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    Ky by Jamie Wolf

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/12/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ky Kiske FAQ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Guilty Gear XX/X2 for the Playstation 2 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Created June 22, 2003 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> By Jamie Wolf (aka Pozer Dragon/Wolf) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Last updated (date)
    FAQ v 1.1
    Table of Contents
    0. What I changed (>>Updates<<)
    -a. Updated
    --b. What to expect in the next update
    1. Lets start it off (>>Intro<<)
    2. Understanding my "Coding" (>>Commands<<)
    3. Things you should know... (>>Universal Moves<<)
    4. What Ky can do (>>Action Commands<<)
    5. Move list (>>Specail/Overdrive Commands<<)
    -a. Specail Moves
    --b. Overdrive Attacks
    ---c. Instant Kill Move
    6. Combos, baby! (>>Combo List<<)
    -a. Ground Combos
    --b. Air Combos
    ---c. Air Dust Combos
    ----d. MixUp Combos
    -----e. Counter Hit Combos
    7. Tricks and Tips (>>Strategies<<)
    -a. WakeUp games
    --b. Mission Mode help
    ---c. Glitches
    ----d. Ky's loop
    8. Opponents Ky is not good against (>>Ky's bad matchups<<)
    9. Specail Thanks (>>Credit<<)
    10. Talk to me if you want (>>How to contact me<<)
    11. Copyright notices and such (>>Copyrights, Trademarks, and Plagerism Law<<)
    0. What I changed
    a. Updated
    *** 12/10/03 updated to v.1.1 ***
    > Fixed very few grammar and typo errors
    > Move and deleted a few things in my FAQ
    > Add more combos
    > Air Dust combos are finally up
    > A little more combos have been added
    > More things have been added in the FAQ
    *** 9/21/03 updated to v.1 ***
    > Fixed some grammar and typo errors
    > Added a little more info into Ky Kiske
    > The combos are more depth
    > Added a BIT more on "Things you should know..." section
    > Added more into the "Tricks and Tips" section
    > Added a new glitch
    > A few other things have changed as well
    Finally updated! I got myself a job and paid off for my new PS2. I'm having
    so much fun with my GGX2, I miss the game so much *sobs*. Anyways, I hope you
    enjoy the new update.
    b. What to expect in the next update
    I should be adding more things in the next update.
    What I might add you ask? That's for me to know and for you to wait and find out.
    1. Lets start it off
    Hello, and welcome to my very first FAQ! 
    I base my FAQ on a character named Ky Kiske from one of my favorite fighting games 
    known as Guilty Gear X2. I made this FAQ to help people who are new to the player Ky
    Kiske. This game is not very popular here in a America... I don't understand why. 
    Anyways, I'm glad your checking out my FAQ, it really means a lot to me, especially
    if I helped you in anyway. Please continue to explore my FAQ and e-mail/message me 
    any questions you would like answered (check the bottom of this page to find out 
    what my e-mail or messanger ID is).
    **NOTE: I know I spelled "Tho" wrong, but that's the way I spell it!!
    Here are some good and bad things about Ky
    + Good mind games
    + Can barley see his standing dust attack coming
    + Not very popular
    + He's the only 'normal' character in the game
    + Got a date with Jam
    + Great WakeUp games
    + Great FRC
    + Keep pushing 'forward Taunt' and Ky will keep kicking down as if he was dancing
    (Disco Dancing! Disco Dancing!)
    - Somewhat weak
    - Always being picked on by Sol
    - Being his leg sticks out when attacked, it allows your opponent to do combos not
    normally done against other characters (which is a bad thing)
    2. Understanding my "Coding"
    If you don't understand whats going on in my combos then this might
    help you out. Here are some commands to help you further understand my combos, 
    as well as the rest of my FAQ.
    Also, when I explain the "motion" of a move, I will list them in numbers. 
    For example: Half a circle back, then forward will be listed as 632146.
    Still don't understand? Look at your Num pad on the right side of your
    keyboard (or I hope its on your right side).
      7    8    9
       \   |   /
      4-   5   -6
       /   |   \
      1    2    3
    The diagram above shows how it should be motioned onto the controller.
    Another example would be: 2 would be down, and 6 will be forward. There, I hope
    you understand it.
    This part is were I type the position you are in when attacking.
    For exmaple: s.Slash means you will push the Slash button while standing.
    c = Crouch
    s = Stand
    j = Jump
    sj = Super Jump
    F = Forward
    B = Back
    D = Down
    U = Up
    This next part will be based on the 'action' buttons.
    For example (like always): c.K means to Kick while Crouching.
    P = Punch
    K = Kick
    S = Slash
    HS = Heavy Slash
    D = Dust
    New to the update, I have discribe some of the moves and commands if they
    attack High, Mid, or Low.
    High = Must block the attack while standing.
    Mid = Can block the attack standing or crouching, it does not matter.
    Low = Must block the attack while crouching.
    Here are the rest of the commands.
    OTG = On The Ground
    JC = Jump Cancel
    RC = Roman Cancel
    FRC = False Roman Cancel
    CH = Counter Hit
    FD = Faultless Defense
    Now if you understand this combo;
     _ _ _ _ _
    /s.FP, s.S, s.S, c.S, 236+Kick, RC, s.HS
    then your OK ^_^
    3. Things you should know...
    I've listed some things you might need to know in order to further understand my FAQ.
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Tension Bar
    There will be a bar at the bottem of your screen. This bar allows you to do many
    things such as Overdrives, Roman Cancels, and other things. Continue reading to find 
    out more info on these options on using your Tension Bar. 
    Also note; when the bar is 25% full, it's green. When the bar is 50% full, it's red. 
    And when the bar is 100% full, it's gold.
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Jump Cancel
    This is were you cancel an attack, into a jump, to add in another hit to your
    Don't understand? Well, check this combo out: j.K, j.S, Jump Cancel, j.S, j.HS
    You see? The Jump Cancel allowed me to add another Slash into the combo causing
    more damage! Get it now? If not, I have no other way into explaining it easier.
    To do a jump cancel, push the Jump button while doing a combo. Only certain
    attacks can be Jump Canceled.
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Roman Cancel
    Roman Cancels are really cool! What they do is; they cancel all the lag out of
    a move you are doing, causing you to continued a combo or cancel into a block
    from a very laggy move. To RC, push any three attacking buttons (except Dust)
    upon impact of a physical attack. It will take 50% tension, but at many times 
    an RC would be best to do rather than an Overdrive.
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Overdrive
    These are specail attacks that take up 50% of your tension. To read more about
    them, goto the "Move list" section.
     _ _ _ _ _
    / False Roman Cancels
    Like Roman Cancels, expect they take 25% tension and you don't have to be in a
    combo to activate it.
    Some moves can be FRC (read my "Move list" topic to see what moves can be FRC),
    while others cant. In order to FRC, you must push down three buttons on a specific frame.
    In order to find out, go to Training mode. Now, push start and find an option
    were it allows you to pick "Input" or "Both". Pick either one.
    Now, exit out of your menu and go back into the game. You will notice a dark bar
    below you. Depending what move you do, the bar will blink blue. If you push any
    three buttons (except Dust) when the bar blinks, the move will be FRCed.
    The timing on FRC are a little strict, but with pratice they can be done on will.
     _ _ _ _ _
    / WakeUp Games (aka okizeme)
    This is were you do an attack, and the opponent is forced to block it as there getting up.
    (Read more about WakeUp Games in the 'Tricks and Tips' section)
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Mind Games
    This thing here is were you trick your opponent into thinking that you will do a diffrent
    attack. Such as; attacking low, then immediately do an overhead attack. The opponent
    might think that you will continue attacking low.
    The opponent will be hit, then will be vulnerable for your next attack. Tho, this is only 
    one example of "Mind Games".
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Dizzy
    White angels will fly around your character's head and you will be left vulnerable
    for any attack. To get out of this quickly, button mash until all the angels are gone.
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Slip (Stagger)
    Like 'Dizzy', except it's a lot shorter and can happen by specific attacks or
    counter attacks. To get out of Slip faster, push left and right quickly.
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Guard Gauge
    There will be a small pink bar under your health bar. The higher it goes, the more
    the damage is worth to you or your opponent. The lower it goes, the less damage
    the attack is worth. Once the Gauge is about 3/4 filled, the attacks will be
    In order for the Guard Gauge to increase, block any attacks that are given to you.
    In order for it to decrease, you must be hit.
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Grabs (Throws)
    To grab, push forward or back, then Heavy Slash at the same time when close to 
    your opponent. You cannot grab while your running.
    You could also do Air Grabs the same way.
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Dead Angle attack
    This is were you knock your opponent away from you to the end of the screen.
    To do a Dead Angle attack, while blocking push forward, then Slash and Heavy Slash
    at the same time. This will take 50% of your tension, doing very little damage.
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Negative Penalty
    You play "keep away" to long, your bound to regret it.
    If you get a Negative Penalty, it will bring your Tension bar to 0%.
    To prevent this, do not play keep away for a long time or jumping back constantly.
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Dust Attack
    When you push the Dust button while standing, you will do an attack 'causing your
    opponent to fly into the air if it hits. The opponent will be left temporarily
    defenseless. At this point, push up on the directional button to pounce on your
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Homing Jump 
    A Very long/high jump (only done when you s.Dust an opponent).
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Faultless Defense
    A green shield will cover your character, protecting him from chip damage. Also, the
    only way to block ground attacks from the air is by Faultless Defense. It's a
    good move, but it will cost some tension. As FD is on, your tension will slowly
    deplete. When you get hit while FD is on, your tension will reduce a lot faster
    depending on the attack. In order to use FD, hold back and any two attack buttons
    (except for Dust).
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Perfect Guard
    Block as soon as the opponent attacks. Your character will blink white, meaing no
    damage was done to you and you suffer very little lag from your block.
    4. What Ky can do
    Here is the basic movelist for Ky.
    **NOTE: The damage was tested on Sol.
     _ _ _ _ _
    / (What type of attack)
    My ratings max is five points (out of five).
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Punches
      s.P =- Ky does a quick punch.
    Try s.P as few times as possible, if anything try not using s.P at all.
       Damage: 8
        Attack Hits: Mid
         Rating: 1 *
      s.FP =- Ky somewhat leans forward and hits you with his elbow.
    I use this one quite often whenever I get a chance. It does nice damage, and
    has some invisable frames in the upperbody which makes it a great anti-air. 
    It's a bit laggy, but it has such VERY little lag.
       Damage: 30
        Attack Hits: Mid
         Rating: 4 ****
      c.P =- Ky will do a quick punch while crouching (duh).
    This command can be helpful at times when further completing your combo.
       Damage: 8
        Attack Hits: Mid
         Rating: 2 **
      j.P =- Ky quickly punches in the air.
    It's not all that useless, I find myself using this command during 'Dust Attacks'.
       Damage: 12
        Attack Hits: Unknown... guessing High
         Rating: 2 **
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Kicks
      s.K =- Ky will do a quick kick to the shins.
    This command is a nice way to start a combo. Sadly, the s.P has more reach then
    this command, but I recommand this command over s.P.
       Damage: 12
        Attack Hits: Low
         Rating: 3 ***
      s.FK =- Ky will slide forward and will extend his leg out.
    A very useful command. It can be combo into other attacks, but it might require
    some timing depending on which move your trying to cancel into.
       Damage: 36
        Attack Hits: Mid
         Rating: 5 *****
      c.K =- Ky will kick while crouching.
    This command has its uses, so don't think of it useless. Hey, it does more
    damage than s.K, hehe.
       Damage: 14
        Attack Hits: Low
         Rating: 3 ***
      j.K =- Ky will kick in the air (duh, once again).
    Like s.K, it's a nice way to start a combo, but in the air.
       Damage: 16
        Attack Hits: High
         Rating: 3 ***
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Slashes
      s.S (close) =- Ky will lean forward and quickly do an overhead slash.
    A very nice command to do. Does decent damage, and can be Jump Canceled.
       Damage: 28
        Attack Hits: Mid
         Rating: 4 ****
      s.S (far) =- Ky will thrust forward with his sowrd.
    The command here can be a nice way to 'poke' at the opponent with this attack.
    Heck, you could push Slash right when the match starts and it will hit the 
       Damage: 28
        Attack Hits: Mid
         Rating: 3 ***
      c.S =- Ky will swing his sword, aiming for the opponent's foot.
    A cool command to do during a combo.
       Damage: 25
        Attack Hits: Low
         Rating: 3 ***
      j.S =- Ky swings his sword forward and its covered in electricity.
    It's fast, good damage, and has some good range! Not only that, this move can
    be Jump Canceled. This move is very useful when doing an air combo.
       Damage: 28
        Attack Hits: High
         Rating: 4 ****
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Heavy Slashes
      s.HS =- Ky swings his sword horizontally and its covered in electricity.
    Not a bad command. If this command is countered, the opponent will be put under Slip.
       Damage: 37
        Attack Hits: Mid
         Rating: 4 ****
      s.FHS =- Ky leans forward and swings his sword forcefully.
    A good command. It's a two hitter that does some nice damage. After the second
    hit the opponent will be stunned for a VERY short time, allowing you to quickly
    (and I mean quickly) run up to them and do a damaging combo.
       Damage: 69
        Attack Hits: Mid
         Rating: 5 *****
      c.HS =- Ky will swing his sword upward while crouching.
    It's strong, and is a good anti-air. The bad thing about this command is that its
    a little slow.
       Damage: 57
        Attack Hits: Mid
         Rating: 4 ****
      j.HS =- Ky swings his sword downward forcefully, while in the air.
    Does decent damage for a Heavy Slash. Useful when doing air combos, but at times
    when doing a very long combo, the opponent will have a chance to recover before
    the j.HS can hit.
       Damage: 38
        Attack Hits: High
         Rating: 3 ***
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Dust Moves
      s.D =- Ky will uppercut you with his sword.
    It's a dust attack, it will knock the opponent high up into the air allowing you
    to do any combo as you like. Sadly, the attack decrease the Guard Gauge quiet a bit,
    you would be lucky to do over 120 damage on your average character. It's also an
    overhead attack, so if the enemy is crouch blocking they will be hit by this attack.
       Damage: 15
        Attack Hits: High
         Rating: 3 ***
      c.D =- Ky will trip the opponent with his leg.
    Ky will trip his opponent... and that's about it. Don't get be wrong, this is
    a nice attack to do. It does nice damage and barley decrease the Guard Gauge
    for a damaging combo.
       Damage: 30
        Attack Hits: Low
         Rating: 4 ****
      j.D =- Ky will place a blue shinning cross/star in front of him.
    Kind of a strange command, but it has its uses. It can block projectiles, and can
    protect you when doing moves from a distance. Also, when this command is
    countered, the enemy will pop into the air allowing you to air combo the opponent.
       Damage: 40
        Attack Hits: Mid
         Rating: 4 ****
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Grabs
      Grab =- Ky will grab his opponent, and will do a front flip, hitting them with his sword.
    It's great, 'cause it's unblockable (duh)!! The grab will slam the opponent onto
    the ground, allowing you to do WakeUp Games
       Damage: 55
        Attack Hits: (This move is unblockable)
         Rating: 4 ****
      Air Grab =- Ky will grab his opponent and toss them like a rag doll.
    A nice air throw, nothing more to say about it.
       Damage: 55
        Attack Hits: (This move is unblockable)
         Rating: 2 **
    5. Move list
    Don't forget to look at your Num Pad to see how to do these moves. Also, I will
    list these moves the * symbol if the move can be False Roman Canceled.
     _ _ _ _ _
    / (Name of move) - (How to do it) (*If the move can be FRC*)
    a. Specail Moves 
    **NOTE: These moves are done with character facing right.
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Stun Edge - 236 + Slash
     Ky throws out a projectile in somewhat fast speed. It's nice for keep away, but
    the move does have it's downfalls. It's a bit laggy, so try not to do it up close
    unless your sure the projectile will hit the opponent. You can also use it pretty 
    liberaly when at long range.
    Note that Zappa could easily dodge this move. Being his "messed up" way of
    fighting, he will be to low for the projectile to hit while he is running.
       Damage: 40
        Rating: 3 ***
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Stun Edge Charge Attack 236 + Heavy Slash **This move can be FRC**
     Like "Stun Edge" only with more lag, and throws out a bigger projectile that hits 
    for three. Ky will charge for a few seconds and will throw out a slow projectile. This 
    move is nice for WakeUp games. Also, Zappa can easily dodge this move as well, so be
       Damage: 54
        Rating: 4 ****
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Aerial Stun Edge - (During Jump) 236 + Slash or Heavy Slash
     Ky will shoot a projectile from the air, but you are left vulnerable until you land on
    the ground. Like the other moves, try using this one from a distance. Slash will
    throw a projectile towards the ground (if the opponent is close), while Heavy
    Slash will throw the projectile towards the end of the screen (if the opponent
    is far away).
       Damage: 33
        Rating: 3 ***
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Vapor Thrust - (OK During Jump) 623 + Slash or Heavy Slash
     This move works nice for an anti-air. Ky will do a back flip while slashing with
    his sword, popping the opponent up into the air. Slash has less lag but its not 
    as strong as Heavy Slash. Try using Heavy Slash as a combo ender, while Slash for
    an anti-air. 'Cause, when this attack is countered the opponent will not be able
    to recover, allowing you to do a nice air combo.
       Damage: Slash - 42, Heavy Slash - 50
        Rating: 4 ****
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Stun Dipper - 236 + Kick **This move can be FRC**
     Ky will slide forward towards you with his foot, then at the end of his slide he
    will attack his sword atempting to trip you. This move is nice, but it's a little
    slow and it has some other downfalls. Sometimes when your to close, the second
    hit will not connect. If your at the "right" distances, then both attacks will connect. 
    The first hit is a low attack, while the second hit is a mid.
       Damage: 41
        Rating: 4 ****
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Greed Sever - 214 + Kick
     Ky's sword starts to glow green and does a front flip towards the opponent. This
    is a nice move 'cause you can jump over your opponent's attacks and make it
    into a counter hit. You can jump over Sol's gunflame, Eddie's drill, or anything
    that you think is possible to dodge. If hit, the opponent will be popped into the air, 
    allowing you to do an air combo. When this move is countered, the opponent cannot 
    recovery. It's a nice move and does decent damage, but the opponent can see it coming if 
    they think fast enough. Also, it's an decent overhead attack.
       Damage: 30
        Rating: 3 ***
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Overdrive Attacks <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Ride the Lightning - 632146 + Heavy Slash
    Ky will surround himself with a blue ball and dash forward towards the opponent.
    This attack is somewhat weak, but it has some invisable frames at the beginning.
       Damage: 120
        Rating: 2 **
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Sacred Edge - 236236 + Punch **This move can be FRC**
    Ky makes a small blue circle in front of him then shoots out a large blue sword
    that will hit the opponent for five hits. It's a nice move and it does great damage
    for such little lag, so you are able to continue your combo.
    Now comes the question, "Is it worth FRCing this move?". That answer is a matter of
    opinion. At times I may say it sucks, but I find myself using it here in there.
       Damage: 106
        Rating: 3 ***
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Instant Kill Move <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
     _ _ _ _ _
    / Rising Force - (During IK mode) 236236 + Heavy Slash
    Ky's sword will start to glow, then he will throw out some kind of large beam from 
    his sword. If this move lands, it will kill your opponent in one hit leaving the 
    message "Desortyed!". To get into Instant Kill mode, push all four buttons down at once
    (except Dust).
       Damage: DEATH
        Rating: (Unknown)
    6. Combos, baby!
    Now, the only reason why you EVEN see these FAQs in the first place. Here are some
    basic - advance combos for Ky.
    Before you go on reading my combos, I'd like to thank these people out for
    helping me with the combos and other things from the GameFAQs board.
    **NOTE: These moves are done with character facing right.
    >> Ky Kisky (yes, that is a real username)
    >> Wyrm916
    >> SFscrub
    >> Guroriasu
    >> Cuervo42
    >> drzero7
    >> Scythe master
    >> Imortal Weapon
    >> drunken dave
    These people helped out (not just in the combos tho), SO THANK THEM!!
    a. Ground Combos
    Here is a list of Ground Combos for Ky. All the Ground Combos are best done
    if the opponent is hit while crouching.
        _ _ _ _ _
    1) / s.K, s.S, s.FK, s.S, s.S, 236+K
    You can exchange the s.K for an s.FP to deal more damage. Your only
    downfall in doing this is that s.K is a low attack, while s.FP is a mid.
       >> Damage - 102 <<
       >> Combo works on Bridget, May, Axl, Potemkin, Baiken, Testament, I-No, Ky <<
        _ _ _ _ _
    2) / s.FP, s.S, c.S, s.HS, 236+K
    Good thing about this combo is that it works on almost everyone.
       >> Damage - 129 <<
       >> Combo DOES NOT work on Chipp or Millia <<
        _ _ _ _ _
    3) / s.FP, s.S, s.FP, s.HS, 236+K
    Nice and damaing, best of all this combo works on everyone. Becareful when using
    this combo on Faust or Testament, you will need to make a short pause before doing
    Stun Dipper (236 + K) on them.
       >> Damage - 134 <<
       >> Combo works on Everyone <<
        _ _ _ _ _
    4) / s.FHS, s.S, s.HS, 236+K
    The s.FHS may be a little slow, but it's worth the damage. Also, when doing this
    combo on Millia make sure you are against the cornor, otherwise this combo will not
       >> Damage - 148 <<
       >> Combo DOES NOT work on Chipp <<
    b. Air Combos
    Here is a list of Air Combos for Ky. These air combos can also make great anti-airs.
        _ _ _ _ _
    1) / j.K, j.S, JC, j.S, j.HS
    This air combo is commonly used by many Ky players (if there is any). Only use this
    air combo if you have to, otherwise use combo #3.
       >> Damage - 98 <<
        _ _ _ _ _
    2) / j.S, j.P, j.S, JC, j.S, j.P, j.S
    If your in a middle of a long combo, try this one... if you can! This air combo
    is almost impossible for most characters.
       >> Damage - 103 <<
        _ _ _ _ _
    3) / j.S, j.P, j.S, JC, j.S, j.HS
    My personal favorite air combo. It's one of Ky's best air combo, so this one is a 
    must use.
       >> Damage - 105 <<
    The only thing that combo #1 has over #2 is that in #1 the j.K has more reach than
    j.P in #2. This is espcially bad for #2 if your in a long combo and your opponent
    is to far back for the j.P to hit.
    c. Air Dust Combos
    Finally some Dust Combos! Here is a list of Air Dust Combos for Ky.
        _ _ _ _ _
    1) / s.D, Homing Jump, [Hold 8], S, S, S, HS, 623+HS
    A combo mainly for beginners.
       >> Damage - (unknown at the moment) <<
        _ _ _ _ _
    1) / s.D, Homing Jump, [Hold 8], S, S, S, P, S, P, S, HS, 623+HS
    A basic dust combo that is commonly used by Ky players.
       >> Damage - 117 <<
        _ _ _ _ _
    2) / s.D, Homing Jump, [Hold 8], HS, S, S, P, S, P, S, HS, 623+HS
    Just like the first one, but your replacing one of the Slashes with a
    Heavy Slash.
       >> Damage - 125 <<
        _ _ _ _ _
    3) / s.D, Homing Jump, [Hold 8], HS, S, S, P, S, P, S, [Stop holding 8], JC, S, HS, 623+HS
    Best dust combo I can think of. You could always replace 623 + HS with a
    Ride the Lightning (632146 + HS), that's if the opponent is about to die, or if
    you have Tension to spare.
       >> Damage - 129 <<
    d. MixUp Combos
    Here is a list of Combos (yes, I know I didn't put "MixUp Combos") for Ky.
        _ _ _ _ _
    1) / s.HS, 214+K, s.K, s.S, Jump, [Air Combo], 623+HS
    This combo mainly works on the medium/heavy characters. Also, becareful when
    doing 623 + HS, it wont connect for everyone. If your not sure and want to play
    safe, do 236 + HS instead (This goes for the rest of the air combos that has
    623 + HS as a combo ender).
       >> Damage - about 144 <<
        _ _ _ _ _
    2) / c.D, 236236+P, Run up a bit, s.FP, s.S, Jump, [Air Combo], 623+HS
    This combo really puts some nice use in Sacred Edge (236x2 + P). Like I
    said before, 623 + HS will not connect on everyone, so if you want to play
    it safe do 236 + HS instead (This goes for the rest of the air combos that has
    623 + HS as a combo ender).
       >> Damage - about 190 <<
       >> Tension Cost - 50% <<
        _ _ _ _ _
    3) / [Ground Combo], 236+K (2 hits), RC, Run up a bit, c.P, s.S, Jump, [Air Combo], 623+HS
    You must be quick when it comes to the "Run up a bit" part. Also, be sure that
    Stun Dipper (236 + K) hits for 2, otherwise this combo will not work.
       >> Damage - about 182 <<
       >> Tension Cost - 50% <<
        _ _ _ _ _
    4) / Grab, RC, s.FP, s.S, Jump, j.K, j.S, JC, j.S, j.HS, 623+HS
    Be sure you RC your Grab just right. As soon as Ky does his little front flip
    and hits the opponent with his sword, RC and do the following combo. I really
    recommand you do the air combo I put in. Also, when doing this combo on Faust,
    you might want to take a short pause right after the RC. One more thing, I've notice
    that Vapor Thrust (623 + HS) does not connect on everyone, so I was nice enough
    to test all the characters to see who it works on, and show the results.
       >> Damage - 113 <<
       >> Tension Cost - 50% <<
       >> Vapor Thrust connects on Slayer, Sol, Potemkin, and Zappa <<
    d. Counter Hit Combos
    Ok, there are no Counter Hit Combos, I'M SORRY! I was trying to figure some out
    in training mode and notice that there are too many, so instead I leave you with
    tips on how to do Counter Hit combos.
    Tip 1 : Opponents cannot recover from Greed Saber when Countered.
    Tip 2 : Opponents cannot recover from Vapor Thrust when Countered.
    Tip 3 : Opponents cannot recover from a s.Dust attack when Countered.
    Sorry guys, but this is all I can give for now. Maybe next update I'll post
    some counter combos... maybe...
    7. Tricks and Tips
    Here I will post some useful info you will need to know about Ky Kiske. Check it
    a. WakeUp games
    What are WakeUp games?
    WakeUp games are when your opponent is force to block a move as soon as he gets
    up. An example would be; c.Dust your opponent causing him to trip and fall on the
    ground. Now do a Charged Stun Edge before he gets up. Once the move is charged and
    thrown, the opponent will get it and have no choice but to block the move.
    >> Stun Edge Charge Attack <<
    The opponent will be force to block this attack once they get up, allowing you
    to decided weither to do a low attack, or a overhead attack.
    >> Forward Heavy Slash (s.FHS) <<
    A decent wakeup move (or WakeUp game), but it has its downfalls. If the opponent does 
    an overdrive or a specail move that has invisable frames, you will have no choice but 
    to get hit by it. Only use this wakeup move if you don't have enough time for the
    Stun Edge Charge Attack.
    >> Aerial Dust Attack (j.Dust) <<
    When your opponent is down, quickly jump right above him and cancel your jump with
    an j.D attack. This will place a blue star above your fallen opponent. Once they get 
    up, they will crouch trying to dodge the star.
    Bad Idea!
    When they are crouch blocking, Jump Cancel and come down with a j.HS. If the j.HS lands, 
    then you will be able to do a nice ground combo afterwards.
    b. Mission Mode help
     _ _ _ _ _
    / (Your status in Mission)
    Mission 23: Ky vs Robo-Ky
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    / Life: 210-Poisoned
    | Guard Level: 0
    | Tension: 50%
    | Pysch Burst: Disable
    | Combo Damage: Over 15
    | Damage: Any attack
    | Difficulty: 2 out of 5
       Didn't take me long to beat this mission, so it shouldn't be that hard. A good
    combo can show this mission a good beating. Here is a combo I recommand;
     >> s.P, s.P, s.P, s.P, 236236+P, 236236+P, 236+K
    Get 100% tension, and do the combo above! But be quick, you don't have much time. All
    I can say from here is... Good Luck!
    Mission 38: Ky vs EX Jam
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    / Life: 210-Poisoned
    | Guard Level: 0
    | Tension: 0%
    | Pysch Burst: Able
    | Combo Damage: Over 0
    | Damage: Specails, and Overdrives
    | Difficulty: 3 out of 5
       In this one, all Jam is damage by are Overdrives or Specail Moves. Also becareful, 
    she heals! I'm not really sure what to say about this mission or post any useful combos. 
    Once again, all I can say is... Good Luck!
    Mission 50: Ky vs Gold Sol
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    / Life: 210
    | Guard Level: 0
    | Tension: 0%
    | Pysch Burst: Able
    | Combo Damage: Over 0
    | Damage: Noraml, Dead Angel attacks, and Specails
    | Difficulty: 3 out of 5
       The Hhardest mission of them all... or is it?
    This one only took me three tries, only because there is a little trick behind this
    mission. You see for some reason, 80% of the time Gold Sol will not block low.
     >> s.K, s.S, s.S, c.S, 236+K
    Keep doing that combo above and some WakeUp games and you will be fine. Don't bother
    doing Overdrives, 'cause they do not hurt Sol in this mission.
    Oh, and Good Luck!
    c. Glitches
    People may not see them as glitches, while others might. I will list them as glitches
    'cause I don't think the people who made this game wanted this to happen...
    ...or did they?
    Here are some glitchy moves from Ky.
    *>> (Glitch move) <<*
    *>> Aerial Stun Edge Charge Attack! <<*
    To do a Stun Charged attack in the air, it will require you to do some FRCing. Now,
    in order to do this, right when you FRC this move, push (or hold) the jump button.
    Now, your Charged Stun Edge will be flying across the screen right above you and the 
    player. At times, this could work out as a great anti-air, or for something to protect
    you when you are air dashing towards the opponent.
    Don't worry, this move is not "cheating" in anyway.
    *>> Ultra Stun Edge Charge Attack! <<*
    This glitch allows you to throw more than one charged Stun Edge at a time! In order to
    do this, FRC this move then QUICKLY throw out another Charged Stun Edge (236 + HS). As
    long as you have tension you could throw up to five of them, but its not worth the
    tension. Your better off saving that Tension for combos or overdrives.
    Don't worry, this move is not "cheating" in anyway.
    *>> Cancel lag recovery from Aerial Stun Edge <<*
    I wouldn't call this a glitch, but I'm going to post it here anyways.
    You can cancel your lag from Aerial Stun Edge in two ways.
    1.) You could FD for about a second to block a last minute attack.
    2.) You could jump cancel, allowing you to do another Aerial Stun Edge,
    or safely land on the ground.
    If anything, I recommand the 2nd choice.
    Don't worry, this move is not "cheating" in anyway.
    d. Ky's Loop
    There is a "semi-infinite" that Ky can do, but will require some strict timing.
    If done right, the combo can take over 150 damage. Here is how it goes;
     _ _ _ _ _
    / s.S, s.FK, s.S, s.FK, <Repeat>
    At first, the timing going to s.S right after the s.FK is a little hard, but you will 
    soon get it and this combo will be another walk in the park.
    If you are quick enough, around the third or firth s.FK, you can RC and run up a bit
    to your opponent with a slash to continue the loop again.
    8. Opponents Ky is not good against
    ::[ Sorry, but nothing on this section until next update ]::
    9. Specail Thanks to:
    Once again, I would like to thank these people from the GameFAQs board;
    Ky Kisky, Wyrm916, SFscrub, Guroriasu, Cuervo42, drzero7, Scythe master, and drunken dave
    The people in Gamecombos.com for posting some cool videos on Guilty Gear X2.
    Imortal Weapon, for being cool and spell checking my FAQ ^_^
    GameFAQs for posting my FAQ on there site
    IGN for asking to have my FAQ posted on there site
    And for my friends, who didn't think Ky Kiske was any good, so I started using
    him and found out how good he REALLY is!
    10. Talk to me if you want
    Here are ways to contact me;
    E-mail at Jamie_Wolf_77@yahoo.com
    AIM me, my username is PozerTheMonkey
    Ask me if you have any questions or problems with my FAQ.
    11. Copyright notices and such
    Sites that have permission to host this FAQ;
    Copyright 2003 John Ramirez. This FAQ may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any 
    other web site or as a part of any public display without permission is strictly 
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    SkateBoarding Wolf Team!
    Please leave the wolves alone; We've killed over 2 million wolves, yet they have
    killed none of us. They do not deserve such a stereo types or a horrible reputation.

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