How do I beat the Mega Tonberry?

  1. How do I beat him if he does more than 10,000 damage every time he attacks?

    User Info: Metroid19

    Metroid19 - 8 years ago

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  1. Since you probably want to get Cry in the Night and Mega Tonberry is the only fiend that has it, here you go. You must put it in OVERSOUL!!! Mode to have a (relatively) easier fight.

    From NightMare185's Via Infinito FAQ

    "Strategy 1/Cry in the Night Strat:

    Anyways, when the battle starts, Kill the Small Tonberry. If you don't, he can be a BIG targeting nuisance. After his death, attack Mega Tonberry while leaving the other 2 on standby. Repeat this, but I recommend Reviving with Mega Phoenixes since he moves fast. I would recommend using gunner since she can do a good amount of damage to him than the rest.

    If hes in Oversoul, he will use Chefs Knife for a few turns and start to use an attack called "Karma". When he uses this, it would be a relief to see change, but it doesn't mean the tide of the battle is gonna get easier. This attack does about an avg. of 5000 HP DMG. It does sometimes exceed a bit over 15000 HP Damage, but not a lot. An addition to this attack, a little something called Petrification. This attack should also drain all your MP away, making abilites useless. Just repeat the strategy above, but keep 2 standby ready to use Softs. From what I know, you can obtain the Attack "Cry in the Night", when he is oversouled and has low HP(for Gun Mage).

    Strategy 2/Cry in the Night Strat:

    Another way of beating him is using 3 Warriors. Make sure they already have learned Setinel. When the battle starts, use 2 girls to use Setinel. The basic reaction of Mega Tonberry, is the attack Chef's Knife. If he hits a girl that is in Setinel, it will hit her with a measly 1 HP. Use the other girl to attack the Tonberry to get rid of his nuisance. After the Setinel runs out, use Setinel again for 2 girls. DON'T always use the same girls to Setinel since he picks randomly. If he kills a girl that is not in Setinel, Use a Phoenix Down or a Mega Phoenix. Keep hitting and using setinel to bring him down. This works if hes Non Oversoul also."

    User Info: Kraleck

    Kraleck (Expert) - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Good question.

    1st strike on a Gunner in critical HP, with Cat Nip, should be perfect, just do trigger happy.

    Otherwise, have a good stash of Mega-phoenix, last surviving girl uses one. Several mega phoenix later, you should win.

    User Info: r0xm2n

    r0xm2n - 8 years ago 2 0
  2. I beat him this way, Two Warriors and One Gunner with Cat Nip, have the two warriors use Sentinel so that if he attacks one can always revive the other(s), Now have him kill your gunner, revive her with a Pheonix Down, Now this can be a major pain, because as soon as you revive your gunner he will most likely strike her again, this will probably go on for about 4 turns before he moves onto one of your warriors, now while your warriors are using Sentinel he can only dish out a maximum of 1 physical damage, thus giving your gunner the time to use Trigger Happy to kill him, in order for this to work you MUST have gotten Cat Nip from floor 20 from the Black Elemental.
    If you are left with only one character left, make sure she uses Mega Pheonix ASAP, even if she dies just as she's used it, she will still be revived by the Mega Pheonix, now kill the S.O.B with your gunner.

    User Info: Death_Master911

    Death_Master911 - 7 years ago 0 0

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