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    Ky by Omniphagos

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    Guilty Gear XX/X2 
    Ky Kiske Faq
    Faq started February 24, 2003   
    Faq created by Omniphagos
    Faq Version History 
    Version 1 - Initial Version
    Table of Contents
    1. Intro
    2. Universal Moves and Gauges
    3. Button Legend
    4. Special Moves
    5. Tension Specials
    6. Ky Kiske's Destroyer
    7. Combos
    8. Legal Stuff
    1. Intro 
    From what I have gathered so far about Ky's character, Ky is the youngest 
    warrior that was inducted into the Knights of the Holy Orders. With his great
    background in fighting, it was not long before he was in command of the Holy 
    Knights himself. 
    His rival is Sol Badguy and is seeking Sol because Sol has stolen a precious
    sword that belongs to Ky's Holy Knights. He has yet to recover the sword but 
    will not stop at anything to get revenge on Sol and get the sword back. 
    I will update this section as I get more info on Ky.
    2. Universal Modes and Guages
    Tension Gauge
    The gauge at the bottom of the screen on your side. You gain tension with offensive 
    actions like attacking and using special moves, and you lose tension when you 
    decide to do nothing in the fight. It is red usable, and orange when its full.
    Burst Gauge
    This gauge is underneath your Health Gauge. When it is pulsating and says "BURST",
    you can press R1+any other attack button(except Dust) to do a counterattack.
    Powerful special moves that require at least 50% of the tension gauge. Each 
    character on average has 2-3 of these. They are generally more devastating than
    normal special moves.
    A special move that completely kills you enemy no matter how much health he/she 
    has. To activate the characters destroyer you must first hit all four attack buttons
    at the same time. Your tension gauge will be replace with a different guage. However
    be warned that if you try to catch an opponent with your character's destroyer,  
    the tension gauge will be lost until the next round. 
    Roman Cancels
    This allows you to cancel any attack and continue with another attack allowing 
    you to create your own custom combos. You can perform this by hitting any 3 attack 
    buttons (Dust button excluded)during an attack. You need half the tension guage
    to use this.
    Faultless Defense
    This technique allows you to create an impenitrable barrier around your character,
    but it will only last as long as the tension gauge can hold out.To perform this,
    press P and K while guarding.
    3. Button Legend
    Button Motions
    U = Up
    D = Down
    F = Forward
    B = Back
    J = Jump 
    U/F = UpForward
    U/B = UpBack
    D/F = DownForward
    D/B = DownBack
    FF = Dash
    BD = Backwards Dash 
    HJ = High Jump
    DJ = Double Jump
    QCB = Quarter Circle Back
    QCF = Quarter Circle Forward
    HCB = Half Circle Back
    HCF = Half Circle Forward
    DP = Dragon Punch 
    RDP = Reverse Dragon Punch 
    Attack Buttons
    P = Punch
    K = Kick
    S = Slash
    HS = Hard Slash
    D = Dust
    4. Special Moves. 
    1. Stun Edge - QCF + S
       -Pretty good projectile that comes out fast. 
    2. Stun Edge Charge Attack - QCF + HS
       -Comes out too slow, but very good combo starter if enemy is caught. Use
        this move to try to make the enemy jump and follow up with a combo. 
    3. Arial Stun Edge - J or HJ and during the jump QCF + S or HS
       -Not a really good move. Very easy to dodge. 
    4. Vapor Thrust - DP + S or HS. Can also be done during jumping.
       -Use it as your main counter for people who love to jump in.
    5. Stun Dipper - QCF + K
       -Good two hit combo if done at the right time. It surprises enemies because
        it's a move that hits low. 
    6. Greed Sever - QCB + K 
       -It's an ok move but not really useful in my opinion. 
    5. Tension Specials.
    Note : Your tension gauge must be at least 50% full to perform Tension Specials.
    1. Ride the Lighting - HCB+F + HS
       -The perfect special to finish off most of Ky's ground combos.
    2. Sacred Edge - QCFx2 + P
       -Not really all that great since it really isn't that powerful. It's good
        if you want to finish off some ground combos with it. 
    6. Ky Kiske's Destroyer
    Rising Force - Make sure you activated the Destroyer Gauge first. After activating 
    it inout these commands : QCFx2 + HS
         -Ky's Destroyer isn't all that great. It's good to finish off a combo with
    the destroyer but chances are you won't because it will cost you your whole tension
    gauge. If you do try to hit the enemy with the destroyer, make sure you are close
    because the destroyer won't hit from full screen away.
    7. Combos
    Note : I will try to continue updating this section whenever I can. If you have
    a combo email me it if you want to. You will be given full credit.
    Combo 1 
    P, S, D + HS 
    Combo 2 
    P, S, D + HS,  QCF + K
    Combo 3 
    F + HS, QCF + K
    Note : You can cancel the 2nd hit of the F + HS into the QCF + K
    Combo 4 
    P, P, S, HS, QCF + K
    Combo 5
    P, P, S, HS, QCFx2 + P
    Combo 6
    P, P, P, P, S, QCF + K
    More to come!
    8. Legal Stuff
    This FAQ copyright 2003 to Omniphagos. This Faq cannot be duplicated unless given
    permission by the author of the Faq itself. This FAq can only be found at the
    following website(s). 
    Credits : 
    Sammy and ArcSystem Works for making a real great fighting game. 

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