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    Millia by RBatiste

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/20/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Millia-Rage (for Newbies)
    --Version 1.0--
    Table of Contents
    1. Intro to FAQ
    2. Intro to Millia
    3. Legend
    4. GGXX Gameplay
    5. Normal Attacks
    6. Special Moves
    7. Overdrives/Instant Kill
    8. False Roman Cancels
    9. Combos
    10. Strategies
    11. Copyright/Acknowledgements
    *FAQ History
    (3/20/03) 1.0 - FAQ is up
    *Why this FAQ is created?
    This FAQ is created for the growing legion GGXX players across the land.  
    This FAQ helps people completely new the series understand some of the 
    basics of this game and this character from a fellow newbie to the 
    series, namely myself. (Although I've played GGX just a little)
    Millia is one of those characters that needs to be in the opponent's 
    face to have any chance at winning since she doesn't really have a 
    long-distance game.  However, she has a lot of useful attacks and 
    tactics to get out of certain jams and create situations where she can 
    do some damage.  Hopefully this FAQ will help show these as best as 
    3. LEGEND
    *Joystick / Control Pad
    u - up
    d - down
    f - forward
    b -back
    df - down forward
    db - down back
    QCF- quarter circle forward (d, df, f)
    QCB - quarter circle backward (d, db, b)
    HCF - half circle forward (b, db, d, df, f)
    HCB - half circle backward (f, df, d, db, b)
    QCF x 2 - quarter circle forward twice (d, df, f, d, df ,f)
    *Attack Buttons
    P - Punch
    K - Kick
    S - Slash
    HS - Heavy Slash
    D - Dust
    *Combo Legend
    f. - forward (hold joystick/pad forward)
    c. - crouching (hold joystick/pad down)
    j. - jumping (while in midair)
    ^ - jump
    xx - cancel (you can input the command of a move immediately after 
    previous attack)
    Example Combo:P-P-S-c.HS xx Winger
    This means you press P, then P, then S, then while holding the 
    joystick/pad down press HS, then quickly input the command for Winger.
    This will give you a quick briefing of the play style of this game.  
    If you want a more in-depth description of the basics, I'd suggest 
    taking a look at EChang's General FAQ at gamefaqs.com
    *Tension Meter
    This is the most important feature of the game.  Nearly every thing you 
    can do in this game revolves around this meter located on the bottom of 
    the screen.  The meter is built by attacking, getting attacked, and 
    moving towards the opponent.  There is a penalty for moving away from 
    the opponent, or sitting around in one place.  You will receive a Danger 
    notice if you are playing too defensively, and if you continue to play 
    that way, you will receive a Negative Penalty, which will lead to your 
    meter draining back to zero and for ten seconds, your meter will build 
    slower and you will be dizzied much more easily.
    *Faultless Defense
    This is done by blocking (b or db) and pressing either P+K or S+HS.  You 
    will see a green sphere surround the character and they will be able to 
    take zero chipping damage from all specials and overdrives and the cost 
    of your tension meter.  Also, the character will be pushed out of range 
    of attacks more easily than a normal block.
    *Dead Angle Attacks
    These are universal counter-attacks for characters in the game.  It is 
    done by blocking (b or db), D, & two attack buttons. (Example: b+D+P+K)
    They use 50% of your tension.
    *Roman Cancels
    These are done by pressing any three attack buttons out of P, K, S, & HS 
    and require 50% tension.  You can use these after any attack that 
    connects to the opponent (even if it's blocked).  When you do this, you 
    will see a red sphere flash from the character, and any attack you do 
    will be canceled and you will return to your neutral state.  This can be 
    used to setup combos, or save yourself from an attack with a huge lag.
    *False Roman Cancels
    New to the world of Guilty Gear.  These operate the same as a Roman 
    Cancel except that they can only be done with certain attacks and the 
    time where you have to do this VERY strict. (anywhere from 2-6 frames of 
    animation)  If you do perform this, you will see a blue sphere flash 
    from the character and will only drain 25% tension.
    These are your basic super moves.  They require 50% tension to use and 
    are unique to each and every character.
    *Instant Kills
    The trademark of the series, these are activated by pressing all four 
    attack buttons. (P, K, S, HS)  Once you do this, you will go into a 
    startup animation where the screen will darken and red light will 
    surround the character.  The tension meter will then become an attack 
    meter.  How long the meter is depends on how much tension you built 
    before going into IK Mode.  You then have until the attack meter runs 
    out to perform the Instant Kill move, which is done by QCF x 2 + HS.  
    If your attack connects, the opponent will lose no matter how much life 
    they have left.  But if you miss, or the attack meter runs out, your 
    tension meter will be gone for the rest of the round, thus you will be 
    unable use Faultless Defense, Overdrives, Dead Angle Attacks, Roman 
    Cancels, and False Roman Cancels for the remainer of the round.  Also 
    note, you can press all four buttons during IK Mode to return to your 
    normal tension meter, but your tension meter will return back to zero.  
    Like Overdires, IKs are unique to each character.
    *Burst Gauge
    Is located underneath the life gauge of the character.  New to the GG 
    series.  When the burst meter is full you are able to do two things
    (Combo Breaker / Blue)-When your opponent attacks you, you can use the 
    burst and this immediately knock the opponent away, ending any combo 
    they had you in.  This can be used against any attack except overdrives.
    (Tension Filler / Gold)-When you use this any other time, if you hit the 
    opponent, your tension meter will automatically be filled to 100%.
    Note, the state of the Burst gauge carries over each round in the match, 
    meaning if it's only half-full at the end of Round 1, it will be still 
    half-full at the beginning of Round 2.
    *Guard Gauge
    This pretty much shows the damage you will take from opponent attacks.  
    It is located under the life gauge and always starts out halfway filled.  
    When you take attacks, the meter will decrease, while when you block, 
    your meter will increase.  When your meter is more empty, you'll take 
    less damage. (mainly for combos)  But when your meter is more full, your 
    take more damage.  Also, when your meter is near full, it will begin to 
    flash, making them easier to dizzy and every hit will become a Counter 
    New to Guilty Gear.  Each character has certain moves that will cause 
    the opponent to go into a 'mini-dizzy' state if they are hit with a 
    Counter Hit.  You will know your staggered if you see a joystick icon 
    appear above the character.  To get out of this, you can either shake 
    the joystick/control pad quickly or mash the buttons.
    *Dust Attacks
    There are three functions to the Dust button
    (Standing)-If you connect with this, this will launch your opponent into 
    the air and by pressing up, you can chase after them for an air combo.  
    The background will change into a bright orange when you chase them.  
    These attacks are very slow, and will not launch an opponent that's 
    already in midair, but they can only be blocked high.
    (Jumping)-These attacks cause an automatic knockdown in midair.
    (Crouching)-A sweep that can only be blocked low.  Will cause a 
    knockdown if it connects.
    ***To come in the next update!***
    (please refer to legend section)
    *Tandem Top - QCF + S or HS
    Millia triwls around a froms a green disc around her.  The range of this 
    attack isn't great, but will cause a knockdown/wall bounce if it 
    connects.  The S version comes out very quickly and can be used in 
    combos.  The HS version comes out after a second after Millia twirls 
    around.  This is good to use from a long distance against opponents who 
    blindly rushdown, and can be used to keep a knocked-down opponent in 
    check before getting up.  However, if Millia is attacked is attacked in 
    mid-twirl in the HS version, the disc will not form.  Millia is open to 
    high attacks in both versions.
    *Lust Shaker - QCB + S or S repeatedly
    Millia sticks out her hair in front of her and stabs repeatedly.  It's 
    range is okay, but it does major damage when you can add on a lot of 
    hits.  This is Millia's best move not only for it's damage and 
    comboability, but it help build your tension meter quickly.  Millia is 
    roughly safe during this move as long as the move is canceled quickly 
    enough.  However, this move can be countered with a Burst.
    *Bad Moon - (air only) QCF + P
    Millia turns into a huge twirling half-moon.  This move comes out 
    relatively quick, will cause multiple hits, and a knockdown.  Should be 
    used to end a alot of air combos.  However, if you miss the opponent, or 
    the attack is blocked, Millia is left open to attack.
    *Kousoku Rakka - (air only) QCF + K
    Millia quickly returns to the ground at an angle.  This tatic can be 
    used to escape an opponent that is chasing you in the air or confuse or 
    catch an opponent off guard. This move should not be ignored since it's 
    get for playing mind games.
    *Zenten - QCB + K
    Millia rolls forward at about a 1/3 screen distance.  Yet another 
    necessary tactic to Millia's arsenal.  When she rolls, she will avoid 
    all high and mid-level attacks, and if she is close enough to the 
    opponent she will roll to the other side of them.  I wouldn't suggest 
    using this to get closer to the opponent, since Millia will not be able 
    to attack or defend for a spilt-second, making you open to attack.  
    Instead, use the to get behind the opponent.  Once there you can either 
    set them up with a combo, use her throw (f or b + HS close to opponent) 
    a then do an OTG combo (explained later).
    *Iron Sabre - QCB + P
    Millia rides her hair like a longboard with a point at the end and 
    travels the full screen.  The range and speed of this attack is amazing 
    and will cause a knockdown if it connects.  However the move does have a 
    startup delay, making it useless in combos.  This move is slightly safe 
    if blocked since the lag isn't too bad.  This move can also be used 
    after knocking down the opponent, but there will be a huge damage 
    *Silent Force - (air only) QCB + S
    Millia shoots out a golden dagger at a 45 degree angle.  This is a great 
    projectile.  There's no startup or lag delays and the projectile comes 
    out extremely fast.  However, there's a catch to this attack.  Once your 
    do this attack, you'll notice that the dagger will be standing still on 
    the ground.  While the dagger remains on the ground, you will be unable 
    to do this move again.  To pick it back up, stand over the dagger and 
    then press down on the joystick/control pad.  This move will also cause 
    a stagger in a counter hit.
    *Sercet Garden - QCB + HS (then any direction + HS)
    Millia will face the screen with her arms extended in concentration, and 
    then a second later, a huge orb will appear above her and travel forward 
    a small distance.  This is the trickiest attack in her arsenal.  During 
    the time she is summoning the orb, she is completely open to attacks, 
    and if she is hit before the orb appears, then the orb will never appear.
    However, during the time she is summoning the orb, you can press a 
    direction on the joystick/control pad along with HS and you'll hear a 
    clanging noise.  This means that you are setting a path for orb after 
    it's summoned.  For example if you press down+HS, then the orb will 
    travel forward, then downward.  During the summoning, you can press the 
    direction+HS numerous times, setting up a long path for the orb to 
    travel.  But as mentioned earlier, because there is so much danger in 
    setting this move up, you may be better off not using it.  (You can try 
    do this after a HS version Tandem Top, but it doesn't guarantee total 
    *Emerald Rain - QCF x 2 + S
    Millia will from three discs similiar to Tandem Top, except these discs 
    will flyout horizontally.  A nice Overdrive, does decent damage and easy 
    to combo.  However it does have its flaws.  For one thing you must 
    either be very close to your opponent or near a wall (wall bounce) to 
    make sure all three discs hit.  If not, there's a chance that only one 
    or two of the discs will connect.  There should be no reason to use this 
    attack outside of combos since chipping damage can be nullified by 
    Faultless Defense.
    *Winger - QCB, HCF + HS
    Millia will spreads her hair like a huge wing, then flies straight up 
    into the air before coming back down at a steep angle.  This is Millia's 
    best attack IMO.  Learning how to combo this is a must since the damage 
    is massive.  The damage increases greatly depending on how many hits you 
    get when Millia's on the way up.  Also when she's on the way down, 
    Winger can only be blocked high, but like Emerald Rain there should be 
    no reason to use them outside of combos.
    *Iron Maiden - P+K+S+HS then QCF x 2 + HS in Instant Kill Mode
    She sends her hair to the ground and then a beam of light will appear 
    around the opponent, which will soon shoot out strands of hair from the 
    ground up.  If it connects, two large strands will cross the middle of 
    the screen follow by the message 'DESTROYED'!  As far as IKs go in this 
    game, Millia's ranks pretty low.  It can be seen from a mile away and it 
    can be blocked without a Faultless Defense.  The only way you'll catch 
    some in this is if they pull a move with HUGE lag time, for are just 
    plain careless.
    *Tandem Top (HS) - 3 frame window 14 frames after movement; before disc appears.
    I've yet to find a significant use for this FRC.  All this does is 
    reduce the startup time.
    *Iron Sabre - 6 frame window 6 frames after hair sword forms
    Again, haven't found a real use for it, other than using it as a fakeout.
    9. COMBOS
    Here are some essential combos that are needed to win with Millia.  If 
    any of you other Millia players know of any good combos with her that 
    aren't already listed, feel free to email me and let me know.
    BASIC COMBOS -- (No Tension Required)
    1. P-K-S-HS  (Basic combo chain, can also follow HS with c.D)
    2. c.P-c.P-c.S-Tandem Top (S)
    3. S-c.S-Lust Shaker
    4. f.HS-Iron Sabre
    5. P-P-c.S-Lust Shaker
    6. f.P-S-HS-Tandem Top (S)  (f.P must only hit once)
    7. Tandem Top (HS)-P-P-S-Lust Shaker 
    (If opponent is close enough and attacks are timed properly, disc will 
    hit after second punch)
    8. c.HS ^ j.P-j.P-j.HS (land) Iron Sabre
    (After c.HS, cancel with a jump. You should land the same time your 
    opponent does after j.HS)
    9. c.HS ^ j.P-j.P-j.HS xx Bad Moon 
    (After c.HS, cancel with a jump.  Do the Bad Moon after first or second 
    hit of j.HS)
    TENSION COMBOS -- (50% Tension Required)
    1. S xx Winger
    2. c.HS xx Winger
    3. P-P-S-c.HS xx Winger
    4. Tandem Top (HS)-P-P-S-c.HS xx Winger
    (If opponent is close enough and attacks are timed properly, disc will 
    hit after second punch)
    5. (near corner) c.P-c.P-c.S xx Emerald Rain
    (The Wall Bounce should make sure that all three discs hit)
    6. (near corner) c.P-c.P-c.S-Tandem Top(S)-Emerald Rain
    (Wall Bounce after connecting with Tandem Top)
    7. (near corner) S-c.S xx Emerald Rain
    OTG COMBOS -- (Off the Ground, can only be done once the opponent is 
    knocked down)
    1. c.K-S-[S or HS]-[Tandem Top (S) or Lust Shaker]
    (Tandem Top or Lust Shaker can only be done near corner)
    2. c.K-K-K-K-S-HS
    3. (near corner) c.S xx Tandem Top (S)
    4. (near corner) c.S xx Emerald Rain
    (NOT RECOMMENDED-otg combos have serious damage decrease)
    1. D ^ j.S-j.S-j.P-j.K-j.P-j.K-j.S-j.HS xx BadMoon
    (The two j.S must be done quickly thru jump cancels, hold up while 
    pressing S)
    ***Coming Soon***
    This FAQ is Copyright 2003 Ronald Batiste (aka Who Cares? and Nunya 
    Business)  In no way can you copy or sell my FAQ without my knowing.  
    If you wish to contact me, you can e-mail me at <whocares_srk@hotmail.com>
    Thanks to Gamefaqs for housing such information <www.gamefaqs.com>
    Thanks to Sammy & Arc System for creating this great game, keeping 2D 
    fighting alive.

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