How do I beat elder drake easily?

  1. I get to level 13 on vito infinitio get into the fight with him and this is what happens. paine is my berserker who gets one attack off same with rikku yuna is my dark knight who i have cast black sky, but by know he's already hit all three of Y.R.P then does this flame breath and wipes me out any advice
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Accepted Answer

  1. Here's how to defeat Elder Drake without the cheap Cat Nip + Low HP + Trigger Happy combo.

    Quoted directly from NightMare185's Via Infinito Guide:

    "ELDER DRAKE: HP- 38500/MP 135 (Oversoul- 42350) Level 62
    First time you fight him, he is really hard since he has High Aglilty and Strength stats. He also has Auto-Protect to make things worse. He usually takes off 4000 HP per turn, so killing him may also seem impossible.

    To beat this fiend, use your Dark Knight's Darkness ability (or other attack with other dress spheres or this one) and repeat heal/revive with one person while the other girls too beatdown on him. He will become a Random Encounter near the end cloisters, but this fiend becomes more easier depending on what Accessories you use (you'll know soon).

    If you have the Berserker Dress sphere, you can use the evade & counter ability to beat him easily. Does not work if he oversouls.

    He gives about 1300 Expereince and 550 gil drop. Really not worth fighting in the beginning unless you want him oversouled to get "The End" Garment grid or to get Mega Potions.


    Here is some additional stuff along the way that would help.

    Equip one Girl with Protect and Your Main Attacker with High Luck (if possible) and High attack. I would Highly recommend Gunner, since her Trigger Happy attack can do more than the average attacker, but whatever works for you. Make sure your main attacker can do 6000 HP+ DMG to finish him fast.

    If your party's defenses are over 130, it should be alright since he tends to devestate your party for about 4000 HP(protect helps I.E. Shining Bracer).

    Just attack with Main attacker or 2, and heal after every attack. He should be gone in no time."

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Other Answers

  1. Of course, if you have Lady Luck's Random Reels, just do the pause trick to get 777 and CONGRATS! it away.

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