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    Beginner FAQ by Rock Hunter

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    Welcome to the Beginer FAQ. It is my hope that this may be of assistance to 
    anyone new to Guilty Gear XX(GGXX). If there are still any more questions in 
    need of answering that arenot here, contact information is at the end.
    I do not own or in anyway have rights to Guilty Gear or its characters.
    Guilty Gear is copyrighted to Sammy inc. and Arc System Works
    First Post Version 1.00 12/13/2003.
    Version 1.10: Corrected some bad links, added explaination of numarical 
    directions, Gold character info, rearranged the terms
    1. Termanology: Commonly used terms in GGXX
    2. Boss Attacks: Explains how to predict and avoide the special Boss attacks
    3. Teir List: The characters in order of potential as seen in several 
    4. Misc.: Various Frequently Asked Questions
    5. Links: Primarily Story Information
    6. Acknowledgements: People I owe
    1. Termanology:
    -Air Dust: A jumping Dust. Varies from character to character, usually a 
    -Attack Levels: Different attacks levels must be blocked in different ways.
         High: High attacks are the most common and maay be blocked standing or
    crouching. All IKs exept Mays and Zappas(which are completely unblockable) may
    be standing blocked.
         Low: Low attacks must be block while crouching.
         Overhead: Overhead attacks must be standing blocked. Dust attacks and all
    air attacks hit Overhead as well as a few character specific moves(Sol Bandit
    Bringer , Testaments 6P).
         Unblockable: These moves cannot be blocked and are ussually throws
    (exeption: Slayers Undertow, Ex Jonnys Air OD, Millias Silent Force are 
    -Block: Blocking is the preventing or minimizing the damage of an impacting 
    attack. There are four types of blocking.
         Normal Block: Hold back while being attacked. This prevents damage from
    normals and reduces greatly damage from Specials and ODs. Being hit by these 
    will cause chip, or gaurd, damage. When blocking in air you will not be able 
    to block certain attacks that come up from the ground.
         Faultles Defence(FD): Hold back and any two attack buttons besides Dust.
    This prevents chip damage, pushes the attacker back farther, and can block 
    attacks in the air that normal block cannot. However this results in greater 
    block stun and drains tension with use. Another use is to FDC(faultless defence
    cancel) Special thanks to Grolin on the Mesage board for this explaination.
    "Surprise surprise, FDC is another ease-of-use glitch like Roll cancels, 
    Kattobi cancels, proximity cancels, kara-cancels (thus kara-throws), the Tiger
    Knee motion, bufferable normals...
    That said, the basic idea is this:
    Sammy made it easy to FD without accidently sticking out a punch or something
    that'd get you killed for slightly mis-timing FD inputs; there's a slight
    leniency period- hold back and hit H then S right after, and you'll go into FD.
    Useful for throwing- FD if you're out of range or they jump, throw if you're in
    Problems arise in GGX because sweeps and Dusts are done by hitting SH (Slash 
    and Hard Slash). So what you could do is do Gatlings that ended in sweeps, but
    do the stagger FD thing (H~S for you 3D fans) and FDC the sweep- but your
    opponent would still be in whatever hitstun they were in before. Led to all
    kinds of stupid stuff in GGX, like Jam's infinite and some Dizzy combo of doom.
    In GGXX, it's still around, but it's main combo application is gone, thanks to
    the addition of the Dust button. It's still useful for throw setups (especially
    airthrows). Also, a few air moves that change trajectory can be FDC'd for
    interesting effects:
    1) Faust. The most useful one. Doing his air 2K FDC makes him drop immediately-
    instant overheads and the like off JCable moves, low jumps, etc. My friend also
    floated for like 8 seconds with the glitch, it looked really dumb, but a good
    2) Chipp. Again, air 2K FDC. Chipp drops straight down. Less useful since he
    has to jump higher before he can start the move, but good for pressure and
    mixups, especially since his jH is so good.
    3) I-No. jD. Makes I-No float upwards. Used for runaway, and that's about it as
    far as I know."(Grolin)
    A further use is to drop out of a dash/airdash into defend
         Instant Block(IB): Hold back at the instant that the attack is about to
    connect. This removes block stun, chip damage, pushes your opponent back like
    FD and will increase your tension gain rate for about 10 seconds.
         Gaurd Point: Some moves will auto block attacks. The primary example is
    Anji's 6HS though there are others. It is while blocking in this manner that
    Anji may do his Gaurd Point specials
    -Burst-An attack done by pressing dust and another attack button. This can only 
    be done with a full Burst meter and can be used to fill the tension meter (hit
    the opponent directly, Gold Burst) or break a combo (burst while your opponent 
    is hitting you, Blue Burst). It does 0 damage.
    -Catch: Some attacks set the character into a counter attack stance. When 
    attack in this position they will "catch" the attack and counter(these are
    always unblockable).
    -Counter Hit: Hitting an opponent during an attack frame, when the gaurd meter
    is flashing or immediatly after Sol's Dragon Install results in a Counter Hit.
    Counter Hits have a higher probability of Dizzying, stun longer and have 
    various other effects depnding on the attack.(Sol's 2HS launches, Slayers 
    214P/K, P bounces farther, ect.)
    -Dead Angle Attack(DAA): A universal counter attack. During a gaurd press 
    forward and any two attack buttons except dust to counter your opponent's 
    attack. Requires 50% tension.
    -Dizzy(not the character): An effect in which the character is stunned for a
    length of time. Shown by the character havning birds flying around their head
    and lasts longer than Stagger. Recover the same as Stagger.
    -Dust Launcher: A standing Dust.
    -Dust Loop: Two characters (Sol and Baiken) have a corner semi-infinite called
    the Dust Loop. It basically has to do with getting the opponent stunned in the
    air so that you may High Jump Air Dust them repeatedly. There are several 
    variations with multiple set-ups.
    -False Roman Cancel(FRC):A method of canceling a move mid-animation. This is 
    done in the same way as a Roman Cancel but only certain moves may be False 
    Roman Canceled and only in a certain frame window. The timing can be found by 
    going into training mode and turing on the command bar. When the bar flashes 
    then the move may be FRCed. Does not need to connect to cancel.
    -Frame Advantage:Time between a character recovering from doing an attack and
    another from blocking it. If there is a negative frame advantage it becomes a
    frame disadvantage. Sol's fafnir has a 3 frame advantage while I-no's HS is a
    3 frame disadvantage.
    -High Jump(HJ): a special Jump. Tap 2 then 8 to preform
    -Immpossible Dust: hitting the opponent a certain number of frames(29?) after a
    dust launcher to lock them in an Untechable fall.
    -Instant Kill(IK): A special attack that defeats the opponent. To preform you
    must enter IK mode by pressing all four non-Dust attack buttons and them enter
    the move command. As a rule IKs have long startup and recovery times. If an IK 
    is missed, then the tension bar dissappears for the round.
    -Jump Cancel(JC): A method of canceling the recovery frames of a move by 
    jumping. Only certain moves can be Jump Canceled.
    -Jump Instal(JI):A method of allowing your character to double/triple jump or 
    air dash when normally they would not be able to. An example would be Chipp's
    228HS. Normally the teleport would not allow you to doublejump afterwords, 
    however with this Chipp may continue as though he normal jumped.
    -Launch: An attack besides standing Dust that will throw the opponent into the
    -Meaty: An attack thrown out so that the opponent gets up late in the hit 
    frames of the attack.
    -Move Cancel: A method of caneling the recovery frames of a move by preforming
    another move. Only certain moves may be canceled into certain other moves. 
    This is the base of the combo system. 
    -Okizeme: Basically to attack or set-up as the opponent is getting up(wakeup).
    Often involves meaty attacks but can be done in several ways depending on the
    -OTG: On the ground, typically, to hit on the ground. On the ground moves 
    include  Chipp's Gamma Blade.
    -Overdrive(OD): A special attack that requires 50% tension
    -Poke: A single, medium ranged, quick attack, usually used to disrupt the 
    opponent. Far standing slashes are typical pokes.
    -Roman Cancel(RC): A method of canceling a move mid-animation that requires 
    50% percent tension. This is done by pressing three attack buttons besides dust.
    This can only be done if the move connects or is blocked.
    -Set-up: A sut-up is sort of a pre-combo. An attemt to trip up the opponent 
    into doing something to allow a combo in. Commonly mentioned along side of Sols
    Dust Loop.
    -Stagger/Slip: An effect in which the character is stunned for a length of 
    time and cannot defend or attack. This can be done by certain attacks and is 
    signified by a joystick moving back and forth over your opponent. Move the 
    D-pad back and forth to recover faster.
    -Sweep: A crouching Dust. Knockdown.
    -Teching: Recovering one's self in air. This is done by pressing any two attack
    buttons besides Dust. However techs can only be done a certain number of frames
    after the last hit, some of which delay it to the point that it can not be 
    done. These are Untechable falls. You can tech right, left or nuetral(fall 
    straight down).
    -Tiger Knee: Imputting the Jump command while entering a move command to 
    exacute the move near the ground(ex. Jonny : while standing 412369HS, near 
    ground Ensenga)
    -Wake-up Attacks: to attack the opponent as you get up. Use moves that have 
    start-up invincibility.
    2. Boss Attacks: These are attacks specific to "boss" characters. Boss type 
    characters cannot be played as, thus their special attacks cannot be done by a 
    player. Dizzys attack counts as a Burst, meaning she needs a full burst meter
    and it needs to be available. I-no's attack, while comsuming the Burst meter and
    she cannot preform the attack while Burst is unavailable, does not require a
    full meter.
    Boss I-no's attack: Megalomania-The screen will turn black and she will jump to
    the corner of the screen. She will then display a pattern on the screen and 
    fire several balls  along the shown path.
    1. Curve: The danger signs will form out and up in a curved line. To avoid this
    get to the opposite side of the screen. If you are playing as Potemkin you will
    need to duck.
    2. Wave: The danger signs form out in a sine wave. For this you will need to 
    stand under the first wave. The wave will move forward slowly and so you will 
    need to as well. This can  be difficult for Potemkin due to his height but it 
    is not impossible.
    3. Spread: The danger signs fan out and cover the screen. You will need to get 
    close to her. When the signs dissapear jump and jump again when you reach the 
    top of your jump. This should allow you to clear the attack
    *All of these patters will home in on you if you jump behind her. She is 
    invulnerable for the duration of the attack. It can be FRCed to change the 
    pattern. Listen for the anouncer to know if it has been FRCed.
    Boss Dizzy Attack: Hikari no Tsubasa (Wings of Light)- Dizzy will flash several
    times while holding her head. Then she will glow white and send out multiple 
    rays of light.
    1. If you are in close when the attack fires the effect will be a full screen 
    scatter shot. This is unblockable and you will die. 79+ Hits
    2.If you are a moderate distance away then there will be an a beam rotating 
    from 10 o'clock all the way around once and then stopping again at 6 o'clock. 
    3.If you are far away then the effect will be a pillar of light on your 
    character. This is blockable, however even a full tension bar of faultless 
    defence will not prevent all gaurd damage.
    *In order to incur the minimum damage you'll need to be about mid-screen away 
    from her so as to get pattern #2. She is invunerable except for a few frames 
    during start-up.
    Dizzy Ending #2 For this Ending You will need to defeat Gold Boss I-no with
    no continues. This is not actually as difficult as it sounds. First it helps
    greatly to turn down the difficulty. Then basically S -> HS -> Ice Spike. If it
    is blocked then it pushes her far enough away to be safe and causes good
    damage if it hits. If it does hit then release a Hunger Strike(p version
    works well) then rush forward and repeat. Never jump and do not use Gamma
    Ray as she will Stroke the Big Tree under it. Try to save the tension for Ice
    Spike FRC(if you can do it consistantly) and Imperial Ray in case you get
    cornered. Note: I have seen this stratagy posted by several people but I have
    not been able to find a published source.
    If anyone finds a place that it is published, then please contact me so that I
    may give them due credit.
    3. Teirs: It should be noted that these are based of of tournaments and depict
    the characters absolute potential that has been thus far dicovered. 
    IMPORTANT: High Teir does not mean an easy victory. Zappa CAN take down Slayer.
    Also note that this list does change from time to time depending on new 
    developments with the characters.
    1) Slayer
    2) Millia
    3) Faust
    4) Eddie
    5) Sol
    6) Axl 
    7) Venom
    8) I-No 
    9) Johnny 
    10) Bridget
    11) Dizzy
    12) Chipp
    13) Baiken
    14) Potemkin
    15) Ky
    16) Jam
    17) Testament
    18) May
    19) Anji
    20) Zappa
    4. Game Questions:
    -Difficulty: Difficulty affects opponents in Story, Arcade, M.oM., and,"normal"
    enemies in Survival.
    -Guilty Gear Mode: Damage is slightly increased, speed is increased by about
    20%, most moves are JCable and air dash no longer has a minimum Y requirement
    (air dash near the ground)
    -Story:For information on the Story Mode paths see the Story Mode FAQ by EChang.
    It is 100% correct.
    -Game Extras: When all of the characacters Ex mode and the secret characters
    have been unlocked hold L2 when selecting Arcade or  MoM to fight Ex and secret
    Characters in these modes. After all charactes Sp mode , including the secret 
    characters, has been unlocked hold L1 when selecting Arcade or MoM to fight 
    against Gold enemys. In this mode you can not be Gold/Shadow(the game will not 
    allow Gold/Shadow Vs. Gold/Shadow mirror matches).
    -In Player vs. CPU, Player vs. Player, and Training, Players may select the 
    stage by pressing R2 over the character whose stage they would like to play. 
    If Random is selected you will fight in the UNKOWN stage where you fight Boss
    I-no in Arcade mode.
    -A defense rating is how well a character takes damage. They act as a damage
    multiplier meaning that if  a character has a rating of .96 they will take 96%
    of the normal damage done by the attack.
    <From the Move List: EChang>
    Slayer    0.96          I-No    1.00            Zappa  1.00
    Bridget   1.06          Sol     1.00            Ky     1.03
    May       1.06          Millia  1.21            Eddie  1.06
    Potemkin  0.87          Chipp   1.30            Faust  1.00
    Baiken    1.18          Jam     1.06            Johnny 1.00
    Axl       1.06          Anji    1.06            Venom  1.00
    Testament 1.00          Dizzy   1.06            Kliff  1.31
    Justice   1.06          Robo Ky 1.07
    (Guilty Gear Mode enabled)
    Slayer    1.00          I-No    1.03            Zappa  1.03
    Bridget   1.10          Sol     1.03            Ky     1.07
    May       1.10          Millia  1.25            Eddie  1.10
    Potemkin  0.91          Chipp   1.34            Faust  1.03
    Baiken    1.22          Jam     1.10            Johnny 1.03
    Axl       1.10          Anji    1.10            Venom  1.03
    Testament 1.03          Dizzy   1.10            Kliff  1.35
    Justice   1.10          Robo Ky 1.11
    <Move List by EChang>
    (Gold Characters: Defence/Attack multiplier)
    Slayer    0.48/1.70     I-no    0.50/1.50       Zappa  0.70/1.50
    Bridget   0.53/1.50     Sol     0.50/1.85       Ky     0.62/1.75
    May       0.64/1.50     Millia  0.67/1.45       Eddie  0.43/1.55
    Potemkin  0.35/1.20     Chipp   1.04/1.50       Faust  1.00/1.75
    Baiken    0.83/1.53     Jam     0.85/1.50       Jonny  0.80/2.00
    Axl       0.85/1.40     Anji    0.75/1.30       Venom  0.50/1.50
    Testament 0.60/1.60     Dizzy   0.53/1.70       Kliff  1.31/2.50
    Justice   0.53/1.70     Robo-Ky 0.65/1.20
    -Numarical direction notation: A way in which commands for attacks may be shown.
     7 8 9     Picture this diagram as the directional pad. 2,4,6,8 make up
      \|/      the cardnal directions while 1,3,7,9 are the diagonals.
     4-5-6     Examples: 22 (down,down), 623(forward,down, diagonal down/forward)
     1 2 3
    Non-Game Questions:
    - What are they saying? Some of their more notable quotes may be found in 
    EChangs Character FAQ Also, though sometimes it can be difficult to understand,
    they often say the name of their move during them. But not always. 
    - Scapel on the aforementioned FAQ refers to Fausts Gamble Attack. Yes, he's 
    doing what he looks like he's doing
    - Yes, Bridget is a boy. This is stated several time in GGXX and in the manual.
    - Yes, Justice is a woman. This is confirmed, see the links for the Drama CDs.
    - There is NO Guilty Gear anime. There was a manga that ran for a few months
    but it has been completed and involved a seperate story.
    - I-no is pronounced ee-no
    5. Links:
    Character Profiles/ Frame Data/ Mechanics
    -  http://www.gamecombos.com/ggxx/
    Translations/sources:This is story information so there will be spoilers. It is
    recomended to read these after beating the story mode in GGXX. Also it is 
    recomended that you read the Plot FAQ by EChang. All translations presented are
    courtosy of Skuldnoshinpu(EChang)
    -  http://www.thegearproject.org/ (EChangs Site, Novel and Drama CD summaries 
         may be found here)
    -  http://shibuya.cool.ne.jp/nishij/XTRA/XTRA.html (Manga Information[Japanese])
    -  http://www.gamecombos.com/forums/showthread.php?s=22e4ff3bb3077ea66460ffaf33
    75c26c&threadid=11955 (Manga Information)
    6. Acknowledements:
    I'd like to thank Farrio for your in-depth explaination on many of the terms 
    posted above as well as many game mechanics issues.
    If I didn't get the definition for a term from Ferrio then I got it a some 
    point from Grolin. Thank you very much for your the information you so freely 
    Very important is that I thank EChang/Skuld no shinpu as all of the above 
    translation links are provided by him and also for his own excellent FAQs.
    I'd like to thank NeoX, Jamie Wolf, Funkadelict, Phantom Simonz2k, Titan44, 
    and Thirdtwin for many suggestions.
    I would also like to point out that the Links above lead to sites which I
    have used for information.
    If there is anything wrong or missing in his FAQ then please E-mail me at 
    MaruKnight132@yahoo.com with suggestions.
    Copyright 2003 Phillip Snider

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