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    Slayer by Demonrugal

    Version: 0.4 | Updated: 02/18/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Guilty gear XX "The midnight Carnival"
    (Guilty Gear X 2)
    >>>>>"How to play as Slayer"<<<<<
    Platform: Playstation 2
    Produced by: Arc system work
    Published by: Sammy
    Ver. 0.2
    The Author: Demonrugal
    Ver 0.4 : Try to save it at Text format, so it can display in its REAL form ? 
    (63 KB)
    Ver 0.3 : Add more things...
    Ver 0.2 : Add more techincs, combo result section, add speech and quotes.
    Ver 0.1 : Finish writhing this FAQ.
    This Slayer faq is written by ME. An unorthorized use at anyway are 
    prohibited. Remodified / Rewrite / Reprint / Posting on website / board / 
    topic without permissions are prohibited under International common laws.
    This FAQ is for loving memory to my brother, Friend and Cousins. Who give 
    me the details and play this game with me. Thanks everyone
    -From DEMONRUGAL :
    Hello there, again. This is my 6th time for writing FAQs. As you can see I'm 
    Asian. So there maybe some WEIRD or BAD grammar contain in this FAQ, but I 
    want you to enjoy it. At least I want to join and introducing Slayer to 
    Second, if you know some good Slayer's combo. Feel free to send them to me. 
    I'll creditted you if it's good and useful enough. Thanks!
    : Characters's Section
    -Who is Slayer
    -GGXX system
    -Character's moves
    :Technics Section.
    -Slayer's pattern and main combo
    -Basic technics
    -Advance technics
    :Strategies Section.
    -Change in EX Mode
    -Slayer's weakness
    :Omake Section
    -Against another characters
    -Slayer's speech and quotes
    >>>Character's section<<<
    Who is Slayer?
    Who knows? Even in this game, it doesn't show any plot about "What he really 
    is?" for entire game. As far I can tell you is :
    Height: 185 cm
    Bloodtype: Special so unknown
    Weight: 70 kg
    Birthplace: Transylvania
    Birthday: October 31st
    Eye Color: Brown
    Likes: Haiku, fights, observing humans
    Important Things: Sharon
    Dislikes: Unromantic humans
    Voice Actor: Kayumi Iemasa
    Slayer is a former leader of Zato's guild (And yes, forget my Zato and Milia 
    theatre in GGX.) he maybe rest peacefully at that time, but after Zato-1one 
    loss and it's confirmed that he escaped from the "Dimensional prison". 
    Everyone in Organization fear that their Organization would be corrupted. 
    So, they reclaim Slayer, but it seems that Slayer has no interest in his 
    Organization at all. (Maybe because of his wife?) He want to live peacefully, 
    but it seems the organization he had created don't want him to. So he descended 
    to earth to finish things. 
    Slayer, the former leader of the organization. It's all about wake up, found 
    out that his organization gone nuts. The world had changed. So he want to 
    change it either or destroy it because it's not what he want it to be. At 
    least it really "kill" Chipp's master.
    If you don't knew it before, the organization he had created, is about to 
    "punish" anyone whose the law can't. (If the common laws can't take you, we 
    will!") And Slayer is Mononoke. (In japanese tales, Mononoke is something 
    about super-natural power existed in nature for a looonnng time.) Maybe 
    Slayer's age is about 1000+ years. I doubted that he's the one who slayed 
    "The guy" who sitting in his stage. A big one.
    His lover, Sharon. Claimed to have an immortal bodies. So that's why she can 
    went back anytime after Slayer "suck" her blood out. 
    So he's interested in normal human's behavior. So he peeking (not exactly) 
    and travelling around to see "what happen these days" ... Finally he maybe 
    want to destroy the organization he had created by his own hand because it 
    may becomes a "threat" to him. 
    So... He travelling around and look for a chance to destroy his own 
    organizaion. Even he's in charge at the organization now (Zato-1one is 
    completely gone, Slayer is the founder of this guild. So he's the highest 
    rank agent in there. That's why he's in charge now) but everyone doubts in 
    him (As for example, Venom. He want to leave the guild as it be because this 
    guild is Zato's)  
    After the final battle with Venom (I guess) he leaves the guild to Venom 
    because Venom is his "worthly opponent" and continue on his journey with 
    For better details. It looks like he has something with "That man". "That 
    man" knew what Slayer is, Slayer also knew what that "That man" is as old 
    as him and maybe he has a few secrets. Well, That's all I know.
    Slayer's Journey chart (I think ending No.2 is his real ending)
    Slayer wake up 
    Ky , because he want to know what this world gone into.
    Faust, because Faust was interested in Slayer's "creature type"
    Potemkin, it looks like the republic of Zepp knew him well, and they send 
    Potmekin as a messager.
    Chipp, Chipp seek for revenge for his master Tsuyoshi. That's why he entered 
    the 1st GG tournament, anyway he is "ki" user.
    Jam, Slayer interested in Jam because she can use "ki" , other than that, 
    is her strength.
    Sol, he tell Sol that "they" begun acting (The group which is behind the Holy 
    War, known as Shuusen Kanrikyoku)
    I-No, after she was beaten by Sol, Slayer met that man and figure out what 
    sre they trying to do. (Not with "that man", but about the group behind him. 
    Maybe "that man" is just their tool, too)
    Eddie, because Eddie try to get Sharon as his new "host" , anyway he failed. 
    I-No is the one who invited Eddie into THIS.
    Venom, after he beat Venom. He leaves the guild to Venom.
    Continue on journey with Sharon
    Important person to deal with :
    (Found out soon for why...)
    Zato-1one (Who's Eddie for now)
    >>>GGXX System<<<
    Most of you guys knew this before. So I'll tell you what Slayer need, and 
    what's new for this game.
    (See seperate FAQ for it. If not, I'll have write all them down!)
    1. Attack Level
    Most characters has "Attack level" -- is what determine "how to block?" , 
    -Sweep attack lower part so you must block it by crouching, 
    -Anti-Air attack enemy who jump-in. Most of them can't block while jumping. 
    -Dust Attack -- Can't block by crouching.
    -Upper-part attack -- Jump-in attack or maybe attack from the standing 
    opponent. Can't block while crouching.
    -Grab attack, can't block at all. Only stay away from it. 
    2. Stagger 
     Stagger, known as "Mini-Dizzy". It's much like Dizzy motion but only for 
    1 or 2 second. Slayer need this one because most of his moves / button can 
    use to "stagger" your opponent. If you are staggered, marsh Left and Right 
    like a mad to recover.
    3. Juggle
    Same old same old from GGX. If it does happen. Your opponent fly, crash the 
    wall, and then fall back to you. You may combo your opponent after you Juggling 
    them. They're helpless. Please note that Juggling opponent may recover if 
    the timer is right.
    4. Buffer
    Is, 2 Tension attack in 1 combo. Slayer really need this one because all of 
    his Supers are COMBO STARTER. They deal very less damage. Practice them well 
    if you want to survive in battle against Human. (Only useable when your TA 
    glow GOLD color)
    5. Roman cancel : RC
    Is, moves-cancel. When most of your moves does hit (Including buttons) Press 
    any 3 buttons other than Dust attack to quickly recover from that motion (Your 
    character should glow RED, then follow it with many things you can. It's 
    possible to create an impossible combo by this way. Use 50% of Tension stock.
    6. False Roman Cancel : FRC
    Is, moves-cancel, too. But you can do it in only certain moves and condition. 
    The timer is very strict and very serious. If its correct, your character 
    should glow BLUE. This one use only 25% of Tension stock. As for Slayer, he 
    has FRC timing for Dandy's step P and K version, and the last one in Fw + 
    P. See details below.
    7. Counter
    Is, when your character does anything like button or moves. If was countered 
    by a certain button or moves, it cause more damage and maybe Stagger. Your 
    character will flash in RED and freeze for 1 second (Least) 
    8. Dead Angle attack
    Is, A counterattack (Like SFA 3's Alpha counter) By pressing Fw+ any 2 buttons 
    other than D. Your character will perform their guard-cancel and then 
    counterattack. Almost motion like his has very short range. Use it only if 
    opponent marsh you at very close range. Use 50% of Tension gauge.
    THese are what you must know. Now advance to Moves and Buttons section.
    Basic Moves
    >(Moves name)
    (Command)     (Damage based on Sol, as a universal target)
    -Middle Part attack-                         
     P                    16
     K                    28
     S (close)            28
    >Far Slash                                 
    S (far)              32   (From close S = 28)
    >Hard Slash                              
      HS                   50   
    -Can't block if crouching-    
     D                 22
    -Lower Part Attack-
    >Crouching Punch                        
       d/db/df+P           14
    >Crouching Kick                         
       d/db/df+K              16
    >Crouching Slash                         
      d/db/df+S            28
    >Crouching Hard Slash                   
       d/db/df+HS            48
       d/db/df+D           30
    -Upper part attack-
    >Jump Punch                               
     (MA) P                 13
    >Jump Kick                              
       (MA) K               24
    >Jump Slash                             
       (MA) S               20 (x4)
    >Jump Hard Slash                          
     (MA) HS                 42
       (MA) D               40
    -Attack all parts-
    >Forward Punch                           
      Fw + P                34
    -Attack Upper and Middle Part-
    >Forward Kick                            
      Fw + K                  22
    >Forward Hard Slash                     
       Fw + HS                   60
    >Dead Angle Attack                      
       (While blocking) Fw + 2 buttons           25
    -Grab attack-
     (Near) Fw/Bw + HS              63
    >Air Throw                               
      (MidAir)(Near) Fw/Bw + HS         60
    Normal Moves
    >(Moves name)
    (Attack level) (damage based on Sol, as a universal target)
    Fw + P
    Middle    -34-
    Slayer does something like "Kung Fu" techniques, if it does hit. It will 
    "juggle" your opponent. Note that this one charge for 0.7 second and then 
    he'll perform it.
    (FRC : 3-frame window 3 frames after shoulder comes out
    Fw + K            
    Upper   -22-
    "Guess what?" moves, like dandy step. You can decided to hold it, or really 
    kick it. Press Fw + K and then hold to jump upward without bother kicking 
    your opponent, while press Fw + K to really kick them
    Fw + HS
    Middle   -60-
    Slayer raise his leg, bat it to his opponent. It does a semi-circle formation 
    kick and it can't be avoid (Like Sol's Fw+HS) it does only 1 hit, but deal 
    great damage.
    >Dandy Step                               
    (Multi)  -
    "Guessing what I'm gonna do?" this moves, nah, makes Slayer good. Slayer will 
    lean back with lighting speed or something like that and then he move forward 
    to your opponent! 
    Please note that you're invincible when he lean back, but not when he move 
    After he move back, input these command. 
    DS  --> Pilebanger                           
     --> P         
    Middle     -80-
    Or "Mach punch" , very useful. Works best if your opponent does jump in. Slayer  
    lean back, move forward and then PUNCH. This one has 1/2 of screen range BUT 
    only what he LEAN. Has normal recovery point.
     Confuse? If the screen is this -- , Slayer will lean back like -_, which 
    - is the zone that this moves can cover.)
    (FRC : 4-frame window 3 frames after forward motion first starts.)
    DS  --> Crossways Heel                        
    --> K    
    Middle , Anti-air     -35,36-
    Slayer came back with 2-hits kick. For the first he kick, and the second he 
    does Samersault kick. Can be use as an Anti-air as well as using it to anti 
    ground opponent. Has very horrid recovery point.
    (FRC : 4-frame window from when forward motion first starts.)
    DS  --> Under Pressure                       
     --> S      
    Middle      -30- 
    Slayer came back with 2 hammer puch. Please note that the 1st one attack NORMAL 
    stance, While 2nd attack UPPER stance. So the 2nd hit is unblockable if your 
    opponent does sitting. 
    BUT they're not combo at all. You can decided to use it for only 1st hit, 
    or use both, but your opponent can counter you while you performing 2nd hit.
    DS    --> It's Late                            
     --> S > HS       
    Upper        -44-
    Same as S version. These 2 moves has very small recovery point, but has big 
    on startup.
    >Mappa Hunch                              
    P = -40-
    K = -45-
    "Slayer PUNCH!" , that is. Slayer will rush forward and punch. K version has 
    longer reach point than P version but it also has bigger startup and recovery 
    point. Only know what you're doing, this moves ROCK!
    MH --> Qcf + P 
    Middle  -24-
    "Guess what?" --Slayer will punch again right after his 1st punch. Note that 
    his is not a combo at all.
    >Chi wo Suu Uchuu (Bloodsucking Universe)                      
     (Near) Hcb + HS         
    Grab     -27-
    Slayer will grab your opponent, bit their neck, then slash it. This moves 
    is unblockable moves (Grab moves) but he'll not throw or doing something like 
    that.  This moves make your opponent "stagger" (Known as mini-dizzy, only 
    for a seconds) can use as an opemer to every combo -- if you fast enough.
     Hcb, fw + P          
    Middle, unblockable     -60-
    Slayer lean back, holding his palm, swing his arms and create a fire from 
    It can be very useful in some ways. Like
    -You've knocked your opponent down at the corner, or you can move in. Use 
    it. If the timer is right it can be "unavoidable" because it's unblockable. 
    Please note that the timer is very stricted. Use it carefullly or the one 
    who get toasted is you.
    -As a follower of Qcf + P or K. As a fool's trap. 
    >Footloose Journey                        
     (Air)  Qcb+K        
    Middle     -36 x 3-
    A mid-air moves which can goes MULTIPLE directions, This moves can't rush 
    you toward / downward or something like that like Sol / Ky Air moves. But 
    what you did, is what this moves. If you jump forward. If'll go forward. Use 
    it as a ground-delay moves, or use to attack an agressive opponent. Works 
    very well.
    Tension Moves
    All I can tell you is... his super moves suck. You must link his 2 moves 
    together in or der to make sure that you can deal big damage. Most of Slayer's 
    TM are COMBO STARTUP because it deals very less damage compare to the other, 
    but you can follow it with many things you want to.
    All these 3 supers has invincibility frame at the beginning.
    >Dead on Time                              
    Hcb, fw + S          
    Middle     -120-
    Slayer lean back, then rush forward with extremely fierce punch. Use this 
    moves as a combo-follower only because its big recovery point. This moves 
    deal only 1 hit and its NOT that useful at all. It has really big recovery 
    Oh, for the last thing. This moves can use to fight against Marsher or poker. 
    Works very well like P version of Dandy's step.
    >Eien no Tsubasa (Eternal Wings)                          
    Qcf x 2 +HS        
    Middle, Aniti-air     -88-
    Slayer charge his power, jump upward. Cause Air-stagger (An opponent can't 
    do Air-recover if they does hit by this moves)  You may follow it with many 
    things you want to. Please note that its range is only about 1/5 of screen.
    For the ugliest tips , Corner EW > Burst ...
    >Chokkagata Dandy (Direct Hit Dandy)                        
     (Air) Qcb x 2 + S   
    Middle     -100-
    Like "Eien no Tsubasa" but it charge in the air, cause him to rush down and 
    crash his opponent, If it does hit it makes your opponent "Stagger" for 1.7 
    second. You may follow it with those 2 supers above, or anything like that.
    Instant Kill (Destroyed moves)
    >All Dead                                 
    Press 4 button, Qcf x 2 + HS        
    Middle     -All-
    Slayer will perform his Fw + P motion but it cover more range. This one has 
    a startup (Not that BIG, but still) and it's counterable (Most of character's 
    IK are Counterable, except for May, Potemkin and I-No) 
    If it does hit. Slayer will punch his opponent away to the outer space or 
    maybe another galaxy (*_*!) and he'll say his Haiku poem for 3 times. Please 
    note that his poems ARE NOT THE SAME for everytime. It's completely random.
    An opponent will die instantly even they have 100% life and you only has 10% 
    >>>Technics Section<<<
    Please note :
    Combo like this...
    Stand P > K ( > S) > HS is you may use S or not to use.
    and this...
    Stand P > S > Hcb,Fw + S (S) 
    (S) symbol alone mean "Supers" -- You need 1 Tension stocked to perform.
    Slayer's pattern and main combo
    Class : For Advance to Expert player. Easy to pick up but hard to be the master.
    Strats : Like Johnny, not very mobility but his moves are perfect.
    Pros : Most of his moves can cause "Stagger", He is invincible while Dashing,            
    He has invincible frame while doing moves.
    Cons : Has terrible recovery point in some moves. Not very good with combo.
    Characters like Slayer is all about Counter, Stagger and RC. This type of 
    character can be pretty cheap and pretty awful at the same time, like Johnny. 
    You can't marsh him for sure. His Tension moves are completely suck if you 
    don't know how to use them. His Dashing motion is warping instead of dashing 
    or whooping. So... what should I do?
    For the 1st thing you should know after you selected him. Slayer don't have 
    Gatling combination! (P > K > S > HS or something like that) His combo 
    potentials are very limited. Even though he can combo properly, he's unlike 
    the others at all. His fighting style based on Special moves, not Basic Moves.
    But for 2nd, should make you happy. His "Dash" motion is "Warp" instead of 
    running or dashing. This make Slayer has variable and multiple choices if 
    he's on the ground. His Dash motion has invincibility frame for 3 frames. 
    You may use this to move around while an opponent keep attacking a thin air, 
    but don't move around too much. He has his own limit in mobility.
     Please note when he's in blurry (Or just dashing) motion, he'll not 
    invincible at all. 
    For the 3rd, You must stand there and said "Da Da Da" in order to lure your 
    opponent. (Yes he's THAT type of character) You may play him offense, but 
    it's not worth it at all. Slayer's type of character is "Wait until the 
    situation is right" and then Dash / Dandy's step / Supers / or anything like 
    4th, Mostly, if you really want to win. Practice using his Hcb+HS until you 
    can perform it well. Slayer's moves is not that bad but its still slower than 
    the others. Move around or blocking then cancel it to Hcb + HS, after your 
    opponent is staggered, pay them back for everything you've got. Use this moves 
    at every situation, if you can. 
    5th, His air combo ability is dull as well. The only useful button is K and 
    S, while S is multi-hit (He perform 4 hits Air-attack) but its range is a 
    bit too short. K button has Very long range, but can't cancel to any button 
    at all. After they got hit, cancel to Qcb + K (And then use RC. If you have 
    6th Imagine what you should do after your opponent does Staggered, then follow 
    your heart.
    Well, learn him from Training mode first, and  then Arcade mode. Please pay 
    your attention to my information because his fighting style is very weird 
    and not for a beginner at all!
    Basic Technics
    1. His Basic moves
    P and K can chain together.
    While S and HS can be use in their way ONLY!
    Even his Jump attack and Crouching attack as well.
    -P and K can use as a gatling combo.
    -Far S can link to Close S, cancel it to Qcf + P or his Supers.
    -HS can use to stagger your opponent. There're no way you can link to it. 
    You may can, but only if His J.HS does counter your opponent or after Hcb 
    + HS. If it does hit at very close range you may follow it with Hcb + HS.
    -Dust button can be use properly like the others. But its lag at startup and 
    it has very short range. Use it follow after Grab only.
    (Slayer can perform Close S > S > S> S properly, but I think it's too hard 
    to perform because the timer is really stricted and I don't think all of you 
    guys can perform it in real battle against skillful player. So I'll skip it 
    and replace it with HS)
    (And he also can perform combos with F + K, too. But the timer is really 
    stricted and I don't think all of you can perform this. So I'll list every 
    combos that drzero7 send to me in another topic.)
    -P and K can use properly like the others.
    -Jump S can do a multiple air hits , 4 hits are properly by this one. Can 
    cancel to any moves. The MUST.
    -HS can be use as a Knockdown button like Dust, attack enemy on the ground 
    is a good choice.
    -Dust, has long range, but its a god's sake for you that it can't cancel to 
    anything at all. Knockdown.
    -P can be use to startup combo.
    -K can't, but has longer range.
    -S, has shortest range, but it can be cancel to everything, even Supers.
    -HS, can't cancel to any damn thing at all but it cover wild range about Left 
    to right and it make your opponent stun away.Can link from S.HS. Use it wisely.
    2. His main combo
    - Stand P > K > Qcf + P or K
    - Crouching K > Qcf + P or K
    - Crouching S > Qcf + P or K
    - Stand S > S > Qcf + P or K
    - Stand HS > Qcf + P or K
    - Stand Close HS > Hcb + HS > ...
    - Stand HS > Dandy K > Dandy P
    - Stand HS > Dandy P > HS
    Is that all? Yes, they are. His gatling combination ability is even more 
    sucker than Potemkins's but he got more mobility and trickier. Stand HS cover 
    wild range and it can "Stagger" your opponent everytime it does hit but it 
    is slow. His Hcf + P or K are really fast but it has recovery point.
    His Gatling ability is Not very interesting at all. But it does if you can 
    perform FRC or you have Tenson stock.
    3. Dandy's step and Chi Wo suu Uchuu (I'll call it Grab moves) are Slayer's 
    heart. Dandy's Step can make a guessing to disturb your opponent because you 
    can choose to do whatever you like or not do anything at all. His Grab moves 
    is unblockable and it can make Stagger. DO NOT FORGET THESE 2 moves!
    Please note that Dandy K version has longer reach point, but it's a bit more 
    risky than P version.
    >Dandy's step technics.
    Dandy K ver, then P = Use against agressive player.
    Dandy P ver, then K = Use against Marsher player who jump-in.
    Dandy K ver, then S = Against the fool.
    Dandy K ver, then S > HS = Against zoner player.
    There're a bit more 108 ways to use this moves affective, but its main goals 
    are the same. To lure and to counter back. Slayer gains invincibility frame 
    while he lean back, then rush forward to attack. Use it wisely or you'll open 
    yourselves to the jaws of death!
    >Grab technics.
    His Grab moves can be use in its most effective way by Dash > Grab. You must 
    guess what your opponent will do, Dash, then Grab them. Please note that this 
    moves has shorter reach point that Potemkin's but it has more advantage. Like 
    I said, after they staggered. You're free to do anything to pay their debts 
    Can be link from Close HS. Make sure you stand VERY close to an opponent and 
    then Stand HS > Hcb + HS> ...
    Grab > Dash > P > K > Qcf + P or K
    Grab > Dash > S > S > Qcf + P or K
    Grab > HS > Qcf + K
    Grab > Warp > S > (Supers)
    Grab > (HS) > Hcb ,Fw + S (Supers)
    Grab > Dust 
    Grab > Dust > J.P > J.K > J.S > Jump > J. K > J.S > Qcb + K
    Grab > High-jump cancel > Qcb x 2 + S (Supers) > HS > Qcf + K (> Hcb, Fw + 
    S Supers) RC > HS > Dandy P
    Or many way you can use!
    4. A very, very simple technic for Slayer. BUFFER. (Link 2 supers together)
    As you can see that all of his Supers are below Average. They deal only 1 
    hit and  not-so-big damage but remember things. They had designed do buffering 
    together. You use this > You can link to those. An easier way to explain is 
    -Direct Hit Dandy (Air Qcb x 2 + S) 
    As an Air raid attack. Not only follow it by Supers, you may follow them with 
    P or S or HS and then cancel to another things as well.
    -Eternal wings (Hcf x 2 + HS) 
    As Anti-air or air combo starter. The victim of this moves can't recover at 
    all. Follow it with "Dead on Time" Supers or everything you want. Work best 
    at the corner. Has very long recovery point.
    -Dead on Time (Hcb ,Fw + S)
    As a combo finisher. Has long-range but has big recovery point. You can't 
    follow it with anything but its still useful.
    Example :
    (Full tension)
    (Air)       DHD > DOT.
    (Stand)  EW > DOT.
    5. Footloose Journey (Air Qcb + K) can use to travel across the screen, as 
    a protector. This moves work with the direction you jump. (Not fixed, after 
    you input it while jump-in, it does jump-in FJ)
    This moves has special ability if you use it while Air-dashing. It can travel 
    you across the screen.
    6. Air combo ability.
    Not much I can tell you. I usually use Dust attack only to follow it from 
    Hcb + HS. The combo I use is...
    (Hcb + HS) > Dust > J.P > J.K > J.S (3 hits) > J.K > Qcb + K
    (Hcb + HS) > Dust > j.P > j.K . > j.S > Jump > j.K > j.S > j.K > Qcb + K , 
    Land Hcb, Fw + P
    7. Using his Fw + P 
    .. It cause "Juggle" to your opponent. Useful at the corner. 
    It has FRC in it, use it wisely.
    (It's useful in his EX form, not Normal form)
    Fw + P > (S > S) > Qcf x 2 + HS (S)
    Fw + P > C.S > Qcf + P 
    Fw + P > S > High-jump cancel > Qcb x 2 + S (S)
    8. Dandy P
    Not so important, but you may use Dandy P after your opponent does laying 
    on the ground. I don't know how to explain but it's useful in some way.
    Stand HS > Dandy K > Dandy P
    Work best if it does counter. Or at least it's better than leave it be.
    9. HS, the key for victory.
    If you can remember what I've said, All of his buttons have their own ways 
    of using. P,K for gatling, S and Close S can use to gatling, too but HS... 
    you may think it's different from the others because you can't link to this 
    one at all. It cause Staggered everytime it does hit. You may follow it with 
    everything you've got, like his Hcb + HS (Bloodsucking Universe)
    HS > Dandy P
    HS > Dandy K
    HS > Dandy S (HS)
    HS > Dead on time (S)
    HS > Qcf + P or K
    (Close) HS > Hcb + HS > anything I've said about Hcb + HS...
    HS > Fw + HS > Qcf  + P or K
    HS > Qcf + P or K > RC > HS >...
    10. Always remember that his Hcb, Fw + P at the right time on the ground is 
    "wake-up killer"
    How? remember whenever you knocked your opponent down by j.D, c.D , Air throw 
    or something like that. Dash closer as much as you can. Then execute it right 
    after your opponent. If the timer is right this will be an unavoidable and 
    unblockable techinics. Thanks to drzero7 for gathering this information.
    You may add this moves right after my combos which end up with knocking moves 
    as well (Cause opponent knocked on the ground)
    11. Using FW + HS or Fw + K
    Sometimes Fw + K > S is not so easy to perform because the timer is really 
    stricted. So you should use it after Hcb + HS only. Fw + HS deal good amount 
    of damage and cover wild range. Except for it has huge startup. 
    (You may RC it if you have 50% of Tension, after that, use Advance RC combos)
    (Hcb + HS)
    Fw + K > S > S >Qcf + K > RC
    Fw + HS > Qcf + K > RC > ...
    Fw + HS > Dandy K (> HS) > Dandy P 
    Fw + K > S> S > Hcb,Fw + S (S)
    Fw + HS > Dandy P > RC > C.S > J. K > J.S > (J.D) > Qcb + K , on the ground, 
    Hcb,Fw + P
    For more complicate combos, see later topics.
    That's all about his basic technics. Too less? Maybe...
    >>>Advance Technics<<<
    Hey, what's going on? I think that's all!
    Yep, they are. The only thing I know about advance technics is some of his 
    tricky  and invincible moves can be link together. Just like most of his 
    Tension moves can be link to another. And the best of all, his unique element 
    in Normal moves if it does counter. Well, let's see.
    The most effective, is Stagger from Counter. Figure out what to use after 
    "stagger". Most impossible combos can be use properly by this way.
    1. His Dandy's Step P version can "Juggle" your opponent if it does counter.
    And the 2nd thing I would say is this moves can RC. (Glow Red, Use only 50% 
    of Tension gauge)
    So what's it? remember, most of time even his P Dandy does counter. You're 
    in its recovery point while your opponent does Juggling. So Press 3 button 
    VERY QUICKLY while it does hit. You'll recover right after when they 
    > Dandy P (Counter) > RC >( Stand S) > Hcb, Fw + S (S) 
    > Dandy P (Counter) > RC >( Stand S) > Qcf x 2 + HS (S)
    > Dandy P (Counter) > RC > C.S > High-jump cancel S > Qcb + K
    > Dandy P (Counter) > RC > Stand HS > Qcf x 2 + HS (S) 
    2. And now for his K version. If you use RC during its 1st hit or RC at its 
    2nd hit. Your opponent should floating and you're floating, too. So after 
    that you may link to something like this...
    > Dandy K > RC > J.S > Jump J.S > Qcb + K
    > Dandy K > RC > Jump (Fall back) > Qcf x 2 + HS (S)
    > Dandy K > RC > J.HS (Right Angle) > Qcb x 2 + S (S)
    Or follow Dandy's P version RC because their elements are the same.
    3. Use most of his invincibility frame in most of his moves as your own 
    advantages. Play as cheap as possible because you can't combo properly at 
    Dash > Throw
    Dash > Grab > Everything I said before...
    Dash > HS > Qcf + K
    Dash > ...
    (Use it at your own risk)
    Or like this, play scrub and use your moves as a moving (Not really moving, 
    Dandy P version can rush you toward everytime you want to) If opponent does 
    jump closer, use Eternal wings. For my experience I never see people who can 
    counter this moves. Hah, play just like you're in CVS2 : The scrub's heaven.
    4. Using FRC.
    WARNING! Hard to do but useful! You MUST Practice it!
    For "Guessing game" against human -- remember you can use FRC while Slayer 
    lean back at Dandy's step moves. This will cancel Dandy's step (Only lean 
    back, no rush forward.) You may decide to use / not to use. Or the other 
    meaning. Use it to evade opponent's moves. 
    This makes the guessing game has variable choices than ever. This one works 
    for sure if your friends are not a "psychicer" ...
    One of the most effective technic is...
    (Opponent jump-in)
    Dandy P > FRC > (HS) > Hcb + HS > ...
    Dandy K > FRC > Hcb + HS > Dust > ...
    (Opponent attack)
    Dandy P > FRC > Hcb,Fw + S (S)
    Or for easier, Use Dandy P to evade, FRC , Counter it back.
    For the deadlier tactics. You can FRC this one IF the timer is really right. 
    The frame I mentioned is when Slayer does PUNCH for only 2 frame. That's right. 
    Very hard to perform but really useful. Remember you may use Dandy P after 
    Stand HS , Then
    (Full Tension)
    Stand HS > Dandy P > FRC > HS > Dandy P > FRC > HS > Hcf x 2 + HS > Now is 
    your choice... Most of your opponent should dizzied by now
    > Burst
    Dust > j.K > j.S > Qcb + K
    > j.K > j.S > Jump > j.K > j.S > Dust > Stand Hcb,Fw + P
    Or like this. 
    Using it with Fw + P (A "juggle" button)
    For Fw + P, it has recovery point. So you can use FRC after it for faster 
    recovery. This make you can use more combos. As you want Slayer to.
    (Full Tension)
    Fw + P >FRC > S > S > C.S > Qcf x2 + HS > Dandy P 
    Fw + P >FRC > C.HS > Hcb, Fw + S 
    5. Using RC
    Well, there are more than 108 ways to use RC because Roman cancel can be use 
    at every point of attack to recover yourselves from the moves recovery point. 
    You recover before mean you can follow your attack because you don't need 
    to recover. 
    Or for easier, Roman cancel can use to "Cancel" everything you just did.
    That's why it use 50% of Tension gauge.
    Like I said in 1 and 2, RC can be use properly in Dandy's step moves for both 
    P and K version but it can use properly in other moves as well. Since his 
    ability to combo is very limited, RC is a good choice to pick because he can 
    do very big damage with it and his Supers are, well, not that good.
    Advance RC :
    -RC from dandy P
    -RC from Qcf + P or K
    -RC from Jump Qcb + K
    (All of them need FULL tension to perform)
    Stand HS > Hcb + HS > Hcb, Fw + S (S) > RC! > (Now you're floating) J.S > 
    Stand S > J.HS > C.D
    Stand close S > S > Hcb, Fw + S (S) > RC > J.S > C.S > J.D
    Stand Close HS > Qcf + K > RC > Dust > J.P > J.P > J.K > J.D > Qcb x 2 + S 
    Stand Close S > S > Qcf + K > RC > HS > Dash > Grab > HS > Dandy P > RC > 
    J.K > J.S > Jump K > J.S > Qcb + K
    Stand Close S > S > Qcf + K > RC > HS > Dandy K > Hcf x2 + HS (Burst)
    > Jump K > S > Jump K > S > D > On the ground, Hcb,Fw + P 
    Stand Close HS > Qcf + K > RC > HS > Dandy K > j.P > j.K > j.D > Qcb x 2 + 
    S (S) 
    The timer is really stricted for this combo.
    And the last. Dandy S > HS can be combo properly if it DOES COUNTER! and it 
    2nd hit will crash your opponent to the floor.
    Dandy S > HS > RC > HS > Dandy P > RC > Hcb,Fw + S (S)
    Dandy S > HS > RC > Qcf + K > RC > HS > Dandy P 
    Dandy S > HS > RC > Hcf x 2 + HS > (Burst)
    Maybe only few combos, but remember this. Those deal 60% damage, not 30-40%.
    6. Using his Supers as a "combo-startup"
    Compare to the other character's moves. Slayer's supers are below average 
    but it can be useful in some ways. His Eternal wings deal very least damage 
    but invincible, his Direct hit Dandy was a very good air moves but suck at 
    range. So... what should I do?
    Easy, Always using "Eternal Wings" Supers in these situation : 
    Note : Eternal wing will cause "Air-Stagger" to the victim, can't be recover 
    while in the air at all.
    Eternal Wings : Qcf x 2 + HS (S)
    -Opponent does Jump-in 
    -Opponent try to hammer you at very close range.
    -Cancel it from Close S, Far S
    -Cancel it rom Close HS
    Then. if it does hit at the corner (I said this moves work best at the corner) 
    Try to link it to everything you can think of now. Here are example :
    -Stand S > S > Eternal Wings > Dandy P ver. 
    -Stand S > S > Eternal Wings > Dandy K ver. 
    Direc Hit Dandy : 
    This one is Mid-Air moves. It does Stagger, but not that long. The range and 
    angle of this moves is 30 degree. Rather short, eh? but it has invincible 
    frame like EW and very fast. 
    Note : Direct Hit dandy cause Stagger only the first time it does hit.  
    Note : For Advance way to execute. On the ground, Qcb, Qcb and end it with 
    Semi-Upward button, then press S, If the timer and angle are right. Slayer 
    will perform Very-low DHD. It can be use as a ground combos startup.
    Not what you think, Using this moves as a combo-finisher from the air will 
    deal only 10 or 15 damage (Waste) if you want to use it badly, only use :
    Dust > J.S > Direct Hit Dandy
    Or on the ground :
    Hcb + HS > DHD > HS > Qcf + K > ...
    HS > DHD > HS > Qcf + K > ...
    The way you use DHD can be use in the same way like his Grab moves. You may 
    follow those tactics.
    7. His Infinites
    This tactics. Is, well, what I don't want to distribute most. It can be pretty 
    cheap and it can be pretty dull at the same time.
     First, Practice using Hcb + HS until you can use it properly. And then...
    The timer for dashing is very stricted.
    Stand HS > Grab > Dash > Grab > Dash > Grab > Dash > Grab > ....
    As for easier, at the corner Grab > Dust > ... (End it with J.D) > Grab > 
    Finally you'll end it with Full Tension, you Dashing around a lot, you knew 
    it. So finish your opponent's life with your Advance RC combos. See you around 
    in a hotel!
    Second. Only for Black version of Slayer.
    For how to use Black Slayer, see another topic for it.
    Stand Close S > S > Qcf+K > RC > S > S > Qcf+K > RC > S > S > Qcf +K > RC 
    > ...
    Can be perform properly if you do RC properly. The most insanest RC I know.
    8. BURST techincs.
    Unlike the others. I don't know this is a bug or not, Slayer can do almost 
    everything after his Hcb + HS. The things like Supers, Dust, and above of 
    all, BURST! are allow here. Like
    Hcb + HS > Burst.
    Hcb x 2 + HS  > Burst
    Then continue your combos.
    Well, that's all I know now. Feel free to mail me more Advance technics.
    >>>Strategies Section<<<
    Change in EX mode
    How to unlock?  choose one :
    -Play in Story mode and Unlock 2 endings.
    -Play in Survival mode and reach Lv.50, beat Black EX Slayer.
    At the character select screen, Press and hold L2 to use him.
    The main changes are : Believe it or not? he can combo properly man! He losts 
    his grab moves, Dandy Step, Eternal Wings in exchange for his new Supers. 
    Which has much better range and useful. Cause Air-Stagger like EW. 
    His DHD moves is the same, except for he perform 2-in-1 Supers in it. By using 
    EW motion right after DHD motion. It cause Air-Stagger, too.
    Main change :
    1. He can perform Gatling combination for now.
    2. His Stand HS lost its ability to "Stagger"
    3. He has no Hcb + HS anymore.
    4. His Fw + P is more useful than before.
    5. He has no "Eternal Wings" super, replace with "Cloak" moves which has 
    better range, but deal lower damage. Cause Air-Stagger.
    6. His "Direct Hit Dandy" Supers motion was change. He perform DHD motion 
    (diving) and then perform EW motion (jumping) at the same time. It cause     
    7. His C.HS can send your opponent to the air (floating) -- mean he has more 
    Air combo ability than before.
    8. Almost forgot, he lost his WARP motion, replace it with his "rushing" 
    motion. He's now pressure-type character, not variable.
    9. Gain new moves, you can perform Qcf + P right after Qcf + P or K, if it 
    does hit. Slayer will release another Attack which is not a combo. Just for 
    guessing game, you know.
    Should I have to write down combos and tactics ? If you play as Slayer before, 
    his Stagger element are the same. Except for he has less than before. He can 
    be use properly like the others because he can combo properly. You'll learn 
    how to use him 1,000 times quicker than his normal form. 
    Still, Bloodsucking universe is a big loss.
    SP mode
    How to unlock?
    Choose one :
    1. Play Story mode and unlock all 3 endings.
    2. Play Survival mode and reach Lv. 300+... Too hard?
    At the character select screen, Press and hold L1 and then START for BLACK 
    version, R1 for GOLD version.
    -BLACK = has infinite Tension. He's very deadly now because most of his Supers 
    have invincible frame... I don't dare to think if the player use it at the 
    right time... And for the last, he has RC and FRC infinite combo.
    -GOLD = Has more strength, impossible stamina, walk faster than his normal 
    form. He has no special ability. So he can regenerate his life. Get HP 
    everytime after attacking an opponent, Vampiric, you see...
    Slayer's weakness
    1. He weaks against "Entire screen" moves because his Dandy's step moves will 
    not be able to perform. Characters like Axl, Sol, Ky and Potemkin can be 
    dangerous if you're not a veteran Slayer player.
    2. Has terrible recovery point in some moves. Like Dandy P , Dead on time, 
    Bloodsucking universe, Dandy K. These move are very useful but think of when 
    it does miss. He'll open yourselves long enough for the fly to do 360 degree 
    samersault on his head!
    3. Not very mobility. Slayer can be move properly by walking, not dashing 
    or jumping. His air ability is very suck. You need to stay on the floor and 
    begin guessing game with your Stand HS or Dandy's step moves. Then moving 
    with DASH motion, then use Bloodsucking Universe.
    4. Against Pro. Slayer is not very useful. If your opponent can marsh out 
    of the Stagger. You're dead meat. Since most of his advance combos rely on 
    Staggers. These tactices may not work on expert player. 
    Other than that : NONE
    All I can say here is "Sorry, guys. I said those earlier."
    All you need to play as Slayer are those technics. At least I think they are...
    1. Always looking for a chance to use "Bloodsucking Universe" (Close -- Hcb 
    + HS) you may apply it and use it if the situation is right. This moves is 
    very useful and can be use as a startup of everything, even DUST attack.
    2. Slayer can't perform gatling combo. The only way to do is Stand Close S 
    > S > ... or Stand P > K > ... . Even in the air he can do only J.P > J.K 
    > ... or J.S > ... . 
    Pity ? , Huh? . Slayer is a ground character. That's why his speed in the 
    air is purely suck. Slayer can do Air-to-ground game very well but I think 
    he's better stay on the floor. Air is not Slayer's area at all.
    3. Using Dandy S > HS or Qcf + P or K as a pressure game. Dandy P , K or FRC 
    to do guessing game. Dash , Bloodsucking Universe, and DUST attack as a 
    Peek-a-boo game. I think you can understand what I said...
    Or else, this one can use as a combo IF IT DOES COUNTER ONLY!
    4. If you can't do buffer, Use "Dead on time" supers as a combo finisher. 
    If it's at the corner, use "Eternal Wings" and follow it with everything 
    you've got, If it's in the air. Use "Direct Hit Dandy" but make sure you 
    perform combo less than 2 hits before using DHD. 
    5. Only using his "Warp" motion to begin guessing game, evade or for using 
    "Bloodsucking Universe" moves only. He's not a type of character who can move 
    around by only using his "Warp" motion. You'll suicide yourselves.
    6. Only using Fw + P at the corner. It does "Juggle" and you really need it 
    for the corner-trap game.
    7. If your Tension gauge was filled up and you have some skill to perform 
    RC combo, use it! 
    Stand S > S > Hcb,Fw + S (S) > RC > J.S > Stand S > S > j.HS > Dandy P
    This combo deals more than 70% dmg. and I think you really need it!
    8. Remember you need Stagger and Hcb + HS. Remind you only once, don't forget 
    9. His Dandy P or K can be use as a FRC combo from hell. Practice using RC 
    and FRC will make you insane or invincible. At least you must practice RC 
    combo from Dandy K -- If you really need to win.
    10. Use BURST if you're at the corner right after Hcb + HS or HCf x 2 + HS 
    (S) ... THis maybe a bug be it's really worth it if Slayer want to use it!
    11. Do not fear button-Marsher. You can finish things with Dandy P.
    12. Fear Scrubs. Especially for Potemkin...
    As a result, nothing big deal. I wrote this section down because I think you 
    may forgot his combos. Here are complete list of them (Maybe new combo added)
    - Stand P > K > Qcf + P or K
    - Crouching K > Qcf + P or K
    - Crouching S > Qcf + P or K
    - Stand S > S > Qcf + P or K
    - Stand HS > Qcf + P or K
    - Stand Close HS > Hcb + HS > ...
    - Stand HS > Dandy K > Dandy P
    - Stand HS > Dandy P > HS
    Grab > Dash > P > K > Qcf + P or K
    Grab > Dash > S > S > Qcf + P or K
    Grab > HS > Qcf + K
    Grab > Warp > S > (Supers)
    Grab > (HS) > Hcb ,Fw + S (Supers)
    Grab > Dust 
    Grab > Dust > J.P > J.K > J.S > Jump > J. K > J.S > Qcb + K
    Grab > High-jump cancel > Qcb x 2 + S (Supers) > HS > Qcf + K (> Hcb, Fw + 
    S Supers) RC > HS > Dandy P
    (Full tension)
    (Air)       DHD > DOT.
    (Stand)  EW > DOT
    (Hcb + HS) > Dust > J.P > J.K > J.S (3 hits) > J.K > Qcb + K
    (Hcb + HS) > Dust > j.P > j.K . > j.S > Jump > j.K > j.S > j.K > Qcb + K , 
    Land Hcb, Fw + P
    Fw + P > (S > S) > Qcf x 2 + HS (S)
    Fw + P > C.S > Qcf + P 
    Fw + P > S > High-jump cancel > Qcb x 2 + S (S)
    Stand HS > Dandy K > Dandy P
    HS > Dandy P
    HS > Dandy K
    HS > Dandy S (HS)
    HS > Dead on time (S)
    HS > Qcf + P or K
    (Close) HS > Hcb + HS > anything I've said about Hcb + HS...
    HS > Fw + HS > Qcf  + P or K
    (Hcb + HS)
    Fw + K > S > S >Qcf + K > RC
    Fw + HS > Qcf + K > RC > ...
    Fw + HS > Dandy K (> HS) > Dandy P 
    Fw + K > S> S > Hcb,Fw + S (S)
    Fw + HS > Dandy P > RC > C.S > J. K > J.S > (J.D) > Qcb + K , on the ground, 
    Hcb,Fw + P
    > Dandy P (Counter) > RC >( Stand S) > Hcb, Fw + S (S) 
    > Dandy P (Counter) > RC >( Stand S) > Qcf x 2 + HS (S)
    > Dandy P (Counter) > RC > C.S > High-jump cancel S > Qcb + K
    > Dandy P (Counter) > RC > Stand HS > Qcf x 2 + HS (S) 
    > Dandy K > RC > J.S > Jump J.S > Qcb + K
    > Dandy K > RC > Jump (Fall back) > Qcf x 2 + HS (S)
    > Dandy K > RC > J.HS (Right Angle) > Qcb x 2 + S (S)
    Dash > Throw
    Dash > Grab > Everything I said before...
    Dash > HS > Qcf + K
    Dash > ...
    (Opponent jump-in)
    Dandy P > FRC > (HS) > Hcb + HS > ...
    Dandy K > FRC > Hcb + HS > Dust > ...
    (Opponent attack)
    Dandy P > FRC > Hcb,Fw + S (S
    Full Tension)
    Stand HS > Dandy P > FRC > HS > Dandy P > FRC > HS > Hcf x 2 + HS > Now is 
    your choice... Most of your opponent should dizzied by now
    > Burst
    Dust > j.K > j.S > Qcb + K
    > j.K > j.S > Jump > j.K > j.S > Dust > Stand Hcb,Fw + P
    (Full Tension)
    Fw + P >FRC > S > S > C.S > Qcf x2 + HS > Dandy P 
    Fw + P >FRC > C.HS > Hcb, Fw + S 
    Advance RC :
    -RC from dandy P
    -RC from Qcf + P or K
    -RC from Jump Qcb + K
    (All of them need FULL tension to perform)
    Stand HS > Hcb + HS > Hcb, Fw + S (S) > RC! > (Now you're floating) J.S > 
    Stand S > J.HS > C.D
    Stand close S > S > Hcb, Fw + S (S) > RC > J.S > C.S > J.D
    Stand Close HS > Qcf + K > RC > Dust > J.P > J.P > J.K > J.D > Qcb x 2 + S 
    Stand Close S > S > Qcf + K > RC > HS > Dash > Grab > HS > Dandy P > RC > 
    J.K > J.S > Jump K > J.S > Qcb + K
    Stand Close S > S > Qcf + K > RC > HS > Dandy K > Hcf x2 + HS (Burst)
    > Jump K > S > Jump K > S > D > On the ground, Hcb,Fw + P 
    Stand Close HS > Qcf + K > RC > HS > Dandy K > j.P > j.K > j.D > Qcb x 2 + 
    S (S) 
    And the last. Dandy S > HS can be combo properly if it DOES COUNTER! and it 
    2nd hit will crash your opponent to the floor.
    Dandy S > HS > RC > HS > Dandy P > RC > Hcb,Fw + S (S)
    Dandy S > HS > RC > Qcf + K > RC > HS > Dandy P 
    Dandy S > HS > RC > Hcf x 2 + HS > (Burst)
    -Stand S > S > Eternal Wings > Dandy P ver. 
    -Stand S > S > Eternal Wings > Dandy K ver. 
    Dust > J.S > Direct Hit Dandy
    Or on the ground :
    Hcb + HS > DHD > HS > Qcf + K > ...
    HS > DHD > HS > Qcf + K > ...
    Stand HS > Grab > Dash > Grab > Dash > Grab > Dash > Grab > ....
    Only for Black version of Slayer.
    For how to use Black Slayer, see another topic for it.
    Stand Close S > S > Qcf+K > RC > S > S > Qcf+K > RC > S > S > Qcf +K > RC 
    > ...
    Hcb + HS > Burst.
    Hcb x 2 + HS  > Burst
    (Combos from drzero7, thank you!)
    (Copy and pasted from drzero7's post on gamefaqs.com)
                S,S, S,S, QCF+K
                If you have 50% tension, then you can use RC in the combo
                S,S, S,S, QCF+K, RC, H, QCB+P,P
                You can also start this with f+K like this
                f+K, S,S, S,S, QCF+K, RC, H, QCB+P,P
                If you have 100% tension, you can replace QCB+P,P into a OD 
                super Punch.
                f+K, S,S, S,S, QCF+K, RC, H, HCB,f+S
    A special topic for Slayer, everything you want to know is here.
    >>>VS. another characters<<<
    I think after you mastered Slayer, none of opponent are in your concern at 
    all. But still, some of them are dangerous. In fact I don't have any problem 
    except for VS. Chipp and Potemkin for both CPU and Players...
    Mainly because of his Qcf + P, it can be use as a feint and it covers wild 
    range. Cheap Sol player maybe hard to fought against. Use Dash and then block. 
    Always remember if Sol does miss, there are recovery on him.
    : Qcf + P , His gatling combos
    Because he can shot fireball, dammit. It makes Dandy's step useless sometimes 
    and for some wild reason. DO NOT LEAVE KY PLAYER! Stay as close as possible 
    to him, Suck his blood. Then perform your combos.
    :  His fireball abilities
    Why? because she's faster than you. It maybe hard to grab her/ try to predict 
    what she'll do next. The main problem goes to EX Jam (Which doesn't existed 
    in an Arcade center) but for my experience, Jam can use D button at the fastest 
    speed. She may get you in real trouble sometimes.
    : Her D button, Her speed, and her EX form.
    Hah! how can I say about little-brat ninja? His speed is insane fast and his 
    combo ability is very dangerous. If used by expert. Dandy P can be useless 
    against Chipp player who perform Hcf + P x 3 on the ground. His supers does 
    insane DMG.
    Mostly I PUNCH against it to stop it. Waiting to suck his blood, Use Hcb, 
    Fw + P at the right situation. Finally, Hcfx2 + HS moves works best against 
    human Chipp player. Remember that this moves is the must.
    : His speed, combo ability, Hcf + P, Hcb,FW + HS supers.
    Mostly because by CPU, at that stage. CPU deals 2x dmg and got 1x stamina. 
    CPU try to cheat us after we reach 5th stage. So that's why. Potemkin's Hcb,Fw 
    + P can deal 40% dmg. to you. That's right ,40% (In fact it deals only 20% 
    or less, Slayer is power-type character) Against CPU he's a real pain in the 
    ass. But not with Player, because Slayer don't need to jump-in or something 
    like that. This makes Potemkin's cheesy Dp + HS useless. 
    : CPU, Potemkin buster, Dp + HS.
    -Can attack without risking self (See my GGX faq for it. I know him well)
    -Make your Dandy P or K useless by "Invite Cage tactics"
    -His Amorphous supers...
    Thank god he has lower stamina compare to everyone. Try Stand HS > Qcf + K 
    or something to cause Eddie Staggered. Then finish it. I hope you can survive 
    after you met Eddie expert... They're really zoner and comboer fighters.
    : His Eddie. Supers, everything.
    Annoying. His Dp + P can cancel your Dandy's step if you don't know. His Roger 
    moves is really deadly and annoying at the same time. Against expert player 
    is what I don't want to at the most. Bridget expert will drop these, those, 
    do combos, Call roger, dammit. Use Staggered and then finish him. Skill is 
    needed. Especially for blocking his Qcf + K , K or P
    : Roger, Qcf + K , K ,need I say more ?
    They are all I fear. Or I should write all of them down? Come on they're not 
    too hard and really don't need any tactics to fought against even a human 
    >>>Slayer's speech and quotes<<<
    Taken from Skuldnoshinpu's GGXX faq. As creditted. Improved by me.
    Move Names
    -Chi wo Suu Uchuu: Bloodsucking Universe
    -Eien no Tsubasa: Eternal Wings
    -Chokkagata Dandy: Direct Hit Dandy
     -Tatakai to iu mono wo gokyouju shiyou.: Let me teach you what fighting is.
     -Ohatsu ni ome ni kakaru, soshite kore ga saigo da.: As soon as I see you,
       it's over.
     -Shinpai shinakute mo ii, tekagen wa shiyou.: Don't worry, I'll go easy on
     -Suman na, Sharon, zenza ga aru you da omataseshita.: Sorry, Sharon, but 
       looks like I have to take care of something.
     -Aa, amari tsuma wo matasetakunai, isogasete morau yo.: Ah, I don't want 
       make my wife wait. Let's hurry.
     -Fu, deeto no saichuu da to iu no ni, kimi mo busui da nee.: Hmph, in the
       middle of a date, too, you certainly are rude.
     -(vs. Eddie) Ochita ka... oshii otoko wo nakushita.: So you've fallen...
       we've lost a good man.
     -(vs. Potemkin) Watashi ni idomu nara mazu yatsu wo koete hoshii mono da.:
       If you want to provoke me you'd better be better than he is.
     -(vs. Venom) Utsuwa de wa nai, asoko wa ikigurushii darou?: Not a vessel,
       suffocating, isn't it?
     -(vs. Millia) Kimi wa Zato no... Zannen datta na.: You're Zato's... It was
       such a pity.
     -(vs. Sol) Sasuga ni hima ni natte ne.: Since I had time on my hands...
    - Takaku tsuita ga ii jugyou datta darou?: It was a bit expensive, but it 
       a nice lesson, huh?
     -Kono ippuku yori jikan ga kakaran to wa ne.: To think you didn't even last
       as long as a puff on this pipe.
     -Shoujiki, mou sukoshi dekiru to omottan daga ne.: Honestly, I thought you
       could do a little better.
     -Aa, kamawan, tekitou ni kutsuroidete kuretamae.: Ah, I don't care, go ahead
       and relax.
     -Hashitanai you daga oodoburu wa manzoku dekinakute ne.: Seems vulgar, but
       I can't be satisfied with just an hors d'oeuvre.
     -Michikusa wo kutta ga nakanaka tanoshimeta yo.: I had to loiter a bit but
       I had fun.
    - Maamaa da na.: That was pretty good.
     -Taikutsu shinogi ni wa natta yo.: That was just killing time.
    - Kimi no yowasa wa shitsurei da to omou da ga...: Your weakness is an insult 
     -Motto koko mo tsukaetamae.: Why don't you use THIS more?
     -Kamawan yo, tasuke wo yobitamae.: I don't care, go ahead and call for help.
     -Piriodo wo utou ka.: This period is boring.
     -Maku wo sagarosou.: The curtain's falling.
     -Finaare to ikou.: Let's cut to the finale.
    - Midokoro wa aru na, daibu sama ni nattekita yo.: You have promise, I'm
       interested in you.
     -Ii zo, sono mama taikutsu sasende kure yo?: Great, keep me entertained, 
     -Ganbaru ja nai ka, sono choushi de tanomu yo.: You're trying your best, 
       it up.
     -Sharon, kore ni wa wake ga!: Sharon, there's an explanation for this!
     -Shi ni mo masaru kutsujoku: A humiliation worse than death!
    - Nn, naisu na tegotai da.: An excellent attack.
     -Nu, ii tokoro he, goho!: Nice... shot!
     -Kora, tatakun ja nai.: Hey, no hitting!
     -Hande wo yarisugi da.: I gave you too much of a handicap.
    Psych Burst
     -Seme te ni mawaru ka.: Let's go for offense.
    Psych Burst Counter
     -Hitoshi ga tarin yo.: One push isn't good enough.
    Air Recovery
     -Ima no wa nakanaka da.: That was pretty good there.
     -Mou sukoshi fumikonda hou ga ii.: You should step in a little more.
     -Oiuchi ga osoi yo.: Your followup is too slow.
    - Shikkei.: Impertinent.
     -Yosomi wa ikan yo?: Looking away won't get you anywhere.
     -Tsuyome ni iku zo?: Let's try some power.
     -Shoushou arakuiku zo.: I'll get a little rough...
     -Suki ga medatsu na.: Your vulnerability is glaring.
    Postfight Speech
    vs. Sol: Sousha wo shinogu to iu no mo matohazure ka, aikawarazu no
             sentounouryaku da. Izure honki de yaritai mono da na.
             It's a mistake to say you can surpass a nobleman, but it
             was your usual fighting strength. One day I will want to fight
             you seriously.
    vs. Ky: Kore wa junsui na shumi na no daga... naze kimi hodo no otoko ga,
            tsumi wo osoreru no ka ne?
            You have a pure desire, but... why is a man like you afraid of
    vs. May: Slayer no tejaku onna ni kai hite utameru. Hoshi furu ya / 
             Koppamijin ni / Kujira tobu.
             I compose to commemorate meeting this girl. "The stars fall /
             Smashed into little pieces / A whale jumps".
    vs. Millia: Kurameba seisoku ni satsuki wo kaikorosu. Daga kimi wa sou 
                arubeki ko na no da yo.
                How vain that murderous intent strangles life. But you seem
                as if you should be that way.
    vs. Axl: Mubougyou ni miete mo tayasuku kai ni wa hairenu to iu wake ka.
             Kimi no shoseijutsu ka ne? N? Kora, hen na me de Sharon wo miru na!
             Even if you look defenseless it's hard to reach you. Your secret
             to life? Hm? Hey, don't look at Sharon that way!
    vs. Potemkin: Chikara mo shinen mo, tatakai ni oite zettai no youso to wa
                  narien yo. Ma, ano shi ni shite kono teishi to itta tokoro ka. 
                  Neither strength nor focus are an absolute element of 
                  Well, from that master I expected nothing more from this pupil.
    vs. Chipp: Tsugi no itte wo oshihakaru, kokorozashi motsu mono naraba ichigi
               to shite kokoro etamae. Chinpu na tsuchi ga tsuku zo?
               I conjecture, if you focus all your efforts on what you want your
               spirit suffers. You will achieve only cheapness.
    vs. Eddie: Ishu taru kanashimi mo kodoku mo, shosen wa sakkaku ni suginu no
               da yo. "Aru" koto yori juuyou na mono wa nai.
               The sadness and solitude from being different are in the end
               merely an illusion. There is nothing more important than
    vs. Baiken: Oo madomowazeru. Chi no umi ni tayutau nakigao no shoujo yo.
                Nanto, nanto ningenteki na ikiyou!
                Oh, mademoiselle. You who wade through an ocean of blood 
                crying. Such a human way of living!
    vs. Faust: Jisetsu, kimi no you na mono ga derukara, jinrui wa omoshiroi.
               Arui wa warera no ganso mo, kimi no you na hito datta no ka mo
               shirenu na.
               It's because people like you appear from time to time that
               people are interesting. Perhaps our originator was somebody like
    vs. Testament: Aseru koto wa nai. Ikiru imi nado, ato kara tsuite kuru mono
                   No need to rush. The meaning of living is something that comes
    vs. Jam: Shoujin suru koto da na. Sono senpou nara, arui wa watashi wo
             messuru koto ga dekiru ka mo shire nu.
             It's about focusing. Perhaps someday, your style of fighting may
             be able to destroy mine.
    vs. Anji: Memai mashi wa yuui ni tatte koso, kouka wo hakki suru mono.
              Daga, somosomo kimi to watashi de wa ikimono toshite no kaku ga
              Superior in the face of dazzlement, that is what demonstrates
              effects. However, you and I have different reasons for living
    vs. Johnny: Slayer no masurao ni kai hite utameru. Sangurasu / Shukuya
                souchaku / Jiko no moto.
                I compose to commemorate meeting this brave man. "Sunglasses /
                Always prepared / The essence of accidents".
    vs. Venom: Ouji no awarenai "Shiroyukihime" ga attara dou omou ne? Zannen
               deshita to iu hanashi de kimi jishin wa nattoku dekiru no ka.
               What would you think if a prince didn't appear for a "Snow White"?
               It's a sad story, but can you accept it?
    vs. Dizzy: Shikkei shita. Sekai no shouten wo, ichido kono me de mite
               okitakatta mono de ne.
               I was rude. I wanted to see once what the world was focused upon.
    vs. Slayer: Kari ni kimi ga katta toshite, Sharon ga watashi wo machigau to
                demo omotta no ka ne? N? A! Sharon, nani wo sowasowa shite iru.
                Did you think that if you won over me, Sharon would mistake
                you for me? Hm? Ah! Sharon, what are you fidgeting about!
    vs. I-No: Marude neko nadegoe no you na... naruhodo, sore ga "fudan no kimi"
              to iu wake ka.
              Sounds just like a stroked cat... I see, so that is the "real
    vs. Zappa: Moushuu to temo, hito no kokoro no katachi de wa aru ka na.
               Mottomo, hanryo naraba shinchou ni erabu bekida, naa, Sharon?
               Speaking about a myth, how about the shape of the human heart?
               Besides, a person should be able to choose one's partner with
               consideration, right, Sharon?
    vs. Bridget: Waza wa atte mo waza ga nai. Shigei tariereba, patoron ni
                 nanori wo agetai tokoroda. N? Sharon! Kore wa tatoe, tatoe da!
                 Just a technique doesn't make a performance. If you have
                 the art, a patron will surely accept you. Hmm? Sharon! That
                 was an example, just an example!
    Well, that's all I know about playing as Slayer. Today I play it on Maniac 
    difficulty setting and I can beat the game without losing any rounds by using 
    those tactics. For the Arcade center I can lose, but not with Eddie. In fact 
    I want to write Eddie Faq but hey I wrote Zato Faq before and it can be use 
    with Eddie, too. So I decided to write Slayer Faq because I can play well 
    with him. 
    Against human, Slayer is very fun to play against. At least I can enjoy myself 
    when I play as him, not as a slaughter when I use Eddie. I don't want to become 
    lonely again because that JP tournament...
    Finally, thanks for reading this FAQ. For the next update I'll add details 
    about fighting against other characters. His quotes and Postfight quotes.
    -My brother and friends. They're a good GG and KOF players, thanks everyone.
    -My cousin. You're really annonying button-marsher. At least I can learn from 
    you about how to fight against Marsher with Slayer. 
    -www.gamefaqs.com for hosting this FAQ.
    -ECha... Skuldnoshinpu for movelists, speech and quotes.
    -drzero7 for information.
    And you! the reader of this FAQ!

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