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    Story Mode FAQ by EChang

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 02/23/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       (v2.2, 2-23-03)
     by Edward Chang (chang.459@osu.edu)
    Version History
    v2.2 (2-23-03)
       Expanded descriptions.
    v2.1 (2-16-03)
       Added a note about a possible discrepancy between the US and Japanese
       versions of the game. Yes, this is about Ky's ending #3.
    v2.0 (2-11-03)
       EVERYTHING IS COMPLETED! Thanks to the GGXX Complete Mook, I now have
       the correct paths for every character, with all the right conditions.
    v1.9 (1-18-03)
       Completed all Story Mode translations!
    v1.8 (1-17-03)
       Completed May, Millia, Potemkin, Slayer.
    v1.7 (1-16-03)
       Completed Johnny, Ky.
    v1.6 (1-14-03)
       Completed Story Mode translations up through Jam.
    v1.5 (1-06-03)
       Started Story Mode text and speech translations! Biggest update to
       this FAQ yet... thanks for the patience.
    v1.4 (1-01-03)
       Another correction (or rather un-correction) to Testament's path; I've
       confirmed personally that you do NOT need to use a tension move to defeat
       Axl in order to get Ending #3. Also a brief correction to Sol's path
       based on the second Mook.
    v1.3 (12-31-02)
       Corrections to Testament's and Zappa's path.
    v1.2 (12-23-02)
       Brief correction to Testament's path.
    v1.1 (12-18-02)
       Prerequisites listed. Some triggers corrected.
    v1.0 (12-16-02)
       First version.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Story Mode Paths
       --Anji Mito
       --Axl Low
       --Chipp Zanuff
       --Jam Kuradoberi
       --Ky Kiske
       --Millia Rage
       --Sol Badguy
    3. Story Mode Secrets   
    4. Story Mode Translations
       --Anji Mito
       --Axl Low
       --Chipp Zanuff
       --Jam Kuradoberi
       --Ky Kiske
       --Millia Rage
       --Sol Badguy
    5. Credits
    This is an FAQ for Guilty Gear XX's Story Mode (on PS2 console). This guide
    will tell you how to get all three endings for each character in the game.
    As a disclaimer, this guide was written for the Japanese version of the game;
    ways to get Story Mode Paths may have changed for the US version.
    For basic information on Guilty Gear XX, refer to my FAQ/Movelist on
    GameFAQs. The newest revision of this FAQ will always be found on GameFAQs.
    Note that certain endings cannot be seen without first seeing other
    characters' story modes. For instance, you cannot get Sol's Ending #3 without
    having first seen Dizzy's Ending #2. I have listed all the requirements
    based on the second GGXX Mook, the Complete Guide.
    Certain fights are designated BOSS fights. What this means is that the
    character will have enhanced offense and defense, though they will not
    necessarily have Gold powers. Also, in the case of Boss I-No, she will be
    able to use Megalomania. Boss Dizzy will be able to use Hikari no Tsubasa.
    Axl ------------------------------- 
     |                                |
    (continues)                 (no continues)
     |                                |
    Baiken                           May
     |                                |
    Testament                      Bridget
     |                                |
    Sol                             Chipp -------------------------- 
     |                                |                            |
    I-No                  (no Instant Kill against Ky)     (Instant Kill Ky)
     |                                |                            |
    Ending #1                      Robo Ky                        Ky
                                      |                            |
                                  Ending #2                     Ending #3
    In the fight against Chipp, he will be immune to normal attacks, and Anji
    will start with only 6/8th health.
    Prerequisites: None.
    Sol -------------------------------------------------------
     |                                                        |
    (no Instant Kill)                                   (Instant Kill)
     |                                                        |
    Anji                                                     I-No
     |                                                        |
    Baiken                                                   Sol
     |                                                        |
    Johnny                                                   Sol* 
     |                                                        |
    Testament --------------                                EX Axl
     |                     |                                  |
    (continues)       (no continues)                       Ending #3
     |                     |
    Zappa                I-No
     |                     |
    Ending #2          Ending #1
    In the last fight against I-No, she has Gold powers. The final Zappa or EX 
    Axl are immune to normal attacks. In the Ending #3 path, at the point 
    marked * you will be stuck in a time loop and will continue fighting Sol 
    until you Instant Kill him.
    Prerequisites: None.
    Robo Ky
    Anji ------------------------------------------------------------
     |                              |                               |
    (Instant Kill Robo Ky) (no Instant Kill Robo Ky) (beat Anji with health < 3/8)
     |                              |                               |
    May                          Potemkin                          I-No
     |                              |                               |
    Robo Ky                      Boss I-No                         Anji
     |                              |                               |
    Ending #2                    Ending #1                       Ending #3
    In the fight against May, normal attacks do not work. In the final fight
    against I-No in Ending 1, she will have boss powers. In the last fight
    against Robo Ky in Ending #2, normal and special attacks do not work, 
    and you can't use Instant Kill either. In the last fight against Anji in
    Ending #3, Baiken cannot jump.
    Prerequisites: Need Anji #1 for Ending #3.
    Chipp --------------------
     |                       |
    (continues)        (no continues)
     |                       |
    Millia                Potemkin
     |                       |
    Robo Ky                 May ----------------------
     |                       |                       |
    Ky                   (no Instant Kill)      (Instant Kill)
     |                       |                       |
    Ending #1              Dizzy                   Johnny
                             |                       |
                          Ending #2               Ending #3
    Prerequisites: Need Potemkin #2 for Ending #3.
    Bridget --------------------------
     |                               |
    (less than 30 sec.)      (more than 30 sec.)
     |                               |
    Robo Ky                         Ky
     |                               |
    Anji                           Faust
     |                               |
    May                            Eddie ---------------------
     |                               |                       |
    Johnny                     (no Instant Kill)       (Instant Kill)
     |                               |                       |
    Robo Ky                        Venom                   Slayer
     |                               |                       |
    Ending #3                    Ending #1                Ending #2
    In the first fight with Robo Ky, you will be poisoned, and normal attacks
    can't hurt Robo Ky. In the second fight against Robo Ky, neither normal nor
    special attacks can hurt him, but Chipp starts with max tension.
    Prerequisites: Need Ky #2 for Ending #3.
    Baiken -----------------------------------------------------
     |                                                         |
    (otherwise)                              (beat Faust with Dizzy's health over
     |                                             6/8th and with a Tension attack)
    Eddie                                                      |
     |                                                      Bridget
    Boss I-No -----------                                      |
     |                  |                                   Ending #3
    (lose)            (win)
     |                  |
    Ending #1        Boss I-No
                     Ending #2
    In the first battle with I-No, she has boss powers. In the second battle, both
    Dizzy and I-No have Boss powers; Dizzy has Gold powers as well.
    Prerequisites: Need Bridget #2 for Ending #3.
    Faust ----------------------------------------------
     |                                                 |
    (more than 30 sec.)                     (less than 30 seconds)
     |                                                 |
    I-No ---------------------                        Ky
     |                       |                         |
    (Instant Kill)   (no Instant Kill)               Chipp
     |                       |                         |
    Potemkin               Baiken                    Millia
     |                       |                         |
    Johnny                  Ky                       Venom
     |                       |                         |
    May                    Zappa                    Ending #2
     |                       |  
    Dizzy                   Sol
     |                       |
    I-No                   Slayer
     |                       |
    Ending #3            Ending #1
    Eddie gradually starts with less health in each round. In the fight against 
    Venom, you will be poisoned. In the fight against Dizzy or against Slayer, 
    you will have gold boss powers.
    Prerequisites: Need I-No #2 for Ending #3.
    Slayer ---------------
     |                   |
    (continues)    (no continues)
     |                   |
    Chipp               May ---------------
     |                   |                |
    Eddie       (more than 30 sec.)   (less than 30 sec.)
     |                   |                |
    I-No               Zappa            Eddie
     |                   |                |
    Ending #1         Ending #2         Venom
                                      Ending #3
    In the battle against Chipp he starts with 50% health.
    Prerequisites: Need May #2 for Ending #3.
    Eddie ---------------------------------------------------
     |                                                      |
    (less than 181 sec. total)                 (more than 181 sec. total, no
     |                                                  continues)
     |                                                      |
    Millia ------------------------                      Robo Ky
     |                            |                         |
    (no Instant Kill)        (Instant Kill)             Testament
     |                            |                         |
    Bridget                     Eddie                     Dizzy
     |                            |                         |
    Jam                        Boss Dizzy                  May
     |                            |                         |
    Sol                       Ending #2                  Ending #3
    Ending #1
    In the last fight in all three endings, both characters will have boss
    powers, and the opponent will have Gold powers. Also, in the Ending #3 
    path, you will have boss powers in your last three fights. May also
    regenerates in the last fight of Ending #3.
    Prerequisites: Need Johnny #2 for Ending #3.
    Robo Ky ---------------------------------------------
     |                                                  |                             
    (win)                                            (lose)
     |                                                  |
    Sol                                                I-No
     |                                                  | 
    Faust                                             Venom
     |                                                  |
    Ky                                                Millia
     |                                                  |
    Slayer                                            Johnny
     |                                                  |
    Chipp                                            Boss I-No
     |                                                  |
    Robo Ky ---------------------------------        Ending #2
     |                                      |
    (no Instant Kill first Robo Ky)    (Instant Kill first Robo Ky)
     |                                      |
    Ending #1                            Robo Ky
                                         Robo Ky
                                        Ending #3
    In the Ending #1 path, the final Robo Ky is immune to normal attacks and 
    regenerates. In the Ending #2 path, I-No has boss powers. In the Ending
    #3 path, the second Robo Ky is immune to normal attacks, the third immune
    to special attacks, and the fourth has Gold boss powers.
    Prerequisites: None.
    I-No -------------------------------------------------
     |                                                   |
    (no Instant Kill)                              (Instant Kill)
     |                                                   |
    Testament                                          Slayer
     |                                                   |
    Bridget                                             Ky
     |                                                   |
    Jam -----------------                              Chipp
     |                  |                                |
    (no continues)   (continues)                      Robo Ky
     |                  |                                |
    Eddie            Boss I-No                        Ending #3
     |                  |
    Boss Dizzy      Testament
     |                  |
    Boss I-No        Ending #2
    Ending #1
    Both Dizzy and the later I-No's have boss powers. Dizzy also has Gold powers
    but starts at 3/8th health. The I-No in Ending #2 starts with 2/8th health.
    The last Testament in Ending #2 is immune to normal attacks, and you cannot 
    jump. Chipp is immune to normal attacks. Robo Ky is immune to normal and 
    special attacks.
    Prerequisites: Need Chipp #3 for Ending #3.
    Anji -----------------------------------
     |                                     |
    (Instant Kill)                  (no Instant Kill)
     |                                     |
    I-No                                 Baiken ----------------------
     |                                     |                         |
    Eddie                           (more than 30 sec.)      (less than 30 sec.)
     |                                     |                         |
    Zappa                                Chipp                    Bridget
     |                                     |                         |
    Sol                                   Jam                       Jam
     |                                     |                         |
    Ending #3                            Johnny                    Chipp
                                           |                         |
                                        Ending #1                 Robo Ky
                                                                 Ending #2
    In the path for Ending #2, Chipp will be immune to normal attacks and Robo
    Ky will be immune to both normal and special attacks. Eddie starts at half
    health, and Zappa starts at half health, is EX, and normal moves do not
    hurt him.
    Prerequisites: Need Sol #1 for Ending #3.
    **I have heard from some sources that in the US version this prerequisite has
    been changed to Sol #2. You might want try them both.
    Faust -----------------------------------
     |                                      |
    (less than 30 sec.)             (more than 30 sec.)
     |                                      |
    Anji                                 Millia --------------------
     |                                      |                      |
    I-No                            (more than 30 sec.)    (less than 30 sec.)
     |                                      |                      |
    Robo Ky                               Eddie                   I-No
     |                                      |                      |
    Ending #3                            Potemkin               Bridget
                                            |                      |
                                         Ending #1             Ending #2 
    Prerequisites: Need Anji #2 for Ending #3.  
    Jam -----------------------------
     |                              |
    (Instant Kill)             (no Instant Kill)
     |                              |
    Sol                           Venom
     |                              |
    Eddie                          May
     |                              |
    Boss I-No                     Slayer -----------------
     |                              |                    |
    Ending #3                  (Instant Kill)     (no Instant Kill)
                                    |                    |
                                  Eddie               Ending #1
                                 Ending #2
    In the fight with Slayer, only special and Tension attacks hurt Slayer, and
    he regenerates. In the second fight against I-No, she regenerates. In the
    fight against Eddie in Ending #3, he starts at 2/8th health. In the fight
    against Eddie in Ending #2, Millia starts at full tension and regenerates;
    Eddie starts at 3/8th health and has gold boss powers.
    Prerequisites: Need Sol #1 for Ending #3.
    Eddie ------------------------------------------
     |                                             |
    (continues)                            (no continues)
     |                                             |
    Boss Dizzy --------------------               I-No
     |                            |                |
    (less than 30 sec.)  (more than 30 sec.)    Bridget
     |                            |                |
    May                         Johnny          Ending #2
     |                            |
    Robo Ky                   Ending #1
    Ending #3
    In the fight with Dizzy, she will have Gold boss powers but start at half
    health. In the fight against Bridget, you will not be able to jump. In the 
    fight against Johnny, special attacks have no effect.
    Prerequisites: Need May #3 for Ending #3.
    Potemkin -----------------------------------------------
     |                                                     |
    (no Instant Kill)                                (Instant Kill)
     |                                                     |
    Chipp                                                 Sol
     |                                                     |
    Jam --------------------------------                 Boss I-No
     |                                 |                   |
    (less than 6/8 health)      (more than 6/8 health)  Ending #3
     |                                 |
    Dizzy                           Millia
     |                                 |
    Eddie                            Venom
     |                                 |
    Ending #1                       Ending #2
    In the fight against Eddie, normal attacks can't hurt him, and he has
    gold boss powers, but he starts at half health. In the fight against Venom,
    he will have Gold boss powers. In the fight against I-No, she'll have boss 
    Prerequisites: None.
    Millia ---------------------------------------------------------------
     |                                                                   |
    (Normal Victory)                                                 (Time Up)
     |                                                                   |
    Anji                                                               EX Venom
     |                                                                   | 
    Johnny ---------------------------------                           Slayer
     |                                     |                             |
    (more than 120 seconds total)  (less than 120 seconds and         Ending #2
     |                               no continues)
     |                                     |
    Eddie                               Testament
     |                                     |
    Boss I-No                          Boss Dizzy
     |                                     |
    Ending #1                           Ending #3
    In the fight with I-No, you will have SP Powers and she will have boss
    powers. In the fight with Slayer, only Special Attacks and Tension Attacks 
    hurt Slayer. In the fight against Dizzy, she has Gold Boss powers. In the
    fight against Eddie, he starts at 6/8th health. In the fight against Venom,
    Venom is EX.
    Prerequisites: Need Dizzy #2 for Ending #3.
    Axl -------------------------------------------------------------
     |                                                              |
    (more than 30 sec.)                                     (less than 30 sec.
     |                                                       and no continues)
     |                                                              |
    Potemkin ------------------------                              I-No
     |                              |                               |
    (no Instant Kill)         (Instant Kill)                     Boss Dizzy
     |                              |                               |
    Anji                         Slayer                          Ending #3
     |                              |
    Johnny                         Sol
     |                              |
    Ending #1                  Ending #2
    Dizzy will have Gold boss powers if you fight her. In Ending #1, Johnny also
    has Gold boss powers. Beware his Mist Finer! I-No starts at half health.
    Prerequisites: Need I-No #2 for Ending #3.
    Faust ------------------- 
     |                      |
    (no Time Up)        (Time Up)
     |                      |
    Dizzy                 Eddie
     |                      |
    Testament              Ky
     |                      |
    Sol                    I-No -----------------
     |                      |                   |
    Slayer           (less than 50 sec.) (more than 50 sec.)
     |                      |                   |
    Ending #1             Eddie               Millia
                            |                   |
                         Ending #2           Ending #3
    Slayer has gold boss powers, but Venom has full tension in that battle. In
    the first fight with Eddie, he starts at half health. In the second fight 
    against Eddie, he is immune to normal attacks but again starts at half
    Prerequisites: Need Millia #1 for Ending #3.
    Anji --------------------------------------------
     |                                              |
    (no Instant Kill)                          (Instant Kill)
     |                                              |
    Sol                                            I-No
     |                                              |
    Faust -------------                            Ky
     |                |                             |
    (lose)          (win)                       Ending #3
     |                |
    Ending #1      Ending #2
    Zappa slowly starts with less and less health as he progresses.
    Prerequisites: Need Sol's Ending #2 and Ky's Ending #3 for Ending #3.
    **Unlocking Story Endings 1 and 2 for a character will unlock EX Mode for that
    character, if you haven't done so already.
    **Unlocking all Story Endings for a character will unlock SP Mode for that
    character, if you haven't done so already.
    **Unlocking all 60 Story Mode paths will unlock Guilty Gear Mode, Robo Ky,
    Kliff, and Justice. Justice also has a Story Mode.
    Here you will find a translation of all the text and spoken lines in each
    character's Story Mode paths. Splits in the path will be designated. Justice
    is also included in the list for completeness. This list is alphabetical by
    character name.
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #4152
    Name: Anji=Mito
    Height: 183 cm
    Weight: 68 kg
    Birthday: 1/1
    Bloodtype: B
    Type: Japanese
    The subject is a Japanese currently escaped. After escaping the Colony,
    and taking an uncertain route, he also acquired the Jinki "Zessen", and is now
    in the midst of fleeing. Having acquired legitimate Japanese pedigree and
    culture, his battle style is perfected like a dance.
    The basis for his actions is unknown, but he seems to be chasing Gears as well
    as their maker. Also, he doesn't possess the enmity many of the Japanese do,
    but has been observed to be simply curious, the cause of which is unknown.
    Whatever the case, the simple fact that there is an uncontrollable Japanese
    is a danger. Because of that, we will assign him a Risk Rating of A.
    Anji: Let me show you the dance unmatched in heaven or earth.
    Ky: Mito Anji-san, correct? I would like to ask you something.
    Anji: What does somebody from the police want from me?
    Ky: You are currently being hunted as a Japanese...
    Anji: Ah, I see. Well, you have your work too. You won't be able to catch me
          so easily though.
    Ky: Wait! I didn't mean...
    (vs. Ky)
    Anji: Anyway, sorry but see you later.
    Ky: Wait! I still have to tell you...
    Anji: I can't be caught here. There's lots of stuff I want to ask That Man.
    Zappa: Um... uh, excuse me?
    Anji: What? Hey, you've got something heavy on your back.
    Zappa: Gyaaaaaaah!
    Anji: ... I guess you can't hear me.
    (vs. Zappa)
    Anji: The fact that you're here means...
    Axl: That's right. I've got word of his whereabouts.
    Anji: That's great. Can I come with you?
    Axl: I'm not interested in walking with another man. I'll tell you where he
         is, so...
    Axl: How about we decide with this?
    Anji: I agree!
    (vs. Axl)
    (Path 1)
    Anji: Okay, I heard he was along this way...
    Baiken: Hold it. Where do you think you're going?
    Anji: It's been a while. The one I'm chasing is probably the same one you
    Baiken: I didn't ask for anybody else to stick their nose in.
    Anji: That's the only thing I can't promise.
    Baiken: I won't say your life's in danger. Just go away!
    (vs. Baiken)
    Testament: You won't get past this.
    Anji: Why?
    Testament: It's something people who want to live shouldn't see.
    Anji: Why are you comparing lifespans? I see what I want to see. That's the
          purpose of living on.
    Testament: Hmph... simple thinking. I can't guarantee a long life for you.
    (vs. Testament)
    Sol: Go home.
    Anji: Sheesh, you too!
    Sol: Hm?
    Anji: I just want to ask some questions.
    Sol: Some secrets are buried in the dark.
    Anji: A secret is something that you expose under the sky for everyeone to
    Anji: Then even the reason for killing is gone.
    Sol: Such cheerful talk.
    Anji: If you won't let me past I'll show you my skill as well...
    Sol: You won't pass!
    Anji: Very well!
    (vs. Sol)
    Anji: Hey miss. I'm Anji. Can I ask you to let me see that man?
    I-No: Huh? What's a mistaken Japanese like you getting high and mighty for?
          Perverted naked bastard, I'll smash you up.
    Anji: Wh, wh, wh-what!! Er, sorry for just barging in... but I'm stubborn.
    Anji: I'm not going to budge until I see That Man.
    I-No: Fine, don't move then!
    Anji: Ow!
    (vs. I-No)
    (Ending 1)
    Anji: That was dangerous... even this Anji-sama was afraid.
    That Man: The Japanese certainly are an interesting race. To wield a Jinki
              and defeat I-No.
    Anji: Are you perhaps... the man who created Gears?
    That Man: You could call me that.
    Anji: There's something I've been wanting to ask you. Gears... are they really
    That Man: Oh?
    Anji: I've met a lot of gears... and aside from the twisted personality, the
          fact that one can become a Gear and live long is good news.
    Anji: If we strengthen the ecosystem that supports this there's no problem.
          Energy problems can be solved with magic. If the Earth is filled up we
          can go to space.
    Anji: Thinking like that is coherent... so why? Why did things turn out like
    That Man: Divine punishment... no, original sin.
    Anji: In a tangible sense?
    That Man: If you feel like you can raise blades against God and the earth,
              come with me. Come!
    Anji: I... I...
    (Path 2)
    May: Ah, there, there! Hey ojisan**, hold on.
    **literally "uncle". Used towards older men as a sign of respect.
    Anji: Ojisan... kind of hurts. How about calling me bro?
    May: You're older than me, right?
    Anji: Well, yeah...
    May: Anybody older than me other than Johnny I call "ojisan".
    Anji: Wait, wait. I can't let that go. At least decide after you see my dance.
    May: Dance? Certainly an ojisan-like hobby...
    (vs. May)
    May: Well, ojisan, what's Japanese? Johnny won't tell me even if I ask.
    Anji: Well, okay. Japan is an island country that disappeared in the Holy War.
    May: That's it? Then why is Johnny keeping it a secret...
    Anji: Those Japanese who live on... they've gotten scarce, so they're put in
          a caretaking colony. I'm a runaway. Tell somebody and the police would
          come flying.
    May: I see...
    Anji: Well, you can check up on the rest.
    May: Thanks, ojisan!
    Bridget: You, suspect over there, please stop!
    Anji: Me? Since when am I a suspect?
    Bridget: Well, I understand your surprise, but please put aside your weapon.
             I'm sympathetic, ojisan.
    Anji: Ngah!
    (vs. Bridget)
    Anji: I really AM a suspect... what's going on?
    Chipp: Mito-Anji-san?
    Anji: What's with the stupid polite language? You want me to teach you more
    Chipp: That's right.
    Anji: Sorry, but right now I'm... u...!
    Chipp: I will take you into custody.
    Anji: So that's it... I'll return you to your senses!!
    (vs. Chipp)
    (Path 2)
    Anji: So I'm not just a suspect... but if they can control somebody of Chipp's
          skill, I can't let my guard down.
    Robo Ky: Hey Anji-kun, what's the matter?
    Anji: ...but you're suspicious even if I keep up my guard! Were you
          brainwashed... no, remodeled too?
    (vs. Robo Ky)
    (Ending 2)
    Anji: Somebody's after me... who is it?
    Robo Ky: Gugugu... Japanese... collect...
    Anji: So you can still move! You!... Wait, Japanese? Which means, Sis** is in
          trouble! Wait for me!
    **a term of respect for Baiken. She isn't really Anji's sister.
    (Path 3)
    Anji: So I'm not just a suspect... but if they can control somebody of Chipp's
          skill, I can't let my guard down.
    Robo Ky: Hey Anji-kun, what's the matter?
    Anji: ...but you're suspicious even if I keep up my guard! Were you
          brainwashed... no, remodeled too?
    Ky: Well, that was dangerous. This was a fake. It seems the Shuusen
    Anji: Certainly an elaborate setup. But, you think this charade will fool
          the likes of me?
    Ky: ... you don't get it...
    (vs. Ky)
    (Ending 3)
    Anji: I got it, I got it. You're the real one.
    Ky: You caught me unprepared when we first met. Just because I wanted to
        catch up to you and talk to you?
    Anji: Sorry. I owe you one. Well, what did you want to talk about?
    Ky: You realize it, right? There's an organization after the Japanese.
    Anji: I know very well they're chasing me.
    Ky: From what I've gathered they call themselves the "Shuusen Kanrikyoku".
    Anji: Kanri** or whatever.. isn't the Holy War over?
    Ky: I don't know... Perhaps, maybe, the War isn't over yet...
    Ky: I'll check up on things, so for now, don't overdo it.
    Anji: Shuusen Kanrikyoku, huh. It's got a bad ring to it.
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #5470
    Name: Axl=Low
    Height: 179 cm
    Weight: 78 kg
    Birthday: 12/25
    Bloodtype: B
    Type: Human/English
    The area of concern is that he's jumped in time from the 20th century, and
    has been found appearing in the current era. The possibility is low, but it
    could be that the subject has knowledge of important events from both the
    future and the past.
    In his self-taught fighting, he has been able to control fire magic. He
    possesses great physical skill, and has even appeared as a competitor of the
    Second Holy Order's Fighting Tournament.
    In order to protect our secrets, it is necessary to acquire the subject
    rapidly and sample what he knows. With this in mind, we assign him a Risk
    Rating of A+.
    Axl: Looks like something good's going to happen today!
    Axl: Oh, a nice girl... hey, miss, you've got pretty hair.
    I-No: Are you trying to pick me up?
    Axl: That wonderful hair and provocative body... I want to talk to you
    I-No: Oh, that's okay... I'll show you...
    (vs. I-No)
    Axl: Well, how about it? You want to come along?
    I-No: Sorry, not yet. I've got a prior commitment.
    Axl: Well, who is it?
    I-No: You know a man called "Sol"?
    Axl: Hey, you know him? Certainly a strong...
    I-No: If you see him tell him, okay? That I-No's looking for him.
    Axl: Okay, okay...
    Axl: *Sigh*... is the age of the frail woman already past... hey, chief,
         good timing.
    Sol: What?
    Axl: Well, see, I just met someone you know. She was looking for you. A
         wild woman with red clothes and hat...
    Sol: ... where did she go.
    Axl: Before I tell you... won't you give me a match?
    Sol: Hmph... whatever.
    (vs. Sol)
    Axl: Somebody the chief knew... if he's that threatening, it must have
         something to do with That Man...
    Anji: Oh, when you say "that man", you mean "That Man"?
    Axl: You sure are fast. Anji... right? If you keep pursuing weird things
         chief Sol's going to burn you...
    Anji: Oh, well that's already been decided. Anyway, have you gotten better
          with your sickles?
    Axl: If you want to see I'll show you! Sora!
    (vs. Anji)
    Baiken: So it's you, who's chasing him.
    Axl: Well yeah. I've got my reasons...
    Baiken: Sorry, but he's my quarry.
    Axl: Qu-quarry? What for?
    Baiken: To kill.
    Axl: Wait wait, that's a problem. That's a problem.
    Baiken: You an ally of his? Then I won't give you any mercy.
    Axl: Well geez, it's not like I'm his ally...
    Baiken: Then in that case go away before I can count off three. Three...
            two... one...
    (vs. Baiken)
    Axl: Huff... huff... if I come here it should be okay... quite a day...
    Johnny: Hey Axl? How come even you came here?
    Axl: Hey, Leader Johnny. Just looking for somebody.
    Johnny: Have you perhaps seen a red-clothed musician?
    Axl: I did, I did... a nice woman.
    Johnny: I won't say anything bad, so forget about her and go home.
    Axl: I can't do th...
    Johnny: Going, huh... I'll have to take compensation from you.
    Axl: How...!
    (vs. Johnny)
    Axl: I don't know what's going on but everybody's too serious!
    Testament: That's an interesting assessment.
    Axl: Th-there!
    Testament: If you go past here, you'll see things even more pitiful than me.
    Axl: Wh-what?
    Testament: Forget it. Fate which has surpassed humans.
    Axl: I don't know about fate, but it always gives you a promise, right?
    Testament: That time passes, and words die.
    Axl: That might be true... but that won't cut it.
    Axl: I'm going to return to Megumi. Definitely.
    Axl: That's what I've decided. For myself.
    (vs. Testament)
    (Path 1)
    Axl: Pitiful being... pitiful being, huh. What is it?
    I-No: You again!
    Axl: Hey, girl. We meet again. We must have a red thread of fate** tying us...
    **In Japanese and Chinese folklore, a red thread connects destined lovers.
    I-No: Messing up my carefully laid plans...
    Axl: Plans? What do you mean?
    I-No: Forget it. I'll take your head...
    Axl: Hey! Wait! Waah!
    (vs. I-No)
    (Ending 1)
    Axl: Calm down, girl...
    That Man: It seems my servant has been a problem...
    Axl: You're... somebody Chief Sol knows?
    That Man: Something like that. You wanted something from me?
    Axl: Ah, me, I'm a Time Slip subject. I want to do something about it. You're
         like that too, right?
    That Man: No, I'm just somebody who lives a long time. I can't surpass
    Axl: Oh geez, really? I asked a doctor. He said that a "parallel existence"
         to me was the cause...
    That Man: Ah, in that case I think I know... Raven?
    Raven: You're... my...
    Axl: Geez, something feels like I'm flying...
    That Man: It's only natural. When parallel existences come together, forces
              gather. In this space, there are two of "you". Because of that, 
              one of you cannot be at a fixed point. And one cannot disappear.
    Axl: Wwwwhy, is it like that?
    Raven: You're saying that?
    That Man: Oh, if you ask the cause, it was your fault.
    Axl: Eh? What's that?! Waaah!
    That Man: Or rather... it will be...
    (Path 2)
    Axl: I certainly got held up... now, where's that pitiful thing...
    Zappa: Excuse me, Mr. Traveler...
    Axl: Hm? What's up?
    Zappa: I'm looking for a doctor named Faust...
    Axl: What do you want with him?
    Zappa: ... I'll curse you forever!
    Axl: Ah, so this is pitiful...
    (Ending 2)
    Axl: Are you alive?
    Zappa: ...
    Axl: Such a weak-looking face... I wonder how he got to this point...
    Axl: I wonder what she's doing now... is she worrying about me? Megumi...
    (Path 3)
    Axl: Somebody the chief knew... if he's that threatening, it must have
         something to do with That Man...
    Axl: Are there no good women in this age? Oh, there she is! Hey!
    I-No: Who're you?
    Axl: Not, "who're you"... it's me. Axl-sama. The Chief was...
    I-No: What are you blabbering about? I'll crush you!
    Axl: Hey, wait!
    (vs. I-No)
    Axl: Geez, she's looking at me so badly now... why...
    Sol: What are you doing here?
    Axl: Nothing in particular, really.
    Sol: What?
    Axl: The woman in red who you're chasing.
    Sol: How did you know?
    Axl: Eh?
    Sol: How did you know I'm chasing I-No?
    Axl: But, I heard you saying it earlier...
    Sol: Eavesdropping? Now I'm annoyed...
    Axl: Why?!
    (vs. Sol)
    Axl: Geez, she's looking at me so badly now... why...
    Axl: Hey, I said that before too. I've got a bad feeling...
    Sol: What are you doing here?
    Axl: I knew it! Time has looped!
    Sol: What?
    Axl: What for? Why is it like this?
    Sol: Quit blabbering!
    (vs. Sol)
    Axl: Chief Sol's power is great... and then when it collided with my ougi,
         that's why time slipped back...
    Axl: Then... it should be back to normal now...
    Axl: Heey, chief... he's not here.
    Axl 1: Waah!
    Axl 2: Waah! Don't scare me... wait, me?
    Axl 1: Yeah, just a little from the future.
    Axl 2: And what do you want from me, me?
    Axl 1: Can't stay here long, but I wanted to see you. Now, come on.
    Axl 2: Okay! Don't hold back!
    (Ending 3)
    Axl 2: So, what did you want to talk about?
    Axl 1: Well, you know. There's a lot of things happening... just don't let it
           get you down, okay?
    Axl 2: I'm not getting down.
    Axl 1: No use hiding it. I remember it, you know.
    Axl 2: ... that's true. Kind of hard though...
    Axl 1: If you don't give up, it'll turn out happy. It's me saying it so no
           mistake about it.
    Axl 2: Good info. Hey, will I meet Megumi again?
    Axl 1: I can't tell you much specific... just trust me. Well, I'm going now.
    Axl 2: Okay... Glad I met you, me.
    Axl 1: Yeah, me too.
    Axl 2: Okay, I'll give it my best shot!
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #2043
    Name: Baiken
    Height: 162 cm
    Weight: 45 kg
    Birthday: 3/5
    Bloodtype: B
    Type: Japanese
    This subject is an excaped Japanese. Having lost her parents at a young age
    during the Holy War, she is still traumatized.
    The cause for her actions is simple, and can be summed up as an intense
    desire for revenge. She continues to hunt the one who created Gears even
    With the use of surprise weapons and a traditional Japanese sword she has
    much battle prowess, and is about on a level of military danger.
    But her actions are simple so she is easily controlled, and if by chance
    she should bring out the Gear Maker that fits with our plans.
    Because of this, we assign her a Risk Rating of C.
    Baiken: You won't get away... zan**!
    **literally "slash".
    I-No: A journey of revenge under the sky? Not very fashionable.
    Baiken: You, what are you.
    I-No: Oh, you don't seem very young.
    Baiken: If you keep babbling I'll cut you down!
    I-No: How wonderful... show me with those strong arms!
    (vs. I-No)
    I-No: Ah, that felt good.
    Baiken: Che... I didn't intend to hold back...
    I-No: But, if that's your level you can't meet him...
    Baiken: Dammit, wait!
    Robo Ky: You're the one who'll wait!
    Baiken: Hmm? A police... mimic!
    Robo Ky: Don't call me mimic!
    (vs. Robo Ky)
    (following line is Path 2 only)
    Robo Ky: End recording... begin analysis... analyzing attack pattern...
             analysis finished... retreat now!
    (otherwise following line)
    Robo Ky: End recording... initializing... error! Error!
    Baiken: Che... I got held up...
    Zappa: Um, miss samurai...
    Baiken: I'm not a samurai. What?
    Zappa: I heard there was a doctor named Faust around here...
    Baiken: That fairy doctor? You have weird taste...
    Zappa: Wh-where is he? If I don't find him quickly I'll...
    Zappa: Jealoooooooous!
    Baiken: I see, that's how it is... fitting for the fairy doctor...
    (vs. Zappa)
    Bridget: Excuse me miss, wait a second.
    Baiken: One after the other... is this an unlucky day?
    Bridget: As a bounty, please come with me.
    Baiken: Was this an unlucky year!?
    (vs. Bridget)
    Baiken: Go on, go away. If you do yakuza work from when you're young you
            won't die easy.
    Bridget: I'm prepared for a sad end... I'm an artist...
    Baiken: Artists shouldn't go around attacking people!
    Anji: Oh, long time.
    Baiken: Hmph... an even more "sad end" type showed up.
    Anji: Oh, well, I've found out the location of That Man...
    Baiken: From the red musician who won't die?
    Anji: Well, looks like you're a step ahead of me.
    Baiken: That's right. So go away. Or else your death won't be easy!
    (vs. Anji)
    (Path 1)
    Baiken: With you here the road's too crowded!
    Potemkin: I'm sorry. But I can't withdraw. To capture the red musician...
              that is my duty.
    Baiken: You're bad at lying.
    Potemkin: What?
    Baiken: You've got a worried face. Who are you really trying to capture?
    Potemkin: That's not something you would know.
    Baiken: Whatever. I'm going to catch her so move aside!
    (vs. Potemkin)
    Baiken: Finally caught up to you. You gave me some trouble.
    I-No: Trying to finish me with that cheap toy?
    Baiken: Won't die by getting cut up? Well my condolences.
    I-No: What?
    Baiken: I'll just cut you up into pieces then!
    I-No: Don't put on airs!
    (vs. I-No)
    Baiken: You over there... come on out.
    That Man: It seems my servant has given you trouble.
    Baiken: So it was you... I can't forget that face...
    That Man: ...
    Baiken: Father, mother... this is their revenge. Whether you want to die easy
            or die hard... pick now.
    That Man: Death is not a choice... it's giving up. My choice is to live on
              painfully... for now at least.
    Baiken: Time's up!
    Baiken: Dammit... dammit!
    Baiken: Why did you kill them! Why did you burn it all!
    That Man: For heaven, divine punishment. For man, original sin. For me...
              treachery. This is it, right?
    Baiken: Guu...
    That Man: Some day... some day, when my life ends your anger will subside...
    (Path 2)
    May: Baiken...san, right?
    Baiken: You make me feel weird being called that. What do you want, small
    May: Um... I have to talk to you.
    Baiken: Well, what is it? Say it...
    May: Well you know... please die!
    Baiken: Trying to use a kid to make me drop my guard? But for a surprise
            attack your target was a little too big.
    Baiken: Wait, right there. I'll be with you in a second.
    May: Die! Die! Die!
    (vs. May)
    Baiken: Such dirty tricks.
    Robo Ky: Give yourself up!
    Baiken: After running away with your tail between your legs. Some talk.
    Robo Ky: I've analyzed all of your techniques. Resistance is a waste of
    Baiken: Hmph, looks like you can do a little. But just because you can see
            past the "Garyou Tensei" doesn't mean you can take it easy! This
            piece of trash, I'll show you what I've got hidden!
    (vs. Robo Ky)
    (Ending 2)
    Robo Ky: Gagaga... dirty Japanese... the Shuusen Kanrikyoku won't give up...
    Baiken: Shuusen... Kanrikyoku?
    Robo Ky: You, and even that man, are nothing more than pawns for the 
    Baiken: Just shut up. Shuusen Kanrikyoku or whatever, this is war!
    (Path 3)
    Baiken: Geez, that took me a long time. Where'd that Anji go...
    I-No: Hey, stinking Jap! What are you doing!
    Baiken: Ah, you sure gave me trouble. Are you prepared?
    I-No: Heh... you want to spill blood? I'll grant your wish!
    (vs. I-No)
    Baiken: Well then... there, aren't you?
    Anji: Yeah... sorry, but I can't let you go on.
    Baiken: You dreaming?
    Anji: I met That Man.
    Baiken: And?
    Anji: I can't let you kill him just yet.
    Baiken: Such a short accompaniment, huh...
    Anji: I can't let you!
    Anji: Gate field! In accordance with the eight spirits! Sis, that's a
          spirit door.
    Baiken: An earth seal, huh... how annoying!
    (Ending 3)
    Baiken: You go this far... can't help it, huh.
    Anji: Yes, this Mito Anji, to match against you is a dream of mine!
    Baiken: Ch, such a cheerful guy. What kind of face is that.
    Baiken: Whatever. I don't know what That Man said to you, but all right.
    Anji: Yo! Goddess of Mercy! Beauty of Japan!
    Baiken: There's no second chance...
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #7404
    Name: Bridget
    Height: 158 cm
    Weight: 50 kg
    Birthday: 10/26
    Bloodtype: O
    Type: English
    The subject is a bounty hunter and currently there is no reason to acquire him.
    At any rate the subject has disappeared himself, and is the offspring of a
    rich family, who is currently searching for the head subject Gear.
    The head subject Gear Dizzy is already presumed dead, but the doubt has already
    been indicated. If he gets word about Dizzy's current state, it will become
    an important affair.
    The subject, being a twin, is living as a girl despite being a boy. The threat
    of revealing this fact can be used to control the subject.
    Using a yoyo as a battle style, and being a bounty hunter, is impressive,
    however there is really no special indication. The subject shall be assigned
    a Risk Rating of D.
    Bridget: Look at my skill!
    Bridget: Um, hello there...
    I-No: Oh, what a cute girl!
    Bridget: I'm not a girl... I'm a bounty hunter...
    I-No: Sorry... then young boy... things are dangerous here so please go home
    Bridget: You don't believe me, hm? Then how about this?
    (vs. I-No)
    I-No: My, you certainly do have skill.
    Bridget: Thank you... you are strong too, miss.
    I-No: You said you're a bounty hunter, so who are you hunting?
    Bridget: Well... I don't really have new bounties, so...
    I-No: Well, then I'll give you these bounties.
    Bridget: Really? Then thank you.
    Bridget: Let's see... the first is "Killer Samurai Baiken".
    Baiken: Achoo! Who's talking bad about me?
    Bridget: Ah, it's written here in this bounty.
    Bridget: With hidden weapons she cuts up everything, this heartless female
    Bridget: No mistake, right?
    Baiken: Aah... I feel like making lots of mistakes now! Little brat! Go
    (vs. Baiken)
    Bridget: Okay, that's number one.
    Anji: Oh, miss... what are you doing here?
    Bridget: Ah, you're Anji-san.
    Anji: Hey, you've heard of me? That's great.
    Bridget: Using a dance to steal goods and cutting down people with his fans,
             a first rate criminal...
    Bridget: Is that right?
    Anji: Ngahh!
    Bridget: Um, and when this is pointed out, he gets angry. No mistake about 
             it, then.
    Anji: Just like you ask for, I'll cut you down with these fans!
    (vs. Anji)
    Bridget: Let's see now... next is Chipp Zanuff.
    Bridget: Using Japanese assassination techniques he is a first-class
    Chipp: Shut up! Who's a terrorist!
    Bridget: Wah... you scared me.
    Chipp: Today bounty hunters are all coming after me...
    Bridget: But there's a bounty on you.
    Chipp: Bullshit! Goddamn! What the heck!
    Bridget: Japanese assassination techniques sure are noisy...
    (vs. Chipp)
    (Path 1)
    Bridget: Okay, let's see... next is gold-haired female assassin Millia...
    Bridget: Seducing both male and female, she is a witch who uses her
             shape-changing hair to kill.
    Millia: What is that?
    Bridget: Oh, this is a bounty.
    Millia: Hmph... having children become bounty hunters is a problem after
            all. Will you give me that stuff that's bad for your education?
    Bridget: Hmm... if you come with me I'll think about it.
    Millia: Anyway, the bounty on me should have been lifted...
    Bridget: Let's go!
    (vs. Millia)
    Bridget: Ah, Mr. Policeman. Just in time. I've brought you bounties. Please
             take them.
    Robo Ky: Gigi...
    Bridget: Gigi?
    Robo Ky: Well done. I will take these bounties you've collected.
    Bridget: Um, will you write me a receipt or something?
    Robo Ky: What?
    Bridget: ...you aren't a policeman after all!
    Robo Ky: You saw through my secret! Get wiped out with these bounties!
    (vs. Robo Ky)
    Bridget: What was that...
    Ky: Are you okay? There's a fake me somewhere around here...
    Bridget: Ah, another one came out!
    Ky: Came out?
    Bridget: Now I'm angry! I'm going to turn in these bounties!
    (Ending 1)
    Ky: I see... so that's what happened...
    Bridget: I'm sorry... to have misunderstood...
    Ky: No, don't worry about it. This is a problem for the police.
    Ky: Anyway, I'm sorry to say this, but the bounties you've collected...
        none of them have real crimes so there aren't any real bounties on
    Bridget: Eh?! You mean these are all invalid!?
    Ky: I'm sorry.
    Bridget: But my parents are waiting in the village...
    Ky: Please let me offer my support. Perhaps we can give you something for
        your work after all.
    Ky: And, with your skills you should be able to get real bounties.
    Bridget: I see... thank you for your help.
    Ky: Of course... now, excuse me.
    Ky: Certainly an active and proper girl...
    (Path 2)
    Bridget: Let's see... where is that Gear bounty?
    Potemkin: What did you say just now?
    Bridget: Are you a bounty hunter too? The Gear bounty is mine... I won't
             give it up.
    Potemkin: Hmph. I don't know who you heard it from but you had better
              forget it. If you dig too deep you won't be able to return.
    Bridget: I wouldn't be a bounty hunter if I didn't have resolve.
    Potemkin: In that case I am sorry but I must correct you. It is better
              than dying.
    Bridget: I won't lose, you know?
    (vs. Potemkin)
    I-No: Me... losing to this brat!
    May: We'll take Dizzy back!
    Bridget: Just now, you said Dizzy, right?
    May: Wah! Who are you?
    Bridget: I'm a bounty hunter. I have business with that Dizzy.
    May: Dizzy! You go ahead.
    Dizzy: O-okay...
    Bridget: Why are you helping the bounty?
    May: Because we're allies!
    Bridget: So you did bad things together... okay!
    (vs. May)
    Dizzy: What did you do with May-san...
    Bridget: Um... she's a little laid out but it's nothing big.
    Dizzy: I see... that's good... but, I'm not a bounty anymore, you know?
    Bridget: If I pull back just because of that I coulnd't be a bounty hunter.
    Dizzy: That's true... this is a problem...
    Bridget: It's not a problem. Let's go!
    Dizzy: Don't overdo it, please.
    (Ending 2)
    Bridget: I'm sorry.
    Dizzy: What for?
    Bridget: You're not a bad person after all. You were holding back for my
    Dizzy: I'm glad you understood.
    Bridget: I'm really sorry... is there anything I can do?
    Dizzy: Let's see... if it's okay... will you become my friend?
    Bridget: Eh?
    Dizzy: I don't have many friends on the ground... so, if it's okay...
    Bridget: Of course! Won't you come to my place? It's a nice place.
    Dizzy: I'd be glad to.
    Bridget: I'll be waiting... it's a promise!
    (Path 3)
    Johnny: Okay... let's end it there.
    Bridget: Who are you?
    Johnny: The one lying down over there is my subordinate.
    Bridget: Then you're an ally of the bad guys too.
    Johnny: Sticking around with good guys is boring. Men aren't that bad. Right,
    Bridget: Miss?
    Johnny: A solitary bounty hunter? I hear your lonely heart. Why don't you 
            join my crew?
    Bridget: I'm sorry, I refuse. I'm not lonely. Really.
    (Ending 3)
    Bridget: Ah, that was dangerous... I thought I would lose.
    Bridget: What's wrong? You suddenly seem to have dulled...
    Johnny: The greatest failure of this Johnny's life... you... you're a boy,
            aren't you!
    Bridget: Yes. There's a reason for my appearance...
    Johnny: To think I talked to you like that... please, just go home now...
    Bridget: You're the one who came at me with the sword, you know?
    Johnny: Sorry... just one favor... don't tell anybody else this...
    Bridget: Such a strange person...
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #5236
    Name: Chipp=Zanuff
    Height: 183 cm
    Weight: 67 kg
    Birthday: 2/9
    Bloodtype: B
    Type: American
    The subject was born as an orphan, and later became a drug buyer, and finally
    an addict.
    Afterwards, he was saved by someone named "Tsuyoshi", and acquired the art
    of ninjutsu.
    Ninjutsu is a traditional art that doesn't exist anymore, the assassination
    art of old Japan. The subject also possesses "ki" ability, perhaps also as
    a result of Tsuyoshi's instruction.
    In other words, the subject is probably finding ways to utilize ki. If this
    knowledge could be monopolized, the political and military applications
    would be enormous.
    The subject's fighting power is very high, but his personality is straight-
    forward, and his simple nature makes his control easy. Fast acquirement
    is desired.
    As above, the subject will receive a Risk Rating of B.
    Chipp: Master, watch me!
    Chipp: I heard the syndicate was acting around here... if I'm going to get
           revenge for my master I need to do it now...
    Chipp: What's this?
    Chipp: Ow! ... where did she fall from!?
    Chipp: Hey, what's wrong, are you okay?
    Necro: KISYAAAAHH!
    Chipp: Holy Zen! What an inconvenient bastard!
    (vs. Dizzy)
    Chipp: Geez, I thought I would be crushed...
    Bridget: Um, Chipp Zanuff-san, right?
    Chipp: Yeah, who're you.
    Bridget: Using Japanese assassination techniques he is a first-class
    Chipp: Huh? Don't just call people terrorists!
    Bridget: But right here...
    Chipp: Hm?
    Bridget: You've got a bounty on you.
    Chipp: Jesus! What's going on!?
    (vs. Bridget)
    Chipp: Somebody's after me from behind... who is it?
    Ky: Chipp Zanuff. You're being suspected for First Degree Murder but...
    Chipp: So it's you! Prepare yourself!
    Ky: ...but this must be some kind of mistake...
    Chipp: Scared, are you?!
    Ky: Just listen to me. Otherwise it'll become contempt of public official.
    Chipp: Should've said that from the start. Here I go!
    (vs. Ky)
    Chipp: I see... so you don't know who put the bounty on me either.
    Ky: Yes, but if they can overcome even the police...
    Chipp: It must be the assassin syndicate!
    Ky: ...is hard to imagine, but...
    Chipp: Dammit, they acted first!
    Ky: ...do what you want.
    Chipp: You won't get away with this!
    Faust: Excuse me sir. You seem to be wounded.
    Chipp: Shut up. I hate doctors and drugs, you know.
    Faust: Those eyes, that attitude. You're headed for a big battle, aren't
    Chipp: So what?
    Faust: It's impossible with those wounds.
    Chipp: Got nothing to do with you.
    Faust: Can't let you go. It won't take much time, so how about I heal you?
    Chipp: Heal, with that weapon scalpel, you mean?
    Faust: Regrettable...
    (vs. Faust)
    Chipp: Che, what a doctor. I've got even MORE wounds now.
    Chipp: You're Zato, huh. This is revenge for my master. Prepare yourself!
    Eddie: Hm? Just a human. Not good even for food. If you want to die, I 
           won't stop you!
    (vs. Eddie)
    (Path 1)
    Chipp: What is this... just a corpse! The shadow was the real thing...
    Venom: Let's end it there.
    Chipp: Just in time. My master's revenge, I'll take it now!
    Venom: Like you know. How angry I am, right now.
    Venom: I'll teach you your sin of having hurt Zato-sama's body!
    (Ending 1)
    Venom: Going to kill me?
    Chipp: Before that I want to ask you. Who really killed my master?
    Venom: Hmph. You wouldn't know even if I told you.
    Chipp: What?
    Venom: The assassin syndicate is a mere tool. As long as people want to
           use this tool, the syndicate will live one.
    Chipp: So full of yourself! You're just running errands!
    Chipp: But that might be true. Master wouldn't be happy with just that...
           I'll have to change the world... so I'll become President!
    Chipp: Hey, Venom! I'll let you live. In exchange, when I become President
           I want you to work for me!
    Venom: Fu, fufufu... hahahahaha...
    Chipp: Why are you laughing!
    Venom: Very well. As you wish, if you become President you may use the
           syndicate as you wish.
    Chipp: Okay! Don't forget what you said!
    (Ending 2)
    Slayer: Can you stop it right there?
    Chipp: What are you?!
    Slayer: The former head of the syndicate you're after. If you're looking for
            revenge against the syndicate, I'll make a good opponent.
    Chipp: In that case I won't hold back!
    (vs. Slayer)
    (Ending 2)
    Chipp: Che. You, you're a mononoke, aren't you.
    Slayer: Yes, that's correct. Such an elegant word.
    Chipp: Stop patronizing me!
    Slayer: Calm down. The syndicate will be dissolved. That's why I've come.
    Chipp: What?
    Slayer: Those not caught by the law I will punish. Originally I had intended
            the syndicate this way. But times have changed. The syndicate now
            is not to my will.
    Chipp: Trying to act noble as a killer!?
    Slayer: You couldn't even stop me, so what are you? Maybe you could improve 
    Chipp: What!
    Slayer: Just being angry won't get you anywhere.
    Chipp: Wait! Dammit...
    Chipp: Improve myself? Fine... just you wait and see!
    (Path 3)
    Chipp: Geez, such a brat. But why a bounty?
    Chipp: Gu... when did you!
    Robo Ky: Gigigi... Target lock! Now shifting to attack!
    Chipp: What is this... poison! I've got to finish this quickly...
    (vs. Robo Ky)
    Chipp: Dammit... losing my strength...
    Robo Ky: Capture complete. Now beginning brainwashing.
    Chipp: Mito-Anji-san?
    Anji: What's with the stupid polite language? You want me to teach you more
    Chipp: That's right.
    Anji: Sorry, but right now I'm... u...!
    Chipp: I will take you into custody.
    Anji: So that's it... I'll return you to your senses!!
    (vs. Anji)
    May: Heeey... Dizzy?
    Chipp: Jellyfish Group's May-san, right?
    May: (This person, he has weird eyes...)
    May: Um, are you okay?
    May: What are you doing!
    Chipp: Surprise attack failed. Now shifting to attack!
    (vs. May)
    Johnny: Let's hold it there.
    Chipp: Don't bother me.
    Johnny: Just a puppet. I'll open your eyes!
    (vs. Johnny)
    Johnny: How do you feel?
    Chipp: The worst. Dammit... thanks for the help.
    Johnny: No problem.
    Chipp: I'll pay you back... sooner or later...
    Chipp: So you were here!
    Robo Ky: Ho. So the brainwashing dissolved.
    Chipp: You piece of junk... I'll break you up this time!
    Robo Ky: I've analyzed all of your attack patterns.
    Chipp: You all right? You haven't seen anything. Tsuyoshi style Ninjutsu
           Ougi, I'll show you!
    (Ending 3)
    Robo Ky: Gigi...
    Chipp: Take that, doll! Who're you working for?!
    Robo Ky: Kakaka... don't think that you've run away... Shuusen Kanrikyoku...
             will not lose...
    Chipp: Shuusen Kanrikyoku... huh? Quit fooling around!
    Chipp: I don't know who or what... but I'll make them regret it!
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #6690
    Name: Dizzy
    Height: 167 cm
    Weight: 56 kg
    Birthday: 12/25 (Presumed)
    Bloodtype: Unanaylizable (sic)
    Type: Non-Human
    The subject's conditions of birth are unknown, but according to uncertain
    info she is reported to be half-Gear, half-human.
    Including Testament (see Report #3360), all known Gears are Subordinate Types,
    and are subject to the command type Justice. Because of this, after the
    destruction of Justice, most Gears became inoperational.
    The subject does not appear to have that restriction. On the contrary, there
    is a possibility that the subject might be able to cause other Gears to become
    Recently, there were witnesses to the fact that the subject was acting
    together with the human-type Gear Testament.
    The subject was recently reported to have been destroyed by the bounty hunter
    Jam, but there is the possibility that this report is false.
    Confirming the subject's life or death, and if alive controlling or
    destroying the subject is top priority.
    Risk Rating: S++
    Dizzy: I gave up using my strength uselessly.
    I-No: Such a cute boat... it'd be a waste to destroy it.
    Dizzy: Um... this is a pirate ship. Please don't just board it.
    I-No: You're... a bother.
    Dizzy: Kyaaah!
    Chipp: Ow!
    Chipp: Huh, where did this drop from?
    Chipp: Hey, what's wrong, are you okay?
    Necro: Kisyaaaahh!
    Chipp: Holy Zen!
    Chipp: Holy Zen! What an inconvenient bastard!
    (vs. Chipp)
    Necro: Syaagyaaa!
    Venom: Huh... a wounded Gear. Beyond my expectations.
    Venom: You will make an excellent subject to test my skills.
    Venom: Don't blame me if you can't take it!
    Necro: Kyooooo!
    (vs. Venom)
    Faust: Hmm... I thought there were an unusually large number of wounded
           around... the cause was you.
    Faust: Well, the world of men is a hard place to live in.
    Faust: I won't ask you what happened but...
    Necro: Kill... kill... kill!
    Faust: I won't abandon you.
    (vs. Faust)
    Faust: Healing complete!
    Dizzy: Huh? I... that's right...
    Dizzy: I was shoved off the deck of the May Ship...
    Faust: I see! It was the shock from that.
    Dizzy: Oh, Mr. Doctor. You helped me?
    Faust: Fortunately you don't seem to be injured greatly. This makes for
           a good prognosis.
    Dizzy: Yes... I wonder where everybody went...
    Faust: Speaking of that, I just met May-san.
    Dizzy: Thank you. I'll check that way.
    Dizzy: Umm... have you seen an anchor-carrying girl around here?
    Slayer: Oh... a personal friend?
    Dizzy: Yes... she's always cheerful, a wonderful person.
    Slayer: I see. If I meet her, I will tell her that you were looking for her.
    Slayer: Miss... what is your name?
    Dizzy: Umm... uh... that's a secret...
    Slayer: Impolite. I've heard rumors about you... Dizzy-kun.
    Slayer: My name is Slayer. So that you will recognize me.
    Dizzy: Slayer-san... can you keep my existence a secret?
    Slayer: Hmm... if you win, I'll think about it.
    Dizzy: ... understood. But if it becomes dangerous for you, please tell me.
    (vs. Slayer)
    Slayer: I'm beaten!
    Dizzy: You... aren't human, either.
    Slayer: You could say that I am not the product of man... some call me an
    Dizzy: I had thought that only I was an "exception".
    Dizzy: Not any more, though.
    Slayer: There are very few like us, but if you look, you will meet them.
    Dizzy: Someday... I will look.
    Slayer: That is good... then, farewell.
    Dizzy: It should be around here...
    Baiken: Huh? It's that Gear from before.
    Dizzy: Oh, um... hello...
    Baiken: I don't like it... why are even you here...
    Baiken: You're not in league with that red musician, are you?
    Dizzy: Red musician? You mean with a guitar?
    Baiken: Thought so! Prepare yourself!
    (vs. Baiken)
    Dizzy: Ah, she scared me! Don't have to attack me so suddenly...
    Eddie: Then, let me greet you! Unprecedented Gear princess!
    Dizzy: ...who?
    Eddie: I am shadow! The forbidden beast which steals the body and uproots
           the mind!
    Eddie: Give me that body!
    Dizzy: What is this... feeling...
    Dizzy: An ancient hatred... and memory...
    Eddie: So you remember. Our fighting is tactically natural.
    Dizzy: But... the war is over.
    Dizzy: These feelings are fake.
    Eddie: This is man-made fate. If you want to struggle against it... try it!
    (vs. Eddie)
    I-No: So we meet again...
    Dizzy: Why... do you do something like that...
    I-No: That, that's it! That face! It excites me...
    I-No: If you make that face for me, I'll pick on you many, many times.
    Dizzy: Excuse me.
    I-No: And you're so cute thinking you can run away.
    (vs. I-No)
    (Ending 1)
    I-No: Ha ha ha! So pitiful.
    I-No: I don't care if you're a Gear or whatever...
    I-No: I can't let anybody who gets in the way of him to live.
    That Man: I-No...
    I-No: Yes!
    That Man: I never wished for you to do something like this.
    That Man: Sleep for now. I will decide your punishment later.
    That Man: Oh... I see his vestiges in you.
    Dizzy: ...who...
    That Man: Dizzy. Embodiment of light and darkness.
    That Man: You are the hope of the world exceeding even my expectations.
    That Man: Even if you experience terror or pain, you must not be crushed.
    May: Heeey! Dizzy!
    That Man: Go. With my blessing.
    April: See! She was here.
    May: Dizzy! You're okay!
    May: Everybody was worried!
    Dizzy: Everybody! You came for me...
    Dizzy: Wasn't there somebody here?
    April: Eh? There wasn't anybody...
    Dizzy: I see...
    Johnny: Hey. Glad you're safe.
    Johnny: Hm? What's wrong?
    Dizzy: Somehow... I feel the tears coming...
    Johnny: Non, non, non.
    Johnny: There might be ladies suited by tears... but not you, right?
    Johnny: Your smile is more beautiful than anything.
    May: Geez, Johnny always gets like this.
    Johnny: Sorry, sorry... your smile is wonderful too.
    Dizzy: Ha, hahaha...
    Dizzy: Everyone, I'm home.
    All: Welcome back!
    (Path 2)
    Dizzy: Haa... haa...
    Dizzy: Please... retreat!
    I-No: ****! What're you being arrogant about!
    I-No: I'll rip off those wings of yours!
    Dizzy: I... can't hold back anymore...
    I-No: Like I care!
    (vs. I-No)
    (Ending 2)
    Dizzy: I can't... stop my power...
    Dizzy: Somebody... help me!
    Sol: ...
    Dizzy: Huh? What... happened to me...
    Dizzy: What is... this feeling...
    Dizzy: I used my power... but I feel warm...
    April: Ah, you're there! I knew you were here!
    Dizzy: April!
    April: Huh? Dizzy... what's wrong...
    Dizzy: I wonder...
    Dizzy: I can't stop crying...
    April: Did something sad happen?
    Dizzy: No... I saw a dream...
    Dizzy: A... very nostalgic dream...
    April: Maybe... a dream about your mother?
    April: Or maybe your father...
    Dizzy: Do Gears... have parents?
    April: Ah... yeah... of course.
    April: I know! Why don't we go look for them some time?
    Dizzy: Thanks... I feel better now.
    Dizzy: It would be nice to meet them.
    All: Heey!
    April: Ah, they're here. Everyone, over here!
    April: Well, let's go!
    Dizzy: Okay!
    (Path 3)
    (after the Faust fight)
    Dizzy: Huh?
    Dizzy: Mr. Doctor! What's wrong...
    Faust: ...
    Dizzy: Did I... again...
    Dizzy: He's breathing... that's good...
    Dizzy: I'm in trouble... Where am I...
    (vs. Slayer and Baiken as Path 1)
    Dizzy: Ah, she scared me! Don't have to attack me so suddenly...
    Dizzy: But... where am I...
    Bridget: I've found you, Miss bounty!
    Dizzy: Who are you?
    Bridget: Me? Just a passing-by bounty hunter.
    Dizzy: Bounty? You mean, me?
    Bridget: Well, of course!
    Bridget: Let's go!
    Dizzy: Good work... but, let me show you the toughness of life!
    (vs. Bridget)
    (Ending 3)
    Bridget: Oh... so you weren't a bounty...
    Dizzy: That's right... you have the wrong person.
    Dizzy: And... I don't know where you got your information, but it's old.
    Dizzy: That bounty is already dead...
    Bridget: Oh, is that so...
    Dizzy: When you're working, you have to pay attention to things like that.
    Dizzy: If you make a mistake like today, it's no good, isn't it?
    Bridget: Yeah... I'll be careful...
    Dizzy: If you understand that's good.
    Bridget: I'm sorry for bothering you.
    Dizzy: Then, can I ask you something?
    Bridget: Of course! What is it?
    Dizzy: I'm lost... where is this?
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #1573
    Name: Zato-1
    Height: 181 cm
    Weight: 68 kg
    Birthday: 1/28
    Bloodtype: A
    Type: Spanish
    The subject was a member of the Assassins. The Kanrikyoku offered him a kinjuu
    (forbidden beast) and he was utilizing its power. The kinjuu was a type of
    parasitic organism derived from Gear technology, and does not simply
    parasitize the host body using it as a source.
    The subject used that power to become the head of the organization, and
    afterwards appeared in the Second Holy Order's Fighting Tournament.
    Afterwards, his whereabouts became unknown.
    Through the Fighting Tournament, data on the kinjuu was collected successfully.
    The subject's loss is somewhat problematic, but is not an immediate threat.
    It is thought that the subject has lost his will to the kinjuu or perhaps
    has simply died. In either case, there is no large problem. This is because
    the kinjuu has a programmed lifespan.
    Also because of the loss of the subject, the Assassin syndicate has weakened
    because of loss of a leader.
    Because of these points, we assign the subject a Risk Rating of C.
    Eddie: I won't accept this... the death made by humans!
    Faust: Let me be direct... it is too late.
    Eddie: Hmph.
    Faust: The cells have begun to self-destruct.
    Faust: It is likely that this is to prevent the running loose of a weapon.
    Eddie: Damn humans... so you plan to get rid of me like this!
    Faust: If they use their power, humans can normally live long.
    Eddie: I see.
    Faust: What are you planning to do? I understand your feelings, but I can't
           let you do whatever you want.
    Eddie: I have no use for you anymore. If you plan to get in my way, know
    (vs. Faust)
    (Path 1)
    Eddie: I underestimated him for being a doctor...
    Eddie: I was held up considerably.
    I-No: I heard you...
    Eddie: What are you?
    I-No: It doesn't matter who, does it.
    I-No: Let me tell you something nice.
    Eddie: Oh?
    I-No: If you switch bodies, you can lengthen your lifespan...
    Eddie: No good. Human bodies already reject me.
    I-No: NORMAL humans, yes... if not human, though...
    I-No: They might be able to... take... you... in...
    Eddie: Not human, eh... then... maybe YOU will be good...
    I-No: What do you mean?
    Eddie: Your aura is not that of a normal human.
    Eddie: Let me test that!
    (vs. I-No)
    I-No: Oh, no... don't rush it...
    I-No: There's "procedure", you know.
    Eddie: What do you plan...
    I-No: I'll lure those who look like they can be your vessel...
    I-No: And then you take care of them.
    Eddie: And what does this do for you?
    Baiken: What are you muttering about...
    Baiken: Move it. That woman is my prey.
    I-No: Hmm...
    I-No: In exchange, why don't you get rid of things like her?
    Eddie: Very well.
    (vs. Baiken)
    Eddie: I've become weaker...
    Ky: So you were here. I'm placing you under arrest.
    I-No: See, another one came.
    Eddie: Quite a manipulative woman.
    (vs. Ky)
    Eddie: Well? Where are the "non-humans"?
    I-No: How about that?
    Zappa: Um, sorry, have you seen a doctor around here?
    Eddie: A normal human!
    I-No: Watch... if I do this...
    Zappa: Hiiiiiiii!
    Eddie: I see! How interesting...
    (vs. Zappa)
    I-No: No good?
    Eddie: That was a mental parasite.
    Eddie: The host was a regular human.
    I-No: Leave it to me... here comes a special one...
    Sol: Even after death, what are you doing here?
    Eddie: Oh... truly a special one!
    (vs. Sol)
    I-No: No good also, I see...
    Eddie: Ku... I have no time...
    Slayer: What is this disturbance?
    I-No: This, this man! His partner is supposed to have an immortal body.
    Slayer: I don't know what you're thinking, but you won't lay a finger on
    Eddie: It is life or death.
    Eddie: This is my full strength!
    Slayer: I don't recall the mouse ever beating the cat, you know...
    (vs. Slayer)
    (Ending 1)
    Eddie: What a beautiful body...
    Sharon: ...
    Eddie: This light... I'm melting... my body is melting!
    I-No: Truly an immortal...
    I-No: I hear they don't get sick, or even allow parasites...
    Eddie: You... you knew?!
    I-No: Well, you certainly were useful.
    I-No: Rest in peace.
    Eddie: Damn... humans!
    (Path 2)
    Ky: Former Assassin Leader, Zato-One, yes?
    Eddie: That is the name of the corpse.
    Eddie: His crimes are not my crimes!
    Ky: You have the crime of killing your master.
    Ky: Please come with me.
    Eddie: Fool!
    (vs. Ky)
    Chipp: Blind turtle bumps head!
    Chipp: Time past, plantain flower!
    Chipp: This is the 100-year time we've met!
    Chipp: Revenge for my master... fight me fair and square!
    Eddie: Revenge... such admirable attitude.
    Eddie: ... or should I say something like that?
    (vs. Chipp)
    Eddie: Good day, my beautiful princess.
    Millia: I don't want you to laugh with that face...
    Eddie: I share memories with him...
    Eddie: I know... what he did to you...
    Millia: Are you trying to make me angry?
    Millia: Well, I'll cooperate if you want to die...
    (vs. Millia)
    Eddie: Just a little more, huh.
    Venom: Shut that mouth!
    Venom: Don't embarrass that body any longer!
    Eddie: Pitiful dog! Can't take off your collar even after your master dies!
    Venom: I'll say it again... shut... that... mouth!
    Eddie: Go ahead and bark, dog!
    (vs. Venom)
    (Ending 2)
    Eddie: I won't kill you...
    Venom: You...
    Eddie: Such a bottomed-out, pitiful dog...
    Eddie: As long as you pet its head, it'll do anything...
    Venom: What!
    Eddie: Oh, wait... those were Zato's words...
    Venom: Shut up! There's no way he would say those words!
    Eddie: You hesitated for a second.
    Venom: Wait, don't run!
    Eddie: Yes... hate me more...
    Eddie: With this body rushing towards destruction...
    Eddie: I'll carve my existence into your heart!
    Eddie: Hate is fetters... wounding is my proof!
    Eddie: Chase me... and kill me!
    Eddie: That loneliness is the proof of existence!
    (Path 3)
    I-No: You're pretty good!
    I-No: There's a perfect body for you.
    Eddie: Oh?
    I-No: But... I don't know if you have the courage...
    Eddie: Don't assume. Say it.
    I-No: The strongest Gear on earth, Dizzy.
    Potemkin: I can't leave now after hearing that name.
    Eddie: First... is you! Giant!
    (vs. Potemkin)
    Johnny: Heeey, Dizzy!
    Eddie: Oh? Dizzy is around here?
    Johnny: You... what are you?
    Johnny: If you plan to go after one of my crew members, you'd better give up.
    Johnny: I get jealous, you know.
    Eddie: Go ahead and worry about it... in hell!
    (vs. Johnny)
    May: Johnny!
    Eddie: Familial love, eh... something far unknown to me.
    Eddie: Even if weapons have similar types, they aren't families.
    May: That's feeling "lonely", you know.
    Eddie: Hm... is that so?
    May: But... I'm so lonely with Johnny hurt!
    Eddie: Humans meet and hurt each other, huh.
    (vs. May)
    Eddie: I finally met you...
    Dizzy: You're...?
    Eddie: My cells are saying it...
    Eddie: You... my enemy, and my hope!
    Dizzy: I feel it too...
    Dizzy: The kinjuu were researched as anti-Gear weapons...
    Dizzy: But... we don't have to fight...
    Eddie: That is right... attacking you is my own will!
    Dizzy: That is too bad... really...
    (vs. Dizzy)
    Eddie: Finally... a body is mine...
    I-No: Hold it there...
    I-No: That Gear is mine.
    Eddie: You... that's not what we agreed!
    I-No: So you just noticed now? Dimwit...!
    Eddie: I won't lose... just one more step!
    I-No: You... you're almost dead.
    I-No: Just give up and die!
    (vs. I-No)
    (Ending 3)
    That Man: Kinjuu from Gears, huh.
    That Man: I-No... you certainly caused trouble...
    That Man: Oh... you're still breathing.
    That Man: If you defeated Dizzy, you certainly aren't a normal kinjuu.
    That Man: Raven?
    Raven: At your side.
    That Man: Take this man back as a sample.
    Raven: Yes.
    That Man: I... will speak with the Gear for awhile.
    That Man: To have living weapons exceed their specs...
    That Man: Should we call this evolution?
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #0409
    Name: Faust
    Height: 282 cm
    Weight: 55 kg
    Birthday: Unknown
    Bloodtype: Unknown
    Type: Human(?)
    This subject known as a "dark doctor" was not observed closely until recently.
    However, several have reports have come here quickly. Using medical 
    techniques, and even the ability to change his own body as his battle style,
    he has also been able to distort space and teleport; these high-level
    techniques recall our own failed project to use such techniques.
    If these reports are true, then acquiring the subject should be a priority.
    We assign the subject a Risk Rating of B.
    Faust: For doctors, healing is their job!
    Faust: Miss, over there...
    Faust: Where are you going smelling like blood?
    I-No: Oh, even if you say that the smell of blood comes off of you as well...
    Faust: I'm a doctor even looking like this.
    I-No: Oh? A doctor, I see...
    I-No: Will you follow me? You can earn a lot that way...
    Faust: Prevention is more important than healing.
    Faust: Let me heal your twisted attitude!
    I-No: You make me sick!
    (vs. I-No)
    I-No: Ch... I don't have time to fool around here!
    Faust: You won't get away!
    Jam: Hey, perverted bag head!
    Faust: Are you talking about... me?
    Jam: Was it you that burned my store?!
    Faust: I think you're mistaken... I'm chasing somebody now, so good bye.
    Jam: Running away is suspicious... wait!
    (vs. Jam)
    Necro: KWOOOOOON!
    Faust: It's been a long time... is not the right phrase for this occasion,
           I see.
    Faust: So, this is also that woman's work.
    Faust: Let me heal you now!
    (vs. Dizzy)
    Dizzy: Uhhh...
    Faust: You're okay now...
    Slayer: Oh... to stop that was supposed to be my work...
    Faust: Who are you?
    Slayer: I'd like to ask that as well.
    Slayer: Not a Gear, not a human, what are you indeed?
    Faust: Oh, I assure you I am a human... now YOU are not a Gear, not a human, 
           not a "trick"...
    Slayer: You understand well... let me test what you really are.
    Faust: Very well... I do have interest in analyzing you!
    (vs. Slayer)
    (Path 1)
    Faust: An Ishu**, I see... I've heard the stories, but this was
           certainly a lovely experience!
    **Different Species
    Slayer: You certainly praise me strangely.
    Slayer: And you, to think humans could progress to that point...
    Faust: If doctors aren't doctors than this won't happen... that's how it is,
           I'm sorry.
    Slayer: Such an interesting person... so is this a future shape for humans?
    Faust: Excuse me sir. You seem to be wounded.
    Chipp: Shut up. I hate doctors and drugs, you know.
    Faust: Those eyes, that attitude. You're headed for a big battle, aren't
    Chipp: So what?
    Faust: It's impossible with those wounds.
    Chipp: Got nothing to do with you.
    Faust: Can't let you go. It won't take much time, so how about I heal you?
    Chipp: Heal, with that weapon scalpel, you mean?
    Faust: Regrettable...
    (vs. Chipp)
    Eddie: Just as that woman said...
    Eddie: You, as a "non-human", are appropriate to become my body!
    Faust: Oh no... That disease is terminal!
    Eddie: That's right... hand over that body!
    Faust: A pity.
    (vs. Eddie)
    Faust: I must stop you.
    I-No: Since when are doctors champions of justice?
    Faust: It's not as a doctor... it's as a human!
    Faust: I can't stand by and watch you manipulate death and pain!
    I-No: You bag-headed, perverted white-clothed murderer...
    Faust: U?!
    I-No: I know... how you cut apart human after human while laughing...
    I-No: Trying to repent now!?
    Faust: Those stolen lives can't return...
    Faust: But I'm not going to run away again!
    (vs. I-No)
    (Ending 1)
    I-No: Hmph... trying to be on the side of "justice"...
    Faust: You mustn't speak.
    I-No: You... you like it even now, don't you...
    I-No: You like being bathed in blood...
    Faust: Sleep for now.
    Faust: It's true that the joys of death and destruction...
    Faust: ... are still in these hands.
    Faust: But, humans can choose.
    Faust: Even bloodsoaked hands can be needed elsewhere.
    Faust: That happiness is more important to me.
    (Path 2)
    Faust: So that is the Ishu...
    Faust: Certainly worthy of research!
    May: Um... mister?
    Faust: What is it, miss?
    May: Have you seen my friend around here? With this outfit...
    May: And perhaps, um... wings...
    Faust: Oh, yes I have.
    Faust: If it's that person...
    May: Aaah... I can't stand it anymore!
    May: I feel shivers and goosebumps...
    May: You... you're bald! Bald aren't you!
    Faust: Hello?
    May: I'm sorry, I hate baldness!
    Faust: Um, your friend...
    May: Don't come near me!
    (vs. May)
    Faust: Oh my... such a cheerful little girl...
    Faust: She... resembled that girl just a little.
    Faust: Was I right in trying to improve my technique?
    Zappa: Ah... ah... I've finally found you!
    Faust: Who are you?
    Zappa: I've been looking for you, Dr. Faust.
    Zappa: Um, this sickness... I'll suddenly lose consciousness...
    Zappa: And when I wake up...
    Zappa: Giiiiiii!
    Faust: I see. Certainly a deep-rooted disease...
    (vs. Zappa)
    (Ending 2)
    Faust: Such an interesting condition!
    Faust: It seems that humanity is expanding upon new borders.
    Faust: Honestly, it seems a waste to heal you!
    Faust: But don't worry... because even I don't know how to heal you!
    Faust: What is this person...
    (Path 3)
    May: Kyaah!
    Faust: Miss, are you okay?!
    May: Yeah... I'm okay...
    Faust: The blood... the red blood, it won't stop!
    May: ... Mister, are you okay?
    Faust: Haa... I must've flashed back... I'm fine...
    May: Then, I'll be going... thanks for telling me...
    Faust: It might be a matter of time.
    Faust: It seemed that the road of the doctor calmed what I had done.
    Faust: I was supposed to uphold my oath then...
    Faust: Assassin syndicate leader Zato-One!
    Faust: I have something to ask you.
    Eddie: Hahahaha! Fool! Zato is already dead!
    Faust: Then you're a bother. Move aside!
    Eddie: I won't let you get away! I'll take that body!
    (vs. Eddie)
    Venom: What does the dark doctor want from me?
    Faust: The syndicates records. I'd like to see them...
    Venom: Don't joke... you think we show them to people?
    Faust: Then... I'll have to take them.
    (vs. Venom)
    (Ending 3)
    Venom: What do you want? No, I know it even without you saying.
    Venom: It's true that there was a time when the Assassin syndicate impersonated
           a doctor and killed a girl.
    Faust: You...!
    Venom: I was not the one who carried out that order.
    Venom: The lives I've taken... compared to you, they're not that much...
    Venom: Doctor...
    Faust: Lives are not a count. And... don't call me by that name.
    Faust: Well? Who was the client.
    Venom: My duty forbids me to tell... is what I'd like to say...
    Venom: The direct client was one of your coworkers.
    Venom: But he was just a tool. Have you heard of the Shuusen Kanrikyoku?
    Faust: The first time I've heard it...
    Venom: Look above the United Nations... you'll find them there.
    Faust: You say difficult things easily...
    Venom: Well, it seems that our syndicate is also being used.
    Faust: This is?!
    Venom: If you live, I'll tell you.
    Venom: The true nature of the syndicate.
    Faust: I won't let you die now!
    Faust: Doctors are those who preserve life!
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #4689
    Name: I-No
    Height: 165 cm
    Weight: 46 kg
    Birthday: 11/25
    Bloodtype: AB
    Type: Human(?)
    Risk Rating: S
    I-No: Well, will you dance for me?
    I-No: Such a cute boat... it'd be a waste to destroy it.
    May: Who are you?
    I-No: Oh, even the captain is cute.
    I-No: But that's no good... those who would bother him... I'll destroy them
    May: Johnny, everyone! Leave this to me!
    (vs. May)
    May: Geez, too strong...
    Dizzy: I won't let you do any more!
    I-No: That's right... the playing stops here.
    Dizzy: Kyaaaaaah!
    May: Dizzy!
    I-No: Oh, you didn't have to fall off...
    I-No: Well then... ciao!
    May: Wait!
    Axl: Hey, girl... you alone?
    I-No: Yes, that's right.
    Axl: Nice instrument... won't you play it for me somewhere where we can be
    I-No: Sure, listen carefully... I'll let you go to Heaven...
    (vs. Axl)
    Axl: Ow ow ow...
    I-No: Not yet... come on, stand up...
    Axl: I've had enough... music...
    I-No: So pitiful...
    I-No: Then, if you meet somebody named Sol, tell him I-No is calling for him.
    Axl: Oh, you're a friend of the chief? Certainly strong enough...
    Eddie: Shaaa!
    I-No: What is that, such bad manners...
    Eddie: I'll take your body!
    I-No: Very bad excuse. The first way was better...
    (vs. Eddie)
    Eddie: You too! You won't accept me!
    I-No: You realize it right? Normal humans can't become your vessel.
    Eddie: I won't decay like this!
    I-No: Why don't you do as I say...
    I-No: If you do... I can find a perfect host for you.
    I-No: Now... go!
    Millia: Who's there?
    I-No: Kyaah!
    Millia: Huh, what?
    I-No: Somebody, help!
    Millia: What are you doing?
    (vs. Millia)
    (Path 1)
    Millia: What are you doing?
    I-No: (Damn... still breathing...)
    I-No: I'm sorry, I got confused...
    Millia: What's wrong?
    I-No: I was just attacked by a black monster over there, and I was so surprised
          I ran over here...
    Millia: Black monster? Where was it?
    I-No: Over there.
    Millia: Thanks!
    I-No: Heh, heh, heh... too easy.
    Bridget: Um, hello...
    I-No: Oh, such a cute girl...
    Bridget: I'm not a girl. I'm a bounty hunter.
    I-No: Sorry. Then, boy...
    I-No: This place is dangerous, so it'd be best for you to go home.
    Bridget: You don't believe me, do you. How about if I do this?
    (vs. Bridget)
    I-No: Well, you certainly are as good as you say.
    Bridget: Thank you. But you are strong too.
    I-No: You said you're a bounty hunter, but who are you after?
    Bridget: Um, well... I don't really have new bounties...
    I-No: Then, I'll give you these warrants.
    Bridget: Are you sure? Then, I'll take them gladly.
    Bridget: Um... the blond assasin, Millia, huh.
    Jam: Aiya, my store is burning!
    I-No: Oh, with this burning it smells good...
    Jam: Who are you?
    I-No: With your shabby store gone, this area is cleaning up too.
    Jam: What are you saying?!
    Jam: Are you an ally of that guy before?
    I-No: What if I am?
    Jam: I'll take you along to the police!
    (vs. Jam)
    Jam: Sorry...
    I-No: Don't look like that... I was just teasing you.
    Jam: Eh?
    I-No: I'll give you this to make up.
    Jam: This... a warrant?
    I-No: You need money, right? With those skills, you can become a bounty hunter.
    Jam: I've already done that... so I have to return to that kind of life...
    I-No: Life has both mountains and valleys. Do your best!
    I-No: Well then, preparations are complete, now just to wait. What should I do
    Sol: There's no "now" for you.
    I-No: Oh, Corrupted Flame. You're slow... I was waiting for you.
    Sol: ...me too.
    (vs. Sol)
    (Ending 1)
    Sol: Guh!
    I-No: Come on, what are you standing for!
    I-No: Groveling on the ground like that suits you better!
    I-No: Uu... Raven! You... what are you doing!
    Raven: Pull back. His excellency is here.
    I-No: Ha...!
    That Man: Forgive me... I-No. I must punish you.
    I-No: I... for your sake... those people who would bother you...
    That Man: They must not be killed. They are the movers of history... and also
              our hope.
    That Man: Humans must surpass humans, and Gears must surpass Gears.
    That Man: THAT is my wish.
    That Man: Frederick... do not die.
    (Path 2)
    Millia: Kyaaah!
    I-No: Oh, did I overdo it?
    Millia: ...
    I-No: Humans are so frail... so annoying.
    I-No: I was just going to let you take your revenge...
    I-No: ...speaking of which, how did it go over there?
    Eddie: Gyyyaaoh!
    I-No: I guess it was too much for you.
    I-No: Hm? What are you doing? Losers should hurry up and disappear!
    (vs. Eddie)
    I-No: So we meet again.
    Dizzy: You're... why do you do things like this...
    I-No: Oh, but didn't you just tease my pet just now? Such a bad girl...
    Dizzy: That was... I was attacked so suddenly, so...
    I-No: Obliterating you certainly takes a long time... I'll finish it now!
    Dizzy: I see... you enjoy the suffering of humans...
    I-No: That's right.
    I-No: All of you, in the end, only have the capacity to entertain me!
    Dizzy: ... I understand... I won't hold back!
    I-No: Come on... dance!
    (vs. Dizzy)
    (Ending 2)
    Dizzy: Why...
    I-No: You can't stand? That's a problem...
    I-No: Your friends are coming to pick you up soon.
    I-No: If they're your friends, I've got to have them show me their cuteness...
    Dizzy: I won't let you... That I can't let you!
    I-No: What... is this power... my body... burning!?
    I-No: Impossible... I... I can't die!
    I-No: Somebody... help...
    (Path 3)
    I-No: Looks like I wasted some time...
    Robo Ky: Target acquired. Beginning battle strength analysis. Memory file
             0x13FF open.
    I-No: Hm? Huh, a dog of the Shuusen Kanrikyoku... maybe I'll trash it.
    (vs. Robo Ky)
    Testament: Woman. Wait.
    I-No: Are you talking about me?
    Testament: You have an abnormal aura for a human...
    Testament: Was it you who attacked the Jellyfish?!
    I-No: You worry about that girl so much?
    I-No: Is this that lovely "familial love" thing?
    I-No: But don't worry... I'll send that girl along later.
    I-No: Don't worry... die!
    (vs. Testament)
    I-No: So we meet again.
    Dizzy: You're... why do you do things like this...
    I-No: Because you all are a bother.
    I-No: That power...
    I-No: ...isn't a power a little girl like you should have!
    Dizzy: This isn't a power I wanted... but...
    I-No: But, what? Say it!
    Dizzy: This power is also a part of me.
    Dizzy: If you want to fight... I won't hold back.
    I-No: Come on!
    (vs. Dizzy)
    May: Dizzy!
    Dizzy: Stay away!
    May: What are you doing to my crew!
    I-No: Isn't it obvious?
    I-No: Precisely... what... I... want... to.
    May: I won't forgive you... I won't forgive you!
    I-No: Oh, such a strong aura... I see... you're May... that Japanese!
    I-No: I had forgotten about you... come on!
    (vs. May)
    (Ending 3)
    I-No: I'm impressed... the power of the Japanese.
    I-No: To think that this power is just a fraction of what it used to be.
    I-No: But just looking at this is enough.
    I-No: Should I crush it now? No... there's room for research.
    I-No: Surely "he" will be pleased as well...
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #7403
    Name: Jam Kuradoberi
    Height: 163 cm
    Weight: Unknown
    Birthday: 2/8
    Bloodtype: B
    Type: Chinese
    The subject is a cook, but at the same time one of the few ki users in the
    Among the five elements of magic, "ki"'s use has yet to be analyzed formally,
    and those who can use it are still few.
    Those users are usually of Asian origin, so it is possible that there is
    some connection to genetics.
    The subject's goal is to become a great cook, and because of this there is
    not that much to worry about.
    The subject herself is not particularly noteworthy, but capture and study
    would be beneficial.
    With this information, we assign a Risk Rating of C.
    Jam: My skills are unequalled! The number one flavor of the world!
    Jam: Oh no, it's a fire! My shop...
    Robo Ky: Gigigi...
    Jam: Who's there?
    Robo Ky: You won't get away.
    Jam: *cough cough*... the smoke... I can't breathe...
    (vs. Robo Ky)
    Robo Ky: Now withdrawing from current area...
    Jam: Wait, you arsonist!
    Jam: Ah, a true arsonist!
    Sol: Hm?
    Jam: Perhaps...
    Jam: ...was it you that set fire to my shop!?
    Sol: Move.
    Jam: You won't get away!
    (vs. Sol)
    Jam: He sure can run away fast!
    Jam: Isn't there anybody else suspicious around here?
    Jam: There... a really, really suspicious guy!
    Jam: Hey, perverted bag head!
    Faust: Are you talking about... me?
    Jam: Was it you that burned my store?!
    Faust: I think you're mistaken... I'm chasing somebody now, so good bye.
    Jam: Running away is suspicious... wait!
    (vs. Faust)
    Ky: Excuse me, I'd like to...
    Jam: Aiya! Was it you that was the real arsonist!?
    Ky: Excuse me? Arsonist?
    Jam: That uniform, I did see it then!
    Jam: You've got some guts coming out here!
    Jam: Prepare yourself!
    Ky: Oh Lord... is this another of your trials for us?
    (vs. Ky)
    Jam: That one wasn't right either?
    Jam: Where did he go?
    Slayer: Hmm... this is interesting.
    Jam: What are you?!
    Slayer: Hoho, so you use "ki" as well... which means you'll be targeted as
    Jam: "Targeted"? Was it you that set fire to my store?
    Slayer: No... but you wouldn't believe me even if I said so.
    Slayer: Honestly, I'm interested in your technique.
    Jam: Then, taste the techniques of 4000 years of Chinese culture!
    (vs. Slayer)
    Slayer: You were very skillful... the skills of the Continent certainly are
    Jam: Are you the arsonist?!
    Slayer: What do you think?
    Jam: I couldn't see well then because of the fire and smoke...
    Jam: But no. You aren't the arsonist...
    Slayer: Just to let you know, it seems there are people after those who can
            use "ki", like you.
    Slayer: The ones who burned your store are also those people.
    Jam: I see...
    Slayer: Then, farewell. Be careful.
    Chipp: Jam Kuradoberi-san, yes?
    Jam: Who are you?
    Chipp: Give me your life!
    Jam: You... you use "ki"!
    (vs. Chipp)
    (Path 1)
    Jam: You hiding over there... I see you!
    Robo Ky: Gigigi... you found me.
    Robo Ky: Resistance is useless. Give up.
    Jam: Pay me back for my burned shop!
    Robo Ky: Idiot. I have studied all of your techniques.
    (vs. Robo Ky)
    (Ending 1)
    ???: Hm, an interesting sample.
    Jam: Ya! Ya! Ya! Tou!
    Robo Ky: Gigigi...
    ???: Collect her and turn her over to the analyzation section.
    ???: She might be good for the next simulation.
    (Path 2)
    Jam: Aiya... my shop is totally burned...
    I-No: Oh, with this burning it smells good...
    Jam: Who are you?
    I-No: With your shabby store gone, this area is cleaning up too.
    Jam: What are you saying?!
    Jam: Are you an ally of that guy before?
    I-No: What if I am?
    Jam: I'll take you along to the police!
    (vs. I-No)
    Jam: Sorry...
    I-No: Don't look like that... I was just teasing you.
    Jam: Eh?
    I-No: I'll give you this to make up.
    Jam: This... a warrant?
    I-No: You need money, right? With those skills, you can become a bounty hunter.
    Jam: I've already done that... so I have to return to that kind of life...
    Jam: You over there, come along quietly!
    Jam: The bounty is mine!
    Venom: Oh, a bounty hunter. Sorry, but let me make you a practice dummy!
    (vs. Venom)
    Jam: That's one!
    Jam: The next one is this one... with blond hair, right.
    Jam: An obscene witch who seduces both man and woman and then uses her 
         changing hair to finish them off.
    Jam: So terrible!
    Millia: Who?
    Jam: I've found you, you shapechanging obscene witch!
    Jam: Prepare yourself!
    Millia: You're quite blunt... women need softspokenness.
    (vs. Millia)
    Johnny: Hey, what's the big commotion?
    Jam: Ah, you're a bounty too!
    Johnny: How happy... I don't dislike the direct approach.
    (vs. Johnny)
    Jam: Eh? You're not a bounty?
    Johnny: Yeah, your warrants are full of mistakes.
    Johnny: The bounty on Millia was lifted a long time ago...
    Johnny: (Even though mine is still there...)
    Jam: Shock...
    Johnny: Somebody must have tricked you... any ideas?
    Jam: That woman... I won't forgive you!
    I-No: Well? Are you finding those bounties?
    Jam: You tricked me, didn't you?!
    I-No: So you finally realized... you idiot cook!
    I-No: Because of you, I was able to crush a lot of those bugs.
    I-No: Well now... all that's left is to get rid of you!
    Jam: I won't let you!
    (vs. I-No)
    (Ending 2)
    Jam: I'm sorry for bothering you all...
    Jam: Please let me treat you to a meal!
    Johnny: I always wish to eat with a gentle lady.
    Johnny: Right, Millia-kun?
    Johnny: Ow!
    Millia: Please don't touch me with dirty hands.
    Johnny: Sorry... your beauty confused me.
    Venom: Beauty?
    Venom: You say things like that because you don't know this woman's true
    Millia: What did you just say?
    Jam: Please, you two... how about you stop drinking now...
    Venom: Shut up! Because of you... Zato-sama is...
    Millia: It's so I can live... I'd kill him as many times as I'd need to!
    Venom: You...!
    Johnny: Hey! This is our dinner. Let's not show bad manners.
    Millia: Shut up, move aside!
    Johnny: Hey, don't have to say that...
    Venom: Take this... Deimvolger!
    Johnny: Ohh?
    Millia: Cut him... Iron Maiden!
    Johnny: Ehh?
    Jam: Aa... my stall...
    Jam: Nothing... again...
    (Path 3)
    Jam: You hiding over there... I see you!
    Robo Ky: Gigigi... you found me.
    Jam: Did you come to get beat up again?
    Robo Ky: Target's battle power has been analyzed.
    Robo Ky: Group attack...
    Robo Ky: ...would be most effective.
    Jam: Aiya! How many of them are there?!
    Jam: They're coming from all sides!
    (vs. Robo Ky)
    (vs. Robo Ky)
    (vs. Robo Ky)
    Robo Ky: Gigigi...
    Jam: Th-there's no end to them!
    Robo Ky: Gigigi... Give it up!
    Robo Ky: Everyone present!
    Robo Ky: Present!
    Robo Ky: Present!
    Jam: There's all of these?!
    Ky: That's it!
    Jam: A new one?!
    Ky: You're mistaken. I've come to save you.
    Jam: You're... from that time...
    Ky: I'm sorry I came late.
    Ky: Please leave these to me.
    Jam: Okay!
    Ky: Please be careful... it looks like there were others that were
    May: Kill!
    Jam: This one seems to be true... I've got this one!
    (vs. May)
    (Ending 3)
    Ky: Thank you. You've helped a lot.
    Jam: N-no, I should be the one to thank you.
    Ky: No, the fact that civilians got involved was a mistake on our part.
    Ky: It seems that a faction known as the Shuusen Kanrikyoku has infiltrated
        the highest levels of the government.
    Jam: You're not too happy...
    Ky: It's shameful... even though they're trampling over the law and justice...
    Ky: Is there nothing I can do...
    Jam: Don't get so down like that!
    Jam: When you feel bad, it's good to eat delicious things!
    Ky: W-well, that might be true...
    Jam: It's such a nice day. How about we go eat somewhere?
    Ky: B-but, I should work...
    Jam: Ehhhh?
    Ky: I'm sorry for troubling you... let us go.
    Jam: Okay! Come on, cheer up!
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #7505
    Name: Johnny
    Height: 184 cm
    Weight: 72 kg
    Birthday: 10/24
    Bloodtype: O
    Type: American
    The subject is the head of the air pirate force "Jellyfish", and a key member
    of the underworld.
    His personal history is unknown, but he possesses Japanese sword skills and
    is therefore top class when it comes to battle prowess.
    But his real danger is his connections. Associating with people like President 
    Gabriel of Zepp and Ky Kiske of the International Police, the Jellyfish is
    no ordinary criminal organization.
    As for his personality, he claims to be carefree, but he has a strong sense
    of duty, and is kind to those weaker than him. In other words, he is
    susceptible to control by his underlings.
    Because of his connection and military strength, we assign a Risk Rating of A.
    Johnny: I'm perfect, you know?
    I-No: Hmm? So there's a ship as shabby as this.
    Johnny: Even from a lady, I can't just stand by and hear you call this ship
    Johnny: Where did you come from?
    I-No: Never mind that.
    I-No: Isn't there something else you can say, looking at such a nice woman as
    Johnny: Well, that would be your charming...
    May: Johnny! What are you saying?
    Johnny: No, no. Please come along for unlawful entry.
    I-No: I don't like people who say things like that.
    I-No: Withdraw slowly.
    (vs. I-No)
    Johnny: Your skill certainly isn't ordinary.
    Johnny: Looks like I'm going to have to ask you what your intention is.
    I-No: My intention is simple.
    Dizzy: Eh? Me? Kyaah!
    Johnny: Dizzy! What the hell are you doing!
    I-No: Trying to be egotistical is so base...
    April: Johnny! The engine's exploded!
    I-No: Well then!
    Johnny: Damn... she got away. Emergency landing.
    Testament: What kind of joke is this?
    Johnny: Hm? Sorry, but we've got business. Come again later?
    Testament: I came to meet Dizzy. How is she?
    Johnny: Dizzy is, uh... well...
    Testament: I asked you how she is.
    Testament: If you won't say, I've got ideas of my own!
    Johnny: She was knocked off, and fell about 600 meters, earlier...
    Testament: It was a mistake to let you take care of Dizzy.
    Testament: This filth!
    (vs. Testament)
    Johnny: Sorry...
    Johnny: I'm going to save her.
    Johnny: Well then, where did you fall?
    Bridget: Um, hello mister?
    Johnny: "Dandy bro..."
    Johnny: ...if you called me that, I'd do anything for you, you know?
    Bridget: Well then, dandy bro... please get tied up.
    Johnny: What?
    Bridget: Didn't you promise?
    Johnny: Ku... this Johnny won't go back on a promise with a lady...
    Bridget: I'm a boy...
    Johnny: Thank god....
    (vs. Bridget)
    Bridget: Adults are mean...
    Johnny: Even so, you can't go tying them up, right?
    Johnny: You, you're a bounty hunter?
    Bridget: That's right. If you're the Jellyfish's Johnny...
    Bridget: A red woman told me that you'd be good money.
    Johnny: Red woman? With a weird hat and a guitar?
    Bridget: That's right!
    Johnny: Thank you... geez, causing me trouble! Next time we meet...
    Jam: You bounty over there, stop!
    Johnny: Again?
    (vs. Jam)
    (Path 1)
    Johnny: There might be the way of the thief, but...
    Johnny: Isn't this a little cowardly?
    Eddie: Black-clothed man over there, stop.
    Johnny: Have you been tricked as well?
    Johnny: Well, if you're a guy I don't have to hold back.
    Johnny: To tell you the truth, I get a little fed up fighting with women
            and kids.
    (vs. Eddie)
    Johnny: Just about time now...
    Johnny: Oh, there she is. Dizzy!
    Dizzy: ...
    Johnny: Such bad wounds. Damn that woman... I'll get you back.
    Necro: Sigyaaaah!
    Johnny: Oh geez!
    (vs. Dizzy)
    Johnny: You certainly gave us a lot of trouble.
    Johnny: No... even more than that...
    Johnny: You hurt my crew.
    Johnny: Sorry but, I'm not going to hold back this time.
    I-No: What are you putting on airs for, arrogant black-coat?
    I-No: I'll rip off that confident face and let you die easy!
    Johnny: I'd stop that if I were you.
    Johnny: It'd be a loss for the world, that's why.
    (vs. I-No)
    (Ending 1)
    I-No: Gyaah!
    Johnny: Hm?
    Dizzy: Are you okay?
    Johnny: Don't worry about me.
    Johnny: It's standard that the black-coated handsome one never loses.
    Johnny: And besides, I should be worried about you.
    Johnny: Are you really okay after dropping from that far? 
    Dizzy: It's nothing big.
    Dizzy: But, my leg is a little...
    Johnny: I see... well then...
    Dizzy: Ah, um... it's not too heavy for you?
    Johnny: Of course not, too light.
    Dizzy: I-I see...
    Johnny: And anyway... the bonds of a family are important.
    Dizzy: We are... family, aren't we.
    Johnny: That's right. Well, let's run over to the pickup point.
    Dizzy: Okay!
    (Path 2)
    Johnny: Well now... she should be around here...
    I-No: Move aside!
    Johnny: Oh, it's you. Just because you tell me to go away... I'm not very
            obedient like that.
    I-No: Dammit... a worthless bastard at a worthless time!
    Johnny: Listen up. My ship isn't shabby.
    I-No: Shut up, you narcissist!
    (vs. I-No)
    Johnny: It looks like I got some wounds...
    Testament: So it's you. What were you doing?
    Johnny: It's you. Is my crewmember okay?
    Testament: She's okay. But if I weren't here, what would've happened...
    Johnny: Sorry. Thanks.
    Testament: If she's left in the care of humans, disaster will happen.
    Testament: Perhaps humans and Gears were not meant to mingle.
    Johnny: That's wrong.
    Testament: You can say all the lip service you want.
    Testament: Where is your conviction?
    Johnny: Conviction, eh. Is a test of skill okay?
    Testament: I don't care, but this place is within my barrier.
    Testament: Even so, you wish to fight? Let's go!
    (vs. Testament)
    (Ending 2)
    Johnny: How's that?
    Testament: Very well. Protect her with that conviction.
    Testament: ...there won't be a second chance.
    Testament: If she is hurt again...
    Testament: That means you humans have no right to live.
    Johnny: Let me swear to you.
    Johnny: I'm a carefree guy, so even this is pretty tough for me.
    Dizzy: Uhh...
    Dizzy: Huh? I...
    Johnny: Dizzy? Let's go home.
    (Path 3)
    I-No: Looks like a bad situation...
    I-No: Let's end it like this. Ciao!
    Johnny: Yeah, whatever. Just go away.
    Johnny: What was with her?
    Slayer: Hmm, if she pulled back, you got lucky.
    Johnny: And what are you?
    Slayer: Oh, just a passing-by informant.
    Johnny: That one and now this one...
    Johnny: Don't make my ship a playground!
    (vs. Slayer)
    Slayer: Strange you should say playground.
    Johnny: Bastard, you're still fine...
    Slayer: Soon this ship will be a playground for the world's powers.
    Johnny: What do you mean?
    Ky: This is Ky Kiske of the International Police. Please stop your ship.
    Slayer: That's what I mean.
    Slayer: With the strangers, the outsiders, and the Japanese... the hunt
            for people has begun.
    Johnny: Japanese, you say?
    Ky: We would like you to turn over Miss May.
    Slayer: See what I mean? Then, farewell.
    Johnny: Wait!
    April: Johnny, what should we do?
    Johnny: Fly over to the other ship.
    Johnny: Full speed ahead... bring us right up to them!
    April: Aye aye!
    (vs. Ky)
    Ky: Ku!
    Johnny: Let's end it here. You don't want to go any further, right?
    Ky: Yes, you have the win. I had doubts about my orders as well.
    Johnny: Looks like you've become a little more flexible.
    Johnny: Well, how much do you know?
    Ky: They said just to take May-san into custody.
    Johnny: What are you thinking... over there!
    Chipp: Johnny, kill! Johnny, kill!
    Johnny: And who is this vocabulary-deficient one?
    Ky: A suspect. I thought he was still in detention, though...
    Ky: Please be careful. He uses "ki".
    Johnny: First the Japanese, and now users of "ki". I'm beginning to
    (vs. Chipp)
    Robo Ky: Target battle power analysis complete!
    Johnny: Relative of yours?
    Ky: Please don't joke around!
    Robo Ky: Give it up. I have already analyzed your techniques.
    Johnny: You are related in how hardheaded you are.
    Ky: Wha-!
    Johnny: Gen'eihirofumi style, Engetsuken. Johnny, here.
    (vs. Robo Ky)
    (Ending 3)
    Robo Ky: This isn't the end!
    Robo Ky: The Shuusen Kanrikyoku won't let you get away!
    Ky: Doll that stains justice and the law!
    Johnny: Oh? You have the confidence to come over here now?
    Ky: I can't do that. I must fight within the police force.
    Robo Ky: Ray Divider!
    Robo Ky: Stun Edge!
    Ky: Damn! There wasn't just one of these!?
    Ky: There's a lot of them... you'll help, right?
    Johnny: Sorry.
    Johnny: April! We're leaving. Are you ready?
    April: Okay! I'm 300 meters directly under you.
    Johnny: Well that's that, so see you!
    Ky: Aah, wait!
    Johnny: Well come on, isn't it the worst to have thieves and the police
            working together?
    Ky: Very well.
    Ky: After I clean up these guys... I'll come arrest you some day.
    Johnny: Sure, come any time.
    Johnny: Fuu...
    Johnny: Maybe it's almost time to tell her.
    Johnny: What do you think?
    Janice: Meow...
    Johnny: Well, that's true.
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #6661
    Name: Justice
    Height: 232 cm
    Weight: 221 kg
    Birthday: 9/2
    Bloodtype: Unknown
    Type: Gear
    The source of the Holy War, and the perfected autonomous Gear. As opposed to
    the survival instinct that may drive normal Gears to meaningless destruction,
    human-hosted Gears may show reason.
    Justice possessed not only knowledge, but also the ability to control those
    Gears around him, and grant them autonomy; therefore the subject can be said 
    to be the perfect Gear.
    As a result of the Holy War, the subject was sealed in the Dimensional Prison,
    and after revival by breaking the seal, was destroyed by Sol Badguy.
    As the subject does not exist any longer, it is not necessary to assign a Risk 
    Justice: Destruction is my duty.
    That Man: Him... and also you. You will not like your powerlessness.
    That Man: But there is no other way.
    Kliff: This is what number time I've met you?
    Justice: The 17th.
    Kliff: Very well... today, I'll end the Holy War!
    (vs. Kliff)
    Justice: Why do you believe you can win with a decaying body?
    Kliff: Because there are those who follow me.
    Kliff: That is the power of man.
    Ky: Commander Kliff!
    Kliff: There are those who will take both my techniques and my spirit!
    Ky: You... are Justice!
    Justice: Those are good eyes...
    Justice: The eyes of those who've known only battle.
    Ky: Don't joke around!
    Justice: But, I don't intend to lose.
    (vs. Ky)
    Justice: A merciless enemy.
    Justice: Humans are a much more battle-oriented race than Gears.
    Justice: But perhaps we made it that way.
    Justice: Researching battle techniques, so as not to destroy each other.
    Justice: ...such a cynical view. Isn't it, Corrupted Flame?
    Sol: I've had enough tedious talk.
    Sol: Let's go!
    (vs. Sol)
    Justice: That mark on your forehead...
    Justice: You... are a Gear.
    Justice: To think there were still human-form Gears that I did not know about.
    Justice: Very well, become my servant, and destroy!
    Sol: ...
    Justice: You... why won't you accept my orders!
    Sol: Think about it in hell!
    That Man: Eventually heaven and earth will be scorched, and man and beast
    That Man: If this works, you...
    That Man: ...your name will thunder through the world as the greatest rebel
              in history.
    That Man: I don't have the right to even apologize to you.
    That Man: Only... to pray for you.
    That Man: Frederick... and then you, are the world's hopes.
    Ky: This... what the...
    Ky: Justice has been rendered powerless?
    Ky: This flame, and lava... it was him...
    Ky: Magical Unit, forward!
    Ky: We will seal Justice!
    Narrator: Under the light of a hundred-year moon, the two hopes met in
    Narrator: In 2175, the long Holy War ended with the sealing of Justice.
    Narrator: Humanity returned to the road of peace.
    Narrator: But, the blood-soaked tragedy hidden behind the scenes...
    Narrator: Those who know the true meaning behind it...
    Narrator: Are still few.
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #4515
    Name: Ky=Kiske
    Height: 178 cm
    Weight: 58 kg
    Birthday: 11/20
    Bloodtype: AB
    Type: French
    A former captain of the Holy Order, and currently a high-ranked officer
    in the International Police Force. Along with his enormous physical
    potential, his extremely high charisma and wisdom make him exemplary.
    If he should become an enemy he would be quite threatening, but his love
    of law and order should make him easy to control.
    Currently, with the subject as the original, an Imitation Series is in
    production. When completed they should become a formidable fighting force.
    Because of his high rank in politics, we assign a Risk Rating of B.
    Ky: Even so... justice is necessary!
    Ky: You over there, stop.
    Venom: Hm?
    Ky: Assassin syndicate member Venom, yes? I arrest you on the charge of
        first-degree murder.
    Venom: It seems you are alone. If you want to start something we can, but
           you'll regret it.
    Ky: Justice does not come in numbers. And, numbers are not strength. Let me
        teach you that.
    (vs. Venom)
    Slayer: Hm. Wonderful skill.
    Ky: Who are you?
    Slayer: I had business with that man lying over there.
    Ky: I don't know who you are, but he was a criminal. I am taking him into
    Slayer: A follower of order and justice, hmm? But if you keep looking
            towards the sky, your feet will trip up.
    Ky: Are you trying to confuse me? I can't let you do that.
    (vs. Slayer)
    Slayer: A rather thickheaded man. Take a look at this.
    Ky: Hm? This is... the latest warrants?
    Slayer: Yes. Do you recognize anything in these names?
    Ky: This is... why is this name...!?
    Slayer: I said it, didn't I? Your feet will trip up.
    Ky: Please wait!... He got away...
    Ky: Mito-Anji san, correct? I would like to inform you of something.
    Anji: Hm? What's up?
    Ky: You... currently, as a Japanese, there's a warrant on you.
    Anji: So you found me... but, you won't catch me that easily!
    Ky: Wait! I didn't mean...
    (vs. Anji)
    Ky: Are you conscious?
    Anji: Yeah, somehow.
    Ky: Then please listen to what I have to say.
    Anji: Okay! Okay, so put away that sword...
    Ky: Excuse me... It's true that the escape of Japanese is unlawful, but this
        current warrant is unusual. Especially the fact that this warrant has
        bounty money on it.
    Anji: ...so something smells fishy.
    Ky: I will try and determine the cause. So, please be careful.
    Anji: Okay. You too.
    Ky: Ha... I did something bad... I must be cautious...
    Ky: Baiken-san, correct? The Japanese.
    Baiken: You, you came for the bounty? Pitiful bastard.
    Ky: You're mistaken... hold on...
    (vs. Baiken)
    (Path 1)
    Ky: ...like I said, the Japanese oddly have had bounties placed on them.
    Baiken: I already know that. Don't bore me with trivial talk.
    Ky: I'm going to do some research...
    Baiken: Do what you want. I don't have anything to do with this, okay?
    Ky: Thanks for your cooperation...
    Ky: Ha... it took me longer than I thought. Next is... here.
    Ky: Chipp Zanuff. Currently, there seems to be suspicious of you for
        first-degree murder...
    Chipp: Wanna start something?
    Ky: ...but something seems to be odd about it...
    Chipp: Now you've really done it!
    Ky: Just listen to me. Otherwise it'll be public assault.
    Chipp: You should've said that from the start. Let's go!
    (vs. Chipp)
    Ky: Like I said! Somehow somebody has tampered with the warrant system.
    Chipp: Maybe you should apologize for your own actions?
    Ky: That's... I'm sorry. But, why are you...?
    Chipp: Like I know.
    Ky: Excuse me. Thank you for your cooperation.
    Ky: Excuse me, I'd like to talk...
    Jam: Aiya! You're the arsonist!
    Ky: Excuse me? Arsonist?
    Jam: That uniform, I definitely saw it then! You've got guts coming out
         now. Prepare yourself!
    Ky: Oh Lord... is this a trial you have given me?
    (vs. Jam)
    Jam: You weren't the arsonist... I'm sorry...
    Ky: That's okay... Anyway, just be careful.
    Ky: Never mind the Japanese, why were those two...
    Ky: Well, never mind. This is the last one... May of the Jellyfish.
    Johnny: Do you need something from my princess?
    Ky: Yes. A few days ago, the bounty on you all multiplied by ten.
    Johnny: And?
    Ky: There seems to be some ulterior motive behind this...
    Johnny: Your organization should clean itself up. Even if there's
            some motive behind it, we're still enemies.
    Ky: You're not mistaken. Then, how about we test our skills so you will
    Johnny: Well said.
    (Ending 1)
    Ky: For a man such as you to become this serious...
    Johnny: It's better you didn't say any more.
    Ky: Then, just a word. I was against the government protection from the
        start... but this has made it clear.
    Ky: For some reason, the government is gathering the Japanese... for some
        unknown purpose.
    Johnny: The police force pulls strings. We serve to crush it from the
    Ky: Then let me chase them from the inside.
    Johnny: And, we never met here.
    Ky: Let's clean this up quickly. That way, I can arrest you soon.
    Johnny: Yeah, if you can catch me.
    Ky: The enemies I should hate are my allies, and the allies I should trust
        are my enemies... reminiscent of the Holy War. Before knowing of sin...
    (Path 2)
    Ky: And now, the next bounty is...
    Bridget: Wait! You won't run away?
    Ky: What's wrong, miss?
    Bridget: Return my bounties!
    Ky: F...fast!
    (vs. Bridget)
    Ky: A fake of me?
    Bridget: Yes... with that uniform, he took the bounties I had collected...
    Ky: Understood. If that's true I can't let him get away. I will chase him.
    Ky: I heard he was over here...
    Jam: You arsonist! You won't run away!
    Ky: An arsonist that looks like me?
    Jam: Don't try to trick me! That clothes, that blond hair! I can't forget
    (vs. Jam)
    Ky: I see... there was a fake here too.
    Jam: Aiya... I did a bad thing... I think the fake went that way...
    Ky: Thank you.
    Robo Ky: Ho, you finally caught up.
    Ky: ... talk about unexpected.
    Robo Ky: Hm? What is?
    Ky: To think that you could be mistaken for me... how disagreeable.
    Robo Ky: Don't rush things. Your opponent is first, this one.
    Chipp: ...
    Ky: Why are you...?!
    Chipp: ...die!
    Ky: These eyes... he's not himself!
    Robo Ky: Target acquired. Battle power analysis under way. Memory file
             0x1414 open.
    (vs. Chipp)
    Ky: Brainwashing, I see...
    Robo Ky: That is correct. Outsiders are more effective as allies.
    Ky: You, a human doll, trying to control us humans?
    Robo Ky: That is correct. I have already analyzed your techniques.
    Ky: Did you think I would reveal everything in front of an enemy? Let me
        show you the Holy Order's ougi!
    (vs. Robo Ky)
    (Ending 2)
    Ky: Now, who is your master?
    Robo Ky: You won't get away.
    Ky: I won't run. I will chase.
    Robo Ky: Hmph. Someday you will understand... The Holy War... isn't over.
    Ky: What do you mean!?
    Robo Ky: The Shuusen Kanrikyoku... won't let you get away. Look around you!
    Ky: I see... they were trying to buy time. I was taken in.
    Ky: But... with these numbers, it doesn't even match up to the Holy War.
        It seems I'll have to get the Shuusen Kanrikyoku to explain a lot of
    (Path 3)
    Anji: Wahh!
    Ky: Damn! Did I do too much? He can't hear me now...
    Ky: Who are you!
    I-No: Fufu, it was so cute I had to come out...
    Ky: You... have the smell of blood on you.
    I-No: I can't have people like you bothering me... but let me play with
    (vs. I-No)
    I-No: Gyahaha! Swinging around your sword attacking women?! You beast!
    Ky: Is this your true nature?
    I-No: Shut up! This one's the perfect opponent for you!
    Eddie: That body... give it to me!
    Ky: This is...!
    (vs. Eddie)
    I-No: What did you do to my cute pet!?
    Ky: Wait! You won't get away!
    Zappa: H-help me! The red woman...
    Ky: Are you okay? It's safe now.
    Zappa: Ah, I can't anymore... can't... I'm losing consciousness...
    Ky: Stay with me!
    Zappa: Hiiiiiiiiii!
    Ky: Huh!?
    (vs. Zappa)
    Ky: Over here?
    I-No: Ku...
    Sol: I took care of it. Now, go away.
    Ky: I can't do that. I will take her into custody.
    Sol: This isn't the time for you.
    Ky: That is for me to decide.
    Sol: Such a hotheaded boy.
    Ky: Don't misunderstand... this is public duty.
    (Ending 3)
    Sol: Let's end it here.
    Ky: Why do you hide?!
    Sol: What?
    Ky: I know you are after the man who created Gears.
    Ky: If that was the cause of the Holy War, then the police should be after
        him too.
    Sol: Give it up.
    Ky: Why?!
    Ky: I have the confidence to go after justice!
    Sol: Justice?
    Sol: Can your justice trample on peace?
    Ky: Wha... that's...
    Sol: Thought so.
    Sol: So just close your eyes.
    Ky: Wait, Sol!
    Ky: Damn...
    Ky: What was hidden behind the Holy War?
    Ky: To draw close...
    Ky: ...is a justice that involves innocent citizens and throws the land
        into chaos necessary?
    Ky: If so, I...
    Ky: ...perhaps may become your enemy as well...
    Ky: Sol!
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #4058
    Name: May
    Height: 158 cm
    Weight: 47 kg
    Birthday: 5/5 (Presumed)
    Bloodtype: B
    Type: Human (unknown)
    The subject is currently associated with the air pirate force "Jellyfish" and
    is therefore one of Johnny's underlings.
    She has a suspicious power and is able to swing around an airship's anchor
    with ease.
    As Johnny serves both as a captain and a father figure to her, it is
    likely that this would be the easiest method to control her.
    The subject's birth and origin are unknown, but there are several unconfirmed
    reports that she carries the genes of the Japanese. We would like to assess
    this quickly.
    The subject herself is not much risk, but as a member of a nation not under
    the control of the United Nations in the powerful Jellyfish, and because of
    her possibly Japanese origin, there is much in doubt. With this in mind,
    we assign a Risk Rating of A.
    May: I can do anything if it's for Johnny!
    May: Such nice weather... hey, wouldn't it be better to just stop work and
         land somewhere?
    April We can't do that. We're in debt!
    May: I see... well, isn't there any good catches around here?
    I-No: Oh, sorry! I guess I hurt your cute ship.
    April: Ah, our debt...!
    May: I don't know who or what you are... but what did you do to my ship!?
    (vs. I-No)
    May: How's that! I'll have you fix up our deck for us!
    I-No: Such a cute captain. But, I have no use for you.
    Dizzy: Eh? Kyaaah!
    May: Dizzy!
    I-No: Later!
    May: Ah, wait!
    Testament: What is this uproar?
    May: Dizzy was... knocked off the deck... and hey, who are you?
    Testament: Is that how you repay us?
    May: Eh?
    Testament: The Gear who has a human heart... is it your way to betray
               the trust she gave you!?
    May: You don't understand!
    (vs. Testament)
    May: So that was Dizzy's friend... I guess he'd naturally be angry knowing
         Dizzy got knocked off... anyway, where did she fall to?
    Zappa: Excuse me, miss captain...
    May: Eh, what is it?
    Zappa: I'm looking for a Dr. Faust...
    May: Yeah...
    Zappa: I haaaaaaate yooooooooou!
    May: How horrible!
    (vs. Zappa)
    May: That was disturbing...
    Faust: Oh, you seem to be injured.
    May: Who are you, mister?
    Faust: I am the doctor Faust.
    May: Faust? There was somebody looking for you... he attacked me suddenly so
         he scared me.
    Faust: Oh, I'm sorry! At least please let me heal you.
    May: Huh? What are these shivers...
    Faust: Shivers? That's not good! Perhaps your wounds got infected?
    May: My hair's standing up... this feeling is...
    Faust: This isn't good! Must cure you quickly...
    May: Mister, you're bald!
    Faust: Excuse me?
    May: I can't take bald, I can't take baaaaaald!
    (vs. Faust)
    May: Haa... haa... I should be okay here...
    Millia: Oh, what are you doing here, miss?
    May: Good... she isn't bald...
    Millia: Hey, what do you mean bald? There are some things children shouldn't
    May: I'm sorry... I didn't mean...
    Dizzy: Kyaah! Help!
    Eddie: I'll take your body!
    Millia: That voice... Zato!?
    May: It's Dizzy!
    Millia: Why are you coming along?
    May: Eh?
    Millia: Zato is... that thing is mine. It's not something for children to
            see. Sorry, but could you wait here?
    May: I can't do that! My crew...
    Millia: I'm sorry. But, I'm serious.
    (vs. Millia)
    (Path 1)
    Eddie: And what are you!?
    May: That girl is part of my crew. Give her back!
    Eddie: Hmph, a human! You think you can win with mere flesh and bone?
    May: Here I come!
    (vs. Eddie)
    May: Dizzy!? Where did you go?
    May: Dizzy! Are you okay?!
    Potemkin: Dizzy is here. I got rid of the cause.
    Dizzy: Uh....
    May: What happened, Dizzy!? Are you okay? What did you do to Dizzy!
    Potemkin: Mu! Wait, what are you doing!?
    (vs. Potemkin)
    (Ending 1)
    Dizzy: Huh? I...
    May: You're okay! April, can you hear me?
    April: Loud and clear. Did you find Dizzy?
    May: Yeah. She's not injured too badly.
    April: Then, I'll send out the shuttle.
    Dizzy: I'm sorry... you had to go to so much trouble...
    May: What are you saying! We're crewmates.
    Dizzy: Yes... thank you.
    May: Like I said! This is totally natural! You don't have to act so polite
         about it.
    Dizzy: Okay...
    May: Anyway, let's go! Everybody's waiting.
    Dizzy: Okay!
    Potemkin: ...
    (Path 2)
    May: So it was you!
    I-No: Hmph. A noisy brat comes out.
    May: What are you doing to my friend!?
    I-No: Let's see. Maybe I'll rip off those irritating wings. Or maybe the
          tail first? A monster pretending to be a human needs punishment.
    May: Dizzy's not a monster!
    I-No: Oh? How is a Gear not a monster?
    May: I won't forgive anybody who talks badly about my friends!
    (vs. I-No)
    May: Dizzy, are you okay?
    Dizzy: Yes... I'm fine.
    May: That's good... let's go home.
    Bridget: Wait!
    May: Eh?
    Bridget: I was after that bounty!
    May: Bounty? Was there still one?
    Dizzy: I tried to tell him, but he wouldn't listen...
    Bridget: Anyway, I'll take her into custody now.
    May: Wa-wait! Dizzy! Go back to the ship first, okay?
    Dizzy: Excuse me, I'll go on ahead.
    Bridget: Ah, wait!
    (vs. Bridget)
    (Ending 2)
    May: You know? That warrant is no longer valid.
    Bridget: Eh? Come on. This is a police warrant. Even if the bounty money
             changes it can't become invalid.
    May: That's true normally, but this time there was some high political
    Bridget: I see...
    May: Yeah... there was some stuff, and... she's already "dead". Please don't
         let anybody know...
    Bridget: But...
    May: And anyway... Dizzy wasn't bad from the beginning. Do you believe me?
    Bridget: ... I do. Sorry for bothering you... next time I'll get some new
    May: Good!
    Bridget: And anyway... I heard about a warrant for a girl carrying an anchor...
    May: Wh-what do you mean? I don't have an anchor anyway...
    Bridget: Well, just because somebody's a bounty doesn't mean they're a bad
             person, right?
    May: That's right! I mean Johnny's got a huge bounty, but... uh, uh, uh...
    Bridget: You certainly know a lot about bounties, May. Please teach me.
    May: Um, uh... leave it to me!
    (Path 3)
    May: Where did Dizzy go?
    Anji: Oh, miss, are you worrying about something? Huh? You, have Japanese...
    May: Japanese?
    Anji: Whoops, I mean...
    May: I'm interested now.
    Anji: Well, that's just adult talk.
    May: I'm an adult! How mean for not telling me!
    Anji: Gah!
    (vs. Anji)
    May: And?
    Anji: Well, okay. Japan is an island country that disappeared in the Holy War.
    May: That's it? Then why is Johnny keeping it a secret...
    Anji: Those Japanese who live on... they've gotten scarce, so they're put in
          a caretaking colony. I'm a runaway. Tell somebody and the police would
          come flying.
    May: I see...
    Anji: Well, you can check up on the rest.
    May: Thanks, ojisan!
    May: I certainly got held up... Dizzy... ah, over there!
    I-No: Hmph. A noisy brat comes out.
    May: What are you doing to my friend!?
    I-No: Let's see. Maybe I'll rip off those irritating wings. Or maybe the
          tail first? A monster pretending to be a human needs punishment.
    May: Dizzy's not a monster!
    I-No: Oh? How is a Gear not a monster?
    May: I won't forgive anybody who talks badly about my friends!
    (vs. I-No)
    Johnny: Hey, good that you're safe.
    May: I'm back...
    Johnny: Dizzy's wounds weren't too bad either.
    May: ... that's good.
    Johnny: You don't seem to feel too good... what's wrong?
    May: Um... you know... I don't remember about the past... I thought that
         was okay but... I do want to know.
    Johnny: I see.
    May: No! I mean, the Jellyfish is my family. And, you're always important
         to me, Johnny.
    May: Aaah, what am I saying.
    Johnny: I understand.
    May: You don't! I... Johnny?
    Robo Ky: Target sighted! Now transferring to attack mode. Resistance is
             useless. Give yourself up... Hm?
    May: Geeeeez! How could you come out at a time like this! Don't think you'll
         get away alive!
    (vs. Robo Ky)
    (Ending 3)
    May: Geez, this is the worst! How did it turn out like this!?
    Johnny: Oh geez. Looks like you're in a bad mood now.
    May: Hah... it's okay, it's me after all.
    Johnny: May.
    May: Ah...
    Johnny: Princess, shall we dance?
    May: ... gladly...
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #8127
    Name: Millia=Rage
    Height: 169 cm
    Weight: 48 kg
    Birthday: Unknown
    Bloodtype: B
    Type: Russian
    The subject was an assassin as part of the Syndicate, but betraying them
    to the police, resulting in the dissolving of the Syndicate and the
    capture of Zato, she is currently pardoned of those charges.
    As a result of being subjected to experiments in magic that can be called
    "forbidden arts", she is able to use her hair as a weapon.
    This hair can be thought of as in the same vein as a Gear or a kinjuu.
    With her constant desire for revenge against Zato, this may be an easy
    way to control her.
    The subject's danger is not high, but if we can capture and analyze the
    "forbidden arts", it would be a great step forward. We assign a Risk Rating
    of C.
    Millia: You anger me even when dead...
    Millia: Who's there?
    I-No: Kyaah!
    Millia: Huh, what?
    I-No: Somebody, help!
    Millia: What are you doing?
    (vs. I-No)
    Millia: What are you doing?
    I-No: (Damn... still breathing...)
    I-No: I'm sorry, I got confused...
    Millia: What's wrong?
    I-No: I was just attacked by a black monster over there, and I was so surprised
          I ran over here...
    Millia: Black monster? Where was it?
    I-No: Over there.
    Millia: Thanks!
    Millia: That's odd... he should be around here.
    Bridget: Ah, there you are! Millia Rage-san, correct?
    Millia: That's right, but who are you?
    Bridget: I'm Bridget, a bounty hunter.
    Millia: And what does a bounty hunter want with me?
    Bridget: Of course, I'm chasing after bounties. Blond female assassin
             Millia, yes?
    Bridget: Seducing both male and female, she is a witch who uses her
             shape-changing hair to kill... right?
    Millia: Haa.. where should I start...
    Bridget: Then, let's go!
    (vs. Bridget)
    Millia: That warrant is odd. I was a former assassin, but the bounty on
            me has been lifted. Maybe your information is old?
    Bridget: That's odd... I heard it was the very latest information...
    Millia: Well okay. Just don't mistake people.
    Bridget: I'm sorry.
    Jam: I've found you, you shapechanging obscene witch!
    Jam: Prepare yourself!
    Millia: You're quite blunt... women need softspokenness.
    (vs. Jam)
    Millia: You bearing a grudge?
    Venom: Grudges are settled within the organization. Even for a former
           assassin. Not that the warrant was my work anyway.
    Millia: You again. I must say it's becoming boring.
    Venom: I understand. But... it was you who killed Zato-sama.
    Millia: That's right. Do you hate me?
    Venom: Hating in his place is my specialty!
    Millia: Are you trying to involve me in that tiresome stuff? You've
            started to resemble Zato.
    Venom: Say what you want. I have thoughts I wish to protect. You, who threw
           away everything, couldn't understand.
    Millia: Such annoying talk.
    (vs. Venom)
    Millia: Zato... no, where did that shadow go?
    May: Haa... haa... I should be okay here...
    Millia: Oh, what are you doing here, miss?
    May: Good... she isn't bald...
    Millia: Hey, what do you mean bald? There are some things children shouldn't
    May: I'm sorry... I didn't mean...
    Dizzy: Kyaah! Help!
    Eddie: I'll take your body!
    Millia: That voice... Zato!?
    May: It's Dizzy!
    Millia: Why are you coming along?
    May: Eh?
    Millia: Zato is... that thing is mine. It's not something for children to
            see. Sorry, but could you wait here?
    May: I can't do that! My crew...
    Millia: I'm sorry. But, I'm serious.
    (vs. May)
    Slayer: Millia Rage-kun, yes?
    Millia: Move aside! He's getting away!
    Slayer: ...that pitiful life form is already at its end.
    Millia: What?
    Slayer: You don't need to do anything. Why don't you let it go?
    Millia: No. I'll finish him myself.
    Slayer: Zato is already dead, you know? Grudges towards the dead solve
    Millia: I know what you want to say, so would you step aside?
    Slayer: I guess you won't listen. I suppose this is also a responsibility
            of the Syndicate's founder.
    Millia: ...I see, it's you. That's why my hair is shaking. But even so,
            having you come out now is a problem.
    (Path 1)
    (Ending 1)
    Millia: So I can't kill him, huh.
    Slayer: Sorry, but that seems to be the case.
    Millia: You were buying time, I see. Why do you protect him?
    Slayer: I wasn't protecting him. You realize it, right? That could be your
    Millia: I... won't become like him.
    Slayer: That may be true now. But time may trip you up. You can change now.
            Change your path.
    Millia: Path, huh.
    (Path 2)
    Slayer: Guh!
    Millia: Looks like it finally worked. Will you step aside?
    Slayer: Even though I don't want to... You know that hair is alive, right?
    Millia: ...yes. I know it better than anyone.
    Eddie: Gyurrooo!
    Millia: ...truly pitiful. I'll give you your rest.
    (vs. Eddie)
    (Ending 2)
    Eddie: Gyahh!
    Millia: Hmph, only this much... I... used a little too much power... ku...
            not yet. I'm not like him.
    Millia: I've finally... taken back my life... now is my... future...
    (Path 3)
    Jam: That's a controlled battle?
    Millia: Losing is more disgraceful. Anyway... I'm not a bounty any more.
    Jam: Impossible! This warrant...
    Millia: That... who gave it to you?
    Jam: A woman wearing red...
    Millia: Red clothes... was she by any chance carrying an instrument?
    Sol: Why are you...?
    Millia: Fancy meeting you here. I'm chasing after the red musician. Perhaps
            she has something to do with you?
    Sol: ...pull back.
    Millia: Of course she does. I didn't want to bother you, but this is 
    Sol: I don't care what happens to you...
    (vs. Sol)
    Eddie: Gyurrooo!
    Millia: Is this what I was chasing? He's already dying... pitiful thing.
            Rest easy. This won't hurt...
    (vs. Eddie)
    I-No: Geez, I can't bear watching this.
    Eddie: Gyoooo!
    I-No: Such a useless bastard. Didn't even manage to wound you.
    Millia: I see. Of course. The warrants and Eddie, you were behind it all, hm?
    I-No: Heh, heh, heh. I like seeing bugs scurrying around, see?
    Millia: Let me thank you. There were some troubling things, but... if I
            defeat you, I can rest well now.
    I-No: Quit fooling around, ****!
    (vs. I-No)
    (Ending 3)
    Millia: Ha... now, everything is over. Revenge seems foolish once it's over.
            Well, I guess I knew that from the start.
    Millia: Good night, Zato. I probably still can't forget you... But the
            Assassin Millia is already with you.
    Millia: You saved me, raised me, stained me, and loved me. But, that was all
    Millia: Ha, my body's become light.
    Millia: The wind... is calling. A nice wind. Now, where should I go?
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #9989
    Name: Potemkin
    Height: 245 cm
    Weight: 656 kg
    Birthday: 10/18
    Bloodtype: O
    Type: Zepperian
    As the former Zepp empire's lead slave he appeared at the Second Holy Order's
    Fighting Tournament. After returning home, he led the revolt and was
    instrumental in setting up the current Zepp Scientific Nation.
    With his large body and Zepp's fighting style, he certainly seems to be able
    to summon the storm and overwhelm the mountains, and his battle power can be
    said to compare to an entire army division.
    On the one hand, looking at the situation the subject is a soldier of Zepp,
    and his total loyalty may be an easy control point. On the other hand, it
    would be wise to be cautious about his link to the current Zepp president,
    his mentor Gabriel. With this in mind, we assign a Risk Rating of B.
    Potemkin: This fist is in the service of the great justice.
    Potemkin: What do you want here?
    Slayer: The disciple of Gabriel... I've heard about you.
    Potemkin: I'm not currently his disciple. I serve under him to keep the
              peace of Zepp.
    Slayer: Interesting. Let me see how your peace is kept.
    (vs. Slayer)
    Potemkin: Even so, why have you come now?
    Slayer: That's because the stars are pretty now.
    Potemkin: ...
    Slayer: ...or rather, I came to inform my old friend about something.
    Potemkin: The president?
    Slayer: That certain Gear, do you know where she is right now?
    Potemkin: That Gear doesn't officially exist any more.
    Slayer: Well then, contact the place where she doesn't exist and see. Now,
    Potemkin: I guess air pirates will always be air pirates... you can't trust
              them to take care of things...
    Potemkin: Swordswoman over there, please stop.
    Baiken: Whaddya want, you freakin' giant?
    Potemkin: I can't tell you the reason, but will you let me go ahead of you?
    Baiken: You think you can just ask?
    Potemkin: Well, I guess not.
    (vs. Baiken)
    Potemkin: Why are you here?
    Testament: That's my line. Leaving things to humans gets this result.
    Potemkin: I won't try to apologize.
    Testament: Then, step aside.
    Potemkin: Will you give humans another chance? Just like this.
    Testament: You talk too much!
    (vs. Testament)
    I-No: Oh, you have such a nice body.
    Potemkin: No use trying to get out of it. Red musician. I hear you are the
    I-No: Oh? So you saw through me?
    Potemkin: I shall now restrain you as the principle instigator.
    I-No: Hmph! You don't have the right to trample on me. Come on!
    Eddie: Won't give away... the Gear...
    Potemkin: A servant. Don't play with human lives!
    (vs. Eddie)
    (Path 1)
    Potemkin: Now, where did that woman go?
    I-No: Ku...
    Potemkin: That is your reward.
    Necro: Kill, kill, kill!
    Potemkin: I see... this is what happened. Now, what to do...
    (vs. Dizzy)
    Potemkin: Forgive me.
    Dizzy: Kyaah!
    Johnny: Dizzy! You, what did you do to my crew?
    Potemkin: This was because you were careless about her care.
    Johnny: I see... is Zepp after the Gears again?
    Potemkin: It seems leaving them in the care of air pirates is foolish.
    Johnny: If you say that, I can't hold back.
    Potemkin: Don't fool around!
    (vs. Johnny)
    (Ending 1)
    Johnny: I understand... it's a heavy fist... but not elegant.
    Potemkin: Then... how's... this!
    Dizzy: Um...
    Johnny: A peace maintained by a heavy fist... won't make people happy.
    Potemkin: What would you know about nations, having given them up?
    Dizzy: What are you doing?
    May: Ah, you're okay, Dizzy!
    Dizzy: Those two...
    May: Maybe we should leave them alone?
    Both: Waaaaaah!
    (Path 2)
    I-No: Che. You already chased me this far?
    Potemkin: You thought a shaking beast could stop me?
    I-No: Oh geez, I can't take a sweaty bastard coming close to me. The least
          you could do is bleed!
    (vs. I-No)
    Potemkin: I lost her again... where is Dizzy?
    Bridget: Ah, mister, are you after the Gear's bounty too?
    Potemkin: (I was heard... I got careless!)
    Potemkin: Yeah, something like that.
    Bridget: That's no good! That bounty is mine.
    Potemkin: I won't say anything bad. Just that you better give it up.
    Bridget: Don't you think that's a little too selfish?
    Potemkin: Wait!
    Potemkin: A marsh. So I was tricked into coming here.
    Bridget: While you didn't notice it. A light kid like me doesn't need
             to worry, but isn't this bad for a heavy mister like you?
    Potemkin: A dirty way of fighting, but it's too early to be confident.
    Bridget: That's true. Let's enjoy this.
    (vs. Bridget)
    (Ending 2)
    Bridget: What? There's no more bounty.
    Potemkin: Yes. That Gear was already destroyed.
    Bridget: That's a problem... what should I do?
    Potemkin: With those skills, you don't need to worry.
    Bridget: That's true. There are other bounties.
    Potemkin: My country can also hire you as an instructor...
    Bridget: Eh?
    Potemkin: That toy, it hurt a lot.
    Bridget: Oh this? You use it like this...
    (Path 3)
    Potemkin: Forgive me.
    Potemkin: Nobody from the air pirates. I guess I'll have to go home.
    May: ...
    Potemkin: So you came to pick her up. She's still sleeping, so don't wake
    Potemkin: This is going against the President's orders, but for this to
              continue is...
    May: ...
    Potemkin: You. Who are you?
    (vs. May)
    May: Owowowowow...
    Potemkin: So you regained your senses.
    May: Huh? Where am I?
    Potemkin: I'll explain later. Get behind me now.
    May: O-okay.
    Potemkin: You over there. Did you think you could run away?
    Robo Ky: Gigigi...
    May: I remember! This guy attacked me!
    Potemkin: With a mechanical doll opponent, I don't need to hold back.
    (vs. Robo Ky)
    (Ending 3)
    May: What do you mean? What is this?
    Potemkin: So you're recovered. Can you get out of here?
    May: Huh?
    Potemkin: I asked you if you can take Dizzy and get out of here.
    May: Y-yeah.
    Potemkin: Tell this to Johnny. That the "Shuusen Kanrikyoku" has started
    May: Okay, but..
    Potemkin: Go!
    Robo Kys: Gigigigigigigi...
    Potemkin: Strength in numbers, I see. But the faith of Zepp is different.
    Potemkin: With courage in our legs, and justice in our arms... with
              superior focus, Zepp First Rank Guard, Potemkin... let me be
              your opponent!
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #3309
    Name: Slayer
    Height: 185 cm
    Weight: 70 kg
    Birthday: 10/31
    Bloodtype: Unanaylizable (sic)
    Type: Non-Human
    The main point about this subject is that he does not fit into the currently
    known categories of living beings. Not human, he also does not possess the
    characteristics of a Gear. With a genetic structure completely unlike humans,
    he is certainly an Ishu (Different Species). How many Ishu there are, and
    how exactly they are different from humans, is completely unknown.
    The one who calls himself Slayer is the founder of the Assassin Syndicate,
    and therefore there are a few records left of him.
    We cannot even guess at the type and amount of his power, and a method of
    controlling him is also unknown. We therefore assign the subject a Risk
    Rating of S+.
    Slayer: It's been a long time since I've been on the human world...
    Slayer: I shall greet the Police Force's Ky-dono.
    Ky: I am Ky, true enough, but what do you want?
    Slayer: Oh, just a short meeting. When the king of the night appears in the
            day, the guardians of the afternoon must be alert.
    Ky: That method of speaking... you are... Ishu?
    Slayer: A coarse name, but true enough. First, let me test those skills.
    (vs. Ky)
    Ky: Hm. You've seen a shameful part of me.
    Slayer: Hardly. This much was...
    Ky: Anyway, why are you...
    Slayer: If the sun hides then it is natural for the moon to rise. Look at
    Ky: A warrant, but... this is?!
    Slayer: That is right. Do you feel anything strange in these names?
    Ky: Let me thank you for your information. I must check on this quickly.
    Slayer: Well now, they say that there is nothing new under Heaven, but...
            perhaps there is something new that I can see.
    Faust: That is my position too.  I've seen those who have exceeded humans
           and those who used to be humans, but... it's the first time I've seen
           a human-like non-human before.
    Slayer: You are interesting to play with words. Let me see what else you can
    Faust: Very well. I have some biological interest as well.
    (vs. Faust)
    Slayer: Well now, the flow of time certainly shows me interesting things.
    Potemkin: Are you Slayer? I have a message from the President.
    Slayer: And, that is?
    Potemkin: Try and take it from me, is the first part.
    Slayer: Gabriel certainly still has bad manners as usual.
    Potemkin: What do you mean?
    Slayer: If he wanted me to train his student, he should've just told me.
            Now then, here I come!
    (vs. Potemkin)
    (Path 1)
    Potemkin: I lose...
    Slayer: Hardly, you can become stronger.
    Potemkin: I intend that.
    Slayer: Now then, the message?
    Potemkin: The newest Gear is currently not safe.
    Slayer: I see... I am impressed.
    Slayer: I don't want this to seem like the boring talk of old men...
    Chipp: Hey hey hey, you there!
    Slayer: It certainly has become a rude era...
    Chipp: You're the Assassin's top?
    Slayer: Hold back, young one. Let me show you the elegance of old.
    (vs. Chipp)
    Slayer: Using "ki" at that age. Impressive.
    Chipp: You killed Master Tsuyoshi...!
    Slayer: Hmph, out for revenge, I see. You do have impressive spirit, at
    Slayer: Then let me swear. That as long as you live, I will not die by any
            other hand than yours. Practice your skills and return.
    Jam: What are you?!
    Slayer: Hoho, so you use "ki" as well... which means you'll be targeted as
    Jam: "Targeted"? Was it you that set fire to my store?
    Slayer: No... but you wouldn't believe me even if I said so.
    Slayer: Honestly, I'm interested in your technique.
    Jam: Then, taste the techniques of 4000 years of Chinese culture!
    (vs. Jam)
    Slayer: Even though your techniques were old your preparation wasn't enough.
            Maybe after another hundred years of practice you'll be able to beat
    Jam: What are you going to do with me...
    Slayer: Nothing. Just going to report. There are people after those who use
            "ki" like you. The bounty was also placed by them.
    Jam: I see...
    Slayer: Then, farewell. Be careful.
    Necro: Kysyaaaah!
    Slayer: I don't like doing Gabriel's work, but... this is just too
            interesting to leave to commoners.
    Slayer: Come! You are that which is both Gear and Human. Let me show you
            the strength of the "Ishu", the natural enemy of humans!
    (vs. Dizzy)
    Dizzy: I... used my strength again...
    Slayer: Ah, sleep for now. Soon your friends will come for you.
    Dizzy: Um, are you perhaps the one who saved me?
    Slayer: Forgive me for being rough. Then, farewell!
    Slayer: Well now, shall we finish things?
    Eddie: I know it.. your companion. With her unaging, immortal body... she
           would make an excellent host for me!
    Slayer: Zato, I'm sorry. You fall even if the guild lives on... Let me
            mourn you my own way. ...and, you're four hundred years too
            inexperienced to lay hands on Sharon!
    (vs. Eddie)
    (Ending 1)
    Eddie: Gyoooww!
    Slayer: Such a pitiful man. Humans do not know reason. They glory, and
            from that glory comes pain. Is it perhaps necessary that we
            withdraw again? But, if the sun hides, the stars can be
            seen. There are flowers that grow in the moonlight. That is perhaps
            happiness for them. Right, Sharon?
    (Path 2)
    Jam: Sorry...
    Slayer: Even though your techniques were old your preparation wasn't enough.
            Maybe after another hundred years of practice you'll be able to beat
    Jam: What are you going to do with me...
    Slayer: Nothing. Just going to report. There are people after those who use
            "ki" like you. The bounty was also placed by them.
    Jam: I see...
    Slayer: Then, farewell. Be careful.
    Millia: The syndicate's founder, Slayer. I thought you were a legend.
    Slayer: And I presume you are the assassin Millia-kun. You did a bad thing
            to Zato-kun.
    Millia: Former assassin. What do you want, coming out now?
    Slayer: I thought I would mourn Zato-kun.
    Millia: I'm sorry, but that's my job.
    Slayer: Oh? What is he to you?
    Millia: A man who cannot be hated enough no matter how much I hate him.
    Slayer: Is that all?
    Millia: That's enough useless talk!
    (vs. Millia)
    Millia: Zato...
    Slayer: Forbidden ritual. So not just yourself, but you forced your
            underlings into it too... the syndicate was this rotten...
    Venom: Slayer-dono. I've heard the name often. Now that Zato-sama
           is gone, you're in charge...
    Slayer: And you are Venom-kun. There is no need to act polite. You have
            an aura of murder around you.
    Venom: You... what are you going to do to the syndicate?
    Slayer: Return it to nothing.
    Venom: Then, I cannot let you.
    Slayer: Such a bold wish. I cannot die so easily.
    Venom: Old one. Human wisdom and technique have evolved.
    Slayer: Human techniques do not amount to much. Come, young one. Let me
            show you the difference of our ways.
    (vs. Venom)
    (Ending 2)
    Venom: You win...
    Slayer: Such a boring fight. Even if your technique is good, if your heart
            is confused you cannot beat me.
    Venom: I'm... confused?
    Slayer: If you don't understand, think about it. I will leave the syndicate
            to you.
    Slayer: It is foolish to offer life to the dead. No matter what happens to
            the syndicate, the dead will not be happy, or sad. I don't think that
            young one doesn't understand that...
    Slayer: But, human life doesn't even reach a hundred. To be confused is
            human-like, I could say. Well, Sharon... what do you think?
    (Path 3)
    Sol: And who should show up now...
    Slayer: I wasn't planning to call on you... sharp-sighted man.
    Sol: Then why don't you fight a little quieter?
    Slayer: You say interesting things as usual. Are you still chasing him?
    Sol: What do you want to say.
    Slayer: The one who can destroy the perfect autonomous Gear shouldn't
            be so hasty.
    Sol: You wanna get burned to ashes?
    Slayer: Such a willful man.
    (vs. Sol)
    I-No: And why the hell are you here?
    Slayer: This is something worth seeing.
    I-No: What?
    Slayer: To run around roughly in the darkness is not That Man's style. So it
            seems his three underlings have acted ahead. I wonder how That Man
            will punish you, it should be interesting.
    I-No: You, I'll kill you! Burn you! Obliterate you! Shred you! Crush you!
          Make you the trash that pigs eat!
    Slayer: Such a charming way of speaking. But, I didn't intend to confuse
            pigs. Oh well.
    I-No: Shut up and die already!
    (vs. I-No)
    (Ending 3)
    That Man: It seems you helped me, Kishu**.
    **Noble one.
    Slayer: That is a name I gave up. Ishu is fine now.
    That Man: Pardon me. So the flow of time changes even the Kishu.
    Slayer: We are not fossils, so that is natural. And what has changed
            with you? Not seeing battle and despair, turning the whole world
            against you seeking after your own hope?
    That Man: I cannot afford to change. Even if the Kishu should stop hunting
              men, only this cannot change.
    Slayer: Living in Atonement, I see. I can't understand, but let's say
            that is also the way of humans. Perhaps we will meet again. 
    That Man: Atonement... things that can be made up for are not called
              crimes... Gears who have committed crimes...
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #9641
    Name: Sol=Badguy
    Height: 182 cm
    Weight: 74 kg
    Birthday: UNKNOWN
    Bloodtype: UNKNOWN
    Type: Human (?)
    Analysis of the subject is, regrettably, at a suspended stage.
    The facts are that the subject joined the Holy Order in 2172. He later
    withdrew from the group. He currently operates as a bounty hunter.
    Uncertain witnesses say that in 2099, he was already at his current
    outward age, and it is also rumored that he was involved with the
    "Gear Project".
    The purpose of his actions are unknown, but he has shown a trend towards
    seeking the destruction of Gears.
    As for his power, he was the destroyer of Justice, is all that needs to
    be said. He surpasses all that is human, and is at the limit of
    magical power.
    Because of his unknown true nature and the impossibility of control,
    we assign a Risk Rating of S.
    Sol: Just wait...
    Axl: Hey, chief, long time!
    Sol: I have no use for you.
    Axl: Should you be saying that?
    Sol: Huh?
    Axl: I ran into somebody you knew... she was looking for you. A red-clothed,
         pretty nice woman...
    Sol: Where did she go?
    Axl: Before I tell you that, how about a match?
    Sol: Che. Whatever.
    (vs. Axl)
    Sol: (I-No has begun to move?)
    Jam: Hey, wait up!
    Sol: Hm?
    Jam: Was it you that set fire to my store?
    Sol: ...move.
    Jam: You won't get away!
    (vs. Jam)
    Millia: Fancy meeting you here. I'm chasing after the red musician. Perhaps
            she has something to do with you?
    Sol: ...pull back.
    Millia: Of course she does. I didn't want to bother you, but this is 
    Sol: I don't care what happens to you...
    (vs. Millia)
    (Path 1)
    Anji: Hey, long time.
    Sol: ...not another useless bastard...
    Anji: The fact that you're here means I was right to come here.
    Sol: What do you want to know so badly?
    Anji: Oh, a lot of things. The origins of Gears and the truth behind the
          Holy War. The principles of Earth and the name of all things. The
          bigger the better, naturally.
    Sol: You'll get that body of yours destroyed...
    Anji: Then that's my fault. I won't bear a grudge against you.
    Sol: Then let's see that weapon!
    (vs. Anji)
    Sol: (I got held up...)
    Johnny: Hey, I see you're here.
    Sol: And why are you here?
    Johnny: Our new crew member is missing, somewhere around here...
    Sol: What?
    Johnny: Sorry, but leave it to the Jellyfish... is what I'd like to say, 
            but probably no go, right.
    (vs. Johnny)
    Sol: (I really got held up now. Hm? It's close... almost?)
    Eddie: Kukuku... And now the knight comes out.
    Sol: ...
    Eddie: A monster knight for the monster princess. I don't know which one
           I'll eat...
    Sol: **** you.
    (vs. Eddie)
    I-No: Oh, Corrupted Flame. You crawled up from the ground again?
    Sol: ...bring him out.
    I-No: I won't let you bother him.
    Sol: ...I have no use for you.
    I-No: Don't get high and mighty, scum. Just living is useless. Hurry up
          and die.
    Sol: Geez...
    (vs. I-No)
    (Ending 1)
    I-No: You got me nicely... but, it's still not enough.
    That Man: Hold back, I-No. It's been a long time, Frederick.
    Sol: Deyaaa!
    That Man: So impatient.
    Sol: Gwahh!
    That Man: Soon the true battle will come. A danger to this planet that
              surpasses even the Holy War.
    Sol: So. What!
    That Man: Warriors are needed. Those who possess the skills of these hundred
              years of fighting.
    Sol: Such pretty talk now...!
    That Man: Hate me. That hate will strengthen you. It's time for a farewell,
    Sol: Dammit, dammit! I'll put up this life... to settle my grudge with him!
    (Path 2)
    Sol: (I got held up...)
    Venom: So you were here... Corrupted Flame.
    Sol: What do you want?
    Venom: Sorry, but become my test dummy.
    Sol: What?
    Venom: You who've surpassed man, life outside of man. You are perfect for
           my final trial.
    Sol: Quit fooling around!
    (vs. Venom)
    Slayer: Let's stop it there. Your skills are as good as ever.
    Sol: Was this your doing just now?
    Slayer: Sorry to have bothered you. My apologies.
    Sol: Well, what do you want?
    Slayer: Just to meddle.
    Sol: I don't want to listen.
    Slayer: Well, shall it come to a fight? I don't care.
    (vs. Slayer)
    (Ending 2)
    Slayer: Are you satisfied? I'd like to talk with you now...
    Sol: Persistent bastard. Say it.
    Slayer: "They"'ve begun acting.
    Sol: Who?
    Slayer: Those behind what you call the Holy War. The Shuusen Kanrikyoku.
            You've heard of it, yes?
    Sol: I don't care either way...
    Slayer: They're after the Japanese, and Gears as well. Yes, even the newly
            discovered Gear.
    Sol: ...!
    Slayer: Are you worried? If you are, go check it out.
    Sol: You...!
    Slayer: I said I'd meddle, right? Well then, farewell.
    Sol: Che. Such a nosy gramps...
    (Path 3)
    Sol: (That useless...)
    Testament: So you came. Gear hunter.
    Sol: What? You've come to offer your head?
    Testament: I swore to protect her even with my life. You won't pass!
    Sol: Step aside!
    (vs. Testament)
    Necro: Kissyaaaah!
    Sol: Good vigor... This is good. You can be scared, but don't give up.
    Necro: Gaah!
    (vs. Dizzy)
    (Ending 3)
    Sol: So she's quieted down... no need to worry now.
    Dizzy: Huh? What happened to me... what is this feeling... I used my power,
           but... it's warm...
    May: Ah, there she is!
    All: Heeeey!
    Dizzy: Everyone!
    Sol: (Goodbye.)
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #3360
    Name: Testament
    Height: 185 cm
    Weight: 73 kg
    Birthday: 5/9
    Bloodtype: Unappliable (sic)
    Type: Swisser (sic)
    One of the few human-type Gears. After the Holy War, he became a test subject
    in a project to develop a new breed of weapon. Even after the Gear cell
    transfer he retained his identity, an unusual case. Afterwards, because of
    Justice's rampage, he became an enemy of mankind.
    After Justice's sealing, the Second Holy Order's Fighting Tournament was
    planned, but the plan to revive Justice failed. Even now, the subject has
    not been caught. As we have received information that he may have made
    contact with the Command-Type Gear, Dizzy, we cannot be careless.
    With the nature of his power unknown, and his anger towards the human
    race, he can be said to be one of the most dangerous creatures on earth.
    We assign a Risk Rating of S.
    Testament: Those dirty humans...!
    Testament: So this is the Jellyfish...
    Testament: Such a ruckus...
    May: Owowowow...
    Testament: What happened. Where's Dizzy.
    May: Ah! Why are you here? Are you with her?
    Testament: Not even apologizing, you already make false accusations.
               I seem to have treated you all too nicely.
    May: What!
    Testament: It seems punishment is necessary.
    (vs. May)
    Johnny: Let's end it there.
    Testament: Her education was lacking.
    Johnny: You just showing up without contacting us is your own fault!
    Testament: Appearing unexpectedly is my belief.
    Johnny: Well, since you came... is what I'd like to say, but we're in 
            the middle of business. Come again later.
    Testament: I understand just by watching this. What happened to the one
               I left in your care?
    Johnny: That's... sort of...
    Testament: I asked you what happened!
    (vs. Johnny)
    Testament: Missing? So, humans can't be trusted after all.
    Venom: I thought I'd meet you if I waited here.
    Testament: You're the assassin... I don't know why you're here, but
               killing techniques won't work on me.
    Venom: ...which is good. That which can kill those who aren't human.
           You'll be my test dummy for that.
    Testament: Foolish...
    (vs. Venom)
    Testament: Do humans only think about fighting and killing?
    Axl: Huh? I guess you're here too, of course.
    Testament: What do you mean, of course.
    Axl: Well, the chief is here, and so is That Man, that's what I mean.
    Testament: Sol, and That Man?
    Axl: Whoops, if you didn't know then just ignore what I said... yeah right,
    Testament: I'll have you explain some more...
    (vs. Axl)
    Testament: I was held up by a human... but what does this mean? Why is
               That Man involved?
    Potemkin: Stop. That Gear is no longer involved with you, right?
    Testament: Hmph, if I leave her to humans, this is what happens. I will
               take Dizzy back.
    Potemkin: Regrettable, but...
    Testament: This doesn't involve Zepp at all!
    (vs. Potemkin)
    (Path 1)
    Testament: Another delay... in the eyes of humans, Gears are mere tools.
               Those who exceed their role are hunted, and killed.
    Anji: You say interesting things. Well, there aren't just those kinds of
    Testament: ...yes, there are also those like you. Curiosity for
               curiosity's sake, laughing in the face of tragedy. Move aside!
    (vs. Anji)
    Dizzy: ...
    Testament: What's wrong? Stay with me! What happened!?
    Johnny: ...I was too late... I killed the culprit.
    Testament: ...
    Johnny: Sorry... this is how it is.
    Testament: She was oppressed by humans ever since she was born... still,
               she trusted people...
    Testament: Is this the payback she gets!? Now I understand. Humans are
               evil things. Gears are the hammer that are meant to destroy
               that evil.
    Johnny: Cowardly words, but... that girl... she wouldn't have wanted 
    Testament: Dizzy is dead!
    Johnny: I see... but, whether this world is rotten or not... I can't
            let you go, as a person.
    Testament: Don't worry. I have no intention of running. You'll be the
               one sent to hell!
    (vs. Johnny)
    (Ending 1)
    Johnny: Gu...
    Testament: Repent your sins.
    May: Johnny!
    Johnny: Guh... you... run away!
    Testament: Dizzy, please close your ears for now... soon the quiet will
    Testament: Then, let's go back to the forest... that forest you liked...
    Testament: With the singing birds and the falling leaves... let's rest
               surrounded by that...
    Testament: Now, scream! Run away! I'll destroy everything human from the
               depths of the ocean to the height of the sky! That is the
               reason we are alive!
    (Path 2)
    Slayer: Ho, to take someone like that out in one shot, impressive skills.
    Testament: What are you?
    Slayer: That which was once mankind's natural enemy.
    Testament: The "Ishu". Why is the natural enemy of man here?
    Slayer: Hm. Have a guess? The natural enemy of humans was created by
            them themselves. We successors should greet them, is what I
    Testament: Aged vampire. Give up your words. I've got a pressing duty.
    Slayer: Young one. Don't ignore what your elders tell you. Now, come on!
    (vs. Slayer)
    Testament: Are you satisfied, old one?
    Slayer: Hmph. Let me tell you something. The organization that changed you
            into a Gear... they've begun moving again.
    Testament: Impossible! The Shuusen Kanrikyoku was supposed to have been
    Slayer: Someday, you'll understand.
    Testament: Such a slippery man...
    Sol: ... move.
    Testament: Persistent, aren't you. Why do you hunt Gears?
    Sol: You wouldn't know.
    Testament: Trying to put on an air of villainy... I'll open your eyes.
    (vs. Sol)
    (Ending 2)
    Sol: Che. This isn't the time to be fighting with you.
    Testament: Then pull back from this.
    Sol: That goes for you too.
    Testament: What are you after?
    Sol: ..."That Man" has begun moving.
    Testament: The Gear Maker? Say that earlier!
    Sol: I won't hand him over.
    Testament: Do what you wish. Gear Maker or Shuusen Kanrikyoku or whatever...
               why now?
    Sol: Who knows. But it's related...
    Testament: Can't turn back on it, huh. Defeating you comes afterwards too.
    Sol: If you say so. Bye.
    Testament: Hmph, I don't intend to end on empty words.
    Testament: But, farewell until then... my fighting comrade...
    (Path 3)
    I-No: Che! What power...
    Testament: Wait. Woman, where are you going.
    I-No: A monstrous companion for a monster, huh!?
    Testament: You... what did you do to her...
    I-No: That stinkin' Gear was acting too humanlike so I drew out her true
    I-No: Look! That's the true nature of your princess!
    Testament: It seems your ears and eyes are bad. Those are her cries.
               With her purity, when people are injured her tears flow as
               well as blood.
    Testament: Human who causes pain while laughing... the monster is you!
    I-No: Huh! A crybaby Gear. Let's settle it!
    (vs. I-No)
    Necro: Kyoooooh!
    Testament: It's okay... stop crying. Your anger and sadness, I will end.
               As long as I have life...
    (vs. Dizzy)
    (Ending 3)
    Dizzy: Huh? I... is this a dream?
    Testament: The nightmare is over.
    Dizzy: Testament-san... why?
    Testament: I came to see you because I was worried.
    Dizzy: I'm sorry...
    Testament: Don't apologize, I'm not blaming you. You were just foolish
               to depend on the humans.
    Dizzy: Umm... the people of the Jellyfish didn't have bad intentions...
           my falling from the ship was my fault...
    Testament: ... are you happy that you left the forest?
    Dizzy: Yes. There are many interesting people.
    Testament: I see... if you run into any hardship, come back anytime. I will
               protect that forest for you.
    Dizzy: Thank you. It's not hard, but... won't you come visit every once
           in awhile?
    Testament: Hm? They've come to pick you up. I should disappear now.
    Dizzy: Won't you meet with them, since you're here?
    Testament: I already met them.
    Dizzy: Eh? Eh?
    Testament: Farewell. Live with your comrades!
    Dizzy: Hello! Testament-san! I will visit, okay!
    May: Ah, there you are!
    April: See? Wasn't it good to trust in this April-sama's eyes?
    Dizzy: May, and April too!
    May: Everybody was worried. Come on, let's go!
    Dizzy: Thank you, everyone.
    Dizzy: And... thank you, Testament-san.
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #4385
    Name: Venom
    Height: 179 cm
    Weight: 66 kg
    Birthday: Unknown
    Bloodtype: A
    Type: English
    A member of the Assassin guild, after the loss of Zato, he is nearly at the
    No. 1 position. The management of the syndicate is left to his underlings.
    He possesses an unusual fighting style with a billiard cue and balls. This
    is probably as a result of general assassin techniques of using items not
    suspected as "weapons" on the scene. He is a simple fighter, but his skill
    as a killer is first class.
    His loyalty to Zato is high, and therefore control by this method is possible.
    As the current leader of the wide-reaching Assassin guild, we assign a Risk
    Rating of B.
    Venom: Zato-sama's syndicate... I'll protect it!
    Slayer: Ah, it's me. It's Slayer. As the guild's founder I report to
            all members.
    Slayer: The guild will be dissolved. That is all.
    Venom: That gramps, doing this carelessly...
    Venom: But, it's too early to fight with him. I need to practice to finish
    Jam: You over there! I'll tie you up! The bounty is mine!
    Venom: Oh, a bounty hunter. Sorry, but become my practice dummy.
    (vs. Jam)
    Venom: Using "ki" along with martial arts... he was barehanded too.
           This was good practice.
    Chipp: ...don't move. I'll get revenge for my master!
    Venom: Hmph. You certainly have inhuman speed. Perfect. Let's see how
           long you can last.
    (vs. Chipp)
    Venom: Dr. Faust, I presume.
    Faust: You seem to be tense, but what do you want?
    Venom: Killing techniques include knowledge of anatomy and mechanics.
           Paying attention to the joints and center of gravity, and then
    Venom: But with him, that preconception will become a bother.
    Faust: Ho ho...
    Venom: I need a fighting style that is unpredictable. Faust-dono. Please
           come along with me.
    (vs. Faust)
    (Path 1)
    Dizzy: Um, who are you?
    Venom: Techniques or whatever, what surpasses it all is the pressure of
           a Gear. In the face of Death, I can sharpen my skills.
    Dizzy: Kyaah! What are you doing!
    Venom: I'm sorry, but become my practice dummy.
    (vs. Dizzy)
    Testament: What did you do to Dizzy!
    Venom: She is not dead. I made her my practice dummy.
    Testament: Practice dummy?
    Venom: The evil techniques of the Gears from the War... let me study you.
    Testament: Go. You'll regret it all in Hell!
    (vs. Testament)
    Sol: What?
    Venom: This is it. The feeling of "Death" just by drawing near.
    Sol: ...
    Venom: Sorry, but you'll become my opponent.
    Sol: ...don't fool around.
    (vs. Sol)
    Slayer: You're... Venom-kun, yes?
    Venom: The one who takes care of the syndicate now that Zato-sama is gone.
    Slayer: The syndicate should no longer exist...
    Venom: I can't let you. The guild itself is Zato-sama's visage. Even if
           I have to kill you I will protect it.
    Slayer: Hmph. Such an admirable attitude. But, human techniques aren't
            enough for me.
    Venom: Kishu. That luxury will cost you. I already have techniques that
           can destroy those that are not human.
    Slayer: Now I am interested. Let us see.
    Venom: Here I come!
    (vs. Slayer)
    (Ending 1)
    Slayer: You certainly have skill. But, not enough to destroy me.
    Venom: Maybe not destroy, but I can seal you away. Let me give you
           time to regret disgracing Zato-sama.
    Slayer: Well, quite boring, aren't you? Let's leave it at retribution.
    Venom: You can receive the fate of the Kishu.... humans no longer need
           the Kishu's interference.
    (Path 2)
    Venom: Hmph. The Dark Doctor held me up. Mu... that is?
    Eddie: Hm? If it isn't Zato's servant.
    Venom: Don't disgrace that body any longer!
    Eddie: Gyaooo!
    Venom: Trying to run!?
    Ky: Hold it! Assassin Syndicate member Venom, yes. As a member of the police,
        I hereby arrest you.
    Venom: Don't bother me!
    (vs. Ky)
    Venom: Woman. Did a living shadow come here?
    I-No: Huh? I don't know.
    Venom: Hiding him won't help things.
    I-No: Hm? It won't do you any good!
    (vs. I-No)
    Venom: You seem to have weakened a lot. At the end of your lifespan?
    Eddie: Hand over your body!
    Venom: Pitiful. To think you would stain Zato-sama...
    Venom: Come. You can't run or hide any longer.
    (vs. Eddie)
    (Ending 2)
    Eddie: Gyoooo!
    Venom: Hmph. Rotten parasite...
    Venom: ...but even so, I've gotten tired... I guess I'll sleep...
    Venom: Zato-sama... I come to your side now...
    (Path 3)
    Millia: You're late...
    Venom: Millia?
    Millia: I cleaned him up.
    Venom: ...
    Millia: What are you going to do?
    Venom: I will carry on his dying wish. I will expand the influence of the
    Millia: Expand the guild? Do you think he really wished that?
    Millia: He was a coward. The guild was nothing more than armor for him.
    Venom: Woman, shut your mouth. As the guild head I judge you. You will
           pay for betraying the guild.
    Millia: Dying and living is for humans? Small worries...
    Venom: That's how it is. I have no regrets!
    (vs. Millia)
    (Ending 3)
    Millia: I was... unprepared...
    Venom: Millia... even after running from the society and gaining light
           and freedom, you've come back to Zato's side...
    Venom: I intended to give body and soul to Zato but now he is dead, and
           I am still living.
    Venom: Now that I think about it, perhaps we were split twins.
    Millia: How disgusting. Die!
    Venom: You won't have your way.
    Venom: Now, I am alone again.
    Venom: Zato-sama... let me offer this empty life to you. As long as I live
           the guild will have power, and will control even the world.
    Venom: No matter where your soul is now... my offerings will reach...
    Shuusen Kanrikyoku Report #6940
    Name: Zappa
    Height: 180 cm
    Weight: 66 kg
    Birthday: 6/15
    Bloodtype: A
    Type: Australian
    A mental parasite known as the "vengeful spirit" has not yet been fully studied,
    but there are numerous examples. As an existence their true self is unknown,
    but there are theories that they are the left-behind wishes of the dead, or
    even a secret weapons project from the Holy War or before.
    The subject is host to a particularly suspicious mental parasite and several
    have been known to attack to him. If he can be captured, these can be
    studied, and perhaps work can begin on a mental-physical weapon.
    The subject's movements are erratic because of the vengeful spirits, so
    prediction is difficult. With all this in consideration, we assign a Risk
    Rating of B+.
    Zappa: Dr. Faust... help me...
    Zappa: Oh no... my body keeps getting weaker... I have to find the doctor
    Zappa: Excuse me, cute captain...
    May: Yes, what is it?
    Zappa: I'm looking for a doctor named Faust...
    May: Uhhuh...
    Zappa: I hate yoooouu!
    May: How awful!
    (vs. May)
    Zappa: My head hurts... Ah! I've got a big bruise. What happened while
           I was out?
    Zappa: Excuse me, traveler...
    Axl: Hm? What's up?
    Zappa: Have you seen a Dr. Faust...
    Axl: Whaddya want with him?
    Zappa: ...I'll curse you for eternity!
    (vs. Axl)
    Zappa: Ow... I seem to have a fever... what is my sickness!?
    Zappa: Um, miss samurai...
    Baiken: I'm not a samurai. What?
    Zappa: I heard there was a doctor named Faust around here...
    Baiken: That fairy doctor? You have weird taste...
    Zappa: Wh-where is he? If I don't find him quickly I'll...
    Zappa: Jealoooooooous!
    (vs. Baiken)
    Zappa: Now it's blood! The blood won't stop! Anyway I have to find him
    Zappa: Um, hello...
    Anji: What's up? Hey, you've got something heavy on your shoulders.
    Zappa: Kyaaaaaaah!
    (vs. Anji)
    Zappa: Huh... my arms are at a weird angle... whoa, my knees are spinning
           around... somebody, help!
    Sol: What the...
    Zappa: I...I... the doctor...
    Zappa: I'll hate you until I die!
    (vs. Sol)
    Zappa: Wah! Everything's funny! No! I'm going to die! Die!
    Faust: Is the injured one over here!?
    Zappa: A-a-a-a-a-re you Doctor Faust!?
    Faust: Yes, that's right.
    Zappa: Th-th-thank god! This sickness... I suddenly lose my consciousness,
           and when I wake up...
    Zappa: Kiiiiiii!
    Faust: I see, I understand very well.
    (vs. Faust)
    (Ending 1)
    Zappa: Oh, my body hurts... Ah, Dr. Faust! You're alive!
    Faust: Well now, that was quite dangerous.
    Zappa: Um, what kind of sickness is this...
    Faust: To explain it shortly...
    Zappa: Yes yes...
    Faust: Your sickness...
    Zappa: Uhhuh...
    Faust: Cannot be solved by current medicine!
    Zappa: Whaaaaat!
    Faust: Let's see... why don't you stay somewhere far away from humans for
           awhile. After I find a method of treatment I'll come visit.
    Zappa: Ah, Doctor, wait...!
    Zappa: Hee hee hee hee hee!
    (Ending 2)
    Zappa: Ah, no... my body hurts...
    Zappa: Doctor? Doctor Faust? Why are you...
    Zappa: Ah... my... consciousness... Shagyaaaaa!
    (Path 3)
    Zappa: Huh... my arms are at a weird angle... whoa, my knees are spinning
           around... somebody, help!
    I-No: Huh, a strange human. Now, does this bend?
    Zappa: Owowowowo!
    Zappa: Haaaaaaate!
    I-No: Huh, what the... so this is how it is...
    (vs. I-No)
    Ky: Wait! You won't get away!
    Zappa: H-h-help me! The red woman...
    Ky: Are you okay? You're safe now.
    Zappa: Ah, no good... no good... I'm losing it...
    Ky: Stay with me. Get a grip!
    Zappa: Hiiiiii!
    Ky: Huh?
    (vs. Ky)
    (Ending 3)
    Zappa: Huh... I'm living! Living... it's wonderful...
    Zappa: But where is it? It's dark and cold and there's these bars... what
           the, it's a prison!
    Ky: It's isolation area. Those who attack public officials stay here.
    Zappa: Um... attack... what do you mean?
    Ky: No remorse, I see. It seems that we should lock you up for awhile.
    Zappa: What! Hey! Wait! Mr. Policeman!
    Zappa: Why did it come to this?!
    5. CREDITS
    RM for Slayer corrections.
    Yuki for Testament corrections.
    Kubikiri for Zappa corrections.
    Bungiefan for typo corrections.
    Pomyu for typo corrections.
    Craiken for typo corrections.
    Webapprentice for corrections.
    Sammy, ArcSystem Works, and Ishiwatari Daisuke for another great game
    This FAQ copyright 2002, 2003 to Edward Chang. Retransmission in any form 
    without express permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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