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    Potemkin (Spanish) by Pope Stewart

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    Potemkin Strats and Combos v.1
    Guilty Gear X2 and XX for the Playstation 2 Console
    By: Pope Stewart
    Date: 03.01.03
    [P . O . T . E . M . K . I . N]
    Potemkin hails from Zepp, A massive airbourne nation that maintains a society
    based on science and technology.  A former slave soldier who brought this once
    militaristic nation under peaceful rule, the now-famous Potemkin has just
    recieved direct orders from the President.  His top-secret mission? Find the
    Gear that the bounty hunters are persuing and bring it back safetly to Zepp.
        Height: 245 CM
        Weight: 656 KG
        Blood Type: O
        Eye Color: White  ...now if that isn't freaky...and he's not the blind one
        Birthday: October 18
        Origin: Zepp, the Country of Scientific Civilization
        Hobby: Drawing Pictures
    [    W h y . B i g - P o?     ]
    Well...I guess like this as in all fighting games, it's important
    to have lots of skill or just be FREAKING BIG!
        -Lot's o' Damage
        -Lot's o' Defense
        -Good Range
        -A pretty useful Instant Kill, Magnum Opera
        -No Dash
        -Moves leave some lag in them
        -Activating Instant Kill Mode is SLOW!
        -Not for the person wishing to do Capcom-esque combos...
    [B u t t o n . A b b r e v i a t i o n s]
    u/b  u  u/f
      \  |  /
    b -  o  - f       <--- Control Directions
      /  |  \
    d/b  d  d/f
    P = Punch
    K = Kick
    S = Slash
    HS = High Slash
    D = Dust
    c.X = Coutching and do the X button
    s.X = Standing and do the X button
    j.X = Jumping and do the X button
    dj = Double Jump = hit up twice.
    sj = Super Jump = quickly do d, u to jump really high.
    cb = Charge Back (hold b, or hold d/b)
    dp = Dragon Punch (f, d, d/f)
    hcf = Half Circle Forward (b, d/b, d, d/f, f)
    hcb = Half Circle Back (f, d/f, d, d/b, b)
    qcf = Quater Circle Forward (d, d/f, f)
    qcb = Quater Circle Back (d, d/b, b)
    xx = Buffer = while the move is being done, do the next move
    /\ = follow in the air
    \/ = land
    Sweep = d + D = um....sweeps them...
    Backdash Hop = b,b
    OTG = Off the ground = When you knock someone down, immediatly do this to hit
        them again.
    FD = Fautless Defense = By pressing b + and any two attack buttons, minus the
        Dust button (I prefer to use S + HS, as you might get a throw in if they 
        are really close and if not, you are blocking), and a green ring will 
        orbit your character, protecting him/her from chipping damage of special 
        moves.  NOTE: This requires tension to use as it drains tension as you 
        hold a Faultless Defense.
    DAA = Dead Angle Attack = When gaurding an attack w/ FD, you can counter
        attack by pressing forward and interrupt the attacker's combo string. Note
        that this uses up 50% of your tension bar.
    Recovery = when you are knocked around, especially in the air, after the
        opponent finishes a combo or experiences some lag in the combo, you can
        get out of it and essentially recover by pressing a direction and 2 attack 
        buttons, minus the Dust.
    Counter Hit = when both parties throw out a move and one connects before
        the other, you have a Counter Hit, which does more damage and allows for
        more combo potential.  You can also get Counter Hits by raising the
        opponent's guard meter and have it flash. You raise the opponent's Gaurd
        Meter when the opponent blocks and you hit them, subsequently it lowers
        when they attack you or when you connect and start beating them in a combo
        or just after some time.
    RC = Roman Cancel = Certain Moves can eliminate lag time by pressing
        three attack buttons simultaneously (K + S + HS). Note that this uses up
        50% of your tension bar. Requires you to hit the opponent.
    FRC = False Roman Cancel = Even fewer moves can have their lag time eliminated 
        with this move by again pressing three attack buttons simultaneously (K + 
        S + HS).  This only requires 25% of your tension.  The thing about this is 
        that to use it correctly, you have to time it perfectly.  There is a 
        window of opportunity to use these and it is very small.  The move that 
        you are canceling out of does not need to connect, and a blue ring will 
        appear when you do this correctly.
    JC = Jump Cancel = Certain moves can eliminate lag time by pressing
        jump after the move is completed.  For Potemkin, you will most likely
        use this after a Dust Attack
    Burst = Done by hitting one attack button with the Dust button while the gage
        is full.  If you use Burst as an attack, and you will know this because a 
        yellow ring will be behind the character, and it hits, they you will have 
        100% tension.  IF you are being attacked in a combo, you can get out of 
        the combo by Bursting, and a blue ring will be behind this time, and will
        hit the opponent off of you, unless they attack, stop, and block.
    [    B a s i c . M o v e s    ]
    -These are the Basics of basics.  Note that All the moves, minus those of 
        throws, can be RCed.
    | P U N C H I N G: \__________________________________________________________
        -s.P = just punchs....ooooh! But it does come out very fast.  Low range.
              damage: 11, Jump Cancelable.
        -c.P = crouches and punches...basically the same as above. Low range.
              damage: 12
        -j.P = a quick little elbow move comes out.
              damage: 18 (hits overhead)
        -f+P = he puts his hands together and shoves them towards the opponent. A 
              good anti-air move.
              damage: 35 -=- will whiff on a crouching opponent.
    | K I C K I N G: \____________________________________________________________
        -s.K = his backleg crosses his front and kicks you low.
              damage: 22 (hits low), Jump Cancelable
        -c.K = his font leg reaches out to kick you...the range is medium, good 
              for poking.
              damage: 16 (hits low)
        -f+K = he does a little head butt. If it hits, it causes staggering.
              damage: 23 (hits overhead), Jump Cancelable
        -j.K = just that...a jump and kick.
              damage: 22 (hits overhead), Jump Cancelable
    | S L A S H I N G: \__________________________________________________________
        -s.S = it looks as if though he's doing a nice dance move, but hits well.
              damage: 36, Jump Cancelable
        -(close)s.S = takes his fist and hits down at your head.
              damage = 40, Jump Cancelable
        -c.S = backfists the opponet's mid section, nice range.
              damage = 36
        -j.S = jumps up and hits down at you w/ both fists.
              damage = 32 (hits overhead)
    | H I G H . S L A S H I N G: \------------------------------------------------
        -s.HS = he extends is fist out to hit you...very nice range, good for
              damage: 58
        -c.HS = you will always want to do this move...it uppercuts the opponent
              into the air...you need to be rather close for this to connect...but
              beware, the move has some lag time if you whiff!
              damage: 66
        -j.HS = he kinda goes parallel w/ the ground and hits you.
              damage: 40 (hits overhead)
        -f+HS = he throws out both fist and smacks the bejebus out of you, great
              for staggering someone. But beware as it has some abusable start-up
              animation and lags after it's thrown out.
              damage: 90
        -(close)j.HS = throws the opponent in the air, grabs them and hits their 
              head like a cartoon would.
              damage: 70 (unblock-able)
        -(close)f+HS = throws the opponent behind you
              damage: 60 (unblock-able)
    | D U S T I N G: \____________________________________________________________
        -s.D = you preform his Dust attack that launches the opponent into that 
              air.  Hold up for a follow up.
              damage: 30 (hits overhead)
        -c.D = you sweep the opponent.
              damage: 35 (hits low)
        -j.D = you fall straight down using your mighty ass.
              damage: 45 (hits overhead)
    [  S p e c i a l . M o v e s  ]
    -You really should read this as it has data you might not know about!
    -Mega Fist I = qcf+P \________________________________________________________
    Po jumps forward w/ fists extended.  A very useful move for advancing forward.
        damage: 50 (hits overhead)
        cancel: RC and FRC
        When to FRC: You have 2 frames to do it, just as the punch comes out and 
            when you are falling down.
    -Mega Fist II = qcb+P \_______________________________________________________
    Po jumps back w/ fists extended. Good for retreats.
        damage: 50 (hits overhead)
        cancel: RC and FRC
        When to FRC: You have 2 frames to do it, just as the punch comes out and 
            when you are falling down.
        NOTE: It will stagger the opponent on a counter-hit.
    -Sliding Head = qcf+S \_______________________________________________________
    Po slams his head on the ground.
        damage: 40
        cancel: RC
        NOTE: If you miss, it will cause a mini earthquake (He is a huge guy after
            all).  This earthquake will knock anyone down who is on the ground.  
            This is best used when someone jumps away from you to do projectiles. 
            Be cautious though as you don't want to miss the character and then 
            miss the earthquake because they were in the air as you will probably
            take a beating then.
    -Hammer Fall = cb, f+HS \_____________________________________________________
    Po moves forward across the screen and smashes the opponent between his fists.
        damage: 60
        cancel: RC and FRC
        When to FRC:  Again you have 2 frames to do this.  When Potemkin's fists 
            are about to join together, that's when you do it.
        NOTE: This move absorbs one hit.  Yay for autogaurd.  So if a Johnny 
            player throws out a Mist Finer, you will eat the attack and then smack
            him.  Beware of players like Dizzy who can throw out multiple attacks
            very quickly, on the second hit, it's counter attack against you!
    -Hammer Fall Cancel = ... , P
    Right after doing the Hammer Fall, and before Potemkin starts to attack, you 
    can cancel out of this move.  Great for a fake and to get you closer up.
    -F.D.B. = hcb+S \_____________________________________________________________
    Here is a new move from Po-chop's GGX arsenal.  He flicks his wrist and fires 
    a projectile at the opponent.  Its a short distance.
        damage: 40
        cancel: RC
        NOTE:  If you hit, it causes staggering.  If you hit on a counter-hit, you 
            send the opponent towards you.  If you think it's usefulness is over 
            with that then guess again!
    -F.D.B. as a projectile counter!
    You can also bounce opponent's projectiles back at them.  As it comes out, do 
    the hcb+S and you will send a wave back towards them.  A return to sender.
        damage: 16 x 2
        cancel: Nope
        NOTE:  It causes staggering when hit. 
    -Potemkin Buster = hcb, f+P \_________________________________________________
    This is a POWERFUL throw.  Use this if an opponent is standing above you when
    you wake up from being on the ground to punish them greatly.  Also, you can do
    this  move if you are being attacked and you dash back and then do this move.
    Dashing Back gives you some invinibiity to moves and then if they follow suit,
    punish! Even more to that...you can jump into an opponent hold back, then when
    you land next to them, throw them for much pain.
        damage: 140 (unblock-able)
        cancel: Nope
        NOTE: you need to be close.
    -Heat Knuckle = dp+HS \_______________________________________________________
    This grabs an opponent thats in the air and squeezes them.  Good for opponents
    jumping in or for catching someone off of a c.HS uppercut.
        damage: 0, 15, 15, 40 (unblock-able)
        cancel: RC
        NOTE: counts as a throw, you have to catch them in the air.
    -Heat Knuckle Extended = ... , hcb+HS
    After you have done the Heat Knuckle, do this move to add even more pain
        damage: 90
        cancel: RC
    [     O v e r d r i v e s     ]
    -Potemkin is nice because he gives you two very nice ODs to work w/.
    Remember, using a OD uses up 50% of your tension bar.
    -Giganter = hcb, f+HS \_______________________________________________________
    Po throws out a mirror looking thing that staggers the opponent.  Very useful 
    to throw out against people jumping in on you.
        damage: 45
        cancel: nope
        NOTE: causes staggering
    -Gigantic Bullet = ... , hcf, hcf+P
    After you do the Giganter, and I mean right after, do these motions and have 
    them done before the animation of the mirror comes out.  Make sure you do all 
    the motions too.  Anyway, he lights up his fists and brings them together to 
    hurt you very much.
        damage: 126
        cancel: RC
    -Heavenly Potemkin Buster = qcf, qcf+S \______________________________________
    Imagine doing the Potemkin Buster throw, but this time in the air!  If the
    opponent is in the air, you can do this move on the ground and get them and
    punish them.
        damage: 190 (unblock-able)
        cancel: Nope
        NOTE: catches the opponent in the air.
    [   I n s t a n t . K i l l   ]
    -Like all characters (minus Dizzy), you can kill your opponent in one hit!
    You have to hit all the attack buttons (P + K + S + HS) to go into IK mode.  
    While in IK mode, you cannot do Overdrives and you only have one try to 
    connect it, otherwise you have no more tension meter for the rest of the game.
    -The bad part about using this for Big-Po is that it takes FOREVER for him to
    complete his IK mode animation.  So its a MUST to do this after you do a
    Sliding Head (qcf+S) from afar and then pull this off...even that can be risky
    if you're playing against Chipp who can Teleport to you. Safest bet is after a
    dizzy or a stupid AI opponent.
    -Magnum Opera = qcf, qcf+HS \_________________________________________________
    Potemkin gets pissed and breaks out of his armor hands and head thing and it
    hits the opponent into the air and kisses his hand and punches the BEJEBUS
    out of the opponent when he/she falls into range.  This IK has very small
    range, but it can disrupt most attacks up close.  Probably the best way of
    pulling this off would be the same way you would pull off the Potemkin
    Buster...either as when you wake up, jump in and block and do it, or the dash
    back and when being followed pull it off. But if you're close enough, all is
    good and won.
        damage: All of it...gone!
        cancel: nope
        NOTE: Can out prioritize everything
    [         C o m b o s         ]
    |No Tension: \________________________________________________________________
    *(close)P > P > P > P
    *(close)c.P > c.P > c.P > c.P
    -don't EVER do these combos...I mean really, you are doing NOTHING!
    *f+HS xx qcf+P
    *f+HS xx qcb+P
    -those are nice because they eliminate some of the lag time of the f+HS
    *(close)f+K > S > S > Sweep
    *(close)c.S > Sweep
    *(close)f+K > c.K > Sweep
    -Those are good because they keep Po-chop close.  The last one is real nice 
    because the f+K hits overhead and then the c.K hits low.  That means that the 
    opponent has to change blocking stances from standing to crouching otherwise 
    it connects.  You really test the person's blocking skills with this.
    *(close)hold b (HS, f+HS)
    *(close)S > c.HS xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS)
    *(close)c.K > S > c.HS xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS)
    *j.HS > c.HS xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS)
    -the second is harder to catch them with the Heat Knuckle.
    *f+K > Potemkin Buster (hcb, f+P) > s.HS
    *(close) F.D.B (hcb+S) > Potemkin Buster (hcb, f+P) > s.HS
    || Dust ||
    *Dust /\ j.HS > j.K > j.S > j.HS
    *(close) Dust /\ j.HS > j.HS > j.HS
    *Dust /\ Jump > j.HS \/ c.HS xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS)
    -Impossible Dust...to do this, you have to hold up when you dust, when you get 
    in the air, jump again for a double jump and then j.HS.  You should do this 
    before the screen turns red and rather quickly.  If you do, then the opponent 
    goes up and they cannot recover.  This is the best use for the dust, IMO.
    f+K > Dust ...
    || Counter-Hit ||
    *HS > Dust ...
    *F.D.B. (wall bounce) > s.HS > Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS)
    || Corner ||
    *Potemkin Buster (hcb, f+P) > S > S xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS)
    *Potemkin Buster (hcb, f+P) > c.HS xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS)
    *DAA (wall bounce) > c.HS xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS)
    |25% Tension: \_______________________________________________________________
    *Hammer Fall (cb, f+HS) > FRC > S > Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS)
    *(close)Hammer Fall (cb, f+HS) > FRC > S > c.HS > Heat Knuckle (dp+HS) ...
    |50% Tension: \_______________________________________________________________
    -all the ones in the 25% tension category if you missed the timing on the FRC.
    *c.HS xx Heavenly Potemkin Buster (qcf, qcf+S)
    *Impossible Dust /\ Jump > j.HS \/ c.HS xx HPB (qcf, qcf+S)
    *c.HS xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS) 2 hits > RC > HS > Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend 
    *(mid screen)Giganter (hcb, f+HS), Gigantic Bullet (hcf, qcf+P) (wall bounce) 
        >  s.K > S > Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS)
    || Counter-hit ||
    *F.D.B > (wall bounce) c.HS > HPB (qcf, qcf+S)
    || Corner ||
    *Potemkin Buster (hcb, f+P) > S > c.HS xx HPB (qcf, qcf+S)
    *Potemkin Buster (hcb, f+P) > S > S xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS) 2 hits > RC > f+HS
        xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS)
    *c.HS > Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS) > RC > walk forward some > f+HS 
        xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS)
    |75% Tension: \_______________________________________________________________
    *Hammer Fall (cb, f+HS) > FRC > c.HS xx HPB (qcf, qcf+S)
    *(close or by a corner)Hammer Fall (cb, f+HS) > FRC > HS xx Giganter (hcb, 
        f+HS), Gigantic Bullet (hcf, qcf+P) > (wall bounce) K > S > Heat Knuckle 
        (dp+HS), Extend (hcb,+HS)
    || Corner ||
    *Hammer Fall (cb, f+HS) > FRC > S > Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS) > RC 
        > walk forward some > f+HS xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS)
    |100% Tension: \______________________________________________________________
    -All the ones in the 75% Section if you missed the timing of the FRC and did a 
    *c.HS xx Heat Knuckle 2 hits > RC > Giganter (hcb, f+HS), Gigantic Bullet 
        (hcf, hcf+P) > (wall bounce) K > S xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend 
    *Giganter (hcb, f+HS), Gigantic Bullet (hcf, hcf+S) > (wall bounce) K > c.HS
        xx HPB (qcf, qcf+S)
    || Corner ||
    *Potemkin Buster (hcb, f+P) > S > S xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS) > 
        RC > HPB (qcf, qcf+S)
    *Potemkin Buster (hcb, f+P) > S > c.HS xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS) 2 hits > RC > 
        Giganter (hcb, f+HS), Gigantic Bullet (hcf, hcf+P)
    *c.HS xx Heat Knuckle (dp+HS), Extend (hcb+HS) > RC > c.HS xx HPB (qcf, qcf+S)
    [      S t r a t e g y        ]
        You're going to want to compensate for his slow speed.
    -Sliding Head (qcf+S) is you're friend.  By using that, you can get close to 
    your opponent, where I think Po-chop is most effective.  Be careful not to 
    overdo the Sliding Head (qcf+S) or you will eat it when someone jumps over it 
    and nails you.
    -Also try ending moves with sweeps as that allows you time to get close.
    -You also have his laggy moves.  If you miss on a Hammer Fall, don't be afraid 
    to RC or FRC out of it to save you some health.  You can also RC out of laggy 
    moves and then switch it up and try to get a counter-hit out of an enemy who 
    goes for an attack.
    -A warning...Potemkin has a lot of moves that "seem" like they combo, like K > 
    S > HS.  The HS doesn't combo.  If you are not careful, you can have someone 
    do an OD and totally have you eat that HS as a counter-hit.  Be careful!
    -Because Potemkin has a few really good combos, and mostly crap ones, make 
    careful use of pokes.  There are some moves that do ridiculous damage, but you 
    have to wait till the time is right to unleash those.  So it's best, IMO, to 
    play conservatively and use his reach.
    -Love the F.D.B.  Because you can return the projectiles in a new form, you 
    are able to not feel the burn of a long reach Ky who only does Stun Edges.  
    Return those projectiles and Hammer Fall (cb, f+HS) your way back up to them.
    Using his Powers:
       Now some Mind Game Fun...
    -Go into IK mode, and stay there.  When you play people, they see IK mode, 
    they think block or die.  So jump into someone so that you get close.  Most 
    likely they will think you to do his Magnum Opera (qcf, qcf+HS).  That's when 
    you do his Potemkin Buster (hcb, f+P).  Now you've done tons of damage.  Don't 
    worry so much about Potemkin losing life while in IK mode as he has tons of 
    defense so it doesn't eat right through him.  So now the person is getting 
    weary of your tactics.  The moment they try something, do the Magnum Opera and 
    watch them cry.  You might be called cheap, but tell the to go bugger off.
    -f+K.  This is something from Ko Ninja off of the GameCombos.Com Forum.  Do 
    f+K > Mega Fist I (qcf+P)...what this does is hit's (or even tries) with the 
    f+K.  You then Mega Fist and end up whiffing and go to the opposite side of 
    the person.  When you do, you can either Potemkin Buster (hcb, f+P) them or 
    attack because they now have to change their direction of blocking.
    -Recovering is often times key in GGX2.  But there is a way to play with this.  
    When you knock someone around in the air, some people like to recover and come 
    right at you.  So let's take Potemkin's throw (close f+HS).  The enemy can 
    recover from it and come right back at you.  All you do is his Heavenly 
    Potemkin Buster (qcf, qcf+S) and put a stop to that.  This is what I was 
    talking about with wait your time.  Some people are air fighters and if you 
    play it right, you can catch them and damage them much.
    -OTG hits.  Well, unlike GGX, you can't do the Giganter (hcb, f+HS) and then 
    get a dizzy as an OTG hit.  But you still can do this number.  Do a Sliding 
    Head and let's say you whiff.  So they are now on the ground.  You can do a 
    Mega Fist I (qcf+P) and hit them, and if they don't recover, then you can 
    Sliding Head them again and do it all over again.  It won't be much damage 
    wise, but sometimes you just have to take what you can get.  And we all know 
    that feeling when we have them down to just a sliver of health...this is a 
    pretty good way of taking that sliver.  And many slivers do end up making big 
    -Back hopping.  Maybe you didn't read this before, so i shall reiterate.  
    Potemkin's back hop (b, b) has a lot of invincibility frames to it, meaning 
    that the enemy will hit right through him.  If you have someone jumping in on 
    you, back hop and then do a Potemkin Buster (hcb, f+P).
    [       C r e d i t s         ]
    Thanks to GameFAQS (www.gamefaqs.com) for hosting this FAQ
        and to the people on the message board!
    Thanks to the GCC (www.gamecombos.com) forum.
    I guess I should thank Sammy and Arc Systems for making this game.
    GUILTY GEAR X2 (C)2002 Sammy / 1998,2002 ARC SYSTEM WORKS CO.,LTD.  All
    rights reserved.
    Copyright 2003: Pope Stewart

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