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    FAQ by jimfish

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         ##     ##  ##  ##    ##
         ##     ##  ##  ##       
         ########   ##  ##   ####
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         ##     ##  ##  ##    ## 
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                   ##     ## ##     ## ######## ##     ##    ###    
                   ###   ### ##     ##    ##    ##     ##   ## ##   
                   #### #### ##     ##    ##    ##     ##  ##   ##  
                   ## ### ## ##     ##    ##    ######### ##     ## 
                   ##     ## ##     ##    ##    ##     ## ######### 
                   ##     ## ##     ##    ##    ##     ## ######### 
                   ##     ##  #######     ##    ##     ## ##     ## 
    ######## ########  ##     ##  ######  ##    ## ######## ########   ######  
       ##    ##     ## ##     ## ##    ## ##   ##  ##       ##     ## ##    ## 
       ##    ##     ## ##     ## ##       ##  ##   ##       ##     ## ##       
       ##    ########  ##     ## ##       #####    ######   ########   ######  
       ##    ##   ##   ##     ## ##       ##  ##   ##       ##   ##         ## 
       ##    ##    ##  ##     ## ##    ## ##   ##  ##       ##    ##  ##    ## 
       ##    ##     ##  #######   ######  ##    ## ######## ##     ##  ######  
                              Published by:                                        
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    -------------------------------------------------------------FULL GUIDE        
                          *          An FAQ           *                            
                          -            by             -                            
                          *       Steve Taylor        *                            
                          -  Began: 30/August/04      -
                          * Posted: 31/August/04      * 
                          - Updated:18/October/05     -                          
                          * Finished: 21/October/05   *                           
                          - E-Mail: jimfish@gmail.com -                            
    Okay. It's been over a year. What can I say? Laziness. But yes, I have come 
    back determined to finish my original FAQ. And because of my recent peak in
    gaming and contributing, I've completely went through the game and have added
    loads more information that I previously missed. By doing this, I saw that I
    really needed to re-write the entire guide, so whilst I was doing that, I had 
    to expand from the original FAQ which just ran through the first 4 days, to all
    sections of it to provide all the information that I can. 
    More information means bigger guide, and that means that it will be harder to
    navigate without a better of Table Of Contents. It takes on the same format as 
    my other smaller FAQs, except it now uses sub-sections. Be sure to look 
    through for the section you need (E.G. You want to find out about what trailer
    can carry what) and find the appropriate heading. To save time of scrolling 
    through the whole FAQ, search strings are avaliable and are noted in the Table
    of Contents.                                        
                                     Table of Contents:                            
                                   (I-I) Introduction (I-I)
                                   (C-N) Contact Me   (C-N)
                                   (V-H) Version      (V-H)                        
                                   (C-C) Controls     (C-C)                        
                                   (S-T) Story        (S-T)                        
                                   (C-H) Characters   (C-H)
                                   (C-G) City Guide   (C-G)                        
                                   (T-H) Tips/Hints   (T-H)                        
                                           1.a. Buying/Selling                     
                                           1.b. Driving                            
                                   (W-K) Walkthrough  (W-K)                        
                                        -2.a. The Game                             
                                          -2.b. Day One                          
                                          -2.c. Day Two                     
                                          -2.d. Day Three                          
                                          -2.e. Day Four                       
                                   (CNC) Cheats/Codes  (CNC)                      
                                   (T-M) Truck Missions(T-M)                    
                                   (T-K) Thanks to...  (T-K)                       
                                   (C-R) Copyrights    (C-R)                       
    *This section needs to be re-vamped.
    **This section needs to be completed.
    ***This section needs to be started.                                           
                            (I-I)     INTRODUCTION   (I-I)                         
    Why hello there...
    As I mentioned in the Table of Contents, this guide is old. Originally started
    last year, it was left alone with zero updates. Well, a year on, I've come back
    with grit determination to finish what I started. Truth be told, I wrote this
    guide back then just to boost my contributor page in a "Holier Than Thou" kind
    of way. Yes. Shame on myself. I know. But I've mended my ways and seen the
    light, realizing there's more to it than just ego-boosting, but to actually
    help those who have trouble. Anyway, I've waffled on for too long, but before
    I go, my Suffering Guide will also be updated within the next few days, but 
    chances are by the time you're reading this, it's already been done. 
    Oh, and one more thing...
    ...Welcome to...Big Mutha Truckers...     
    Ma Jackson, owner of Big Mutha Truckers, Inc., has announced to her four kids 
    that she is calling it quits. Choosing the new owner of the company will not be
    easy though -- Ma's four kids are a difficult bunch. So Ma comes up with 
    solution: "Trial by Truckin'". Whoever makes the most money trucking through 
    Hick State County in 60 days will take control of the company. Players can 
    choose to play Bobbie-Sue, Cletus, Earl, and Rawkus and get behind the wheel of
    a fully customizable big rig in five distinct cities. The objective is to take 
    on missions and haul various types of cargo that include anything from cell 
    phones to oil.
                                (C-N)  CONTACT  ME  (C-N)
    Yes. It's official. I love the attention. Gimme your e-mails. Make my head 
    To send me mail that I will read, please set it up with the following fields:
          E-Mail: jimfish@gmail.com
    Subject Line: Big Mutha Truckers Guide
    Now that you've got my interest, you must abide by the rules below, or else it
    won't be read and instead, ignored. Please, if you want your voice to be heard,
    follow the rules/guidelins.
                                         THE DO'S
    - Inform me of errors that I've made. Either constant grammar or factual info. 
    - Pass on strategies and solutions on how to solve parts of the game which I
      have not mentioned.
    - Ask for help about things not mentioned in the guide.
    - Write in words. Not internet short cuts.
    - I like to read e-mails with proper formatting and grammar. Please do be sure
      to write your e-mail like so.
    - And please, read through the guide before even thinking about contacting me.
      I've had many e-mails in the past about my other guides where they ask me 
      questions which were answered, or not answered in some cases, since some were
      about the how to complete Level X and Y when it was only a demo guides I had 
                                        THE DO NOT'S
    - Send me chain letters or spam. That's one big no-no.
    - Send attachments. In some cases, I do accept them, but usually for pictures
    - Call me names/Insult me/Threaten me/yadda yadda yadda... 
    - Use child like e-mails with crap colours. I don't want size 32 bright yellow
      font on top of a lime green background.
    - Type in alterNaTiNg CaPs LiKe ThIs or just in ALL CAPS AND STUFF.
    - No stupid 1337 speaking. If I see it, it's deleted in a flash.
    - Ask irelevent questions which I answered in my guide. It irritates me to have
      that done.
    See those rules? Well...they're more like guidelines anyway...but it doesn't
    matter either way! OBEY THEM OR DIE!
                              (V-H)  VERSION HISTORY (V-H)
    Re-worked the entire guide. Start-to-finish. Brought it up to the new format
    used for my FAQs. Now includes:
    -Story information
    -Character Guide
    -Indepth look at the Police/Biker aspect.
    -Driving tips and helpful hints.
    -Control guide
    -Cheats/Codes section
    -Indepth City descriptions
    -And a whole lot more, kiddo.
    0.90 ~ August 31th 2004.
    Guide complete. Ready to be posted.
                               (C-C)     CONTROLS      (C-C)                       
    Here's a brief over-look of the controls. The game throws you into it without  
    any tutorials or driving schools, so it's up to you to understand how it works 
    and how it plays.                                                              
    Below is the control pad for you to see the layout of the control pad and the
    actual game play controls below that.                                          
                             XBOX CONTROLLER BUTTON LAYOUT                         
                            ______                ______                           
                           /L.TRIG\              /R.TRIG\                          
                       /                                    \                      
                      /   /¯¯¯\        \¯\/¯/        (Y)     \                     
     Left Stick------|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)   |                    
                     |    \___/         XBOX         (A)      |                    
         (Back)------|-> O      _____                         |                    
     (Start)---------/--> O    /_| |_\         /¯¯¯\      O <-\------(Black)       
                    |          |_ + _|        |     |    O <---|--------(White)    
         D-PAD------|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <---------|----Right Stick    
                    /                                          \                   
                    |        /`--------¯¯¯¯¯¯--------`\        |                   
                    |       /       Controller S       \       |                   
                    |      /        made by Thuyker     \      |                   
                     \____/                              \____/                    
                                  ON FOOT CONTROLS                                 
            Crouch/       ______                ______                             
              Roll ----->/      \              /      \ <------------Shoot/Fire    
                       /                            /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\¯¯¯¯ Action/Enter car  
                      /   /¯¯¯\        \¯\/¯/      v (Y) <---\-----Scroll Weapons  
      Move/Control---|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)<--|--------Reload      
                     |    \___/         XBOX         (A) <----|-Jump               
                     |   O      _____                         |                    
                     /    O    /_| |_\         /¯¯¯\      O <-\--Holster Weapon    
                    |          |_ + _|        |     |    O <---|---NOT USED.       
           Move-----|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <----Look |                   
                    /                                          \                   
                    |        /`--------¯¯¯¯¯¯--------`\        |                   
                    |       /                          \       |                   
                    |      /                            \      |                   
                     \____/                              \____/                    
             Left Thumbstick | Walk/Run/Move                                       
     Clicked Left Thumbstick | No Effect                                           
            Right Thumbstick | Aim/Turn                                            
    Clicked Right Thumbstick | No Effect                                           
                Left Trigger | Crouch/Roll (To roll, you must be moving first)     
               Right Trigger | Shoot                                               
                    D-Pad Up | Walk Foward                                         
                  D-Pad Down | Walk Backwards                                      
                  D-Pad Left | Strafe Left                                         
                 D-Pad Right | Strafe Right                                        
                    A Button | Jump                                                
                    B Button | Reload                                              
                    X Button | Enter vehicle/Exit vehicle/Action                   
                    Y Button | Scroll Through Weapons                              
                       Black | Holster/Draw weapon                                 
                       White | No Effect.                                          
                       Start | Pause/View Map                                      
                        Back | Switch to First Person Mode                         
                                    DRIVING CONTROLS                               
             Brake/       ______                ______                             
           Reverse ----->/      \              /      \ <------------Accelerate/Gas
                       /                            /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\¯¯¯¯Enter/Exit vehicle
                      /   /¯¯¯\        \¯\/¯/      v (Y) <---\-------Fire Weapon   
      Left/Right ----|-> |     |       /_/\_\     (X)   (B)<--|--------Burnout     
            Steering |    \___/         XBOX         (A) <----|-Handbrake          
                     |   O      _____                         |                    
                     /    O    /_| |_\         /¯¯¯\      O <-\--Thrill Cam        
                    |          |_ + _|        |     |    O <---|---NO EFFECT       
          Drive-----|--------> \_|_|_/         \___/ <---------|---Horn / Look     
                    /                                          \  Behind/Left/Right
                    |        /`--------¯¯¯¯¯¯--------`\        |                   
                    |       /                          \       |                   
                    |      /                            \      |                   
                     \____/                              \____/                    
             Left Thumbstick | Left / Right Steering                               
     Clicked Left Thumbstick | No Effect                                           
            Right Thumbstick | Look Behind / Left / Right                          
    Clicked Right Thumbstick | Horn                                                
                Left Trigger | Brake / Reverse                                     
               Right Trigger | Accelerate                                          
                    D-Pad Up | Drive Forward                                       
                  D-Pad Down | Drive Backwards                                     
                  D-Pad Left | Steer Left                                          
                 D-Pad Right | Steer Right                                         
                    A Button | Handbrake                                           
                    B Button | Burnout                                             
                    X Button | Enter vehicle/Exit vehicle                          
                    Y Button | Fire Weapon (During certain levels only)            
                       Black | Thrill Cam                                          
                       White | No Effect                                           
                       Start | Pause/View Map                                      
                        Back | Switch to Front Camera Mode                         
                              (S-T)    STORY   (S-T)                               
    Hick State County, in the Deep South of the USA, is home to the infamous Big
    Mutha Truckers. They've been hauling goods around the county for as long as
    folks recall. But all that's about to change, as Ma Jackson has announced 
    she's planning on retiring soon. But who does she leave the company to? See,
    Ma has four very different kids and choosing which one is going to succeed her
    is a real problem. The solution is simple : Ma's going to hold a "Trial By 
    Whichever one of Ma's four kids can make the most money buying, selling, 
    hauling cargo around the County in sixty days will inherit the company when
    Ma retires.
    So it's everyone for themselves because, as Ma always says, "When it comes to
    business, family don't mean squat!"
                              (C-H)    CHARACTERS   (C-H)                          
    There are a total of four playable characters for you to choose from and truck
    with. There is no real difference in gameplay (save their individual and unique
    trucks) so these are just for reference value...
                                   Bobbie-Sue Jackson
    Appearances cam be deceptive. On the outside, she's as pretty as a pig in a
    pitcher. But cross her path and you'll see the effect of growing up with three
    older brothers can have on a girl. Bobbie-Sue is tought, independent and 
    doesn't take sass from anybody.
                                   Cletus Jackson
    Some men are born to greatness. Others have greatness thrust upon them. And
    others spend their time in a fruit cellar with their best friend, Stuart the
    Pig. Can you guess which catergory Cletus falls into? He's quite harmless.
    Most of the time.
                                   Earl Jackson
    "Big" Earl (as he likes to call himself) is the oldest of Ma's kids. He
    believes in the values of liberty, equality and guns for all. When he's not
    driving his truck he likes drinking beer, eatubg fried pork products, watching
    sports and drinking more beer.
                                   Rawkus Jackson
    If there was one word to describe Rawkus K. Jackson, it would be smooth. "Cool"
    would be equally applicable. As would "chilled." And well - you get the idea.
    However, underneath this laid-back exterior beats the heart of a passionate
    man, as all the "fine ladies" of Hick State County would agree!
                            (C-G)   CITY GUIDE   (C-G)                            
                                      CITY: GREENBACK
    The city of Greenback is clearly inspired heavily by that of Las Vegas. It's
    got the night-life...the casinos...the blazing neon lights...it *is* Vegas. 
                                     The Garage:
    The garage is owned and run by a certain Russian gentlemen. Odd, really. A
    Russian who believes in Communism and comradeship owning a capitalist garage.
    His prices are fair, so be sure to check it out.
                                     The Store:
    The Greenback store, for some really bizaare reason, is in fact a casino. The
    clerk happens to be a spotty-faced teenager. :/
                                     The Bar:
    The Bar for Greenback is an Ali-Baba themed one, with a certain young girl
    as Princess Sherly; the Barkeep. She knows her stuff, and will be sure to
    give you some helpful insider information. 
                                CITY: SMOKESTACK HEIGHTS
    The Smokestack Heights region is evidently the Industrial heart of Hick State 
    County. It's large and sits overlooking the large Dam of the county with its
    numerous "smokestacks" and factories...
                                     The Garage:
    Smokestack Heights' garage happens to be run and cared for by the ever so 
    friendly and badass Otto, who'd you happen to like straight away. Be sure to
    pay the nice guy a visit...
                                     The Store:
    The store is a rather large and grotty warehouse dispact office, where the 
    owner happens to be of similar qualities as the warehouse...fat, ugly and
    incredibly dirty. You'd grow to dispise this man instantly...
                                     The Bar:
    A rather small truck stop called Sam's Diner is where the County's big rigs
    truckers stop-off to pick up their tips. She's a nice enough girl, but she's
    got some sass to her, so be sure to treat her nice.
                                CITY: CAPITAL CITY
    Capital City is the modernest of all the cities, having a city-scape feel to
    the whole place. It's also complete with state-of-the-art car showrooms and
    museums. Capital City is extremely large and well lit up, but has way too many
    cars on the road, so be carefully when navigating the roads...
                                     The Garage:
    The garage is, like I said, a state-of-the-art car showroom. It happens to be
    run by a rather snooty and posh British snob. Believe me, you will hate this
                                     The Store:
    The store, much like for Greenback, is rather odd. In this case, it happens to
    be a museam with some strange and eccentric art student manning the counter.
    It may be an odd place to buy things, but you will be coming here a lot.
                                     The Bar:
    To blend in with the other buildings in the city, the Bar here is infact a 
    modern nightclub called "Sirens." Its theme? Fire-fighting themed, of course.
    The barkeep happens to be a rather scantily clad girl who does provide some
    real handy hints.
                                CITY: SALT SEA CITY
    Salt Sea City isn't really a city. It's not really a town either. What is it
    then? Well, instead, it happens to be just a dockyard and pier. It's not too
    large a town, but thanks to the unqiue buildings (if you can call them that), 
    it's a great town to see. Nice view, too.
                                     The Garage:
    The garage is a rusty old sea-shack on the main docks where boats go to get
    repaired and such, but it also doubles up as a big rig mechanic shop. The 
    owner's old and slightly senile, but he's harmless and nice enough to get on
                                     The Store:
    The store? Well, it's like a 'Nam vet stuck in the past. The store in Salt
    Sea happens to be a dodgy-dealing military nut dealing out of his rust bucket
    of a ship. I'm pretty sure he's a smuggler judging by all the goods he has to
    handle (M16s, crates of teddy bears...) Nice enough man, but will creep you
                                     The Bar:
    Hello, sailor. Literally. The man behind the bar here is a very pleasant chap
    with plenty of handy hints for you. The bar might be on a cruise-liner, but it
    is still open to truck-drivers who pull in for a drink. Be sure to stop off 
    here once in a while for those hints and a drink.
                                CITY: SKEETER'S CREEK
    Skeeter's Creek is effectivly the true city to Hick's County. Think of it as
    Redneck Ville, complete with Hill-Billies and such. It's rather small and run
    down, hotter than Hell, and is most certainly home to the most backwards people
    in the world.
                                     The Garage:
    The garage just happens to be a rundown shed with an old trailer doubled up
    and attached to it. Its owned and run by a single fellow who, much like the
    store owner at Smokestack, is really lazy and rather dirty looking...but that's
    just my impression, anyway.
                                     The Store:
    The store? Heh. It's a broken-down shack that can barely stand upon it's...
    well, I doubt it has any foundations. The owner is rather backwards, but he 
    sure if friendly enough for you.
                                     The Bar:
    The bar is run by a rather pleasant man called Red. Why, I don't know, but he's
    still called Red all the same. He's spent some time in prison but he really 
    does have his charm. On top of his past record, he certainly does have his 
    friendly hints and insider information to pass on to you.
                           (T-H)   TIPS / HINTS   (T-H)                            
    The point of the game is to get a lot of money, right? Well, the answer to that
    is to buy cheap and sell high, of course! It's the basic princple of the game.
    So, if you're looking for an example of this, think about wood. Yes. Wood.
    Okay. Now, in Skeeter's Creek, wood prices are soring, fetching $1000 for a 
    single unit. You don't want to spend that much money on wood, do you? Instead,
    Capital City has it for an all time low of $100 for a unit of wood. Excellent.
    Thankfully, the game includes a helpful little indicator which allows you to
    easily see if something is really cheap or not.
                        -     Indicator:      |     Meaning:     *
                        -                     |                  *
                        * Two Green Triangles | Way Above Average-
                        - One Green Triangle  | Above Average    *
                        * Two Yellow Arrows   | Average          -
                        - One Red Triangle    | Below Average    *
                        * Two Red Triangles   | Way Below Average-
    Well, you want to buy that wood, now don't you? Well, from the Store menu, 
    select BUY.
    Scroll through the list of commodities with the Directional arrows until you
    find the wood. Got it? To purchase it, hit A to buy it. A pop-up box will ask
    the quanity (how much you want to buy) you wish to have. You can adjust this 
    amount by the left and right directional arrows. To confirm this purchase, hit
    A once more.
    Congrats. You've bought something!
    Okay. You've got your wood cheaply from Capital City, right? Well, remember how
    Skeeter's Creek had a high-price upon it? That's because sources are low and it
    costs more to buy. This means you can sell your wood, which you bought for $100
    a unit, for more than $1000 a unit. Cool, huh? Well, buying works much like 
    selling...You select what cargo/commodity you want to sell, how much of it and
    then you press A to confirm and collect the cash. Easy.  
    If you want a run-through of the selling process, read below:
    Okay. You're in the Store. Select SELL from the menu and then select the load
    you wish to sell, but in this case, it's only wood. After selecting the 
    commodity, you will then be greeted by a pop-up box asking how much you wish to
    sell. Choose the amount you want and then press A to confirm once you're happy.
    SOLD! See how easy that was? 
    The trucks in the game can't just carry all of the loads in the game. There
    are three types of trailer for you to own which can all carry different types
    of goods. If you wish to know all of the cargos and what truck they must be in,
    read the list below:
       Name of Cargo              Trailer?                        
    =Canned Peaches            |  Flatbed       |
    =Fruit Juice               |  Refridgerated |
    =Milk                      |  Tanker        |
    =Beer                      |  Flatbed       |
    =Steers and Hogs           |  Flatbed       |
    =Cheese                    |  Refridgerated |
    =Iron Ore                  |  Flatbed       |
    =Steel Girders             |  Flatbed       |
    =Bulldozers                |  Flatbed       |
    =Cell Phones               |  Flatbed       |
    =Wood                      |  Flatbed       |
    =Gasoline                  |  Tanker        |
    =Refined Oil               |  Tanker        |
    =Fish                      |  Refridgerated |
    =Soothing Pile Cream       |  Refridgerated |
    =Transfusion Products      |  Refridgerated |
    =Porkbellies               |  Refridgerated |
    =Coal                      |  Flatbed       |
    =Pesticide                 |  Tanker        |
    =High Octane Fuel          |  Tanker        |
    =Crude Oil                 |  Tanker        |
    =Platinum                  |  Flatbed       |
    =Gold Bullion              |  Flatbed       |
    Now that you know the different trucks and commodities, be sure to experiment
    with them yourself...
    As you play the game, you will come across either police cars and the law 
    enforcers, or biker gangs and no good punks. You have an alignment meter in 
    this game, dubbed the "Notoriety" bar. This is how the people in the County 
    percieve you. If you help the good guys out, doing their special errands and 
    tasks, or protecting a civillian car as it is surrounded by bikers, you are 
    seen as a great person. 
    Now, being an all around nice, law-abiding citizen means thatthe cops won't
    bother you or try to stop you. However, being a nice-guy doesn't look good in
    the eyes of the badass bikers who'll try to take you down. These bikers will
    surround you and then climb up onto your trailer to try and disconnect it. If
    they do, you lose your load.
    Now, if you happen to be a badass meany, the bikers will fear you. They won't
    bother you at all, but on the other hand, the cops will hate you and will hunt
    you down. Even if you do nothing wrong, they will still attack on sight.
    To become wanted, you must ram and smash police cars and be a wreckless and
    dangerous drive, as well as accept illegal jobs from shady bar-goers.
    Welcome to Day One!
    On starting a new game, you will be greeted with a choice of the 4 of Ma's kids
    as your character for the duration of the game. They are...
    ...Rawkus Jackson, Bobbie-Sue Jackson, Cletus Jackson and Earl Jackson. 
    All of these characters are identical, save their appearance, and also their 
    rigs handle the same, but likewise, all have their indivdual trucks. (E.G. 
    Bobbie Sue's truck is pink...) 
    Granted, character choosing does have a difference to the game, as it all 
    determines what cargo you'll be hauling, and where. But beyond that, character
    selection's all down to personal preference.
              If you pick Earl: You'll drive to Capital City with Cell 
              If you pick Rawkus: You'll be driving to Greenback with a
                                    cargo of Beer.
              If you pick Cletus: You'll be headed to the Smokestack 
                           Heights region with a shipment of
                                   Canned Peaches.
              If you pick Bobbie-Sue: You'll be taking a truck-load of
                           Steers and Hogs to Salt Sea City.      
    Once you've choosen your trucker, you'll witness the opening sequence explaning
    the story of the game and the basic principle of winning it. Once the cutscene
    is over, you'll then be given full control over your character.
    Now, there will be 4 options avaliable to you on the menu:
    Choosing this option will make your character pay a visit to the Garage. Here,
    you can choose to do all manner of things. For instance, you could repair your
    truck, refuel it, add upgrades to it, customise the paintwork, or trade your 
    truck to another class. But because you haven't used up any fuel, or damaged 
    your truck, you can't refuel or repair, and to beable to trade trailers for a
    different class, you'll need to sell you'll your current load of goods first.
                           * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
    Choosing this will make your character enter Ma Jackson's house and allows you
    to talk to her. You are able to talk her at any point in the game to find out
    about how your sibling rivals are doing by looking at all manner of graphs and
    statistics. As of right now you can not ask her about the others because you're
    still on Day 1, nimbus! But be sure to come back often at a later date to ask
                           * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    This option will simply confirm that you have finished all of your tasks to do
    in that city or location, and will then fast-forward to the next day. Since you
    are still on Day One, selecting DONE here will not move you onto the next day.
    Once you have clicked DONE, you cannot undo and return to that day, so try not
    to waste them.
                           * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                                 Main Menu
    Much like DONE, this option is pretty simple to understand. Selecting this will
    take you back to the Main Menu of the game. From this Main Menu, you are able 
    to do things such as: enter "Mission Mode", save the game, load a game, enter 
    and change options and settings or quit the game.
    Choosing this will not effect your game's time in anyway and will remain on the
    current day. 
    You are most likely ready to cruise the highways now, so select "Done" to get 
    to your truck and leave. Congrats, you've now climbed aboard and are now 
    driving your first truck! Now if you read the manual...which you should of 
    done, you should know the controls by now (but if not, check the Controls 
    section of this guide out), so get driving along the empty road to the 
    T-Junction for some quick handling and driving practise. Be sure to take it
    slow so you don't lose control and crash. As you do leave, Ma will tell you 
    about the GPS system that's installed on your truck that will guide you to 
    your first city. It is best to follow where it tells you to go, just so you 
    do get to grips with your control and the routes to and from places. It is also 
    best for players to select the full-screen camera mode as other camera angles
    may cause restrictions on what you can see, like missing your turn off...or 
    driving straight into a biker gang because you couldn't see them. resulting in
    a long chase and being shot at. But again, be sure to get to grips with the
    camera modes to find what works best for you, as it doesn't matter really what 
    you do choose.
    As you are driving along the roads, you may encounter some police cars, biker 
    gangs, neither or both. Depending on whether you like to play as a good guy, 
    or bad guy, you can choose which one to ally with, and which one to attack 
    (See the Good/Bad section of the guide for more information). Even this early 
    on in the game, it is vital to pick a side, as it will boost your reputation
    and allows you to be approach for job offers more quickly. 
                          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Now, after a long drive following directions to your destination, you will
    arrive at your city. As you follow it around to the parking area, you will then
    be prompted with a "PARKING CHALLENGE."
    The parking challenge being is to steer around and avoid the numerous cones,
    barriers and obstacles and to park up in the loading bay to win yourself 
    a cool "$10,000".
    Okay. The speed limit for the challenge is only 40mph, and if you are exceeding
    that limit for more than 5 seconds, you *WILL* fail the challenge and you'll 
    end up with a big fat zero. You want the $10,000, don't you? Well, using the
    speed limit to your advantage, keep the speed right above 40mph through the 
    challenge, but with just a single second to spare on the SLOWDOWN clock you
    must hit the brakes and drop below 40. From here, just carefully avoid the 
    cones and into the marker indicating the truck stop. If all went well you'll be
    $10,000 richer.
    Oh, and another tip for you. When you make it inside the loading area marker, 
    don't drive straight to the end because for some reason the game doesn't think
    you've finished the challenge, and so the timer still ticks down, and the only
    way to stop it from ticking is to reverse...which is a major pain in the ass. 
    So the tip here is just pull into the indictator and park up halfway inside it
    to avoid stress levels.
    Once that is done, you'll be in your first city. Like back at Ma's house, 
    you'll have options, but the ones in the city are different to the ones you 
    would of used at Ma's.
    The store is the key-factor to the game. Here, you are able to buy and sell
    your goods, hopefully for profit. Each store is different and unique, being
    run by all sorts of crazy people. The prices are set to an average, but if
    there is a shortage or too much of it, the price will rise or fall depending.
    Be sure to play the game of judgement when buying, as you may never know if
    a vampire epidemic breaks out and you just happened to ignore cheap medical
    and blood supplies.
                          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Choosing this is much like choosing the garage back at Ma's house. It has all
    the same features, such as customization paint jobs and upgradable parts, etc.
    Only difference is, they are all unique and have different owners. Also, some
    garages have some car upgrade parts but not all of them. 
                          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
    The bar is good for picking up tips and rumours of what city wants what goods,
    a perfect chance for you to raise your profits. Also, if you are low on cash, 
    you can visit the loan shark for a loan or take a gamble at one of the slot
    machines. Likewise for the Store and Garage, the Bars all have their own theme
    to them. The interest rates for the loansharks differ from city, as do the odds
    of the slot machines...
                          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    This is the same as descripted at Ma's. This confirms that you have finished
    in the city and are ready to move onto the next day. Don't waste your precious
    time now...
                          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                                      Main Menu
    Once again, choosing this will take you to the Main Menu where you are free
    to play the Trucking Missions, save, load, change your options or Quit.
    Head to the store first and sell your goods for a profit (See "Buying/Selling"
    for info on to how to sell). Once you have sold your first load, leave the 
    store and go over to the bar. Now, once at the bar, you can either use the 
    fruit machine to try and raise your cash the hard way, talk to the bar-keep or
    visit the loan shark for a quick wad of cash. 
    For now, I suggest talking to the bar keep for a couple of tips on what to 
    buy. Now, you'll be passed on a note from the bartender...Read it. Now, using
    the list of Cargo in the Buying/Selling section, check to see if you can carry
    that cargo. If you can carry it, then head over to the store and buy. I suggest
    buying as much of it as you can as you are bound to double, if not triple your
    money when you sell it. 
    If, however, you can't carry that cargo, just leave the Bar and go back over to
    the Store. Here, scroll down to the cheapest item you can find that you can 
    carry and buy as much as your truck can hold of it. Leave.
    Now, if you are low on fuel and or need to be repaired badly, then go to the 
    garage. The prices for fuel and repairs are expensive in Big Mutha Truckers, so
    don't go wasting yuor money by fueling up 100% or repairing a speck of damage,
    as you can travel great distances on the fuel that you have...same goes for the
    damage. Just be careful on the roads and you'll be fine. If you are damaged and
    need to refuel, I'll go easy on you and allow you to repair and stuff. But only
    because it's the first day, mind you, as if you make a habit of it, you'll be 
    bankrupted before you even reach the end of Day 3.
    Now, are you ship-shape? Refueled? Repaired? Loaded up? Then move out. Select
    DONE from the menu to leave Day 1 behind...
    Day 2:
    On Day 2, you'll be asked to race to another city by a trucker
    for big money. You get to pick to where you want to race to,
    or you can decline to race and save your money from being 
    gambled away. But if you do decline ever time, you'll get a
    reputation of being the worst driver ever. But it is best to
    attempt the racing now, just so you know how good you are.
    Tip for Racing: Take shortcuts across grass, sand, pavements
    etc. to get ahead of the other driver.
    Another tip for racing: Ramming the opponent's truck from the
    side may cause him to swerve and stop, causing you to sail past
    him letting your rival restart his truck while eating your dust.
    3rd tip for racing: If your opponent is in the lead and slows to
    turn a corner, speed up and use him as a barrier and speed round
    the corner, and because you're friend is blocking the other exit, 
    you won't swerve down it by accident.
    *NOTE* Doing the second tip will cause damage to your truck and
    is advised to only do it when you feel you will NOT win by pure
    driving skills alone.
    Follow the Sat-Nav's instructions as to what the best route is
    and try to get ahead of your opponent. Once you do, you should 
    win, but if you don't get an early lead then you might not beable
    Once the race is over (It doesn't matter about the outcome), you'll
    be entering your second city, and like at the first city, you'll
    need to do the parking challenge, but you should of mastered it by
    now and can get $10,000 every time.
    Now, head to the store first and sell your goods. Then go to the 
    bar, get your tips, then wander back over to the store and buy
    whatever was the tip (Unless of course you can not carry it, then
    buy something else) Then go to the Garage if you didn't 
    fuel up/repair in Day 1.
    Then once you've done that, press "Done" to go on to Day 3.
    Day 3:
    Like Day 2, you'll be asked to race again. Now depending on
    how well you did last time, you can choose whether or not
    you want to race. 
    ...You're now on Day 3. So park your truck, and go to the 
    store, sell your load. Now this time, go to the garage, not to
    refuel, but to trade in your trailer. You can either choose 
    between "Freezer Trailer" or a "Tanker". You pick which one
    you want and trade it. Now then, pick what you want from the
    store without asking for tips (You have got to work out what
    to buy yourself so you get a swing going on)
    Now go to the bar and this time, use the Fruit Machine. 
    	It's simple to use, so gamble away for as long as you like.
    Once you either feel cheated out of your money, or a smug git
    for winning 3 times your body weight in coins, you can talk to 
    the loan shark. Now loan sharks are very risky, so try not to
    be late with your payments. Ask for his CHEAPEST deal, and accept.
    Now go to the Garage and buy yourself a truck upgrade that you 
    like. Once you've brought it, count how much cash you have left,
    and work out if that is enough to payback the shark, if not, work 
    for two days and return on the 3rd to pay him back.
    Leave the city and go to Day 4.
    Day 4:
    By now you're into a routine of what to do, race, sell, check, buy,
    fuel, repair, leave. Do the things you need to do, and then leave
    to go to Day 5.
    And that's it for this Guide, as I can not hold your hand for the 
    whole journey. You should now beable to race, buy, sell, and
    do a lot of other stuff that earns you money. Keep it up for 
    another 56 days and you've got the game in the bag. 
                          (C-C) CHEATS AND CODES (C-C)
    The following cheats to be activated in the Cheats Menu, found in Options. 
    After successfully entering these cheats, the cheat will then be unlocked in 
    the Cheat Menu. These cheats are set to "Off" when first put in, so you must 
    change them to On/Off if you want to test/use them.
                                 Automatic Satnav:
                             Diplomatic Immunity:
                                 Disable Damage:
                                 Unlock Evil Truck:
                                 Hyperfast Trucks:
                                  Master Code:
                                   Small People:
                                Ten Million Dollars:
                                    Unlimited Time:
                                   Unlock All Cheats: 
                                  Unlock Level Select:
                             (T-K) THANKS TO... (T-K)
    There are people who deserve credit, and they are as follows:
    Thanks to:
    -GameFAQs: Because they just belong on here.
    -Thuyker: For the Controller ASCII...again and again. <3
    -http://www.network-science.de/ascii/'s wonderful ASCII generator!
    -Yams, Spring Rubber, SoftReset, MetalGearREXDude, Hello2ucat, Falcor, Bass X,
    iamtheprodigy, BannedAccount, KageShinobi, PSXer, RoarMonkey, Lollybomb,
    Agonized Flyer, Tomba42, monker, derrate, Red Snake, DeathStalka2, GigaRaver, 
    TwistedCrow, NeoChaosPerfect, RedLight, Spiderman23JII, autoIoad, Moth366, 
    monster master, K1NGCAL, cosmic, RHYSTAR, Kaas, Outsider X and a whole bunch of
    RI'ers who are badass and stuff and also...just for being...well, people.
                             (C-R) Copyright Information (C-R)
    This text file, "Big Mutha Truckers" may not be republished and 
    reprinted for any charges and/or profits. This includes being reproduced
    in books, magazines, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, on other web sites other than 
    GameFAQs without the permission of  the original author. Any changes to 
    this file without the permission of the author is wrong and breaks the law
    of copyright, so please don't do it. And as the legal owner of this
    guide, I bare the right to require any reproduced copies of 
    this guides to be removed from any source of media that may
    use this guide.
    You are free to save it for later reference, and you may 
    also print it if you wish. 
    The latest version of this guide can always be found on the GameFAQs.com
    gaming website. 
    Pfft...that's a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo, ain't it?
    Copyright 2005 Steve 'Jimfish' Taylor. <(o_q)>TM

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