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    FAQ/Walkthrough by k3rry

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/18/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
    v 2.0  (March 18th 2004)
    Written by Kerry (kerry_k3soft@hotmail.com)
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    --[ 00. Table of Contents ]--------------------------------------------------------------------
    00. Table of Contents
    01. Controls
    02. Explanation of Menus
    03. Walkthrough
    04. Additional Stuff
    05. Lyrics
    05. Credits
    --[ 01. Controls ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [ Battle Mode ]
    D-Pad        :: Move
    Circle       :: Guard
    Square       :: Shot
    X            :: Thruster
    Triangle     :: Attack
    L1           :: Target Left
    L2           :: N/A
    R1           :: Target Right
    R2           :: N/A
    Left Analog  :: Move
    Right Analog :: N/A
    Start        :: Pause
    Select       :: N/A
    [ Menu ]
    D-Pad        :: Move Cursor
    Circle       :: Confirm
    Square       :: N/A
    X            :: Cancel
    Triangle     :: N/A
    L1           :: N/A
    L2           :: N/A
    R1           :: N/A
    R2           :: N/A
    Left Analog  :: Move Cursor
    Right Analog :: N/A
    Start        :: N/A
    Select       :: N/A
    --[ 02. Explanation of Menus ]-----------------------------------------------------------------
    [ Title screen ]
    :: Main
    :: Main Menu -----------> Phase Mode
                        |---> Attack Mode (Note 1)
                        |---> VS Mode -----> VS CPU (Note 2)
                        |              | 
                        |              |---> VS 2P
                        |---> Record (PS receive in Phase Mode)
                        |---> System Save/Load (Note 3)
                        |---> Config
    Note 1 - Attack mode will available after you beat Phase Mode at least once.
    Note 2 - VS Mode will be available as soon as you beat the MS in Phase Mode.
    Note 3 - Save Icon: Haro (Pink-chan)
             Size: 191KB
    --[ 03.Walkthrough ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------
      [ Introduction ]
    The story in this game are taken from Episode 1 until episode 35. The game are quite simple and
    easy, almost suitable for children. The reason why I played this game is because I love the anime
    series and I want to give a try on the game. The first time I played this game, it only take me
    less than 1 hours (of course I skip all the event) without continue. I think you can do better
    than me. I also try to make the guide as simple as I can. So, I won't have to explain about
    the normal battle.
    ==[ PHASE 01 ]===================================================================================
    Enemy: ZGMF-1017 GINN
    A battle right after a short scene. The enemy will be a Gin. Destroy all of them. When you reach
    a certain point of Heliopolis, there will be a short scene again and you will have to fight a boss.
    - Boss Battle 01 -
    Boss: ZGMF-1017 GINN
    Strategy: Get away from him as far as you can and shot him non-stop or use a saber if he get too
    close to you. You can also hold X and shot at the same time while going left or right to avoid
    getting hit by him.
    After the boss battle you will go straight at the elevator. Just hold Square button here. Don't
    release until you get to the top. Right now, your OS level should level up to OS level 2. After
    the elevator you will have a boss fight against Raul Kuruze.
    - Boss Battle 02 -
    Boss: ZGMF-LRR704B GINN Enforced Recon Type
    Strategy: For him, just use the same strategy as before. He isn't hard to beat. Thruster if he
    use the spread attack on the ground.
    There will be a scene after the fight. End of Phase 1.
    ==[ PHASE 02 ]===================================================================================
    Enemy: ZGMF-1017 GINN
    This time you will fight at the space. The control are almost the same as fighting on the ground.
    Battle. A boss fight after the batlle inside the orange broken orbit.
    - Boss Battle 03 -
    Boss: GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam
    Strategy: When Aegis are too far from your attack range, use the Square button to attack. When
    Aegis get near you, use the Triangle to attack. To inflict damage to any boss start from here,
    you will have to lower the PS armor first. After the PS Armor are completely destroy, then you
    will be able to destroy them by lower their energy. For this boss, just lower the PS Armor and
    a scene will occur then.
    ==[ PHASE 03 ]===================================================================================
    Enemy: AMF-101 DINN
           Battleship Nazca-class
    Scene. Now, you can select either Strike, Aile Striker, Sword Striker or Launcher Striker. Battle.
    When Vesalius appear (it was a huge green ship), attack all the cannon equip to it.
    - Boss Battle 04 -
    Boss: GAT-X102 Duel Gundam, GAT-X103 Buster Gundam
    Strategy: Shot down Buster first by using the Jump and Shot technique I mention before. After you
    shot down Buster, focus your attack on Duel. You can use any technique to beat him, but 'Jump and
    Shot' and 'Long Distance Attack' is the best to keep your PS Armor from getting hit.
    After you beat both of them a scene will occur.
    ==[ PHASE 04 ]===================================================================================
    Enemy: TFA-2 ZuOOT
           TMF/A-802 BuCUE
    Scene. Select Unit, I choose Aile Striker. Battle all the way until you found Archangel. Prevent
    Archangel from getting hit by shot down Land Battleship Lesseps. The battle will end after you 
    have shot down 10-20 missle from Lesseps.
    ==[ PHASE 05 ]===================================================================================
    Enemy: TFA-2 ZuOOT
           TMF/A-802 BuCUE
    Scene. Select Unit, I choose Aile Striker again. Battle all the way until you found Andy in his
    Mobile Suit TMF/A-803 LaGOWE.
    - Boss Battle 05 -
    Boss: TMF/A-803 LaGOWE
    Strategy: 'Jump and Shot' work best on him. You can also use saber on him if you like to.
    After you beat him a scene will occur.
    ==[ PHASE 06 ]===================================================================================
    Enemy: UMF-4A GOOhN
           Submarine Bosugolof-class
    Scene. This time you will be equipped with a rocket launcher and battle underwater. Battle all
    the way until the boss fight.
    - Boss Battle 06 -
    Boss: UMF-5 ZnO
    Strategy: Shot down the ship (Submarine Bosugolof-class) behind him if you want to gain an extra
    PS or just simply attack him to end the battle quickly. To evade the attack from them, press X
    and D-pad. This way you can evade the attack faster.
    ==[ PHASE 07 ]===================================================================================
    Enemy: Coming Soon
    Scene. Select Unit, must use Aile Striker / Sword Striker Gundam. You just have to battle with
    4 other Mobile Suit this time.
    - Boss Battle 07 -
    Boss: GAT-X102 Duel Gundam, GAT-X103 Buster Gundam
    Strategy: Shot down both of them using 'Jump and Shot' technique.
    After you beat both of them, Aegis and Blitz will appear.
    - Boss Battle 08 -
    Boss: GAT X-303 Aegis Gundam, GAT X-207 Blitz Gundam
    Strategy: Use 'Jump and Shot' technique.
    ==[ PHASE 08 ]===================================================================================
    Enemy: Coming Soon
    Scene. Select Unit. Battle all the way until you met with Blitz.
    - Boss Battle 09 -
    Boss: GAT X-207 Blitz Gundam
    Strategy: Use 'Jump and Shot' again.
    A scene will occur when you beat him.
    ==[ PHASE 09 ]===================================================================================
    Enemy: N/A
    Scene. Select Unit. This time you will battle with Aegis without fighting others.
    - Boss battle 10 -
    Boss: GAT X-303 Aegis Gundam
    Strategy: He is fast this time. Use 'Jump and Shot' when he isn't attacking. Use 'Long Distance
    Attack' when he is far from you. When he is too near use a normal attack (saber).
    A scene will occur after you beat him.
    ==[ PHASE 10 ]===================================================================================
    Enemy: Coming Soon
    Scene. You will see Kira receive ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam this time. After the scene you'll 
    have to battle all the way to Archangel within 5:00 minutes. When you reach Archangel, 
    Duel-Assaultshroud will appear.
    - Boss Battle 11 -
    Boss: GAT-X102 Duel Assault Shroud Gundam 
    Strategy: 'Jump and Shot' work best here. Just kick his ass!
    You just finish the game, ha ha!
    The End.
    --[ 04.Additional Stuff ]------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [ 01. OS Level? ]
    On the upper-right corner of the screen, there will be OS word and a number next to it. The 
    number represent the current level of the OS. To level up your OS, simply gain enough PS by
    beating an enemy and bosses. The number after 'NEXT' is the PS you need to gain in order
    to level up your OS. The number in orange color is the current PS you score. 
    [ 02. Special Attack ]
    The special attack can be unleashed when you press Circle and Triangle at the same time. This
    apply to all MS. Note that each SA you done will cost you the energy, so, don't use it if you
    don;t have to because it will only waste your energy.
    [ 03. Seed? ]
    When OS level up Kira's Seed will burst and you will be in trance mode for a short period 
    of time. In this period of time, your attack will be increased and your Phase Shift Armor
    gauge will fill-up a bar or two.
    [ 04. Neutron Jammer Cancellar? ]
    That will only available on Freedom but the energy will still get decrease when PS armor
    reach zero.
    --[ 05.Lyrics ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [Opening Song]
    Title: Invoke
    Artist: T.M.Revolution
    sure chikai isokgu tabi ni    butsuke ai chigire au
    tagai no hane no itami    kanji te iru
    samishisa ni yogore ta   ude de daita
    sore igai no nani ka wo   shiranai kara
    tsunagaru shunkan   mezame ru eien    machi kogareru
    haya sugiru toki no    matataki ni sara sare te
    hitori de wa   todo ka nai
    negai nante   kie sou na kotoba ja
    tadori  tsukenai
    [Ending Song]
    Title: Anna ni issho datta no ni
    Artist: See-Saw
    anna ni issho datta no ni  
    yuugure wa mou chigau iro 
    arifureta yasashisa wa  kimi wo 
    toozakeru dake 
    tsumetaku kimi suteta kokoro wa 
    samayou bakari 
    sonna kakko warusa ga  
    ikiru to iu koto nara 
    samuzora no shita  
    me wo tojite iyou
    anna ni issho datta no ni 
    kotoba hitotsu tooranai 
    kasoku shite ikuse naka ni ima wa
    anna ni issho datta no ni 
    yuugure wa mou chigau iro 
    semete kono tsuki akari no shita de 
    shizuka na nemuri wo
    If there are something wrong with this FAQ, mail me. Thank you.
    --[ 05.Credits ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Suptury            - my favourite game shop because I can get almost every type of game there
                         they also a good supplier of gaming product.
    K3rry              - for writing all this walkthrough
    Bandai             - For creating this game.
    You                - For reading this FAQ until here.

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