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    Files FAQ by WeskerFreak

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    Resident Evil: Dead Aim (aka Gun Survivor 4: Biohazard: Heroes Never Die) Files FAQ
    Copyright 2003 by James Farnel
    For those poor souls who were secure that the exclusivity contract meant that all
    the upcoming RE games would be on Gamecube, this FAQ is to catch you up on what this
    title contributes to the overall story line (in short, not very much).  Anyway, enjoy!
    Of course, All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.  RE belongs to Capcom, bless their
    souls, and not to me.  Keep up the good work, gents!
    Version History:
    Version 1.2 (August 14, 2003):  Updated permitted sites list.
    Version 1.1 (June 23, 2003):  Updated list of sites permitted to host this FAQ.
    Version 1.0 (June 20, 2003):  First draft.  These are all the files I've discovered after
    playing the game through twice.  If I missed anything, feel free to let me know.
    [#1] Intelligence Operations Manual
    Good morning, Bruce:
    This time, your target is a former executive of Umbrella named Morpheus.  This man has
    stolen the "t-virus" and hijacked Umbrella's cruiser.  Your mission is to infiltrate 
    the cruiser and report the status immediately to the Base of Strategic Forces.  We've 
    prepared some equipment for you to review.  Good Luck.
    (the rest of this file has been omitted, because it's
    just basic info on playing the game)
    [#2] Emergency FAX from Paris Branch
    Date: Sep. 18, 2002
    To: Int'l Sales Division
    ATTN: Roberto
    Today three "t-virus" samples have been stolen from this Paris lab.
    Our prime suspect is Morpheus D. Duvall, who belonged to the R&D division of HQ.
    His motiviation appears to be based upon retaliation against our company.
    Therefore, we are sending out this general warning to all divisions.
    Anyone who obtains any information regarding this matter should contact HQ immediately.
    Umbrella Corporation, Paris
    [#3] Regular Report No. 1162
    TO: HQ Int'l Investigation Dept.
    ATTN: O'Neal
    This will be my final report on Morpheus for a while since it appears that he is
    starting to suspect something.
    Until further notice from me, please refrain from contacting me, so that I can devote 
    myself to doing my "Regular" job as his aid.
    After robbing the lab in Paris, Morpheus appears to be preparing to board "The cruiser" 
    to auction the items.
    His obsession with "The beauty" keeps escalating.  And just recently he has undergone 
    plastic surgery to retain his youthful looks.
    He often says questionable phrases like, "I will eliminate the ugly things in the world
    and create my kingdom filled with beauty".
    We need to take action against him before it becomes too late, since he's currently in 
    negotiations with several countries including the United States.
    [#4] Admin Report 9/16/2002
    We will begin the facility improvements today.
    The handle to open and close the hatch for pool drain on 1F is quite rusty and should 
    be replaced.
    We'll keep the current one in the storage of 1F just in case.
    [#5] Waiter's Letter
    Sep. 14, 2002
    How's Everything?
    My life has taken a turn for the better
    because I'm on a luxury cruiser...
    Well actually, I work as a waiter on a
    Most passengers are well known and I've seen them before
    on TV.
    My colleague told me that they came from various
    countries to discuss business and that a world famous
    drug company owns this cruiser.
    Anyway, I'm doing fine.
    Take care of mother for me.
    Love to all,
    Joseph Carter
    [#6] Freight Crewman's Diary
    Aug. 27 (Tue), 2002
    Yes!  Today is my 100th day anniversary since coming
    But that's all I can write about since this place is so
    I expected a lot because this is a "Luxury cruiser", but
    I've learned that there is almost no difference from
    working on a cargo vessel...
    Sep.4 (Wed), 2002
    I finally have something to write about.  Today large
    cargo was carried into the Presentation room, which is 
    beyond the Boiler room.  Recently, many people have been
    going in and out of that room.
    I wonder what's taking place there?  I'm curious because
    the crew doesn't have access to that room...
    Sep.6 (Fri), 2002
    I saw a red mark through a break in the sheet of one of
    the cargo crates today.  I think it's a symbol for
    biological and chemical weapons.
    Somehow passengers are still going in and out of that
    room.  Maybe there is a hidden door in that room, but
    I'm not sure where it would lead...
    Sep.7 (Sat), 2002
    My boss yelled at me today for not paying enough
    attention to my job.  What a jerk!  But, I'd better be
    more careful since I really need to keep this job...
    [notes:  Just another good indication that if you work for Umbrella, it's better
    not to ask too many questions.]
    [#7] Research report #220329
    (picture of the new Hunter)
    This special "Elite" version has been modified for presentation.
    It is faster and more powerful than a standard Hunter.
    (picture of the new Tyrant)
    This sample was created with a newly developed virus.  
    It attacks objects with its huge arms.  
    While its agility and striking power are outstanding, it currently
    has a fatal flaw because an essential organ is exposed.
    However, this will be rectified in future models.
    (picture of a report cover with words "T-G virus version
    We have succeeded in fusing the "t-virus" and the "G- virus" so that 
    it has electrical properties.
    However, after observing the prototype known as [T-091],
    we have to concede that there is much room for improvement.
    In this newest version (ver.0.9.2), we have finally been
    able to achieve a high voltage current, which was our
    initial goal.  Its electromagnetic barrier should make
    it near invulnerable.
    Now we require a human test subject that matches the
    conditions to experiment on and observe.
    [Notes: one has to assume that it is this new version 0.9.2 that Morpheus
    injects himself with.]
    [#8] Dismissal Notice
    Date: August 20, 1998
    To: R&D Division
    ATTN: Mr. Morpheus D. Duvall
    Upon investigation, we have concluded that you are
    responsible for the incident in Raccoon City on May 11,
    1998.  Your services with this company are hereby
    However, your nondisclosure agreement shall remain in
    effect.  Finally, your final paycheck will be fulfilled
    in accordance with the "Dismissal Procedure" portion of
    your agreement.
    Umbrella Corporation.
    Personnel Division
    [Notes:  I am deeply confused by this file.  RE0 says flat out that Marcus was
    responsible for the outbreak in Raccoon.  Did Wesker and Birkin not report that
    to the company, or is this Umbrella scapegoating to cover up the assassination of
    Marcus?  Capcom, please to explain this!]
    [#9] Ship's Log
    It will be four months tommorrow since the Spencer Rain
    left port.
    I'm proud that we have been having a safe voyage so far.
    A representative from Umbrella, the owner of the
    cruiser, spoke words of appreciation to me.
    Something is strange.  Although the crew reports
    "nothing special", I am concerned that "The ones" may be
    breaking free.
    I will make sure to always have my Magnum pistol with me.
    I can't send a signal for rescue.  What should I do?
    The passengers and crew are all dead now...
    All I can do is accept what has been happening on my
    ship as my destiny.
    [Notes:  Spencer Rain.  I love that.]
    [#10] Operator's Notebook
    June 16th, 1997
    One month has passed since I was dispatched here.
    I am astounded at the sloppy supervision of this
    Umbrella waste disposal facility.  It's not surprising
    that this accident happened.
    I know that if I must die, I want to die as a human...
    June 24th, 1997
    The supervisor here called Morpheus, is so annoying.  He
    drives me nuts.
    He must pay more attention to worker health management
    and biological weapons that anyone I have ever met.
    This facility belongs to Umbrella, but he obviously
    doesn't think so...
    I have no idea how long I've been here.  I don't wanna
    stay in this facility,
    But I can't move.
    My body won't move...
    [Notes:  Then how did he write that last entry?]
    [#11] Biological Report 1
    This is a survey report on the changes to the B.O.W.s
    which have been considered failures and disposed of in
    this facility.
    (picture of a "Torpedo Kid")
    April 7th
    The unknown water creatures are increasing rapidly,
    primarily in the drainage ditch.
    Since their body fluid contains strong acids, they are
    extremely dangerous to touch.
    I named them "Torpedo Kids", since they swim like torpedoes.
    April 9th
    I have learned that there is a mother that spawns all of
    the "Torpedo Kids".
    If I can find this mother and kill her, I will be able
    to exterminate all creatures in this area.
    April 16th
    I decided to try and exterminate the "Torpedo Kids", and
    so I explored the drainage ditch in order to destroy
    their mother.  However, the "Torpedo Kids" appeared to
    try and protect their mother and badly injured me.  Now
    they've extended their territory to my place, so I must
    find a way to get rid of them...
    [#12] Biological Report 2
    This is a survey report on the changes to the B.O.W.s
    which have been considered failures and been disposed of
    in this facility.
    (Picture of a Glimmer)
    May 18th
    Today I will relocate the observation area to be 
    underground.  This area is low on power and so most
    areas are very dark.
    I assume creatures fond of dark places must inhabit this
    May 19th
    We saw red shining objects.  They look like the eyes of
    some creature but we have not confirmed the entity yet.
    It moves extremely quickly and runs away as soon as we
    I named this creature "Glimmer", for its glimmering eyes.
    May 20th
    In order to collect samples, I had some workers go and
    try to capture a "Glimmer".  However, the plan did not
    work out and instead, the target attacked them and two
    people are now dead.
    May 22nd
    I increased the number of workers in order to try and
    capture a "Glimmer".  This time they succeeded in
    shooting down one of them.  According to workers, the
    "Glimmer" will open itself up just before it goes to attack.
    Although it is dead, I have gained valuable samples.
    June 1st
    I have been examining the collected samples but I don't
    have any idea as to how the "Glimmer" evolved and
    transformed into this figure.  It seems it is a
    subspecies of "Hunter".  I, however, need to research
    this further...
    [Notes:  Great logic.  It's dark, so creatures that like the dark will be down there.
    Where does Umbrella find these guys?]
    [#12] Experiment Alpha Log
    Sep. 26th, 1996
    Today we will begin the experiment.  The subject is a 
    condemned criminal called "Alpha".  It has been one
    month since the subject was transported to this facility.
    He is not exactly aware of what is going to happen to him.
    However, he seems to be very frightened...
    Day 1: Commence Experiment
    We hammered a metal rod into the subject's frontal lobe
    in order to alleviate some of the pain.  This was done
    only for humanitarian reasons.
    Day 4: Removal of Eyeballs
    We have removed the eyeballs in order to observe its
    reactions to external stimulation.
    Day 14: Dose of Muscle Booster
    After administering the muscle booster, we confirmed the
    unusual development of the muscles.  It gained a drastic
    amount of weight before the treatment.  In the future we
    will consider using hampering items...
    Day 36: Sharpened Hearing
    An effect of the eyeball removal procedure has been an
    enhanced sense of hearing.  It recognizes precisely
    where a sound originates and its distance from that
    Day 41: Experiment Suspended
    The experiment has been suspended due to the fact that
    the subject has escaped.  Even without its vision, the
    subject is quite dangerous.
    We should use extreme care not to make sounds when we
    try to capture it.
    [Doesn't the idea of hammering a metal rod into someone's frontal lobe for
    "Humanitarian Reasons" just make you warm and fuzzy all over?]
    [#13] Architect's Memo
    We have completed construction on the missle base.  I
    assume that HQ doesn't know that this facility is
    operating and is under Morpheus's control.
    Furthermore, even though I am only an architect, I'm
    concerned about how this faciliy will be used.
    Morpheus tends to go too far after the Raccoon incident.
    [#14] Research Report #220120
    (picture of a [name eludes me at the moment])
    A being that has an external skeleton of a horeshoe crab
    and the survival power of a cockroach.  We have
    confirmed that its ecology is similar to ants and/or
    bees, which have been known to work in groups.
    [#15] Orders from Morpheus
    I have arrived and have begun the plan.
    I need you to make sure all the instrument panels work
    properly.  The facility is on strict alert and you will
    need to input my voice to the voice recognition panel at
    the entrance of the clean room in order to enter the
    Research Area and check the instrument panels.
    I've sent an e-mail containing my voice.  You can
    recieve it on a terminal in the residence area.  Be sure
    to delete the e-mail after your work is complete and
    remember to keep this confidential.
    [#16] Charged Particle Rifle User's Manual
    (picture of charged particle rifle)
    A charged particle rifle that was developed to cope
    with any biohazard that was caused by the "t-virus".
    It is based on a particle acceleration device, which
    virus researchers use for gene manipulation and
    decomposing molecules.  By hitting accelerated particles,
    it induces physical destruction on the molecuar level.
    The weapon can penetrate barriers of electric discharge 
    and give damage to the target.
    Currently we have confirmed this on animal experiments only.
    However, we are confident that this weapon can damage "tG"
    charged beings.  Remember that this weapon has limited
    usage because it requires a lot of power.  Make sure 
    that you properly charge it before you decide to use it.
    [#17] Morpheus's Journal (Thoughts on My Kingdom)
    The symbol of power is in Africa...
     The symbol of knowledge is here
           in the Bio-Sphere...
     The symbol of beauty is mine...
     The beauty controls everything
       and I shall dominate it...
    Establishing a kingdom where beauty has
    absolute authority is the dream,
    which I must make a reality.
    I was disappointed by Umbrella's
    betrayal, but that's fine, I'll just use them
    in return.  If I secure enough funds,
    I will materialize the construction of my
    kingdom deep in Africa.
                         Morpheus D. Duvall
    Final thought:  What is it with RE and cross-dressers?  First there's Alfred, then there's
    this high-heel wearing freak.  What next?
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