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    Sol by Grolin

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    Guilty Gear X2: Sol Badguy Guide/FAQ
    By Grolin
    © 2002 Grolin
    The Guilty Gear series and all characters in it are the property of
    Arc Systems.
    This guide is intended to provide information for GGXX players to learn a bit
    about Sol.  I'm not going to claim that I'm thegreatest Sol player in the
    world.  But I know a little, so I'm sharing it.
    Don't even think about taking this guide and claiming it as your own.  There
    are serious legal consequences, and to be honestI don't want to put up with it.
    You are free to download this onto your computer, if so anything that goes
    wrong isn't my responsibility.
    If you want to use something from this Guide, ask permission. My email address:
    This Guide should only be found at the following sites:
    Table of Contents:
    1) Intro: Why Pick Sol? (Quick overview of Sol)
    2) Notation
    3) Normals
    4) Specials and Overdrives
    5) Combos
        -No Tension
        -Dust Loop
    6) Strategies
        -Character Specific
    7) Closing & Thanks
    1) Intro: Why Pick Sol?
    Sol is a pretty easy character to pick up for first time GG series players.
    He has a relatively varied movelist, he has simple combos, and he has more
    advanced combos that cause very good damage.  Sol has a great pressure move in
    his FRCGunflame.  The list goes on.
    Good normals
    Some good specials
    Best wakeup in the game (Volcanic Viper)
    Great pressure and mixups with FRC Gunflame
    HIGH damage combos
    Gets a little predictable
    Some moves laggy
    Many moves easy to see coming.
    2) Notation
    P- Punch
    K- Kick
    S- Slash
    H- Hard Slash
    D- Dust
    []- Hold button in between brackets.
    j.- Jumping
    dj.- Double Jumping
    hj.- High Jump
    ad.- Air Dashing
    iad.- Instant Air Dashing
    JC- Jump Cancel
    HJC- High Jump Cancel
    RC- Roman Cancel
    FRC- False/Force Roman Cancel
    FD- Faultless Defense
    For a Capcom game, I'd use standard Street Fighter notation(ie QCF, DP, etc.).
    But the GG series is pretty complicatedsometimes, and that notation just
    doesn't make much sense sometimes.  So I'm going to use the keypad notation for
    Basically, look at your keyboard's number pad, and think of everything as if
    you're facing right.
    Simple.  That much should be easy to figure out.
    Now, the button layout.  5 buttons, it's kinda weird at first, but you'll get
    used to it.
    I'm going to assume you know the basic commands like Burst, FD, RC, etc.  If
    not, read the manual, it's there for a reason.
    3) Normals
    Sol's normals are good.  Not much more need be said about them in general.
    5P: Little hilt jab.  I don't use this unless I screw something up.  I suppose
    it may have its uses, I need to mess with it more.  It is sort of fast.
    Bufferable, though nothing I know of combos.
    2P: Same, but lower.  I use this a bit more, still not too much.  Useful tick
    into Wild Throw.
    jP: Downwards punch.  Combo filler if you want to scale your damage a lot.
    Also good to jump in a blocking opponent to keep them in blockstun and push up
    their Guard Meter.  Bufferable.
    6P: Leaning punch.  Upper body invincibility makes this a decent anti air.
    It knocks down and causes a wall bounce, which leads to combos.  Bufferable,
    but the only worthwhile time to do so is to combo a Gunflame in the corner...
    and you still have better options off the Gatlings from this move.
    5K: This is the reason why you're not going to use 6P for AA.  This is the
    fastest normal in the game, it has some good priority too.  Think Rock's s.RH
    from CvS2.  Bufferable.  JCable.
    2K: Hits low.  Prorated, so it really messes up damage on combos.  Other than
    that, bufferable, decent speed and priority.
    jK: Jumping kick.  Pretty much a combo filler.  May serve some air-to-air
    5S(c): Good poke, also bufferable.  But at this range, unless you're comboing
    into it, you're probably better off with 5K.
    5S(f): Sol's best distance poke.  Fast, good priority, bufferable.
    2S: Low slash.  Bufferable.  Hits pretty low, good for catching people just
    before they hit the ground from a juggle.  Leaves Sol at +2 frame advantage.
    jS: Downwards angled slash.  Great move to jump-in with.  JCable.  Bufferable,
    too, I think.
    Hard Slashes:
    5H- Horizontal slash.  I don't really use this move too much, but it can be
    useful for pressure strings when cancelled intoGunflame, or when JC'd into an
    IAD.  Bufferable, JCable.
    2H- Upwards vertical slash.  You'll use this a lot, but never on its own.
    This is Sol's primary means of popping hisopponent up after a juggle setup to
    start his combos.  Obviously, then, it's JCable, bufferable too.
    jH- Downwards stab.  Hits twice.  Bufferable, JCable.  Decent jump-in on
    people who can't Instant Block well.  Mostly a combofiller for air combos.
    6H- Big downwards chop.  Slow, easy to see coming.  Staggers if it connects.
    Bufferable.  Useful sometimes, not too often.
    5D- Overhead elbow smack?  Sol's ground Dust is tied with Ky's for fastest in
    the game, but it's horribly telegraphed.  Sol doesn't really need this move too
    much, he has better combos off of other moves than his Dust.  Still, it's an
    overhead,don't overlook it.  Obviously JCable, will activate the Dust float
    2D- Sweep.  This is a good sweep.  Fast, decent priority, bufferable.  More
    importantly, it makes Sol go really low, dodging some attacks.
    jD- Perhaps the most hated normal in the game.  JCable, bufferable, great
    priority, damage, and speed.  What people hateabout it is that it inflicts
    just enough float stun that, done correctly, you can loop with multiple air
    Dusts in the corner (the infamous Air Dust loop).  More on that later.  Knocks
    ground throw: Headbutts his opponent.  Some characters can tech late in the
    falling animation.  On some characters, in thecorner, you can link sK > 2H
    into Dust loop.
    air throw: Sol grabs his opponent and burns them.  Decent, but it's the tech
    point is rather early, so it doesn't set up stuff like Johnny or Dizzy.
    4) Specials and Overdrives
    236P- Gunflame (FRCable)
    Sol sticks Fireseal (his sword) into the ground and fire goes in a wave.
    Typical ground projectile, it'll stop going after ashort time.  Usually you
    can't combo this move, but you can combo from it.  Very important to Sol's
    offense when FRC'd.  More on that in the strategy section.  Recovery is such
    that it's pretty safe when blocked if you're not right on top of them.  Good
    214P- Gunflame Feint
    Sol sticks Fireseal into the ground and does nothing.  Quick recovery.  Good
    to build Tension and to fake out people everynow and then.
    (air) 236K- Bandit Revolver
    Flying flipkick thing.  Good for combos, not much else.  Easily punished if
    you are blocked.  Still, a great way to get your opponent to the corner
    236[K]- Bandit Bringer (FRCable)
    Sol jumps up, flames appear on his hand, Sol punches down.  Overhead, floor
    bounces.  Sets up combos, but it can be seen from a mile away.  However, FRC
    it and you start some mind games.
    214K- Riot Stomp (FRCable)
    Sol flies back to the wall behind him and flies back with a kick.  This wall
    bounces.  Decently safe if not instant blocked. Leads to combos due to the
    wall bounce.  FRCing it (done right as he leaves the wall) will make him drop
    down with a little momentum.  Good runaway trick.  In general, the Riot Stomp
    is a decent enough wakeup against non-projectile meaty attempts.
    623K- Wild Throw
    Command grab.  Sol grabs his opponent and slams them on the floor.  Floor
    bounces.  Obviously leads to combos, more on thatin the combo section.  Setups
    for the WT in the Strategy section.
    214S- Grand Viper
    Sol slides with fire, then uppercuts with fire.  Hits low.  Decent if you
    trick someone with it, also decently easy to combo.  Horrible lag time if you
    mess up.  Mash it for more hits if you do connect.
    (air) 623S/H- Volcanic Viper (may be done in air)
    A flaming flying uppercut.  This move has crazy invincibility.  Thus it's a
    great anti air, good for getting out of traps, it messes with your opponent's
    okizeme... too good.  Sol's best combo finisher.  The followup will ground
    your opponent, and they can't tech it.  Thus you set up okizeme, so try to
    finish all VVs with the followup.
    41236H- Fafnir (FRCable)
    Sol lunges a bit with a flaming punch.  Wall bounces.  FRC basically lets you
    RC it for less meter.  You can't cancel any normals into this, so it's
    impractical for combos... uses to be discussed in strategy section.  Untechable
    wall bounce on CH.
    632146H- Tyrant Rave v.Beta (requires 50% Tension)
    Sol punches, then shoots a massive stationary fireball.  Easily combo'd, fast,
    great priority, wall bounces.  That said, not too useful compared to Sol's
    other Tension options, but it's still good.  Sometimes you just need that
    quick, damaging poke killer.  One of the better ODs around, not that it means
    214214S- Dragon Install (requires 50% Tension)
    Sol powers up and starts flashing for 6 seconds.  During those 6 seconds:
    -Speed is dramatically increased (both moving speed and attack speed)
    -The following specials change:
    --Gunflame: One big Power Geyser-esque move.
    --Bandit Revolver: Flaming flying flipkick, more hits.
    --ground S Volcanic Viper: 3 hit uppercut
    --ground H Volcanic Viper: Massive flaming trail, hits up to 12 times.
    --air H Volcanic Viper: 3 hit uppercut
    Once the 6 seconds end, Sol stops and is wide open to attack.  Anything
    hitting him then is considered a counter hit.
    Not too useful, it's a flashy way to finish someone.  Sol keeps his DI infinite
    from GGX, but it's still a bad Overdrive overall.  Too risky.
    5) Combos
    All combos starting off a 2K do 70% less damage per hit, along with damage
    scaling and Guard Meter scaling.  I'm not listing much off a 2K, but you can
    use it, just be warned.
    On the ground, Sol can conceivably Gatling chain from P all the way to D.
    For practical purposes, stick to K > S and S > S Gatlings most of the time.
    Air Gatlings work much the same, except j.H doesn't chain to j.D.
    No Tension:
    5K > 5S XX 214S (mash)
    Generic combo, easy, but not too strong.
    dash 5K > 2D XX 236K
    juggle with 2H JC, jS JC, djS > djH/D XX 623S/H > 214K
    "The Rest," (not my name, that's what people call it).  Do the jS as soon as
    you jump/dj or your opponent can tech.  Unless you're near the corner, stick
    to djH XX 623S/H > 214K
    236[K], "the Rest"
    236[K], dash jK > S JC, djS > D XX 623H > 214K
    623K, "the Rest"
    dash 623H(1 hit) RC, dash sK > "the Rest"
    236P FRC, 236[K], dash jK > S JC, djS > D XX 623H > 214K
    214214S, [dash close sS > sH]x until around 5.5 seconds (real time), 623+H >
    The Dragon Install semi-infinite, it's still here.
    More to come later, but really, anywhere you can combo a Volcanic Viper or
    Bandit Revolver, you can combo the TRB.
    Dust loops:
    This is going to discuss setups more than the actual loop itself.  The basic
    concept of the Dust loop is this:
    Setup, [hjD, D]x2-4, (extra stuff) 623H > 214K. 
    You have to time the second Air Dust so that they're stuck in float stun long
    enough for you to catch them with the rejump into hjD.  That means delay it a
    bit, not too much or they'll fall too low or tech out.
    Once you land a setup, then what?  For heavier characters(that don't float as
    high), you'd do:
    (5K/2S >) 2H JC jD JC djS > djD, land, Dust loop
    For characters that float higher, you'd do:
    (5K/2S >) 2H HJC hjD, D, land, Dust loop.
    The sK is often necessary to quickly push them up higher so you can 2H them in
    time.  Using 2S instead of 5K is for a bit more damage, but it's a bit harder.
    5K is really all you need to learn most of the time. 
    Now, the setups.  Unless otherwise noted, this is all done with your opponent
    near the corner(preferably in the corner)
    5K > 5S(c) > 6P wall bounce, start Dust loop off either 5K or 2S
    (opponent in corner) 623K floor bounce, dash under 2H, start Dust loop from the
    jumping part
    (requires 50% Tension) 2D XX 236K RC(1st hit) jD, land, start Dust loop from 5K
    (dash a bit if necessary)
    (requires 25% Tension) 236P FRC, dash 2H, start Dust loop from jumping part.
    (opponent near corner) adS > adD, dash and start Dust loop from 5K
    iad 623S, land, start Dust loop from 5K (1 hit) or 2S (probably preferable)
    Dash Jump Dust loop
    You can normal jump D, pause, D on some characters, or after a bunch of hits
    in a combo.  However, to fit in even more Dust loop reps, you can dash, jump
    immediately and hit D just as you jump, then D as you fall.  So it'll look
    something like:
    [dash jD, D, land]x whatever.
    The input looks something like:
    [669 D, D]x whatever.  
    As always, end it somehow, S VV into knockdown is good.
    Triple Dust Dust loop
    Again, similar concept, except you're gonna fit THREE Dusts into one jump.
    Devastating, but hard.  You usually can't fit in too many triple Dust reps,
    but you can transition to dash jump Dust loops.  These happen to work pretty
    well on Potemkin and Johnny.
    Three ways:
    1) For the initial loop, you can Jump Install:
    Setup, 5K8(JI) > 2H HJC, hjD JC, djD, D, land.
    2) Setup, [jD JC djD, D, land]x whatever, ender
    3) Setup, [dash jD JC, djD, D, land]x whatever, ender
    FRC Gunflame, Bandit Bringer loop
    Character specific, will check who this works on later.
    But basically, off a connected FRC Gunflame, a Bandit Bringer will combo.
    On some characters, they'll be close enough for ANOTHER FRC Gunflame, Bandit
    Bringer to connect.
    The easiest setup is off a Wild Throw, but plenty of characters can tech
    before the Gunflame hits.
    (Setup,) [236P FRC, 236[K]]xN
    Bandit Revolver loop
    Pretty much a ghetto loop... good damage for no Tension and little effort,
    Generic form is:
    near corner, 6P > 5H XX 236K, [5K > 5S XX 236K]x whatever, end
    VERY character specific, though.  For the most part, a lot of Dust loop setups
    set this loop up, too.  Good way to get damage in on Johnny if you just CAN'T
    get the Dust loop to work on him.
    More combos to come.
    6) Strategies
    Best close pokes: sK, 2S
    Best distance pokes: sS(f), 2D, Fafnir
    Anti air: sK, Volcanic Viper, 6P
    Best jump-in: jS > D
    Best wakeup: Volcanic Viper, Tyrant Rave v.Beta, Riot Stomp against
    non-projectile meaty attacks
    Overheads: Bandit Bringer, sD
    Gunflame: FRC it and run after it... what you do afterwards is up to you.
    Gunflame Feint: Get far away and do a lot of these, with a few real Gunflames
    here and there, to build a little meter before going on the offensive... that's
    about their only use, they don't recover so quickly that you get
    Mist Cancel-like results.
    Bandit Revolver: Due to the lag on it, this is pretty much a combo exclusive
    move.  Too easily punished with throws and the like if you try to use it in
    pressure strings too much.
    Bandit Bringer: Pretty much a combo tool... it's very easily punished by
    throws if done too close, it's not really too safe even if not IB'd.  It's okay
    here and there against people who don't have great throw followups or quick
    punishment combos (ex Chipp)
    Riot Stomp: FRC'd, it's runaway.  Regular usage- it's an okay "surprise" move
    if you use it sparingly.  Newer Sol players like to spam it, but when
    anticipated, this move gets 6P'd into Sol's demise.  If you're cornered and
    your opponent is trying to start up some pressure string to mix you up or jack
    up your guard meter, Riot Stomp is a decent way to turn the tables: in the
    corner the actual kick comes out pretty much too fast to react to, it's an
    overhead that'll go over low attacks, and on a clean hit it'll knock them away.
    If blocked, it's safer than trying to Volcanic Viper your way out.
    Wild Throw: This move can make or break Sol.  Used properly, it gives Sol a
    good mixup tool up close that leads to good damage.  Improper usage makes Sol
    predictable, and very punishable.
    Generic setup is FRC Gunflame, dash 2P x1-2, pause, Wild Throw.
    The other generic setup is blocked Grand Viper (mash) RC before Sol jumps, dash
    Wild Throw.
    In terms of widely used, effective setups, that's about all you're likely to
    see... but any string ending in 2P or 2S can potentially turn into a Wild Throw
    setup, especially if you've conditioned them to keep blocking in fear of a
    2D XX pain.
    Grand Viper: Another essential, yet risky move.  The Grand Viper is pretty much
    Sol's answer to people who zone him out with long pokes, especially Johnny,
    Axl, and to a lesser extent Ky.  Since it goes under said characters' best
    pokes (and plenty of other characters), it often becomes Sol's best chance at
    getting in and winning.  It's weakness is, of course, huge lag if blocked.
    We're talking frame disadvantage of like 40+ frames, IIRC.  Not good.  If you
    have meter, you can salvage a blocked GV with RC, dash Wild Throw... this move
    also beats a lot of low pokes, but the characters Sol REALLY needs it against
    (Johnny, especially) tend to have pokes that beat GV(Johnny 2H).  In general...
    look for patterns, or wait till you have 50% Tension and pray.
    Volcanic Viper: Obviously, it's a great AA.  Useful against people who like to
    airdash with aerial DPs(other Sols) to beat out 6Ps and such.  Otherwise, stick
    to 5K as your AA of choice.  It's also a good combo ender, but where this move
    shines is it's ability to stuff, well, pretty much everything.  VV alone forces
    your opponent to be more cautious with their okizeme- it also prevents Sol from
    being killed by Eddie unblockables for free.  It can also pass through
    projectiles, though the only real use of this is against Venom.  Decent poke
    stuffer- GV does a better job at that, though.
    One stupid trick that works here and there is to run straight at your opponent,
    then do H VV > 214K.  If you whiff or get blocked, vary the time of the 214K
    followup to affect how far away you land- this is pretty much safe against
    Johnny and Potemkin so long as they weren't near the corner.  It can be
    decently safe against other characters, too... especially if you manage to land
    and VV their punishment attempts a few times.  Still, it IS a pretty stupid
    tactic- it works occasionally, but it's not something to rely on.  There are
    many characters that can punish Sol HARD if they catch you.
    Fafnir: It has great range and priority- it also jacks up the guard bar a LOT.
    Useful in some block strings, works decently after a 2S due to the frame
    advantage on 2S.
    Character Specific Strategy
    Coming soon...
    7) Closing & Thanks
    -Arc Systems for making this game.
    -Sammy for publishing this game.
    -The Sugar Land crew for competition.
    -The Stargate crowd for competition.

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