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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Hicks

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    Resident Evil: Dead Aim Walkthrough
    This walkthrough is part of Resident Evil Nightmare. (c) by Resident Evil Nightmare, 2003
    It has been written by me, Hicks. 
    Website: http://www.white-umbrella.org/renightmare
    Email: hicksalienpage@t-online.de
    All sites are allowed to repost this document as you long these few lines here stay active and 
    aren't removed!
    The Spencer Rain
    Raccoon City, a mid-western town in the United States, was destroyed when a substance 
    known as the T-Virus leaked throughout the town. 
    However, Umbrella, the corporation developing the virus, refused to abort the project, and 
    once again the threat of biological terror was thrust upon the world. 
    A large amount of T-Virus was stolen three days ago when a terrorist group hit an Umbrella 
    lab in France. Yesterday, one of Umbrella's cruisers was hijacked and contaminated with the 
    same virus.
    After the intro, you begin to play on 2F, first hallway. You only have a limited amount of 
    ammo and weapons. Better access your inventory to see yourself and make yourself fit for the 
    game. In your inventory:
    Pistol holding 15 9x19mm shells
    Two pistol ammo packs (30 rounds for each pack!) of standard parabellum rounds
    A First Aid Spray
    The Intelligence Operations Manual that comes straight from the Base of Strategic Forces.
    Found in: Inventory
    Intelligence Operations Manual
    Good Morning, Bruce:
    This time, your target is a former executive of Umbrella named Morpheus. This man has 
    stolen the T-Virus and hijacked Umbrella's cruiser. 
    Your mission is to infiltrate the cruiser and report the status immediately to the Base of 
    Strategic Forces. We've prepared some equipment for you to review. Good luck.
    Your standard equipment consists of a handgun and some recovery items for first-aid. 
    However, you will find other useful items during the mission.
    Some of them are essential items you will need to proceed like keys for locked doors and 
    special tools.
    Also, by using the Sneak Move, you will be able to locate items more easily. 
    Every time you receive damage, your status will vary as follows:
    Fine > Caution > Danger
    View the Status Screen (Press the START button) and keep your status at FINE with the 
    recovery items.
    If you fight against two or more enemies at close range, you will almost certainly be damaged.
    Therefore, if you are surrounded by enemies, move quickly to keep enough distance between 
    you and them and then target them.
    In case you are cornered, use the Escape Button to evade.
    Your amount of ammo is limited. 
    Therefore, do not shoot more than is necessary and always aim for the enemy's fatal spot.
    Although the number of bullets you can carry is limited, you can re-supply indefinitely. 
    Follow this hallway to its end till you reach the door. Enter it to enter Room 104. In the 
    corridor is absolutely nothing you need.
    2F Room 104
    As you may notice the room is filled with darkness, just like all parts of the Spencer Rain. 
    When you enter the room, you see an open bedroom (door) to your right. Go through it and 
    pick up the Handgun Rounds from the edge of the bed. Return to the other room and go 
    through the other door that is leading to the First Class Passenger Rooms Hallway.
    2F First Class Passenger Rooms Hallway
    In the First Class Passenger Rooms Hallway you see MANY bodies lying on the floor. Don't 
    be worried when walking through the room now... no one of them will wake up now. If you 
    check the main doors, you'll soon discover that they need keys. You can now choose. Either 
    run diagonally across the room and enter Room 101. Or you go to Room 102. 
    2F Room 102
    Here are two rooms. Go to the bedroom and pick up the Handgun Bullets from the desk and 
    pick up the Handgun Bullets at the end of the corridor. 
    2F Room 101
    From experience you may now think that the hanging body will fall down and attack now or 
    when going under it. Wrong. Instead of worrying about that, go through the already open door 
    at the back of the room to enter the hallway. As you may notice again, there is a glimmering 
    object. Take it. It's the 1st Class Key you need to unlock the main doors in the First Class 
    Passenger Rooms Hallway. Bruce will also find the Upper Deck Map here when examining 
    the body two times. You should use the map to navigate through the ship!
    In the moment you picked up the objects from the zombie, a sound could be heard from the 
    other room. Now you have to worry about the body hanging on the rope. When entering the 
    room again, a cutscene will play. When it ends, return a bit and get ready for fight. You have 
    to press the Trigger Button to enter the First Person View. 
    You will always navigate in Third Person View, but shoot in First Person. As soon as you 
    move forward or backward, the game will switch back to Third Person. If you want to 
    continue playing in First Person, you will have to Sneak at all time. Then you can continue 
    this. This can be used in combat when retreating from an enemy and get a bigger distance to 
    Best is to shoot into her torso. After killing her, leave the room the same way you came in.
    2F First Class Passenger Rooms Hallway
    Go right. There are the double doors that require the 1st Class Key to be unlocked. When 
    moving to it, the security guard will be blinking red and stand up.
    Always when an enemy is glowing/ blinking red, he has spotted you! 
    Although security guards often carry Handgun Bullets, he doesn't. You will also get much 
    Herbal Medicine from zombies. 
    Kill him and use the 1st Class Key on the double door to unlock it and go through. 
    To your right a passenger of the Spencer Rain is coming towards you and to your left will be 
    another security guard. Kill both of them. The two inside doors are open and the other ones on 
    the outermost will stay locked at all time. The two other doors are leading to the Stairs Hall. It 
    doesn't matter which door you go through now. Enter one of them.
    2F Stairs Hall
    The large Stairs Hall is a major part of the Spencer Rain. At all, four doors can be found here 
    on Floor 1 and Floor 2. The doors on Floor 2 are unlocked, the others on Floor 1 are locked 
    now. To collect health items, go down the stairs and pick up the Herb next to the staircase (in 
    a corner). Go back up if you have gone down and head through either door on the opposite 
    side of the Stairs Hall Floor 2. This all will lead to the same place: The VIP Room.
    VIP Room
    You will see some bodies inside of here. They cannot be seen as a threat now or later... they 
    aren't too many. You can pick up a sheet from the floor. It's the Emergency Fax from Paris 
    Found in: VIP Room
    Emergency Fax from Paris Branch
    DATE: Sep. 18, 2002
    TO: Int'l Sales Division
    ATTN: Roberto
    Today three "T-Virus" samples have been stolen from the Paris lab. 
    Our prime suspect is Morpheus D. Duvall, who belonged to the R&D Division of HQ.
    His motivation appears to be based upon retaliation against our company. Therefore, we are 
    sending out this general warning to all divisions. 
    Anyone who obtains any information regarding this matter should contact HQ immediately. 
    Umbrella Corporation, Paris
    Go to the chair where the body is sitting in. Face the chair so that you can easily look around. 
    Now take the Guest Keycard. Now the zombies here will stand up. Best is to run into a 
    corner where you are safe and where you can shoot on the zombies.
    Try to hit them there where it hurts most: The head. It is possible to perform head shots! This 
    will take zombies out very fast and it's also an ammo saving way!
    After the battle, go to the female zombie body and pick up the Handgun Bullets she has 
    dropped. Also pick up the Herb on the end of the half-wall planter. Leave the room through 
    either door. 
    VIP Room Hallways
    The door near the planter will bring you to a hallway where the four zombies have risen. 
    When entering this room, run to the left and head towards the Stairs Hall door. Here zombies 
    will make a sudden appearance so don't be shocked. 
    If you left the VIP Room through the door near the piano, you'll have to take out the two 
    security guards near the Stairs Hall door. The right security guard will drop Handgun Bullets.
    Stairs Hall
    No zombie can drop anything here. Don't waste your bullets on them all. Instead, run around 
    them and re-enter the First Class Passenger Rooms Hallway.
    First Class
    When entering this area now, all of the zombies will rise. You can either try to run through 
    them to the other double doors, or you kill them all. 
    If you choose to run through, you should still kill the security guard closest to the door. He 
    will be dropping Handgun Bullets. Then go to the door. You'll now use the Guest Keycard 
    to unlock the door.
    Spiral Staircase Hall 2F
    As soon as you or Bruce enter the Spiral Staircase Hall, his phone will ring and he will be told 
    that Morpheus is blackmailing the USA for 5 billion dollars to give them the T-Virus back. 
    Fongling appears and kicks the phone out of Bruce's hands. She has been sent in from the 
    Chinese Security Bureau, just like Bruce has been sent in by the Strategic Forces. Morpheus is 
    not only blackmailing the USA, instead he is blackmailing the USA and China. They agree to 
    not kill each other because they are on the same side, but both Bruce and Fongling do their 
    missions on their own. 
    When the cutscene has ended, leave the second floor of the Spiral Staircase Hall and go down 
    to the first floor. 
    Walk around the ship's entryway and pick up the Handgun Bullets lying near the door. Go to 
    the Control Panel and use the Guest Keycard. This will unlock the doors on the second floor. 
    Go back upstairs and head through one of the doors. 
    When you have entered the hallway, three bodies will rise up. Kill them all although they 
    don't carry any items for you. Open fire on the explosive box in the corner if they are near it. 
    This will save your ammo. 
    Enter Room 201 and pick up the Handgun Bullets from the desktop, the Herb (behind the 
    bed) and the Regular Report No. 1162.
    Found in: Bathroom of Room 201
    Regular Report No. 1162
    TO: HQ Int'l Investigation Dept.
    ATTN: O'Neal
    This will be my final report on Morpheus for a while since it appears that he is starting to 
    suspect something. 
    Until further notice from me, please refrain from contacting me, so that I can devote myself 
    doing my "regular" job as his aid.
    After robbing the lab in Paris, Morpheus appears to be preparing to board "the cruiser" to 
    auction the items. 
    His obsession with "the beauty" keeps escalating. And just recently he has undergone plastic 
    surgery to retain his youthful looks. He often says questionable phrases like,
     "I will eliminate the ugly things in the world and create my kingdom filled with beauty."
    We need to take action against him before it becomes too late, since he's currently in 
    negotiations with several countries including the United States.
    If you are again worried about the guy on the rope, he will not return to life. Exit this room 
    and enter the door across the locked door. Room 105 is locked, but Room 206 is not. Enter it. 
    Pick up the Silencer Handgun (on the desk chair) and take the Herb (behind the bed). 
    Exit the room and find the Herb between Room 205 and Room 206. This will bring some 
    bodies to back to life, but don't waste any ammo on them. Instead, dodge them, head past 
    Room 206 and enter the door leading to the Lounge. 
    2F Lounge
    As you might notice when exploring the room, it is empty of zombies and has a weapon shelf. 
    Next to the ammo is a typewriter. This room is your current save room where you can also do 
    the first save. Unlike the other Resident Evil games, you don't need an Ink Ribbon here. 
    Reload your handguns and pick up as much ammo as you can carry. If you haven't saved your 
    game progress yet, do so now. Go around the corner to your right and leave through that door. 
    This is Guest Room 2 Hallway. Enter Room 203 there.
    Room 203
    You might have wondered from where the sound could be heard because the hallway was 
    empty, but this came from Room 203. Position yourself near the wall and face the door. You 
    will then see the zombie there. Kill him. When going in, you will see the ID Card. But 
    another zombie will rise here. Kill him too. Don't pick up the ID Card before killing him. 
    Otherwise you'll get into some bad danger. Then pick it up and go to the back of the room 
    immediately. Switch to First Person and face the door. Again you should try to shoot on their 
    heads to save ammo. They will come in from the door and a zombie has also woken up in the 
    bathroom at the entrance of the room on the right side. 
    If you want to try, you can also dodge around them all... maybe it is possible, I never tried. 
    Spiral Staircase Hall
    Go back into the hallway and go right. The door is locked, but if you use the ID Card, it isn't 
    anymore. Head right and get back to the Spiral Staircase Hall. Go down to the first floor and 
    use the ID Card on the same panel you used the Guest Card on. Once these doors are 
    unlocked, you will be able to access the Third Class Passenger Rooms, the kitchen, Dining 
    Room and the Pool. 
    1F Kitchen/ Freezer
    Enter the nearest doorway to the control panel. This leads to the Pool and Kitchen. First enter 
    the Metal Doors. They are on the right. Pick up the Handgun Bullets and an Herb. 
    Go through the door in the back and follow the hallway to the Freezer. Don't worry about the 
    many bodies yet. If you look at the sacks inside the Freezer, you'll see the Shotgun. Take it 
    up. And now pick up the Shotgun Shells. 
    Now you have to worry about the many zombies! They all will rise as you can clearly hear. 
    Make your way through them by running and leaving to the kitchen. They won't follow you 
    there, so it is not necessary to kill them all or go in the risk of being damaged. Only do this if 
    you are on health and need Herbal Medicine. 
    1F Pool Deck
    Four zombies are in the Kitchen and Pool Deck Hallway. Don't run straight to the locked door 
    at the end of the hallway. There is an Herb, but this all will cause a wake up. Don't do this 
    except your health is low and you need a herb to heal yourself. Get back to the H-shaped-
    corridor. Don't waste ammo on the enemies. They'll not give you anything! Near the roped-
    off door there are some Handgun Bullets. If the zombies haven't risen yet, there is a female 
    body near the door. Now go to the Pool Deck.
    Here are five zombies walking around on the Pool Deck. Try to run around them if you can. 
    Here it is a waste of ammo because none of these zombies will give you anything. Sneak 
    forward to the Lock Control Panel. Don't think about the zombies a few meters left of the 
    Panel. If you are quiet enough and don't alert them, they will not even notice you. Pick up the 
    Maintenance Key by examining the Lock Control Panel.  Examine the hatch next to it as 
    well. You will then find the Admin Report 9/16/2002 there.
    Found in: Pool Deck
    Admin Report 9/16/2002
    We will begin the facility improvements today. 
    The handle to open and close the hatch for the pool drain on 1F is quite rusty and should be 
    We'll keep the current one in the storage of 1F just in case.
    Walk past the zombies and take the First Aid Spray from the pool edge and unlock the door 
    on the opposite side of where you came in. Now return to the Spiral Staircase Hall.
    1F Room 302
    Enter the door leading to the Third-Class Passenger Rooms. Follow the hallway and go 
    through the second door leading to the next rooms. Shoot all enemies here. Then enter Room 
    302. Pick up the Semi-Automatic Handgun from the bed. Don't forget to pick up the Herb 
    as well. Equip the Semi-Automatic Handgun and turn around to shoot the zombie coming 
    from the bath. He leaves some Handgun Bullets so pick them up and leave the room again.
    1D Room 305
    Walk to the opposite side of the corridor and enter Room 305 there. Pick up the Handgun 
    Bullets and the Herb. Shoot the zombie coming from the bath while you want to pick up the 
    Herb. Now leave the Third-Class Passenger Rooms by taking the door to the left after leaving 
    the room.
    Shutter Door
    Go to the shutter and use the Maintenance Key on the Shutter Control Panel. This will open 
    the shutter and you can go through the door to Stairs Hall Floor 1. 
    1F Seven Seas Bar
    Look at your map. You will see a door with a yellow circle around it. Go to that door. If you 
    picked up the Herb already, continue. If not, then pick it up now. 
    Go into the bar now. Inside the Seven Seas Bar, you will find a Herb, Handgun Bullets and 
    another pack of Handgun Bullets. On the bar table is also the Waiter's Letter. 
    Found in: Seven Seas Bar
    Waiter's Letter
    Sep. 14, 2002
    How's everything?
    My life has taken a turn for the better because I'm on a luxury cruiser... 
    Well actually, I work as a waiter on a cruiser. 
    Most passengers are well-known and I've seen them before on TV. 
    My colleague told me that they came from various countries to discuss business and that a 
    world famous drug company owns this cruiser.
    Anyway, I'm doing fine. Take care of mother for me.
    Love to all,
    Joseph Carter
    Leave the Seven Seas Bar through the opposite door you came in from. 
    1F Store Room
    Take the metal door. In here there are different items: Freight Crewman's Diary, Handgun 
    Bullets, Valve Handle, Shotgun Shells and an Herb.
    Found in: 1F Store Room
    Freight Crewman's Diary
    Aug. 27 (Tue), 2002
    Yes! Today is my 100th day anniversary since coming aboard. 
    But that's all I can write about since this place is so boring!! I expected a lot because this is a 
    "Luxury Cruiser", but I've learned that there is almost no difference from working on a cargo 
    Sep. 4 (Wed), 2002
    I finally have something to write about. Today large cargo was carried into the Presentation 
    Room, which is beyond the Boiler Room. Recently, many people are going in and out of that 
    I wonder what's taking place there? I'm curious because the crew doesn't have access to that 
    Sep. 6 (Fri), 2002
    I saw a red mark through a break in the sheet of one of the cargo crates today. I think it's a 
    symbol for biological and chemical weapons. 
    Somehow passengers are still going in and out of that room. Maybe there is a hidden door in 
    that room, but I'm not sure where it would lead...
    Sep. 7 (Sat), 2002
    My boss yelled at me today for not paying more attention to my job. 
    What a jerk! 
    But, I'd better be more careful since I really need to keep this job...
    When you exit the room again, a cinematic will play in which a large hand will break through 
    the window and hit Bruce heavily. He drops the Valve Handle and Fongling takes it. Now 
    Fongling's first mission will begin.
    Fongling's Mission
    You will begin on the opposite side of the Seven Seas Bar. Better don't open the door behind 
    you. Zombies will flood in. One of them will drop a clip of Assault Rifle Ammo. 
    Seven Seas Bar
    Enter the Seven Seas Bar. If you haven't picked up the items with Bruce, do it now. If you 
    already have, then exit it again through the opposite door on the other end. 
    Staircase Hall
    Still remember that it was empty when going through there with Bruce last time? Yes? OK, 
    then forget that. What you have in mind what was empty is now filled with ten zombies. 
    Wasting your ammo on all ones would be silly now. Run around them. Access the door that is 
    diagonally from the one you just came from. Later go through the Shutter Control Room and 
    into the Third-Class Passenger Rooms hallway again.
    You now have two choices: Either you go left now or continue forward and cause a few 
    zombies to come out...
    If you choose to go left, take care of the security guard there. Keep left then.
    If you choose to proceed forward, then zombies will pour out of Room 308. Before, the room 
    was locked. But now it's open and you should examine the room later. 
    Make your way to the Spiral Staircase Hall.
    1F Spiral Staircase Hall
    Once you have entered the Spiral Staircase Hall, turn left and aim on the enemies very near to 
    you. More zombies will be all around, but not all have to be killed. Only kill those who are in 
    your way. Kill the female zombie in front of the kitchen hallway door; she drops an Herbal 
    Medicine. Enter the hallway now and follow it to the end. Kill the zombies near the door and 
    proceed forward to the Pool Deck.
    Pool Deck
    Pick up the Handgun Bullets and run straight to the hatch. Use the Valve Handle there. This 
    will bring up a cutscene. Morpheus will now send out two Hunters to kill Fongling, but Bruce 
    will stop the Hunters (you will control him again). 
    Boss Fight
    Hunter (X2)
    HP on Easy=3000
    HP on Normal=4000
    HP on Hard=5000
    Best weapon: Shotgun
    The Hunter is very dangerous when fighting it for the first time. Best ways to kill it:
    (1) Head: The head is the weakest point of the Hunter. I would prefer a combat with the 
    Shotgun and aiming for the head.
    (2) Legs: The Hunter makes big jumps and his legs are also needed for this!
    (3) Torso: Also effective, but the head is the most effective area to shoot on.
    One hit of the Hunter will decrease Bruce to one health level lower!
    Once they are coming for you, one will come directly to you and the other one will slowly 
    walk around the Pool first. Only take care of the one in front of you now. Open fire with the 
    Shotgun. When you hit the creature hard enough, it will fall down to the ground. Then it will 
    jump back up onto its feet. Once it stands again, open fire on its ugly face again. 
    This will take out the Hunters fast and you have big chances if you're doing well that the 
    second Hunter won't attack until you killed the other one.
    After killing the Hunters, another cutscene will be played. Fongling escapes into the lower 
    bowels of the ship and Morpheus does something...
    B1 Boiler Room
    Bruce will follow Fongling into the basement of the Spencer Rain. Although Fongling is 
    away, you can be happy. Especially if you are low on ammo. In front of you there is an 
    Ammo and Save Point. Pick up as much Handgun Bullets as you can. Save your game if 
    desired. Then go to the lift leading down to B2 and take it. 
    Engine Room B2F
    These corridors here are dark... and monsters like the darkness... 
    In the first room you will find an Herb you should pick up. Then continue around the right 
    side of the room. Two doors are on the back wall. Both doors are leading to a dark hallway. 
    At the end, a door leads to the next area.
    Take care of the many zombies (mostly between about 5 and about 10). They will rise up in 
    front of Bruce and also behind him. Follow this route and pick up the Herb in one of the 
    Take the door to the right and move forward. Take care of all the zombies coming up here and 
    follow the hallway till you reach the second corner. There is the Herb we are searching for. 
    At the end of this all, take the lift back up to B1F.
    Spiral Staircase Hall
    You are now located on the bottom floor of the Spiral Staircase Hall. On the wall there is the 
    Lower Deck Map. Now take the large metal door. Head to the right through the Cargo Room. 
    Examine the crates. You need a Crowbar for that. Proceed to the hallway in front of the 
    Monitor Room. 
    Presentation Room B1F
    The Monitor Room door is locked. Two zombies are here: One right, one left. Kill both of 
    them. Now pick up the Handgun Bullets and the Herbal Medicine. Examine the pallets to 
    your right and pick up the Handgun Bullets from there. It doesn't matter which hallway you 
    follow now: Both lead to the doors to enter the Presentation Room the Freight Crewman was 
    talking about. In the left corner near the window there is an Herb. Walk into the Presentation 
    Room (you are only in the Spectator Room now). Look out for the Research Report #220329. 
    That what is in there explains what Morpheus did to himself (after the Hunter Battle in that 
    Found in: Presentation Room
    Research Report #220329
    This special "Elite" version has been modified for presentation. 
    It is faster and more powerful than a standard Hunter. 
    This Sample was created with a newly developed virus.
    It attacks objects with its huge arms. 
    While its agility and striking power are outstanding, it currently has a fatal flaw because an 
    essential organ is exposed. However, this will be rectified in future models.
    We have succeeded in fusing the "T-Virus" and the "G-Virus" so that it has electrical 
    However, after observing the prototype known as [T-091], we have to concede that there is 
    much room for improvement. In this newest version (ver.0.9.2), we have finally been able 
    achieve a high voltage current, which was our initial goal. Its electromagnetic barrier should 
    make it near invulnerable. 
    Now we require a human test subject that matches the conditions to experiment on and 
    Look for the Crowbar here and pick it up. When you want to exit, a cutscene will show 
    Morpheus appearing. Isn't he beautiful?
    Escaping Morpheus
    Don't waste any bullets on Morpheus. If you read the Research Report, you should know that 
    he is invulnerable now. Run away for now... 
    Run to the left to not be attacked by Morpheus' attack. Open doors as fast as possible because 
    Morpheus is following you. 
    Heal Bruce if needed. When you have reached the Cargo Room door, you will meet 
    Morpheus again.
    Cargo Room
    Morpheus cannot attack while you open the small crates. Open it one by one, but hurry up. At 
    all, you can find Handgun Bullets and an Herbal Medicine in the crates as well as the 
    Crewman's Keycard. With the keycard in your hands, exit the room and quickly run to the 
    locked door leading to the Ship Crew Rooms. Once you're in, a custscene will show Bruce 
    running away from Morpheus. He will meet Fongling and you will take control of her...
    Engine Room
    Fongling has to reactivate the power so that Bruce can come into the Engine Room too. You 
    must restore the power to the Lock Control Panel next to the door. Two Hunters are down 
    there. Better try to run around and not kill them... they are two ones and you are alone and 
    also your weapon isn't the best to kill two Hunters at a time. It would be hurting you much!
    Take the stairs at the far end of the room to avoid the Hunters. Go left and look for the small 
    cage with the power switch. Move quickly. Use the switch and run back upstairs, back to the 
    Lock Control Panel and unlock the door. Another cutscene will play now.
    Ship Crew Rooms
    You have taken control of Bruce again. Explore Room 003, 006 and 008. In Room 003 you 
    will meet a lone zombie but some Handgun Bullets. Room 006 contains another zombie and 
    a Herb. In Room 008 there are some Shotgun Shells. But when leaving the room again, the 
    hallways will contain some zombies. They don't carry anything. Head for the door to enter the 
    Spiral Staircase Hall B1F. 
    Head through this hallway and equip the Shotgun to fight another Hunter in the Cargo Room.  
    If you haven't opened all crates, then kill the Hunter and examine them all (Handgun Bullets 
    and Herbal Medicine; if you already found those here, then there is nothing more left for you). 
    If you already have the items, run through the room as fast as possible.
    Monitor Room
    The Monitor Room is ahead as you leave the Cargo Room. Enter it. Equip yourself with as 
    many Handgun Bullets as possible again and save your game if desired. Don't forget to take 
    the First Aid Spray from the chair and the Recreation Room Key from the desk. There is 
    also the Dismissal Notice on the console.
    Found in: Monitor Room
    Dismissal Notice
    DATE: August 20, 1998
    TO: R&D Division
    ATTN: Mr. Morpheus D. Duvall
    Upon investigation, we have concluded that you are responsible for the incident in Raccoon 
    City in May 11th, 1998. Your services with this company are hereby terminated.
    However, your nondisclosure agreement shall remain in effect. 
    Finally, your final payment will be fulfilled in accordance with the "Dismissal Procedure" 
    portion of your agreement.
    Umbrella Corporation
    Personnel Division
    Now leave the Monitor Room and enter the Presentation Room again.
    Presentation Room
    Three zombies are waiting for you here. Kill them all. Pick up the Herbal Medicine dropped 
    by one of the zombies. Look for the Lock Control Panel. It is located near the stairs. Activate 
    the stairs lock. Walk up the stairs now.
    1F Stairs Hall
    There is a hidden door as you can see. Head to the first floor door to the right and go back to 
    the Seven Seas Bar. Again zombies are here. On the floor behind the slot machines there is a 
    Herb you can now pick up (it wasn't here before). Don't waste your ammo on the zombies, 
    none of them carries anything. Enter the door with the club symbol on it. Use the Recreation 
    Stairs Room
    Head upstairs to the second floor. Take out the lone zombie there and proceed into the 
    hallway in front of the Captain's Room. Shoot the two zombies in the hallway there. Then 
    enter the only door that is there on the left wall in the narrow hallway.
    Captain's Room
    Pick up the Shotgun Shells. Pick up the Ship's Log.
    Found in: Captain's Room
    Ship's Log
    Sep. 20th (Fri), 2002
    It will be four months tomorrow since the Spencer Rain left port.
    I'm proud that we have been having a safe voyage so far. A representative from Umbrella, the 
    owner of the cruiser, spoke words of appreciation to me.
    Sep. 21st (Sat), 2002
    Something is strange. Although the crew has reported "Nothing special",
    I am concerned that "the ones" may be breaking free.
    I will make sure to always have my Magnum pistol with me.
    Sep. 22nd (Sun), 2002
    I can't send a signal for rescue. What should I do? The passengers and crew are all dead 
    All I can do is accept what has been happening on my ship as my destiny.
    After picking up the Ship's Log, the Captain of the Spencer Rain will jump out of the small 
    bedroom. Don't think he might be alive, he's also one of the undead. Shoot him... wait till he 
    stands up again and shoot again. Best is to try it with the Shotgun. Let him get as near as 
    possible before he can start his attack. Go into the bedroom and pick up the Magnum and 
    Magnum Bullets. The Captain has dropped an Herbal Medicine too. Pick it up. Exit the 
    room now through the door next to the bathroom and enter another hallway. Either dodge or 
    kill the zombies. Then go up to the third floor. 
    When you are at the top of the stairs, quickly get away from the zombie. Pick up the 
    Handgun Bullets he dropped. Go through the door and enter the Bridge. Now a cutscene will 
    play. The Spencer Rain is getting nearer to a huge icy mountain. It soon will crash! But then 
    more crewmen burst into the room. 
    Five minutes are given to you to kill all enemies in this room and defeat the next (big) boss. 
    Easy: If you are on Easy Mode, you will have seven minutes.
    Hard: If you are on Hard Mode, you will only have 2 minutes and 15 seconds.
    Pick up the Shotgun Shells from the middle console and run out to the Heliport. One of the 
    zombies will drop an Herbal Medicine. 
    If you're not fast enough, you will die on the ship. Game ends.
    Boss Fight
    HP on Easy=8000
    HP on Normal=15.000
    HP on Hard=18.000
    Best weapon: Shotgun, Semi-Automatic Handgun
    The Tyrant's most sensitive area is his essential organ on the back of his neck. This has been 
    mentioned in the Research Report earlier. 
    If you need ammo for the handguns, there are two Handgun Bullet Packs in the barricaded 
    Open fire on the Tyrant with your Shotgun at first. If this runs out of ammo, use the Semi-
    Automatic Handgun to finish him off.
    Walk up to him and run either to the right or the left around him. By doing this, you won't be 
    hit by his powerful claw attack. Run around him. When you reached his back, do a Quickturn 
    and open fire on his neck. To be exact: The essential organ. You might laugh when seeing 
    him, but the neck shot will cause his knees to buckle. He will then be there on the ground. 
    When he's sitting on the ground, shoot on his neck/ essential organ again. Do this till he is 
    dead. Although he can also be killed by shooting on other body parts, this is the only real spot 
    to kill him fast. Otherwise you might run out of time and your ammo might be fully down.
    Bruce's condition might rapidly crash! Keep an eye on it.
    After defeating the Tyrant, Bruce will jump off the ship. It will then crash and Bruce will 
    enter a complex where Morpheus escaped to. 
    The Umbrella Waste Disposal Facility
    You will now be in the Underground Waterways. Fongling is already following Morpheus 
    and you are doing so now as well. This is an old facility of Umbrella.
    Go through the big metal door in front of you. If you look to your left now, there is the 
    Groundwater Ways B1 Map. Now turn right and enter the door to the Store Room.
    Store Room
    Inside, you will find ammo again. Pick up as many Handgun Bullets as you can and save 
    your game on the typewriter if desired. Pick up the Herb too. There are two files in here as 
    well. Pick up the Operator's Notebook and Biological Report 1.
    Found in: Waste Facility Groundwater Ways Store Room
    Operator's Notebook
    June 16th, 1997
    One month has passed since I was dispatched here. 
    I am astounded at the sloppy supervision of this Umbrella waste disposal facility. It's not 
    surprising this accident happened.
    I know that if I must die,
    I want to die as a human...
    June 24th, 1997
    The supervisor here called Morpheus, is so annoying. He drives me nuts.
    He must pay more attention to worker health management and biological weapons than 
    anyone I have ever met. This facility belongs to Umbrella, but he obviously doesn't think 
    I have no idea how long I've been here. 
    I don't wanna stay in this facility,
    But I can't move.
    My body won't move...
    Found in: Waste Facility Groundwater Ways Store Room
    Biological Report 1
    This is a survey report on the
    changes to the B.O.W.s, which have
    been considered
    failures and have been
    disposed of in this facility.
    April 7th
    The unknown water creatures are increasing rapidly, primarily in the drainage ditch. 
    Since their body fluid contains strong acids, they are extremely dangerous to touch. 
    I named them "Torpedo Kids", since they swim like torpedoes. 
    April 9th
    I have learned that there is a mother that spawns all of the "Torpedo Kids". 
    If I can find this mother and kill her, I will be able to exterminate all creatures in this area.
    April 16th
    I decided to try and exterminate the "Torpedo Kids", and so I explored the drainage ditch in 
    order to destroy their mother. However, the "Torpedo Kids" appeared to try and protect their 
    mother and badly injured me. Now they've extended their territory to my place, so I must find 
    a way to get rid of them...
    Go to the end of the passage and go right to find the Grenade Launcher. Pick it up. Now go 
    through the door at the end of the passage and enter the deck that is overlooking the waterway.
    Walk down the steps. Walk to the next steps and deck. The bodies will not rise up, so don't 
    worry about them right now. 
    Look for the door across the way. Take care of the Torpedo Kids. They always shoot out of 
    the mother, the Nautilus. Don't open the door. Head through the passage there and kill the 
    zombies. One of them will drop an Herbal Medicine. Go through the following door. 
    Walk downstairs. Wait there. The Nautilus will "open Torpedo Fire on Bruce". No more will 
    follow now. Head south to the next junction. 
    You don't really have to kill the Nautilus. Try to avoid the Torpedo Kids. If you want to kill it 
    to not risk any damage, then do so now. It's sitting there in the water and just shooting out the 
    Torpedo Kids. Use the Handgun to kill her. At all she has 2000 HP and takes about 20 
    Handgun Bullets. The Nautilus itself doesn't hurt you, only the Torpedo Kids would.
    Naked Zombies - First Appearance
    Climb the stairs behind the Nautilus. Enter the passageway there. Four skinless zombies will 
    attack you now. They are tougher than normal zombies and even tougher than Nautilus. I 
    suggest you to run away. If you get stuck inside of them, open fire. If you kill them or have to 
    kill them, pick up the Herbal Medicine they drop. 
    Nautilus Returns
    Go to the end of the passageway and exit into the waterways again. Pick up the Grenade 
    Launcher Ammo and go back into the water. Walk from left to right here to avoid the 
    Torpedo Kids shot by another Nautilus. Go up the steps on your right in front of the Nautilus. 
    From up there, kill it. 
    Control Room
    Enter the door and take the lift. Take it to the second level and go into the Control Room. Use 
    the radio (when prompted, choose "Yes"). Now a cutscene will follow. China has given in to 
    Morpheus and paid, but America didn't. "They don't deal with terrorists". The game will 
    switch to Fongling.
    Fongling's Mission 2
    Fongling will see a big, so far unknown creature. Head to the little hallways right of you and 
    pick up the Groundwater Ways B2 Map. Head back and exit the hallway through the door at 
    the end of the hallway. 
    Jump into the water and run past the skinless zombies. Walk right till you can go left and do 
    so. Walk till you reach the landing. If you get attacked by a skinless zombie, all of the others 
    might follow! Walk up the landing quickly and take the Sector Admin Key from the corpse. 
    Head downstairs again (if not possible because of the skinless zombies, shoot them or try to 
    run through). Go right again (where you came from) and follow the way till you reach the 
    landing on the right. 
    Go up the stairs and use the Sector Admin Key on the door there. Enter the Control Room. 
    Pick up the two packs of Handgun Bullets and release the electronic locks for the sector by 
    using the computer console. The door on the landing with the Sector Admin corpse will now 
    be unlocked. 
    Go back downstairs into the water. More skinless zombies will rise from the middle of the 
    way, so stay left. Go back to the landing with the corpse. 
    Now you have to make your way to a Heliport near you. Run through the empty hallway and 
    pick up the Handgun Bullets from the stairs. Jump into the water again and run through the 
    skinless zombies. On the first landing is a First Aid Spray. Fine! If you are on "Danger" and 
    don't have any health recovery items, go there and take it. Then you have to kill all of the 
    skinless zombies, so better think about it. Go left at the arch that connects the intersecting 
    waterway. Head across the waterway and up the stairs. Take the lift there. The lift will bring 
    you to an empty hallway with a door leading to the destination you want to reach: the Heliport. 
    When arriving at the Heliport, another cutscene will play. A satellite laser system will shoot 
    on Bruce and Fongling. Bruce will then find a chip under Fongling's arm tattoo and remove 
    and destroy it. The Chinese government now tried to kill her. But Fongling isn't giving up her 
    B3F Store Room
    You are now in a dark passageway in the Freight Passage pf the Waste Facility. Go through 
    the door at the right. Pick up the Grenade Launcher Ammo and the Spray. Also pick up the 
    Biological Report 2 and Experiment [ALPHA] Log.
    Found in: B3F Store Room
    Biological Report 2
    This is a survey report on the
    changes to the B.O.W.s, which have
    been Considered
    failures and have been
    disposed in this facility.
    May 18th
    Today I will relocate the observation area to be underground. This area is low on power and 
    so most areas are very dark.
    I assume creatures fond of dark places must inhabit this area.
    May 19th
    We saw red shining objects. They look like the eyes of some creature but we have not 
    confirmed the entity yet. It moves extremely quickly and runs away as soon as we approach. 
    I named this creature "Glimmer", for its glimmering eyes.
    May 20th
    In order to collect samples, I had some workers go and try to capture a "Glimmer". However, 
    the plan did not work out and instead, the target attacked them and two people are now dead.
    May 22nd
    I increased the number of workers in order to try and capture a "Glimmer". This time they 
    succeeded in shooting down one of them. 
    According to the workers, the "Glimmer" will open itself up just before it goes to attack. 
    Although it is dead, I have gained valuable samples.
    June 1st
    I have been examining the collected samples but I don't have any idea as to how the 
    "Glimmer" evolved and transformed into this figure. 
    It seems it is a subspecies of "Hunter". I however, need to research this further...
    Found in: B3F Store Room
    Experiment [ALPHA] Log
    Sep. 26th, 1996
    Today we will begin the experiment. The subject is a condemned criminal called "[ALPHA]". 
    It has been one month since the subject was transported to this facility. He is not exactly 
    aware of what is going to happen to him.
    However, he seemed to be very frightened...
    Day 1:
    Commence Experiment
    We hammered a metal rod into the subject's frontal lobe in order to alleviate some of the pain. 
    This was done only for humanitarian reasons.
    Day 4:
    Removal of Eyeballs
    We have removed the eyeballs in order to observe its reactions to external stimulation.
    Day 14:
    Dose of Muscle Booster
    After administering the muscle booster, we confirmed the unusual development of the 
    muscles. It gained a drastic amount of weight before the treatment. In the future we will 
    consider using hampering items...
    Day 36:
    Sharpened Hearing
    An effect of the eyeball removal procedure has been enhanced sense of hearing. It recognizes 
    precisely where a sound originates and its distance from that sound.
    Day 41:
    Experiment Suspended
    The experiment has been suspended due to the fact that the subject has escaped. Even without 
    its vision, the subject is quite dangerous. 
    We should use extreme care not to make sounds when we try to capture it.
    Take as many Handgun Bullets as you can carry now. Save your game if desired.
    Run past all the zombies in the wide passageways and go right followed by a left and reach 
    the R03-06 door. Enter it. Take a left in the next passageways and run around the zombies 
    again. Open the R03-12 door. 
    The lift is ahead and down the right passageway. This is also the place where you make your 
    first appearance with Glimmers. 
    Glimmers: Frog-like looking and moving creatures. 
    HP on Easy=500
    HP on Normal=800
    HP on Hard=2000
    Killing: Hard because they jump around very quickly. They will also jump onto your back 
    and will give you a shower of acid. 
    Head to the lift and access level B2.
    The entire area here is filled/ infected with Glimmers. After leaving the lift go left and look 
    out for door R04-05. Move there quickly, enter quickly and avoid being damaged by the 
    Glimmer in the corner left of Bruce. 
    Take the next left. You can see fire there and burning zombies. Run past them all. They are 
    also slow and won't reach you before you are away. Pick up the Herb right of door R04-11.
    Take a right now. Run through the three burning zombies here. Go to the lift (a flaming 
    zombie is near it) and take it to go down.
    Down there is a small room. Pick up the Magnum Bullets and the Elevator Keycard. The 
    corpse is holding the Transport Orders.
    Found in: B3F Lift Room
    Transport Orders
    We will commence experiments at the Bio-Sphere. Therefore, transfer a couple of subjects 
    immediately. This should be done quickly, so please do not use the side entrances.
    We recommend that you use the good elevator to the laboratory, which is located on the 5th 
    floor of the basement.
    Also, the shaft reaches 300 meters below the surface of the sea. Therefore, please make sure 
    to pack the subjects tightly since they are quite dangerous when stimulated.
    Always remember to respect the subject's muscle strength.
    The caretaker has the starter key for the elevator. Show a copy of this notice and you will be 
    able to obtain the key. Please note that you must begin this operation ASAP.
    Research Division
    Now re-enter the lift and go back up. Run back through the hall full of burning zombies and 
    take the first right and enter door R04-25. Now there are Glimmers in the room instead of 
    zombies. Exit the lift and hug the right wall. Run straight across the opening of the 
    passageway to the right. Turn right while running and hugging the left wall. Turn left at the 
    corner and run straight to the lift. This lift is leading down to B5F. 
    Exit the lift. Go right and hug to the right wall. Do not go the right passageway, continue 
    forward and go through door R05-13.
    Now turn left and enter door R05-19. Run past the passageway to the right if you need the 
    Herb or proceed into the large Elevator Room through the door at the end of the passageway. 
    Use the elevator call button there.
    Boss Fight
    HP on Easy=6000
    HP on Normal=20.000
    HP on Hard=25.000
    Best weapon: Silencer Handgun
    Pluto is the creature Fongling has already seen. He is also the one who has been mentioned in 
    the Experiment [ALPHA] Log. He doesn't have eyes, but his sense of hearing is much better 
    than the one of a human. His eyeballs have been removed and the sense has been sharpened.
    The only real sensitive area of this enemy is the head again. In this room there are respawning 
    Handgun Bullets. You will find them near the crates. His power is strong and you must keep 
    a close look on Bruce's health condition. If Bruce is in "Danger", Pluto will attack and can 
    cause instant death! His attack pattern is as follows: Slap, Backhand Slice and Bone-Crushing 
    Hug (this is the death attack). Shooting his head is the best way to kill him. His torso doesn't 
    even seem to have any damage caused on him.
    Always use the Sneak Move when moving and only the Silencer Handgun. Pluto might then 
    never be able to hear you. If you think, his hearing has been sharpened, so he will know where 
    you are if you use the Shotgun or so. Those weapons are much louder than the Silencer 
    When the fight begins, sneak away from Pluto. If he has found out your location when the 
    fight begins, it's best to run away as fast as possible. Pluto sometimes tumbles over his face. 
    Then turn and face him and open fire on him with the Silencer Handgun. If he hasn't located 
    you, feel free to keep standing there where you are and open fire. If you are low on ammo, 
    pick up the Handgun Bullets around here. 
    I noticed that after some heavy damage caused after all, something pops out of his head 
    (maybe his brain or so). Then you should open fire with a heavier weapon such as the 
    Magnum or Grenade Launcher (better conserve the Magnum ammo for later!). If you are 
    already on "Caution" or so, continue with the same tactics you used before. 
    At all it took me about 110 bullets to kill him on Normal Mode. If it gets hard for you and 
    Pluto almost attacks, try using the Escape button when he raises his arm up. 
    After defeating Pluto, Fongling will come here and a cutscene will play. Bruce and Fongling 
    will use the elevator and Morpheus jumps on top of it. He will cut the cables and Bruce will 
    use the Emergency Brake to stop the falling elevator. Fongling can escape, but Bruce not. The 
    elevator will fall down the shaft.
    Benthic Laboratory
    You have now entered the Benthic Laboratory. It is the lab where it all began. You will now 
    control Fongling. Go into the Store Room ahead to the right. 
    Store Room
    Here are again Handgun Bullets and the typewriter. Pick up as many bullets as you can and 
    save your game if desired. 
    Level 3-A
    Each floor's section has a name here. The hallways seem to have names as well: 3-A, 3-B and 
    3-C. The bodies won't rise up now. Make your way to section 3-B and examine the Waste 
    Chute. When you are asked to go down, choose "Yes" and Fongling goes down. She will land 
    in a small cleaning room on 1F.
    Power Supply
    Head right and enter the room on the left. Walk to the console inside the Power Supply Room. 
    Activate the button to reactivate the main power. As soon as you activate the main power 
    supply, the zombie next to the console will awake. Get back out into the hallway by doing a 
    Quickturn and exiting the room.
    With the main power restored, elevator work properly now. Walk to the end of the hallway 
    and enter the elevator. It will take Fongling down.
    Walk to the end of the hallway. Enter the door at the end. You are now in the Missile Control 
    Room. When she enters, a cutscene plays. A missile has been armed. Before Fongling can do 
    anything else, Morpheus will appear from behind.
    If you thought Bruce died, then you are wrong. Head down the corridor and equip the 
    Shotgun. Kill the Hunter coming there. You will then reach an L-shaped hallway. Go left and 
    enter the Store Room. Outside the Store Room is an Herb. 
    Store Room
    There are two shelves here. In each section here there is a zombie. When you enter the room, 
    kill the female zombie to your right. There are two ways of killing the other zombies:
    Way 1: Go into the section of the female zombie and shoot the second zombie and then go 
    there where the second one was and shoot the third one.
    Way2: Kill the female zombie and look into her section. Then switch to First Person and 
    sneak parallel and shoot the other zombies.
    There are many objects in this room. Pick up the Architect's Memo, the Benthic 
    Laboratory Map, the Handgun Bullets, the Herbal Medicine dropped by a zombie, the Pod 
    Bay Keycard, and another pack of Handgun Bullets. Then exit the room again and go left in 
    the hallway. Then enter the elevator. Ride the elevator to 3F.
    Found in: Benthic Laboratory Store Room 1F
    Architect's Memo
    We have completed construction on the missile base. I assume that HQ doesn't know that this 
    facility is operating and is under Morpheus' control.
    Furthermore, even though I am only an architect, I'm concerned about how this facility will 
    be used. 
    Morpheus tends to go too far after the Racoon incident. 
    3F Hallway 3-A
    Remember when you've been here with Fongling? Now all the bodies you saw before will 
    rise up. Kill all of them. Now pick up the Magnum Bullets and Grenade Launcher Ammo. 
    Go into Level 3-C and unlock the door with the Pod Bay Keycard. 
    Pod Bay
    Pick up the two Herbs here. On the desk is also a Digital Recorder you are in need of. Take 
    it. Now leave the room. Go right to avoid the zombies. Now use the elevator and ride it down 
    to 2F.
    2F Room 2B-01
    After exiting the elevator, you can go right or left. IF you want, you CAN go right, but if you 
    want to complete the game as fast as possible, turn left. On the right path you can find health 
    items and documents (files). 
    Pick up the Herb outside of the room and then enter it. There are two bodies here. Pick up 
    Morpheus' Orders from the chair.
    Found in: Benthic Laboratory Room 2B-01
    Orders from Morpheus
    I have arrived and have begun the plan. 
    I need you to make sure all the instrument panels work properly. The facility is on strict alert 
    and you will need to input my voice to the voice recognition panel at the entrance of the clean 
    room in order to enter the Research Area and check the instrument panels.
    I've sent an e-mail containing my voice. You can receive it on a terminal in the residence area. 
    Be sure to delete the e-mail after your work is complete and remember to keep this 
    Room 2D-02
    Run past the elevator in 2-A and make your way to 2-D. Enter Room 2D-01 (left door). Pick 
    up the Shotgun Shells. Don't forget to pick up the Research Report #220120 on the table. 
    Exit the room and go into the room across the hall.
    Found in: Benthic Laboratory Room 2D-02
    Research Report #220120
    A being that has an external skeleton of a horseshoe crab and the survival power of a 
    cockroach. We have confirmed that its ecology is similar to ants and/or bees which have been 
    known to work in groups.
    Room 2D-01
    The zombie coming out of the bathroom is a bit like the Captain of the Spencer Rain. He's 
    resilient. Shoot him! Then go to the desk where the computer is. It will say there is a new e-
    mail. When asked to use the Digital Recorder, do so. This will record Morpheus' voice.
    Level 2-A
    The two zombies from 2B-01 are active and in the hallway. They will drop Grenade 
    Launcher Ammo and Magnum Bullets. Three Hunters are here as well, but if you want to 
    get Magnum Bullets and Grenades, you can kill the Hunters and the zombies. If you enter the 
    room, the zombie in the bathroom will drop Herbal Medicine. 
    Head to the elevator from 2D-01. Take the elevator. Take it to 1F. Equip the Shotgun or 
    Grenade Launcher.
    Quickly equip the Shotgun or Grenade Launcher if you haven't done this yet. There will be a 
    Hunter attacking Bruce when he leaves the elevator. If you are trained enough to bring the 
    Hunter nearer to the Canisters, then bring him there and shoot the Canisters. This will kill the 
    Go to the Clean Room door and use the console. The Digital Recorder will playback 
    Morpheus' voice and unlock the electronic lock of the door. Then enter the Clean Room.
    Clean Room
    In the open locker there is the Assault Rifle. Pick it up. Take care of the biohazard suits... not 
    that the suits could walk, but the zombie inside the fourth biohazard suit can... After killing 
    the zombie inside, enter the next room. 
    Walk through the area till you reach the doors. It doesn't matter whether you go right or left, 
    both lead to the same way. Inside the new room there will be a skinless zombie. Try to avoid 
    the zombie or bring him to the ground. Then leave the hallway through the door. 
    Try to run around the Halberts. You are now outside of L001, L002 and L003 (laboratories). 
    The Halberts aren't really a threat now. They only have 100 HP (one Handgun Bullet will do 
    the job). Enter Plant L002 now.
    Plant L002
    When entering the room, the one door is locked and the south door is open. Near the south 
    door is a clip of Assault Rifle Ammo. Remember this. When you approach to the door...
    Boss Fight
    HP on Easy=5000
    HP on Normal=10.000
    HP on Hard=15.000
    Best weapon: Assault Rifle, Shotgun
    The Queen's weakness is also the head. Aim for her head. She has some defences: She 
    spawns four Halberts at a time... Of course these will attack you. But when you get too close, 
    she will be spitting the same acid as the Glimmers. So don't get too close to her. As much as 
    it goes for the Halberts, most of them will be killed when you shoot on the Queen, so don't 
    even think about aiming them. This just takes more time and ammo. And in the time you need 
    to kill the existing ones, more will come up...
    If you are running out of ammo, pick up the ammo on the floor. If even that doesn't help, use 
    the Shotgun or Semi-Automatic Handgun to blast her. Another choice would be the Grenade 
    Launcher. If you have conserved much ammo, then you can now have fun with it. It will 
    heavily damage the Queen and kill many Halberts if they are near the Queen. After the battle, 
    leave the room to save the ammo you would need for the other Halberts.
    Laboratory L003
    You are now in Laboratory L003. Inside the capsule there are some skinless zombies. Go to 
    the left corner and pick up the Charged Particle Rifle from the weapons locker there. 
    The skinless zombies will now break out of the capsule. Equip the Charged Particle Rifle now 
    and shoot them with that gun. It only takes one shot per zombie! Look around on the desk and 
    pick up the Charged Particle Rifle User's Manual.
    Found in: Benthic Laboratory Lab L003
    Charged Particle Rifle User's Manual
    A Charged Particle Rifle that was developed to cope with any biohazard that was caused by 
    It is based on a particle acceleration device, which virus researchers use for gene manipulation 
    and decomposing molecules. By hitting accelerated particles, it induces physical destruction 
    on the molecular level.
    This weapon can penetrate barriers of electric discharge and give damage to the target. 
    Currently we have confirmed this on animal experiments only. 
    However, we are confident that this weapon can damage "tG" charged beings. Remember that 
    this weapon has limited usage because it requires a lot of power. Make sure that you properly 
    charge it before you decide to use it.
    Go into the capsule and pick up the Backyard Key. Leave the room through the door leading 
    into the Clean Room hallway.
    Go back to the elevator in the hall and go right from it. There is a door locked by a chain. Use 
    the Backyard Key to unlock the door's chain lock. He is now in the Waste Chute area where 
    Fongling came down. Enter the elevator at the end of this hallway and take it to Level B1.
    Missile Control Room
    Enter the Missile Control Room. Look there for Morpheus' Journal.
    Found in: Benthic Laboratory Bio-Sphere Missile Control Room
    Morpheus' Journal - Thoughts on my kingdom
    The symbol of power is in Africa...
    The symbol of knowledge is here
    in the Bio-Sphere...
    The symbol of beauty is mine...
    The beauty controls everything...
    and I shall dominate it...
    Establishing a kingdom where beauty has absolute authority is the dream, 
    which I must make a reality.
    I was disappointed by Umbrella's betrayal, but that's fine, I'll just use them in return. If I 
    secure enough funds,
    I will materialize the construction of my kingdom deep in Africa.
    Morpheus D. Duvall
    Examine the chair for a second time to notice that there is something else... Move the chair. 
    Press the switch to open a hidden door behind you. A cutscene will by played showing 
    Morpheus with Fongling. He then destroys the security camera in the room he is in. 
    You are now in the Bio-Sphere which Morpheus built secretly. Umbrella doesn't have any 
    ideas that this exists! The elevator is leading down to a room filled with goodies for you. Pick 
    up the First Aid Spray, Herb, Assault Rifle Ammo, Shotgun Shells, Grenade Launcher 
    Rounds and finally Handgun Bullets. Save your game if desired. Be well-prepared now: 
    Morpheus will be your next and final boss. Now enter the Missile Silo.
    Boss Fight
    HP on Easy=10.000
    HP on Normal=30.000
    HP on Hard=45.000
    Best weapon: Charged Particle Rifle
    Morpheus injected the TG-Virus into himself... now he has an electromagnetic field around 
    himself protecting him from any sort of bullets (Handgun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle...). 
    Morpheus is moving fast and acrobatic. He will complete his attack with a big blow. Bruce 
    has to be healed if you've been attacked about three times. His weakness is the head. Only use 
    the Charged Particle Rifle in the fight! 
    Start running when entering the room. Morpheus will come from behind. One attack might 
    make you weak for more attacks. If you are in this situation, try to use the Escape Button. 
    Run for one of the Missile Support Beams. Morpheus seems to be very bad in walking around 
    them. So you walk around it, just till Morpheus is on the other side. Then aim and open fire. 
    Never touch/ get in contact with Morpheus! You will die INSTANTLY. Once you have 
    Morpheus at the right place (so that he cannot come around the Missile Support Beam), shoot. 
    With the Charged Particle Rifle, his entire body is weak. 
    When Morpheus is dead, a cutscene will play. But Fongling is wondering why Bruce didn't 
    disarm the missiles before saving her... she will now guide you through this to let you reach 
    the Control Room. While leaving, Morpheus comes back to life and mutates. 
    You have five minutes now to get to the missile silo and stop the launch of the rocket. Follow 
    the instructions given by Fongling. When you are walking across the first pathway, Fongling 
    is warning you that Morpheus is coming to you. Morpheus has mutated to the second form 
    now. Go through the door. 
    Now go the first left, right, left, left and right again. You should better not stop for any item... 
    they are will not help you in the next boss fight. Don't stop for the enemies. 
    Two zombies are waiting for you at the first right turn. Keep near the left wall to avoid them. 
    Dash across the hallway to the right and hug on the wall in the next hallway. After the next 
    two corners to the left, two zombies will be waiting for you. To avoid them head straight 
    across the opening of the passage that follows and cut in front of the zombies. Run along the 
    left wall and exit through the door. 
    Cross the long pathway. The door is locked and Fongling says she could unlock it. Equip the 
    Assault Rifle and shoot on Morpheus' head when it squeezes out of the... body. If you run 
    low on ammo for the Assault Rifle, use it and then change to the Handgun or so. The Grenade 
    Launcher would only kill you because the firing range is too small and Morpheus will get too 
    near. Once you have damaged him enough, he will crawl back again and then get closer. This 
    is not your final fight. 
    Head: The head will come out in five different locations. They are mainly the top of top, the 
    down right and down left side or the center. 
    When Fongling has unlocked the door, do a Quickturn and enter the door. Now go the first 
    right, right, left right and left. At the second right corner there are more zombies. Hug to the 
    right wall. If you get bitten by one of them, many more will come and this will take much of 
    your needed ammo and time!
    Past the first left there will be more zombies on the right turn. Run along the right wall before 
    the right turn and shoot across the opening and run past the zombies. Still hug on the left wall. 
    Pick up the Magnum Bullets before leaving the hallway. Exit this hallway. Cross the 
    pathway. When you attempt to open the door to the Control Room, Morpheus appears. This is 
    your final fight now.
    Boss Fight
    Morpheus 2nd form
    HP on Easy=5000
    HP on Normal=7000
    HP on Hard=9000
    Best weapon: Magnum, Shotgun
    Morpheus will attack like this: Wall Press and Crush, Heavy Body Press and Fly Swat.
    It's still the same like before. If you are familiar with aiming, then use the Magnum. Walk a 
    bit nearer to Morpheus 2nd Form and shoot on the head as it comes out of the belly. With the 
    Magnum, it only takes a few bullets to kill Morpheus finally. If you run out of ammo, use the 
    Grenade Launcher and get closer. If this doesn't work out, use the Assault Rifle. If this has no 
    more ammo, use the Handguns. 
    When you have inflicted a certain amount of damage, his head will be fixed in the center of 
    his body. Then open fire on the head again. If you have run out of ammo or Morpheus is too 
    near to be hold back by a Handgun or so (also if you cannot really aim with that weapon any 
    longer), then use the Shotgun. 
    If you have absolutely no more ammo for any weapon, then you know you did something 
    totally wrong... 
    When Morpheus dies, he will be blown up very big and then explode. Bruce and Fongling 
    will be back on the surface and helicopters will come later. Also Bruce and Fongling talk 
    about a "don-gua"...
    You have now completed the game successfully! Congratulations.  

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