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    Translation Guide by lanyn

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    Tales of Destiny 2 テイルズ オブ デスティニー 2
    Storyline & Screen Chats Translation Guide
    Version 1.01
    by Lanyn
    My Tales of Rebirth, Tales of Destiny 2, and Tales of Destiny PS2 projects on
    Youtube for the curious and the bored:
    COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Copyright 2010 (Esther J. Choi)
    Okay, I'm just going to start with the standard one: all trademarks and
    copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark
    and copyright holders. At present, this written FAQ should only be found at
    www.gamefaqs.com, so I would appreciate it if you happen to notice it floating
    around on the internet where it shouldn't be. This FAQ and any video links
    contained within represent my own work unless otherwise stated. So don't
    plagiarize this, attempt to make a profit off of it, or turn it in as one of
    your term papers; if you do, bad things will happen to you (especially with
    that last one).
    Version 1.01 (03-03-2010) Updated the FAQ a bit since I was referencing an
    answer that is no longer there (oops), added Script and SCs up through when
    you're leaving Cresta for real
    Version 1.00 (01-09-2010) Set up basic content, added Script and Screen Chats
    up through when you return to the orphanage
    Table of Contents
    1) About the game [ABO000]
    2) How to use this guide [HOW000]
    3) Frequently asked questions [FAQ000]
    4) Basic controls [BAS000]
       a) PS2 version [BASa00]
          i) 3D Field Map Screen [BASa01]
          ii) Normal 2D Map Screen [BASa02]
          iii) Main Menu Screen [BASa03]
          iv) Battle Screen [BASa04]
       b) PSP version [BASb00]
          i) 3D Field Map Screen [BASb01]
          ii) Normal 2D Map Screen [BASb02]
          iii) Main Menu Screen [BASb03]
          iv) Battle Screen [BASb04]
    5) Menu options translation [MEN000]
    6) Storyline and Screen Chats Translation [STO000]
    7) Credits [CRE000]
    1) About The Game                                                     [ABO000]
    Tales of Destiny 2 (PS2) was released in Japan on November 28, 2002 as the
    fourth installment of the main "Tales of" series by Namco Bandai (or Bamco,
    as I like to call them). The game was rather unique at the time as it was the
    first Tales game to sport the heralded Grade system. Plus, this was also the
    first time that the main series had seen a true sequel. Tales of Destiny 2
    (which I will commonly abbreviate as ToD2) is probably best known for its
    Enchant system, which allows you to perform extensions after using an Arte,
    Ougi, or spell. Well, that and Barbatos along with his cheapness and deep
    hatred for item usage.
    The PSP port for ToD2 was released in Japan on February 15, 2007, and thus far,
    Bamco has not announced an English localization for either version. The PSP
    port is essentially a direct port with some minor improvements in areas such
    as the Grade shop and the graphics. In any case, while there is no official
    English translation at the moment, this guide was designed to help you better
    understand the storyline for ToD2.
    2) How To Use This Guide                                              [HOW000]
    First off, let me explain what this guide is and how I recommend that you use
    it. This is a translation of the main storyline script which appears in the
    PS2 version of the game. I have heard that there were some minor changes to the
    PSP script, but for the most part, this guide should be accurate for both
    versions. For the time being, I will be focusing on the PS2 version until I get
    the motivation to play through the PSP version to see what the actual changes 
    were; any differences that I find will be noted in the guide though.
    In terms of navigating through the non-storyline portions of ToD2, I suggest
    that you use this guide in conjunction with Kouli's guide. He does a great job
    of giving directions and pointing out side quests, so go check it out!
    If I had to classify my translation style, then I would say that it's closer to
    a typical localization that you would see from Bamco rather than the more
    common direct-style translation that some fan translators tend to go with. My
    translations are also very contextual in nature, so more often than not, I will
    fill in parts that were either implied or completely omitted in the original
    Japanese script based on the situation and the characters involved. I've also
    included the translations for any Screen Chats that I activated for my videos.
    One more thing that some of you will notice is that I don't include terms such
    as -san or -sama in my guide. The reason being is that I want this guide to be
    as accessible as possible for people who don't know a single word of Japanese,
    and grasping the full meaning of such terms of respect requires some basic
    familiarity with the Japanese language and culture. And besides, those of you
    who do know what the difference is can surely hear the terms in the dialogue as
    you play the game, no? However, I didn't completely ignore the terms of
    respect; I simply translated them when I felt that it was either appropriate
    (e.g. when there is an obvious difference in social status) or unusual for the
    character in question (e.g. when Loni refers to Rutee).
    For the most part, the script which appears here will be identical to the ones
    that appear in my video translations (if you don't know what I'm talking about,
    then check out the Youtube link that I listed at the top of this FAQ). I will
    be making corrections and smoothing things over as needed though since I'm
    human and anal like that. Absolutely no gameplay-related stuff though; I may
    eventually write a battle mechanics guide like I did with Rebirth, but it will
    be listed as a separate FAQ altogether, if it ever happens.
    3) Frequently Asked Questions                                         [FAQ000]
    Q: Wait a second, what's the difference between this and Tales of Destiny II?
    A: Everything, because they're two completely different games. In 2001, Tales
    of Eternia, which features the adventures of Reid and company, was released for
    the original Playstation in North America under the name of Tales of Destiny II
    due to copyright issues (Mattel owns the trademark for the word Eternia in NA
    because of He-Man). Bamco presumably named it such in hopes that people would
    realize that it was made by the same company which had brought over the
    original Tales of Destiny back in 1998 (you know, like how Final Fantasies are
    numbered? It's all about name brand recognition). In other words, Tales of
    Destiny II is actually Tales of Eternia, the third main installment in the
    On the other hand, Tales of Destiny 2, which features Kyle and company, is the
    actual sequel to the original Tales of Destiny. It was never localized (and
    never will be from the look of things), so if someone claims to own an English
    copy of Tales of Destiny 2, they're either lying or mistaken because no such
    product FROM BAMCO exists as of this writing (notice how I said from Bamco...
    I'm not taking patches into account here).
    Q: Okay, now you've confused me. Makes things really easy for me and just let
    me know how I can tell them apart.
    A: The best way is to look at the cover. If there's a picture of a red-headed
    guy on there with a green-haired girl, then you're looking at a copy of Tales
    of Destiny II (i.e. Tales of Eternia). In other words, you're either looking at
    the wrong game or the wrong guide. If there's a picture of a blonde kid and a
    girl wearing a pink dress on the cover, then that's Tales of Destiny 2, the
    game for which this guide is written. So let's review:
    Redhead on cover with green-haired girl=Tales of Destiny II=Tales of Eternia
    =game that's available in English
    -->This is the wrong guide for you. Go look under the Tales of Destiny II FAQ
    section for the appropriate guide.
    Blonde kid and girl wearing pink on the cover=Tales of Destiny 2=game is only
    available in Japanese
    -->This guide actually applies to you.
    Also, if the game is for the PS1/PSX, then it has to be Tales of Eternia. If
    the game is for the PS2, then it has to be Tales of Destiny 2. If the game is
    for the PSP, then it could be either one since they've both been ported to that
    system, so check the covers and the names; the PSP port for Eternia was
    properly named as such though since it was released in Europe, so it should be
    pretty clear which one you're looking at just by the name.
    Q: Do I need to play Tales of Destiny 1 before I play this game?
    A: Technically, no, although that's the case for all sequels, really. That
    being said though, ToD2 relies heavily on cameos and the relationships between
    characters from both games, so things are much more enjoyable if you have
    played ToD. In terms of the actual storyline though, most of the plot points
    from ToD get covered again in ToD2, so I wouldn't worry about getting lost in
    terms of ToD references (although you may get confused about ToD2's overall
    plot, but that's a whole 'nother issue there).
    Q: Your FAQ sucks. Where can I find another line-by-line translation guide?
    A: If you're looking for an alternative guide in English, then you're probably
    SOL because I sure as hell wasn't able to find one. If you happen to be fluent
    in Chinese or Italian, I hear that full script translations are available in
    those languages. In either case, Google's your friend, so happy hunting.
    Q: I heard that you were working with Phantasian Productions/Cless on this
    project. Is that true?
    A: Yeah, I am. The poor guy, hope he doesn't end up regretting that decision.
    ^^;; Anyway, even though I am on the ToD2 staff, I'm more or less translating
    the storyline part on my own at the moment. So basically, it's the same
    situation as when I was translating ToR except that I'm letting them use it for
    their patch. That being said though, the script that will appear in the patch
    will likely be better than what you see here since it will be edited multiple
    times before making it into the final product, something which I am entirely
    too lazy to do myself. ^^;;
    Q: Wait, there's a patch in the works? Who, what, where, when, and how!?
    A: You forgot why. =P Anyway, here's the skinny as far as I know.
    Who: Cless and the other fine folks over at Phantasian Productions
    What: Tales of Destiny 2, PS2 version only (do not ask about the PSP version,
    it apparently can't be done for technical reasons), I believe the patch will
    work with all of the Japanese PS2 variations out there though.
    Where: Here's the specific forum for ToD2
    When: DO NOT ASK WHEN THE PATCH WILL BE COMPLETED! The answer you will get is
    that it will be done when it's done, so you might as well not ask.
    How: I don't know the first thing about playing patches, so you'll have to ask
    about this on the ToD2 board.
    And for the love of all things holy, do not pester the ToD2 staff members,
    especially Cless and myself. Why, you ask? Because the former is very busy and
    the latter is just plain easy to irritate. ^_~ Seriously though, we're working
    on it. And if you're just one of those people who HAS to have progress
    reports, the most recent translations by yours truly will always be up on my
    Youtube account; my YT account info is on the first page of this FAQ.
    Q: You know, I'm okay with importing, but do I need to know any Japanese in
    order to play this game?
    A: If you follow this guide in conjunction with Kouli's FAQ, then no, you
    shouldn't have any problem completing the game without any knowledge of the
    Japanese language (and technically, you don't even really need this guide if
    you don't care about the storyline). That being said though, navigating through
    the game is much easier if you know how to read Kana (i.e. Katakana and
    Hiragana) and can recognize basic Kanji.
    Q: Okaaay, so does that mean that I should learn Japanese or what?
    A: Unless you're a) planning to import more JRPGs, b) have an interest in
    Japan's culture, or c) have a knack for picking up languages, then I'd say no.
    That's a lot of effort for little return, not to mention that it's very
    difficult to learn a foreign language if you're not self-motivated. I mean, be
    honest, how many of you actually remember anything useful from when you were
    forced to take Spanish or whatever in school? However, if you have the time and
    the ambition, don't let the opinion of a jaded old fogey like me discourage
    you. ^_~
    Q: Tell me then, why should I even bother with Tales of Destiny 2?
    A: You know, I originally had this really, really long response to this, but
    after some thinking, I decided that it would be best in this case for me to be
    the translator and for you to be the judge. Go check out some battle clips on
    Youtube and if they interest you even in the least, then give the game a shot;
    even though it's far from being my favorite Tales game, it deserves at least
    one playthrough just because of Loni and Harold. ^^ And then when you finish,
    go play Rebirth if you haven't already. =P
    Q: Why are there so many different versions of this game? What are the
    differences between them and which one should I get?
    A: Okay, if I'm not mistaken, there are 9 different versions of this game to
    date. Just to simplify things though, I will only be focusing on the Japanese
    versions of the game. First, let's start off with the JP PS2 versions: there's
    the original black label release, the Best release, and the Mega Hits release.
    The black label release is riddled with a whole bunch of bugs, the most famous
    one being the title bug. All of these bugs were fixed for the Best and the Mega
    Hits releases. The three releases are otherwise identical, as far as I know.
    There are two versions of the PSP port: the original release and the Best
    release which is came out on January 28, 2010. Again, as far as I know, these
    two releases will be identical to each other. The bugs found in the original
    PS2 version were fixed for the PSP ports as well. The ports have slighter
    better graphics (i.e. the sprites look brighter) both in and out of battle,
    although a bit of lag has been reported when things get hectic on the screen.
    The Grade shop is also much more forgiving (read: affordable) compared to the
    PS2 versions and characters now have full-color Hi-ougi cut-ins instead of the
    monochrome ones (I think you can purchase the PS2 cut-ins via the Grade shop
    though, if you prefer them). In addition, they put in an illustration book and
    I believe that they also added some more cameo battles in the coliseum.
    Finally, you only have to be on your 2nd playthrough to access a certain
    someone's secret Hi-ougi extension in the PSP ports (as opposed to your 3rd
    playthrough in the PS2 versions).
    So which version is better, you ask? I would probably say the PSP version just
    because of the improvements, particularly to the Grade shop. However, keep in
    mind that if you plan on utilizing Cless' patch, then you'll have to get the
    PS2 version. Your call.
    Q: Alright, I'm going to give the game a shot! So, uh, how do I play imports?
    And where can I get them?
    A: If you're interested in the PSP version, then you're in luck. PSP games are
    not region-locked (the UMD movies are, but that's a whole different story), so
    you can literally just pop the disc in and start playing (assuming that your
    firmware is up-to-date, of course). If you're looking into the PS2 version,
    then you basically have 3 options: Swap Magic, modding, or a Japanese PS2. The
    first option is probably the most common method for playing imports and is
    generally the least expensive; however, some people say that it wears down the
    laser on your system and that it can scratch your discs to hell. I've never
    modded my system before, so I couldn't really tell you much about that. A
    Japanese PS2 is likely the most expensive option, but is also the safest since
    you don't have to do anything special to play imports. I personally didn't
    encounter any problems with Swap Magic, so I'd recommend it for first time
    importers (just google Swap Magic and it should bring up a website that has a
    list of places that carry SM; the place I ordered mine from doesn't carry it
    anymore, so I can't recommend any of the sites personally). If you can find a
    JPN PS2 for a decent price though, I'd say go for it. ^^ And a note for you
    PS3 owners: you CANNOT play JPN PS2 games on a US PS3. While Japan and NA are
    in the same region for this generation of consoles, it doesn't change the fact
    that PS2 games still use the old region coding.
    As for where to get the games, it depends on what you're interested in. If it's
    something that's relatively new (generally not more than a year old), then
    Playasia is usually the first place I look. I've been ordering from them for
    years and I haven't had any major issues with them yet (knock on wood). Just be
    aware that if something is listed as having an availability that's longer than
    2 weeks, then there's a fairly high chance that you won't ever get it. Another
    alternative would be good old Flea...er, eBay, especially for the out of print
    stuff like original ToD2 PS2 release. As always though, buyer beware with some
    of those sellers. Other options include himeyashop, yesasia, and deputy
    services such as Shopping Mall Japan, although all of these tend to be much
    more costly than PA and eBay.
    Q: I heard that the Namco's trademark for Tales of Destiny 2 in North America
    has expired. Does that mean that it has no chance of getting localized?
    A: I'll start off with the good news: once a trademark is registered (in the
    US anyway), it NEVER expires. So yes, technically this means that ToD2 will
    always have a chance at getting localized. So what's the bad news then? Well,
    right now, the trademark for Destiny 2 is listed as "abandoned," which is what
    happens when a company fails to file the appropriate paperwork and/or pay the
    fees associated with keeping a trademark active. Bamco has the option of
    activating the trademark at any time, but it's basically going to take some
    extra effort for them to do so. In other words, the fact that the trademark is
    abandoned highly suggests that Bamco has no interest in localizing ToD2 in
    North America any time soon. So yeah, ToD2 is essentially in the same boat as
    Rebirth. No love for Team Destiny over here, let me tell ya.
    Q: When are you going to finish this thing anyway?
    A: When someone figures out exactly how many licks it takes to get to the
    tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop.
    Q: Oh come on, can't you at least give me an estimate or something!?
    A: Well, it took me almost 2 years to translate Rebirth and that's back when I
    had a crapload of spare time and a mountain's worth of motivation (Rebirth's
    my baby, if you haven't figured it out yet ^_^), so you do the guesswork.  I
    swear that it adds a week to the timeline though every time I get asked this.
    Q: What programs did you use to translate ToD2 and edit those spiffy little
    videos of yours?
    A: I use three main things when I translate: a NDS program called Kanji
    Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten to decipher Kanji, Jim Breen's Online Japanese-English
    dictionary for definitions, and dictionary.com for sentence variety. Every once
    in a while, I consult some of my old textbooks from school too.
    For my videos, I currently use Ulead Videostudio version 12.0. I obtained the
    video footage by using a USB capture card.
    Q: You're a little...off, you know that?
    A: If you only knew...*smirk*
    Q: Hey, how can get in contact with you? I have something to ask you and/or
    you made a mistake and I want you to know about it.
    A: I used to have an email account just for these types of situations, but I
    ended up deleting it because it eventually got to the point where I was too
    busy/lazy to check it, which kind of defeats the purpose of having one in the
    first place. Plus I noticed that 95% of the questions that I was getting could
    have been answered on a board and while I hate to sit here and rationalize my
    lazy ass, it's not like I'm the ONLY person in the entire gaming community who
    can tell you how to perform Hi-Ougis or the solution for the sewer puzzle. That
    being said, the best places to post questions would be the ToD2 PS2 or PSP
    boards on GameFAQs (I'm not sure which ones more active at the moment) or the
    Namco Tales forums (register if you haven't already). If you absolutely have to
    reach me personally, you can go through Youtube, but I don't guarantee that
    you'll get an answer. I *am* trying to juggle med school, a family business, an
    eccentric family, a dog, 2 cats, a bird, the remnants of my personal "life," a
    couple of FAQs, my volunteer work, what's left of my sanity, defend the free
    world, nurture world peace, and STILL make it home before my bedtime. Er,
    that's a really horrible run-on sentence, but you get the picture, right?
    Q: Are you planning on translating any other Tales games? Because I'd love you
    for life if you decided to do *insert any Japan-only game here* next! <3<3<3
    A: The short answer is no, not anytime soon. Especially since I'm already
    translating ToDr on the side. I hath enough on my platter, thank you.
    Q: Are you a girl?
    A: I guess there's a bit of confusion over this due to my boorish personality,
    but yes, I'm female.
    Q: I see a whole bunch of weird squiggly-looking symbols instead of
    squiggly-looking Japanese characters. How can I fix this?
    A: This guide is written in a code known as Shift-JIS, so it sounds like your
    PC is set on Western fonts. Right click on the screen and go to "Encoding".
    Then scroll down to the "More" option and select Japanese Shift-JIS. If you're
    having trouble and you happen to be using a Mac, then you're on your own since
    I've only touched a Mac maybe twice in my entire life.
    Q: So what's this Peach Gumi DVD thing I keep hearing about?
    A: It's a special pre-order bonus that came with one of the versions of ToD2
    when it was released (I forget which one, to be honest). As far as I know, it
    hasn't been subbed yet though. You don't have to know Japanese though to
    appreciate seeing Barby with ribbons in his hair though, LOL. And no, I don't
    have any plans to sub the DVD anytime soon, so you can quit giving me the
    puppy eyes.
    4) Basic Controls                                                     [BAS000]
    If you've played a Tales game before (or any RPGs in general), then this
    shouldn't be much of a surprise, but there are different sets of controls
    depending on what screen you're currently on. In ToD2, the four main area
    types are the 3D Field Map screen (aka the overworld Map screen), the normal 2D
    Map screen (this includes towns and most dungeons), the Main Menu screen
    (pressing the TRIANGLE button on the overworld or normal Map screens will bring
    you to this screen), and the Battle screen (this screen is brought up when you
    have a random enemy encounter or you enter a boss/event battle).
    PART A: PS2 CONTROLS                                                  [BASa00]
    Here are the default controls for the PS2 version.
    3D FIELD MAP SCREEN                                                   [BASa01]
    Directional Pad/Left Analog Stick: Used to move your character or the cursor,
                                       and highlight a selection
    Circle Button: Used to make a selection
    X Button: Used for canceling a selection
    Triangle Button: Brings up the Main Menu screen
    L1/R1 Buttons: Lets you rotate the camera angle left and right
    L2 Button: Lets you use the Sorcerer's Scope (assuming that you have it)
    R3 Button: Displays the World Map (again, assuming you have it)
    Right Analog Stick: Lets you rotate the camera angle up and down in addition to
                        left and right (i.e. gives you analog control over the
    Start Button: Turns the navigation map/compass display on/off
    Select Button: Activates Screen Chats
    NORMAL 2D MAP SCREEN                                                  [BASa02]
    Directional Pad/Left Analog Stick: Used to move your character or the cursor,
                                       and highlight a selection
    Circle Button: Used for talking, investigating, making a selection, and moving
                   things when held down and used with the D-pad
    X Button: Used for canceling a selection and for walking when pressed with the
              directional pad/left analog stick
    Triangle Button: Brings up the Main Menu screen
    L1/R1 Buttons: Lets you change the direction that you are facing
    L2 Button: Lets you use the Sorcerer's Scope (assuming that you have it)
    R2 Button: Lets you use the Sorcerer's Ring (again, assuming that you have it)
    R3 Button: Displays the World Map (yes, you have to have this one too)
    Select Button: Activates Screen Chats
    MAIN MENU SCREEN                                                      [BASa03]
    Directional Pad/Left Analog Stick: Used to move the cursor or highlight a
    Circle Button: Used to make a decision (i.e. select an item/choice)
    X Button: Used to cancel a selection or to return to the World Map screen
    Triangle Button: Used to rearrange the menu as well as members of your party
                     NOTE-the first four slots are for your active party members
    Square Button: Used to switch between Active Level Graphs (related to Arte or
    								Spell acquisition)
    Select Button: Switch the Key Help display on/off
    BATTLE SCREEN                                                         [BASa04]
    Directional Pad/Left Analog Stick: Used for movement of your character or the
                                       cursor and highlighting a command
    Circle Button: Used for executing a Normal attack and for making a decision
    X Button: Used for executing an Arte, Ougi, or Spell, and returning to the
              battle screen from the battle menu
    Triangle Button: Displays the battle menu screen and can be used to return to
                     the battle screen
    Square Button: Used to defend (can perform a magic guard when pressed while
                   holding down on the directional pad, or spell cancel when
                   holding up)
    L1 Button: Used to change your battle strategy
    R1 Button: Used to change targets (also displays the enemy's status, if known)
    L2/R2 Buttons: Can be used as Arte/Ougi/Spell shortcuts
    Start Button: Pauses the game
    Select Button: Used to change your battle mode (e.g. auto, semi-auto, and
    PART B: PSP CONTROLS                                                  [BASb00]
    The PSP is lacking a tad in the buttons department, so these may look a bit
    strange (especially if you're used to the PS2 version).
    3D FIELD MAP SCREEN                                                   [BASb01]
    Directional Pad/Analog Stick: Used to move your character or the cursor,
                                  and highlight a selection
    Circle Button: Used to enter the Normal 2D Map Screen and to investigate
    X Button: Used for canceling a selection
    Triangle Button: Brings up the Main Menu screen
    Square Button: When pressed with L--> Uses the Sorcerer's Scope
                   When pressed with R--> Displays the World Map
                   When pressed with the D-pad--> Can move the camera angle left to
                                                  right or up and down
    L/R Buttons: Lets you rotate the camera
    L + R: Switches between camera angles
    L2 Button: Lets you use the Sorcerer's Scope (assuming that you have it)
    R3 Button: Displays the World Map (again, assuming you have it)
    Start Button: Turns the navigation map/compass display on/off
    Select Button: Activates Screen Chats
    NORMAL 2D MAP SCREEN                                                  [BASb02]
    Directional Pad/Analog Stick: Used to move your character or the cursor,
                                  and highlight a selection
    Circle Button: Used for talking, investigating, making a selection, and moving
                   things when held down and used with the D-pad
    X Button: Used for canceling a selection and for walking when pressed with the
    Triangle Button: Brings up the Main Menu screen
    Square Button: Lets you change the direction that you are facing when used with
                   the D-pad
    L Button: Lets you use the Sorcerer's Scope (assuming that you have it)
    R Button: Lets you use the Sorcerer's Ring (again, assuming that you have it)
    Select Button: Activates Screen Chats
    MAIN MENU SCREEN                                                      [BASb03]
    Directional Pad: Used to move the cursor or highlight a selection
    Analog Stick: Lets you scroll through the lists
    Circle Button: Used to make a decision (i.e. select an item/choice)
    X Button: Used to cancel a selection or exit the main menu screen
    Triangle Button: Used to rearrange the menu as well as members of your party,
                     and remove equipment
                     NOTE-the first four slots are for your active party members
    Square Button: Lets you switch between item descriptions
    L/R Buttons: Lets you change characters
    Start Button: Temporarily turns off the Key Help display (useful when it's in
                  the way of something you're trying to read)
    Select Button: Switch the Key Help display on/off
    BATTLE SCREEN                                                         [BASb04]
    Directional Pad/Analog Stick: Used for movement of your character or the
                                  cursor and highlighting a command
    Circle Button: Used for executing a Normal attack and for making a decision
    X Button: Used for executing an Arte, Ougi, or Spell, and returning to the
              battle screen from the battle menu
    Triangle Button: Displays the battle menu screen and can be used to return to
                     the battle screen
    Square Button: Used to defend (can perform a magic guard when pressed while
                   holding down on the directional pad, or spell cancel when
                   holding up)
    L Button: Shortcut 1
    R Button: Shortcut 2
    Start Button: Used to change targets (also displays the enemy's status, if
                  NOTE: I personally think this is annoying as hell, so I recommend
                        switching this with your Shortcut 2 or something.
    Select Button: Used to change your battle mode (e.g. auto, semi-auto, and
    5) Menu Options Translation                                           [MEN000]
    Note that the intended purpose of this section is not to tell you how to use
    the menu options; I'm just giving you a quick translation so that you can
    navigate through it a little easier. If you have questions about how to assign
    Artes and stuff like that, then please consult the other ToD2 FAQs.
    First Line, from left to right:
    術技 (Artes), エンチャント (Enchant), 作戦 (Tactics/Strategy), 料理 (Cooking),
    カスタム (Customize), ライブラリ (Library, PSP only)
    Second Line, from left to right:
    アイテム (Item), 装備 (Equipment),  リファイン(Refine), ステータス (Status),
    ロード (Load, PSP only), セーブ (Save)
    6) Storyline and Screen Chats Translation                             [STO000]
    This goes without saying, but there are obviously major spoilers in this
    section, so don't scroll too far ahead if you don't want anything ruined for
    you. One note about the Screen Chats (SCs)...I have them numbered here for my
    convenience, but this is not necessarily the same order that you're going to
    get in if you play the game (especially for the ones that show up in large
    clumps). Don't worry about the shortcuts that I left in either. I will put some
    squigglies (~) in between groups of SCs though to make it a bit easier to
    navigate through this. Also, if I didn't trigger a SC for my videos, then I
    won't have an entry for it. Sorry, but there're at least 800 SCs by my count in
    this game and I'm already a third of the way through my life expectancy here.
    Now, onto the part that everyone actually cares about!
    <Opening Movie>
    Stahn: Dymlos...
    Dymlos: It is fine, Stahn, really.
    Dymlos: We have lived far too long.
    Voice: And then...18 years passed...
    Cinnamon: Hurry, hurry!
    Basil: Kyle, c'mere, quick!!
    Yuni: Augh!
    Kyle: You alright!?
    Cinnamon: Hurry it up already, Kyle!
    Kyle: I know!
    Kyle: You can get up, right? C'mon, let's go!
    Yuni: Okay!
    Cinnamon: Aaahh!!
    Basil: N, now what...
    Kyle: Oh great, a pincer attack!
    Kyle: And since when have these things been showing up this close to the
    Cinnamon: Hang in there, everybody! We're gonna band together and fight with
    Basil: T, there's just no way we can do that!
    Yuni: Ah, look out, Kyle!!
    Kyle's Voice: Owwie~!!
    Basil: Yay~! We won, we won, we won again!
    Cinnamon: Geez, whadduya think you're doin'! There's no point in doing this if
              you're gonna let yourself get beat up like that, Kyle!
    Cinnamon: You're the son of the hero, Stahn, aren't you? Get your act together
              a little better, will ya! For crying out loud...
    Kyle: Ha ha, sorry, my bad. I have a ways to go before I'll be like my dad.
    Cinnamon: Ya know what though? Playing nothin' but make-believe everyday is so
              bo~ring. It doesn't help that Kyle's being like this either.
    Cinnamon:...Wait, that's it! Let's try goin' on a real adventure today!
    Yuni: Ah, me like that! I'm with him!
    Basil: B, but there are monsters outside of the town, you know!? It'll be
           dangerous if we're by ourselves...
    Cinnamon: It'll be fine! If any beasties show up, then we'll just run away and
    Cinnamon: And besides, Kyle said that he'd protect us if it came down to it!
              Ain't that right?
    Kyle: Yeah! Just leave things to the world's next great hero, Kyle Dunamis!
    Kyle: Alright then, we're leaving town to go on an adventure! Everyone, don't
          leave my side for even a second! Is that clear!
    Yuni: I'm scared, Kyle...
    Kyle: It's alright! No matter what happens, I will...definitely protect you,
          just watch!
    Kyle: Gwah!!
    Cinnamon: Kyle!!
    Kyle:...I'll protect you...no matter what...
    ??: Good grief...that was a close one, wasn't it, Kyle.
    Kyle: Eh?
    ??: Enter the amazing Loni Dunamis...as they say, anyway.
    Kyle: Loni...!
    Cinnamon: Ah, it's Big Brother Loni!
    Loni: Yo! You guys go take some cover for a little bit.
    Loni: Kyle, we'll talk later. Let's do something about this sucker first!
    Kyle: R, right!
    <After The Fight>
    Cinnamon: Lon~~~i!
    Yuni: You should have told us that you were coming back!
    Loni: I thought I'd surprise you guys, so I kept it a secret.
    Loni: But I didn't think that I'd be the one who would wind up getting
          surprised. Honestly, you scared the crap out of me!
    Kyle: Loni...thank good...ness...
    H, hey, you alright!? Kyle! Kyle!!
    Kyle: Nn...ugh, w, where are we...?
    Loni: You awake, Kyle? We've already arrived in Cresta, so no need to worry. I
          went ahead and sent the kids on home.
    Loni: Oh yeah, and I told them to keep what happened earlier under wraps too.
          We'd be in some serious hot water if Ms. Rutee ever found out.
    Kyle:...Man, I'm sorry, Loni. I ended up causing nothing but trouble for you
         even though we haven't seen each other in ages...
    Loni: Trouble? Ha ha! Don't be such a stranger, Kyle. You 'n' me are pals,
          aren't we?
    Loni: And besides, I pretty much dumped the orphanage on you and all after I
          joined the Church of Atamoni.
    Loni: It ain't much in terms of atonement, but something like this is nothing.
          Don't sweat it.
    Kyle: Loni...
    Loni: Why don't we try to take a stroll through town before returning to the
          orphanage? It's been a minute, so I want to see everyone.
    Kyle: Let's do that then....or rather, Loni, isn't it about time that you put
          me down?
    Loni: Hm? It doesn't really matter if we stay like this, does it? Your weight
          brings back memories for some reason.
    Kyle: D, don't be stupid! Quit treating me like a child!
    Loni: Ha ha ha! I gotcha, I gotcha.
    Loni: Well, you comin', Kyle?
    Loni acquired the title "Good Bro." You can activate Screen Chats by pressing
    the SELECT button on the map screen. Hints indicating where you should go next,
    amusing conversations between your characters, and other various dialogues take
    place during the Screen Chats. Try pushing the SELECT button in different
    Screen Chat #1 [SC001]
    「懐かしき街」 Home Sweet Home
    Loni: How about returning to the orphanage after sweeping through the town
    Kyle: Why? Don't you want to go back right away? I'm sure that mom will be
          thrilled to see you.
    Loni: Oh, I want to hurry on home, trust me. But what it boils down to is, hmm,
          how do I put it...it'd be awkward in a weird sort of way if I did that.
    Loni: Besides, there are some people that I want to say hi to and everything.
    Kyle: Hmm...is that right?
    Loni: You'll understand once you've been away from this place for a while.
    Screen Chat #2 [SC002]
    「おかえり!」 Welcome Back!
    Loni: Say, Kyle, did anything unusual happen while I was gone?
    Kyle: Anything unusual? Now that you mention it, mom has been awfully
          distressed lately...
    Loni: What!? Ms. Rutee has? Don't tell me that she's having trouble managing
          the orphanage, or...
    Loni: Ah! There'd better not be some persistent man who's making passes at
    Kyle: No, no, you've got it all wrong. She just made a huge fuss about how
          she's "getting more wrinkles."
    Loni: What, you mean you were talking about wrinkles...I thought that it was a
          much bigger problem from the way you exaggerated things.
    Kyle: But it looked like it was a big deal to her.
    Loni: Don't be stupid! Her beauty is such that it won't be overshadowed by a
          couple of measly wrinkles.
    Screen Chat #3 [SC003]
    「あいさつまわり」 Making The Rounds
    Loni: How about returning to the orphanage after saying hello to everyone in
    <As You Approach The Orphanage>
    Loni: I haven't been here in forever, but...
    Loni:...I see that things are as run-down as ever.
    Kyle: Not everything's the same as when you left, Loni.
    Kyle: We've got leaks in three more places and recently, the floorboards gave
    Loni:...Aw man, what I wouldn't give for that rumor to be true. We could fix
         this place up in a jiffy if it were.
    Kyle: That rumor?
    Loni: There's a place called the Laguna Ruins around here, right? They say that
          a humongous Lens was discovered on the top floor.
    Loni: The Church of Atamoni got ahold of this information too and an
          investigation team's already on its way to Darilshade. I'm acting as
          their escort.
    Kyle: Okay, but what does that have to do with the orphanage?
    Loni: Heh heh...you'll be shocked when you hear this. Word has it that the Lens
          is worth...slightly over 3,000,000 Gald.
    Kyle: T, three million Gald!?
    Loni: In any case, we could rebuild this orphanage if we only had that Lens.
          That means that Ms. Rutee could live the easy life too.
    Kyle: Alright, let's go, Loni!
    Loni: By "go," you don't mean...Hey, you're not planning on going to the ruins,
          are you!?
    Kyle: Yup!
    Loni: Now listen here...keep in mind that this is just a rumor. A r-u-m-o-r!
    Loni: And besides, even on the off-chance that it's true, the Church of Atamoni
          won't let you out of its sight if you swipe that thing, you know!?
    Kyle: But Loni, you were thinking about searching for it, weren't you? That's
          why you took on the job as their escort, am I right?
    Loni: Ack!
    Kyle: But this is you we're talking about here, so...
    Kyle: "I can't cause any trouble for Kyle and Ms. Rutee."
    Kyle:...You thought something along those lines and had
    every intention to go looking for it by yourself, right?
    Loni: Double ack!
    Kyle: Now who's being the stranger! We're buddies, aren't we!
    Loni:...Good grief. They weren't kidding when they said that the mouth is the
         root of misfortune, were they...
    Loni: I hear ya, Kyle. I'll take you with me.
    Kyle: Now that's more like it!
    Loni: But! Only after we get Ms. Rutee's permission.
    Kyle: I gotcha already! Then I have to talk to mom right away. Let's go, Loni!
    Kyle and Loni acquired the title "Dunamis Family."
    Screen Chat #4 [SC004]
    「母に...」 To Mom...
    Loni: Now then, I'd better go see Ms. Rutee as soon as possible. I'm guessing
          that you're dying to talk to her about the adventure anyway, right?
    Kyle: Yup, of course!
    <On The Roof Of The Orphanage>
    Kyle: Ah, there she is. Mo...
    Loni: Wait a sec, Kyle. Hear me out for a bit.
    Kyle: Ooh, that's a great idea. Let's do it, Loni!
    Kyle: Ready, set...
    Kyle & Loni: BOO!
    Rutee: Wah!
    Rutee: Kyle! You naughty little...!!
    Loni: Heh heh heh...I'm back, Ms. Rutee.
    Rutee: Oh honestly, you naughty boy! You haven't sent us a single letter since
           you went off to join the Church of Atamoni and...! I was worried sick,
           you idiot!
    Loni: W, wait just a minute, Ms. Rutee! I-I can't breaze...! Gwaaaaahhh...!!
    Rutee: Ah ha ha, that certainly sounds like something you'd do! But then didn't
           you get chewed out by the higher-ups?
    Loni: Yeah, they really gave me a piece of their minds. Like it matters though
          since I've gotten used to it.
    Loni: But let me tell you, there's something about the way they do things that
          just ain't right. The folks who have Lens take precedence over prayer and
          the treatment of illnesses.
    Loni: Wasn't the Church of Atamoni supposed to help people from all walks of
    Rutee: Well, that's...
    Loni: And every last bit of it is because of that Elraine lady. The Church has
          completely changed ever since she came along...
    Rutee: Loni...
    Kyle: Hey Loni, never mind that stuff. It's okay to ask her now, isn't it?
    Rutee: Ask me what?
    Kyle: You see, Loni said that he's going to the Laguna Ruins! And he's bringing
          me along with him!
    Rutee: Eh?
    Loni: Well, I tried to stop him once, but you know how he's the type who never
          listens to anyone, so...
    Kyle: Oh c'mon, it's okay for me to go, right?
    Rutee: No way, absolutely not. Don't put Loni on the spot like that. I bet
           you'd just get in his way if you went anyway.
    Kyle: That's not true!
    Kyle: For one thing, Mom, you were already a pretty good Lens Hunter when you
          were about my age...
    Kyle: And besides, I have dad's blood flowing within me! I won't be in his way
          at all!
    Rutee:...That's what worries me the most, you know. The fact that you have
          Stahn's blood in you, that is...
    Loni: Ms. Rutee...
    Rutee: In any case, this conversation is over! It's still way too early for you
           to be going on an adventure or whatever you want to call it!
    Loni:...You heard the lady. Can't be helped, I guess. Methinks it'd be best if
         we pretended that this little chat never took place...
    Kyle: No, I'm going to the Laguna Ruins no matter what!
    Kyle: I've decided to protect this place until dad comes back. That's why I'm
          going to bring back that Lens even if it's the last thing I do!
    Screen Chat #5 [SC005]
    「寝る子は寝てる」 A Sleepy Child Goes To Sleep
    Kyle: For now...I'm going to sleep.
    <As You Enter Your Room>
    Kyle: Well then, what am I gonna do?
    もう寝る Go to bed<--Choose this option to advance the storyline
    まだ眠くない I'm still not sleepy
    Kyle: A 3,000,000 Gald Lens...huh. I betcha everyone would be surprised if I
          came back with that thing.
    Kyle: Mom may have said those things about me, but I'm definitely going to
          prove her wrong someday and become a hero just like dad.
    Kyle: And in order to do that, tomorrow, I need to...
    ?????: Stahn and Rutee, I presume? Two of the four heroes who saved the world
           from that cataclysm some time ago...
    Stahn: What're you after!? Is it money? Lens?
    ?????: Your wretched lives...!
    Rutee: Kyle, Loni! You two get out of here!!
    Kyle's Voice: Uwaaaahh!
    Rutee: Wah!
    Rutee: Geez, don't scare me like that! You let out a big scream all of a
    Rutee: Oh well, no matter. It saved me the trouble of having to wake you up and
    Rutee: But I must say, it certainly is unusual for you to be wide awake first
           thing in the morning. It might even snow today...
    Rutee:...*sigh*. So things turned out the same way in the end, huh?
    Rutee: Here I go...Master Arte, Wake The Dead!!
    Kyle: Aaahh! W, w, what the!?
    Rutee: Come on now, rise and shine! You DO want to have some breakfast, don't
    Rutee: Ah, I almost forgot to tell you that Loni's already awake. He's waiting
           for you to get up...
    Rutee: KYLE!
    Kyle: Y, yes ma'am! I'm awake, I'm awake!
    Rutee:...Very well then.
    Kyle: *yawns*...What was the deal with that dream...
    Kyle:...*yawns*...Nnn...for now, I hafta go to where Loni is...
    Kyle acquired the title "Sleepyhead."
    Screen Chat #6 [SC006]
    「大あくび」 The Great Yawn
    Kyle: *YAWNS*...umm...today, I'm going to go with Loni to...where was it again?
    <When You Go Downstairs>
    Kyle: *yawns*...G'morning, Loni...
    Loni: Hey there, Kyle. You're up rather early, aren't ya. I guess your days as
          a sleepyhead are ov--...
    Loni: Not over...from the looks of things.
    Loni: Oh well, whatever. Now's my chance to sneak off to the Laguna Ruins...
    Kyle: Laguna Ruins...that's right! Loni, where're you going!? Are you heading
          out already?
    Loni:...The mouth really is the root of misfortune after all.
    Loni: Alright, Kyle, you win. I'll take you with me.
    Loni: But! If I think that we're in over our heads, we're turning back
          immediately. That clear?
    Kyle: Okay, okay! I get the message!
    Loni: Good grief...listen up, we're going to be leaving soon, so we need to
          make some arrangements.
    Loni: We should go to the store and stock up on anything that we're short on.
          You got that, Kyle?
    Screen Chat #7 [SC007]
    「遺跡探索」 Hunt For The Ruins
    Kyle: Hey Loni, it's great that you're going to the Laguna Ruins to search for
          the Lens and all, but won't the Church fire you if they find out about
    Loni: Eh, it'll be fine as long as they don't find out.
    Kyle: But what if they do? You were so happy that you finally became a knight,
          so why take the risk...
    Loni: I thought that if I became a knight, I'd be protecting people who needed
          it like Ms. Rutee and you guys. But in reality, the only people I've been
          protecting are from the Church...Heh, if that's always gonna be the case,
          then I'll be more relieved than anything else if they end up giving me
          the ax.
    Kyle: Oh, okay. Then you've got nothing to worry about even if they do find
    Loni: That ain't to say that I'll be better off if they do find me though, ya
    Screen Chat #8 [SC008]
    「準備良し」 All Set To Go
    Loni: Hey Kyle, you all set?
    Kyle: Hold on, give me a sec here...1, 2, 3, 4~! 1, 2, 3, 4~!
    Loni: I ain't talking about a warm-up! I'm asking if you made sure to gather
          all of the equipment and items that we'll need! For crying out loud, the
          ruins are crawling with monsters, you know.
    Kyle: Ah...ah ha ha ha...geez, lighten up. Even I know that.
    Screen Chat #9 [SC009]
    「ラグナ遺跡ってどこ?」 Where Are The Laguna Ruins?
    Kyle: Let's go search for the giant Lens in the Laguna Ruins that's worth
          3,000,000 Gald!
    Loni: The ruins are to the south of Cresta. There's something that looks like a
          tower in the middle of the forest, remember? That's the place.
    Kyle: Alright, let's go!
    <On The World Map>
    Screen Chat #10 [SC010]
    「目印」 Landmark
    Kyle: La la la la la~!
    Loni: Hey Kyle, hold on a sec.
    Kyle: Hm? What for?
    Loni: You've been trotting along for some time now, but do you know exactly
          where the ruins are?
    Kyle: Yup! I went by there once a really long time ago. I left some bread
          crumbs behind as a landmark, so as long as we find those, then all we
          have to do is follow them and...
    Loni: You're such an idiot! Like there'd be any way that those bread crumbs
          would still be there. Take a good look at the map! The map!...Okay,
          listen up. This is Cresta. And if you head southeast from there, it goes
          to the Laguna Ruins. You got that?
    Screen Chat #11 [SC011]
    「注意散漫」 Utterly Distracted
    Kyle: Aaahh!?
    Loni: What's wrong, Kyle! Did some monsters come out or something!?
    Kyle: Oh my god, look, Loni! I've never seen a bird that color before, have
    Loni: Oh, brother. Don't go screaming about every little thing you come across.
          Listen up, you're gonna see a whole buttload of those kinds of things
          from now on, so...
    Kyle: Whoa, there's a monitor lizard over there! You hardly ever get to see
    Loni: As I was saying...hey now, listen to people when they're talking to you!
          Where're you going! That's in the completely opposite direction of the
          ruins...H, hey, wait up, Kyle! You stupid idiot~!!
    Screen Chat #12 [SC012]
    「父の背中を追って」 Chasing Dad's Back
    Kyle: I heard from mom that dad also went on an adventure when he was around my
          age...I wonder if that means that I'll be able to become a hero sometime
    Loni: Boy, talk about naive! You're greatly mistaken if you think you can
          become a hero that easily, Kyle.
    Kyle: Geez, what's with you! And why are you so convinced that I won't be able
          to become one anyway!
    Loni: Ain't nobody sayin' that you can't become one. I'm only saying that you
          need a hell of a lot more practice, that's all. Listen to me and just
          think about it for a minute. No one would appreciate heroes if it were
          that easy to become one, now would they? Not many people have what it
          takes to be a hero, which is why everyone dreams about becoming one.
    Kyle: Oh yeah, I guess you have a point there...
    Loni: In other words, if you wanna become a hero, then you have to train 100
          times harder than everyone else.
    Kyle: A 100 times, huh! Alright then! Now that that's decided, let's get moving
          and run all the way to the ruins!
    Loni: H, hey! Don't be goin' off by yourself!! *sigh*...Man, there ain't no
          tellin' how screwed this kid would've been if I wasn't still with him...
    Screen Chat #13 [SC013]
    「古代の秘宝」 Hidden Treasure From Ancient Times
    Kyle: By the way, about how big is it inside of the ruins?
    Loni: Hmm, hard to say, really. Well, it does have a giant Lens in it, so it's
          gotta be pretty freakin' big, right?
    Kyle: Say, do you suppose there's any chance that there might be something else
          besides the Lens!? Maybe there's a hidden treasure from ancient times
          sleeping in there or something. Ah, one of those old machines sure would
          be nice too! What're we going to do if we end up discovering something
          amazing that no one's ever seen before? Wow, now I'm really looking
          forward to this! But even if we do find something like that, I wonder if
          the two of us will be able to bring it back? Dang it, I guess I should've
          brought a larger bag...Ah! We can always go back and pick one up later if
          necessary...no, there's a possibility that those guys from the Church
          will show up while we're doing that...
    Loni: Good grief, it's just beyond me how you can get all stirred up like that.
          We haven't even reached the ruins yet, ya know...
    <As You Enter The Ruins>
    Kyle: You said that an investigation team is coming, but I don't see 'em
          anywhere, do you?
    Loni: It appears that we somehow managed to get here before they did...and
          speak of the devil, here they come. Kyle, hide!
    Commander: So these are the ruins where the gigantic Lens is said to be.
    Church Member: Yes sir! I personally observed the Lens during a previous visit,
                   so I can attest to its presence here!
    Church Member: It is believed that these ruins date back to the era where
                   cities were constructed out of Lenses.
    Commander: And that is why you say that there is nothing strange about a Lens
               being here?...I somehow have my doubts.
    Church Member: I hope that you will be able to believe us once you see the
                   actual item. The Lens is inside here.
    Church Member: Hey, bring out the Sorcerer's Scope.
    Kyle: What're we gonna do...those guys will end up taking the Lens if we don't
    Loni: Be that as it may, entering the ruins from the front is chancy. We may
          accidentally bump into them.
    Kyle: Then how about that tunnel over there?
    Loni: Hm...that looks like it just might work. Kyle, let's get moving!
    Screen Chat #14 [SC014]
    「トラップ」 Trap
    Loni: Dammit! According to my calculations, we were supposed to nab the Lens
          before the Church people got here...
    Kyle: Well, it was one of your plans, so it's no wonder that things didn't pan
    Loni: Geh! You're the last person I want to hear that from!
    Kyle: Hey, I know! Let's go on ahead and set up a trap! If we do that, then we
          can carry the Lens away before they get there.
    Loni: And what kind of trap do you suggest we use?
    Kyle: Like a pitfall or something...
    Loni: I seem to recall a certain 8 year old saying that he was going to catch a
          monster but instead fell into the pit himself.
    Kyle: Or we could make them lose their way by putting up some fake signs...
    Loni: I seem to recall a certain 10 year old doing the same thing and when he
          was finished, he couldn't figure out how to get back home.
    Kyle: At...at any rate, we can always find it before they do and make a fast
          break out of here!
    Loni: Well, it ain't like we've got any other choice...
    Screen Chat #15 [SC015]
    「備えあれば」 Well-Prepared?
    Loni: Hey Kyle. You DID make sure to pack enough supplies for this trip, right?
          It'll be no joke if push comes to shove and we can't heal ourselves, ya
    Kyle: What are you saying, Loni! Sheesh, have some faith in me every once in a
          while, will ya...see, we'll be plenty fine! Hm? We'll be fine...right?
          ...Are we going to okay?
    Loni: Man, don't be askin' me that!
    Screen Chat #16 [SC016]
    「トンズラー家物語」 The Tale Of The Fleeing Family
    Loni: Well then, let's go claim that Lens before the Church does and get the
          hell out of here!
    <Partway Through The Ruins>
    Commander: What's this now? This way is a dead end, is it not!
    Church Member: I was able to pass through here before, but...it would appear
                   that the path has completely collapsed. Please bear in mind that
                   this place is old, to say the least...
    Commander: Of course they're old, they're ruins! Honestly, all this hassle over
               a fool's errand...let's search for a different route!
    <As You Approach The Chest>
    Kyle: Oh my god, look, Loni! It's a treasure chest! I wonder what could be
          inside? Maybe it's the Lens!?
    You received an Apple Gumi.
    Loni: Well, I guess it wouldn't be much of a treasure if it were that easy to
          get ahold of, right?
    Kyle: What was that!?
    Kyle & Loni: Uwaaaaahh---!?
    Loni: Damn, that hurt like a mother...hey, Kyle, you alright?
    Kyle: Yeah, somehow...
    Kyle:...Whoa! We really fell a long way, didn't we. Aw man, we can't reach
    Loni: I wonder where the heck we are? A lot of stuff seems to have fallen down
          here, but...
    Kyle: Yeah, no kidding...there really is a little bit of everything, isn't
    Loni: We should be able to find something that we can use to climb back up with
          this much crap laying around.
    Screen Chat #17 [SC017]
    「大落下」 The Great Fall
    Kyle: Geez...what's the big idea anyway? What person in their right mind would
          build something like a pitfall in a place that appears to have treasure!
    Loni: That's precisely why someone would have one built in a place like this,
          doncha think...
    <As You Approach The Device To The South>
    Kyle: What's this thing? It looks like it's still running.
    Loni: This's...a machine from the Aeth'er Wars. I saw it once in one of the
          books at the shrine.
    Loni: If I remember correctly, it's supposed to be either an assay or x-ray
    Kyle: As-sey? Ex-ray? What're those?
    Loni: Well, here, just watch. For example, if I insert this bandana like so...
    An object which mainly adorns the head but can also be used for other purposes
    Loni: If we put something into this opening, then it'll tell us what it is.
    Loni: Which means that it'll be easier for us to find something that we can use
          to climb up out of here if we put this sucker to use.
    Kyle: Ooh, spiffy! Hey Loni, I wanna give it a try too!
    Loni: Okay then, Kyle. Stand in front of "something that looks movable" and
          press the CIRCLE button.
    Loni: You can drag things if you move while holding down the CIRCLE button.
          Then just pop 'em inside this machine.
    Screen Chat #18 [SC018]
    「物を動かす方法」 How To Move Things
    Loni: Listen up, Kyle. Face "something that looks movable" and press the CIRCLE
          button. If you hold down the CIRCLE button while you move, you can walk
          and drag stuff along with you.
    <As You Approach The Tree In The Northwest Corner>
    Kyle: It appears that we could ascend from here if we had some kind of tool!
    <Approaching The Tree After Having The Rope Analyzed>
    Loni: I bet we could climb up if we tossed the rope onto that branch.
    Kyle: Gotcha, I'll give it a shot!
    Kyle: Alright!
    Screen Chat #19 [SC019]
    「ゴージャス孤児院」 Gorgeous Orphanage	
    Kyle: Gosh, just a little bit longer until that 3,000,000 Gald Lens is in our
          hands! If we had that much money, then mom wouldn't have to work ever
    Loni: Yeah, she could spend away to her heart's content.
    Kyle: What if she decided to spend it all away and ended up building 50 more
    Loni: Don't be stupid! If she did that, it'd take an entire day just to clean
          the bloody things!
    <As You Enter The Room With The Large Hole In The Back>
    Kyle: A dead end?
    Loni: Looks like this's a wild goose chase.
    Kyle:...Ugh, my legs feel like lead.
    Loni:...Kyle, get back!
    <In-Battle Dialogue>
    Loni: Let's go, Kyle. Don't chicken out on me now!
    Kyle: You don't have to tell me that!
    Loni: Don't think that you can win this by sticking with attacks!
    Loni: Keep tabs on your own Spirit Points (SP) at all times!
    Loni: And make sure that you guard often!
    Kyle: Just leave things to me!
    <After The Fight>
    Screen Chat #20 [SC020]
    「急を要する」 Need For Speed
    Loni: The people from the Church might've noticed that battle earlier...Kyle,
          let's pick up the pace and search for the Lens!!
    <In The Following Room>
    Kyle: This is...the Lens!? It's gimongous...!
    Loni: Yeah, there ain't no question that this sucker's worth 3,000,000 Gald...
    Loni: W, what the!?
    <During The Cutscene>
    Loni: Don't just stand there!
    Kyle: T, the Lens, it...
    Kyle: Um, who in the world are you...?
    Girl: A hero...yes, I'm searching for a hero. Like the ones who are recorded in
          history...No, a hero who is capable of changing history itself.
    Kyle: A hero!? A hero!! Then you've already found one!
    Girl: Are you a...?
    Kyle: Yeah, you bet! I'm not one yet, but I'm sure that someday...No, I'm
          definitely going to become a great hero, just you watch! See, here's my
          proof! Take a look at this birthmark. It's in the same spot as dad's. I'm
          Kyle Dunamis. Nice to meet you. What's your name? Where did you come
          from? O, oh, and what business do you have with the world's next great
          hero? If people are in need of my help, then... W, wait just a minute!
    Girl: You're not a hero, not even close.
    Kyle: Eh?
    Girl: That much I can tell.
    Kyle: "You can tell"...? How!?
    Girl: You're not the hero that I'm searching for...
    <After The Scene>
    Kyle: Ah, wait up, you! Hey, I said wait!
    Loni: What the hell was that all about? Oh look, I just popped out of a Lens
          all of a sudden. Oh look, I'm just going to leave as if nothing happened.
    Loni: And then she goes and tops it off with "I'm searching for a hero"?
    Kyle: Let's go after her, Loni!
    Loni: Go after her...you mean after that girl!?
    Kyle: C'mon, let's go, hurry!
    Screen Chat #21 [SC021]
    「あの子を追いかけろ」 Chase After That Girl
    Kyle: We're chasing after that girl. We'll end up losing her if we just stand
    <As You Try To Leave The Room>
    Loni: Gah! Christ on a...
    Commander: Identify yourselves, you rogues! What do you think you're doing
    Church Member: T, this is terrible! The Lens, it has disappeared!
    Commander: What! What do you mean!?
    Church Member: I am certain that I saw a gigantic Lens in this room during my
                   last visit! It has vanished without a trace...
    Commander: What have you done with the Lens!? Come now, speak up!
    Kyle: H, hell if I know! It's not like we have the foggiest idea about what's
          going on either!
    Kyle: This girl came out of nowhere, the Lens broke, and then...
    Commander: Wha...! What manner of a fool would shatter a precious Lens of that
    Commander: You there, arrest this person! And that man as well!!
    Church Member: C, Commander! This person is Loni Dunamis!!
    Loni:...Ho boy...
    Commander: You lout...why are you, a military escort, in the company of a
               thief!? Explain yourself!
    Kyle: Are you calling me a thief!?
    Commander: Who else would I be referring to!
    Kyle: I'm not some sort of thief!
    Commander: All thieves say that! Now then, you'll be coming with us. And you as
               well, Loni!
    Loni:...If this's...then...!
    Commander: Did you not hear me, Loni Dunamis!
    Loni:...That's it, I've had it up to here with you people!
    Loni: If this's how ya want it, then I'm bustin' my way outta here! Come with
          me, Kyle!
    Kyle: Loni!
    Commander: Take them to Darilshade! Make them disclose the whereabouts of the
               Lens by any means necessary!
    Church Member: Yes sir!
    Loni: Hey, I know you're out there! What's the big idea, locking us up in
          prison without even listening to our side of the story!
    Loni: Hey, I'm not screaming for my health here! Bring out the person in
    Loni: Dammit! Well, that was a complete flop. Never would've guessed that
          things would wind up like this...
    Kyle: Nhh...w, where are we...?
    Kyle: Lemme think, we went to the Laguna Ruins and found the Lens, but it
          shattered into pieces and we got caught by the Church of Atamoni...
    Kyle:...Huh? What happened after that again?
    Loni:...Boy, ain't got a care in the world, do you.
    Loni: As you can see, we've been thrown in a cell. I'm guessing that we're
          probably in the jail underneath Darilshade.
    Kyle: Eh?
    Loni: He's laughing...
    Loni: H, hey, Kyle!? What's wrong!? Did they hit you on the head too!? C'mere,
          let me take a look at it!
    Kyle: No, no, Loni, it's not that. It's just that I'm really happy right about
          now! I mean, my adventure's finally begun!
    Loni: Adventure...?
    Kyle: The moment that girl appeared, I thought to myself, "My adventure has
    Kyle: I mean, she came out of a Lens and said "I'm searching for a hero," you
    Kyle: All we did was...no, even though all we did was talk to her, look at
          everything that's happened! And it all took place right before my very
    Kyle: Wait, I know, Loni! When we get back to Cresta, I'm going on a journey.
    Loni: Journey...?
    Kyle: Yup, a journey full of adventure in order to become a hero!
    Kyle: I'm the one that girl is searching for! I might not be the one right now,
          but...I know! It's the future me!
    Kyle: I'm going to go tell her that...no, I'm going to make her see that!
    Loni: The future you...huh. Heh...can't say that has such a bad ring to it.
    Loni: Alrighty then! I'm gonna keep you company on that journey of yours!
    Kyle: Eh!? But Loni, you're in the Church of Atamoni...
    Loni: I'm cutting ties with those jerks. This incident really taught me
          something: that place ain't where I belong!
    Loni: The place where I belong is...Kyle, by your side...and that's why I'm
          goin' along with ya.
    Kyle: Loni...
    Loni: And besides, you could say that I think of myself as a substitute for
          Sta...your father.
    Loni: Ever since that day...
    Kyle: That day...?
    ?????: Hm hm hm...Ha ha ha ha!
    Kyle: Who's there!?
    ?????: Do you seriously think that you can become a hero? If so, then you're
           about as green as they come.
    Kyle: Hey, why can't I become a hero!?
    ?????: Hmph, it's a simple matter, really.
    ?????: The title of hero is awarded to a person by the masses based on his or
           her past achievements.
    ?????: It's not something that you try to become, much less something that you
           can become just by wanting to become one.
    Loni: Well, someone sure sounds like Mr. Know-It-All, now doesn't he. You even
          talk as if you're a hero yourself.
    ?????: I'm not a hero. But I know of at least four people who are characterized
           as being heroes.
    Loni: Four people? Oh ho ho~...The thing is, we don't just know about them,
          we're personally acquainted with two of them!
    Loni: Anyhow, I guess we owe that to the fact that they're his parents.
    ?????: Your parents are...heroes!?.......! I see, you're their...!
    Loni: Heh heh~! I take it that the shock has left you at a loss for words, eh?
    Kyle: Never mind that, Loni, let's hurry up and get back to Cresta! If we
          don't, then we can't go on an adventure...
    Loni: Alright already. That being said though, the door to this cell is built
          like a friggin' rock...
    ?????: Hey, you two.
    Loni: Whaddaya want? We're busy here, can't ya tell?
    ?????: You want to leave this place, am I right? In that case, I have a great
    Kyle: Really!? What's this great idea of yours!?
    Loni: Hey now, Kyle, don't go trusting what this guy has to say.
    Loni: You see how the guy's hiding his face behind a mask? There's no tellin'
          what the man's thinking, you know?
    Kyle: But that girl is just going to get farther and farther away from us if we
          sit around in a place like this! I want to hurry up and start on my
    Loni:...Fine, I hear ya. Do as you please.
    Kyle: It's settled then! So, tell us about it! Um...
    ?????: My name?...Things such as names are meaningless to me.
    ?????: You two can call me whatever you'd like.
    Kyle: Okay then...Judas!
    Judas: Judas...huh. Oh well, I'll just have to deal with it.
    Loni: So, Mr. Judas, how do you intend to escape from this lovely place?
    Judas: A simple enough matter. All we need to do is leave through the exit.
    Loni: "Through the exit"...hey!
    Judas: Stand back.
    Judas: Haa!
    Kyle: Awesome...!
    Judas: What are you gawking at? Let's get moving.
    Judas joined your party.
    Screen Chat #22 [SC022]
    「謎の男と共に」 In The Company Of A Mysterious Man
    Judas: Listen, in any case, we're sneaking out of here. Otherwise, with the way
           things are going, you'll be known as a common criminal rather than a
    Kyle: Right. Nice having you along, Judas!
    Kyle: Hm? What's the matter, Judas? Do I have something on my face?
    Judas: No, it's nothing...
    Screen Chat #23 [SC023]
    「ダリスシェイド地下」 Beneath Darilshade
    Loni: Let's get the hell out of this joint before those guards find us.
    <As You Approach The [Deaf] Guard By The Staircase>
    Kyle: It's no use, there're guards. We can't go any farther.
    Loni: But there's no other way out. What now? Should we bust our way through?
    Judas: Wait....this way, follow me.
    Judas: This mansion belongs to "Hugo," who used to be the head of the Oberon
    Judas: When the Oberon Corp. was dissolved, this mansion was confiscated and
           converted into a temple, but the hidden passageway should still be here.
    Judas:...This is the spot. Here, use this and try to hit that mark.
    You received the Sorcerer's Ring.
    Kyle: What's this?
    Judas: It's a tool that extracts energy from Lenses, which is then used to
           shoot out a blast of heat in the form of a beam.
    Judas: You can fire a heat ray by using the R2 button, but each shot consumes
           one Lens. Don't go around shooting everything in sight.
    Screen Chat #24 [SC024]
    「ソーサラーリングで撃て」 Shoot It With The Sorcerer's Ring
    Kyle: So I just shoot the mark on the wall with the Sorcerer's Ring? Alrighty
          then, take aim and...
    <After You Hit The Mark>
    Judas: If you use the Sorcerer's Ring, you can activate switches in places that
           you cannot normally reach.
    Judas: Needless to say, the heat which is generated can also be used to light a
           fire. Utilize it well.
    Kyle: Got it....by the way, Judas, how did you know about this passageway?
    Judas:...What's the point of asking me that?
    Kyle: Well, there's not really a point persay, but...
    Judas: Then let's go.
    Screen Chat #25 [SC025]
    「なぜ知っている!?」 How Did You Know!?
    Loni: Say Judas, how'd you know about this secret passageway anyway?
    Kyle: Yeah, yeah! And besides, if it were such a piece of cake for you to
          escape, then why didn't you escape up until now?
    Judas: Anyone with eyes would be able to detect a passageway as poorly hidden
           as that one. And the fact that I could escape at any time is precisely
           why I wasn't in a hurry to do so.
    Kyle: Er...he came up with the answers like it was nothing.
    Loni: Don't let him fool you, Kyle. Anyone who's wearing a mask like that has
          to have SOMETHING up his sleeve.
    Judas: Hmph. Say whatever you'd like. But ask yourselves this: do you think the
           two of you can escape from here without my help?
    Loni: Grr...
    Judas: Now that we've cleared that up, start walking.
    Screen Chat #26 [SC026]
    「地上への出口へは」 The Exit Which Leads To The Surface
    Judas: Proceed through the entrance that appeared when we used the Sorcerer's
           Ring...there should be an exit up ahead which leads to the surface.
    <After You Climb Down The Ladder>
    Kyle: Whoa, it's pitch black!
    Judas: If we follow this waterway, then it should bring us to the surface.
    Loni: Is there really an exit up ahead? I can't see a bloody thing, can you?
    Judas: Don't panic. We'll be able to see where we're going if we light a
    Judas: Let's get going. Follow me if you don't want to spend the night down
    Loni: Heh! Better make sure that you pull your weight then, O fearless leader!
    Screen Chat #27 [SC027]
    「ソーサラーリング使用方法」 How To Use The Sorcerer's Ring
    Judas: Kyle, I trust that you remember how to use the Sorcerer's Ring?
    Kyle: Of course I do! You can light things on fire with it, right?
    Judas: That's not all. You can also use the impact of the heat ray to activate
           switches. Don't forget that.
    Loni: Yer forgetting one more important thing. It uses up a Lens each time you
          fire a shot. Aim well, or you'll be flat out of Lenses before ya know it.
    Screen Chat #28 [SC028]
    「能天気」 Without A Care In The World
    Loni: I'm beginning to wonder if this passageway actually leads to the exit.
          Just can't bring myself to trust a certain someone, ya know...
    Judas: If you have issues with me, then feel free to go off on your own...
           Assuming that you want to wander around in this underground waterway for
           the rest of eternity, that is...
    Loni: Why you gotta put a man down like that, huh!?
    Judas: Because I can't picture the two of you making it out of here by
           yourselves, that's why.
    Loni: Okay, now you're just ASKING for a beating, you stuck-up...!
    Kyle: Whoa! What was that just now!? Hey Loni, that was too neat! I saw
          something that looked like the silhouette of a fish! You think there's
          any chance...that some gigantic mutant fish lives in this underwater
          tunnel!? Ooh, this is SO cool~!
    Loni:...*sigh*...Guess we should get going, huh...
    Judas: Yeah.
    Screen Chat #29 [SC029]
    「地下水路大脱出」 Great Escape From The Underwater Passageway
    Loni: Man, this royally sucks. We got our hands on that 3,000,000 Gald Lens and
          should be living the high life right about now, and yet for some blasted
          reason, we hafta wander around in this underground waterway instead...And
          to top things off, we even have ourselves a shady little tagalong.
    Kyle: This sort of thing isn't so bad, if you ask me! It's kinda adventure-like
          and all! And besides, I'm sure that Judas isn't a bad person.
    Loni:...Er, right, whatever...where DO you get your optimism from, anyway?
    Screen Chat #30 [SC030]
    「地下水路は確か」 If I Remember Correctly, This Underground Waterway...
    Judas: We should be able to reach the surface by following this underground
           waterway. If you want to get out of this place, then pick up the pace.
    Screen Chat #31 [SC031]
    「地下水路」 Underground Waterway
    Judas: It should be a straight shot to the exit of this underground waterway.
           If we walk along the passageway, then there's a good chance that we'll
           be able to get out of here soon. Then again, that's assuming that no
           monsters get in our way...
    NOTE: As you progress through the sewers (or underground waterway, whatever),
    you'll eventually come across this treasure box which prompts you with the
    There's a toolbox containing a bunch of different tools. Which one will you
    take with you?
    1st Page Options:
    ペンチ  Pliers
    水道管  Water Pipe
    クギ   Nail
    次へ   Next Page
    2nd Page Options:
    バルブ      Valve
    石切り機     Stone Cutter<--Choose this one
    アヒルのおもちゃ Duck Toy
    戻る       Go Back
    You took the Stone Cutter.
    <As You Approach The Purple Stuff>
    Kyle: Ew! What the heck is this sticky stuff!?
    Judas: Hmm, clearing this away by hand is out of the question...
    <If You Shoot The Purple Stuff With The Sorcerer's Ring>
    Kyle: Huh!?
    Judas: It appears that the heat generated by the Sorcerer's Ring isn't enough.
           We need to bring over something that's flammable.
    NOTE: Okay, if you head towards the right side of the same screen, you'll see a
    small, brownish looking statue mixed in with the dome-shaped structures. Walk
    up to it and press CIRCLE. You should hear a lovely crunching sound and get
    the following message on the screen.
    You used the Stone Cutter to cleave the base of the stone statue.
    NOTE: Now, drag that bad boy by facing it and holding down the CIRCLE button.
    Bring it over near the purple crap and light it with the Sorcerer's Ring. It
    should melt the crud if you did it correctly. If you are still confused, then
    watch this video from 2:15 to 3:05:
    <After Melting Away The Purple Stuff>
    Judas:...Wait! There's something here! Stay on guard!
    <In-Battle Dialogue>
    Kyle: This thing guards like crazy!
    Judas: All it's going to do is defend if we continue to attack it at random.
    Kyle: Then what the heck do you suggest we do!?
    Loni: Fine then, we'll make the sucker attack first and go in for the kill
          right after that!
    Kyle: So we're going to strike after lowering this thing's SP, right?
    Judas: Let's go with a strategy that reduces its attack frequency!
    <As You Are Leaving The Sewers>
    Judas: This is the exit. It leads to the outskirts of the city.
    Judas: However, that certainly took much longer than I had expected. Honestly,
           I could have gotten out of here a lot faster had I been alone...
    Loni: Yeah, yeah, tell it to the press. Geez...
    Loni: Kyle, let's ditch this guy and get back to the orphanage ASAP.
    Kyle: Ah, right.
    Judas: What's the matter? Weren't you going to hurry back and start on a
    Kyle: Judas, thanks a lot!
    Judas: There's no reason for you to thank me.
    Kyle: Even so, thanks. You really helped us out!
    Kyle: Well then, laters, Judas. Hopefully, we'll meet again sometime!
    Judas: Kyle...
    Kyle: Yes?
    Judas: I'd like to go with...
    Judas:...No, it's nothing.
    Judas: If you want to become a hero, then I wish you the best of luck. See you
    Kyle:...That Judas, he's kinda mysterious, isn't he?
    Loni: Uh, no. I think the word you're looking for is "weird," not mysterious.
    Kyle: That was harsh, Loni. Judas is a nice guy.
    Kyle: He could have escaped by himself and all, but he brought us along with
          him instead.
    Kyle: And besides, he cheered me on just now!
    Loni:...Um, earth to Kyle, that was sarcasm, not encouragement.
    Kyle: You think so...?
    Loni: More importantly though, let's hurry back to the orphanage. We're late as
          hell, so we'd better book it.
    Screen Chat #32 [SC032]
    「仮面の男」 The Masked Man
    Loni: I wonder why the heck that Judas guy was wearing a mask?
    Kyle: I bet that he's a wanted man, and an uberly famous one at that! That's
          why he's hiding his face like that.
    Loni: You dumbbutt! With him wearing that funky mask of his, he couldn't stand
          out any more even if he tried. My powers of intuition tell me that
    Kyle: Uh huh. Uh huh.
    Loni: It all points to him being...
    Kyle: To him being...?
    Loni: F'ugly.
    <As You Exit Onto The World Map>
    Screen Chat #33 [SC033]
    「門限」 Curfew
    Loni: Tch! I had planned on returning home right after nabbing the Lens, but
          now we're mad late thanks to a teensy little slip-up.
    Kyle: I betcha mom's steamed right about now...
    Loni: Yeah, no doubt about it. I can already see the wrinkles forming on that
          beautiful forehead of hers...we're SO gonna get slapped into next week
          and back for this...
    Kyle: The real problem comes after that. I have to tell her that I want to go
          on a journey.
    Loni: Well, you ain't really got any choice but to see how things go with
          that...in any case, let's rush back to the orphanage to reduce the amount
          of slappage we get!
    Kyle: Right...if she smacks us too many times, then we'll end up passing out
          before we even get to talk to her.
    Screen Chat #34 [SC034]
    「最初の冒険」 Our First Adventure
    Kyle: Hey Loni, tell me again...when did we go on our first adventure?
    Loni: Our first adventure? As I recall...it was when you were about 5 years
          old, wasn't it? You wet your own bed and insisted that it was a treasure
          map. Long story short, you said that you were going to find the treasure
          no matter what and dragged us around with you!
    Kyle: Whoa! You still remember that!?
    Loni: Like I could forget! I went along with your little lie and god only knows
          how deep of a hole I dug myself into!
    Screen Chat #35 [SC035]
    「絶対運命」 Fate Beyond A Doubt
    Kyle: Meeting that girl must have been fate, I tell you!
    Loni: Fate or not, I kinda got the impression that she was completely blowing
          you off, doncha think?
    Kyle: Oh, that was just her way of cheering me on! "You're not a hero yet, so
          hang in there until you become one!" You know, like that.
    Loni: Judas' sarcasm aside, it simply boggles the mind how you can have such a
          positive take on things...
    Kyle: Just like how dad met the Swordian, Dymlos, and became a hero, meeting
          that girl was my first step towards becoming a hero, I'm sure of it!
    Screen Chat #36 [SC036]
    「母の愛とビンタ」 A Mother's Love And Slap
    Loni: Hey Kyle, this road that we're taking back home...kinda brings back
          memories, doesn't it?
    Kyle: You're talking about back then, right? When we went to go look for a lost
          kitty and became lost ourselves.
    Loni: The two of us somehow managed to crawl our way back to the orphanage
          during the dead of night...
    Kyle: And mom was more than happy to send us flying with one of her signature
          slaps the second we stepped through the front door...
    Loni: I ain't gonna forget that slap for as long as I live...When I started
          thinking about how there was someone out there who cared that much for
          me...I just couldn't stop crying...
    Screen Chat #37 [SC037]
    「自立」 Independence
    Kyle: I guess that the kids're probably gonna miss me once I'm gone...
    Loni: Yeah, I bet they will...
    Kyle: Do you think they'll...be able to make it without me?
    Loni: Eh, you worry too much.
    Kyle: How can you be so sure about that?
    Loni: Because I was thinking the exact same thing when I left the orphanage. I
          was saying to myself, is it really okay for me to leave them in Kyle's
          hands like that...?
    Kyle: Hey now, talk about rude! I did a good job, didn't I!
    Loni: Yeah, you sure did. You did an excellent job, which is why I know that
          they'll be just fine...isn't that right?
    Kyle: I see...yeah...you're right.
    Screen Chat #38 [SC038]
    「脱出」 Escape
    Kyle: Oh no, look at how late it is! We have to hurry back to the orphanage!
    Loni: Cresta is to the east of Darilshade. We can get there by circling around
          the mountains to the south.
    Kyle: Got it. Let's hurry!
    <As You Approach The Orphanage>
    Loni: Looks like Ms. Rutee's still awake, doesn't it.
    Loni: Now what, Kyle? If it's too hard for you to ask her about going on a
          journey, then I could always...
    Kyle: No, you can't, Loni. I'll ask her. I think that this is something...I
          have to do for myself.
    Loni:...Yeah, I guess you're right. Sorry, shouldn't have even asked. Alrighty
         then! Shall we?
    Screen Chat #39 [SC039]
    「強い情熱」 Compelling Passion
    Loni: Go in there and tell Ms. Rutee straight up about how you feel. Or are
          your feelings so wimpy that you can't find the courage to ask her?
    Kyle: That's not true and you know it!...I'm just a little nervous, that's all.
    Loni: Nervous nothing, you're a freakin' wreck!...Look, you'll be fine, so just
          get your butt in there already and say what you've got to say.
    <As You Approach Rutee In The Orphanage>
    Kyle: I'm home, mom. Sorry for being late...
    Kyle: U, um, actually, there's something I need to tell you...
    Kyle: M, mom...?
    Kyle: C'mon, mom, listen to me. I have something that I want to talk to you
    Rutee: Do you have any idea what time it is!
    Rutee: I told you that it was way too early for you to be going on an
           adventure, and yet you still...everyone was worried sick about you!
    Kyle: Look, I know it was wrong of me to go off to the ruins without telling
          you. But thanks to that, I came to realize something.
    Kyle: Mom! Loni and I, we...
    Rutee: Never mind that! Just march yourself straight to bed, young man!
    Kyle: No, I won't! At least hear me out, mom!
    Rutee: I've heard just about enough out of you!!
    Kyle:...I want to be like dad! I want to become a great hero, just like he
         did!! And that's why...!!
    Kyle: Mom...
    Loni: You okay, Kyle?
    Kyle:...Uh huh.
    Loni: We picked a bad day to ask. Let's try talking to her again tomorrow.
    Loni: Eh, trust me, you ain't got nothing to worry about. If you sit down and
          talk things over, then I'm sure that she'll understand how you really
    Loni: Just call it a night already. You've gotta be bushed after all the crap
          we went through today.
    Rutee: You know what happened today? I ended up hitting Kyle again, but...there
           was something different about him this time.
    Rutee: Anyway, would you believe that kid had the nerve to try and stand up to
           me! To me of all people!
    Rutee: He said that he wanted to become a hero just like you...he really is
           your son, isn't he.
    Rutee: *sighs* If only he'd taken after me a little bit more...at least then,
           he wouldn't say such crazy things.
    Rutee:...Ah, you laughed just now, didn't you? Hee hee!
    Rutee: Don't worry. I knew that this was going to happen...eventually.
    Rutee: Tomorrow, when he comes to ask for permission, that's when I'll...
    Kyle:...Well, so much for getting any sleep last night.
    Kyle: At any rate, I'm going to talk to mom one more time. About going on a
    Screen Chat #40 [SC040]
    「決心」 Determination
    Kyle: I'm not giving up, no matter what...I will show mom how determined I am!
    <As You Approach Rutee (Again)>
    Kyle: G'morning, mom.
    Rutee: And a good morning to you too!...Speaking of which, what led you to get
           up all by yourself on this fine day, hmm?
    Rutee: What's wrong? Don't just stand around like that. Hurry up and have a
           seat at the table.
    Kyle: What's going on, mom? You're in an awfully good mood today.
    Kyle: We, uh, need to talk, mom. I've been--
    Rutee: This is pretty tasty, huh? Mrs. Gazel taught me how to make it. She said
           that the onions really make the dish.
    Kyle: Mom...
    Rutee: Ah, it's about time to wake up Loni, isn't it? Would you go get him for
    Kyle: Mom!!
    Rutee: You're going on a journey, right? With Loni...
    Kyle: Eh...!? H, how did you know that?
    Rutee: Who do you think I am, anyway? I mean, I may be your mother, but it's
           not like I didn't do the exact same thing 15 years ago.
    Rutee: You see this? Your father used to use this a long time ago.
    Kyle: He did...?
    Rutee: And there's one more thing....here.
    Rutee: This is the money that old man Ashinaga sent to the orphanage...his
           handwriting looks a lot like yours, you know.
    Kyle: You knew about that, mom!? But I know we didn't send this much...
    Rutee: Just hush up and take it! Kids should act like kids and sponge off of
           their parents!
    Rutee:...We're much happier that way. That's what being a parent is all about,
          you know?
    Rutee: Say, Kyle. Do you remember anything about your father?
    Kyle: Dad left to go on a journey over 10 years ago, right?...To be honest, I
          don't remember too much about him.
    Rutee: I see...so that's what I told you.
    Rutee: I'm so sorry, Kyle...
    Rutee: I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say at a time like this, but...
    Rutee: Go out there and show the world what you're made of! Show them that you
           can hold your own against him...against Stahn!
    Kyle: Mom...!
    Kyle:...Mom. I'm heading off then!
    Rutee:...Come back soon, Kyle.
    You received a Scale Mail.
    You received 1,000 Gald.
    Screen Chat #41 [SC041]
    「旅立ちの決意」 Decision To Set Out On A Journey
    Kyle: I have to make sure to tell everyone that I'm going off on a journey...
    <Talking To Loni>
    Loni:...You two done chatting?
    Loni:...'Kay then, shall we?
    Screen Chat #42 [SC042]
    「冒険の始まり」 The Start Of An Adventure
    Loni: Well, Kyle, we're about to start on that adventure you've been itching
          for all this time.
    Kyle:...Heh heh! Well then, what are we waiting for, let's go!
    <As You Enter The Town Plaza>
    Kyle: Wow...it's such a beautiful day, Loni!
    Loni: Yeah, talk about having the perfect weather for an adventure. By the way,
          Kyle, are you ready to head out?
    Kyle: Oh yeah, we should go to the store and stock up before we leave, right?
    Loni: That ain't what I was talking about....Go on, take yourself a good look
          around. You can see the entire town from here.
    Loni: Ya better burn this place into your head because you may never lay eyes
          on it ever again.
    Kyle: Huh!?
    Loni: Going on an adventure means flirting with danger. If you're unlucky, then
          you can even lose your life.
    Kyle: Y, you don't mean...
    Loni: Ha ha! What, got cold feet?
    Loni: But that's reality for you....You scared?
    Kyle:...Loni, right now, my heart is pounding like crazy.
    Kyle: Of course, part of it is because I'm scared, but...that's not the only
    Kyle: When I saw that girl at the Laguna Ruins, I felt like it was the
          beginning of something.
    Kyle: And well, some not-so-great stuff happened after that, but now...I can
          finally go on the adventure that I've been longing for all these years.
    Kyle: That's right, a journey to become a hero just like dad did...
    Kyle: When I think about that, it feels like my heart is going to burst right
          out of my chest!
    Kyle: Right about now, I want to scream "WOOHOO!" from the top of my lungs!
    Loni: Heh heh...ah ha ha! Now THAT'S the Kyle I know!
    Loni: Don't you worry about a thing. I'll be there to protect you, no matter
          what happens. You can bet on it.
    Kyle: Loni...
    Loni: Then how 'bout we get things rollin' here? Off we go on a journey in
          search of adventure!
    Kyle: You mean "on a journey to become a hero", don't you, Loni!
    Loni: Ha ha ha! Guess you got me there.
    Loni: Well then, let's get moving, Kyle. After all, there's a heroic journey
          out there with your name on it!
    Kyle: Right!
    Screen Chat #43 [SC043]
    「ふられマン」 The Cold-Shouldered Man
    Kyle: Hey Loni, aren't there any girls that you want to say bye to while you
          still have the chance?
    Loni: Ah ha ha! How many years do you think I've been in this town anyway, huh!
          Every single decent-looking gal around here would give me the cold
          shoulder if I tried to talk to her!!
    Kyle: I wouldn't be bragging about that if I were you...
    Loni: From now on, life's gonna be all about finding me some new love!! Wa ha
          ha ha...ha ha.......*sighs*
    Screen Chat #44 [SC044]
    「英雄志願」 Aspiring Hero
    Kyle: Hee hee, do you think everybody would be surprised if I told them that
          I'm going to be a hero someday?
    Loni: Like hell they would. At best, they'll think that you're just spouting
          your usual BS and leave it at that.
    Kyle: Hey now! What do you mean by my "usual BS"!
    Loni: If it bugs you, then come back when you've become a real hero. Do that
          and they'll be plenty shocked for ya.
    Kyle: Alright then, I'll be back once I become a superhero, so just watch!!
    Screen Chat #45 [SC045]
    「心に焼きつけて」 Burn It Into Your Mind
    Loni: Hey Kyle, go ahead and burn every inch of this place into your head while
          you still can.
    Kyle: I'm fine! I'm telling you, I won't forget.
    Loni: Just can it already and do as I say, will ya...Because when push comes to
          shove...you never know when a nothing scene like this can become the one
          thing that keeps you going.
    7) Credits                                                            [CRE000]
    -To Namco, for the game...and hopefully one day, I can thank them for an
    English localization too
    -To Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten, Jim Breen's Online Japanese to English
    dictionary, and dictionary.com for being valuable resources during the
    translating process
    -To my many subscribers, especially those who supported me when I was literally
    about to ditch this project and retire from the translating field. If it
    weren't for you guys, none of this would be worth it. ^^ Special thanks go out
    to, but are not limited, the following people:
    JTBlitz, guildwarsaddicted, DuskShark, Kevassa, dagoldenclip2, sd28821, RZK,
    Lyrrad, Mishota, Animasword, fonarte (I think that was support, anyway ^^;;),
    gargisamara, Ryuhiroshi, Keraroo, SaladMFGGk, lonerurouni187, Rose (sorry, I
    know I'm always ragging on your favorite game!), MercenaryTidus, DreamSword,
    lafut4, and shadowje. ^_^
    -To Cless and the crew over at Phantasian Productions for deeming me worthy to
    join the project. And for tolerating my extremely slow ass. XD
    -To SBAllen for maintaining GameFAQs so that you all can actually read this in
    the first place

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