How do I beat cloister 60+?

  1. Ok, so I'm in chapter 5, in cloister 60 against the giant snail (can't remember the name.) I have followed everything I have found on trying to beat him, but I still can't. I have spent the past few days trying everything I can think of along with all the wonderful idea's that have been posted. I have tried the cat nip+gunner, lady luck's random reels, samurai's zantetsu (sp?) I have mastered in gunner, gun mage, black mage, white mage, dark night, samurai, berserk, lady luck, and alchemist. I have tried all these, all in different orders ect. ect...... If anyone can help than that would be awesome.

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    vampires_angel - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    You have all the info needed for beating Concherer, but what are your levels & accessories? Also, do you know about the Random Reels Pause Trick?

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    Kraleck - 7 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    Well, I'm actually at level 76 or so.....could be higher. I don't know all the accessories though...I have a lot, I'm on my second time through the game if that helps with the accessories bit a little. And no, I have never heard of the random reels pause trick. I have done everything I can possibly think of, the only other thing I can think of is leveling up more.

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    vampires_angel - 7 years ago

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  1. Here are example methods constructed to use only "basic" skills and tools that would "normally" be available to a player on the first play through. Select and combine elements of each to develop alternates. Other equivalent, or better, schemes using different Dressphere, Accessory and Garment Grid combinations are possible.


    Physical attacks plus Gunk attack.

    Use three Berserker-Dressphere-equipped characters.

    Have Phoenix Down available.

    Before the battle, equip each character with a Rabite's Foot (Drop from Jumbo Cactuar), a Star Pendant (poison protection), a Mounted Assault Garment Grid (Automatic First Strike) (itself in part populated by a fully-capable Berserker Dressphere) and a Berserker Dressphere.

    Open the battle by "running the Mounted Assault Garment Grid" to enable Auto-Haste. Start and end with each character having the Berserker Dressphere equipped. Physical attacks other than Megaton Press will always miss. The poisonous Gunk attack is neutralized by the Star Pendant and the Auto-Regen feature of the Berserker Dressphere. Use Phoenix Down to revive characters impacted by Megaton Press as a priority action. Use Berserker chain attacks by all three characters in addition to the inherent counterattack capabilities of the Berserker Dressphere to win the battle.


    Physical attacks plus Thunderga and Flare magic attacks. A few "one time" special attacks as well. Initial Magic attacks are directed against a single character; with diminished Concherer Hit Points, all characters are attacked via magic spell multicast.

    Use one character equipped with a fully functional White Mage Dressphere and two characters equipped with a Gunner Dressphere with the Cheap Shot capability.

    Have Phoenix Down and Ether available. A few Mega-Potion will be useful. Also useful is a Lunar Curtain (Cast Shell on Party) and a Stamina Tonic (Double Party HP).

    Before the battle, populate the Ray of Hope Garment Grid (in part) with the Thief Dressphere, the Gunner Dressphere, and the White Mage Dressphere. Equip each character with a Rabite's Foot Accessory, the best available Magic Defense Accessory, the Ray of Hope Garment Grid and the Thief Dressphere. Assign the strongest Magic Defense Accessory to the White Mage character. Finally, use Manual Sort to arrange the entries of the Item list for convenient access of Phoenix Down, Ether, Mega-Potion, Lunar Curtain and Stamina Tonic during the battle.

    Begin the battle by "running the Dressphere" counterclockwise initially ending with each character at the Gunner Dressphere position. As the first character arrives, use the Stamina Tonic. When the second character arrives use the Lunar Curtain. Next apply a Mega-Potion or two to bring all character Hit Points to their maximum. Immediately move the chosen White Mage character into the White Mage position on the Garment Grid.

    Begin the battle in earnest by using the Gunner Dressphere Cheap Shot capability to attack the Concherer. Use the White Mage to: (1) initially cast Regen and Haste on all characters, (2) keep White Mage Hit Points high enough that no magic attacks will K.O. her, (3) replenish Magic Points as needed by use of the Ether item, (4) augment all character Hit Point levels by use of Pray and/or White Magic spells, and (5) revive fallen characters by use of the Phoenix Down Item. Basically characters are only at risk due to magic attacks. Thunderga will be survivable. Flare will initially K.O. a single character and both gunners when it is multicast. The strong Magic Defense of the White Mage plus Haste status and quick action will allow recovery from all magic attacks.

    Use the two gunners primarily as Concherer attackers but also recognize that keeping the White Mage "healthy" should have priority. Pound away with the two gunners and the fiend will eventually go down. Be quick near the end of the battle as things will get a bit dicey when Concherer starts multicasting Thunderga and Flare magic.

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  1. Ah. Random Reels Pause Trick can help with any boss in the Via Infinito (except the one after Paragon).

    Use Random Reels and Pause until the Reel has 7 on the top. Un-pause and immediately press X. Timed right for all 3 Reels will net a CONGRATS! every time (with very little practice).

    User Info: Kraleck

    Kraleck (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0
  2. My way was this, Two Warriors on Sentinel, One Gunner with Cat Nip AND Tobli's Key To Success with high evasion and agility, so that it's normal attacks will miss and then keep shooting it with Trigger Happy, also try using Hastega to help out a little more. If Gunner Dies have one Warrior Revive her and distract Concherer with items that deal damage to it. It's a pain i know, but wait til you get to Trema and Paragon, Paragon has 200,000 HP whereas Trema has 999,999 HP, Still want to continue?

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  3. And i know my way works because i'm on my third playthrough and have beaten the Concherer with the same Strategy TWICE.

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