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    Boss FAQ by Auron255

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/11/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    ;;;         ;;;;;;;;;;;     ;;;    ;;;     ;;     ;;     ;;;;;;  |   |
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    Boss FAQ Written by Auron255					|_|
    Questions and comments can asked at my email amacom@rogers.com	|_|
    Make sure the topic says "FAQ Inquiry".				|_|
    August 11, 2003
    Version 1.0
    Table of Contents
    I: Legal Matters
    II: Boss 1: Lognagaiser
    III: Boss 2: Verge Zagan
    IV: Boss 3: Zagan (x6)
    V: Boss 4: Maponos
    VI: Boss 5: Danu (x3)
    VII: Boss 6: Volvor
    VIII: Boss 7: Gil Balor
    IX: Boss 8: Gil Maponos
    X: Boss 9: Gil Vovler
    XI: Boss 10: Victor Delacroix
    XII: Boss 11: Rudo Lognagiser
    XIII: Boss 12: Gil Guirath, Ogma Danu, Gil Danu
    XIV: Victor Delavroix, Spirit Azrail, Chaos Seila
    Legal Matters
    I was never part of the production, development or in anyway affiliated with
    the creating of this game. It belongs to Capcom and they reserve all rights to
    this game. Any and all information you read is written from my own experiences,
    and my own knowledge of this remarkable game. Please do not copy and paste in
    anyway from my FAQ to another website, email etc. You can email me regarding
    the question, and i will justify whether use of my FAQ is acceptable. The only
    thing I allow is printing out of this FAQ for your own or leisurely uses. I
    hope this FAQ is very helpful. Thanks, and enjoy.
    Boss FAQ:
    ***The prologue to this game is a tutorial, so I won't give a walkthrough of
    the prologue boss    since he is uber easy. There is no reason to fail this
    mission with Thanatos on your side.
    Boss 1: Lognagaiser
    You will instantly be thrown into this battle. Use the lock-on feature to get
    the red bolts flying, and wait for him to make an attack. Immediately send out
    the Guilt Legion. THey have high strength so they will start bringing down his
    life. When he has lost apporximately 1/5 of hsi life he will fall to his knees.
    Once this has happened run to the front of him where his head is. Send the
    Guilt to attack and wait for them to do their slice and dice combo. When they
    are doing this use your own normal sword combo. This will depleat a lot of his
    life. Repeat this process until about 2/3 of his life are gone.
    He will then either summon some more monsters, or go on a charging spree. If he
    charges, he will charge several times before he stops for a breather. When he
    does, this is your chance to send the guilt after him, his life will go down
    slow since hes armoured, but when he falls keep hacking away with Guilt and
    your sword, he will die in no time.
    Note: This boss battle can be done entirely without legions if so desired. If
    you perform Sieg's aerial spin slash, you will cause serious damage, since his
    head is his weak spot.
    Reward: Malice Legion
    Boss 2: Verge Zagan
    As soon as the battle begins he will summon a bunch of dog monsters to try to
    weaken you. Don't let this discourage you as they are a good source of Soul.
    Keep plunking away at them, while at the same keeping the camera focused on the
    boss. If you constantly swinging you will be sure to hit the monster whether
    you can see them or not. Now, watch the monster, and watch for him to rear up,
    because when he does hes about to launch a counter-offensive. If he lowers one
    paw, he will make a quake that will send you flying taking off a lot of life.
    Make sure your ready to jump when this happens. Another move he has is his
    single or double ground crack move. The only way to dodge this is to stay in
    the middle of the two or jump out of the way before the green crack gets to
    you. The dogs will keep respawning, but this is good because you will
    eventually have your soul at maximum, and ready to take on the beast. Keep in
    mind that during the first phase of battle, the boss remains in one place
    launching his attacks. Use this to your advantage be moving around him. If you
    constantly move around him he will miss with most of his attacks. The dogs will
    eventually stop spawning, and this is your chance to strike.
    Run up and use the lock-on. Then as soon as he has finished an attack,
    immediately summon Guilt to run up and cause a bit of damage. When he rears up
    to do another quake or crack attack, unsummon the legion and dodge. As soon as
    you recover from the dodge, summon again. Eventually he will fall to his knees
    exposing he head, which is his weak spot. Summond the leagion and rapidly press
    trinagle while trying to pull off a few combos here and there. He will lose a
    lot of life during this period, so pummel away as much as possible until he
    recover. If you repeat this process until about 3/4 of his life are gone you
    will enter the second phase of battle.
    In the second phase of battle, the boss can move and will charge you or jump on
    you, both can be avoided, but the latter is the easiest to do so. When he
    charges you run to the side, he will slowly follow but if you jump out at the
    last second he will hit a wall stunning him, making him vulnerable, Make sure
    you are in front when you attack since attacking anywhere but his head will
    cause no damage. Summon Guilt to pummel away at his head while you attack as
    well. Triangle tapping really helps in this game. He will eventually recover,
    so repeat the process and he will die.
    Reward: Blasphemy Legion
    Boss 3: Zagan (x6)
    There are 3 phases to this battle, each with increasing difficulty.
    Phase 1: Zagan
    This time around there is only one Zagan. All he will do mainly is charge and
    hit walls. With this you should know to lock on and use Guilt to attack his
    head as well as maintaining short sword combos here and there. The first one
    will fall with ease.
    Phase 2: Zagan (x2)
    Here the are 2 Zagan bosses. Both will charge you instantly, and all you have
    to do is dodge. When one is knocked out repeat the head smashing process with
    lock-on in order to get Guilt to attack. Watch for the second Zagan, and if he
    charges withdraw the Guilt and run. Do the same also if the boss you are
    attacking is recovering from his down time. Once one is out of the way, (you
    may have to use a few life recoveries), the second should fall the same as the
    Get ready for a major battle one that may take more than one time to complete.
    Phase 3: Zagan (x3) + many dogs monsters.
    This is the toughest battle yet. All 3 monsters will charge you here and there
    and you should try to avoid them right now. Attack some of the dogs in order to
    get a lot of soul, you will need it. The dogs will respawn but not infinitely.
    After you've taken out a couple of waves of dogs, its time to tackle the first
    boss. Make sure the other bosses arent going to charge and hack away at one of
    the bosses. You may not do it so easily since there are dogs now running
    around. Let the Guilt attack his head while you watch for the other bosses and
    defeat more dogs. (Tapping triangle repeatedly will make the legion attack a
    lot faster and a lot more.)
    With one out of the way, you will need to attack some more dogs to get more
    soul as your Legions probably lost some during the attack on the first boss. By
    now, the dogs should stop respawning or at least doing very little respawning.
    Now you may get charged by both of the other bosses which is okay. Let them, if
    you cant dodge, use an item recovery, and let loose the Guilt on one of the
    heads. If both of them charge and are knocked out together, have the guilt
    attack one while you attack the other. You will weaken both this way. Now
    theres a trick to finishing the rest. Let one of them charge you from far away.
    When you dodge quickly run to the other side of the arena and he will lose
    sight of you and walk around in circles. Taking on the other should be a sinch
    with no interuptions. Repeat the head pounding process, and then do so again on
    the other boss.
    Note: You may need to make use of the return command on the menu for this
    level. You may figure that you need to do some leveling up before you go on to
    fight the bosses, so use the return to use the experience you've gained, and
    restart the level. Do this as many times as you need to, its all a matter of
    Reward: Arrogance Legion
    Boss 4: Maponos
    This boss is easy if you know where to stand and where to attack .
    This boss has only two attacks but both are very harmful. The first is red
    lasers that attack from all sides. Although, they attack in a set pattern, so
    if you watch them for a second, you will find spaces where you can stand
    without getting hurt. You can destory these lasers, but its best not to do so,
    since they will respawn. Just focus on getting through the first part of the
    battle. Go up to the giant plant in the middle, (don't worry it doesn't
    attack), and use lock on. Then slash the bottom of the plant until its bottom
    rises up. Now you have to act fast here. Summon Guilt and press triangle
    rapidly while running away to the left side. When they are attacking, the
    bottom that raised will start to wobble. When it does, call back the Guilt and
    get ready to jump because when it slams back down, it creates a shockwave that
    hurts a lot.
    Now for his second attack. Make sure you can see the arena when the boss makes
    the shockwave, because red circles will appear, and thats where you don't want
    to be. Green thorny tentacles will pop up for a breif period swinging around.
    If you manage to get caught in them, you will have a lot of health drained.
    Make sure you use a Life Recovery, in order to heal. You should be using Life
    recoveries as much as you think you need them, since you should have a houghty
    supply from the previous levels, and the one you just passed through.
    Repeat this process until Maponos loses a hell of a lot of life. Then get ready
    for Phase 2 of this battle.
    He will now spawn lasers to make the total six. You should find a spot where
    you won't get hit in order to plan the next attack. When the lasers are moving
    make a run for a spot near the side where you won't get hit. Now attack the
    lasers until they are toast, on top of this you should get a large amount of
    soul to heal any legions that have been hurt. Once the lasers are out of the
    way, you should have a clear shot at his bottom now. Attack it with your sword
    until it opens. Then send the Guilt to attack it, you won't kill it yet, but
    you will take out a considerable amount of life. When its about to close, call
    back the Guilt and get ready to jump. Once you jump, hold R1, you may need to
    to dodge some vines since they appear in random spots now. Once they go away,
    repeat the process until it is dead. This boss battle takes a little longer
    than the others, but its definately not harder.
    Reward: Flawed Legion
    Boss 5: Danu (x3) + many dog enemies.
    **You should have Guilt and Malice for this boss battle.
    When you encounter 3 invisible enemies you know the battle has begun. You can't
    hurt the invisible enmies with your weapon, only the Legion can do that. Use
    the lock-on on one of the Danu's, this makes him more visible, and easier to
    attack. You should also attack some of the dogs first in order to get some
    soul, and maybe some of the shooters up top with Malice, but they won't be as
    dangerous as the dogs. When you are ready, take action against the Danu's. Some
    of the enemies may respawn, but don't worry, you should Focus on the Danus
    since they aren't all that hard. Use Guilt to attack, and press triangle to
    make them attack the locked on Danu. When you see that the Danu is about to
    attack, call back the legion, and then release them again after the Danu has
    finished attacking. You should be able to tell what the Danu is going to do
    because the red bolts that the lock-on feature makes, outlines his body, making
    it posssible to see his movements.
    Once  one of them is down, attack some more dogs for more souls, and by now
    they should stop respawning.  Lock-on to another Danu and repeat the same
    process. This should be simple since there aren't many other enemies around
    except for the other Danu, who really doesn't interfere that much. Once the
    second is dead, repeat the process for the thrid. This is a much simpler boss
    battle than the others. When you are finished, run to the end of the level to
    claim your prize.
    Reward: Hatred Legion
    Boss 6: Volvor + infinitely respawning enemies
    This battle is a little dangerous to fight without Malice, so stick with
    Malice, and take out the enemies that he spawns with your own sword. There will
    be up to four enemies at once, but never more. This should be more than do-able
    for you at this stage of the game, the thing is though, that they will
    constantly respawn, so you only want to kill them in between Volvors attacks,
    which are few and far between (but not harmless).
    First off, Volvor will raise up into the air, when he does this you know hes
    gonnna ram the cliff, which is your time to strike. Use Lock-on and get Mailce
    to attack him from the front to weaken his bone armour. You'll notice that it
    has no effect at first, but wait, because soon the armour will start to brown
    and eventually break off. THis takes a while so sit tight and keep dodging the
    shockwaves and kill enemies to get soul (thats what those enemies are there
    for, to get soul, so make use of them when you have the time.)
    Eventually the front plate will fall off and he will expose three yellow orbs
    in his head. Don't jump the gun because when he rams the cliff now, he willl
    shoot homing lasers from them, so have the arrow crest ready and when hes done
    firing, summon Malice to attack his yellow spots. If you want, and you think
    you can spare the soul, use sniper mode for stronger hits and perfectly aimed
    at his yellow eyes. This will kill him faster, but you may be attacked by the
    enemies that he summons, so watch out.
    This definately is not a hard boss battle if you know whats coming, and out of
    all the bosses this one is the most predictable. Keep at this strategy since
    there isn't anything else the boss is capable of. Except to keep spawning
    enemies. Another boss down. Congratulations, your half way through the game
    Reward: Power Up item.
    Boss 7: Gil Balor
    This boss is incredibly tough if you don't know what you're doing. He has many
    different attacks and performs them constantly. The most annoying is his homing
    laser and miniature insects.
    First off you should definately have Malice and your best attacker (either
    Guilt, Claw or Hatred). Now he will start the battle off by shooting his homing
    laser. There is no point in sitting around, the lasers will home in on you, so
    use R1 to dodge them. Its not always possible to dodge them though. He will
    constantly spawn mini critters that can stun you, and do nothing but annoy you.
    Use your attack legion to kill them and get some soul. Now run up and slash his
    legs, or use Malice's Sniper attack to take one of his legs out. Eventually he
    will fall on one of them, and you now have to take out the other front leg. Use
    your attack Legion to help. Once both his front legs are out, use Mailce Sniper
    to shoot the glowing orb on his back, or use Claw to jump on top and attack
    that way. EIther way, the tactics don't change in this battle, its just that he
    attacks so much it makes it difficult to attack or get a shot off, since you'll
    be so busy dodging. Good luck, it took me a good 3 or 4 tries to beat this boss
    without leveling up.
    Reward: Spritual Gem
    Boss 8: Gil Maponos
    This boss is so easy its laughable. You may encounter a few laser hits here and
    there, but standing in front of the plant in between the two spike balls should
    keep you relatively safe. Kill the few baddies that are lying around and whip
    out your guns and shoot the bottom portion of the plant. This boss is exactly
    like Maponos only ten time easier. Since you are playing as Arcia, you should
    have energy bullets. When his bottom flies up, let loose with an energy bullet,
    which will take away almost half of his life bar. Repeat this process and the
    beast will go down. This boss has the same difficulty as the very first boss
    during the prologue, its just there to move the game along.
    Reward: Map Selector
    Boss 9: Gil Volvor
    See Volvor strategy. Use Malice to take away the front armour and let loose
    with them to hit the yellow orbs while taking out the baddies at the same time.
    Although, if you haven't leveled up at all (since you now have the Map
    Selector), you should do so. The enemies in this level are really tough and can
    block some attacks. I suggest leveling up which ever is your strongest attack
    to level 6 or 7, and Malice about the same. This is no push over level. You'll
    find actually gettting to the boss is a lot more difficult than actually
    fighting the boss himself. Be prepared, the rest of the game is just as tough
    or even tougher.
    Reward: Spiritual Gem
    Boss 10: Victor Delacroix
    This battle can be very tough if you don't have strong legions to hold
    Delacroix off. So I suggest leveling up your best organic attack legion to at
    least level 6 attack, if not level 7, because every bit helps, not to mention
    have at least 4 legions.
    The first phase of this battle is kind of complicated because you don't know
    when to strike. Well, before we get into that there are some things you need to
    know. You should lock-on as soon as the battle starts, and then get out of the
    centre of the arena. Delacroix will summon giants swords and zombies to try and
    attack you. The Zombies stun you and immobilize you, while the giant blades
    will cause extreme damage to you. Always avoid these if necessary. When the red
    circle goes away, Delacroix will do a bunch of crazy spins towards you in order
    to attack. If you have the move, use the attack from Flawed Legion that lets
    you attack an enemy with a double jump. Make sure your on top of him then
    execute the second jump and he should be stunned. At first you'll want to dodge
    his attacks with jumps, etc. until it looks like hes just following you around.
    Here is your window to attack. Send either Hatred, Guilt, or Claw to attack him
    while you go in for the kill. THe legions will do small amounts of damage and
    it is possible to kill him this way, but it will take immense amounts of time,
    so i suggest while Delacroix TRIES to dodge the Legion, you go in for some
    slashing of your own. Your attack will do ten times more damage than any legion
    will. Occasionally Delacroix will perform a burst attack that does massive
    damage. He will fly in the air and look like hes tensing up. If he's in the
    centre, go to one of the side wings, and if hes on one of the side wings, go to
    the centre. This will guarantee that he doesn't hit you with this attack, since
    it is very lethal.
    This process will repeat over and over again, and you will attack the same way
    until he has about 1/2 of his last life bar left. Then he will start shooting
    massive red plasma blasts from the wings of the arena. You should run not jump
    to avoid these. If you jump, you will probably get hit by them. When he is
    finished he usually follows up with either a burst attack or a zombie/sword
    spell. Afterwards, attacking is simple. Let loose with your sword when your
    legion has him distracted. You may need to do some more dodging, but you should
    be able to get a few good shots off to kill him. This sounds easier than it is.
    He is fast and witty, and will always have the upper hand on you and know
    exactly what your next move is. The only way to beat him by dodging and waiting
    for that small window of opprotunity to arise, and then use the sword/Legion
    Reward: None
    Boss 11: Rudo Lognagaiser
    THis boss is almost like Lognagaiser only he has a gigantic sheild that is
    impervious to all attacks. The sheild is also his ONLY defense, so when he
    sends it off to attack that is your chance to attack. He will probably summon
    many monsters to distract you, but by now you should be able to take them out
    with ease in order to get a lot of soul. He also has one extra attack that can
    be very devastating. He will raise his sword in the air and release a swarm of
    Kamikaze Pots that explode on impact. Run, and whatever you do don't jump and
    stay away from the pots. These two things are the only threat to you besides
    the sheild.
    When he sends out his sheild it will make a figure eight pattern. So stand kind
    of close to Lognagaiser, but to his left side a little bit. He will throw his
    sheild straight and miss, then you will lock-on and summon Flawed legion to
    attack him. You can use Guilt or Hatred, but it will take a lot longer that
    way. Flawed will attack from above hitting his head and actually causeing good
    amounts of damage. Before he falls he will jump to the other side of the arena
    to try and catch his sheild. Keep pressing triangle to get the CLAWS to attack
    him. After he jumps to other side and has been attacked, he will fall to his
    knees. Keep pressing triangle to get Flawed to attack rapidly while you pull
    off regular sword combos. your sword is stronger than the legion, so you HAVE
    to attack in order to cause a lot damage.
    After he recovers he will repeat the sheild and jump process several times. He
    will also summon new monster and make new swarms of Explosive pots. As well,
    sometimes when he jumps he will swing his massive sword in a circle, don't be
    near him when he does this, it hurts a lot. When he is down again, repeat the
    process. He will maintain this throughout the whole battle, so its just a
    matter of rinse and repeat.
    Reward: Spritual Gem
    Boss 12: Gil Guirath, Ogma Danu, Gil Danu
    You will be treated to a very closed quarters boss battle here. Although the
    monsters you fight are not that hard, just annoying because there are so many
    and so little space to work with. If you have Thanatos in his juvenile or adult
    form with high attack, use him, if not, use Flawed to take out all the
    monsters. Lock-on to the invisible enemies one at a time and attack with Flawed
    when the coast is clear. If it gets too hot for your legions to handle, call
    them back and dodge some more before you get a clear shot. There is one visible
    monster in the area, and thats Gil Guirath. He isn't diffucult,  he just gets
    in the way a lot, and its hard to attack him when the invisible enemies are
    attacking at the same time. Use Claw to take out all the invisible enemies and
    Gil Guirath is dead as a sitting duck.
    The main focus of this entire level and boss fights is to give Thanatos
    experience. (If you've collected all nine fragments of his crest). If not, then
    tough luck. Thanatos is much needed in the last boss fight, and it will be very
    difficult without him.
    Reward: Spritual Gem
    Boss 13:
    A) Victor Delacroix
    This is the toughest boss battle yet. If you aren't a skilled player, i suggest
    collecting all 9 of the THANATOS fragments in order to make this battle easier.
    Though its not just Thanatos you want, its his Adult form. Which takes 30
    million experience to get and not to mention you will need to level up his
    strength as well. If you do not, Malice is your only option, and it will take
    very long to beat with them. So if you can get Thanatos...
    Delacroix has all the same attacks that he had when you last fought him, only
    he his 3 times as strong, and has more life. Use the same tactics as you did
    last time, and use Thanatos to attack him when he's not attacking you. There
    isn't anything new to add except the fact that he performs his attacks twice as
    much, and they do a lot more damage. If you keep at it, you will finish him in
    due time. If you don't have Thanatos, summon and unsummon Malice as you see
    fit, and dodge all of Delacroix's attacks and use Malice's attack order to
    fight him. His life will fall very slowly, but he will die, only in about 3 - 4
    times as much time.
    When he pauses in the air, use an aerial spin attack to take a good chunk of
    his life away. Repeat these tactics, and Delacroix will fall. Time for another
    huge boss to fight.
    B) Spirit Azrail
    This boss is only tough if you don't pay attention to its attacking order. It
    will constantly summon enemies, and they can be used to get soul, but nothing
    more, so don't waste too much time, they respawn infinitely. When Azrail lowers
    its head to the cliff, lock - on and send Thanatos to attack while you attack
    with your sword as well. When he starts to lift off the cliff, call back
    thanatos, and run away. He will either use his chest lasers, or his missles.
    The missles are easily dodged if you can see them, so always have the camera
    focused on the boss, while trying to fight off enemies when you get the chance.
    In fact, you could do this whole boss battle without Thanatos, it just adds
    that extra oomph when you need it. The next time he attacks it will be on the
    cliff, so wait for him to attack before you do. Once you attack repeat the
    process. THe attacks Azrial makes are so predictable and easily dodged. But if
    you don't know how to dodge or how to predict his attacks, it is hard. So
    follow this same process and repeat as needed and you should be fine.
    C) Choas Seila
    This boss is the easiest of the three, but has the highest defense, so it takes
    a while to beat, but her moves are so predictable, you can dodge every single
    First she will turn into a misty black demon thing, and while in this form you
    cannot attack her, so don't. First she will summon lasers in the centre of the
    room. Then she will fly around some more. After a bit she will reform in the
    middle of the room. You should be able to see her blue skin now, and now is
    your chance to pull off a few sword slashes, but don't get greedy because she
    will summon some Danu's to attack. Don't worry though, if you stay on the
    outside she will call them back and perform another attack. This time she
    shoots multiple lasers from her hands which are hard to avoid, but do-able. Run
    in a circle around her, and don't stop. If you stagger at all she will hit you.
    Recover fast because a short window is about to open for you to attack her. She
    will go to one side of the arena and charge you in a straight line. Double jump
    over her and when you land attack her with all your might. Right now is when
    she is at her weakest. You may only be able to do one sword combo, but its
    worth it, because it takes off a lot of life. She will now turn back into the
    black misty demon and fly around some more. Her last attack is a summon of 4
    energy blasters and a Guirath. Destroy the four energy blasters and then
    Guirath. While these enemies are present, Seila won't attack, so you are safe
    to go about killing these guys anyway you chose. Once you destory these
    enemies, the EXACT same attack pattern repeats itself. I mean exact. If you
    managed to survive until now, you are doing good, and should have no problem
    surviving the rest, because she performs all the exact same attacks in the
    exact order i just prescribed. SOMETIMES she will perform one or two moves out
    of cycle, but this will happen very rarely. If you stick to the strategem I
    just described for all of her moves, you will survive, and destory her.
    Reward: over 150 000 000 experience (unusable though)
    You've just completed Chaos Legion.
    You will be treated to a good closing cinema, and the theme song of the game.
    Afterwards, you will be rewarded with all Scenes unlocked in the extras menu as
    well as their corresponding Japanese dialogue. You will also be able to view
    the total results now. You get this if you beat it on easy. If you beat it on
    normal, you will unlock Arcia as a playable character, and if you beat it on
    hard, you will unlock Super Mode where all enemies die in one attack.
    I hope this guide has been very helpful, and I hope you have all the success
    that I had while fighting these bosses. I also hope you enjoyed this game as
    much as I did. Continue playing, and never give up if you have trouble.
    Good Luck!

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