Additional ArtChristian Holmes
Additional ArtLuke Mosling
Additional ArtMark Ricard
Additional ArtRyan Santos
Additional ArtDarren Sleno
Additional ArtBen Yu
Additional ArtistsJulie Bossinger
Additional ArtistsMarc Brinkley
Additional ArtistsJoel Farrell
Additional ArtistsMiran Lee
Additional ArtistsJason Moreno
Additional ArtistsMike Mulkey
Additional ArtistsJim Prokop
Additional ArtistsJosh Robinson
Additional ArtistsTony Sanders
Additional ArtistsNathan Turner
Additional ArtistsJulie Waterkotte
Additional ArtistsEric Will
AnimationElton Chan
AnimationTony Cranfield-Rose
AnimationGabriella Mejia
AnimationBrett Pascal
AnimationTodd Polich
AnimationMark Tanner
AnimationDale Yoon
Art DirectorJim Perkins
ArtistsDaniel Benard
ArtistsAaron Krauss
ArtistsDavid Merk
ArtistsKevin Whitfield
ArtistsRoger J. Yuen
Associate ProducerMark Mermelstein
ProducerPatrick Quinn
Project ManagerStacey Dedic
Senior ArtistLisa Clarizio
Sound ArtistTilde Cameron
Sound ArtistRon Cote
Sound ArtistBart Gurr
Sound ArtistSaki Kaskas
Sound ArtistLori Wilson
Technical DirectorLou Haehn
Voice ActorBrad Nessler
Voice ActorDick Vitale


Data and credits for this game contributed by RSX and odino.

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