How do I get past Farplane Abyss?

  1. I have the notes So Do, Fa and Fa Mi and I tried entering them on the keyboard in many ways but none stops the portal and I can't beat the boss. What do I do??

    User Info: Buddyma

    Buddyma - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In your example, there are six possible combinations to try when addressing the activation of a keyboard that responds to a sequence of notes formed by the combination of the three blocks of notes. Those are: So Do+Fa+Fa Mi, So Do+Fa Mi +Fa, Fa Mi+So Do+Fa, Fa Mi+Fa+So Do, Fa+So Do+Fa Mi and Fa+Fa Mi+So Do.

    If you have tried all the combimations and none work, you could have the "wrong" keyboard or you might not have the "correct" blocks of notes to combine (unlikely I think). Otherwise, one of the six combinations MUST work.

    As for beating the "boss", you could simply go back and level up your characters until you have a winning situation.

    Perhaps a more useful approach would be to develop an approach by making use some of the wriiten material posted in the FAQ section of this board. Use the search command (Ctrl+F for the Microsoft Windows operating system) and enter the fiend name in the search window.

    1. The posted "Monster List" by Kain Stryder will give you an idea of what to expect during a battle with the fiend.
    2. The posted "Boss FAQ" by Split Infinity can be used to identify battle techniques and strategies that you may wish to try in battling the fiend.
    3. The posted walkthroughs will contain descriptive material on what must be done to get through the Farplane Abyss and what to do in fiend encounters experienced there.

    And, by the way, one can "sneak through" the electro gates without activating them by timing one's motion precisely. It will probably take more than one try to be successful though.

    User Info: AZorro007

    AZorro007 (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

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