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    Jam by Gasaraki

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    Jam Kuradoberi FAQ
    Guilty Gear X2
    By: Alex Cofinco AKA Gasaraki
    Contact: super_sonic_5010@yahoo.com
    Table of Contents
    2...The Good and the Bad
    3...Direction Notation
    4...Normal Attack List and throws
    5...Special Attack List
    6...Overdrives and Instant Kill
    8...Combo List
    Version History:
    1.0 - New FAQ
    	1.1 - Took out one combo that I accidentally left in while I
    	was editting this
    Welcome to my FAQ for JAM! This is my first attempt so bear with me,
    alright? ^_^; Jam is a pressure and combo oriented character, but
    unfortunately it can be hard to get inside the opponent's line of 
    defense with her, however, once you get in the fun starts, hehe. 
    Anyway, I only play the console version and I don't have an arcade 
    stick either so a few combos and techniques might not work, but most
    will. If you have any corrections, comments, questions, etc. please 
    email me with "Jam FAQ" in your subject, or I won't bother reading 
    In this FAQ I'm going to use terms such as okizeme, OTG, etc., also I
    won't bother with gameplay basics. For a list of these types of terms
    and the basics refer to EChang's FAQ.
    The Good:
    -Jam is a great rusher, not as great as Venom or Sol but damn good 
    -Great high/low game. A fast, barely telegraphed dust helps alot
    -Highly comboable
    -Weakest combos do about 140 damage average
    -FRC'able THROW FOR EASY DAMAGE! It's quite easy to time as well
    -With the right pressure string you can wreak havoc on your
     opponent's guard gauge
    -Lowest IAD in the game!
    -Good rush escapes with her parry and 623K attack, though not as 
     great as a Volcanic Viper
    The Bad:
    -EXTREMELY SHORT RANGE, many characters have a great advantage over
     her if she can't get in
    -Few high priority attacks
    -Bad lag on alot of her specials and overdrives
    -Mostly useless overdrives
    -Below average damage over-all
    It may seem like having more positives mean she's high-mid tier or 
    something, but actually the negatives she does have, are really big 
    ones, unfortunately. But that's what this guide is for, to help you 
    deal with that.
    I'm going to use the number direction system as it's alot easier to 
    type, here's how it works. Look at your numpad, imagine that as your 
    d-pad and you'll see it, for example:
    236 K is QCF+K
    623K is DP+K
    632146 S is HCBf+S
    Note: All attack damages are on Sol with normal guard gauge, also
    because of how combo friendly her normal moves are, I won't list what
    combos to what else.
    Damage: 9
    Info: Slap to the face. Useless, there is no reason whatsoever to use
    Damage: 6
    Info: Same as 5P
    6P (2 hits)
    Damage: 18, 16
    Effect: Both hits can stagger on counter
    Info: Double gut punch. Some upper body invincibility, good for 
    passing through high pokes such as bridget's far 5S, and Axl's 5P, 
    not too sure if it can really be used as anti-air. Causes the guard
    gauge to rise quite a bit, good in pressure strings. One of your main
    pokes as well
    Damage: 9
    Info: 45 degree down-angled punch. Only has one use but it's a very
    important one, I'll give the details later
    Damage: 12
    Info: A snap kick to the shin. One of her best combo starters because
    it's low hit, you'll use this quite a bit.
    Damage: 8
    Info: Kick's at opponent's feet. Do not use at all.
    6K (2 hits)
    Damage: 16, 23
    JC'able on both hits
    Info: Snap kick to the midsection, then to the head. If you can catch
    with this instead of 5k, then great, as you can increase the damage a
    bit. Other than that, I have been able to use this as anti-air for
    low jump-ins occasionally
    Damage: 12
    Info: Flying kick. Good in combos, maybe for air-to-air, but in that
    case stick with j.HS
    2K in mid-air (up to 4 hits)
    Damage: 16, 9, 8, 7
    Info: Downward bicycle kick. Not very useful because even if you hit
    them they recover from the hits before you do leaving you open for a
    throw or something worse. Only use full in Cross-ups or high low
    Damage: 26
    Info: Jam spins around and elbows them in the chest. Here's where we
    finally get some good attacks. This has good priority and damage, I
    use it to poke my way in as well as in combos. Both this and the far
    slash build up guard gauge fairly well.
    Damage: 30
    Info: A back-hand to the chest. Ah, yes, the all-important back-hand,
    long range(as far as Jam is concerned), Great priority, good damage,
    used in her IAD infinite, and can be comboed into 236K if you Tiger
    Knee(TK) it. This is one of your main pokes, don't forget it!
    Damage: 26
    Effect: Stagger on counter hit
    Info: An awkward looking downward slap. Your last main poke, good in
    combos, excellent combo and dust combo starter on CH, great priority
    over other low attacks.
    Damage: 28
    Effect: launches
    Info: An almost straight-up palm thrust. Outside of combos don't use
    it, you'll barely get a chance to land it. In an air combo however,
    it's alot more useful as it's her only JC'able normal air attack.
    ------HARD SLASH
    5H (3 hits)
    Damage: 20, 18, 16
    Info: A set of 3 crane punches. Not very useful by itself or in
    combos, but fantastic in pressure strings. Great build up in the
    guard gauge.
    2H (2 hits)
    Damage: 20, 18
    Info: A backwards cartwheel. Again, should really only be used in
    combos, since the stun from either hit gives you plenty of time to do
    6H (2 hits)
    Damage: 30, 27
    Info: A windmill kick. CRAZY priority, beats tons of crap but you WILL 
    get grabbed even if it connects. Don't risk it unless you have 
    tension, or the second hit is a counter. If you have tension, then use
    it first chance you get, RC it, and combo.
    Info: Jam spins in the air, arms extended. Great air-to-air, combos 
    into the three kicks nicely.
    Damage: 16
    Info: Jam steps foward and flicks her hand up quickly. One of the 
    better dusts in the game. Not as fast as Sol or Ky's but it is quick 
    also, she makes so little movement for it that it's very hard to see 
    coming and it is bufferable.
    Damage: 28
    Info: A good quick sweep, but not so good range. Mostly you are going
    to use one of your charges after doing this, but if you can also use 
    623K or a TK'd 236K. Also, if you can IAD low and fast enough, you 
    can actually combo off of this with j.D or j.P!
    j.D (2hits)
    Damage: 16, 25
    Effect: 2nd hit can wallbounce on counter
    Info: Really wierd looking double kick. An intresting air dust, to 
    say in the least, you can use this as an air combo ender into the 
    three special kicks, but I don't think it really has another use.
    Ground Throw
    Damage: 55
    Info: An absolutely awesome throw, leads into free 147 damage combo 
    on Sol! The timing for the FRC is on the second "ha" as she laughs, 
    or just before her hands touch the ground. You'll have to react quick
    because they fall fast after the FRC. Also note that there is a small
    amount of scaling from this throw when it's FRC'd but it's minimal. 
    For example: (c)s does 24 damage at the start of the combo versus the
    normal 26 damage. If you don't have the tension to FRC it, then use 
    this oppourtunity to charge a kick.
    Note: All attack damages are on Sol with normal guard gauge. 
    Multiple-hit special attacks will only have total damage counts 
    ------Hochifu (AKA the parry)
    Info: Jam catches any mid-high attack for instant recovery and no 
    chip damage. You must press back, forward right before hit contacts 
    Jam. Can be canceled into anything at any time. You cannot block or 
    instant block then parry, unless you recover from guard stun before 
    your opponent's next attack. You can parry then block, but it's best 
    to follow up with 623K, 2S, or some other high priority attack. 
    ------Breath of Asanagi (AKA the charge)
    Info: Jam summons her Ki power to charge one of her special kicks. 
    you can store up to three charges for each kick. Increases power, 
    speed, hits(for 623K and 214K only), priority, and makes them 
    unrecoverable. Damage modifications and other effects will be listed 
    with the three kicks. One more thing, to get the full effect of the 
    236K charge, it's best to use it in short combos becuase in a long 
    combo the scaling would be so bad by the time you got to the kicks, 
    that the damage increase would be minimal.
    Note: All can be used in the air. All three of these moves can be 
    automatically comboed into each other up to three times so long as 
    the same move isn't used twice in a row. For example, you can't do: 
    236K, 236K, 623K, but you can do this: 236K, 623K, 236K. Also, all 
    three are JI'able when RC'ed. All three also have a special affect if
    done in the middle of her air dash, which I will explain in each 
    kick's section. 
    Damage: 64(ground version), 66(air version)
    Effect: Wallbounce on counter
    Air Dash Effect: Flies slowly at a slight downward angle. I can't 
    think of a use for this
    Info: Powerful horizontal flying dragon kick, literally. Flies up 
    slightly. Great in combos, EVIL when charged. Don't use by itself. 
    Air version has less start-up also.
    Damage: 100
    Other Changes: Travels straight forward instead of forward and up, 
    which changes some combos
    623K (4 hits on ground, 3 if in the air)
    Damage:  52(ground),  34(air)
    Air Dash Effect: Falls instead of going up, you can probably air 
    combo after?
    Info: Upwards flying kick flurry. Great anti-air, great priority so 
    use it for wake-up as well.
    Damage: 90
    Other Changes: Now hits 7 times
    Damage: 40(ground), 30(air)
    Effect: Opponent can't recover if hit while they are on the ground
    Air Dash Effect: Falls down instead of hopping, therefore eliminates 
    startup frames, shortens recovery enough to combo after you land from 
    an IAD'd 214K.
    Info: Jam hops up and flings her heel around for an overhead fire 
    kick. AWESOME if used correctly. If you land this while the opponent 
    is standing on the ground, RC it for a combo. Always overhead
    Damage: 61(opponent on ground), 87(opponent in air)
    Other Changes: Hits up to 3 times. On the ground, the first hit of 
    the three is to high to hit anyone, so you'll only get 2 hits if they
    are on the ground, in the air all 3 should hit.
    ------Bakushu (AKA Burst Dash)
    Info: A low, quick dash. Great in-and-of-itself, it's low enough to 
    duck under projectiles and some pokes from characters like Axl and 
    Bridget. Has four different follow-ups listed below. Tap indicated 
    button to use.
    Burst Dash->P
    Info: A short dash/dodge with upper-body(?) invincibility. GREAT for 
    getting behind the opponent for a free grab. Just be sure to use it 
    sparingly, as if your opponent sees it coming they can grab you at 
    the end of your dash.
    Burst Dash->K
    Damage: 30
    Info: Jam does the splits away from opponent and sweeps them with her
    hind foot. Staggers on contact, cancelable to two of any of the three
    kicks at anytime, meaning you can cancel it before the kick comes out
    or after. Good for a high-low game, since you can cancel it into 
    ------Hyappo Shinshou
    Burst Dash->S (3 hits)
    Damage: 48
    Info: Stops her dash and charges up for a powerful-looking backhand 
    with a Ki energy ball enveloping her fist. Basically useless, has 
    alot of start-up and punishable recovery. You can use it to jack up 
    the guard gauge a bit, but with such low recovery, that's a bad thing 
    to do. You can use it as an anti-air however, but you'd have to know 
    right where they're going to be in order to land it.
    ------Senri Shinshou
    Burst Dash->H (4 hits)
    Damage: 68(from front), 69(from back)
    FRC'able from the front just before the ki ball comes out
    Info: Looks the same as above but doesn't stop when you press H, 
    instead she dashes one more time then does the attack. Crosses over 
    behind opponent if she's within half screen-length of the opponent. 
    Do not think that the cross-up factor helps at all, anyone with a 
    brain will block it easily then grab you. This move has ok recovery 
    from behind, but from the front it takes a long time to get neutral 
    again, almost a full second, WAY too much time for Jam to be 
    vulnerable. Again can be anti-air, and sometimes it is good in that 
    capacity, since it will cross-up even if they are in the air.
    ------Choukyaku Hououshou
    632146S (13 hits)
    Damage: 145
    Info: Jam dashes forward tackling the enemy to initiate a 13 hit 
    combo ending in some wierd, yet cool, air tackle with an image of a 
    Phoenix in the background. Awesome to see, but worthless, you can do 
    the same damage with little or no tension.
    ------Renhoukyaku (AKA the puffball)
    632146H (13 hits)
    Damage: 162
    Info: Jam poses and unleashes a Ki energy orb, pushing the opponent 
    pretty far back. A good OD for getting the pressure off you and ok 
    damage. In my opinion it's better to save the tension for RC's and 
    FRC's, but sometimes you just get desperate, that's when you use 
    ------Geki Saishinshou
    236236H (2 hits)
    Damage: 120
    Effect: First hit staggers, and has a damage modifier of 200%(!)
    Info: Jam charges up for a palm uppercut. This is an absolute 
    desparation move, if you have full tension and you aren't in the 
    corner, RC it then combo, it'll give you a major comeback. Great 
    wake-up as well, but so is your 623K and that doesn't cost tension. 
    Other than that don't waste the tension on this.
    ------Gasenkotsu (IK)
    Info: Dashes toward opponent back first and does an eight hit kung-fu
    movie style combo ending in a Bruce Lee style sunset-in-background 
    flying dragon kick. For all you newb's, don't waste time using this, 
    EVER, unless you're fighting the computer. My fav IK in the game 
    right after Zappa's =D
    ------Basic Strategy
    Jam is one of the rushers in this game, and she's really good at it. 
    The problem is, she has a very hard time getting in on most people, 
    as she doens't have great priority which I've been yakking about 
    throughout this FAQ. Now to get in, what I use is 5K, 6P, (f)S, and 
    2S. Remember that the idea is to get them on the defense, not to 
    necessarily combo, though you can off all four of these. 5K is a 
    great dash-in because it's a standing low hit, not too great priority
    or anything but tricky and starts your opponent blocking low to 
    set-up for a possible Dust combo. 6P beats alot of upper-body pokes 
    such as Axl's P, Bridgets (f)S, etc., and for some reason seems to 
    beat alot of other 6P's in general, with the obvious exception of 
    Johnny's and a few others. Unfortunatly it doesn't have enough range 
    or priority in general for an effective anti-air like most 6P's, so I
    tend to use it as sort of an anti-poke. 5S is her fastest longest 
    range poke, beats out some stuff, and is linkable right to the IAD 
    infinite, which is enough to be useable. There isn't alot to say 
    about it, so you'll have to just see what it beats out. 2S beats a 
    good amount high or alot of low attacks including Chipp's really 
    fast, awesome sweep, which is good since 5K doesn't win that often 
    against a sweep in general. It's somewhat easy to get a counter with 
    the 2S for a free combo. Just remember that these four attacks are 
    just what I use to get in, if you have some better ways to get in 
    please email me, I'll be sure to give you credit.
    Now that you know the main entrances to get in, you have to know how 
    to apply pressure and a high-low game, at which point your game will 
    get finally be coming together. First off, her high-low game. Because
    of her fast, hard to see dust, you can create a great high-low string
    that would be very hard to see. For example, dash in, 5K, (c)S, 5H (2
    hits), then either 2D or 5D, alternate it randomly. When you choose 
    to do 2D, remember that you can continue the pressure string 
    afterwards by IAD'ing the 2D into P x3 or 4 times (depending on how 
    low you did it), land, (c)S, (f)S/5H into whatever. Basically, by 
    ending a pressure string in a JC'able move you can theoretically 
    continue pressure infinitely. But in order to do that, you have to be
    able to IAD very low consistently, and this will take plenty of 
    practice before you can get it right. Even though I've been playing 
    for 6 months or so now, I still miss it more than I care to admit. 
    And missing it will leave you back at square one 99.9% of the time. 
    When you do IAD, and you aren't in to corner, make sure to 
    occasionally do 214K of the IAD instead of P, since you can cross it 
    up giving you more of a mind game, basically, a high-low-cross-up. 
    Though it's not gauranteed, it's very effective, and if done 
    properly, hard to punish. The largest window for punishment is on a 
    blocked, crossed-up 214K, though it might take two or three times for
    them to finally do it.
    So now you've gotten in and comboed them resulting in either, them on
    the ground, or recovering in the air. If you knocked them down, you 
    unfortunatly don't have much of an anti-wake-up option other than 
    baiting your opponent's wake-up by dash braking, parrying it or just 
    not being there, and then rushing in during their recovery for more 
    pressure. Most likely when they recover from a combo you'll be in the
    corner, if you weren't already, and they'll recover away from it.
    When you recover from your combo, run over to where they're going to
    land, since the closer you are to them when they land the less
    distance you have to worry about closing. This is where you struggle
    to get back in again, but hopefully if you pressured them right they
    should already have a large chunk of their life gone. That's
    basically how she works.
    ------The Throw
    Her throw is great for alot of reasons, first, it gives you a very 
    safe charge since most people will try to dash away. Second, since 
    it's a hitting grab, a counter hit with a jacked up guard gauge make 
    it take longer for them to recover, giving you a free, easy air 
    combo. Finally, it's FRC'able, before it hits making it basically an 
    unblockable combo.
    ------Burst Canceling
    This is basically a technique that gives you free invincibility 
    frames, and mastering it helps you stay out of and get out of 
    pressure. You can even go through Dark Angel! Here's how you do it:
    Parry, Burst XX FD or
    46, D+K(hold K), 4P
    So you parry, burst that, then you basically FDC the burst before it 
    comes out. So you should still have your burst. The whole thing needs
    to be done as one fast, smooth motion. It's hard to do and I haven't 
    been able to do it yet, so don't worry if it takes you a while to get
    a hang of it. Btw, I'm just using D+K as an example, since that's 
    what I burst with, if you use another set of buttons for burst or FD 
    it's ok.
    Heh heh, now comes the fun part. BTW even though most of the combos
    listed start out with 5S, you should start the combo with 5K, 6P, or
    a counterhit 2S. The damage listed is without any of those starters
    Dash in, 6P(2 hits), 5S, 5S, 2H(1 hit) XX 236K, 623K(2 hits), 236K
    Damage: 149
    Hits: 9
    Note: Her B&B combo. For some reason the third hit of 623K won't 
    combo unless you're in the corner, so just leave it at 2 hits.
    5D, jump, j.H, j.H, j.H, j.P, j.K, j.S, JC, dj.H, 236K, 623K, 236K
    Damage: 139
    Hits: 11
    Note: try to set-up her Dust with a short string like: 5K, 5S, 5S, 5D
    and then alternate it with 2D, But you can use any string that 
    buffers into 5D, and most of her moves do. If you ever get a counter 
    2S, you can rush in with a guarunteed Dust combo.
    5D, jump, j.H, j.H, j.H, j.H, 236K, 623K, 236K
    Damage: 149
    Hits: 10
    Note: Less flashy, slightly more powerful, a bit easier, can get four
    j.h's only on some characters. Otherwise use above dust combo.
    Throw FRC, 5S, 5S, JC, j.K, j.S, JC, dj.H XX 236K, 623K, 236K
    Damage: 147
    Hits: 10
    Note: Awesome since it's basically an unblockable. Plus, you can set 
    it up easily with Burst dash -> dodge. Use when ever you get the 
    5S, 5S, IAD, 214K(cross-up), dash, 5K, 5S, JC, j.K XX 236K 623K 236K
    Damage: 147
    Hits: 9
    Note: The awesome thing about this is if you're fast enough, you can 
    actually do the 214K before it crosses-up, therefore letting you 
    control whether or not to let it cross-up. Also, since it's the IAD 
    214K you should recover before they do. You can just omit the two 
    slashes as you see fit, they are just there to get them blocking for 
    the cross-up, it won't combo. Also, you the cross-up sparingly and 
    alternate with the IAD infinite to make them unsure of whether or not 
    they should jump away.
    Dash in, 5S, 5S, 6H(2 hits), RC, j.S, land, j.K, j.S, JC, dj.S, dj.H,
    236K, 623K, 236K
    Damage: 196
    Hits: 14
    Note: The basic RC combo, great damage for Jam
    (c)S, (f)S, IAD, j.P x3/4, j.H, land, (c)S, (f)S, IAD, j.P x3/4, j.H,
    (c)S, (f)S, IAD, j.P x3/4, j.H, etc...
    Damage: Variable, low damage over-all
    Hits: Variable
    done as much as you want until you get tired, or start doing 1 damage
    a hit. The real uses for this are to pressure and raise guard gauge 
    like crazy when they block it, at which it's really good at. Also 
    it's very easy to vary up this combo up with sweeps, other low hits, 
    your 5D, 214K, or a quick grab. The x3/4 is dependant on character 
    and height of you IAD, lower requires less hits, and you want to do 
    the j.H right before you land to make sure the (c)S combos or 
    continues with block stun. I think this can miss Faust and Millia 
    entirely if they crouch because of how low they both are when doing 
    so. If anyone can confirm email me.
    Dash in, 5S(JI), 5S, 2H(1 hit) XX 236K, RC, j.S, JC, dj.K, dj.S, dj.H
    XX 236K, 623K, 236K 
    Damage: 201
    Hits: 14
    Note: I love this combo, just because it's fun as heck, and for Jam 
    it's powerful as well.
    ------Charge combos
    These have a separate section since these combos can are not possible
    without the charges, The main reason being unrecoverability.
    236K(charged), RC, land, 5S, 5S, JC, j.K, j.S, JC, dj.H, 236K, 623K, 
    Damage: 247
    Hits: 11
    Note: When you hit with the 236K charge, you have to wait to RC it at
    a certain point depending on Jam's position relative to the enemy, 
    you'll have to experiment with the right time to RC. If you're in the 
    corner then just RC it normally, wait for a moment for the enemy to 
    fall to Jam's height, and then continue.
    Thanks to GameFAQs for posting this
    Copyright March, 2004, Alejandro R. Cofinco
    This FAQ is only to be posted at GameFAQs.com

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