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    Boss FAQ by cvxfreak / Minesweeper

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/20/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      _____    __   ______   __   __    ___    _____    ___    _____   ______
     |  __ \  |  | /  __  \ |  | |  |  / _ \  |___  |  / _ \  |  _  \ |  __  \
     | #####| |  | | |  | | |#####  | / / \ \     / / / / \ \ | | | | | |  | |####
     |##__| |##  ##|### |## ## |_|##| ##|#### ## /## ## ##| ##| ### | #### |#####
     ## __  ##| ## #### ##| ### _## |## ## ## ##/## ##| ## ## ## _## ## ## ##|##
    ## |##|## |##|## #### |  ##|##  ##|#### | #### ## | #### ## |##|####| #######
     ####_| ###  ##| ###|##### | ###| ##| ##| ###_##  | ### | ### |## |##__|##
     |_____/  |__| \______/ |__| |__| |_| |_| |_____| |_| |_| |_| |_| |___#####
              __  __   __   __  __           __       __   __      __  _ _  __
     __ |__| |__ |__| |  | |__ |__     |\ | |__ \  / |__  |__|    |  \  |  |__ __
        |  | |__ |  \ |__| |__  __|    | \| |__  \/  |__  |  \    |__/ _|_ |__
         _____  ____  ____  _  ____  ____  _  _  _____   ____  _  _  _  _
         |    ||  __||  __|| ||    \|  __|| || ||_   _| |  __|| || || || |
         | [] || |__ | |__ | || || || |__ | \| |  | |   | |__ | || || || |
         |    ||  __||__  || || || ||  __||    |  | |   |  __|| || || || |
         | |\ \| |__  __| || || || || |__ | |\ |  | |   | |__ | || || || |__
         |_||_||____||____||_||____/|____||_||_|  |_|   |____|\____/|_||____|
                     ____  ____   __   ____      __   ___ _    _
                      |  \  |__  |__|   |  \    |__|   |   |\/|
                     _|__/ _|__ _|  |_ _|__/   _|  |_ _|_ _|  |_
    - ASCII by Rob McGregor -        The PlayStation 2's only new BioHazard....
       (www.new-blood.com)               (www.capcom.co.jp/gunsurvivor4)
                   - Gun Survivor 4: BioHazard: Heroes Never Die -
                             - Resident Evil: Dead Aim -
                                  - PlayStation 2 -
                      A Boss Guide by CVXFREAK and Minesweeper
                     Version 1.1/September 20, 2003 (Guide Complete)
                  CVXFREAK's E-Mail: FireEmblemPride[at]hotmail[dot]com
                  Minesweeper's E-Mail: minesweeper2[at]hotmail[dot]com
    01. Introduction
    02. Boss # 1: Tentacle Tyrant
    03. Boss # 2: Fat Tyrant
    04. Boss # 3: Giant Wasp
    05. Boss # 4: Female Tyrant
    06. Conclusion
    01. Introduction
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    Japan. All rights reserved for Capcom Japan. This is an unofficial FAQ of Gun
    Survivor 4: BioHazard: Heroes Never Die, and should not be confused with any
    actual publications approved by Capcom.
    This FAQ was written by CVXFREAK and revised by Minesweeper. Unauthorized
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    above actions will be subject to punishment by lawsuit.
    Please e-mail me, CVXFREAK, at FireEmblemPride[at]hotmail[dot]com, or
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    about the FAQ, as long as they are not answered here. Please write to me in
    English or else I cannot help you out.
    And for the record, this game has been released in America as "Resident Evil:
    Dead Aim" and not Resident Evil Survivor 4. Please do not send me e-mail on that
    issue anymore.
    Now, onto Gun Survivor 4: BioHazard: Heroes Never Die Boss FAQ. This Boss FAQ
    contains even more detail than the boss strategies seen in my main FAQ for this
    game. They're deeper, more detailed and more helpful. So, if you need help with
    the bosses of this game, this is the FAQ you should visit.
    02. Boss # 1: Tentacle Tyrant AKA T-091
    DIFFICULTY: Medium
    This will be your first true boss fight.  If you're new to the game, it can also
    be a pretty hard fight as well, mostly because of the tight time limit.
    Basically, every time you stand in front of this guy, it will use an attack to
    hit you.  How far away you are from the monster depends on what attack it uses.
    If you're very far away, it will do a dashing attack.  If you're up close, it
    will slap at you.  If you're at medium or close range, it will do a jumping
    This boss seems practically invincible at first, since most shots to the front
    of the monster or even the head don't appear to cause any damage.  Fortunately,
    it has a weakpoint.  Do you notice that large, beating heart on its back?  You
    need to aim for that.  You'll know if you're hitting it when a large spurt of
    blood appears.  Unfortunately, this guy keeps turning around so that you can't
    get a clear shot at its heart.  So, you should probably use the SHOTGUN here.
    The pellets cover a wide area, so you don't need to waste time aiming like you
    would with the MAGNUM.  If you're playing EASY, the ASSAULT RIFLE makes a decent
    Despite the fact the monster keeps rotating to face you, it tends to pause after
    it excecutes an attack.  That's a good time to make your move on the heart.  Get
    in front of this guy, and watch for him to start winding up an attack.  Run out
    of the way of the oncoming attack, and this guy will fly right by you.
    Quickturn to turn around fast.  Start shooting at the heart while the monster is
    temporarily paused.
    Also, sometimes this guy will fall down when you shoot him in the heart and he
    will stop moving for a long time.  Take full advantage of this time by pumping
    rounds into that heart while the monster is down.  You need to save as much time
    as possible before the countdown runs out.
    03. Boss # 2: Fat Tyrant AKA Alpha AKA Pluto
    DIFFICULTY: Medium
    The Fat Tyrant's attacks consist of hitting you with his fists, and a tackle
    attack where he tries to fall on top of you.  He also runs very fast, so you'll
    have a difficult time outrunning this creature.  Fortunately, this monster has a
    major weakness that severely hurts its attack capabilities: he's blind.  Thus,
    this monster relies a lot on sound to locate and attack you.  As long as you
    move and attack stealthily, you won't get attacked.
    The best gun to use here would definitely be the SILENCER HANDGUN.  Since this
    weapon makes a lot less noise when you fire it, Fatty won't be able to locate
    you by your gunshots.  Aim for the head area where you can see its exposed brain,
    because that's its weakpoint.  If you're hitting it, you'll see a lot of blood
    spurt out.  You can gather the HANDGUN AMMO sprinkled around in this room when
    you start to run out of bullets.
    Make sure that while you're fighting Fatty, you use the Sneak Move.  You will
    walk much more quietly when you are in sneak mode, so it will be harder for
    Fatty to detect you.  Also, never get too close to the Fat Tyrant, because he
    has excellent hearing at close range.  Even if you're in sneak mode, he will
    still know you're there if you get close to him.
    If you do get detected by Fatty though, there is a way to make him lose track of
    you again.  However, in order to do this, you'll probably need to sacrifice some
    health.  Remember how I said the Fat Tyrant does a tackle attack?  Well,
    whenever he uses that attack, he loses track of you again.  So, after he does a
    tackle, use the sneak move to get away from him before he can stand up to
    successfully escape detection.
    I've also found out from the Resident Evil Dead Aim messageboard at gamefaqs.com
    that it's possible to use other guns while avoiding detection, but you'll have
    to be far more careful than you would have to be with the SILENCER HANDGUN.
    First, get a lot of distance from the Fat Tyrant.  Next, watch and see if
    Fatty's moving his head from side to side.  That's the cue that he's listening
    for you.  NEVER shoot during this time with any gun apart from the SILENCER
    HANDGUN, or you will be detected.  Anyway, once you're far away from Fatty, and
    you're sure that he's not listening, fire ONE AND ONLY ONE shot from your gun at
    his head.  Immediately after you fire the shot, Fatty will start listening for
    you again.  Fire two shots and you'll be detected.
    When Fatty's severely wounded, you may notice his brain is flopping out from his
    head on his spinal cord.  That's the cue that Fatty can't hear anymore, and you
    can make all the noise you want.  Also, he won't be able to attack you anymore.
    Even better, he's gradually losing health during this time.  You can either
    finish off Fatty yourself, or you can wait for his fatal injury to kill him.
    Note that Fatty's brain won't flop around on EASY, but he will die a lot quicker.
    04. Boss # 3: Giant Wasp AKA Halbred
    DIFFICULTY: Extremely Easy
    This is the probably the easiest boss in the game.  It will spawn small wasps to
    attack you, and it will back up when you get too close to it.  Otherwise, that's
    all this monster will do apart from sitting in the middle of the floor while
    trying to look scary.
    The best gun here would be the GRENADE LAUNCHER.  When you shoot the giant wasp
    with it, the explosions will also destroy the little wasps in addition to
    hurting the boss.  You probably won't get hit much at all.  I can provide much
    more strategy, but this boss is simply too easy, so enjoy it while it lasts.
    05. Boss # 4: Female Tyrant
    DIFFICULTY: Very Hard
    This tyrant is highly acrobatic.  It can do backflips, it can slice you with her
    claw when you get up close, and it can also perform jumping attacks.  It also
    has two attacks involving electricity.  It can shoot bolts of electricity at you,
    or it can charge up electrical energy in its body before unleashing it all into
    one big blast.
    The only weapon that works on this monster is the PARTICLE RIFLE, so use only
    that for this fight.  While it may not look like you're not hurting the monster
    when you're shooting it, don't worry because you ARE hurting it.  Never fight
    this monster head on, or you'll get killed for sure.  You need to stand next to
    the pipe columns in the room and shoot around the corners instead.  If you fight
    the tyrant like this, then it won't be able to attack you.  It will be forced to
    get around the column to continue the assault.  In the meantime, you can shoot
    it up a lot.  Keep staying out of this monster's full view and you'll be able to
    win without suffering a scratch.
    If you are unfortunate enough to get hit, expect this monster to be cheap by
    repeatedly knocking you down as you try to stand up.  If you get caught in this
    situation, try to hit the dodge button as your standing up to evade the attack.
    Get ready to run for cover after a successful dodge.
    This is the second form of the Female Tyrant, and you will have to fight it
    twice while you're running through the maze at the end of the game.  Basically,
    all it will do is try to move towards you while you're fighting it.  NEVER let
    this thing get too close to you, or you'll be killed instantly regardless of
    your health status.  Also, watch out when you are in round two with this monster,
    since it will start moving towards you even faster later in the fight.
    What you need to do in these two fights is shoot the red head that occasionally
    pops out of its body.  If you shoot it enough, you'll drive the boss back.  The
    head appears and disappears quickly though, so you need to shoot quickly and
    accurately.  Two good weapons to use here would be the MAGNUM and the ASSAULT
    RIFLE.  I would go with the ASSAULT RIFLE, since you don't have to aim carefully
    before you shoot like with the MAGNUM.  However, the MAGNUM will usually send
    the boss running backwards with one shot.
    06. Conclusion
    This FAQ is completely finished. If you have any extra strategies, please let me
    Thanks to:
    - Rob McGregor for the ASCII above. (www.new-blood.com)
    - CJayC for posting this at GameFAQs.
    - Stephen Ng for posting this at IGN.
    - Peter Judson for posting this on NeoSeeker.
    - My mom for forking over the cash for this game.
    (replace the '[at]' with '@' and the '[dot]' with '.' to get our emails)

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