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    Bridget by Ferrio

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/23/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Bridget FAQ 1.0
    Written by:  Ferrio
    ICQ: 68454722
    Location: Fairbanks, Alaska (UAF)
    This is a copyrighted FAQ written by Ferrio (me).  Let me be straight with you.
    I wrote this big long thing, and it wasn't exactly fun.  I would really hate it
    for someone to claim they've written this whole thing, or even part of it.  So
    if you feel like quoting this guide, or sticking it up somewhere please give
    credit where credit is due and keep my name on it.
    Before I begin with the FAQ I'd like to state that this is not the all definite
    guide to Bridget.  What lies in this FAQ is what I believe to be fundamental
    and useful information for any beginning Bridget player.  This information is
    not set in stone, and I urge any readers to experiment for themselves in the
    attempt to find better strategies for Bridget.
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Conventions
    3.  Normal Moves
    4.  Yo-Yo Sets
    5.  Throws
    6.  Special Moves
    7.  Overdrives
    8.  Misc Attacks
    9.  Combos
    10. Pressure Strings
    11. Misc Advice
    12. Quick Reference
    Bridget is the type of character that most likely you aren't going to pick up
    easily.  You're going to have to have a different frame of mind when playing 
    as Bridget than you would as say for example playing Sol.  Keeping track of his
    yo-yo,  and the various options that are at your disposal with it's position
    will be the first hurdle in learning Bridget.  Bridget has quite a lot of
    things going for him including: Starship, range, damaging combos, lockdown, 
    and last but not least one of the best overdrives in the game "Me and the 
    Killing Machine".  This guide will cover the basic aspects of Bridget's moves 
    and their functions.  Later on the guide will move to more advanced techniques
    which will cover some of the moves in more detail.
    This guide will mainly be using the gamecombos.com style of conventions.  This
    means the numerical convention for directions will be used, and I suggest
    that if you're not familiar will it you should take a look at the conventions
    at http://www.gamecombos.com/games/ggxx/data/conv.html.  
    Basically the numbers refer to the directions on a computer's numpad.  Just
    look down at your keyboard and you'll notice the numbers refer to a certain
    direction such as:
    7(up back)    8(up)        9(up forward)
    4(back)       5(neutral)   6(forward)
    1(down back)  2(down)      3(down forward)
    Other abbreviations used in combos are as follows:
    JC-Jump Cancel
    / =  Either move can be used.  Read as "or".
    ** =  When a move(s) is/are enclosed in asterisks that denotes that it is 
    I also suggest you read the game mechanic techniques featured at
    http://www.gamecombos.com/games/ggxx/ or EChang's GGXX faq at gamefaqs since
    many of these will be referred to in this guide and is an essential background
    to becoming a good player overall.
    Here's a few terms that will be referred to in the guide:
    JUMP CANCEL-  Certain normal moves are able to be jump canceled,  This means
    while during the move you can cancel it by jumping either up/upforward/upback.
    This will cut the move's animation short, and allows for a character to
    continue a ground combo in the air.... or to double jump and continue an air
    combo.  It also has other uses like instant air dashing combos or Jump Installs
    but those won't be needed for Bridget.
    WAKEUP- The act of rising after being knocked down.  Using an attack while
    rising is called a wakeup attack, and is used to punish your opponent for using
    okizeme tactics.  Good wakeup attacks usually have lots of invulnerability
    frames and good priority such as overdrives or our case Bridget's Starship.
    OKIZEME- Okizeme is when a player tries to keep his opponent fallen on ground
    and rushing an opponent who's waking up.  OKIZEME can be defeated with good
    wake up attacks.
    MEATY ATTACK-  An attack used by a okizeme player to beat out wakeup attacks.
    These generally are attacks with lots of invulnerability frames and good
    priority.  Projectiles make good meaty attacks.
    CROSS-UP-  When a jump in attack hits the backside of a character (usually the
    back of the head).  Cross-ups are about as old as fighting games themselves.
    It's a prime way in getting a combo started by confusing your enemy in which
    way to block.  Only certain jumping moves can cross-up, so be familiar which
    moves these are for your characters.
    BREAD & BUTTER COMBO (B&B)-  Bread and Butter combos refer to a frequently
    used combo by a character.  Bridget's Bread and Butter combo will be listed
    in the combo section.  
    Normal moves are likely the most mis-understood type of moves in any fighting 
    game.  So overlooked by many beginners, but in many cases in fighting games,
    normal moves can mean the different between a good character and a bad
    character.  This section will outline each move, and tell of possible uses for
    that move.  Unless your already familiar with Bridget's normals, I suggest
    you don't skip this section.
    The move's name will first be given, and it's shortcut name. Then the damage 
    of the move, and how many times it hits. Then the move is denoted as
    being roman(false) cancelable or not, Jump cancelable, and last what position
    you're opponent can be in to block the move.
    Damage:  12
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  Yes
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching
    Bridget does a quick jab with his yo-yo.  This move is quick and has a nice
    range on it.  It's good for taking a quick peck at your opponent when they are
    trying to close in, and can be used to start a ranged gattling combo.  The move
    up close is pretty lackluster, since it's main draw is it's range.
    -STANDING KICK ( k )
    Damage:  22
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  Yes
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching
    Bridget does a quick mid kick.  Overall there isn't anything spectacular about
    this move.  It's quick, and a good gattling combo starter, but nothing that
    really makes it outshine in anyway.  
    -STAND CLOSE SLASH ( s(c) )
    Damage:  22x2
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  Yes
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching
    Bridget does a cat's cradle.  This move is used in basic gattling combos. It
    hits twice, and you can cancel the move into other gattling combinations on
    either hit.  Again nothing spectacular about this move, but it is a basic
    building block of combos, so you'll be seeing a lot of it.
    -STANDING FAR SLASH ( s(f) )
    Damage:  34
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching
    Bridget does a long range mid-hit with his yo-yo.  Now here's a great move.
    This can be done either at far range, or up close following a close s.  The
    range and speed of this move will make it one of your prime pokes while using
    Bridget.  It can also be followed up with a 6S or 2S which makes it a must in
    combos and pressure strings.
    Damage:  8
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching
    Bridget does a quick jab with his yo-yo toward his opponent's knees.  This move
    is pretty much comparable with Bridget's standing punch.  It has slightly a
    bit more range, but doesn't hit low so there isn't much separating the two
    moves.  Much like the standing punch, it can be used to start ranged gattling
    combos, use as you set fit.
    -CROUCHING KICK ( 2k )
    Damage:  12
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Crouching
    Bridget does a quick low kick.  This will be Bridget's main low combo starter.
    It's range isn't all that great, but it's fast and hits low which is what
    Bridget needs for any high/low games.  Again this will be a basic combo starter
    and you'll see plenty of this move in the future.
    Damage:  30
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  Yes
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching
    Bridget does a back flip with the yo-yo following in a big arc. Another great
    normal move.  The range of this move is great, but is a bit slow and should be
    used at a safe distance if not in a combo.  It's main use will be employed in
    Bridget's combos and pressures strings.  It also is a pretty good anti-air and
    can catch opponents trying to jump in or land a crossup.  The 2s can also be
    followed up with a 6s allowing for better pressure strings.
    -JUMPING PUNCH ( j.p )
    Damage:  16
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing, Air
    Bridget does a quick diagonal down strike with his yo-yo.  A pretty basic
    jumping move.  It has it's uses in starting jump in combos due to it's speed.
    Otherwise it's nothing special.
    -JUMPING KICK ( j.k )
    Damage:  20
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  Yes
    Block Position:  Standing, Air
    Bridget does a quick diagonal jump kick. It's another basic jump-in move.  It's
    good for air dash-in combos and is used during pressure games.  It also has
    the ability to cross-up which is nice.
    -JUMPING SLASH ( j.s )
    Damage:  32
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing, Air
    Bridget does a near horizontal strike with his yo-yo.  This move has longer
    range than the j.p but is a tad slower.  Good for catching people in the air
    and starting Bridget's Bread and Butter (B&B) air combo.  It can be followed 
    up with a j.2s which again is part of Bridget's B&B combo.  Also used
    frequently in Bridget's air dash-in combos.
    -JUMPING DOWN SLASH ( j.2s )
    Damage:  46
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  Yes
    Block Position:  Standing, Air
    Bridget does a flip backwards with a huge yo-yo at his feet.  Another good air
    move for Bridget.  This move is used primarily in Bridget's B&B air combos due
    to it's damage and that it's jump cancelable.  It's decent for air-to-air hits,
    and pretty good for jump-ins since it will stagger on a counter hit, allowing
    for a nice combo when you land.  It's also one of Bridget's crossups which you
    can use to help get Rushing Roger to hit.  You'll be seeing a lot of this move.
    Damage:  24
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching, Air
    Bridget turns around and thrusts his butt toward his opponent.  Sick thoughts
    aside this is a GREAT move.  This is what's used to snuff out your opponent's
    normal moves, and try to give yourself some breathing room.  This means this
    move has great priority and should not be ignored.  That's not all though, on 
    a counter hit (which is most likely when this will hit), your opponent will
    stagger which pretty much guarantees a free combo.  Great to use on a waking
    opponent, especially after a throw.  USE THIS MOVE.
    -FORWARD PUNCH ( 6p )
    Damage:  25
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching
    Bridget swings his yo-yo down in an arching attack.  Great move, it comes
    out quickly has a good range and can lead to some damaging combos if it catches
    a jumping opponent.  It can be used to give yourself some distance from your
    opponent and combos into a 2s or 6s.  A good anti-air against an opponent
    jumping in and should be followed by a 6s into Bridget's B&B air combo.
    -FORWARD KICK ( 6k )
    Damage:  20x2
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing
    Bridget does a flip, causing his leg to come crashing down on his opponent's
    head.  This of course is Bridget's standard overhead.  On it's own it's not
    that great, but mixing it up with a 2k during a "Me and the Killing Machine"
    overdrive and Rushing Roger is where it shines.  This will allow Bridget to
    play high/low games with his opponent to try and get through their guard so
    that the Roger attacks can hit.  This overhead also has a bit of 
    invulnerability frames, making it easier to land.
    -FORWARD SLASH ( 6s )
    Damage:  46
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  Yes
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching
    Bridget flings his yo-yo in an upward angle. Another one of Bridget's best
    moves.  It has great range, decent speed, jump cancelable, leads into Bridget's
    B&B combo, and is a part of Bridget's pressure strings and combos.  That's not
    all, it will also knock an opponent clear off their feet and cause them to
    bounce off the wall on a counter hit. 
    The only big drawback of this move is it can fly over the heads of some
    characters at certain ranges.  It's a good idea to get to know the range at 
    which this move will hit certain characters (this goes for all moves as well )
    so you don't accidentally whiff which could but a dent in your pressure game.  
    -DUST LAUNCHER ( d )
    Damage:  17
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing
    Bridget flails wildly with his yo-yo.  My opinion of dust launchers in general 
    is very low, they have their uses but should never be relied on heavily.
    Bridget's dust launcher isn't especially good since it's horrible telegraphed
    and has a pretty lengthy startup.  On the bright side you can cancel it with
    a yo-yo attack, which will allow you to recover from a blocked dust safely.
    Also since dust launchers hit low blocking opponents, you can used the launcher
    to hit a crouching opponent during a "Me and the Killing Machine" overdrive.
    Not only will the overdrive hit, but you can follow up with your own personal
    dust combo.
    -SWEEP ( 2d )
    Damage:  32
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    False Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Crouching
    Bridget twirls the yo-yo in a circle around his feet, tripping his opponent.
    As sweeps go, Bridget's is pretty good. It has a nice range,  comes out at
    an average speed, and overall pretty safe if blocked.  It's a pity you couldn't 
    interrupt the sweep's animation by setting your yo-yo.. which would undoubtably
    make this a make this a great move.
    Bridget's sweep will be a main staple of his offense, and will have several
    uses.  First of all tripping will be one of the best ways to safely set your
    yo-yo so you can apply pressure when your opponent rises.  Secondly the sweep
    will be used to play high/low games with your opponent during pressure strings.
    The sweep is also FRCable, and can lead to Bridget's  B&B air combo (6s, JC,
    j.s, j.2s, JC, j.s, j.2s, 623P) but this can be done at the maximum or minimum
    range of the sweep which limits it's capability.
    -AIR DUST ( j.d )
    Damage:  16x3
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Jump Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing
    Bridget goes crazy and flings his yo-yos around himself like a madman.  I'm not
    quite sure what to say about this move.  I never use it... at all.  I can see
    it's uses... I mean it does nice damage and all... but it always seems like a
    poor man's starship.  It could be useful in a combo ender, but starship does
    more damage anyway... so why bother?  If you find a good use for it... call me.
    4.  YO-YO SETS
    Unlike all the other GGXX characters, Bridget's HS button has it's own special
    use.  This being the throwing (setting) of his yo-yo so that he can recall it
    or use his roger moves.  This is the prime ingredient in Bridget's pressure
    games and is utmost required to know in order to properly play Bridget.
    One thing you should keep in mind is that whenever you set your yo-yo you're in
    danger of being attacked.  When Bridget sets his yo-yo he's wide open and if
    your opponent is opportunistic he'll smack you around for being dumb.  Now
    there's ways to make setting the yo-yo safer. 
    One way is to combo the set from other normal moves much like any other 
    gattling combo.  The best moves to combo it from are his long range attacks
    such as his 6s, 2s, or s.  Using these you can keep your opponent at bay while
    you set your yo-yo for future attacks. The safest way to set your yo-yo is
    while your opponent is downed.  The most common way this will happen is after
    a 2d which will be used frequently to safely set up your next attack.
    In this section I will outline the various directional sets, their commands and
    any additional information I deem necessary.
    -STANDING FORWARD SET ( 2h, 6h, 3h, h )
    Bridget's standard set.  This will cause Bridget's yo-yo to travel forward at
    eye level.  This will be your most often used set, since ideally you want to
    get your yo-yo behind your opponent for maximum pressure opportunities.
    Bridget's backward set.  This will cause Bridget's yo-yo to travel behind him
    at knee level.  You won't be using this one much since having your yo-yo behind
    you isn't quite helpful, except maybe making a quick escape using his 214k.
    Bridget's upforward set.  Bridget will toss his yo-yo up-diagonally.  This
    won't be used much either but does have uses such as catching your opponent in
    the air, or limiting their jump options with a razor roger.
    Bridget's upback set.  Bridget will toss his yo-yo up-diagonally behind him.  
    Again... can't see much use with this except for a hasty retreat.
    -STANDING UP SET ( 8h )
    Bridget's up set.  Bridget will toss his yo-yo straight up.  Again not much 
    point to this one, you're on your feet why toss it above your head when it
    should be behind your opponent.
    -JUMPING FORWARD SET ( j.h, j.6h )
    Bridget's jumping forward set.  Bridget will toss his yo-yo forwards and will
    travel slightly less than his standing version.  This is a decent set, and can
    be used to lay a yo-yo behind when you back air dash to make your opponent
    think twice about persuing you.
    -JUMPING BACK SET ( j.4h )
    Bridget's jumping back set.  Bridget will toss his yo-yo backwards.  This
    should be used when jumping past your opponent when either air teching, or 
    dashing over.
    Bridget's jumping downforward set.  Bridget will toss his yo-yo diagonally 
    down.  A good set to use to place a yo-yo behind/close to your opponent while
    jumping.  One of the most used sets.
    Bridget's jumping downback set.  Bridget will toss his yo-yo diagonally down
    behind him.  This has it's uses when you find yourself trading sides with
    your opponent.  If you happen to find yourself dashing past your opponent, or
    teching you might want to throw a quick yo-yo in your wake.
    Bridget's jumping up-forward set.  Less useful than his standing version.
    -JUMPING UP-BACK SET ( j.7h )
    Bridget's jumping upback set.  Again you can use it in conjunction with 214k if
    you want to avoid some move such as another Bridget's "Me and the Killing
    Machine" or I-no's Megalomaniac.
    -ON THE GROUND SET ( While rising h )
    Bridget's on the ground set.  This will cause Bridget to pause while getting
    up and throw his yo-yo straight above him.  During the set Bridget is
    invulnerable to hits so it's safe.  A good way to set your yo-yo if you've been
    knocked down.  You can then rise and do a Starship if your opponent is getting
    too close.
    5.  THROWS
    -GROUND THROW ( 4H, 6H )
    Damage:  48
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Block Position:  Unblockable
    Bridget throws his opponent, yet falls too and lands ontop of them.
    Bridget's throw isn't spectacular since it doesn't have any practical combo
    followups like most characters.  It is RCable, but anything you can follow
    that up with is pretty much useless.  Bridget will throw your opponent in the
    opposite direction you specify so keep that in mind when you're trying to
    get your opponent in the corner.  Now even though Bridget's throw itself isn't
    great in itself,  it does has some good mind games that can be played when your
    opponent starts to rise.  Here's some scenarios.
    A.  Your opponent starts to rise, and you believe that they'll wake up with
    a normal move.  At this point you can do a 3p which will beat out most attacks.
    Since this will most likely be a counter hit, your opponent will stagger which
    gives you a free combo opportunity.
    B.  Your opponent starts to rise, and you think they'll wake up with an
    overdrive or special move.  Here you can use Starship which will beat out
    most ANYTHING they throw at you due to it's invincibility frames.  If you do a
    ground version and it hits you can decide to FRC it into an air combo.  Though
    you're more safe off doing a tiger-knee'd version (62369P) which recovers
    faster just incase your opponent blocks while rising.
    C.  You decide you don't want to be anywhere near your opponent when they rise.
    So you instant air dash backwards and set do a 3h set while in the air.  This
    will leave the yo-yo close to your opponent and you can go from there with
    whatever yo-yo move you deem needed.
    Another good use of Bridget's ground throw is to throw your enemy into Roger
    moves such as Razor roger, Rushing Roger or even better "Me and the Killing
    Machine" to which you can follow up with the appropriate combo if they hit.
    -AIR THROW ( j.4H, j.6H )
    Damage:  55
    Roman Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Unblockable
    Bridget's tosses his opponent to the ground.  Bridget's air throw like his
    ground one is nothing special in itself.  Normally it'll just toss your
    opponent in the opposite direction you specify and that's that. 
    His throw is useful for general purposes like keeping your opponent in the
    corner or it can be used to throw your opponent into a "Me and the Killing
    Machine" or Razor Roger if they try to air dash to safety.
    Bridget's special moves mostly revolve around the use of his yo-yo and rely 
    heavily on where that yo-yo has been set.  Having a yo-yo behind you isn't
    going to help you much if you want to Razor Roger.  Also, though it shouldn't
    have to be mentioned, all of Bridget's yo-yo moves can cancel out normal moves
    (such as 2s) and is usually the best way to perform them. Bridget has a few 
    other moves that don't rely on his yo-yo such as Starship which is easily one
    of the best moves in the game.  In this section I will discuss Bridget's 
    special moves, their uses and particular situations that they are best for.
    -YO-YO RETURN ( [after set] h )  (can be done in the air)
    Damage:  40
    Roman Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching, Air
    Bridget will call back his yo-yo which will hit his opponent if they get in the
    way.  This is Bridget's basic yo-yo move and will be used quite a lot in his
    pressure strings.  It has great priority and can easily beat out your
    opponents attacks.  Unfortunately this move has a big drawback.  At any time
    Bridget is hit (blocking or not blocking) while his yo-yo is returning it will
    pass harmlessly through his opponent.  This means that you should only call
    back your yo-yo when you know it's safe to do so, because it won't save you
    from an attacking opponent.
    Now other than pressure strings and combos (which will be discussed in detail
    later on) the yo-yo return can be used as sort of a shield.  Since it has great
    priority you can set/return your yo-yo while retreating to either hit your
    opponent while they give chase, or to make them rethink pursuing you.  
    -ROGER RUSH ( [after set] 236h )
    Damage:  36x5
    Roman Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching, Air
    Bridget's yo-yo will turn into Roger who will spin his arms around slowly
    while returning to Bridget.  A great move used to keep your opponent pinned
    down so that you can apply pressure.  When executed roger will travel back to
    Bridget at a decent speed and hit his opponent up to five times if he comes in
    contact with them.  
    Roger will return to Bridget after a certain amount of time, when Bridget makes
    contact with him, or the five hits are up whichever comes first.  Unlike the
    yo-yo return, Roger Rush will not stop if Bridget gets hit while blocking,
    but it will stop if Bridget gets hit while not blocking.  If Roger Rush does
    hit your opponent it will stagger them giving you free opportunity to get in a
    Roger Rush is most effective when it's not used in the corner.  Reason
    why is because Roger Rush is fairly fast moving which means it won't register
    all the hits while returning to Bridget.  This doesn't mean it isn't good in
    the corner, which it definitely is.... but you won't get all the bang for your
    Here's a good example of how to use this move:
    You're in the middle of the stage, and your yo-yo is set behind your opponent.
    At a distance you  do a s(f) and cancel it into Roger rush.  Roger starts to
    move toward you and hit your blocking opponent. Since you want to get the most
    out of this move you can then air dash back and forth over your opponent so 
    that roger will follow and hit your opponent up to five times.  If you want
    while you're dashing back and forth above your opponent's head you can try to
    land a j.2s crossup to help further in getting past their guard attempts.  
    If you don't feel like air dashing above them... or can't (since they're in 
    the corner)you can go the easy route and use Bridget's 2k or 6k to play 
    high/low games with your opponent.  If at anytime roger hits, you got a stunned
    opponent and you can proceed to do a combo of your choice.
    Overall this is a great move that you'll want to utilize to it's fullest.
    -RAZOR ROGER ( [after set] 214 )  (can be done in air also)
    Damage:  20x3
    Roman Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching
    Bridget's yo-yo will turn into Roger with blades spinning around him.  After
    this move is executed Roger will *slowly* make his way back to Bridget, hitting
    any opponent up to 3 times if they get in the way.  Razor Roger will end after
    a certain period of time, when it hits 3 times, or when Bridget comes in
    contact with Roger.  Unlike Bridget's yo-yo return, or Roger rush, Razor roger
    will not stop if Bridget gets hit (blocking or otherwise).  This means Razor
    Roger can potentially save Bridget by knocking Bridget out of an opponent's 
    combo.  Of course you shouldn't rely on this since Razor Roger moves a lot 
    slower than Roger rush making it a very slim chance that this will happen.
    Razor Roger has several uses, it's first and foremost use is to lockdown your
    opponent so you can continue with a combo or pressure string.  You usually
    want to execute Razor Roger when Bridget's yo-yo is ontop of or very close
    nearby your opponent, or they might get away before it has a chance to do
    it's work.  The best area for this to happen is when your opponent is backed
    in the corner since this usually means your yo-yo will be close to your 
    opponent, making it easier for Razor Roger to connect.  Also since Razor Roger
    is slow moving it can easily get all it's hits in before it moves past your
    opponent unlike Roger Rush.  Another way of getting Razor Roger to hit is to
    push your opponent back into it either by a combo or pressure string The uses
    of this move in pressure strings will be discussed later on.
    Another good use of Razor Roger is it's ability to absorb projectiles such as
    Ky's Stun Edge.  Razor Roger will absorb up to 3 hits of a projectile (exactly
    the amount of hits in a Stun Edge) and can give you some breathing room so
    that you can advance on your opponent safely.   With Razor Roger as a barrier
    you can either dash-in, or use Kick Start My Heart-P cancel to advance on
    your opponent.  Razor Roger will also snuff some pokes, so you can use it to
    discourage an Axl player from playing the range game.
    Lastly Razor Roger can be used as a meaty attack (an attack to beat out an
    opponents wake-up move).  If your yo-yo is ontop of or close to a fallen
    opponent you can do a Razor Roger, so that when they rise they'll be pinned
    down.  Then you can easily advance forward and continue with a pressure string.
    -KICK START MY HEART [KSMH] ( 236k )  Has Follow-ups, listed below.
    Damage:  30
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching
    Bridget throws down his yo-yos and rides them like a pair of rollerskates.  A
    good move for beginning combos, and part of Bridget's B&B combo.  Without the
    followups Kick Start My Heart isn't that great of a move outside the B&B combo.
    Bridget will continue to skate after he's hit his opponent so canceling with
    a followup is usually a must.  In conjunction with the p follow-up it's a great
    way to cover ground.
    -STOP ( p after KSMH )
    Damage:  40
    Roman Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching, Air
    Bridget grinds to a halt showering his opponent with sparks.  Out of the two
    followups to KSMH this in my opinion is the better.  The sparks have a good 
    range of about a s(f) and is nice way to catch an unsuspecting a opponent. 
    Using this followup you can cover ground rather quickly and safely if used
    moderately.  For added protection you can have a Razor Roger out in front to
    thwart any of your opponents attacks.  
    Stop is also a good basic combo ender since it will knock your opponent on the
    ground, giving you some time to set your yo-yo behind them.
    -FIRE ( k after KSMH )
    Damage:  50
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching, Air
    Bridget jumps into the air flailing his yo-yos wildly.  Overall I'm not too
    fond of this move.  It's OK in begining combos, but your opponent is able to
    tech afterwards, leaving you no time to set your yo-yo for future attacks. Use
    it with discretion if at all.
    -STARSHIP ( 623p )
    Damage:  21x4
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    False Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching
    Bridget quickly twirls his yo-yos around him.  Welcome to one of the best moves
    in the game.  Starship simply put is amazing, and if you truly want to strike
    fear in your opponent's heart you better use this move.  Visually Starship
    doesn't look to hot, but looks can be deceiving.
    First of all it has a very long invulerability time, much more than most
    overdrives.  This means you can punish just about anything your opponent throws
    at you.  It's great used in meaty attacks against a waking opponent, for anti-
    air, or just sticking out to make your opponent think twice about coming close.  
    Not only does it have the long invulnerability frames, but it also strikes all
    around Bridget... so you're safe from every angle.  If that isn't enough it can
    also be done in there air (which is the version you'll do the most often) and
    it can be FRCed into Bridget's B&B air combo for some nice damage.  Overall 
    you're going to want to abuse this move.
    -AIR STARSHIP ( in air 623p, or Tiger Knee'd 62369p )
    Damage:  21x3
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    False Roman Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching, Air
    Bridget does a Starship, in the air!  Now you may wonder why I've listed the
    air version separate.  Well first of all it has some basic property differences
    such as it only hits 3 times, and it doesn't have a FRC like it's grounded
    counterpart.  More importantly though is the Air Starship has a quicker
    recovery time, and you're less likely to be punished for doing it.  Also you'll
    get a little more height on the move, which might be helpful
    Now there's a trick that to be able to pull off starship (as well as any other
    air move) quickly from the ground.  This is known by some as tiger-knee'ing a
    move, and is done by doing the motion of the move but is ended in the up-
    diagonal position plus the button press.  So basically 632369p is the sequence
    you would use.  This allows Bridget to do an air starship quickly and easily
    from a grounded position.  
    Again the air starship is superior to it's grounded counterpart. In all
    likelihood you'll want to be doing this version instead of the grounded
    version.  Learn the tiger-knee motion and abuse the hell out of this move.
    I mean it, if you don't master this move you're losing a very strong part of
    Bridget's move set. USE THIS MOVE!!
    -ROGER HUG ( after set, 623s )
    Damage:  None
    Roman Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Unblockable.
    Bridget's yo-yo turns into a weird seal and attaches itself to his opponent.
    Holy crap is this an awful move.  The point of this move (if there is a point)
    is that while the seal is on your opponent your 214k move will roll you toward
    your opponent.  Now this is great and all, but this move lasts for 10 seconds
    and during this 10 seconds you can't use your yo-yo AT ALL.  Talk about
    neutering Bridget's gameplay.  Seriously this is an awful move and should be
    avoided at all costs.  Losing your yo-yo for 10 seconds just to be able to
    roll to your opponent is hardly helpful.  DON'T USE IT.
    -ROLLING ( after set, or during Roger Hug:  214k )
    Damage:  None
    Roman Cancelable:  No
    Bridget rolls in the air toward his yo-yo, or toward Roger Hug.  OK here's a
    decent move used in conjunction with a yo-yo and not Roger Hug.  This move has
    a couple of good uses.
    First it's used in pressure strings to try and get a quick overhead on your
    opponent.  Used along with low hitting moves such as 2k and 2d, you can use
    this to throw off your opponent and poke a hole in their guard.  How this is
    done will be discussed further in the pressure strings section.
    Another more obvious use is a means of a fast escape.  This is especially
    good during another Bridget's "Me and the Killing Machine", I-no's megolamaniac
    or Dizzy's Gamma ray.  All you have to do is toss your yo-yo up, roll, toss the
    yo-yo up again and roll to it.  This should give you ample time to avoid
    anything on the ground.  Also a great means to retreat backwards after an
    air tech.
    Unlike most characters Bridget has the priviledge of having three overdrives.
    Unfortunately one of these is pretty much useless, another near useless, but 
    the last one can easily be considered the best overdrive in the game.  This 
    section will outline Bridget's overdrives, their uses (if they have any), and
    any additional information.
    Damage:  30x18
    Roman Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching, Air
    50% tension required.
    Bridget tries to fix his yo-yo and something goes horribly awry.  This move
    will cause a pillar of flame to appear at a distance of about a s(c) infront
    of Bridget.  Yet another horribly useless move.  First of all this move can't 
    be comboed, so you have to rely on your opponent's stupidity to be hit by it.
    Second, Bridget gets knocked away making it hard for any decent follow up. 
    Lastly the move doesn't do that great of damage... so why bother?  Horrible
    move, not worth the tension.  Though not to be a total downer, if you're
    opponent is stupid and you can afford the tension, try to catch them while
    they're in the air.
    -LOOP THE LOOP ( 632146s )
    Damage:  20x7, 60
    Roman Cancelable:  Yes
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching
    50% tension required
    Bridget loops his yo-yos toward his opponent and ends with a huge Roger
    crashing down on their head.  As overdrives go this is pretty mediocre.  It's
    damage isn't that good, and Bridget's B&B combo can easily do more... so why
    waste the tension?  In combos the damage is even more pathetic due to damage
    reduction, so never do it in a combo.  
    The only decent use for it is from a wake-up to catch any opponent closing in
    on you.  Though why bother?  It has less invulnerability frames than Starship
    (making it more risky) and it costs 50% tension when Starship doesn't.  Why
    settle for less?  Again it's not a great use of tension since you have easily
    more damaging RC combos, and Starship makes a much much better wakeup.  Use
    sparingly if at all.
    -ME AND THE KILLING MACHINE (after set:  632146h)
    Damage:  30x12
    Roman Cancelable:  No
    Block Position:  Standing, Crouching, Air
    50% tension required.
    Bridget's yo-yo turns into Roger riding a flaming bike. This can easily be the
    best overdrive in the game.  When executed Roger will make his way back to
    Bridget, hitting your opponent if they get in the way.  Roger will disappear
    after a certain period time, or after 12 hits... whatever comes first.  This
    move cannot under normal circumstances be comboed, so why is it so great?  Well
    the pressure options it gives you are great, and if it does hit the damage that
    follows is wonderful.  Here's some ways to successfully hit your opponent with 
    this move:
    Your best scenario is when your opponent is backed in a corner with your yo-yo
    hovering behind, on top of, or very close infront of them.  Since they're in 
    the corner, once this move is activated they're going to have to sit tight and 
    try and block the whole thing.  If they burst they're going to get hit by the
    overdrive, if they Dead Angle Attack they're going to get hit also.  Now your
    purpose while they're blocking the overdrive is to try to get past their guard.
    This is done by mixing up between Bridget's low and overhead attacks such as
    2k, 6k, and d.  
    Since the overdrive obscures a lot of what's going on, it'll be difficult for 
    your opponent to predict whether you're going to go high or low, giving you a
    pretty good chance of getting past their guard.  If at any time you get a hit
    in, the overdrive will hit your opponent and proceed to juggle them around.  
    At this point you can follow up with Bridget's air combo (j.s, j.2s, JC, j.s,
    j.2s) to tack on some additional damage and allow the overdrive to register all
    the hits.  This will lead to some serious damage.
    Another likely scenario is that your opponent is in the middle of the stage
    with your yo-yo close or behind them.  Now since they're not backed in the
    corner they'll have a better chance of escaping by air dashing or whatnot.  So
    make sure your yo-yo is very close so that they'll have little time to react.
    If they do attempt to airdash towards you, you can attempt to air throw them
    into the overdrive.  If they decide to block it, you can proceed to try to
    get past their guard as discussed in the first scenario.
    Another option that isn't available when you're opponent is in the corner, is
    to try and cross them up with a j.2s, j.k, or to repeatedly air dash back and
    forth over their head in the attempt of making them guard the wrong direction. 
    This is not always as effective as the high/low game, but the option still
    C.  VERY UNLIKELY.  Now remember how I said that this move can't normally be
    comboed?  Well technically this is true, but there is a exception.  This
    is done by doing "Me and the Killing Machine" after a juggling hit such as
    6s and going straight into the overdrive.  Now in a perfect world your opponent
    will instantly tech the moment the overdrive comes out, making it impossible
    to combo.  Now since this isn't a perfect world, and humans tend to error,
    there is a possibility that they won't tech the very second they're allowed
    to making it possible for the overdrive to combo.
    Here's an example using Bridget's B&B combo.  The yo-yo must be a little ways
    in the air behind your opponent.
    2k, s(c) (1 hit), s(f), 2d, 236k, RC, 6s, 632146h.
    Now after the 236k, RC, 6s your opponent will be airborne.  As soon as the
    overdrive comes out they have the chance to tech, if they fail to do so the
    overdrive will hit depending if the yo-yo was placed right.  Then Bridget can 
    follow up with a classic air combo causing more damage.  Now this combo takes
    100% tension, requires your yo-yo to have some exact placing, and has to rely
    on your opponents shortcomings.  Overall its VERY VERY VERY risky, and 
    shouldn't be attempted.  IT could easily wind up being a big waste of tension,
    but if you're feeling overly cocky and you think your opponent is a moron...
    go ahead  try it.  It's really cool to see happen.
    One last word on this overdrive.  Even if you fail to get through your 
    opponent's guard you still don't leave empty handed.  If your opponent doesn't
    faultless defense the overdrive should do a good job in jacking up your
    opponent's guard meter which cause you to do more damage and even land counter
    hits.  If they used faultless defense, then they'll have lost a bit of tension.
    Again USE THIS MOVE.  The mastery of this move, when to use it and how to 
    get past your opponent's guard is a must.  This is one of Bridget's few ways
    to land some big damage, learn to use this move properly and your opponents
    will surely hate you.
    Well I needed some place to put Bridget's Instant Kill and his Dead Angle
    attack so I'll just lump them together here.  
    -SHOOT THE MOON (Instant Kill)  ( after p+k+s+h, 236x2h )
    Damage:  Instant Kill
    Bridget slings his opponent through the atmosphere where they finally land
    head first in the moon.  Well... it's an instant kill.  First of all you should
    never rely on instant kills.  They are not that useful up in higher play
    (some exceptions), and the people who usually fall for them are unskilled or
    reckless.  Basically you want to use it if you see your opponent dizzied and
    they aren't doing that good of a job mashing out of it.  Otherwise stick to
    your main gameplay, and leave chance out of it.
    -DEAD ANGLE ATTACK ( while blocking 6p+k )
    Damage: 25
    50% tension required
    Bridget uses his 6p animation to knock his opponent away.  Your standard DAA
    move.  Use it if you're pinned down, and don't have a burst.  Remember to use
    DAA wisely, since if they whiff or your opponent interrupts them that's a big
    waste of 50% tension
    9. COMBOS
    Well knowing most players, you most likely skipped through this whole guide
    just to read this section.   Well I suggest you skip back up to the top and
    start reading unless you are sure you already know all that information.  If
    you do know all that, then most likely you probably already know these combos.
    Anyways, Bridget overall isn't a combo machine.  Yes he has some very damaging
    combos, and some less damaging yet wacky combos.  I'm only going to list the
    ones I deem needed to have a solid Bridget.  There won't be many, but the ones
    listed will easily pull their own weight.  This section will be divided up
    into several sections based on whether your yo-yo is set and/or you have any
    These combos will be the base of your damage capabilities.  Once you've broken
    their guard using pressure strings (next section) you can use the appropriate
    combo mattering on your tension level, and the position of your yo-yo.
    These are combos you will utilize when your yo-yo is not set up, and your
    tension is below 25%
    2k/k, s(c), s(f), 2d  (set yo-yo while opponent is down)
    Though it may not look it, this a decent combo when you have no tension or
    your yo-yo set.  No it doesn't do much damage, but what it does do is get your
    opponent on the ground.  Once they're there you can set your yo-yo behind them
    and play any wake up games while they rise.  A good combo that you might want
    to become acquainted with... though the one below might be better suited.
    2k/k, s(c) (1-2 hits), *s(f)*, 236k, p ,  (set yo-yo while opponent is down)
    Again, not a very flashy combo but it serves the same purpose as the one above.
    This will do a bit more damage than the previous one and charge your tension
    gauge a bit more.  It'll knock your opponent farther away, so that's good if
    you're trying to work them to the corner.  But you'll have to dash in a bit
    before setting your yo-yo if you want to get it placed a good distance behind
    them.  A very good combo to have when you have nothing set up.
    ( anti air )
    6p, 6s, JC, j.s, j.2s, JC, j.s, j.2s, 632p
    Bridget's anti-air combo.  Whenever a opponent jumps in you can try and
    intercept them with a 6p.  If it hits you can follow up with the rest of the
    combo for some serious damage. 
    j.s, j.2s, JC, j.s, j.2s, 6236p
    Bridget's air combo.  This is just Bridget's regular air combo that you'll want
    to use if you ever find yourself juggling your opponent in the air.  It's also
    part of your ground B&B combo.
    For the most part these combos are just extensions of the non-set ones.  The
    extended combos don't do that much damage, and may even do less damage. But
    they build up your tension a little more and look a bit more flashy which is
    sometimes a plus.  
    ( Yo-yo Set behind opponent. )
    2k/k, s(c) (1 hit), 2s, recall yo-yo, dash-in, 2k/k, s(c) (1-2 hits), 236k, p,
    (set yo-yo while opponent is down)
    An extended version of the non-yo-yo set combos.  Basically the yo-yo pull
    allows you to tack a bit more damage on and raise a bit more tension.  Make 
    sure to dash in enough after the yo-yo recall or you won't be able to connect
    the rest of the combo.
    (25% tension required)
    623p, FRC, 6s, JC, j.s, j.2s, JC, j.s, j.2s, 623p
    Bridget's B&B air combo done after a False Roman Canceled Starship.  I don't
    think this is a very likely situation since most of the time you'll want to
    op for an aerial starship... but if you ever find yourself hitting your
    opponent deep with a grounded starship it's not a bad option.
    (25% tension required, extremely close to your opponent)
    2d, FRC, k, 6s, JC, j.s, j.2s, JC, j.s, j.2s, 623p
    A very very unlikely combo, but I'd thought I'd put it in anyways.  The trouble
    with this one if you can't tell is that you have to be extremely close to 
    your opponent to do it.  Doing a sweep that close to your opponent isn't a very
    good idea, so the chance of this combo coming up is slim.  Don't try it.
    (50% tension required)
    2k/k, s(c) (1 hit), s(f), 2d, 236k, RC, 6s, JC, j.s, j.2s, JC, j.s, j.2s,
    623p/yo-yo set
    This is Bridget's B&B combo.  This is what you ultimately want to try and land
    if you get an opening in your opponent's defense.  It does very nice damage
    so the tension spent is well worth it.  Also there's a good chance the starship
    at the end won't connect due to your opponent getting pushed away.  Don't
    worry, at that point the starship doesn't add much damage so it's no big loss.
    Instead you can replace the starship with a yo-yo set which might help you
    in the long run anyways.  Again this is a very important combo, and one you
    should master since it'll be one of your big damage dealers.  Also remember
    if you start the combo using 2k the damage it yields will be significantly
    E. 50% tension, Yo-yo set.
    (50% tension required, yo-yo set behind opponent)
    632146h, j.s, j.2s, JC, j.s, j.2s, 623p
    The Me and the Killing Machine overdrive combo.  Now granted you're going to
    have to get through your opponents defenses to get the overdrive to hit, but
    once you do you follow up with the air combo listed afterwards.  This is
    Bridget's other main damage source.  The combo itself is easy, getting through
    your opponent's blocking is the challenge.  
    (50% tension required, yo-yo set behind opponent, opponent in corner)
    6s (counter hit), 632146h, j.s, j.2s, JC, j.s, j.2s, 623p
    This is one of those weird times where you can actually combo the killing
    machine overdrive from another move.  Now it has to be a counter hit, and your
    opponent has to be in the corner with the yo-yo close by... so it's not 
    very likely, but I thought I'd list it anyways.
    (50% tension required, yo-yo set behind opponent)
    2k/k, s(c) (1 hit), 2s, yo-yo recall, dash in, 2k/k, s(c) (1 hit), s(f), 2d,
    236k, RC, 6s, JC, j.s, j.2s, JC, j.s, j.2s, 623p
    Just Bridget's B&B combo extended using the yo-yo.  This overall may not be
    a smart deal since the extra hits can actually make the combo do less damage
    overall.  But hey some people might think it looks nice.
    Pressure strings simply put are blocked combos.  What makes them special is
    that they are designed to get through your opponent's guard while minimizing
    the amount at which your opponent can retaliate.  Using pressure strings
    you'll try to poke a whole in their defense, once broken you should instantly
    switch over to an appropriate combo.
    Keep in mind pressure strings aren't an exact science.  There's a ton of
    combinations of strings you can come up with, and a lot more than I'm willing
    to include in this FAQ.  Also the ones listed here aren't necessarily the best,
    just the ones I use.  I suggest you find what fits you best, and make
    adjustments as you see fit.
    I'll set this section up in 4 parts.  These will be separated by whether you
    are near or far from your opponent and whether you have your yo-yo set
    appropriately.  In this way I hope one can easily flow from one to another
    so you can chain them together as needed.
    At the end of the section I'll give example scenarios of how these strings will
    work and how they can combine with combos.
    2k, s(c) (1 hit), s(f), *2s*, 2d
    Well this looks familiar.  Yes it's the first combo listed in the first
    section.  A great string to use, that gives your opponent very little time to
    retaliate if blocked.  If done at a range you're completely safe.  You should
    use this string to try and catch your opponent if they aren't expecting a low
    hit.  If the sweep hits you can set your yo-yo while your opponent is down, if
    it's blocked you can try some long ranged pressure strings.
    2k, s(c) (1 hit), s(f), 2s, *6s*, Yo-yo set
    A basic block strong that'll end with a yo-yo set.  Adding the 6s is safer but
    it may not hit all characters.  Also if you use the 6s your yo-yo won't go as
    far behind your opponent compared to without it.  Now remember this string will
    leave you wide open during the yo-yo set.  Don't use it too often or your
    opponent will see it coming and attack as soon as the 2s is over...causing
    Bridget quite a bit of pain.  Use this along with the other combo to keep
    your opponent guessing.
    2k, s(c) (1 hit), 2s, Recall Yo-yo
    Again another string that looks very familiar.  It's just your basic combo
    extender that was listed in the combo section.  It's starts off with c.k to
    try and catch your blocking high.  If that doesn't connect you finish the
    pressure string.  If your opponent blocks the whole thing you now have an 
    option of dashing/instant air dashing in for a close pressure string or
    sticking back with a far pressure string.
    2k, 2s, 2k, 2s, recall yo-yo
    Here's a mix-up that's nice that'll try to catch your opponent who thinks
    it's safe to stop blocking low after the first hit.  The only trouble with
    this is combo is you have to be in pretty deep to do it for the second
    2k will miss.  This used in conjunction with Bridget's rolling for overheads
    will be your tools in your high/low games to get through your opponent's guard.
    2k, s(c) (1 hit), s(f), 2s, 214k, j.p, j.2s, *214k, j.p, j.2s*, yo-yo recall
    Here's a pressure string that utilizes Bridget's rolling to get an overhead
    in mid string.  You can do repeat the 214k, j.p, j.2s if your opponent blocks
    it the first time.  Also you might want to skip the yo-yo recall if they 
    block the first 214k, j.p, j.2s and go into a 2k to catch them off guard.
    I should mention there's a lot of ways to utilize the 214k in strings to get
    past your opponents guard.  Way more than I know of, and more complex than I
    care to think about.  If your curious about some of the more wacky ones you
    can observe some match videos with Yukinose's Bridget.  Just ask around
    www.gamecombos.com forums about Yukinose... they'll know who you're talking
    2k, s(c) (1 hit), s(f), 2s, 214k, j.2s, recall yo-yo, land, 3p
    Another string using the 214k roll.  This one isn't as safe, but if the j.2s
    gets a counter hit off they'll be staggered and you can easily follow up after
    that.  If they block everything up to the yo-yo recall you  can land and do a
    3p to try and snuff a counter attack.
    3p, 214k, j.k, j.s, recall yo-yo.
    Again another string utilizing the 214k roll.  The 3p starts off the string to
    try and catch your opponent on a counter hit.  If it hits, free combo.  If
    it's block you go into the roll and the jumping overheads.
    s(f), yo-yo set
    s(f), 6s, yo-yo set
    2s, yo-yo set
    2s, 6s, yo-yo set
    Now these aren't very creative pressure strings, and I don't think I'd even
    classify them as that.... more like pokes.  I included them here cause... well
    I don't know where to put them really.  
    Anyways these will be used a lot, these are you basic and most used ways of
    setting your yo-yo.  As simplistic as they are, it's very effective and very
    annoying for your opponent.  Learn the ranges of these moves so you don't whiff
    them and lose an opportunity to set your yo-yo.
    D.  Far Range, Yo-Yo Set
    yo-yo recall
    632146h  (50% tension required)
    s(f), yo-yo recall
    s(f), 236h
    s(f), 214h
    s(f), 632146h  (50% tension required)
    A bunch more simplistic pressure options.  Again most of these are just doing
    Bridget's special moves... but those in themselves are pressure tools.  These
    also will be used a lot...  and are easily some of the best/easiest stuff
    Bridget can do.  Nothing is more annoying or effective as a c(f), yo-yo set,
    yo-yo recall.
    Overall you should be more worried about getting past your opponent's guard
    once Roger/Yo-Yo has your opponent pinned down.  Make use of your 2k, 2d, 6k, 
    and d to get through your opponent's guard while Roger relentlessly hacks away.
    s(f), 214k, yo-yo recall, Air dash, j.k, j.s
    Here's a long range string that uses Bridget's roll to get in close.  This one
    might require a little practice to get used it.  Basically after the s(f) you
    cancel into a roll.  As soon as Bridget leaves the ground, recall your yo-yo
    and it'll cancel the roll.  Now as you're in the air, air dash forward and
    follow up with a j.k, j.s.  If you time it right the yo-yo should of just
    finished hitting them.  After the j.s you land and either go into a combo if
    string broke their guard, or go into a close pressure string.
    Ok let's say I have 0 tension and my yo-yo isn't set.  I approach my opponent
    and decide to poke into a yo-yo set.  So:
    s(f), yo-yo set
    Now, as soon as the yo-yo passes my opponent I decide to call it back to try
    and catch them off guard.  So:
    Yo-yo recall (h)
    Now it hits.  I'm still far away... and it isn't a counter hit so I don't have
    enough time to dash in for a combo.  Since I don't want to pass up free damage
    I decide to tack on
    s(f), 6s, Yo-yo set
    Now I'm back to the original set, did a small combo that did some damage and
    increased my tension some.
    Now my Yo-yo is set behind my opponent. I don't have 50% tension, but I'm very
    close.  So I decide to use my rolling to get a quick jump in combo and use
    this string:
    s(f), 214k, yo-yo recall, air dash, j.k, j.s
    I do the s(f), cancel into the roll, recall my yo-yo and air dash in with
    my j.k, j.s. My opponent blocks it all and I'm about to land.  I'm now at
    50% tension since that previous string nudged me over the top.  As I land I
    decide to go into a basic close string:
    2k, s(c) (1 hit), s(f), 2s, yo-yo set
    Now I do the c.k, but my opponent doesn't expect it and it hits. Now I have to
    switch gears and switch to a combo that will maximize my damage.  Since I'm
    now at 50% tension I can do Bridget's B&B combo and continue where the 2k left
    s(c), s(f), 2d, 236k, RC, 6s, JC, j.s, j.2s, JC, j.s, j.2s, 623p
    Now you'd have to modify the above combo since the initial blocked jump-in hits
    would have nudged Bridget away, so you might have to instantly go into his 2d
    after the 2k, or maybe just squeeze one s(c) in.  
    I'm at close range with 50% tension and my yo-yo isn't out.  I really want to
    try and land my B&B combo so I use this pressure string:
    2k, s(c) (1 hit), s(f), 2s, yo-yo set
    Unfortunately my opponent blocks the whole string, so no opportunity to land
    the combo.  But now I'm at a far distance and my yo-yo is set behind my
    opponent.  Since I'm at 50% tension, now would be a good time to do Me and
    The Killing Machine.  So:
    s(f), 632146h
    The killing machine starts to grind away at my blocking opponent.  Now I have
    to rush in and mix it up with Bridget's overheads and low moves (2k, 6k, 2d,
    d).  On my first try a 2k gets through and the overdrive hits.  Now I have
    to follow up with the air combo to get the most out of the overdrive
    j.s, j.2s, JC, j.s, j.2s, 623p
    So there you have it, the pressure strings and how to chain them together.
    Remember this isn't an exact science, nor should a fighting game ever be an
    exact science.
    Not all of these strings will mesh together perfectly.  Character sizes and
    heights will make you have to alter combos after blocked strings.  Also blocked
    hits will cause you to move farther and farther from your opponent making you
    have to alter a combo if a hit gets through.
    Additionally, you won't go through a match running through strings like this
    as you would on paper.  The purpose of this is to familiarize yourself with 
    these strings so it becomes natural for you to pick the best option.
    There's a lot of different options out there, and these are just a sampling.  
    Make your own, find your own...
    Also remember you're never totally safe, there's always a chance you're
    opponent will counter attack correctly and you'll lose your momentum.  It's all
    a mind game, and to win you have to be smarter and faster than your opponent.
    11.  MISC ADVICE
    It's bound to happen.  One of these days you're going to accidentally set your
    yo-yo the wrong way.  Or your opponent is going move away from your yo-yo
    before you have a chance to use it.  So what are you to do if your yo-yo is
    someplace useless like behind you all away across the stage.  Well there's a
    few tactics you can use to help you get it back and maybe make it useful.
    Well the easiest and most "no duh" solution would be just to recall your yo-yo
    after a blocked poke such as s(f), yo-yo recall.  This is your best option
    since it's fast, easy and isn't going to cost you anything.  Though it's always
    sad knowing that your yo-yo did no good.
    Another thing you can do is either recall your yo-yo or use Roger rush.  Now
    this may seem stupid since what are the attacks going to do with your opponent
    on the other side.  Well it very well may be stupid, but you might be able to
    use it.  After recalling or using Rush you can try and dash over your opponent.
    Now roger and yo-yo will be making their way over and can eventually hit your
    opponent... making a mis-set yo-yo actually useful.  Now this tactic isn't
    very safe since your opponent isn't going to like you buzzing around their
    head. But hey if they seem a little slow it might be something you can look 
    Use Me and the Killing Machine.  Now this really must look stupid wasting 50%
    tension when your yo-yo is behind you.  Well you might be able to profit
    from this too.  Your opponent most likely isn't going to go anywhere except
    back (I mean why would they want to air dash past you into an incoming
    Me and the killing machine).  If they're in the corner they're likely to sit
    tight and either block, or poke at you to keep that damn annoying overdrive
    away. If they start to turtle up in the anticipation that the overdrive is
    coming, you can run up and throw them to the opposite side.  If timed right
    you'll throw them straight into the overdrive, allowing you to score some nice
    Again you want to use these with caution, and the first one is your best bet
    and probably what you want to use.
    No I don't mean your yo-yo is going to go flying in some weird direction.  By
    randomness I mean that every so often your yo-yo is going to hit your opponent
    when you didn't expect it.  Or you're going to air throw your opponent into
    a razor roger when you didn't think you would.  Now just because you didn't
    expect these things, doesn't mean you should follow them up.  You should try
    to train yourself to quickly pounce on opportunities like these and score some
    additional damage through Bridget's air combo.  A missed opportunity could
    easily mean a loss.
    In this section I'll briefly list some categories of moves, and the moves
    that they are classified.  This will make it easy for someone to look up
    certain types of moves instead of wading through the guide.
    (after yo-yo set) 236h
    (on counter hit) 3p
    (on counter hit) j.2s
    632146s (2nd to last hit, 50% tension)
    (after yo-yo set) 632h
    ground throw
    air throw
    All normal jumping attacks (duh)
    236k, p
    (after set, 50% tension) 623146h
    (50% tension) 632146s
    Air Throw
    632146s (50% tension required)
    (yo-yo set) 214h 
    (yo-yo set) 236h 
    (yo-yo set) 632146h

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