: Bad guys won't be forgiven! I'll just shoot!!
    {Dokuro-bo}: Gah ha ha ha ha!! With an attack of that degree....It's the same
    as being bitten by a mosquito.
    {Rika}: Eh...
    {Dokuro-bo}: C'mon c'mon!! Feel the wrath of my strength! This is how I'm
    number one!!
    {Rika}: Stop!! Rika has faith! I'll save everyone!!
    {Dokuro-bo}: I told you it's not working!! You're an eyesore! I'll start off by
    crushing you!!
    {Rika}: Ah....Ah...
    {Shinjiro}: Rika...!
    == Analog LIPS Begin ==
    100% - (No effect)
    75% - (No effect) 
    50% - (No effect)
    25% - (No effect)
    0%  - (No effect)
    Time Over - (No effect)
    100% - (No effect)
    {Shinjiro}: I won't let you!!
    {Dokuro-bo}: Don't interfere!!
    {Rika}: Papa!!
    {Shinjiro}: Gu-wahh....
    == Analog LIPS End ==
    {Rika}: Rika...made a mistake.....If Rika makes a mistake....The one's I
    love....Will disappear...
    {Ratchet}: Taiga-kun! We'll evacuating with the El Habu!! Gather everyone up!!
    {Dokuro-bo}: Guho!! Yo-...You coward!! Come down here and fight!
    {Shinjiro}: Everyone we're retreating!! Transform and run through the Air!!
    {Rika}: Kuuh....It's because of me....When I make a mistake the ones I love
    will disappear.....
    	It was the same for Papa too.... Because I made a mistake....I can't....I just
    can't....be with them....
    == Eyecatch 3.5 ==
    {Shinjiro}: Rika didn't show up again today....Ever since the last battle she
    hasn't been showing up at all....
    	And here I thought after we camped together we were all able to
    become friends....
    {Sunnyside}: Hey Taiga-kun. What's going on with your Ticket clipping? Are you
    slacking off?
    {Shinjiro}: N-No...not at all. I finished tickey clipping. I'm in the middle of
    my break right now.
    {Sunnyside}: Ah oh yes once the stage wraps up, could you all come to my
    {Shinjiro}: Yes I understand. 
    	Rika....Just what's the matter? I wonder if something's happened.
    {Sunnyside}: ....So then, has any of you heard from Rika?
    {Sajitta}: No...Nothing at all. Though I'm sure knowing that child I'm sure
    she'll be okay.
    	Do you suppose she may be chasing after another bounty?
    {Subaru}: Subaru agrees. Rika's the type of girl who's not binded by
    regulations and the like....If there was something to be curious about then....
    No it's nothing.
    {Shinjiro}: Hmmm....I wonder what could be the matter. I wonder if she's eating
    {Ratchet}: Very well then. We won't be getting anywhere just thinking about
    this. Leave Rika to me.
    {Sunnyside}:  All right....I'm counting on you. Okay then dispatch.
    {Ratchet}: ....Taiga-kun, Could I leave Rika in your hands?
    {Shinjiro}: Sure thing, I was getting a bit worried so I thought I'd stop by
    Rika's house.
    {Ratchet}: And here I figured that we had all gotten along since the camping
    incident....How very complexing.
    {Shinjiro}: Rika's a good girl. She's just a little awkward.
    {Ratchet}: I believe so too. Well then Taiga-kun, I'm leaving this in your
    {Sunnyside}: Well Ratchet, and Taiga-kun. I'll be excusing myself. ....I got
    some minor business to attend to.
    {Ratchet}: Sure. This will go by smoothly so don't worry.
    {Sunnyside}: Since this is you we're talking about Ratchet, I got nothing to
    worry about.
    	Oh yes Taiga-kun...Kindness....it can turn into poison. Especially...to those
    who aren't used to receiving it.
    	Take responsiblity until the very end. After all the one who can break through
    the walls to her heart is you.
    {Shinjiro}: .......? Just what....the heck was Sunnyside trying to say?
    {Ratchet}: He's just expressing concern for Rika in his own way. I'm sure.
    {Shinjiro}: Oh...Is that how it is?
    {Ratchet}: You'll understand soon enough Taiga-kun. Now then....I'm counting
    on you. Keep a eye out for Rika while you're in the middle of your look out.
    {Shinjiro}: Yes I understand. Well then I'm off.
    ** Free Movement 3.2 Start ** (20:00 to 20:55)
    ~~ Locations covered in free movement 3.2 ~~  
                - Theater (シアタ) -
     - Drink Bar (ドリングバー)
    - Guest seatings (客席)
    - Backstage (舞台裏)
     - Floral Assault facility (華撃団施設)
    	  - Village (ビレッジ)  Section -
     - Gemini's Apartment (ジェミニのアパート)
     - Cafe restaurant (カフェレストラン) 
     	   - Midtown (ミッドタウン) Section -
     - Central Park (セントラルパーク)	
    	   - Bay Area(ベイエリア)Section -
     - Construction site (工事現場)
     - Seaside Park (臨海公園)
    	   - Harlem((ハーレム)Section - 
    == Free Movement with Sajitta around Harlem ==
     - Alley (路地裏)
     - Jazz Bar (ジャズバー)
     - Sajitta's office (サジータの事務所)
     - Church (教会)
    ~~ Drink Bar (ドリングバー) ~~ Time limit: 20:00 - 20:55
    {Shinjiro}: Huh...No one's here. Hmmm now this is a problem....
    {Anri}:We-...Welcome!! I'm so sorry...to have kept you waiting...
    {Shinjiro}: Ah, Anri-kun...
    {Anri}: Oh it's Taiga-kun...I wasted my time running.
    {Shinjiro}: Wha-what....What do you mean you wasted your time....
    {Anri}: Plum's already left but I'll listen to what you have to say...So...how
    may I help you?
    == Drink Bar Menu Start ==
    -- Option 1 - Submit the photo --(If you have a photo to present already)
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri. --
    -- Option 2 - Help Anri --(Shows up only if you agree to help Anri after
    talking with her)
    -- Option 3 - Leave the Drinkbar. -- (Anri -- If you got the [help Anri]
    Option but left before selecting it) 
    -- Option 1 - Submit the photo --(If you have a photo to present already)
    {Shinjiro}: Um...I took a photo and....
    {Anri}: Ah for the Pamphet. I know what you're talking about. Let me have a
    	Umm...It's taken pretty nicely. I don't understand too much of the details,
    but this should be good enough shouldn't it? For the time being you did take
    a picture.
    {Shinjiro}: Eh...Really? So then it's suitable?
    {Anri}: And so...I was told to give this to you if you brought a picture.
    Here...It's Subaru's picture. I'll give this to you.
    {Shinjiro}: Ah well...If you're giving it to me I'll take it but...here I did
    my best to take a good picture.
    {Anri}: Okay good work!! You happy? I'm busy so that should be enough for you
    {Shinjiro}:O-, okay....Same old Anri-kun.
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri. --
    {Shinjiro}: Anri-kun...You seem pretty busy. Is everything okay?
    {Anri}: Not really but...it can't be helped...
    {Shinjiro}: If you'd allow it I'd be happy to help...Is there anything I can
    {Anri}: Eh...Well then... No forget it. Plum did tell me to do this all by
    myself....And you helping me....I kind of don't like the sound of that....
    {Shinjiro}: Anri-kun...
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - " Is this really the time to be saying that!?" -- (Anri +)
    -- Option 2 - " Okay fine..." -- (Anri -)
    -- Option 3 - " I won't tell Plum-san." -- (Anri ++)
    -- Time Over -- (Anri -)
    -- Option 1 - " Is this really the time to be saying that!?" -- (Anri + -[Help
    Anri] will be added in the Drink Bar Menu-)
    {Shinjiro}: Is this really the time to be saying that!? Work at the theather is
    everyone's duty isn't it? 
    	If there's anything I can do don't hesitate to ask. I'll help you out.
    {Anri}: Uh...Thanks.
    {Shinjiro}: Is there anything I can help with? Don't hold back just say so.
    {Anri}: Well...Could you help me wash the dishes?
    {Shinjiro}: Sure that's fine. Something like this will be done in no time.
    -- Option 2 - " Okay fine..." -- (Anri -)
    {Shinjiro}: Okay fine...
    {Anri}: Auu...Um Taiga-san...If...If you give me that look it's like you're
    saying I did something bad!!
    	Complain like you always do!!
    {Shinjiro}: Ah!? Eh... Wha-...What's with you!? You're being selfish Anri-kun!!
    {Anri}: That's better. Honestly...Don't go getting all depressed on me!
    {Shinjiro}: Man...She really is selfish.
    -- Option 3 - " I won't tell Plum-san." -- (Anri ++ -[Help
    Anri] will be added in the Drink Bar Menu-))
    {Shinjiro}: I won't tell Plum-san. That I helped you that is. Will that should
    be okay right?
    {Anri}: Really!? In that case help me!! Let's see! Wash the dishes!! It'd be
    annoying to do all by myself.... Is that okay!?
    {Shinjiro}: Okay. Something like this will be done in no time.
    -- Option 2 - Help Anri --
    {Shinjiro}: Okay then...I'll help with the dishes. What should I do now?
    {Anri}: Okay come this way. Let's wash them together! You wash them and I'll
    wipe them and sort them on the shelves.
    {Shinjiro}: All right. Okay Let's wash them all at once. Here we go!!
    == Stick LIPS Begin ==
    -- All gauges filled -- (Anri +)
    {Shinjiro}: All right! That should about do it!
    {Anri}: Amazing!! You're pretty good at washing dishes Taiga-san!!
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah sorta. Okay...Here's the last dish.
    {Anri}: Ah...Your hand is...
    {Shinjiro}: So- Sorry...Was it cold?
    {Anri}: Nooo...It, It wasn't....Eh heh heh...
    {Shinjiro}: Heh heh heh....
    == Stick LIPS End ==
    -- Option 2 - Talk with Anri. --
    -- After Helping Anri --
    {Shinjiro}: This kind of thing is nice every once and a while.
    {Anri}: Ye-....Yeah Once is in a while! Really....Only just once in a while!!
    {Shinjiro}: Yeah I know.
    - Option 3 - Leave the Drinkbar. -- 
    -- After helping Anri --
    {Shinjiro}: Well then....I should get going.
    {Anri}: Thanks for helping with the Dishes. Now things should be a little
    	Now...I have to get to the next job!! Well I'll see you later!
    {Shinjiro}: Anri-kun looks pretty busy. All right then...I should go search for
    ~~ Guest seatings (客席) ~~ Time limit: 20:00 - 20:55
    {Anri}: Waaah!! It never ends...
    {Shinjiro}: Ah Anri-kun...What are you doing in a place like this?
    {Anri}: Ugh...I can't switch all of the chair covers by myself...
    Plum already left....And we usually finish this together...Auuu....
    {Shinjiro}: Guess there's no helping it...
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - " I'll help." -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - " Why don't you do it tomorrow?" -- (Anri -)
    -- Option 3 - " Should we call for Plum?" -- (Anri -)
    -- Time Over -- (No effect)
    -- Option 1 - " I'll help you." -- (No effect)
    {Shinjiro}: I'll help you. You said you're always taking care of this
    together right?
    {Anri}: Plum told me I'll be fine on my own....And in addition....
    {Shinjiro}: ....In addition?
    {Anri}: Taiga-san...You're not Plum.
    {Shinjiro}: Uh well...That's true but...
    == LIPS End ==
    {Anri}: Huh....I forgot something....Oh yeah!! I have to finish that too!!
    	Later Taiga-san! If you have time take care of the chair covers for me!!
    {Shinjiro}: Anri-kun...She really seems busy. Hmmm she did ask a favor but I
    have to go look for Rika.
    	For the time being...I'll head somewhere else.
    ~~ Guest seatings (客席) #2 ~~ Time limit: 20:00 - 20:55 (Anri +)
    {Shinjiro}: ....I'll help out a little. It'd be pretty hard on Anri-kun all by
    herself after all.
    	Let's see...I just have to replace the chair covers with the new ones right?
    {Anri}: Nyaaun!! Taiga-san, are you helping me!? Well I'll leave this to you!!
    I have other jobs to attend to!
    {Shinjiro}: Wow She's....really busy. I wonder if she's going to be okay.
    .....This is the last one. Okay all finished. Now...I should go someplace else.
    ~~  Backstage (舞台裏) ~~ Time limit: 20:00 - 20:55
    {Shinjiro}: Wha-...What was that!? There was a loud noise in the direction of
    the dressing room...
    {Anri}: Haaau.....
    {Shinjiro}: Ah, Anri-kun...What's wrong!? Are you okay?
    {Anri}: Ugh When I went to reach for the button box way up there I just
    	Usually Plum would get it but since she already left today well....
    {Shinjiro}: I-is that right....
    {Anri}: Ah I got it. Taiga-san could you...hold on to that shelf over there?
    {Shinjiro}: Eh...Like this?
    {Anri}: Yeah that's it. Now lean over just a little bit and....Uppsy daisy!
    	I'll be using you as stepping stone. Ah...Don't move! And don't you look up!!
    {Shinjiro}: Uh Anri-kun....
    == LIPS Begin ==
    -- Option 1 - " Yo- you're making me be your stepping stone...." -- (No effect)
    -- Option 2 - " Sure If this will help you Anri-kun...." -- (Anri ++)
    (Shows up if Anri likes you enough)
    -- Option 3 - " You're pretty....heavier than I thought." -- (Anri -)
    -- Time Over -- (Anri +)
    -- Option 2 - " Sure If this will help you Anri-kun...." -- (Anri ++)
    (Shows up if Anri likes you enough)
    {Shinjiro}: Sure if this will help you Anri-kun...Then something like this is
    {Anri}: Eh...Umm okay.
    {Shinjiro}: Did you get the button box? This is dangerous....so you have to be
    {Anri}: I....I know that. I got it so....I'll be getting down. And umm...thank
    {Shinjiro}: Sure no problem. More importantly what's wrong? Your face is red...
    {Anri}: Eh...It....It's nothing!! This is exactly why you're such a child
    {Shinjiro}: Eeeh!? Bu-but why....
    == LIPS End ==
    {Anri}: Oh that's right!! I have other work I need to finish!
    {Shinjiro}: Eh....!? Wha- what's wrong!?
    {Anri}: Since Plum went home already I had the Drink bar and the Gift shop to
    take care of!!
    	I don't have the time to be gathering buttons!! Well Taiga-san!! Later!!
    {Shinjiro}: Anri-kun...Busy still I see. Now I should be going.
    																	-To be continued...

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