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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GTA Prince

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      |  ______________________________________________________________________ |
      | |                                                                      ||
      | |                     T H E  L O R D  O F  T H E   R I N G S           ||
      | |                                                                      ||
      | |                         THE RETURN OF THE KING                       ||
      | |                                                                      ||
      | |          “The board is set. The pieces are moving. We come to it     ||
      | |                  at last. The great battle of our time”              ||
      | |                                                                      ||
      | |   NB: This FAQ deals with the PS2 version and may differ slightly    ||
      | |                      from other versions.                            ||
      | |                                                                      ||
      | |______________________________________________________________________||
    As this document is fairly large, I have put in a system of finding            
      things easily. At the right side of every heading I have put POW1, or POH2,
    or POK3. These terms are explained in the document but just press CTRL + F and
    type that code in, press enter and you’ll get right to the bit you’re after.
    Easy as that!
                                 CONTENTS LIST
    Introduction  .......................................FAQ1
    Code System   .......................................FAQ2
    Controls      .......................................FAQ3
    Characters    .......................................CST1
    Walkthrough   .......................................WLK1
                  Path of the Wizard  ...................POW0
                       Helms Deep     ...................POW1
                       The Road to Isengard .............POW2                      
                         Minas Tirith - Top of the Wall ...POW3
                       Minas Tirith - Courtyard .........POW4
                  Path of the King  .....................POK0
                       Paths of the Dead ................POK1
                       The King of the Dead  ............POK2
                       The Southern Gate     ............POK3
                       The Pelennor Fields   ............POK4
                       The Balck Gate   .................POK5
                  Path of the Hobbits  ..................POH0
                       Escape from Osgilliath ...........POH1
                       Shelob's Tunnel        ...........POH2
                       Cirith Ungol           ...........POH3
                       The Crack of Doom ................POH4
    Codes   .............................................CDS1
    Frequently Asked Questions ..........................FAS1
    Legal Information          ..........................LIF1
    Introduction     FAQ1
    Hiya! Welcome to my first FAQ for gamefaqs.com. I thought I'd write an FAQ for
    LOTR: Return of the King because it is my favourite game for the PS2 and I was
    getting fed up of answering the same questions about the game (most of these
    can be found in the frequently asked questions by the way) you are more than
    welcome to print this guide out and use it for your personal use but you
    mustn't sell it or claim any of it as your own. That's called plagarism and I
    hate plagarisers. If you wish to host this guide on your site then again,
    absolutely fine just email me. The address is mastergamgee_317@hotmail.com or I
    have AIM. The screen name is Bilbo155015. OK, down to buisness.
    Code System   FAQ2
    As this is quite a large document, I have given each main section a specific
    code. All you do is press CTRL + F and paste that code into the window it will
    take you directly to it. For example, if you wanted to find the walkthrough for
    the King of the Dead level you'd press CTRL + F and paste the code "POK2" into
    the window. Simple as that!!
    Controls   FAQ3
    Left Analog Stick     Move
    Speed Attack          X
    Fierce Attack         Triangle
    Physical Attack       Circle
    Parry                 Square
    Action                R1
    Killing Move          R2 (enemy must be knocked down first)
    Long Range Attack     Hold down L1 to aim, then press X to fire
    Jump Back             L2
    Special Ability       R1+R2+L1+L2
    Pause                 Start
    Characters  CST1
    In ROTK, there are 6 playable characters and three secret ones. Here are the
    bios of the playable ones. These come from the instruction booklet.
    Gandalf knows that depserate plans are required as the spectre of darkness
    grows over Middle Earth and Sauron's armies issue forth from Mordor to destroy
    the world of Men. The White Wizard liberates Rohan and the war is turned
    towards Minas Tirith, the last great stronghold of the free people, where he
    intends to distract Sauron's gaze with a final, bold defence. As and advisor of
    Men, Gandalf musters the defence of Gondor to stand firm in the face of
    darkness. As a warrior on the battlefield, Gandalf conjures shockwaves from his
    staff to kncok enemies aside and then with his sword, he slays them with ease.
    But victory cannot be won with forces of arms alone, and Gandalf's plans are
    meant to buy time, knowing all hope rests in the success of Frodo's quest.
    As the last descendant of the kings of Men, Aragorn is fated to claim the long
    empty throne of Gondor, should he prove worthy of this task. But to fulfill his
    destiny, Aragorn must first pass through the horrible Paths of the Dead to
    attempt to command the foes that once betrayed Gondor. Then he must return to
    Minas Tirith and fight Sauron's hoard in defence of the besieged city. And
    should he survive this path, Aragorn must at last face The Dark Lord's servants
    before the very gates of Mordor. As a ranger and Elf friend, Aragorn's ability
    with the bow allows him to defeat opponents at long range. His true prowess
    however, lies in close combat. Wielding a reforged Narsil, the legendary sword
    that once defeated Sauron, Aragorn is a deadly combatant on the battlefield,
    easily defeating multiple foes.
    Although the Fellowship that set out from Rivendell has been divided, still the
    friendship that binds these combatants together holds true. In support of
    Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli fight beside each other through hardship and peril,
    despite thier differences. Yet their greatest challenges are yet to come, as
    they enter this war alone and vastly outnumbered. As a fighter, Legolas' skill
    with matched blades has won him the respect of his friends. But it is the bow
    of Legolas that will often turn the tide of battle, his deadly accuracy often
    stopping foes in their tracks. Legolas risks his immortality in the cause of
    all free Men and he will not permit Aragorn or Gimli to go on without him - to
    whatever end.
    As sturdy in spirit as he is in stature, Gimli he dwarf is a formidable
    warrior. His skill with his weapons and his unflappable spirit earn for him a
    strong and unlikely bond with Aragorn and Legolas. Despite the distrust between
    Elf and Dwarf, all three of these warriors share a depp admiration for each
    other, forged in the firs of combat. Armed with axes and the sheer force of his
    will, Gimli can quickly defeat enemies nearly twice his size. His ferocity in
    combat is a perfect compliment to the swordplay of Aragorn and the bow skill of
    Legolas. Together these comapnions intend to become and irrestable force,
    helping Gandalf turn the tide in their war against Sauron.
    In the final days of the War of the Ring, the fate of all Middle Earth rests in
    the hands of Frodo Baggins. Now upon the most difficult psrt of his long
    journey, Frodo and his trusted companion Sam at last approach the devastated
    land of Mordor, home of The Dark Lord Sauron. With every step taken toward that
    fell place the burden upon Frodo grows heavier. Relentlessly pursued by
    Ringwraiths mounted upon huge flying beasts, Frodo and Sam must trust Gollum,
    if they hope to find an encircling passage through the Orc forces. While huge
    armies rage around them, these two small Hobbits must never falter, for failure
    will bring about the ruin of the world.
    Often the unlikely may become the greatest of heroes and Sam Gamgee is destined
    to become the greatest heroe ever. Every step taken by a weary and worn Frodo
    brings these two Hobbits closer to Mount Doom and the fullfilment of their
    quest. Sam is always at Frodo's side, his unswerving loyalty and conviction of
    heart giving them hope, despite the seeming impossibility of their task and the
    odds of their success. Sam is a warrior created by necessity, dtermined,
    ferocious and deadly despite his small size. His quick thinking and ability to
    use stealth to his advantage must get him - and Frodo - out of some very tight
    spots. Yet Sam's greatest strength is his love for his friend and his
    commitment to see things through.
    Walkthrough   WLK1
    We finally get to the bit that's of use. The walkthrough. As we go through the
    game, I will take the logical path. Starting with Gandalf's journey, then onto
    Aragron and co and finally with Frodo and Sam's journey. The reason for this is
    you can only complete Gandalf's quest wothout completing Aragron's so we'll
    deal with Gandalf first and then with the important stuff. OK. So, to Gandalf's
    Path of The Wizard  POW0
    Gandalf's path is the easiest of the three paths available. His journey starts
    with the tutorial level at Helms Deep and he travels to Isengard to deal with
    Saruman and then goes on to fight at Minas Tirith in Gondor. So, without furthe
    insane rambling's from yours truly, let's make a start!!
    Tutorial Level - Helms Deep  POW1
    This level is designed to give you time to practice Gandalf's controls and
    develop your own style of fighting enemies with him. It's set at Helms Deep and
    is almost impossible to die in. So, when you begin use the good ol’ speed
    attack to dispose of the enemies that surround you. Some text appears above an
    orc when they’re dead. Pay close attention to Gimli’s yells and the advice
    given in the top right corner and you won’t have many problems. Continue
    killing the rocs and Uruks and you should be shown a cut scene showing that
    Legolas needs some help. So, head across the ladder, hewing away any enemies
    that obstruct you.  NOTE: Some may have shields so use the fierce attack
    (triangle) to break through them.
    When you get to the ladder, one more shielded Uruk hai will fight you. Use the
    fierce attack (triangle) and then the speed attack (X button) to kill him. Now
    climb the ladder. When you reach the top, it starts raining arrows. Use the
    square button to block them then shoot the archers using the range attack (L1
    and X) Now, copy Legolas and climb down the rope using the R1 button to fall to
    the ground below. Run through the enemies and go over to the cross bows and
    press R1 next to all three of them to activate them. The third cross bow
    destroy the cart with explosives on it and completes the tutorial level at
    Helms Deep. Now, onto Isengard!
    The Road To Isengard   POW2
    We begin in a forest and this time, the Uruks are running away from you,
    tempting as it may be, don’t try hitting them because you can’t. There’s plenty
    more Uruks to shoot in this level anyway. So, continue on and two Uruk Hai will
    pop upto say hi. Reply with your sword and continue. After the short(ish)
    cutscene continue and kill the next couple of uruks you see (remembering of
    course to parry the shower of arrows that come from above) After the Uruks on
    the ground have been dealt with, come back a bit and dispose of the archer
    above you.
    Carry on and stop when you see a cart with explosives on it. Back up out of
    harms way and shoot it when an enemy comes past it. Now aim your ranged attack
    and take out another archer positioned on the little hill. Now, look towards
    the bridge and shoot the explosives. Now head towards the bridge and take out
    the Uruks there. Continue on and kill any Uruks that get in your way. Pretty
    soon you will reach a clearing so turn right when you do.
    You now see a group of Ents doing a spot of Orc Squashing, fear not, it’s your
    turn in a minute. Run down the path and smash up the uruks waiting there. Now
    look at the top right corner and you’ll notice a metre has appeared. You now
    have to kill 75 Uruks with the Ents. The easiest thing would be to simply
    charge at them and commence hacking. But no! The Ents aren’t that sharp and
    will mistake you for an Orc so the safest way is to shoot the enemies with you
    long ranged attacks. Not only does this kill them quicker it also keeps you out
    of harms way.
    After hitting the 75 mark, follow the path and you’ll soon see the Tower of
    Orthnac, the dwelling of Saruman. Ignoring the imposing sight of Orthanc,
    continue on and shoot the cart you’ll see with more explosives on it. Now carry
    on and you’ll be greeted by a volley of fire from the orcs positioned in each
    of the towers. Look at the base of each tower (I think there’s 7 in total) and
    you’ll see some explosives.
    Well, shoot each of the explosives to destroy each of the towers (remembering
    of course to parry any arrows you can) When you’re sure every single explosive
    cart is destroyed cross the bridge and turn left. Grab the elfstone for some XP
    and then turn around and go to the right of the bridge.
    Now continue on until you reach an area with and Ent who’s trying to break a
    dam. There are a few Orcs who are shotting the Ent with arrows and, guarding
    them is a Berseker. If you played Two Towers, you will know what a pain in the
    *** these are. Kill this as quickly as you can with your long range attack
    (charge it up for maximum effect)
    Now dispose of the archers on the dock at the opposite side of the dam. Now,
    you simply need to defend the Ent until he can break the dam. The golden rule
    here is do not move from the Ents side.  So, keep a sharp eye out for any orcs
    and good luck!
    Minas Tirith - Top of the Wall   POW3
    This level is not dis-similar to the first Helms Deep level in TT. The main
    objective is to keep the fortress from being overrun by booting down all the
    Concentrate all your energy on this task and let the rest of the army deal with
    the orcs. Only start killing orcs if the meter (that circular thing on the
    right) goes red and the fortress is about to be overrun, otherwise, keep
    knocking down the ladders.  You can see where a ladder is up by the red dot
    appearing on the radar.
    After a while, a cut scene will start where a Cave Troll and his mate are
    pushing two towers to the fortress. Stop booting down ladders and head for the
    stairs (the blue dot on the radar) At the top will be a catapult. When over the
    circle, press the R1 and press it again when the catapult is loaded. You now
    have destroyed one of the towers but another is on its way on the right side of
    the fortress.
    Nip back down the stairs and head to the flashing red dot on the radar. When
    you get there, shoot the tower with a charged up range attack. There’s another
    tower approaching now though, this time on the left side. So, dash back to the
    catapult and fire at the approaching tower.
    A beast will now join the party so give it a few good shots with your ranged
    attack and it should fall into the castle. Fire the catapult once more and then
    run back downstairs.  Another tower is now on the right side of the fortress so
    let’s – damn! Rubble blocks your path.
    Hmmm. Ok. Time for plan b methinks. Boot down the ladder; now climb down onto
    the ledge using R1 and carry on until you can get back onto the main walkway.
    Once back up here, head towards the tower and blast it with your ranged attack
    a few times. Now, run left and up the tower you haven’t been up yet. Grab the
    elf stones and get back to the main walkway.  Go through the opening that was
    previously guarded and follow the soldiers to the courtyard. Phew! Level
    Minas Tirith - Courtyard   POW4
    This level is a simple level in terms of what you have to do.  You have to give
    200 citizens enough time to escape safely from the fortress. They will come
    from two key points. From the right of the gate and the other is from where you
    came from in the other level (the right) the escape point is in the bottom
    left, near to where you are now. Anyways, commence hacking and hewing at orcs
    until three trolls enter. Nip over to the pikes and skewer two of them. Now
    kill the last with a charged up range attack or two. OK. This is where we start
    getting a few problems. Champions will come barging in and a few more trolls
    will come in every so often. The trolls should be taken care of first using
    range attacks (if you can’t get near the pikes quickly) or the pikes, or, even
    better a combination of the two. Try to put your back against a wall or
    something to avoid becoming trapped in a large group. If you’re low on health
    there’s some health directly to the left of the main gate, in a red container.
    CONGRATS! You have now completed the Path of the Wizard. We now go onto
    Aragorn's path. The Path of the King.
    Path of the King   POK0
    Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli follow the same path (as they did in TTT) they start
    by going through the paths of the dead and then onto Gondor to help with the
    defences there, then they go onto the Balck Gate to fight a last batle with the
    Motuh of Sauron. Their path is by no means an easy path and is the hardest
    level in the game but it is not impossible. Let's go!
    The Paths of the Dead   POK1
    Follow the path and you’ll come to some mist. This will slow your character
    down so turn around and press L2 to jump through it. Continue on and soon some
    spirits will zoom into a rock and bring some dead soldiers out for you to
    fight. The best way to defeat them is to parry their attacks and then use speed
    attacks. Get the health potion if you need and then carry on. Another rock will
    come up and more enemies will appear. Use the pikes to kill some of them and
    then use your speed attacks to finish the rest off.
    After all are down, the stone will break and you can continue. You’ll come
    across more mist so either run through it or jump through it. Whilst you’re in
    the mist two soldiers attack. Dispose of them in the appropriate manner and
    then carry on. As you continue you’ll see a bridge. Stop as soon as you see it
    and 2 archers appear. Kill them with arrows before you get too close to them
    and then carry on. Before you go under the bridge, go left and up the ramp.
    Cross the bridge the archers were on and then continue on, ignoring the other
    path, which goes left.
    Eventually you’ll see part of the cliff, which goes out to the left. Go to it
    and grab the elf stone for some more XP. Kill the soldiers, which attack you
    and go on. When you see a boulder at the end of that path, push it over the
    edge and kill the enemies that were waiting below for you. Now go back to where
    the path split. Head down the other way now and some shielded enemies will
    attack Use the fierce attack to break the shields and then the speed attacks to
    kill them.
    When they’re down, go on and you’ll see another misty area over the wall. There
    may also be some archers on the cliff firing at you (it depends on the
    difficulty) Assuming there are, shoot them and then use the switch on the right
    to rise the drawbridge and give you access to the mist area. You will now be
    attacked by another load of dead soldiers, when you kill one, smash the black
    stone they come out of. This will ensure no more come from that area. Keep on
    doing this till they’re all down.
    Exit the mist and you’ll come across a ladder. Gimli will say something about
    the place holding many surprises. Go to the ladder and dispose of the two
    enemies at the foot of it and then climb up. Again, enemies’ll attack you. Kill
    them and then one with a green life by will attack you. Continually use your
    fierce attack on him and he’ll eventually bite the dust.
    Continue and (if you need it) grab some health from the right alcove. Go on
    until you reach a room with a big statue at the end. Kill the enemies who come
    and then use R1 on the statue and use the bridge that’s created to get to the
    other side. Go left and start to turn the crank on the left. Now stop and deal
    with the two enemies appear with health bars. Once they’re gone, turn the crank
    and it will open the gate. Run back around to the gate and go through it.
    We now reach another huge chamber with a bridge going across it. Cross the
    bridge and, when you get about halfway two rocks spring up and enemies start
    attacking you. You now have to kill the amount of enemies shown in the top
    right corner. Parry a lot and use your fierce and speed attacks to do so. When
    you have, the rocks explode and you can continue. So, continue across the
    bridge to complete this level.
    The King of the Dead   POK2
    We begin with a nice little boss battle between you and the King of the Dead
    whom you must defeat in order to get the Dead Army to fulfil their oath and
    fight with you. He looks intimidating but he’s not really. He will appear near
    to you, so run to him and block the three sword attacks he uses on you. Then
    use as many speed attacks as you can. Continue this and eventually he’ll
    apparate to the back of the arena and summon four soldiers. Stay by the rocks
    at the other end and wait for them to come to you. Use fierce attacks and then
    press R2 to kill them when they’re on the ground, then use a few speed attacks
    on the last couple. He will then appear next to you so repeat the procedure of
    blocking his attacks and then giving him some of your own.
    He will then summon some archers. Use the big rock as cover and shoot all four
    of them. He will then come to you. Repeat the strategy outlined above and he’ll
    then move over to his statue and blow some wind at you, which does damage if it
    hits you. When he’s blown the first wind, shoot him with an arrow and then run
    and hide behind the big boulder, as the one you were hiding behind will break
    soon. Continue the hide from wind; shoot arrows strategy until he comes to you.
    This time he does five attacks.
    After the five attacks, hit him and he’ll summon some dead soldiers a couple of
    times. After they’re done with he’ll move back to his statue so move back
    behind the rock and he’ll blow some wind at you. Do the same as before and keep
    firing arrows at him in between the wind fire and when he’s fired some more
    wind at you he’ll come to you. Repeat the same strategy as before and he’ll be
    a gonner in no time. This is where things get hard.
    The mountain starts to collapse and you have to escape as fast as you can. Run
    like hell from this point and use combos to kill enemies as fast as possible.
    So, run across the bridge and follow the path till a rock appears and some
    enemies appear. Use your combos to kill them and then carry on. Follow the path
    and you’ll eventually come to a bridge and have to fight more enemies. Again,
    use combos and once they’re all dead the rock will explode and you can
    continue. Carry on and you’ll eventually come across the other two companions.
    Let them deal with most of the enemies and only attack them if they attack you.
    Once they’re dead, that’s it! Level complete.
    The Southern Gate   POK3
    The idea here is to fire all the catapults on the field and destroy the Mumaks
    that the enemy has sent. So, head through the gate and you’ll get stopped by a
    Cave Troll, before it can attack, nip back and stab the creature with a pike
    that’s in the ground. You will now be attacked by about 5000 enemies at once.
    Parry a lot and don’t worry about killing everyone just concern yourself with
    getting to those catapults. Head to the left field and fire the catapults
    there. You will now see a way in which you can climb onto the wall. Now, nip
    left and fire the third catapult, which will hit the Cave Troll on top of the
    wall. Now, go to the rubble and climb up the ladder to get onto the wall. Head
    left and kill the two Uruks that attack you.
    Carry on and kill the Cave Troll with a couple of well-aimed charged arrows.
    Run over to where it was and a Mumak (big elephant) will appear. Shoot some
    arrows at the three shields and then fire at the battle platform. Watch out for
    the other enemies who will also be attacking whilst this is happening and the
    orcs on top of the Mumak will be firing at you as well. Once the Mumak is down,
    you’ll see a crank, which you must use. First off though, deal with the Uruks
    on the wall and then use the crank. You’ll now see a cut scene, which shows the
    main gate opening. Run down the bridge and run through the gates to complete
    this level.
    Pelennor Fields   POK4
    The Black Gate   POK5
    Path of the Hobbits   POH0
    This is the path of Frodo and Sam. This is the easiest journey to complete
    because what you have to do is fairly simple and straight forward. What I like
    about this quest is that you get to see the stronger side of both Hobbits which
    I don't think is shown particularly well in the films. Anyway, you start off at
    Osgilliath and go through to the Crack of Doom at the end of the game. So,
    let's begin.
    Escape from Osgilliath   POH1
    The first time you play through the Hobbit’s quest you can only play as Sam.
    Once you’ve completed it once you can then play as Frodo. So, head through the
    alcove in the wall and kill the orcs that attack you. When you reach the bottom
    of some stairs an orc archer will fire at you, deal with him by throwing a
    knife at him and go on. A few orcs will fight you now so kill them with a few
    parries and a speed attack or two and then carry on until a wall in front of
    you explodes, this not only opens up a path for you but will also kill a few
    nasty orcs *starts to sing. Burn baby burn! Also begins cackling evilly* ahem
    where was I, ah yes! So, go through the opening in the wall and kill the two
    orcs that attack you. Now face the rubble and kill the archer hiding behind it.
    Now, kill two more orcs and run up
    the ramp to the rooftops.
    When you’re on the rooftops a Nazgul is flying around and a corruption meter
    appears in the top right corner. This tells you how corrupted Frodo is
    becoming. If it fills up, Frodo will be completely corrupted and give the ring
    to the Nazgul so I’d advise ignoring the orcs and just going straight to where
    you need to be. Run to the stairs and kill the orcs that come down them and
    attack. Now run up the stairs and shoot the two archers at the top (if you
    can’t shoot them then a couple of fierce attacks and the R2 button will do it)
    Continue along the roof and watch a catapult squish some more orcs. Run over to
    the ladder and climb down it.
    Creep up on the two unsuspecting orcs and take them out with your ranged
    attacks or fierce attacks if they come at you. Now continue down until you get
    out into the opening again. Now, grab the health and kill all the orcs there
    are (As there are a lot of them, parrying often is advised) When they’re dad,
    climb the next set of stairs and shoot the archers on the ramp. Once you’re up
    the ramp, you’ll find more orcs just waiting to be killed. Kill them and grab
    the health by the archer if you need it. Now go through the gap in the wall and
    climb the ladder.
    Your corruption metre will now appear again as the Nazgul is flying about. So,
    don’t stop and fight all the orcs as they will either kill you or the Nazgul
    will corrupt you so avoid enemies as much as possible. Run across to the bridge
    and run through the enemies wherever possible. Shoot the archers and get under
    cover to let the corruption metre go all the way down to empty. Now, run over
    to the large hole and climb down the ladder. Kill the enemies and climb up the
    ramp. Get behind the bell and push R1 to squish any remaining enemies down
    there and make a way out for you!
    Grab the health potion from the other side of the balcony then run back and out
    into the opening. Kill the orcs and then go down the stairs and out into the
    open. Again, the corruption metre will come up so ignore enemies wherever
    possible. Continue across the rooftops and climb over the rubble into the next
    area. Fight through the enemies to get to an archway. Climb down the ladder
    (ignore the enemies, killing them all only wastes time and fills the corruption
    meter) Ignore the few orcs that attack and go down into the sewers. Go on down
    this path, killing the orcs as you go. As soon as you see a gate with archers
    by it stop and take them out with knives. Now, use the elven cloak to sneak up
    on the fat orc and press the R2 button to kill hi (believe me, it’s much less
    hassle than fighting him) but, if you want to fight him, here’s how. Parry his
    first attacks and, when he pauses continually use the fierce attacks on him and
    don’t stop till he’s down. The reason it’s a lot of hassle is because he has a
    nasty habit of parrying your attacks and it takes ages to kill him so I use the
    elven cloak to sneak up on him and then stab him in the back.
    Shelob's Tunnel   POH2
    Cirith Ungol   POH3
    Crack of Doom   POH4
    This level is a fairly easy level considering the rewards you get for it are
    fantastic. You have to knock Gollum off the ledge and into the Crack of Doom.
    You can only knock him off and none of your weapons will harm him, they can
    still be useful though. The Fierce Attack will make him jump back and the to
    the left. The Speed Attack makes him jump back and then right. Use this to your
    The way I found useful is to go to the edge (you can’t fall off so don’t worry)
    and, when Gollum jumps at you, move out of the way and then corner him. Now use
    the O buttons to knock him off. He’ll grab onto the ledge so use R2 to knock
    him off. After the third time of doing this, lava will pour onto the platform
    so stay on the edge to avoid being barbecued. Knock him off some more and the
    platform crumbles and bits of it fall off. After the fifth time he’s knocked
    off rocks begin falling. Knock him off one more time and you’re done.
    Well done! You’ve just completed the main part of the story.
    Codes   CDS1
    These codes are only availble after completing the "Crack of Doom" level and
    can be entered by pausing the game, holding down L1+L2+R1+R1 and entering the
    Invincibility              Square, Circle, Square, Up
    Infinite Missile Weapons   Square, Square, Down, Circle
    Restore Health             Square, Square, Circle, Circle
    Perfect Mode               Circle, Down, Triangle, X
    All Attack Upgrades        Up, Down, Triangle, Square
    Always Devastating         Triangle, Up, Triangle, Down
    Target Indicator           Down, Circle, Up, Square
    These codes can be used anytime, without completing "Crack of Doom" level.
    Three Hit Combos:
    Aragorn- Square, Down, Circle, Up
    Legolas- Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Down
    Gandalf- Down, X, Triangle, Down
    Four Hit Combos:
    Aragorn- Up, Square, Triangle, Down
    Legolas- X, Circle, Triangle, Square
    Gimli- Triangle, Square, Up, X
    Gandalf- Down, Triangle, Up, Circle
    Faramir- X, Square, Up, X
    Frodo- Down, Square, Down, Circle
    Sam- Up, Down, Triangle, Triangle
    Merry- Triangle, X, Square, Square
    Pippin- X, X, Down, Circle
    1,000 Experience Points:
    Aragorn- Up, Square, Triangle, X
    Legolas- X, Triangle, Up, X
    Gimli- Circle, Circle, Triangle, X
    Gandalf- Circle, Triangle, Up, Down
    Faramir- Square, Triangle, Up, Square
    Frodo- Down, Triangle, Up, Down
    Sam- Triangle, X, Down, X
    Merry- Down, Down, Square, X
    Pippin- Triangle, X, Square, X
    Level 8 Skills:
    Aragorn- Up, Square, Triangle, Up
    Legolas- Square, Up, Up, Down
    Gimli- X, Circle, Down, Square
    Gandalf- Circle, Square, Down, Down
    Faramir- Circle, Down, Down, Down
    Frodo- Circle, Circle, Down, Down
    Sam- Circle, Circle, Triangle
    Merry- Down, Triangle, X, Square
    Pippin- Square, Up, Up, Circle
    Restore Missiles:
    Aragorn- Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle
    Legolas- Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Down
    Gimli- Circle, Circle, Circle, X
    Gandalf- Triangle, Down, X, Square
    Faramir- Triangle, Up, X, X
    Frodo- Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle
    Sam- X, X, Circle, X
    Merry- Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle
    Pippin- Up, Circle, Down, Square
    Frequently Asked Questions   FAS1
    "How Long is this game in total?"
     All in all, with all the extra features about 30 hours.
    "May I host this guide on my site?"
     Sure. Just don't change anything and send me the URL so I can see nothing has 
    been changed.
    "Who are the secret characters?"
     Faramir, Merry and Pippin. Faramir is a clone of Aragorn and Merry and Pippin 
    are just like Frodo and Sam.
    "Hey! I found a typo in-"
     No one cares! Besides, how was that a question?
    "Why does it say I only completed 87% even though I beat the game"
     You have to complete the two bonus stages. "Palantir of Saruman" and "Palantir
      of Sauron.
    "How do I beat (any boss here)"
     Look in the FAQ
    "I found something that's not in the FAQ, may I send it in?"
     Sure. As long as it's relevant to the FAQ. My address is Bilbo155015@aol.com
    Legal Info   LIF1
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    Thanks to   THX1
    I would like to thank the following people for helping create this FAQ.
    lotrwarrior27 for the codes and ideas for layout
    Burning Fox for the idea for the code system.
    Copyright 2003  Michael Tattersall

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