Qustion on Djose temple hole?

  1. I need help getting all the way through djose temple hole i cant get to the part were you fight shiva if i jump on a certain platform it takes me to a place with 3 platforms and a flshy thing on the end i went over to that to see what happens it just gives me a different view of were i am and I need to know how to get down further if you could help me plz do im sryy if i am not so clear on this i cant really explain it?

    User Info: tyguy666

    tyguy666 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Enter and move down the path until you reach a "fork" that gives you two blocks to jump onto as options to continue. Choose the right hand block and it will carry you to a "longish" block that is flanked on the left by three small blocks.

    This is a puzzle that when completed will produce a bridge that will allow you to use the left branch of the "fork" to proceed down the main path by using the left hand path at the fork.

    Call the first small block number one. Move close to the block and use [X] to bring up a selection menu. Choose to send block number one to destination 3. Next move close to the second small block and choose to send it to destination 2. Finally, move to the third small block and send it to destination 1.

    Move back to the beginning of the "longish" block and the transport stone will make itself available for use. Ride it back to the main path and use the left hand side path of the fork to continue on your way.

    Oh, yeh, if you mess up with the blocks, move to the far end of the "longish" block and step on the yellow spot to reset back to the starting configuration.

    User Info: AZorro007

    AZorro007 (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

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