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    Johnny by Meowthing

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 06/11/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By Vincent Leung (Dust/Meowthing - email: badass_moogle@hotmail.com)
    Version History 
    v.1.6 (11/6/03)
       - Okay, I seem to have added the fact that the Air Throw 'untechability' 
         is false. Fixed! Revised Combo section for easier reading. I hope. Fixed 
         and added a few more notes here and there.
    v.1.5 (01/6/03)
       - Minor correction regarding Mist Cancel section. Additional info added to 
         several sub-sections in the Analysis section. New General Overview section.
    v.1.4 (04/5/03)
       - Many more spelling/formatting error corrections and additions.
    v.1.3 (28/4/03)   
       - Added missing Throw and Air Throw tactics in Analysis section. More error
         corrections. Added EX and Gold mode sections. Suggestions from various 
         people in the GGXX/X2 community added in relative sections (thanks guys!)
    v.1.2 (26/4/03)
       - General editing. Added important notes to Mist Trap in Analysis section.
         Added more in the Analysis Section, added Throw and Air Throw descriptions 
         in the Movelist section. Corrected formatting problems. 
    v.1.0 (25/3/03)
       - FAQ started!
    3.GGX2 action basics
    4.Johnny Movelist & Descriptions
    5.Analysis and Tactics 
    7.General Overview
    8.EX and Gold Johnny
    Hello all and welcome to my first FAQ ever - about Guilty Gear X2, 
    and Johnny, one of the coolest characters ever created. 
    I assume most of you have read other FAQs and as such know what GGX2 is all 
    about. If not, here's a brief description - Guilty Gear X2 is a fighting game 
    developed by Arc System Works and published by Sammy Corporation (Big Ben 
    Interactive over here in the UK). It's one of the most fun fighters I've played 
    in a while, and the fact I can use almost all the characters (i.e. I don't leave 
    any of the slowasses (Chang from KoF for example) or weaklings, etc at the 
    Character Select screen and THAT screen only) is what appeals to me. Heck, I can 
    kick some butt with Potemkin, even it's a first try ;) With that out of the way 
    (if you really need more info on the game, go check some more FAQs or visit some 
    gaming sites), we'll move to the one, the only - Johnny! 
    Johnny - ain't he cool? They way he moves, the way he holds his sword - it's 
    just so slick :) More on him later!
    Before anything else, I strongly advise you purchase an Arcade stick to play 
    GGX2 with, if you haven't already. A pad won't do as well for really advanced 
    playing. Ironically, I use a pad :)
    These are the 5 attacks you will get used to using in GGX2. I won't list any 
    button positions since many of you will have customized the layout to your 
    Punch = P
    Kick = K
    Slash = S
    Heavy Slash= H
    Dust = D
    For this FAQ movelist (I might use other variations elsewhere) I will be using 
    the "NumPad" visual key system for your D-pad/D-Stick.
    It goes like this:
      7    8    9
       \   |   /
      4--  5  --6
       /   |   \
      1    2    3
    Where 7=Diagonal Up-Left 
    or    9=Diagonal Up-Right 
    and so on.
    I will be using the numbers to show directional inputs in my Movelist. For 
    example, for Johnny's Mist Finer Middle, I will type: "236K". You will press 
    in a continuous motion: 2 for Down, 3 for Diagonal Down-Right, 6 for Forward 
    and K for kick. Easy huh? Well, I hope you those unfamiliar with the system 
    will quickly get used to it :) All movelist commands are to be inputted facing 
    right (i.e. Player 1's beginning position. Reverse commands to facing left). For 
    jumping commands, however, I will use j. instead. Makes things a tad easier to 
    remember :)
    Here are some other notes and annotations I will use in my movelist/combos 
    [x] - Hold button "X" where "X" can be either P,K,S,H or D.
    JC - Move is Jump Cancelable. More on this and the other Cancels later.
    RC - Move is Roman Cancelable. 
    FRC - Move is False Roman Cancelable.
    A - Move must be done in mid air.
    G/A - Can be done on the ground or in mid air.
    T - Throw, unblockable and can be done in mid air. Must be extremely close to 
    -> - Cancel into [move]
    (f) Move should be done away from the opponent (the command will do another 
    move if done close to the opponent).
    Guard Gauge
    The Guard Gauge is the little red bar below your health bar. It'll begin with 
    it being half full. This is one of the features that encourages the player to 
    stay on the offensive. As you block, the Gauge will fill. Once it reaches it's 
    maximum, all hits on the Guard Gauge maxed character will result in a Counter 
    Hit - the Stun time for every move is increased slightly, thus creating 
    excellent opportunities for damaging combos. If you are on the receiving side of 
    pain, however, the Gauge will gradually empty. As it lowers, the damage you take 
    is decreased. So those dealing out 10+ hit combos will soon find the victim 
    receiving pathetic damage. The Gauge will slowly return to its middle position, 
    if you do not block or get hit. 
    Tension Gauge
    This gauge is similar to those ol' Hyper Combo Meters or Super Move Meters in 
    your "Street Fighters" and "Capcom VS Whoever's Dumb Enough To Fight Capcom" 
    (No offense to both series - they're excellent games in their own right, just 
    having a little fun :) ).  The Gauge will start off at zero at every match. As 
    you attack, the Gauge will increase accordingly to the damage your move deals 
    out. At less than 25% (1/4), your only choices on working with the Gauge are 
    Faultless Defense and Instant Kill. At 25% (1/4), it will turn from Blue to 
    Green, signaling the option to use 1 False Roman Cancel. At 50% (1/2), the bar 
    will turn Red, giving you the choice to use either: 1 Dead Angle Attack, 1 
    Overdrive, 1 Roman Cancel, 2 False Roman Cancels, Faultless Defense, and Instant 
    Kill. At 75% (3/4), you're given an extra False Roman Cancel at your disposal. 
    At 100%, the bar turns Gold, with all Tension options available: 2 Dead Angle 
    Attacks, 2 Overdrives, 2 Roman Cancels, 4 False Roman Cancels, Faultless Defense 
    and Instant Kill. There's a downside to the Gauge - if you turtle (i.e. Block 
    like there's no tomorrow, or just overall keep away from your opponent), you 
    will receive a "WARNING" notice above your bar. Turtle long enough, and you'll 
    receive a "Negative Penalty", your bar is completely drained to 0%, and you're 
    back to square one on Tension options.
    Burst Gauge
    New to GGX2, the Burst Gauge is one of two things - a combo breaker, and Tension 
    Gauge filler. It can do one of the two at a time. Activate by D+ (any other 
    attack button). The first of two Burst options is the Yellow Burst - This 
    activates when you use the burst by itself. Your character will float up in 
    the air slightly, and release a yellow flash of energy. If the enemy gets hit 
    by it (it's fairly easy to spot) then they'll fly back far off and your Tension 
    goes to 100%. But it's VERY tricky to pull off against skilled players, since 
    they will try and bait you into wasting your burst. This burst uses 70% of your 
    Burst gauge. The second is the Blue Burst. This is the combo breaker. If you're 
    being punished viciously, activate it (Dust+another attack button). Same 
    animation, except a blue burst emerges. Your opponent will be blasted back far 
    off, and you'll be left with time to recover. The drawback being it is blockable, 
    plus the recovery time is slow - so if they block, you're pretty much dead. This 
    version uses the full gauge. There are two ways to refill Burst gauge: It slowly 
    recharges by itself, or you take damage. As your life bar gets lower, the more 
    Burst you receive back from taking damage. The Burst gauge does not reset from 
    round to round (i.e. what's left on your gauge will carry over to the next 
    Double Jump
    Press up during midair, and you will jump to an even higher height. Almost as 
    high as a High Jump (see below), that is, if you time the double jump to be at 
    the peak of the first jump.
    High Jump
    Press a down direction and then an up direction quickly, executing a high jump. 
    A shadow will follow the character during a high jump with a 'whoosh' noise, 
    this will allow you to go high into the sky really quickly if the need calls 
    (e.g. evading Faust's "What's Up Next?" bomb variant.) You can't mix double 
    jumps and high jumps, but you can airdash.
    By double tapping forward or back, most characters can dash. This lets you move 
    around quickly, but be warned: you cannot block while dashing. If you press 
    forward and hold the next forward, you will run. You can also dash in midair. 
    If you jump forward and press forward again, this counts as two forwards, so 
    your character will jump forward and immediately airdash. Johnny hops forward 
    instead of dashing, and as such cannot run.
    Basic Attacks
    Basic attacks are simply performed by pressing P, K, S, or H. Pressing these 
    same buttons while crouching, or while in midair, you can perform different 
    basic attacks. 6P and 6H are also basic attacks; S changes whether close or 
    far from the opponent. Some characters also have 6K basic attack (Johnny, for 
    These attacks require 50% (1/2) of a tension bar to perform. There are 
    exceptions, being Dizzy's Gamma Ray and Justice's Gamma Ray, which take a full 
    tension bar to perform. Like special attacks, the properties and inputs vary 
    depending on your character.
    Instant Kill
    These are real 'friendship killers' if you perform them successfully >=).
    If you hit with this move, the opponent instantly loses the round, regardless 
    of how much health he or she has left, hence 'Instant Kill' >=) . To perform an 
    instant kill, press all four attack buttons at the same time. This will put you 
    into instant kill mode. While in instant kill mode, your tension gauge gradually 
    decreases. You cannot use any other Tension option (i.e. DAAs, RCs, FRCs, and 
    FD). Once your tension runs out, you will slowly lose health instead. Once you 
    cancel instant kill state by pressing all four buttons again, you will no longer 
    lose tension or health.  All instant kills are performed by pressing 236,236H, 
    with one exception - May, but I won't go into her :) (Aw heck, it's 41236, 
    41236H). The property of each instant kill is different, be it projectile, close 
    up hit, or throw. Also, regardless of whether you hit with the instant kill or 
    it is blocked/missed, you will lose your tension gauge for the rest of the round. 
    And that sucks. Really.
    Dust Attacks
    Press D to activate the Dust attack. The move cannot be blocked low, and as such 
    is great for those sneaky standing combo -> D attacks >=). The Dust attack will 
    launch your opponent in the air, spinning. Press up afterwards to perform a 
    Homing Jump, chasing after your hapless opponent. Launch a devastating mid air 
    combo while you have the chance, and make them weep :) Also, the Dust attack is 
    moderately slow, so if you're careful enough, you can revert to mid level 
    Pressing down + D will make your character do a sweep. The sweep must be blocked 
    low, and if it hits, the opponent will be knocked to the ground. Great for 
    planning ahead setups and surprise attacks.
    If you score a Counter Hit (or just a normal hit with certain characters) with 
    certain moves, your opponent will stagger. They will go into a stagger animation 
    (usually them slipping) and a joystick animation tells them to waggle the 
    joystick to get out of the stagger. What this means for you is that you have an 
    extra second or so to launch a combo while the opponent struggles to get out of 
    the stagger. 
    Throws must be performed extremely close to the opponent, by pressing either 6H 
    or 4H. They are unblockable. Once a throw is started, there is no way to escape. 
    Getting close enough to perform a throw, though, is pretty damn hard alright. 
    Dashing in and pressing H will not work as this will just perform the 6H basic 
    attack; you must either release forward and press 6H again, or stop your dash 
    and press 4H. You can also do mid air throws, again you have to be very close 
    to use it.
    2 in 1 Cancel.
    Also known as "Basic Cancel". this refers to canceling the recovery time of a 
    basic move (i.e. S, 6P, or j.K to name a few) into a special move (such as 
    Johnny's 236H (Glitter is Gold)). Most of the basic attacks can be 2 in 1 
    Cancelled, so I won't bother listing it as a notation in the Movelist. Just 
    experiment. 6H, for example, is a good place to start for Johnny.
    Jump Cancel
    Some basic moves can have their recovery time cancelled into a jump simply by 
    pressing up as soon as the move connects. This can lead to some nice air combos. 
    One of Johnny's examples is 6H.
    Roman Cancel
    If you press 3 of the either P, K, S, or H (but not D) buttons at the same time, 
    you can perform a Roman Cancel. This will instantly revert your character back 
    to his/her standing animation (i.e. you've just thrown away all the recovery 
    time of your RC'ed move = good) and allow you to attack again immediately. This 
    takes 50% tension to use. This is the key to many damaging combos, otherwise 
    impossible to perform without RC. Note that you can only use a Roman Cancel if 
    you hit the enemy, regardless of whether they block or not. Whiffed (missed) 
    moves cannot be RC'ed.
    False Roman Cancel
    New to GGXX, the False Roman Cancel is essentially a mini-Roman Cancel. It is 
    performed the same (3 attack buttons (other than D) at the same time during an 
    attack). However, there are a few differences. Not every move can be FRC'ed, 
    and the timing is very very strict - usually within 1/5th of a second after 
    performing the move. (e.g. Sol's GunFlame, perform FRC as soon as he hits his 
    sword on the ground, releasing the flames - THAT's how strict FRC timing is). 
    Also, you do not have to connect with the opponent to perform a FRC. FRCs also 
    take only 25% (1/4) tension. A FRC, if successful, will release blue circles 
    instead of the RC red circles. You can also get an idea of the timing in
    Training Mode, set Display Mode to include Command Inputs, and when you do a 
    move (say, 6K for Johnny) as he does the move, the Command Input bar will
    flash blue, telling you when to use the FRC command.
    Dizzy (state)
    If you hit your opponent with a long combo or with powerful hits continuously, 
    they may become dizzy. A ring of bird like things encircle their head, slowly 
    disappearing as the Dizzy effect wears off. While dizzy, the victim is open to 
    anything you can throw at them. They are basically open to anything. Dizzy time 
    may be shortened by mashing the buttons and waggle the D-stick/pad around 
    (Incase you're panicking, the game will helpfully show you that you should 
    wiggle the D-stick frantically).
    OTG (Off The Ground)
    Off The Ground refers to hitting the opponent as they are lying on the ground, 
    making them bounce 'Off The Ground'. Say, for Johnny, he hits his opponent with 
    a mid-air combo. They fall, hit the ground, then bounce up just slightly. Then 
    lay on the floor. You then have a 2 second opportunity for an OTG hit. Not much, 
    but can finish off a weakened opponent or begin one of your setups.
    Also known as 'Teching' or 'Ukemi', Press 1 attack button (GGX used to be 2 
    buttons) while falling in mid air for a Recovery action. Your character will release
    a fine white circle outline (With a 'Ping!' sound and probably some witty quote to 
    boot) and instantly revert back to a 'landing' animation. At this point, all mid-air 
    movement options - Dash and Double Jump, are reset. For example, if Johnny does a 
    double jump and the opponent manages to hit him during mid-air, you press 1 attack 
    button, Johnny will Recover, and you can again double jump or dash. The window 
    opportunity for a Recovery action depends on the type and power of attack your 
    opponent inflictedon you, as well as the number of hits - the more hits your 
    opponent deals on you, the earlier the window for Recovery. Some moves will not 
    allow the victim to Recover at all (e.g. Johnny's Level 2 Mist Finer). You can 
    also decide the direction of the Tech, as in, you can decide if you want to Tech 
    forwards or backwards - this is decided by hold left or right and pressing the 
    attack button. Please note in this FAQ I will use "Recovery" (with capital R) to 
    define this move. I will use "recovery" (without capital R) to show the length of 
    lag time a certain move has.
    Ah, the movelist, I'm pretty sure most of you have seen what Johnny can do, and 
    in this installment he's received only one new special move, but a pretty useful 
    one at that. Here we go.
    All moves are done facing right.
    P (RC/JC) - Johnny does a little 'fwip' with the back of his hand. Short range, 
       but a nice combo starter.
    K (RC/JC) - Johnny stretches out his left leg at mid level. Short/Medium range.     
       Not quite as fast as P, but a good mid-level poking move nonetheless.
    S (RC/JC) - Johnny unsheathes his sword and does a slick swipe that reaches the 
       heads of the shorter characters and the chest level of the other less  
       vertically challenged ones. Up-close, he will poke the opponent with the 
       handle of his sword.
    H (RC/JC) - Johnny unsheathes his sword and does a vertical sloping slash that  
       reaches just high enough to reach opponents halfway in mid-air.
    D (RC/JC) - Johnny kneels down slightly, then uppercuts with the back of his 
       fist. Slow in execution. If you successfully connect with D, then be sure to 
       deal out some pain with an air-combo.
    2P (RC) - Johnny make a short 'fwip with his hand. Fast, but nothing useful.
    2K (RC) - Johnny spins around and does a kick with his right leg. Also fast, and 
       can be a nice poking move.
    2S (RC) - Johnny spins around and pokes the opponent with the sheath of his 
       sword. Nice combo starter or addition. Also, even though it looks like it hits 
       low, it's actually a mid-hit. Just a thing to keep in mind when attempting a 
       mix-up of high/low attacks.
    2H (RC) - Previously in GGX, Johnny did two slashes, one down, the next up. How 
       I miss that move - it was so great for those sneaky gits trying to jump in   
       >=). Now he does a quick horizontally sloping slash. Almost the same range as 
       2S. Maybe further, in fact. Near instant execution - nice poking move. It   
       also staggers on Counter Hit, meaning the victim will be in stun mode for 
       about a second (PLENTY of time to set up a combo - provided you know what 
       you're doing). The one disadvantage of this move is that it's recovery time      
       is really slow, plus you can't Mist Cancel it (BAH!).
    2D (RC) - Johnny does what seems to be a breakdance sweep kick. Hits twice on 
       certain characters. Great to 2 in 1 a Glitter is Gold (236H) if you're quick.
    j.P (RC) - Johnny hits with the top of his sheath angled downwards. Like it's 
       other P counterparts, it's fast and keeps the enemy aloft slightly longer.
    j.K (RC) - Johnny does a kick angled slightly steeper then j.P. Great mid-air   
       combo addition.
    j.S (RC) - Johnny does a horizontal slash. The main attack in most mid-air 
    j.H (RC) - Johnny slices downwards at an angle similar to j.P. Not too useful in 
       mid-air combos because of it's angle, better for landing strikes. Staggers on
       Counter Hit, though I've yet to setup a useful combo after the stagger from 
    j.D (RC) - Johnny does a bicycle kick. Knocks the enemy far back and bouncing 
       off the wall. Wide range, the leg doesn't actually have to be the part that 
       connects (i.e. Johnny's back can also hit), so it's useful for a low ground 
       hit, kinda like a 6P in air. 
    6P (RC) - Johnny leans forward and smacks the opponent with his fist. The main 
       anti-air of most Johnny users. It has upper-body invincibility, meaning most 
       (all?) air attacks will not harm Johnny during this attack. If used against 
       a ground opponent, it will launch in most cases.  
    6K (FRC/RC) - Johnny dashes forward, all the while turning, then ending with a   
        straight vertical kick. This is one of the most used attacks, since it's 
        excellent all-round - it can launch the enemy in the air, and even if  
        blocked, and still give Johnny a split-second or so to recover. Even better, 
        if you FRC it and land next to the opponent = free throw! :)    
    6H (RC/JC) - Johnny spins on the spot, with the move ending with a vertical 
        slash similar to H, but stronger. It does not go as far up as H, but that's 
        a moot point, since combining it with Mist Cancel will lead to some 
        devastating assaults. 
    Throw - Johnny grabs the opponent by the neck, then flings them into the air. 
        One of the best throws in the game, since victim in air = lots of 
        attack/setup options. You can follow up and air combo them, or wait for them 
        to fall and coin them, or make a Bacchus Sigh and hope that they fall into 
        it, and so on. 
    Air Throw - Johnny grabs the opponent (somewhere), does a mid air somersault and 
        throws them at a downwards angle. The opponent will knockback off a wall as 
        well, if done near the corner. Again, a excellent throw, allowing lots of 
        options for you. 
    Bacchus Sigh 
    412P - Johnny leans forward and unsheathes his sword slightly, just slightly, 
        releasing a mist around him, which will then travel slowly towards the 
        opponent. On contacting with the mist, the opponent will then be covered 
        with it for approximately 6 seconds. During this time all Mist Finer attacks 
        are unblockable. Yes. Long starting animation, so it's best to perform it 
        against a downed opponent.
    Glitter is Gold
    236H - Also known as "Coin". Johnny does a punch animation, now with a coin 
        flying out of his hand in a small arcing movement. This is probably the 
        recommended special for a 2 in 1 cancel, since it's very fast in execution 
        and recovery (provided it hits). As well as that, the coin has a more 
        important function - to charge up the Mist Finer's power and attack status.  
        He has 8 coins per match, as shown above his tension gauge. The Mist Finer   
        can be charged up to level 3 with each consecutive Coin hit (that is, as 
        long as you don't use a Level 2 Mist Finer, you can charge it up to Level 3), 
        the details shown below. 
    Mist Finer attacks
    I swear the guy says "Mist Refiner" :)
    Mist Finer Middle 
    236[K], release K to execute slash (RC) - Johnny enters a 'Kamae' stance, then 
        once K is released, he does a extremely fast mid-level slash. He then takes 
        a second or two to sheath the sword back. Great range, can beat out Sol's 
        GunFlame by a few pixels or so. You can also just tap the attack button to 
        release it without entering the Kamae stance. 
    Mist Finer Higher
    236[P], release P to execute slash (RC) - Again, Johnny enters his Kamae stance,  
        unleashing a fast upwards slash once P is released. When done against an mid 
        air opponent, they will be sent flying backwards. Key to what I call the 
        "Mist Juggle". More on that on the Tactics/Combos section.
    Mist Finer Lower
    236[S], release S to execute slash (RC) - Again, Kamae stance, and as the name 
        says: low & fast slash. Knocks down - your opponent won't be able to recover 
        at all.
    Kamae stance movement
        - Press 6 or 4 to move veeery slowly, forwards or backwards respectively 
        during Kamae stance.
    Mist Cancel 
    236[P/K/S], press H - Hold any of the 3 buttons down, then press H to quickly 
        cancel out of Johnny's Kamae stance. This is an EXCELLENT move to utilise in 
        Johnny's playstyle. In fact, for advanced playing, it's damn near essential. 
        More on this later on the Tactics/Combos section.
    Mist Finer levels
    The Mist Finer is charged up by Glitter is Gold (236H). The Level of your Mist 
    Finer will be shown under the Tension Gauge. Incase you need more pointers, for 
    Level 2, Johnny's hand will emit a small swirling ball of energy once you enter 
    the Kamae stance, and for Level 3, Johnny's hand will continuously emit swirling 
    energy balls.
    Level 1 - No coin needed. A standard 'flash slash'. Quick and dirty, S (lower) 
        version especially useful for opponents trying to dash in.
    Level 2 - A stronger flash slash. It's untechable (i.e. the victim cannot 
        perform a Recovery). The opponent is held aloft longer. Excellent for combo 
        endings. Also, the execution is just slightly faster than Level 1.
    Level 3 - A multi-hit slash fest. 9 hits in total. If I got it correct, K does 
        around 7 mid level slashes and 2 low level slashes. P does 8 upper level 
        slashes and 1 mid level slash. K does 8 lower level slashes and 1 mid level  
        slash. Very nice, but not at all useful at advanced play. You're better off 
        using level 2 for quicker strikes for a few reasons - 1. It takes less time  
        to power up with 236H; 2. If you whiff level 3, then it's back to square one 
        with 2 coins less; 3. If you unleash a level 3 and the opponent manages to
        get behind you, then it's free combo time for them and an exceptionally 
        painful consequence for Johnny!
    Divine Blade Transport
    623S (FRC) - This makes Johnny leap forward 3/4 of the screen pretty fast. 
        Great for getting near the opponent really quickly. FRC input must be P+K+H.
    Divine Blade 
    Press S during Divine Blade Transport (A/FRC) - Johnny, during mid DBT flight, 
        will release a pillar of flame. Will knockdown any standing enemies, and is 
        useful for an followup OTG attack.
    Aerial Divine Blade 
    236S in mid-air (A/FRC) - Same as Divine Blade, except you do it in mid air 
        instead of using DBT. 
    41236H (A/RC) - Johnny's new move. Johnny will unsheathe his sword and make a 
        blindingly fast slash in front of him, flames engulfing the slashed area. 
        Hits twice. This is an excellent move. Powerful and fast at the same time. 
        also a great Recovery attack. A bit slow on the recovery time, though that 
        depends on how high up in the air you are (Johnny cannot do anything else 
        during landing). Wonderful mid-air combo ender. It also hits as an overhead 
        (i.e. crouching blockers will be in a world of hurt) and there are a few 
        useful tricks regarding this move. More in the tactics section.
    Overdrive - "What's My Name?"
    632146H (RC) - Johnny will start off this fine Overdrive with a long stab angled 
        upwards. If it successfully hits, Johnny, if on the right hand side, will 
        switch to the left hand side (so the Overdrive makes more sense) slice down, 
        then swing the sword back to him, marking a J with the 3 slashes. He'll spin 
        his sword then sheath it, say some witty comment, then the J lightly 
        in flames. This is a great Overdrive in a few ways. It has pretty long reach, 
        enough invincibility frames at the start to JUST get you out of slight 
        and if you're stuck on the right hand corner, will position you back to some 
        more space. The damage in this installment has been reduced, due to more 
        significant damage scaling. Overall, one of the better, if not excellent 
        Overdrives. However, note that the Overdrive will NOT hit anyone lower than 
        waist height (characters such as Faust and crouching characters). Also known 
        as "Johnny Special" and "Sore ga Ore no Na Da" ("That is my name"). 
    Instant Kill - Joker Trick
    236, 236H during IK Mode - Johnny will throw across a playing card that travels 
        very slowly. The card will NOT hit the shorter characters (Baiken, Bridget, 
        etc), unless they somehow manage to land on it while in midair (or they 
        attack, causing their standing position to elevate slightly). If successful, 
        the victim will turn into a Joker Card, with them in a frozen dizzy state.
        Witty comment, then a slash to cut the card in half. Pretty rubbish except 
        against the CPU. Even beginners will spot this a mile away (unless you 
        manage to use it as a counter). Beware if you whiff the move, the recovery  
        time is the slowest of slow. 
    Okay. I will not tell you exactly how to play Johnny. You can make him do a 
    rushdown, keepaway, whatever. Everyone differs. I will, however, give you some 
    pointers to keep in mind when using Johnny.
    Starting off, Johnny has a good range with his S, H, Ensenga and Mist Finers, 
    thus, he can keep his opponents far off if he wanted to. It is recommended to 
    place Johnny at mid-range, as he can then utilize his 236H to it's potential. 
    After 236H Counter Hit, you can then quickly dash in and perform a S and end 
    it with a 236K.
    Thanks to jiyuna of the Gamecombos GGXX forums for pointing this out. As stated 
    in the Basics section, Johnny hops for a dash, and as such cannot run. During 
    this time he cannot do anything until the dashing stops. Characters who can run 
    can use a small trick which involves using Faultless Defense to completely 
    remove the recovery time of the run (if you stop a run normally, there will be 
    a few frames animating the momentum stop, in which you will be vulnerable), so 
    you can just run in and trick the opponent with a FD brake. However, Johnny 
    cannot do this (he must wait until the hopping animation finishes before he can 
    do anything else), and as such his dash is rather unsafe if used frequently, as 
    seasoned players will exploit this weakness into a combo. As an alternative, use 
    Instant AirDash to travel, and j.K to start a offense (beware of Anti-Air 
    attacks, though). *UPDATE!* Thanks to CrimsonDisaster of the Gamecombos.com GGXX 
    forums for this. You CAN Faultless Defense, but only JUST as Johnny finishes 
    hopping. I've tried this, and while it's a neat trick that makes Johnny a tad 
    safer, I still think that the duration of the hopping animation still makes the 
    dash unsafe, especially when you mistakenly dash when you are so close to the 
    Keep in mind his 6K. This move is very useful since it makes Johnny get real 
    close to the opponent and launch them in the air. If blocked, it will still 
    allow Johnny a split second to do another action, such as back dash or block.
    You can also play a few mind games with characters such as Axl and maybe Baiken.
    Both have counter moves, in that if you try and hit them during such a move, 
    they will counter attack. Now, with 6K, it's risky since those who have played 
    against Johnny players will know 6K is an essential part of Johnny's offense. 
    Take Axl's214P Counter move. If you 6K it, Axl will deal a counter attack, 
    wasting off alot of damage. BUT! Remember that 6K is FRC'able? Yes, you can FRC 
    the 6K JUST before the kick and there you are, standing right next to Axl, still 
    in Counter move stance. Now go for a free throw!
    Johnny's coin move is probably the most useful move out of his arsenal. It can 
    act like a arcing projectile, thus stopping some weak projectiles; it can juggle 
    if the opponent is in mid-air; and it is a useful OTG hit. It will also cancel 
    the recovery time of most high lag moves (such as 6H) and it's own recovery time 
    is great as well. Try and connect with a coin after a Counter Hit if you're 
    close enough. You are then armed with a charged up Mist Finer to use in addition 
    to a Gatling assault. 
    Remember your Bacchus Sigh - it's always nice to have your Mist Finers 
    connecting 100% :) Even if it does not connect, it will more often than not 
    scare your opponent, forcing them to jump to escape the mist, at that point 
    you can start your own aerial assault. It's a good idea to land a mist every 
    time you knock your opponent down. It then gives you the advantage of the 
    knowledge in that you can score a free combo starter. 
    If by chance, you connect with a Mist Finer Upper at mid-stage, chances are the 
    opponent will fly real far back. You can chase with a Divine Blade Transport, 
    and Blade them as they hit the floor. Or you can just DBT and greet them as they 
    wakeup with something else. 
    The Ensenga, as well as being an useful attack for Johnny, has several special 
    uses when applied correctly. Starting off, the first hit of the Ensenga is 
    unTechable. That is, the opponent will be left falling in the air with no 
    chance to Recover. This is extremely helpful in turning the tables in a match. 
    One way to do it (and probably the easiest) is to Roman Cancel as soon as the 
    move performs (remember that RC only activates if an attack connects). If you 
    haven't use any of your airdash options, then it'd be best to use them now. Of 
    course, there are better uses for your 50% of Tension. Anyway, the other method, 
    the harder way, is to correctly position yourself so that the blade only hits at 
    it's very highest (the Ensenga slash goes from bottom to top, right?).
    With this 1 hit, the opponent will not be alight in flames, so there's a thing to 
    watch out for when attempting the one hit Ensenga. A nice way to set your 
    opponent up for a unTechable Ensenga is to use j.D. The move knocks the opponent 
    higher up and even more so if they get bounced off the wall. There is also another 
    trick, in that you can perform Ensenga from the ground (known as 'Low Altitude
    Ensenga' or 'Instant Ensenga') The command is as follows: 41236[9]H. It's best 
    performed when you 'buffer' it with another move, preferably 6H. Buffer, in 
    meaning you input the command as the previous attack is being performed. For 
    the Instant Ensenga however, the timing for the input is slightly slower. Wait 
    till the 6Hconnects, then enter the command. If done right, the buffered Instant 
    Ensenga will perform right after the game allows you to JC the 6H. Roman Cancel 
    that, Air Dash in, and use one of your Air Combo options. There are several 
    variations of the command, personally I found it easier to do 412369[8]H (a 3 
    quarter spin) since I use the PS2 analogue stick. 
    Johnny's throw is one of the best in the game, since he throws the opponent in 
    the air, it gives you plenty of options as to what to do to the opponent before 
    he Recovers. Most players will go for a straight air combo, but you can also do 
    other things such as Coin the victim, or prepare a Bacchus Sigh waiting for the 
    opponent to walk/land into it. A very useful way of getting a throw, is to use 
    the Divine Blade Transport (623S) at mid range. Johnny will zoom right next to 
    the opponent, allowing you a throw opportunity (for an even safer bet, use 
    4H(for facing right) or 6H(for facing left). The normal H is fast enough to push 
    you back in case the opponent anticipates your DBT -> Throw trick (so don't 
    abuse it) and will hit the opponent if they try to jump. This tactic works (for 
    me) at least 80% of the time, especially if your opponents block, as they would 
    be anticipating a Divine Blade flame pillar. Johnny's normal throw is also useful 
    for wakeup if the opponent is close to you. His throw has probably the second 
    highest normal throw priority, beaten by only Testaments in my opinion. For the 
    airthrow, the fact that the opponent cannot Recover out of it alone is reason 
    enough to practice it alot. it's a bit risky, but if you do connect, you can start 
    a Mist Trap (see two sections below), Coin them (if you land before they do) or 
    just prepare a Bacchus Sigh altogether and start a Mist Finer combo. 
    One of Johnny's most essential tactics (hell, probably THE most essential tactic) 
    is the usage of Mist Cancel. Try performing a 6H alone on the opponent. See how 
    long it takes for him to sheath his sword back? Now try 6H, and immediately 
    after that, perform a 236[K/P/S] ->H. If done correctly, Johnny will slash as 
    normal with 6H, but will then instantly change to his Kamae stance then cancel 
    back to his standing position. All this means is that Johnny can quickly change 
    his single attack to something more devastating (more so if you score a Counter 
    Hit). Think of the MC as a mini FRC, with no Tension required! Practice Mist 
    Cancel like it is your life line, it'll save you from many sticky situations, 
    such as when your 6H is blocked (it's recovery time is slow). It'll also open 
    the door for lots of combos, especially if you Mist Cancel H/6H upon Counter Hit 
    (which will then give you 2 seconds or so of stagger time). For pad users, 
    perform the K version, then slide your thumb over to H (this is assuming you have 
    the controls to defaults).
    Also known as Mist Loop. This involves the usage of Coins and Mist Finer Uppers 
    to keep the opponent in the air for an extended period of time (which depends 
    on the number of coins you have), killing almost 2/3s on average of their health 
    bar (not alot, but it can turn the tide of the battle if you and your opponent 
    are on you last bits of health). It's also a great way to quickly build up large 
    amounts of Tension (thanks for CrimsonDisaster for telling me that, I never did 
    notice :) ). First off, it can only be used in the corner, as the enemy cannot 
    fly far back. Start off with a launcher, say 6K, then:
    236H ->236P ->Dash ->236H ->236P ->Dash ->236H ->236P....
    And so on. The Coin keeps them from Teching out, giving you time to start the 
    Level 2 Mist Finer Upper, this move disabling their Recovery. Note the usage of 
    the 'Cancel in' notations - the Juggle must be performed with speed with little 
    to no error from the start, otherwise the victim will have time to Recover. Once 
    you rip out that Level 2 Upper though, he/she is then helpless until you finish 
    your assault. Also, an easier way to keep your opponent in the air is to dash in 
    and use any basic attack that holds them aloft, so candidates would either be 6H, 
    H or standing (f)S. For example:
    6K ->236H ->236P ->Dash ->(f)S ->236H ->236P ->Dash ->(f)S ->236H ->236P....
    And so on. The S will give make the victim stay in that mid-air position a bit 
    longer, instead of falling down completely. It also looks much cooler and deals 
    that much more damage. Also, you do not have to use a launcher to start off the 
    Juggle. You can Counter Hit them as they are in the air (preferably with 6P), or 
    hit them with a Level 2 Mist Finer altogether. You can then start the Juggle the 
    same way. Note that at times your opponent may luckily tech through your first 
    Mist Finer, in which case be ready for a counter assault. Even better, since the 
    Level 2 Mist Finer has a slightly faster execution than Level 1, you can Coin 
    the opponent before you start the juggle - your opponent can't escape. I like to 
    use this technique when I'm nearing the end of the match and the opponent is in 
    the corner. It usually provides a guaranteed win. Do keep in mind that due to the 
    damage scaling in the game, all combos will do substantially less damage as the 
    victim's health decreases, so don't rely on the Mist Loop repeatedly, you will 
    only be wasting coins by the fouth repetition.
    Ah, the infamous Mist Trap. Killed all in Guilty Gear X, apparently impossible 
    to do in GGX2. Here's the method:
    Knockdown the opponent (preferably with a sweep), then hit them on the ground 
    with a 236H (coin). Hopefully they will not Recover out from the coin. Now, if 
    all goes as planned, emit a mist. Then, do a crouching H as they wake up, then 
    rip out your Level 2 Mist Finer. Then coin them as a OTG hit, and repeat.
    So in combo terms:
    2D, 236H, 412P, 2H ->236K, repeat from the 236H to keep the trap going. 
    Now one thing I've thought as to why the trap isn't possible in GGX2 is because
    of Johnny's new 2H. Instead of 2 slashes, he only does one slash and gets pushed
    back real far off. I've yet to try it in a real match, since there are better 
    uses for the coin, plus the fact many others have tried it anyway and have said 
    it doesn't work perfectly. 
    *UPDATE!* Thanks to CrimsonDisaster of the Gamecombos.com GGXX forums for this:
    "A ghetto Mist trap can be set up anytime you have Level 2 [Mist Finer]. Knock 
    them down with Sweep, air throw, 1 hit Ensenga, or Burst and call the mist. The 
    Mist Trap doesn't always have to involve 2H, at least not in GGXX. Just stand 
    out of throw range and do some meaty attack [and cancel] into L2 Mist Finer. 
    That is, unless they have a very good wakeup like Sol's DP (Volcanic Viper - 
    this move has invincibility frames at the very beginning, making it a excellent 
    wakeup attack). In which case, you may want to pause a bit, then do a [combo] 
    string into L2 Mist Finer. In any case, it's not nearly as easy to set up, or 
    inescapable as before." 
    So there you have it. The Mist Trap, harder to trap, but still a nice technique 
    in Johnny's arsenal.  
    6. COMBOS
    Just a quick recap of the notations :
    [x] - Hold button "X" where "X" can be either P,K,S,H or D
    JC -  Jump Cancel
    RC - Roman Cancel
    FRC - False Roman Cancel
    T - Throw
    -> - Cancel into [move]
    OTG - Off The Ground
    MC - Mist Cancel (236[P/K/S], H)
    Any important requirements for the combos to work are in brackets.
    (Fairly close up)
    P,->K, S, 236H ->236K/s
      ->P, K, S, 236H,->236K/S
      ->K, S, H, 236H ->236K/S
      ->P, K, 2.S, 236H -> 236K/S
    6K/6P/Throw,->JC, j.K, j.S, j.D, 41236H 
                ->JC, j.K, j.S, j.K, j.S, j.D, 41236H
                ->JC, j.K, j.P, j.S ->JC, j.K, j.S, j.D, 41236H*  
                ->JC, j.K, j.S ->JC, j.S, j.H, j.D, 41236H
    *For the j.D to connect, you have to be either really close to the opponent,
    or have the opponent to be in the corner, otherwise, the j.D will knock the 
    opponent too far high up to use the 41236H.
    Throw,-> 236H, 236P
          -> j.P x3, j.K, j.S, 41236H* ->214P
    *Corner only. If done right, the Ensenga should be unRecoverable. 
    (Close up)
    2D(1 hit) ->236H, (MOVE FORWARD) ->S ->236K ->Dash, 2.P ->H, 236H ->236P
    Now this one is fairly tricky to pull off, especially since your opponent can 
    Recover straight out from the 236H. If they didn't, continue with the 
    finishing Mist Finer as normal. If they did, then wait for them to exit the 
    Recovery invulnerable state then perform a S ->236K.
    (Fairly close up, 50% Tension)
    6H (CH) ->412369H ->RC -> AirDash, j.k, j.S, j.D, 41236H
    (Must have Level 2 Mist Finer ready, mid range from opponent, 50% Tension)
      ->MC ->Dash ->2.S ->236S ->RC ->Dash ->6H ->JC, j.S 41236H      
      ->MC ->Dash ->2.S ->236S ->RC ->Dash ->6H ->JC, j.S->JC, j.S, 41236H*
    *I found that this combo works best on Faust, due to his floating properties. 
    You can switch the aircombo to any of the other 3 above.
    (Must have Level 2 Mist Finer ready, 50% Tension)
    236S ->RC ->Dash ->6H ->JC, j.K, j.S ->JC, j.K, j.S, 41236H
         ->6K ->JC, j.K, j.S ->JC, j.K, j.S, 41236H
         ->6K ->JC, j.K, j.P, j.S ->JC, j.K, j.S, 41236H     
         ->6K ->JC, j.K, j.P, j.S ->JC, j.K, j.S, j.D, 41236H
         ->6P ->JC, j.K, j.S, 41236H 
         ->6P, 236H ->H, 236P
    The 6P versions have to be close up. See below for notes on the 6K variants.
    (Must have Level 2 Mist Finer ready, fairly close up, 25% Tension)
    (f)S ->236K ->236H (OTG) ->Dash ->H, 623S (S)* ->FRC ->2.K, S ->236P
    *The Divine Blade should hit the opponent as they wake up. While technically 
    not a completely linked combo, this is great if the opponent is not 
    anticipating the Divine Blade.
    (Must have Level 2 Mist Finer ready, close to opponent)
    K, S, H, 236K ->RC ->Dash, 6H ->JC, j.K, j.S, 41236H
    (Must have Level 2 Mist Finer ready, fairly close up)
    K, S, 236S, 6K->JC, j.K, j.S->JC, j.K, j.S, j.D, 41236H
    Also, a few notes from the Lemon Man (who gave me this combo, thanks):
    ["The low-hitting Slash Mist Finer pops the opp straight in the air. If you're
    quick, the 6K will connect and launch the opponent as if it were a regular 
    ground hit. It also works if you do:
    S, 236S, 6K->JC etc.        or
    K, H, 236S, 6K->JC etc.     or
    P, K, S, 236S, 6K->JC etc.  or
    anything else that guarantees the 236S, basically.
    I prefer the K, S, 236S version the best for a couple of reasons. First, other
    versions seem to screw up the range.  If the opp is pushed too far away before 
    the 236S hits, the 6K won't go far enough. Second, it's safe to start after a 
    6K gets blocked. If I think the opp will attack after the 6K, I'll start up the 
    K, S. If I think he'll block, I'll throw him. If I guess wrong and try the K, S 
    and he blocks it, I end with H, MC or H, Coin instead.
    This combo does about 208 points on Sol, it works from anywhere on the screen,
    it only requires one coin and it's pretty easy. You can also very easily change 
    the air combo part to whatever you're comfortable with.
    Also, if you want to work the K, S into your game but don't have a Lvl. 2 Mist
    Finer set, try:
    K, S, H->RC, 6K->JC etc.
    This also does a lot of damage and works from anywhere on the screen, but
    requires that you have half a tension bar to use."]
    Ground juggles
    As the opponent lands near you....
    K ->236H ->H, 236P -> Mist Loop if available
    2P ->236H ->S, 236P -> Mist Loop if available
    6P ->236H ->H, 236P -> Mist Loop if available
    If Mist Loop isn't available, chase with a dash and coin the opponent or DBT 
    and spear/land.
    1-hit Ensenga setups
    6K ->JC, j.K, j.S ->JC, j.K, j.S, j.D, 41236H(1hit) ->RC, land, H ->236H, 236P
                                                        ->RC, land, 214P
                                                        ->RC, land, 236H, 214P 
       ->JC, j.K, j.P, j.S ->JC, j.K, j.S 41236H(1hit) ->RC, land, H ->236H, 236P
                                                 ->RC, land, 214P
                                                 ->RC, land, 236H, 412P
    More to come as I practice and watch more videos. In the meantime, try some 
    yourself! Any combo suggestions can be emailed to badass_moogle@hotmail.com, 
    Here are my recommended moves for various situations.
    Pokes: K, S
    Close pokes: K
    Rush in counter: 2S, 6P, S
    Jump in counter (anti-air): 6P, H
    Overhead: Instant Ensenga (41236[9]H)
    Pressure: Coin, K, S, H, 6H
    Air to Air: Ensenga (41236[9]H)
    Air to Ground (jump-in): j.H ->Ensenga (41236H)/Divine Blade (236S), j.K
    Wakeup: Johnny has no reliable wakeup attacks unfortunately, but if you're 
            really desperate: What's My Name? (632146H), Throw 
    This section has information on the changes on EX and Gold Johnny.
    EX JOHNNY (hold L2 before pressing any other button)
    Changed moves:
    K - Becomes something like a tripping kick, except it doesn't trip. Too short 
        ranged to be anything useful. 
    6K - Is now normal Johnny's K but animated thrusting forwards. Knocksdown.
    2H - Switched to the GGX version. Johnny does 2 slashes, the first one down, 
        the second, back up. Both hits now connect regardless of positioning (in 
        GGX it was awkward trying to have both hits connect on 2H). 
    j.H - Switched to the GGX version. Johnny just does a direct stab downwards, 
        no spinning or anything fancy.
    Mist Finer
    236P/K/S - The Mist Finer is now a Counter move, similar to Axl's Counter move.
        The attack angle can be switch at any time during the move (i.e. you can 
        begin the move as a K attack, but press P, and the resulting counter attack 
        will hit as a Mist Finer Upper). S version counters low attacks only. 
        Glitter Is Gold has no effect now.
    4[4] or 6[6]
    Johnny now dashes, but very very slowly. After seeing this, I now like normal 
    Johnny's dash/hop alot  :)
    New moves:
    623K - Johnny does a normal 6K on the spot, launching the opponent. However, 
        Johnny will also move off the ground. Add a 214K to make Johnny do a 
        downward smash on the opponent. Think of it as Sol's Volcanic Viper.
    Overdrive - Unchou no Iai 
    236, 236H (A) - Johnny does a speedy slash downwards at the opponent (kinda 
        like a j.H). If the move connects, the opponent will be lifted high in the 
        air, while Johnny poses very stylishly. A witty comment later, the opponent 
        is freed from the air suspension with spontaneously appearing slash. So 
        basically, the move hits twice - one as the Overdrive starts, and the second 
        as the opponent is falling to the ground. A VERY flashy move, it doesn't 
        do as much damage as the "What's My Name?" Overdrive, but it's great for 
        showing off. Because of the speed of the first slash, this move is very hard 
        to avoid (but it IS possible).
    Lost moves:
    Bacchus Sigh
    GOLD JOHNNY (hold L1 and press Dust)
    Gold Johnny is stupidly powerful. All his normal attacks have doubled in damage, 
    and his Mist Finer does (wait for it) 500+ points of damage (a standard full 
    life bar is 420 points). Yes. Literally Instant Kill. His dash is near instant 
    (but still vulnerable), travels across the whole screen, and goes through the 
    opponent. So all in all, a very formidable opponent. 
    9. CREDITS
    Special Thanks to:
    My two cousins, my only human opponents/training dummies in GGX2, even if they 
    do button mash and IK often. :)
    Echang for his excellent FAQs which helped me correct a few things regarding 
    Johnny's moves (especially the Japanese names). 
    Everyone in Gamecombos.com and its GGX2 forums for everything regarding GGX2.
    GameFAQs for uploading this FAQ for all to see (and critique, maybe). 
    Those fantastic videos of GGXX players brawling it out, showing me new tactics 
    and strategies, especially those of MSY and his amazingly cunning Johnny.
    Sites that have been granted permission to host this FAQ thus far:
    Copyright 2003 Vincent Leung. Retransmission in any form without express 
    permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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