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    Crest Fragment/Item FAQ by Auron255

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 08/22/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         ;;;;;  ;;;     ;;;        ;;;;          ;;;;;        ;;;;;; |   |
       ;;;      ;;;     ;;;       ;;;;;;        ;;   ;;      ;;; | ;;|   |
     ;;;        ;;;     ;;;      ;;;  ;;;      ;;     ;;    ;;;  |       |
    ;;;         ;;;;;;;;;;;     ;;;    ;;;     ;;     ;;     ;;;;;;  |   |
     ;;;        ;;;     ;;;    ;;;;;;;;;;;;    ;;     ;;         |;;;    |
       ;;;      ;;;     ;;;   ;;;        ;;;    ;;   ;;      ;   | ;;;   |
         ;;;;;  ;;;     ;;;  ;;;;        ;;;;    ;;;;;       ;;;;;;;;    |
    							     |       |
    |||      |||||||  ||||||||  ||||||| ||||||||  |||       |||  |   |   |
    |||      |||      |||         |||   |||  |||  |||||     |||/\_-_-_-_-_/\
    |||      |||      |||         |||   |||  |||  ||| ||    ||||  ------   |
    |||      |||||    ||| |||||   |||   |||  |||  |||  ||   ||| \_________/
    |||      |||      |||   |||   |||   |||  |||  |||   ||  |||    \___/
    |||      |||      |||   |||   |||   |||  |||  |||    || |||     |_|
    |||||||| |||||||  ||||||||| ||||||| ||||||||  |||     |||||     |_|
    Crest Fragment/Item FAQ Written by Auron255		        |_|
    Questions and comments can asked at my email amacom@rogers.com	|_|
    Make sure the topic says "FAQ Inquiry".				|_|
    This FAQ is also available at:
    Update -- Version 1.10
    -Changed Stage 7 and Stage 13 rewards
    -Altered Stage 6 reward for Side B
    -Still to come...miscellaneous item lists
    Version 1.0
    August 15, 2003
    Table of Contents
    I: Thanatos Crest Fragments
    II: Spiritual Gems
    III: Experience Gem (XL) locations
    IV: Side-A VS Side-B rewards
    Legal Matters
    I was never part of the production, development or in anyway affiliated with
    the creating of this game. It belongs to Capcom and they reserve all rights to
    this game. Any and all information you read is written from my own experiences,
    and my own knowledge of this remarkable game. Please do not copy and paste in
    anyway from my FAQ to another website, email etc. You can email me regarding
    the question, and i will justify whether use of my FAQ is acceptable. The only
    thing I allow is printing out of this FAQ for your own or leisurely uses. I
    hope this FAQ is very helpful. Thanks, and enjoy.
    The purpose of this FAQ is to let everyone be aware of the locations and uses
    for all the different items in this game. Some of these items include the
    Thanatos Crest Fragments and the Spiritual Gem locations for each Legion. I
    hope this helps.
    I: Thanatos Crest Fragments
    Crest 1:
    You'll run right over it in Stage 2
    Crest 2:
    You'll see it to the right side of a group of enemies in Stage 3. The camera
    zooms in on it.
    Crest 3:
    In stage 4, you'll have to eliminate all of the enemies, including 4 enemy
    generators in the four corners of the arena. Then you have to destory a central
    floating generator, once you've accomplished this, destory the Target enemy to
    make the piece appear at the Gate to the next location.
    Crest 4:
    In level 5, you will need to look at your map. When the road turns right, you
    will see two bubbles sticking out of the side of it. THere are two, and the
    Thanatos piece is in the fartheset one. You will need to destroy a few enemies
    in order to get it.
    Crest 5:
    When you begin Stage 6, you will be surrounded by enemies. First off run around
    and look for a cliff or ledge that you can jump on. If you're having trouble,
    look on your map to find a small node sticking out of the area. Jump up on the
    ledge as
    high as you can to grab the piece. If it doesn't appear right away, wait and
    destroy a few more enemies, or wait for a target enemey to appear, then go get
    it. You must complete the level now to leave with the crest.
    Crest 6:
    In stage 7, you must have Flawed and Hatred equipped to get the last fragment.
    Fight through the level until you're almost at the end. Quite a ways through
    the level, you will encounter a fork in the road that points to the the left.
    Check your map if you're not sure. Hint: The fork is past the 3 circular rooms.
    Use Flawed to double jump up onto the cliff and then use Hatred to knock down
    the door blocking the way. Defeat a few enemies and the crest is yours.
    Crest 7:
    In level 10, approximately 3/4 of the way through the level, you will see a
    small out cropping on the map. If you're near it, you'll see a bridge, and
    you'll see an alleyway below you. Jump into the alley and look right. You'll
    see a small balcony with nothing on it. Jump up to the balcony and 10 guards
    will appear. Summon a legion and take them all out. They are so closed together
    that attacking them constantly will never give them a chance to attack. Once
    finished, the Crest Frag will appear.
    Crest 8:
    You must revisit Stage 8 once you've beaten Stage 12, and recieved Another
    World. When you do this, the stage willl have all sorts of different enemies.
    Play through the game until you get the last area with the three gates. You
    must clear both the left and right gates in order to unlock the middle gate to
    go to the boss. Instead of going to the boss, kill the single enemy that is
    waiting for you to unlock all the doors in the level. Now, run back through the
    level until you encounter a group of enemies guarding a locked gate. Kill the
    enemies to unlock the gate and grab the crest. You must now defeat the boss in
    order to leave with the crest piece.
    Crest 9:
    Once you beat stage 12, go back to Stage 11. Fight all the way to Delacroix's
    room. Though Delacroix won't be there, a slew of enemies will. Prepare to fight
    about 5 or 6 different waves of enemies in order to get the last piece of
    fragment. The waves of enemies increase with difficulty each time, so battle
    wisely. Once all of the enemies are gone, the last piece will appear in the
    centre of the arena. Grab it to end the level.
    ***You now have all 9 pieces. It may seem like a lot of work, but trust me,
    once Thanatos is leveled up to Perfect, or even Adult form, with high strength,
    nothing can stop him. He is truly the Ultimate legion.***
    Check my Legion FAQ to learn how to use Thanatos, and some good Legion combos
    that are good for him. Also check out my Boss FAQ, if you are having any
    trouble at all when defeating the bosses.
    II: Spiritual Gems Locations
    These are the locations of all seven Spiritual Gems. There is a gem for each
    individual Legion in your arsenal, and the gems raise the potential levels of
    the Force, Assist, and Enchant to level 4, and the potential Attack and Defense
    levels, to level 10.
    Spiritual Gem #1:
    Stage 2: Defeat Lognagaiser **Side B
    Spiritual Gem #2:
    Stage 4: Defeat the 6 Zagan's **Side B
    Spiritual Gem #3:
    Stage 5: Defeat Gil Maponos **Side B
    Spiritual Gem #4:
    Stage 7: Defeat Volvor **Side A
    Spiritual Gem #5:
    Stage 8: Defeat Gil Balor **Side A
    Spiritual Gem #6:
    Stage 10: Defeat Gil Volvor **Side A
    Spiritual Gem #7:
    Stage 12: Defeat Rudo Lognagaiser **Side A
    Note: The Spiritual Gems look just like the Thanatos Crest fragments and
    shouldn't be confused with them. No the game isn't screwing up, its just your
    eyes deceiving you. The Spiritual Gems have a dull glare to them, while the
    Thanatos crest fragments look finely polished and very metallic look.
    Hints and Tips:
    -You should always put the spiritual gems on your legions in a use-descending
    order. Don't automatically put it on a legion you don't use. I put the first
    SG's on Claw and Guilt.
    -Spiritual Gems aren't doing any good in your inventory, so use them as soon as
    you get them.
    -If you've already put SG's on your best legions and are having trouble
    deciding who to put it on, take into consideration the experience needed to
    level up. If you use it on Guilt, it will take less experience to level them up
    to level 4 than other legions later on like Hatred and Thanatos.
    III: Experience Gem (XL) Locations
    The XL Gems are the best prize besides a Thanatos fragment. The XL Gems will
    give any one Legion 5 000 000 experience to use for leveling up. These items
    are definately worth saving for leveling up Thanatos when you collect all 9 of
    the crest fragments. (See section I). This section will tell you when and where
    you can find all of the XL expereince gems.
    Gem #1:
    Stage 3: Defeat Zagan
    Gem #2:
    Stage 13: Defeat the boss enemies to make it appear. (Both Side A and B)
    Gem #3:
    Stage 7: Defeat Volvor to make it appear. (not 100% sure about this one)
    Gem #4:
    Stage 8: Defeat Gil Balor, it will be at the other end of the tunnel.
    Gem #5:
    Stage 10: Defeat Gil Volvor to make the item appear.
    Gem #6:
    Stage 12: Defeat Rudo Lognagaiser to make one appear.
    All of the (XL) Gems are found during the Side B missions. So don't waste your
    time looking for them before you finish Stage 12, they won't appear since there
    isn't a need for them yet. I repeat: ALL (XL) GEMS ARE IN SIDE B.
    If you think any of these are incorrect, or there are any missing that I
    haven't found, please email me, and I will make any appropriate changes, but I
    believe these are the only ones to be found in the game, (from my own
    As I mentioned earlier, its better to save these Exp Gems for Thanatos, since
    he takes so much experience to level up. It takes 20 million exp. to evolve to
    Juvenile form, 30 million for the Adult, and 50 million for Perfect. Even
    though you won't have enough of these gems to fully evolve Thanatos, you will
    have a massive head start, and be able to take on the final bosses a lot
    IV: *Side A* VS *Side B* Rewards
    Once you complete Stage 12, you will be shown a screen with a picture of
    Delacroix and some monsters in the foreground. It will then explain that you
    have unlocked Another World. Upon doing so, you have unlocked more and harder
    monsters in the stages you have already completed. This can come as a blessing
    since the more powerful monsters reward more experience, and in the end will
    reap a higher ranking bonus for aquiring much more soul, and smashing more
    Reward: Guilt Legion
    Stage 2:
    Reward Side A: Malice Legion
    Reward Side B: Spiritual Gem
    Stage 3:
    Reward Side A: Blasphemy Legion
    Reward Side B: Exp. Gem (XL)
    Stage 4:
    Reward Side A: Arrogance Legion
    Reward Side B: Spiritual Gem
    Stage 5:
    Reward Side A: Flawed Legion
    Reward Side B: Spiritual Gem
    Stage 6:
    Reward Side A: Hatred Legion
    Reward Side B: Exp. Gem (L)
    Stage 7:
    Reward Side A: Spiritual Gem
    Reward Side B: Exp. Gem (XL)
    Stage 8:
    Reward Side A: Spiritual Gem
    Reward Side B: Exp. Gem (XL)
    Stage 9:
    Reward Side A: Map Selector
    Reward Side B:
    Stage 10:
    Reward Side A: Spiritual Gem
    Reward Side B: Exp. Gem (XL)
    Stage 11:
    Reward Side A: None
    Reward Side B: Thanatos Crest Fragment
    Stage 12:
    Reward Side A: Spiritual Gem
    Reward Side B: Exp. Gem (XL)
    Stage 13:
    Reward Side A: Exp. Gem (XL)
    Reward Side B: Exp. Gem (XL)
    Stage 14:
    Reward Side A: N/A
    Reward Side B: N/A
    This is just a checklist you can use to track down what items you have or
    haven't collected from either Side A or Side B.
    Have I Been fooled? Feel free to email me if you see a mix up in the
    information given. No one is perfect and I may have copied some info
    incorrectly from the game, so do not hesitate to make me aware.
    I hope this helps in your quest to become the ultimate Legionator.
    This is the probably the final version of this FAQ, but that does not mean it
    cannot be updated. If I can find the time, I will add a full inventory item
    checklist in a fifth section. But this infomation should suffice until then.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my FAQ, and I hope it helps you in your
    journey through Chaos Legion.
    Good Luck!
    ***Thanks to Sylvan Reich for making me aware of the Stage 13 XL Gems. There
    are XL gems on both side A and B, and none on Stage 6. Stage 7 also weilds a
    Spiritual Gem on Side A.

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