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    FAQ/Walkthrough by fzero

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                            R I S E    T O    H O N O R
                                 DEMO WALKTHROUGH
                                   (Version 1.0)
                                 written by fzero
                                 November 5, 2003
    4.  TIPS
    7.  CREDITS
    1.  I N T R O D U C T I O N
    Hi!   Rise to Honor is a next-generation beat 'em up brawler starring 
    Jet Li (as Kit Yun) in this Hong Kong action-movie-styled videogame 
    from Sony's Foster City studio.  
    This guide is focused on the playable demo found in Playstation 
    Underground's Winter Jampack 2003 demo disk.
    Even as a demo, Rise to Honor offers fully interactive enviornments,
    innovative controls, and seamless action with cutscenes.
    (And for devoted owners of the demo like me, unlimited replay value.)
    If you were let down by games like The Bouncer, Gekido and (ugh) 
    Fighting Force, then let Rise to Honor provide you with the best 3-D
    beat 'em up experience to date!  ^_^
    2.   S T A R T I N G   O U T
    Once the demo loads, you'll see:
    *Play Game-  you will begin the demo 
    *Exit Game-  um....nevermind what this does.
    *Options-    adjust sound, music, vibration...(the full version will
    seem to have screen, control, language, and subtitle settings)
    After a bit of loading, you'll see a DEMONSTRATION of the: 
    >>>>>>>>>>Attack Tutorial.
    (you can only use the Right Analog Stick during this tutorial)
    As you can see, Kit can attack in 8 directions using the Right Analog Stick.
    (THIS MEANS that Kit can attack in ANY direction without having to turn
    The direction he attacks and the direction he's facing determines the 
    kinds of moves he will execute.)
    ^To attack a nearby enemy.  Slap the Right analog stick towards the enemy's 
    direction.  If you time it right, you can chain together up to 5 attacks in 
    a row.   (Slap=  quickly tilt the analog stick all the way)
    So to do a 5 strike combo, you must slap the Right Analog Stick 5 times in
    that direction.  Remember, it's the timing that counts, not the speed.  
    If you slap/tilt the Right Analog Stick too fast repeatedly, you'll only 
    string together 2 or 3 moves.  
    ((Practice makes perfect.  If you still can't string up together 5 attacks,
    try reducing the speed that you slap the Right Analog Stick.)) 
    Each enemy in the Attack Tutorial only requires one hit to defeat them.  
    They will NOT attack during this tutorial.  If you take too long to act
    (like maybe 5-10 minutes), the game will reset back to the Title Screen.
    NOTE: The demo itself does not have a time limit.  So don't worry.
    After all enemies are defeated, press X to move on to the: 
    >>>>>>>>>>Gun Tutorial.
    (you can only use the Right analog Stick and R2 in this tutorial)
    Use the Right Analog Stick to target enemies ('point' in the direction 
    you want to aim).
    Press R2 to fire.   
    You have unlimited ammo (like a real action movie hero!)
    The game will let you know who you are aiming at by highlighting the
    enemy with a green targeting indicator.  When you fire, the indicator
    will flash red.  
    Shoot all enemies down and press X to proceed to the RESTAURANT LEVEL.
    (See Demo Walkthrough for details)
    Kit Yun's status can be viewed at all times on the top left corner of the 
    ===GREEN BAR===  Displays Health.  Taking damage will reduce it.  
    ===RED BAR===   Displays Adrenaline.  Adrenaline (L1) attacks and Counter 
    moves will deplete this gauge.   When it's full, it will flash and you can
    then hold L1 to execute adrenaline attacks, which are fast attacks that 
    allow you to string together more strikes and inflict more damage.
    ===BLUE BAR===  Displays 'Energy'.   Defending, attacking, and grabbing 
    depletes this gauge.   If, for example, you grab and hold an enemy by the
    neck, you'll automatically let go of them when the BLUE BAR runs out.
    If you are holding a chair, you'll automatically throw it if the BLUE BAR 
    runs out.
    If you are defending against attacks and the BLUE BAR runs out, you can't 
    The BLUE BAR automatically replenishes fully, after about 3 seconds.
    ===COMBO METER===  This row of 8 squares will not be displayed during 
    Gun Sequences.  Attacking will fill the meter up.  The amount it fills
    up determiens how much Adrenaline is recovered.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>HAND-TO-HAND CONTROLS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    *~L1- Adrenaline  (explained earlier.  When the red bar flashes, you can 
    hold L1 to execute faster and stronger attacks.
    *~R1- Defense/Action  
    (this button is very important, because: 
    a. By holding it, Kit will block/dodge ALL incoming strikes
    from ALL directions without taking damage [as long as the Blue Bar 
    doesn't run out).   You'll get hit like an idiot often without using it.
    b. It's used for doing actions like open elevator doors and jumping over
    jumpable obstacles, as well as grappling actions.
    (there are ACTION INDICATORS throughout the level that indicate 
    interactive objects/elements).  Action Indicators always appear on the 
    top-center part of the screen (supported by a memorable sound effect and
    flashing symbol).
    *~START-  Opens the Pause Menu.  you can return to the title screen and 
    *~LEFT ANALOG STICK-  Used to move Kit in any direction.
    *~RIGHT ANALOG STICK-  Use to attack in 1 of 8 directions.
    Slapping an analog stick has never been more fun!
    *~X,O, SQUARE, or TRIANGLE-  opens Help Menu (controls info), this also
    pauses the action.
    """Controller Tip: Keep your thumbs on the Analog Sticks and your
    index fingers near the L1 and R1 buttons."""
    <>GRAB-  Hold R1 and slap Right Analog Stick towards enemy.  Keep holding
    R1 to continue gripping enemy's neck.  (note the BLUE BAR will decrease 
    during this time)
    You can use the Left analog stick to move them to any part of the room 
    while keeping R1 held.  
    You can throw an enemy away (or at enemies) by slapping the Right analog
    stick in the direction you wanna toss 'em.
    ;;If you wanna bash their head on a table, wall, fishtank, etc.  
    Grab them and pull them towards the object.  When the Action Indicator
    appears, slap the Right Analog Stick towards the object. 
    _ ___ ________ _______ ___  ___  _ ____ ___ __ ___ __
    Another way is to stand next to the object with the Action Indicator
    flashing.  When the enemy is in range, while holding R1, slap the 
    Right Analog Stick towards them and you'll automatically bash their 
    head on the object.
    _ _  _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _  ____ __ _ _________ __ _ 
    <>COUNTER ATTACK-  L1+R1+Right Analog Stick towards enemy 
    (when they attack).
    A good tip is to hold R1, then tap L1 + SLAP Right analog stick towards 
    enemy at the sametime when they attack.  Timing is kinda critical.
    (drains some Adrenaline)
    4.   T I P S
    ^ Take the time to read your opponent's actions.  The functions you will
    be using the most is the R1 button and the Right Analog Stick.  
    ^ Use the Left Analog Stick to position yourself accordingly.  Try not 
    to get surrounded unless you are experienced enough to attack multiple
    enemies from different directions.  
    ^ I can't stress enough how useful and important the R1 button is.
    ^ Adrenaline and Counter attacks are best saved for tougher enemies.
    But you can replenish adrenaline quite easily, so it's up to you.  
    ^ Explore and experiment with the enviornment you're in.  The R1 button 
    can be used to interact with walls and objects in the area.  Always
    keep an eye out for the Action Indicator that flashes when you are near
    an interactive wall or object.  
    ^ Keep your cool or else you might end up slapping the Right analog stick 
    too fast.  Try to feel for the right timing, and you'll string together
    more attacks together.
    ^ Have fun.  Be like a creative action director.  Think fast and take
    down your enemies in cool and stylish ways.
    ^ Play the demo again and again to discover many things you haven't 
    noticed previously (like I have).  And come up with different ways to
    defeat your opponents without getting hit.
    5.    D E M O    W A L K T H R O U G H
    It starts on a rainy and stormy night.  Your boss is talking to 
    someone in a restaurant while you and 2 others keep watch.
    A guy in a trenchcoat comes in.  Moments later, all hell breaks 
    loose and Kit will soon have to deal with punks in real-time.
    (The cutscenes are flawless in that they seamlessly progress the
    story and playable events without any loading or delay.)
    Walkthrough Layout:
    >>>>>>>>>Section Name, Enemies, Section Description.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    *RESTAURANT ENTRANCE (1st Wave) -]    
    1 Jaggi, 1 Dio, 1 Ledd
    The first 3 punks are on all sides.  Wait for a punk to move in close,
    then that'll be your cue to slap the Right Analog stick repeatedly 
    in their direction.  Or you can grab them and throw them at the others.
    Durign each playthrough, you can try out different techniques to take
    them down.
    Remember to hold R1 if you feel one of them is about to hit you. 
    By holding R1, Kit Yun will automatically block and dodge all incoming
    attacks.  Watch your Blue meter, though.   
    It's best to defeat these 3 punks without using the room's furniture.
    >You'll notice that when they are close by, a thin and faint health
    gauge will be visible above their head.  It starts at green and will
    turn to yellow, orange then red, as you damage them.  
    *RESTAURANT ENTRANCE (2nd Wave) -]   
    1 Hwan, 2 Hoods, 1 Tetsu
    The 'boss' send some punks from the 2nd Floor balcony down to greet you.
    Kit will already be standing inbetween two tables and there are some 
    chairs nearby you can pick up and throw at the enemies if you like.
    The tables themselves are breakable by attacking them.  or you can 
    circle around an enemy and try to knock them into a table.
    The East wall has some sections where you can run up and flip backwards
    using the R1 button when moving towards the wall.
    The tables along the walls can be used for some headbanging.  
    These 4 punks are very acrobatic and will use evasive flips.  They also
    have long reaching kicks that will knock you down if you aren't careful.
    Defend and counterattack normally if necessary.
    *RESTAURANT ENTRANCE (3rd Wave) -]   
    1 Ralf , 1 Wang, 1 Jaggo, 1 Sion, 1 Kedd.    
    (Support Wave)  1 Wong, 1 Rolf, 1 Wung, 1 Syan, 1 Vedd
    The boss will send 5 more down to fight you.  
    The last 5 listed will steadily drop down to join the fight as the 
    first five are eliminated one by one.
    This is the biggest wave of enemies yet!  
    Make use of any chairs left, or if you are feeling masterful, 
    take them on with just hand-to-hand combat and grappling moves.
    1 Dude
    After that cutscene stunt, Dude is kinda hurt, so 1 hit is all it takes
    to beat him.  But that doesn't mean you shouldn't beat him up how you
    After he's down, pass through the opening his motorcycle made.  Then 
    take a left towards the elevator door.
    *ELEVATOR HALLWAY (Guardian) -]
    1 Bean
    This guy is no joke.  This will be your first serious 1 on 1 fight.
    He is fast, strong, and it's almost impossible to stun him with your
    hits (a timed adrenaline counterattack can push him back).
    If he pulls back his head, he'll do a nasty headbutt. 
    If he pulls back his arm, he'll do a giant swing. 
    The R1 button is your best friend.  Press it when he's about to attack 
    or his blows will even force you back.
    Defend his attack, execute 2 or 3 strikes, defend his next attack, etc.
    You can also grab him and slam his head against a box, locker, or 
    fish tank in the back.
    After he's defeated, the elevator will come down.  When you hear the
    chime sound, you can open the door (with R1).  Run inside.
    *2ND FLOOR BALCONY (Stunt Event) -]
    The boss somehow got his hands on a pair of Uzis.  
    You gotta run west,avoiding obstacles, 
    while the boss's gunfire 'decorates' the walls trailing behind you.
    You can leap over most obstacles by pressing R1 at the right time.
    'Stunt Cutscenes' maybe occur when you jump over something.  
    But keep holding left on the Left Analog Stick, or you might get hit
    by the bullets (which do MAJOR damage).
    Once you make it around the 2nd corner, the boss will lead you to
    a room....
    *2ND FLOOR ROOM  (1st Wave)  -]
    1 Dio, 1 Wang, 1 Jaggi, 1 Loos
    The pillars around the center of this room can be used as a means
    to split up your foes.  There are chairs that can be used.  If you
    knock someone into a pillar, the remote TV above may fall on their
    head (which is cool).  
    Sorry but just reminding you to make use of the R1 button to defend
    their attacks.  Also check out some of the walls.  You can give them
    a headache with those.
    *2ND FLOOR ROOM  (2nd Wave)  -]
    1 Mock, 1 Chin, 1 Ralf, 1 Elly
    Soon after the 1st wave, you'll have to contend with a second.
    BEWARE of Mock and Chin.  They are the heavy hitters.  And are just
    as aggressive as Bean.   Oh yeah, the window the boss was standing
    behind of, you can bash anyone's head into the window itself.  
    Smash the window twice with someone's skull and it will shatter.  
    But first things first.  Take down Mock and Chin as soon as possible.
    Watch out for Elly too, she can execute a mean kick after combo.
    And Ralf......is just Ralf.  
    After all 4 are beat, you must break the window leading to the room 
    next door (if you haven't already done so).  You can break it with
    your attacks, or better yet, pick up and throw a chair through it.
    *1ST FLOOR KITCHEN  (The Stew)
    1 Mr.Chef, 1 Ledd, 1 Mack, 1 Chun
    Let it be known now and forever.  Mr. Chef is on NO ONE'S SIDE!!!!!!
    He wields a big knife and he'll probably kill Ledd before you even
    reach him.   
    Chun is the closest, (take note that Mack and Chun are pretty durable.)
    Focus on him.  If you hit him with the right attacks, you can launch
    him onto the stove behind him and he'll burn.  Or you can just defend
    and counter with combos.  Or you can also grab him and find the Action
    Indicator to press his face against the hot stove.  Or try to drown him
    using the kitchen sink).
    Mack is normally on the left side of the table.  Near that stove, there's
    some cooked chicken(?) that you can pick up (with R1) and use as a weapon.
    a chair (R1 + Right Analog Stick).
    Mr. Chef himself is amazing.  He has his own counterattacks.  And his knife
    is an added threat.  Follow my advice for Chun and you'll discover that
    cooking is actually FUN!  ^_^
    *OUTSIDE ALLEY  (Gun Event)
    3 Suu, 2 Bo, 2 Haad, 1 See
    You got two handguns and unlimited ammo.  
    But like a good action flick, it would be cheesy to fire nonstop.
    To get the most out of the experience, it's recommended to have some 
    Immediately when you have control, holding R1 to have Kit press hide 
    behind suitable cover spots.  There will be no Action Indicators to show
    you where these spots are.  But just by looking, you'll see what objects
    and corners you can use as cover.  
    The Left Analog Stick is to move.  Right Analog Stick is to aim.
    R2 is to fire.  
    And L1 is your 'Adrenaline Dive'.  It will drain some Adrenaline while you
    hold L1, and what it does is have Kit leap and dive forward in slow-motion.
    You can fire in this mode.  So what it basically does is help you shoot 
    your enemies before they even fire.  
    Just progress north.  You'll notice the boss will come out and exit through
    an opening on the right wall.  
    After taking out the remaining enemies, follow the boss for a surprise.
    >>>>You have completed the demo.<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    But it's not over yet.  
    The demo is so fun and interactive that you can
    play again and again, trying to complete the demo with skill and style
    and never getting hit once.  
    It's one of the few demos with outstanding replay value (at least until
    the full game comes out early 2004)
    6.  E N E M Y    D E S C R I P T I O N S
    (the names for each enemy and their alternate colored versions are
    Unofficial Names I came up with).
    1. Jaggi-  
    black hair with blonde on top, white T-Shirt underneath greyshirt,
    blue jeans, sneakers, black sunglasses.
    blackhair with blonde on top, white T-Shirt underneath faded red shirt,
    blue jeans, sneakers, black sunglasses.
    2. Dio-
    blackhair, shades, green shirt, black pants, black shoes.
    3. Ledd-
    dark brownhair, greyshirt, brown pants, left white glove.
    dark brownhair, blue shirt, grey pants, left white glove.
    dark brownhair, green shirt, grey pants, left white glove.
    4. Hwan-
    long black ponytail, red sweatshirt, striped grey sweatpants.
    5. Hood-
    hooded, red sweatshirt, striped grey sweatpants.
    6. Tetsu-
    short blackhair, red sweatshirt, striped grey sweatpants.
    7. Ralf
    sandy blondehair, lightgreen shirt, blue jeans, black shoes.
    sandy blondehair, pink shirt, navy blue jeans, white sneakers.
    8. Dude-
    biker helmet, light blue shirt, dark blue jeans, boots, black gloves.
    9. Sion-
    brown hair, red shirt over black hooded sweater, blue jeans.
    brown hair, blue shirt over dark hooded sweater, dark blue jeans.
    10. Wang-
    brown hair, blue shirt, blue shorts, white sneakers, black wristband.
    brown hair, dark blue shirt, white shorts, sneakers, black wristband.
    looks kinda like Wang.
    11. Bean-
    bald and chunky, thick glasses, black pants, brick red shirt.
    12. Loos-
    dark redshirt, winter cap, white shirt tied to waist, sneakers.
    13. Chin-
    black hair, shades, dark grey shirt, black pants, shoes.
    black hair, yellowshirt, dark pants, shoes.  
    14. Mock-
    black haired, light yellow shirt, jeans, tattooed arms.
    black haired, grey shirt, dark blue jeans, tattooed arms.
    15. Mr.Chef-
    dark hair, chef hat, light yellow shirt, white apron, grey pants.
    16. Elly-
    black ponytail, ripped T-shirt, ripped light blue jeans, sneakers.
    The gunners:
    17. Suu-
    black hair, red jacket, blue pants.
    black hair, green jacket, blue pants.
    red headband, green shirt, black pants.
    hooded bandana-wearing gunner.
    7.    C R E D I T S
    Rise to Honor is produced and developed by SCEA.
    This demo guide is written by fzero (like you didn't know).  
    The information in this guide will probably become obsolete
    when the full version has been released and full Walkthroughs
    are submitted.  
    So use it as you like.  
    THOUGH IT WOULD be honorable to give me credit.  ^_^

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