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    Mission Mode FAQ by EChang

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/10/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       (v1.0, 2-10-03)
     by Edward Chang (chang.459@osu.edu)
    Version History
    v1.0 (2-10-03)
       First Version
    1. Introduction
    2. Missions
    3. Credits
    This is an FAQ for Guilty Gear XX's (Guilty Gear X2's) Mission Mode, on the
    PS2 Console. This will give you tips on how I beat the Missions in this game.
    Keep in mind that yes, luck is a big part of many missions, and so no tips
    I can give you will let you beat a mission on the first try. Also, do not email
    me asking how to beat a specific mission! Everything I used I will put in this
    guide, so emailing me will not help you at all. (On the other hand feel free
    to email me if you have your own tips for beating a Mission).
    There are 50 Missions in GGXX. Beating 40 Missions unlocks Robo Ky, Kliff, and
    Justice, if you haven't unlocked them already. Beating all 50 unlocks SP Mode
    for these three characters, if you haven't unlocked it already. Beating all
    50 Missions also gives you the option of using EX characters in the Missions
    whenever you replay them (simply by holding down L2).
    For general gameplay information, see my general GGXX Guide on GameFAQs.
    This section lists each mission. Important points will be listed. I won't list
    ALL the conditions to each mission, as the game does it itself.
    Goal: Beat EX Ky with Sol
    Conditions: Ky regenerates.
    This is a simple mission. You start with full tension, but even easier,
    Instant Kill is allowed. The computer isn't so difficult that you'd need it,
    though. Just keep an eye on the time limit.
    Goal: Beat EX Johnny with Jam
    Conditions: Johnny only takes damage from the four hit combos or above.
    A basic combo for Jam you can use is her f+P -> close S -> H. If this hits,
    cancel into her hcb, f+S super. To build tension, use either Psych Burst
    or repeatedly Senri Shinshou (qcf+S, H).
    Goal: Beat Gold Kliff with Axl
    Conditions: Kliff regenerates and has infinite tension. Special moves do
                not hurt Kliff.
    Kliff has the worst defense in the game, but Gold mode compensates for this. 
    And, his attack power is ridiculously high! You'll want to stay out of range
    of Kliff for the most part and rely on your long distance keep aways. However,
    Kliff has a lot of moves that leave him open (f+H for instance) so be prepared
    to dash in and cancel some move into Byakue Renshou (qcf, hcb+H).
    Goal: Beat EX Venom with Eddie
    Conditions: Venom regenerates and can only be hurt by normal attacks. Eddie
                has no tension bar and is poisoned.
    Actually not so bad, as Eddie's Gatling/Dust combos are pretty good. Remember
    that f+H floats on counter hit. Try P, K, JC, K, S, H as an air combo. Eddie's
    jump Dust is also great, as you might be able to repeatedly float Venom with
    it if you get lucky. Just keep a watch out for the time limit. Venom tends
    to create balls a lot when played by the computer, so this is a great time to
    go for the big combos.
    Goal: Beat EX Potemkin with Bridget
    Conditions: Bridget has infinite tension. However Potemkin regenerates and
                you only have 25 seconds.
    The only thing that makes this hard is the time limit. Use the infinite
    tension wisely by using the ridiculously damaging overdrive Ore to Kill
    Machine (hcb, f+H with the Yoyo out). As soon as the battle begins try far
    S, H, hcb, f+H. Follow up with an air combo such as S, K, JC, K, S, d+S.
    Goal: Have more health at time up with Baiken then EX May
    Conditions: May can only be hurt by Dead Angle attacks. Baiken has infinite
                tension and starts with 393 health.
    Baiken's DAA does 25 damage. What this means is you'll have to do a DAA on
    May twice and then take very minimal damage. This take a lot of luck... Keep
    on guarding, pull off a DAA when you get the chance, and once you succeed
    twice, apply FD like crazy and keep away from May. If she hurts you with
    something more than a punch or a kick, you're probably better off starting
    Goal: Beat EX I-No with Slayer
    Conditions: I-No regenerates; Slayer is poisoned, has infinite tension, cannot
                jump, and can only hurt I-No with supers.
    You don't have much time but thankfully you have infinite tension. Make good
    use of Slayer's Dead on Time (hcb, f+S) as this move has ZERO post-spark
    startup frames, making it an excellent counter move. Basically if I-No tries
    a move and misses, do this move. If she blocks, roman cancel to get rid of
    your recovery and try again. If you can afford it, doing Dandy Step -> 
    Crosswise Heel (qcb+P/K, K) -> Eien no Tsubasa (qcf, qcf+H) -> RC -> Eien no
    Tsubasa -> RC... can get you good damage as an infinite.
    Goal: Beat Robo Ky with Jam
    Conditions: Robo Ky regenerates and can only be hurt by special moves or
    Bakushu -> Sweep (qcf+S, K) is your friend here, as it counts as a special
    move, hits low, and staggers. Thus, a combo like Bakushu -> Sweep ->
    Ryuujin (qcf+K) -> Kenroukaku (dp+K) -> Ryuujin works great. Jam's supers
    aren't bad, but they're easily countered if you don't catch Robo Ky off
    guard. You can also use an Instant Kill, which make things comparatively
    Goal: Beat EX Slayer with Venom
    Conditions: Venom is poisoned and can only hurt Slayer with special moves
                or overdrives.
    Another Instant Kill-possible mission. However Venom's Instant Kill is
    relatively crappy, but you only need to get lucky with it once. Otherwise,
    make use of Double Head Morbid (dp+S/H) frequently. Take advantage of
    your full bar of tension at start to do Dark Angel (qcb, hcf+S). This
    damages Slayer a lot, and even if he blocks it tends to drive up his guard
    gauge to the point where Double Head Morbid does a lot of damage.
    Goal: Beat EX, Gold Dizzy with Sol
    Conditions: Dizzy starts with 3/4th health. However, Sol has maxed guard
                gauge, cannot jump, and cannot damage Dizzy with overdrives.
    A headache of a mission. If Sol weren't so cheap, this mission would be
    nearly impossible. The standard Sol tactics work, however; far S into
    Gunflame (qcf+P), air combo, and so on. You might want to use your tension
    for Dragon Install (qcb, qcb+S) since Tyrant Rave isn't going to do any
    damage. Even combos such as K -> far S -> Bandit Bringer (qcf+[K]) seem
    to be pretty effective. Just don't let Dizzy hit you with an Overdrive
    or it'll all be over. Also keep in mind that when Dizzy crosses her arms,
    she's in counterattack stance for Necro Okotta Baai; if you accidentally
    hit her while she's in this stance with anything other than Gunflame, you
    might as well restart.
    Goal: Beat Venom with Chipp
    Conditions: Venom regenerates and can only be hurt by normal attacks;
                Chipp is poisoned.
    Chipp's basic combos are fairly easy, so this mission isn't too bad. A nice
    combo, with frames of invincibility built in, is f+P -> close S -> f+P ->
    close S -> sweep -> d+K and so on. You can't do any special moves so you'll
    pretty much have to rely on constantly attacking Venom.
    Goal: Beat Gold Ky with Potemkin
    Conditions: Potemkin is poisoned and can only damage Ky with normal and
                special moves.
    Take advantage of Potemkin's long range throws. Ky's AI level is not terribly
    high, so it fails to block a lot of things. Jump HS -> land -> Potemkin Buster
    (hcb, f+P) has great range and does a lot of damage. If you manage to catch
    Ky off guard, f+H -> Megafist repeatedly (qcf+P) is worthwhile. Once you
    dizzy Ky (f+H does a lot of dizzy stun) go for another Potemkin Buster.
    Goal: Survive for 60 seconds with Faust against a Gold Dizzy
    Conditions: Faust has 1 health. Dizzy cannot be damaged in the long term.
                Both characters have infinite tension.
    Wow. Be glad for Faultless Defense - it's the only way you'll win. Block
    everything you can, but watch out for Dizzy's Necro Okotta Baai, which is
    unblockable - if she clutches her head when the tension spark goes off, you
    had better jump. There's almost no reason not to use Faultless as you have
    infinite tension. If Dizzy shows an opening (such as after you successfully
    FD an entire Gamma Ray), you can try to do Na-na-na-nani ga Deru Ka Na?! and
    toss out items. Pick up chocolate and doughnuts as fast as you can to build
    up some health. The mini-Fausts, meteors, and bombs can also keep Dizzy
    occupied if you put enough of them on the screen - just be careful to FD
    the bombs as they will hurt you too. You can also try far S -> RC -> far S ->
    RC -> ... to keep Dizzy busy.
    Goal: Beat EX Axl with Johnny
    Conditions: Johnny starts at 50% health and is poisoned; Axl regenerates and
                can only be hurt by normal attacks.
    You can't use special attacks to hurt Axl, so you'll have to rely on normal
    attacks. This is where Johnny's throw, the best throw in the game, probably,
    comes into play. After a throw (or a little more risky, f+K), you can do an
    air combo like K, P, S, JC, S, H, D, Ensenga (hcf+H). The Ensenga doesn't
    do damage but it keeps you from being wide open after the D. The computer
    will probably try to tech after this, so watch for an air throw. Just keep
    close to Axl as Johnny will have a hard time getting back in range.
    Goal: Survive for 60 seconds against Venom with Zappa
    Conditions: Zappa is poisoned and has no tension meter.
    The lack of tension makes this difficult, as eventually you'll be left with
    one health and with no FD to protect yourself from guard damage. You'll
    want to block everything while you can. Once your health gets too low, switch
    to attacking to occupy Venom. Your attack patterns should vary based on what
    spirit you have. With the ghosts, Sono Mama Kaette Konaide Kudasai (qcf+S)
    is an effective tactic, as it is long range and can keep Venom Dizzy even
    after it hits. The sword has Itasou, tte Iu Ka Itai (qcf+S, H) which keeps
    some distance between you and Venom, which is good. With the Dog, have him
    attack Venom, then connect with crouching K -> close S -> far S -> D or
    the like. When the opponent tries to get up, have the dog do its unblockable
    d+D. If you manage to get Raou out, simply perform Darkness Anthem (qcf S
    -> P) over and over again to keep Venom away. Watch out for Venom's pool
    balls and the Dark Angel.
    Goal: Beat Gold Johnny with Baiken
    Conditions: Baiken is poisoned and can only hurt Johnny with special moves
                and overdrives.
    The computer is surprisingly weak against Tatami Gaeshi (qcf+K). Try to
    hit the computer with this as many times as you can. Gold Johnny's Mist
    Finers will kill you instantly, so either don't let him pull it off, or
    seal it off with Baiken's Baku: Rin (b, hcb+K while guarding). If you dizzy
    Johnny, feel free to go for Baiken's super (qcf, qcf+S).
    Goal: Beat EX Zappa with Eddie
    Conditions: Eddie has one health but infinite tension.
    This isn't too difficult. Instant Kill is possible, but actually you don't
    even need to resort to that. Summon an Eddie and have it do its K attack
    over and over to keep Zappa away. Then, infinite Amorphous (hcb, f+H) will
    do nice damage to Zappa.
    Goal: Beat EX Eddie with Millia
    Conditions: Only overdrives hurt Eddie. Millia starts with 75% health and is
    Pretty difficult. Try crouching S or crouching HS; if crouching HS hits, do
    Winger (qcb, hcf+H) right away. You'll have to be able to build tension
    quickly for this match. If your combos are blocked, cancel into Tandem Top
    (qcf+S) or Lust Shaker (SSSS...) to keep Eddie at bay.
    Goal: Have more health than Testament with Dizzy after 25 seconds
    Conditions: Testament doesn't take damage permanently. Dizzy starts with 75%
                health and cannot damage Testament with DAA or supers.
    Testament regenerates ridiculously fast, which means you'll have to damage
    him towards the end of the round. Guard for the first 20 seconds or so and
    take as little damage as possible. Then, toss out a Hanashi Aite (qcb+H),
    dash in, and do K, close S, far S, d+H, Sakana wo Karu Toki (qcf+H). This
    should do around 170-180 damage and so provided you didn't take too much
    damage you should be okay.
    Goal: Beat EX Anji with Potemkin
    Conditions: Potemkin starts with 25% health and is poisoned. Only supers
                hurt Anji.
    Start the battle by going for a Psych Burst. If you miss, you might as well
    start over. Afterwards your only options are Gigantor -> Gigantic Blid
    (hcb, f+H -> hcf, hcf+P) or Heavenly Potemkin Buster (qcf, qcf+S). Regardless,
    try to build tension as fast as possible and continue attacking in this way.
    It's a good thing Anji doesn't regenerate...
    Goal: Beat Gold Millia with Testament
    Conditions: Testament starts with 25% health and cannot damage Millia with
                supers. Millia regenerates.
    Testament's supers are rather weak so the fact that supers won't work doesn't
    really matter in this case. Millia moves really fast, so you'll want to use
    a lot of Zeinest (qcb+H) to trap her. Once you do, use an air combo like
    K -> D -> Gravedigger (qcb+P). f+H is also a good tactic because it's good
    on its own, and if Millia should happen to run into you it'll turn into a
    throw instead.
    Goal: Beat Baiken with May
    Conditions: May starts with 50% health. Baiken can only be hurt by normal
                attacks and at least three hit combos.
    A mission made significantly harder in the US version. In the Japanese
    version, using Dust -> homing jump -> D -> D -> S -> H -> D -> JC -> H -> D
    would've done great damage. However May's jump D got seriously toned down
    in the US version (don't understand why, seeing as how Sol's cheesier jump
    D didn't get touched...). In any case, you'll have to rely on some other Dust
    combo for May. Remember that standing H staggers on counter hit, so this is
    where most of your Dust opportunities will come into play.
    Goal: Beat Robo Ky with Ky
    Conditions: Ky is poisoned and starts with 50% health and 50% tension. Robo 
                Ky only has one health but you need to hit him with at least
                a 16 hit combo.
    Wow. Ridiculous. There's probably several ways to do it, but here's the one
    I know of. Boost up Robo Ky's guard gauge as much as possible until it starts
    flashing. (Or alternatively, get lucky and hit Robo Ky on counter hit). At
    this point, do close S -> Dust -> homing jump -> Sx3 -> Px4 -> S -> JC ->
    S -> Ride the Lightning (hcb, f+H). This should give you the bare minimum 16
    Goal: Beat Gold Justice with Sol
    Conditions: Justice regenerates; Sol is poisoned and has no tension gauge.
    Wow. This is tough, but thankfully Sol has the cheesy Dust Loop to help him
    out. This is performed as follows: with the opponent near a wall, perform
    Bukkirabou ni Nageru (dp+K). (Or wait for him to go airborne). From here,
    do crouching H -> JC -> S -> D -> JC -> D -> land -> jump K -> D -> JC ->
    D -> land -> jump K -> D -> JC -> D... and so on. After awhile you'll just
    want to use an air Volcanic Viper (dp+S) to finish things off. On a normal
    opponent this would do well over 50% damage, but on Gold Justice, it won't
    do quite that much. Even with the Dust Loop, it's still a pretty rough
    Goal: Beat Eddie with Jam
    Conditions: Jam starts at 50% health, has no tension, cannot jump, and can
                only hurt Eddie with special moves.
    Once again your Bakushu -> Sweep (qcf+S, K) -> Ryuujin (qcf+K) -> Kenroukaku
    (dp+K) -> Ryuujin (qcf+K) combo will help a lot. There's not much else you
    can do seeing as how no other attacks will really hurt Eddie, so keep at it.
    Goal: Beat EX Jam with Baiken
    Conditions: Baiken starts with 25% health and has infinite tension. However
                she cannot jump, can only hurt Jam with supers, and only 5 hit
                combos are above can hurt Jam.
    This mission is pretty one-track, as Baiken has only one super. Infinite
    tension means RC infinites, so you'll want to go for something like K ->
    f+P -> qcf, qcf+S (RC after two hits) -> dash in -> K -> P -> qcf, qcf+S...
    and so on. This won't work forever, but it should get you a good amount
    of damage going.
    Goal: Beat Gold Millia with Axl
    Conditions: Millia regenerates and cannot be hurt by overdrives; Axl starts
                with 50% health and is poisoned, and cannot jump.
    Start off the battle with a Rensengeki (charge b, f+S). This'll knock
    Millia down. Afterwards, she has a very high chance of doing a crouching K,
    so simply do your low counter (qcb+K) for nice damage. On the offensive
    side, when Millia gets up you can do K -> close S -> sweep -> Bentengari
    (dp+H) -> Axl Bomber (dp+H) -> RC -> Axl Bomber -> RC -> Axl Bomber.
    Goal: Beat EX, Gold Chipp with Slayer
    Conditions: Chipp regenerates and can only be hurt by supers; Slayer starts
                with 50% health and is poisoned.
    Once again, your friend is the zero-startup-frame Dead on Time (hcb, f+S).
    A good pattern to use is Dandy Step -> Crosswise Heel (qcb+P, K) and then
    link into Dead on Time. If Crosswise Heel is blocked of course, don't go
    for the super. To build more tension, Pilebanger does a lot of damage. Of
    course, you don't have to deal with all of this if you want to use an 
    Instant Kill... simply enter Instant Kill mode, attempt to dizzy Chipp with
    repeated Pilebangers, and finish him off.
    Goal: Beat EX Baiken with Anji
    Conditions: Baiken regenerates and cannot be hurt by special moves; Anji
                is poisoned and must use at least 5 hit combos.
    A tough move. You'll want to knock down Baiken somehow - even a regular throw
    works great - and then followup with Shitsu while she's down (qcf+P). This
    is part of Anji's "unblockable" setup. Once she gets up, go for K -> close
    S -> crouching S -> sweep. Try to time it so the sweep and the downward Shitsu
    go at the same time. Once you hit, immediately go for Issei Ougi: Sai (hcb, f
    + H) -> jump S -> P -> S -> JC -> S -> P -> S. 
    Goal: Have more health after 60 seconds against Kliff with Testament.
    Conditions: Kliff does not take damage from virtually anything you do.
                Testament cannot jump and starts with 50% health.
    At first this mission seems impossible, but one thing to remember is that
    Testament can poison. Using this, basically what you'll need to do is pull
    of Nightmare Circular (hcb, f+H) and/or Warrant (qcb+K). Nightmare Circular
    can be guaranteed from a throw. Once Kliff is poisoned, defend to the best
    of your ability, as if Testament takes damage the poison wears off. The
    poison will wear off eventually anyway, so just repeat this pattern.
    Goal: Beat Gold Slayer with Sol
    Conditions: Slayer regenerates. Sol has no tension and starts with 50% health.
    Once again the Dust Loop comes to the rescue (see Mission 24). As Sol has
    no tension gauge his options are limited, so focus your efforts on performing
    the Dust Loop as often as you can.
    Goal: Beat EX Testament with May
    Conditions: Only specials or overdrives hurt Testament. Testament regenerates.
                May starts with 50% health and needs to hit with at least 3 hit
    You'll need tension, so try starting off with a Psych Burst. Then, go for
    May's Kyuukyoku no Dadakko (hcb+H). Try linking two of these together if you
    can. May's hcb+S, P super isn't bad but doesn't do as much damage. To build
    tension, go for sweep -> Iruka-san Yoko (charge b, f+H).
    Goal: Beat Gold Justice with Dizzy
    Conditions: Dizzy starts with 75% health and is poisoned and can only damage
                Justice with normal moves. Justice starts with 75% health and
    A tough mission. Dizzy's close S -> far S -> crouching H (only if it hits!)
    is your basic combo. When Justice shows an opening (i.e., goes for Gamma Ray,
    or you dizzy him with the repeated close S's and crouching H's), go for
    f+H -> JC -> S -> P -> S -> JC -> S -> D. Keep at it, you'll need some luck
    to get through this mission...
    Goal: Beat Anji with Chipp
    Conditions: Chipp starts with 75% health and is poisoned. Overdrives do not
                hurt Anji and also only 6 hit combos or above damage him.
    Since Chipp's individual hits are pretty weak, you'll want to try to build
    up Anji's guard gauge a lot. Once flashing, try Chipp's f+H, which will
    stagger them. At this point, go for close S -> f+P -> close S -> H ->
    Alpha Blade (qcf+P) -> RC -> f+H -> jump -> Kx5 -> JC -> Kx2 -> D. A pretty
    rough mission overall. Once Chipp's health gets low you'll really want to
    save up the tension for FD.
    Goal: Beat Gold, EX Millia with Venom
    Conditions: Venom starts with 50% health and has 75% guard gauge, and no
                tension gauge. Millia regenerates and can only be damaged by
                normal or special moves.
    Using Venom's Carcass Ride Loop helps here. Knock Millia down, and then
    go for Carcass Ride (charge d, u+H) -> crouching S -> Carcass Ride (S 
    version) -> Carcass Ride... Millia can get close in a hurry so be prepared
    to throw. After throwing you can repeat the Carcass Ride loop. If you
    can catch Millia off guard, a good combo is close S (one hit) -> crouching
    S -> standing H -> Double Head Morbid (dp+H). But, Carcass Ride is still your
    best bet.
    Goal: Beat Gold I-No with Millia
    Conditions: None particularly noteworthy.
    Once again you'll want to use Millia's crouching S -> crouching H minilaunch.
    Once it hits, high jump, then do S -> P -> S -> H -> land -> close S ->
    crouching H. If the opponent techs out, go for crouching S, then begin the
    whole loop again. I-No has access to Megalomania in this mission, so be sure
    you know how to get around its patterns.
    Goal: Beat EX Faust with May
    Conditions: Faust regenerates and cannot be hurt by special moves. May starts
                with 50% health and is poisoned.
    May's Air Dust combo (see Mission 22) is a good step to use if you have the
    Japanese version. If not, go for something like sweep -> hcb+S super. If
    you can get close enough to do Overhead Kiss (hcb+K), followup up with jump
    S -> H -> land -> jump K -> jump H.
    Goal: Beat Jam with Ky
    Conditions: Jam regenerates. Ky starts with 50% health, is poisoned, and can
                only damage Jam with specials or supers.
    As only specials hurt Jam, your options are limited. Jam does Ryuujin a lot,
    so start off with a crouching K. Then go for sweep -> Stun Edge (qcf+S) to 
    chip away at her. Once you build tension, replace Stun Edge with Ride the 
    Lightning (hcb, f+H). If Jam's far away, you might want to use a Stun Edge
    Charge Attack (qcf+H).
    Goal: Beat Gold Eddie with Slayer
    Conditions: Slayer starts with 50% health. Nothing damages Eddie.
    Instant Kill is your only option here. Use a lot of Pilebangers (qcb+P/K, 
    P) to try and dizzy Eddie and then finish him off. You only have 15 seconds
    so beware.
    Goal: Survive for 99 seconds against Gold Sol with Potemkin.
    Conditions: Sol doesn't take any permanent damage. Potemkin can't jump.
    Not much you can do except make sure Sol doesn't attack you. Try knocking
    Sol down with a sweep, and then doing Slide Head (qcf+S) as he tries to get
    up. Slide Head is unblockable and knocks down the opponent as long as they're
    on the ground, so you can occupy Sol for awhile like this. If he gets too
    close, close S -> far S-> H -> Slide Head is the way to go.
    Goal: Beat Shadow Bridget with I-No
    Conditions: I-No has maxed Guard Gauge and can only hurt Bridget with special
    An I-No mission! Wow! In any case, this is comparatively not so difficult.
    Only special moves can hurt Bridget, so go for Chemical Aijou at long
    range (hcb, f+K) and Daiboku wo Sasuru Te (hcf+H) at midrange. Chemical
    Aijou can link to itself in certain cases, but otherwise just abusing these
    two moves is perhaps the only way to win.
    Goal: Beat Chipp with Anji
    Conditions: Anji is poisoned and has 75% guard gauge. Chipp starts with 50%
                health and can only be damaged with overdrives.
    Once again, you need tension, but this time you can't even Psych Burst, so
    you'll need to build it up quickly. A pattern like K -> S -> Fuujin (qcf+S)
    -> Shin: Ichishiki (P) will help. Incidentally try to build up Chipp's Guard
    Gauge in the meantime. Once it's been built up, go for Issei Ougi: Sai
    (hcb, f+H) or Kachoufuugetsu (hcb+S during the instant of guarding only).
    You'll have to rely on a little luck to get either of these to hit...
    Goal: Beat Gold Zappa with Axl
    Conditions: Axl is poisoned.
    Rensengeki -> Kyokusageki (charge b, f+S, hold up) is your best keep
    away bet, and you'll want to make sure he keeps away. If Zappa managed
    to get close, use Byakue Renshou (qcf, hcb+H). In any case, just keep
    far far away and repeat your long range Rensengeki.
    Goal: Beat Potemkin with Zappa
    Conditions: Zappa begins with 50% health, is poisoned, has no tension, and
                cannot use special moves. Potemkin has only 1 health but needs
                to be hit with at least an 11 hit combo.
    Yeesh. This is pretty tough, partially because you have to let Zappa get
    damaged and hope a spirit pops out - he can't do Konnichiwa Sanbiki no Mukade
    straight out. If you get the dog, go for the crouching K -> close S -> far
    S -> D (dog attack) -> dash -> K -> close S -> far S -> D.... loop. This
    only works if Potemkin's up against a wall, though. If you get the ghost or
    the sword, just do a Dust attack, then Pxn (jump cancel may be necessary).
    Goal: Beat Shadow May with Johnny
    Conditions: Johnny starts with 50% health, is poisoned, and can only damage
                May with 6 hit combos or more. He also has 75% guard gauge and
                canot jump. May starts with 50% health.
    Glitter is Gold is your friend. Get Glitter is Gold to hit once. Then, build
    up May's guard gauge and push her to the wall by using standing H ->
    Mist Finer (qcf+P/K/S - don't actually perform the move, hold the button ->
    Stance Cancel (H) -> f+K -> standing H -> Mist Finer... etc. The trick is
    the Mist Finer cancel, which if done correctly lets you link H into f+K -
    practice to be fast on the fingers with this one. Once May is to the edge,
    go for f+K until you get it to hit on counter hit (which should be no problem
    if you built up her Guard Gauge). Then, do f+H -> f+H -> Divine Blade (do
    the hop only, dp+S, not the attack) -> K -> close S -> Mist Finer (qcf+P)
    -> Glitter is Gold (qcf+H) -> Mist Finer (qcf+P) -> Glitter is Gold... etc.
    If you need to finish her off, a Level Three Mist Finer should work fine.
    Goal: Beat Faust with Zappa
    Conditions: Zappa starts with 50% health, 75% guard gauge, and needs at least
                two-hit overdrives to damage Faust.
    Since Zappa only has Umareru!!! (hcb, f+H) as an overdrive, that's what you'll
    have to go for. Use Psych Burst to fill up tension, then try f+P -> close
    S -> Umareru!!. The other alternative is attempting to summon Raou and doing
    Bellows Malice (hcb, f+S), which granted does a lot of damage, but you may
    not be able to pull it all off in time.
    Goal: Beat Axl with I-No
    Conditions: I-No is poisoned, has 50% health, and needs at least 4 hit combos.
                Axl cannot be damaged with overdrives.
    Use repeatedly Daiboku wo Sasuru Te (hcf+S) to attempt to stagger Axl.
    Afterwards, f+P -> H -> jumping H -> Chemical Aijou (hcb, f+K) is what to
    go for. If you can FRC Chemical Aijou, go for it, and link into another
    Chemical Aijou.
    Goal: Beat EX, Gold Bridget with regular Bridget.
    Conditions: Your Bridget is poisoned, cannot damage the other Bridget with
                special attacks, and needs at least 3 hit combos.
    Once again Ore to Kill Machine (hcb, f+H with Yoyo out) is your best means
    of damage. Knock down the opponent with crouching K -> close S -> sweep and
    then release the Yoyo to their back. Once they get up, hit them with far S
    and then cancel into Ore to Kill Machine. If this hits, follow up with the
    air combo jump S -> jump d+S -> JC -> jump S -> jump d+S. You have a lot of
    time (99 seconds) so just go for as many Ore to Kill Machines as you can.
    Goal: Beat Gold Faust with regular Faust.
    Conditions: Your Faust starts with 50% tension, is poisoned, and can only
                damage the other Faust with special moves or overdrives and
                only 3 hit combos or above. The other Faust regenerates. Your
                Faust can't jump, either.
    The move of choice is the unblockable Mettagiri (qcb+H). If this hits, the
    other Faust will get knocked down. Upon wake up, go for d+K (one hit) ->
    standing H (one hit) -> Souten Enshin Ranbu (qcf+S) -> Going My Way (H).
    This will give you the most possible damage for your efforts. If you have
    tension, you can FRC the Going My Way and link into another one. Then,
    repeat. If you're feeling lucky, you can try for the scalpel super (qcf,
    qcf+S), which does great damage, but again be warned that you need to have
    three hit combos or above so start with something like close S -> H and then
    cancel into it.
    Goal: Beat EX, Gold Sol with Ky
    Conditions: Ky cannot damage Sol with Overdrives and starts with 50% health.
    Far S -> Stun Edge (qcf+S) is your basic keep away. If Sol guards this,
    dash in and go for d+K -> close S -> H -> sweep -> Stun Edge Charge Attack
    (qcf+H). If Sol happens to jump into the air and gets hit by the Stun Edge
    Charge Attack, go for an air combo such as jump K -> S -> JC -> S -> H ->
    Vapor Thrust (dp+S/H). Try not to let Sol get too close, but if he does,
    go for a throw.
    3. CREDITS
    Sammy, ArcSystem Works, and Ishiwatari Daisuke for another great game
    This FAQ copyright 2002, 2003 to Edward Chang. Retransmission in any form 
    without express permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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