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    Ky by Genryusai

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    Guilty Gear X2: The Midnight Carnival
    Ky Kiske Faq
    By Genryusai (J_of_E@hotmail.com)
    Lasted Updated 8/03
    Added the EX moves and the Other Side Info
    1. Character History
    2. Legend
    3. General Moves
    3. Regular Attacks
    4. Moves
    5. Combos
    6. General Strategy
    7. Story Mode Paths
    8. Mission Mode Help
    9. Other side info
    10. Credits
    1. Character History
    Guilty Gear: The Missing Link
    After the retirement of Kliff Undersn, master swordsman Ky Kiske
    was given leadership of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights at the
    unbelievably young age of 16.  As a symbol of his new status, he was
    granted one of the Order's most holy treasures... the blade called
    Thunderseal.  The appointment was not a mistake; Ky and his band of heroic
    Knights ended the 100-year-long Crusades by sealing the dread Gear,
    Justice, away for all eternity... or so it was thought.
            Five years after the dissolution of the Order, Ky continued his
    life of public service by entering the police force.  One day while on
    duty, Ky received an announcement: A tournament was to be held soon, the
    winners of which would be candidates for a Second Sacred Order.  Things
    did not seem right; Permission to shed blood during the matches, an
    absurdly large grand prize, and most shocking of all... talk of Justice's
    resurrection, much too soon.
            Sensing the cold machinations of conspiracy at work, Ky dons the
    old uniform of the Order for the first time in five years and decides to
    Guilty Gear X: By Your Side
    Ky won the tournament but Justice's final words makes him realize the
    form of justice he spent his life believing in only applied to humans.
    Then rumor of a gear that didn't want to hurt anyone caught his attention
    so he set out to find the true meaning of justice he set out to find
    the unknown gear (Dizzy).
    Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight Carnival
    Meeting Dizzy probably changed his view on gears but now there's something
    else going on that's connected to the Crusades. Ky stumbles onto what
    could be a conspiracy.
    2. Legend
    Guilty Gear uses a different notation to show the movement of the joystick.
    Looking at the number pad (on most keyboards anyway) you'll see that it's
    lined up like this..
    7	8	9
    4	5	6
    1	2	3
    Consider 5 representing the joystick or controller pad in neutral. Moving
    to the left would be 4, down and to the left 1, down would be 2, down and forward
    3, forward 6 and etc.
    HS- Heavy Slash
    D- Dust
    3. General Moves
    These are some general things that every character can and basically the mechanics of
    the gameplay. If this is your first time playin Guilty Gear then it's worth reading.
    Tension Gauge-	The bar at the bottom is your tension gauge, which funstions like the
    		hyper bars in the newer Street Fighter games or Marvel Vs Capcom 2. A
    		lot of combos and techniques require energy from the bar, but it fills
    		itself up in a lot of ways. You gather tension by getting hit, landing
    		hits, walking forward, dashing forward or landing a psyche burst. The
    		status of the Tension Gauge doesn't carry over between rounds. So even if
    		it was full at the end round one, it'll be empty at the start of round two.
    Burst Gauge-	This is the bar right underneath the character's health. It's got two uses
    		one is kinda like a combo breaker. Basically if you're being hit and want
    		break the combo that's being landed on you. The character will spring free
    		of the combo and knock the opponent back at the same time if they weren't
    		blocking. To do this just hit D and another attack button. The other use is
    		to completely fill up your Tension Gauge. If you press D and another attack
    		button while not being hit the character will perform a psyche burst. Psyche
    		burst will create a golden aura around the character for a split second. If
    		it's not blocked then your tension bar will fill up completely. The Burst gauge
    		fills as you are being hit, and unlike the tension gauge, its status or level
    		carries over to the next round.
    Guard Gauge-	This gauge will start off half full, but will rise or fall depending on you
    		being hit or blocking. Everytime you block it rises, and does the opposite
    		when you're hit. This gauge directly effects your defense because the higher
    		the bar is, the more damage the attack will do but this also means that the
    		damage of each hit of a combo does drop a little with every hit. If the guage
    		fills up to 3/4's then it will begin flashing meaning that any landed hit
    		will count as a counter hit, as well as doing more damage then normal.
    Faultless	Faultless Defense allows you to block attacks without taking any block damage.
    Defense-	But it does require energy from your Tension Gauge. While using Faultless
    		Defense your Tension Gauge drops. Hold it too long and it'll drop to nothing.
    		To perform it just press P and K while blocking.
    Negative	Remember the days where people tried staying at the other end of the screen
    Penalty-	just throwing out projectiles, in Guilty Gear that qualifies as a Negative
    		Penalty. If you're just trying to sit back and play that kind of keep away
    		strategy or try sitting back to block all match then you tension gauge
    		(no matter how full it was) will drop to zero. Also the rate that it was filling
    		up before will drop, so it'll take longer now to fill up your gauge. To add on
    		to that you'll get dizzied easier than before.
    Dust Attacks- 	Dust attacks are most similar to the launchers in Marvel Vs Capcom. Your
    		character does some kind of attack to knock who you're fighting into the
    		air. Then press up to follow them into the air for a large combo. If you
    		try using a dust in mid-air then your character will do some kind of attack
    		or move. What it is depends on the character.
    Roman Cancel-	These are done by pressing any three attack buttons while you're doing an
    		attack that made contact with who you're fighting. If you do this whatever
    		move you were doing will stop immediately without any recovery time. You
    		can use this to extend combos since once the cancel is performed you're free
    		to attack or to stop a move that's got high recovery that you know will get
    		blocked. Doing this uses half of your tension gauge. IF you performed it right
    		then you'll see a red aura or light flash from the character.
    Jump Cancel-	There are certain attacks that allow you to jump immediately after they're done
    		without the use of an cancels using tension. It allows you to follow for an
    		air combo if you want.
    False Roman -	These work just like the regular Roman Cancels except only certain moves or
    Cancel		attacks can be False Roman Canceled. Not only that but the timing on when
    		you press the three attack buttons is very strict. It can only be done during
    		certain frames of animation in whatever attack you're tryin to do them with.
    		The bonus from this though is that it only uses a quarter of your tension gauge,
    		instead of half like the regular Roman Cancels. The time frames are listed within
    		the moves part of the faq, but if you want to find them out for yourself, go to
    		training mode and turn on the option that shows the moves you input. Whenever you
    		do an attack or special move that can be FRC'ed that bar on the bottom will flash
    		blue. To FRC you have to hit the three buttons while the flash in still on.
    Dash-		Pressing forward or backward twice will cause your character to dash backwards
    		or towards the opponent. This can also be done in mid-air. You can't block while
    High Jump-	Pressing down and (immediately) up will cause the character to do a high jump,
    		they'll jump much higher then normal and level a very transparent shadow image
    		of themselves if this was done right.
    Double Jump-	Done by pressing up after you've stopped ascending from the first jump and are still
    		in the air. It'll cause the character to jump again but this time in mid-air.
    Special Moves-	Unique attacks that every character has the can be done by some combinations of movement
    		with the controller/joystick that ends with hitting an attack button. Most special
    		moves can cause some kind of block damage (if Faultless Defense isn't used).
    Overdrives-	Overdrives are step up above Special Moves in damage and usually more complicated to do.
    		They require half of your tension gauge.
    Destroyers-	A step above Overdrives (sorta), once you have some tension would can enter Destroy Mode,
    		by pressing P,K,S,HS at the same time. Your character won't have use of tension while in
    		this mode, but pressing P,K,S,HS at the same time again will return you to normal if you
    		haven't tried your destroy mode yet. Destroy moves or Instant Kills are fatal if landed,
    		it doesn't matter the defense of the character or how much life they had left, if the
    		Destroy Move is landed then the round is over. The Destroyers can be blocked though, and
    		can't be used in combos. They usually have some startup too, so the only time you'll land
    		one on a person is if they're dizzy. Aside from that, while you're in Destroy Mode your
    		Tension Gauge is slowly dropping. If it reaches zero you'll still be in Destroy Mode,
    		but your health will begin dropping instead.
    4. Regular Attacks
    	P-	Ky does a jab with his free hand
    		Not too bad of attack, but the reach on this is pretty horrible. It's
    		quick though so that does count for something.
    	6P-	Ky leans forward and hits with his elbow
    		It's got more reach than his regular punch and does a little
    		more damage (I think). I think he's also got some invulnerability
    		in the upperbody while he's doing it.
    	K-	Ky does a kick to the shin
    		It's uses are just as good as his regular punch in that it's
    		quick but has limited reach.
    	6K-	Ky steps forward and kicks, fully extending his leg
    		This move looks slow but it can be used in combos, so it's value
    		is a little more than it seems.
    	S(Close)- Ky leans forward and does an overhead slash
    		Being a slash it does more damage than the punches and kicks but
    		another thing that's good about it is that it can be jump canceled
    		which makes it a decent anti-air sometimes because if they're hit
    		by the slash then Ky can follow for an air combo
    	S (Far)- Ky leans forward and thrust the Thunderseal
    		For that fact that he leans forward and fully extends the sword
    		this becomes a decent poking attack. If at anytime the slash links
    		you can also follow immediately with a stun dipper for an easy 3
    		hit combo.
    	HS- 	Ky swings horizontally with the sword while it's charged with electricity
    		It's fairly fast and has an electrical effect if it lands. The reach is
    		just a little shorter than the distance slash and it's just a little higher.
    		It's Ky staggering move on counters and the dust attack seems to follow without
    		a problem if you can get the stagger to happen.
    	HS(EX)-	He puts the Thunderseal in the hand nearest the guy/girl he's fighting and
    		swings down. It's the same as his old HS in Guilty Gear X. Which means there's
    		no electricity effect. It still staggers on counter hits.
    	6+HS- 	Ky swings with the Thunderseal low and horizontally
    		This is Ky most powerful regular attack but it comes out a little slow. It's
    		a good move to do as a opponent is getting up from being knocked down. If it
    		lands unblocked you can combo from it, basically everything except 6+K and
    		his destroy move can be done after this.
    	D-	Ky swings up with his sword to knock the guy into the air
    		Not much to say about his dust attack, everyone's got one and they can only be
    		blocked standing up so it could be used to high and low games if it weren't so
    		slow. There are times though that it can be used in combos but there's usually
    		false roman canceling or counter hits involved.
    	2D- 	Ky sweeps the opponent
    		Get used to using this or the stun dipper to end all your ground combos because
    		Ky's good at pressuring people as they're getting up from being swept. If you land
    		this don't follow with anything else unless whatever you're going to do is the
    		last hit you need to end the match/round whatever.
    	P-	It's literally the same thing as the ground version but Ky's in the air
    		It's useful in air combos, not much else to say about it though.
    	K-	Ky looks like he's looking away as he extends for a kick
    		I'm not sure if it's just me but this is much better than the aerial
    		punch. For some reason I find it easier to continue air combos coming
    		off of his aerial kick.
    	S-	Ky swings horizontally with the sword as it's charged with electricity
    		It's pretty fast and has good range. It's going to be the bulk of Ky's
    		air combos. The only thing it's not good for is jump in's since Ky's
    		swinging forward, not down.
    	HS-	Ky swings down fully extending the sword's length
    		This is pretty good for jump in's because of the reach, it doesn't some out
    		as quickly as the S but it's good as the second to last hit in air combos before
    		finishing with a vapor thrust.
    	D-	Ky using his free hand creates what almost like an electric mine or bomb
    		This move is alright, if you've knocked someone down in a corner, or really
    		anywhere and you're near them you can do this right above where they're laying
    		and if the timing is right it's another thing Ky can use to pressure people as
    		they're getting up. If this lands and you're close enough to attack then you can
    		combo off of it. This can even be used in air combos as long as the attack before
    		it doesn't allow the opponent to recover very quickly (the aerial s will do).
    5. Moves
    	Stun Edge: 2,3,6+S
    		It's the typical fireball or projectile type move, so it's
    		uses are identical to that of Ryu or Ken's fireball, but looks
    		like Sagat's tiger shots but side ways. The start up is fast
    		enough to be used in some ground combos.
    	Charged Stun Edge: 2,3,6+HS
    		This version of the stun edge does three hits and takes a lot
    		of time to come out since Ky's charging the projectile first.
    		It's a good move, if you get the chance to fire it. The best
    		use for it is as something to be hitting your opponent as they're
    		just getting up from a sweep, Stun Dipper or whatever you use
    		to knock the opponent down. It can also be False Roman Canceled.
    		It doesn't effect the start up, but recovery time can be cut
    		completely. Meaning you can follow up if it hits or block if it's
    		blocked. The timing for a False Roman Cancel is a 2 frame window
    		where the ball of light is first created, before the Charged
    		Stun Edge comes out.
    	Vapor Thrust: 6,2,3+ (S/HS)
    		This is Ky's version of the generic dragon punch. If the guy you're
    		fighting is constantly on you it's a good wake up move (something to
    		do just as Ky is getting up after being knocked down.) Aside from that
    		it's the best way to end any air combo you manage to land.
    	Greed Sever: 2,1,4+K
    		Ky kinda leaps forward swinging with an overhead slash that leaves a
    		circular arc of electricity behind. It's got to be blocked high, but
    		the move isn't very fast, so even though you can catch someone blocking
    		the wrong way you'll probably only be able to do this move successfully
    		one or two times a match. If you land this on a counter hit then it's
    	Stun Dipper: 2,3,6+K
    		Ky's low attacking move, he slides forward making contact with his knee
    		for the first hit, and swinging with his sword for the second hit. It's
    		a good move but there's a few things to keep in mind. 1. The second hit
    		only hits if the move is done from a certain distance. Do too far and the
    		first hit won't connect. Doing it too close means that the second hit won't
    		connect and Ky's open to a lot of attacks. 2. I think that distance can vary
    		between opponents so it's a good idea to see how far away Ky should be before
    		attempting the move on different characters. This can be False Roman Canceled,
    		you have a window of three frames after the knee hits.
    	Aerial Stun Edge: 2,3,6+(S/HS)
    		As the name implies this is just an air version of the regular Stun Edge. The
    		angle on the projectile differs depends on which slash being used. Regular slash
    		will send the stun edge down at about a 30 degree angle while heavy slash will
    		send it out at around a 60 degree angle. Don't bother trying to use it as a combo
    		ender in the air because whoever you're fighting has enough time to recover before
    		the stun edge gets there.
    	(EX) Cresent Slash: 2,1,4+K
    		This is Ky old move from Guilty Gear X, which was replaced by the Greed Sever in
    		Guilty Gear X2. It's just like the Greed Sever meaning that it has to be blocked
    		high. If you've never seen it Ky kinda does a backflip, but moves forward while doing
    		it, and swings his sword while in mid-air, launching you. I like the Greed Sever more
    		only because sometimes you can hop over projectiles with it. You don't really get that
    		with the Cresent Slash.
    	(EX) Vapor Thrust: 6,2,3+ (S/HS), then 2,1,4+K
    		You've seen Ky Vapor Thrust before, you've seen Sol's Volcanic Viper, well Ky's uppercut
    		move in EX takes after Sol's Volcanic Viper. This version of his uppercut hits twice while
    		he's still rising and at the end you can end it with Kiriharai (2,1,4+K). Kiriharai causes
    		him to kinda spin while holding his sword out at the end. Just like Sol at the end of his
    		Volcanic Viper (where he ends with a kick that sends you to the ground).
    	(EX) Needle Spike: 2,3,6+K
    		This move replaces the Stun Dipper. Ky swings his sword and keeps in motion and follows up
    		with a kick. This is a little like Sol's Bandit Revolver. I didn't like this move at first
    		but the one good thing about it is that the move is fairly decent up close, unlike the Stun
    		Dipper. The bad thing about it though is that it must be done up close. So if you wanna use it
    		it'll have to be in a short combo.
    	(EX) Grand Vapor Thrust: 2,1,4+S then 2,1,4+K
    		Again another move that was influenced from on of Sol's moves, this is Ky's version of the
    		Grand Viper. Ky dashes in and does a low swing that's followed up by a Vapor Thrust. At the end
    		of the Vapor Thrust you can add a hit with 2,1,4+K (Kiriharai).
    	(EX) Elegant ni Kiru: 6,2,3+P
    		This is a throw move, Ky grabs you and slashes. The slashes sends the opponent into the air. I think
    		you can follow up for a combo. But even if you can't just getting another up close move for Ky helps
    	(EX) Stun Edge: 2,3,6+S
    		Identical to normal version
    	(EX) Charged Stun Edge: 2,3,6+HS
    		Identical to normal version
    	(EX) Aerial Stun Edge: 2,3,6+(S/HS)
    		Almost identical to normal version. In EX though the angles that he throws the stun edges out is a
    		little better in EX.
    	Ride the Lightning: 6,3,2,1,4,6+ HS
    		Ky becomes surrounded in a ball on electricty as he dashes forward for five hits.
    		It's alright as a wake up move, I've managed to catch a few people with it. You
    		can do this in the air, but because of the damage scaling it's not worth the tension
    		at the end of an air combo.
    	Sacred Edge: 2,3,6,2,3,6+P
    		Ky's new overdrive, he kinda stands back for a second, winds up with his free creating
    		a blue halo that fades before throwing out a jolt of electricity in the shape of a knife.
    		It does a total of five hits and his recovery time from the move allows you to follow up
    		after it's landed with either a regular attack, a stun dipper afterwards or another Sacred
    		Edge. This can also be false roman canceled, so after it lands you can possibly follow up
    		with a dust attack, but unlike the charged stun edge this move has practically no start up
    		time and can be used in combos. If you land this on someone airborne you can also follow up
    		with an air combo. For a False Roman Cancel you've got a two window frame, six frames after
    		the sword of light appears.
    	(EX)Ride the Lightning: 6,3,2,1,4,6+ HS
    		It's the same move, but instead of Ky being in the ball of electricity he holds it in front of
    		him. The pose he has while doing the move is the same as the one he makes while throwing a
    		Stun Edge.
    	(EX)Sacred Edge: 6,3,2,1,4,6+ P
    		This version of the Sacred Edge has slower start up. It's like the sword of light sits there
    		a waits for a second before going forward. I like the regular one much more this the EX version.
    	Rising Force: 2,3,6,2,3,6+HS (Once in Destroy Mode)
    		Ky impales yo with the Thunderseal while it's fully charged. No the best looking or coolest
    		destroyer but it's got reach, so of all the destroy moves I think Ky's stands the best chance
    		of landing.
    6. Combos
    Here's a general list of combos. None of them are really complicated since a lot of attacks link for Ky.
    These were tested on Sol (remember what I said about the Stun Dipper earlier) so any of the combos using the
    Stun Dipper may need to be changed depending on who you're fighting.
    P->P->P->P->S->Stun Dipper
    P->P->P->S->S->Stun Dipper
    6P->S->HS->Stun Dipper
    6P->S->S->6S->Stun Dipper
    6P->S->6P->HS->Stun Dipper
    6P->S->S->6S->Sacred Edge->dash in 2K->S->Stun Dipper
    6P->S->6K->S->6K->S->Sacred Edge->Stun Dipper(crouching opponents only)
    6P->S->6P->HS->Sacred Edge (false roman cancel)->Dust->S->S->S->K->S->HS->Vapor Thrust
    S->S->Sacred Edge->Sacred Edge->S->Stun Dipper
    Greed Sever->S(jump cancel)->K->S->S->HS
    P->P->P->P->S->2D->(Sacred Edge/Stun Edge/Vapor Thrust)
    P->P->P->S->S->2D->(Sacred Edge/Stun Edge/Vapor Thrust)
    S->S->2S->2HS->2D->(Sacred Edge/Stun Edge/Vapor Thrust)
    6HS->6P->S->S->Stun Dipper
    6HS->6P->S->2S->2HS->Ride the Lightning
    7. General Strategy
    Ky's able to pressure people on the ground pretty well and has some nice reach in the Thunderseal. The best thing
    to do is keep whoever you're fighting grounded for as long as possible, but at the same time keep some space between
    them unless you're the one attacking. Ky's Charged Stun Edge is a great move but in most cases it's no good since it
    takes him a while to come out. You should only use it if you know you've got the time, the best chance to use it is
    after you've knocked whoever you're fighting down. Learn to time it so that just as they're getting up the Charged Stun
    Edge is already over them and they're got no choice but to block it or be hit three times. Even if it's blocked it's
    still helping to pressure your opponent, plus it'll bring up their Guard Gauge everytime you do it. Use the reach in
    Ky's sword for pokes and any combo you land try to end it with a sweep or Stun Dipper so you can throw out another
    Charged Stun Edge. Learning the timing for the Charged Stun Edge will help a lot because if you're good with it you'll
    definetely be able to follow up on any Charged Stun Edge that lands plus you don't have to worry as much about being hit
    if it's dodged or blocked. Aside from using the Charged Stun Edge you can also use 6+HS as something people have to deal
    with as they're getting up. As for defense his anti-air is pretty simple since his was modeled after the shotokans like
    Sol, the Vapor Thrust but he's also got the option of either 6P or just S. If you land 6P ad someone's jumping at you,
    follow with S, jump cancel and do an air combo. If you don't like those other two options then trying just jumping at
    the guy and met him/her with Ky's air kick. It's fast and allows you to follow it up to make a combo.
    8. Story Mode Paths
    Anji -----------------------------------
     |                                     |
    (Instant Kill)                  (no Instant Kill)
     |                                     |
    I-No                                 Baiken ----------------------
     |                                     |                         |
    Eddie                           (more than 30 sec.)      (less than 30 sec.)
     |                                     |                         |
    Zappa                                Chipp                    Bridget
     |                                     |                         |
    Sol                                   Jam                       Jam
     |                                     |                         |
    Ending #3                            Johnny                    Chipp
                                           |                         |
                                        Ending #1                 Robo Ky
                                                                 Ending #2
    In the path for Ending #2, Chipp will be immune to normal attacks and Robo
    Ky will be immune to both normal and special attacks. Eddie starts at half
    health, and Zappa starts at half health, is EX, and normal moves do not
    hurt him.
    Prerequisites: Need Sol #1 and #2 for Ending #3.
    9. Mission Mode Help
    Mission 23:
    Beat Robo Ky with Ky poisoned with half health and tension and atleast a 16 hit combo. In
    (insert number here) seconds.
    	This mission's annoying because of how little time you have and you only start off only
    	half tension. What I would do is build enough tension to do a combo with two Sacred Edges
    	because then I'd only need another six hits. For me it was 6P->S->S->2S->Sacred Edge->
    	dash in->2K->S->Sacred Edge. Or after an unblocked Charged Stun Edge
    	6P->S->S->2S->Sacred Edge->S->Sacred Edge.
    Mission 38:
    Beat Jam with Ky with Ky poisoned with half health and only inflicting damage with
    special moves and overdrives.
    	The only mission I found annoying was Mission 23 this and the next one weren't that
    	bad. You're poisoned though, and this mission sometimes takes me a while, so towards
    	the end Ky should be a block special move away from dying. Anyway since you're poisoned
    	time is against you. Early on just try landing a hit or combo that ends with a Stun Dipper.
    	You can't afford to try backing away and throwing out Stun Edges because she'll probably just
    	do one of her kicks to go over it. Other than that it's really just Ky's general strategy.
    	Even though the regular punches and kicks don't do damage, use some regular combos anyway
    	because it'll help build tension. Once you have enough tension just find ways to using
    	combos that have the Sacred Edge in it, then finish with a Stund Dipper.
    Mission 50:
    Beat EX, Gold Sol Badguy with Ky at half health without use of overdrives and destroyers.
    	This one didn't bother me that much. Sol's strong and you're gonna end up losing
    	at least a few times but overall there's no special strategy in beat Sol. If you
    	use his general strategy then it shouldn't take too long to beat this mission.
    	The only thing that's annoying is getting the first hit/throw so you can start
    	attacking him. Outside of that knock'em down throw out a Charged Stun Edge
    	(false roman cancel) run in combo and since it's the computer they'll be enough
    	times where he doen't block because the AI for Gold Sol is always charging at you.
    	Most of the times that the Charge Stun Edge lands it's a counter hit. The best
    	ground combo to do for me is 6P->S->S->2S-> Cresent Slash. It's easy, so there's
    	no real concentration needed for it and Sol's knocked down at the end. So I get to
    	throw out another Charge Stun Edge.
    10. Other Side Info
    Music References:
    Guilty Gear as a series gets a lot of things from rock music. The name Ky Kiske comes from he names
    of two people in a group called Helloween that was formed in 1984 in Germany. The first name is from
    Kai Hansen, the first vocalist and guitarman. Late though Micheal Kiske was hired as the vocalist and
    frontman. KAI Hansen + Micheal KISKE = Kai or Ky Kiske.
    His overdrive "Ride the Lightning" gets it's name from a song and album by Metallica. His Destroyer
    "Rising Force" is a song by Yngwie Malmsteen that was written using both classical and rock influences.
    The name of Ky's theme "Holy Orders: Be Just or Be Dead" sounds very similar to "Be Quick or Be Dead" by
    Iron Maiden.
    Extra Stuff about the Holy Orders:
    As far as magic goes lightning magic is the hardest to control. Within the even the Holy Order
    only Ky can use it. Although it's the hardest to control, it's the most destructive when concentrated in
    one place. His Destroyer move is nothing more than him focusing his lightning magic to the tip of his sword.
    Every member of the Holy Order has some word the belt that they wear. Ky's is 'Hope'. As leader of the Holy
    Order he felt it was his duty to protect innocents and other members of his group. During the Crusades there
    was an incident where six of his subordinates betrayed his order to leave a battle. He was prepared to die
    saving them, but instead they died protecting him. He chose the word hope because they left that for him.
    11. Credits
    Thanks has to go out to Sammy for one of the best fighting games ever. But aside from that thanks to
    Edward Chang for his faq because I would have never learned the timing for the FRC's or story mode
    conditions without it.
    Thanks also goes out to luna700@aol.com and Calico of gamecombos.com. Luna700's site was helpful in finding the connections Guilty
    Gear has to rock music and Calico's translation of certain parts from the Guilty Gear Novel: Lightning the Argent gave
    additional insight on a few of the characters in Guilty Gear, Ky included.

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