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    Game Script by mucals / Kouli

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/16/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Chaos Legion Game Script
    Authors: Kouli (Ken Zhao) and mucals (William Slacum)
    Version: 1.0
    Date: 08.16.03
    //Table of Contents
    1. Script
    2. Updates
    3. Contact
    4. Copyright
    5. Credit
    // SECTION 1.  Script
    <Narrator> 'Tis the darkest Glyph thou barest. It sacrifices stray souls to
               summon unearthly force. Unearthly force shall obey and serve thee.
               'Tis named "Chaos Legion".
    <Victor> The sinner shall be atoned. Even though no punishment will be enough
             for your sin. Siela! Why...? Why were you taken from me?
    <Sieg> Why? The answer is within.
    <Victor> I shall never forgive you for what you have done. It's still too soon
             for you to meet your end. First, you'll have to suffer through the
             underworld. Follow me Sieg! For your atonement is waiting for you!
             Come see the hidden truth of this world!
    - A few hours ago ------ -
    - Novermber 791 A.S. -
    - Rotari the Sacred Capital -
    <Narrator> Once a pious man had fallen into the dark side, this tragedy began
               to unfold.
    <Man 1> Last night, Sir Clovis, a considerable member of our Order of St.
            Overia, was murdered. After stealing the forbidden Apocrypha of Yzarc,
            the suspect managed to escape. His name is... Victor Delacroix. What
            led that virtuous man to commit such an outrage against order is
            unkown. But there is no time to waste. You must track him down, The
            Knight of the Dark Glyph, Sieg Wahrheit.
    <Sieg> Delacroix...
    <Victor> So... What's happened to the Legion's power? The time has come. It's
             time to show you the abyss of the darkness.
    <Sieg> Siela...
    <Siela> I come to save you. But... You saved me...
    <Victor> What did you see? Dreaming of Siela's forgiveness? Come, join me! 
             And I shall liberate you from the dark spirit...
    - 3 Years Later - 
    - The Spiritual Day's Eve -
    - December 794 A.S. -
    - Dyfan the Twilight City - 
    <Man 1> Dyfan has been destroyed...?
    <Man 2> Yes, your excellency. The Scout has reported. The city was destroyed
            and seized last night by an unkown attacker. Unfortunately, no
            survivors have been reported... Also...
    <Man 1> Also what?
    <Man 2> There aren't any bodies, none at all. Not even a blood stain... Only
            the remains of the charred city... And a message that was scrawled on
            the castle wall, by blood. It says:
                "I am, indeed, the punishment for your sins."
                "I'm here to purify the three worlds."
    <Man 1> This couldn't have been down by an ordinary man. There is only one
            with the ability to make a whole city disappear, barely leaving a
            trace. And from the resolute message found on the castle wall, it
            could only be... him...
    <Man 2> ...Doubtlessly
    <Man 1> There is no time to waste. Find him.
    <Arcia> They were my precious family. Thanks for saving me. I'm Arcia... I'm 
    	one of the Maidens of the Silver. Recently, the intelligence of the 
    	Order had traced the whereabouts of Lord Delacroix. I was ordered to 
    	act as a scout and pursue him, so I separated from the head unit and 
    	came here to gather information. But how could this have happened!? 
    	It looks like he's headed for the ruins of Murdoa.
    <Arcia> Do you know him?
    <Sieg> You shouldn't concern yourself with that.
    <Sieg> Could this be one of the Three Glyphs!?
    <Victor> It's been a long time... Sieg! I knew you could come without waiting 
    	 for superior's order.
    <Victor> You've changed in the last 3 years.
    <Sieg> You haven'e changed at all. Same as always.
    <Arcia> This is for my brother!
    <Victor> Well, a Maiden of the Silver. I thought it was against your vows to 
    	 allow your emotions to 
    	 turn violent?
    <Arcia> Quiet!!
    <Victor> Useless..
    <Arcia> What...!
    <Victor> As a Knight of the Dark Glyphs, you should know the Three Glyphs. 
    	 So you should know my intention. When the time has come, you will 
    	 be sarcrificed for it.
    <Sieg> The Three Sacred Glyphs. They are the forbidden ancient symbols which 
           will open the Gateway of Chaos and lead us to the Red Moon.
    <Arcia> When they meet, the Three Glyphs will release the Spirit of 
            Purification, allowing the three worlds to reunite once again. I 
            believe it is from a part of thge Elder's story. But isn't it just a
            folklore, only a fairy tale for children?
    <Sieg> No, It really does exist. The imprisoned Spirit does.
    <Arica> Sieg, tell me everything you know!! What's he planning to do?
    <Arcia> Sieg?
    <Prist> Let us pray.
    <Arcia> Brother?
    <Arcia> Brother!
    <Sieg> If the Apocrypha of Yzarc is true, the Three Sacred Glyphs are:
           The Glyph of Ascension, already stolen from the ruins of Murdoa.
           The Glyph of Destruction, which lies somewhere in Kuzoa...
           And the Glyph of Primal Sin, which should lie in Yzarc the forbidden 
    <Arcia> So... You are saying that we should head towards Kuzoa the Grand 
    <Sieg> I guess that's the only way.
    <Arcia> Why does he want to unbind the Spirit?
    <Sieg> You don't need to know that... It's between me and him.
    <Arcia> This wall painting... must be the Purification of Apocalypse, written
            in the Sacred Book.
    <Siela> Why-----?
    <Arcia> Sieg!?
    <Siela> Why... did you kill me? 
    <Victor> Siela. Siela! Have you lost your mind!? Why-----? Tell me Sieg, why
             did you kill Siela!? What did you see?
    <Vcitor> When I read the Apocrypha of Yzarc, I saw the truth of how Order 
             reeks of evil. Toying souls, and controlling even life and death... 
             Things of such an unholy nature should be destroyed. And when the 
             three worlds are purified, All souls should find their true place. 
             Then I will reunited with Siela.
             I already possess two of the Three Sacred Glyphs. But still the time 
             has not yet come. Your soul... will be sacrificed for Siela. Until 
             then, you'll serve your penance in the living hell... that you have
             created by your hand.
    <Arcia> Sieg! Sieg!
    <Sieg> Where did he go...?
    <Arcia> You need to rest.
    <Arcia> What makes you fight so hard? I don't know what happened between you 
            and Delacroix. But... You seem to be in a rush to die! Delacroix... 
            has killed my brother and my family... That's why. I can't stop until
            I've avenged them.
    <Sieg> I don't understand it myself. If I could only atone for the Sin that
           I have committed...
    <Arcia> -----Your sin?
    <Sieg> I wasn't able to save even a single woman.
    <Arcia> A single woman...
    <Sieg> But all I can do is keep fighting.
    <Arcia> Sorry... I shouldn't have asked about it. I think you need more rest.
    <Arcia> I really don't know anything about Sieg. Nothing at all.
    <Sieg> Why have you come here all alone...?
    <Sieg> You've come this far to kill Delacroix? To avenge your family?
    <Arcia> That's the only thing left for me...
    <Sieg> It's dangerous to try and fight against Delacroix.
    <Arcia> But, But I...!!
    <Sieg> I guess... I've brought all this on.
    <Victor> I've waited a long time for this. I now possess all of the Three 
             Sacred Glyphs! So Sieg...? What can you do to stop it? Do you want 
             to try with your sword...?
    <Sieg> I regret not killing you when I had the chance.
    <Victor> Regret? The Order of St. Overia has many more important things to 
             feel regret for?
    <Victor> As you know, this universe has three worlds. Humans live in this 
             Middle World. After death, their souls are guided to the Celestial 
             World or the Nether World according to their actions in life... And 
             after a long rest, they will be reborn as new lives. But some people 
             have the power to summon monster called "Chaos Legion", at the 
             sarcrifice of wandering souls. As written in the Apocrypha of Yzarc, 
             some hideous people like you, 'Legionator'! To monopolizethe power, 
             the Order of St. Overia sealed and forbade the Apocrypha of Yzarc... 
             Isn't it this an act of GREED?
    <Sieg> And that's your reason for trying to destroy the worlds, in the name 
           of 'Purification'?
    <Victor> That's right. Once the Gateway of Chaos has been opened, the Spirit 
             will demolish and reunite three worlds, This is the Purification, 
             the only way to punish the Order for its sin, and save this world.
    <Sieg> ... Remember her words. Siela wouldn't want the worlds to be 
    <Victor> How can I forget...!? I'll never forget!
    <Siela> There are many people I can still save... And you... You are capable 
            of saving many more lives. That's why. Sieg!
    <Victor> I promised before... To change the worlds as she wishes. May the 
             souls of all living creatures be allowed to live forever.
    <Sieg> It's only a deranged illusion, split from darkness possessing you!
    <Victor> My desire is to be close to her as a soul, is that a madness?
    <Siela + Victor> Please, come to me...
    <Sieg> Delacroix!
    <Victor> I possess all the Three Glyphs. So, the Gateway of Chaos will open. 
             The Spirit of Purification will be set free, to fullfil my wish. 
             Sieg... If you want to try and stop me, I'll be waiting for you in
             Rotari the Sacred Capital!
    <Arcia> I couldn't do anything... Nothing at all.
    - Rotari the Sacred Capital -
    <Arcia> It's so horrible. Sieg, you go ahead! I'll stay here... There may be 
            a few survivors. I want to help anyone who may still be alive.
    <Sieg> Arcia...
    <Arcia> I thought there wasn't anything left for me, because my family and 
            friends are gone. But... I still have a lot of things I can do. And
            you, you can save many innocent lives! You are the only one who can 
            stop Delacroix!
    <Sieg> I promise.
    <Arcia> Sieg! Please don't die...!
    <Victor> The time has finally come. The awesome power of the forbidden Spirit
             Azrail... is going to come once again and reunite the worlds.
    	 Do you remember the last time? When the Order of Overia broke Seal 
    	 of Chaos, they wanted to harness the power for themselves... But...
    	 Azrail was too powerful for them to control so they quickly sealed 
    	 Chaos once again.
    	 And then tragedy struck, Siela's death, It was your uncontrollable 
    	 madness, which threw me into this cruel nightmare. Why? Why!?
    	 Siela's soul has been taken to the other side and it now a part of 
    	 Azrail. Therefore... By releasing Azrail, I will be releasing Siela 
    	 as well. The seal must be broken! To complete the ceremony, you, 
    	 the one who took Siela away from me will be sarcrificed! Sieg! The 
    	 time has come for me to send you to the other side! 
    <Sieg> Wake up! You'll never get her back!
    <Victor> ...Silence!
    <Arcia> No! Don't make it any worse. You're so pathetic. Your only loyality 
            is to the dead.	I've also lost loved ones to tragedy. But, I can't 
            get them back. They will never answer my calls or laugh with me ever 
    <Victor> ... You don't understand! ... Sieg. You should understand what 
             I'm feeling. This infinite pain I suffer from...
    <Sieg> No!!
    <Victor> I shall sarcrifice your useless soul for Siela's.
    <Arcia> Sieg... Stop him, please. Innocent people shouldn't have to suffer 
    <Victor> Quiet!!
    <Arcia> I'm alive...
    <Sieg> ... You're alive?
    <Arcia> The moment I pulled the trigger, the force restraining me weakened. 
            Maybe... Delacroix still may have some doubt in his heart...
    <Victor> ... Your sin, will be paid for eith your live!
    <Arcia> Sieg!!
    - 791 A.S. -
    - St. Claire's Cathedral -
    - The Hall of Chaos -
    <Sieg> It was that night. Obeying the order of my superior. I tried to seal 
           Azrail behind the Gateway of Chaos. When I was struggling to seal. 
           Azrail resisted up until the very last moment the Gateway was closed.
    <Siela> Sieg!
    <Sieg> Open your eyes! Delacroix!
    <Siela> Sieg, you must live... and please take care of Delacroix in my 
    <Sieg> Siela!
    <Victor> Why are you sleeping, Siela...?
             Siela! What are you doing? Have you gone mad!?
             .. It was me.
             ... Did I kill Siela? Did I...? It's all come back. I remember 
             everything... It was these hands that... Siela!
             I was the one being controlled by the darkness.. Sieg... No matter
             what the truth is, my love for Siela will never die. The time has 
             come to unbind Azrail and for me to be reunited with Siela. And... 
             once the worlds have been purificed and reunited, I will become one
             with her for eternity!
    <Sieg> Once the truth was revealed, I knew it would end up this way.
    <Arcia> Is this the... !?
    <Sieg> With Delacroix's soul, Chaos is about to be unleashed, and Azrail will 
           be released. Delacroix... The time has come for me to release your 
           soul from the darkness that imprisons you.
    <Siela> I wanted to tell... Sieg... I'm happy that I met you and Delacroix.
    <Sieg> ... Me too.
    <Siela> Thank you, Sieg... I have to go...
    <Sieg> Good Bye.
    <Sieg> I wasn't able to save either of them afterall.
    <Arcia> It's over?
    <Sieg> ... Yeah
    <Sieg> I'm the only one that survived.
    <Arcia> ... No you're not. I'm here.
    ***Credits Roll****
    // SECTION 2. Updates
    v. 1.0 (08.16.03) This isn't a huge update, some credit listings so I left it
    at v 1.0. 
    v. 1.0 (08.02.03) First release. It's tiny, lacks scene detail, and is overall
    useless ^^;
    // SECTION 3. Contact
    Ken Zhao kenzhao99@yahoo.com
    William Slacum mucals@operamail.com
    // SECTION 4. Copyright
    This document is Copyright 2003 Ken Zhao and William Slacum. This document is
    a non-profit work and is to be hosted soley on GameFAQs.com. Distribution of
    this guide without permission of the authors is solely prohibited and if
    caught doing so, the violator shall be persecuted the fullest extent of the
    // SECTION 5. Credits
    This guide could have been produced without the efforts of Kouli and could not
    be put out on the web without CJayC's megasite, GameFAQs.com. Thanks to all
    who helped with the production of the guide!! Oh yeah, don't let me not forget
    Capcom for making this superb game :)

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