Multiple endings?

  1. Hey i havn't completed the game yet but i know there are multiple endings and was wondering what the conditions are for the 'good' and 'bad' endings, im at the start of chapter 5 and no spoilers would be really appriciated

    thanks in advance

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Accepted Answer

  1. .From the Ending Guide on this site:

    Bad Ending:
    Lose against the head part of the final boss.

    Normal Ending A:
    Simply beat the game.
    It doesn't matter what your completion percentage is. You'll always get this part when you beat the game. Depending on what you do, more may be added.

    Normal Ending B:
    Get this by pressing 'X' in the field of flowers (Farplane Abyss) after get the Episode 5
    Complete message. If you qualify for the good ending you cannot view this.

    Good Ending A:
    There are two requirements for this ending. Firstly, you must talk with Maechen in Guadosalam in Chapter 3, and secondarily, when Yuna falls into the Farplane/Field of flowers in Chapter 3 press X until you hear whistling 4 times. When you press 'X' in the field of flowers (Farplane Abyss) at the end of the game you'll be given an option by the
    fayth. Select the first one ('Yes!') to get this ending.

    Good Ending B:
    Get this ending by doing everything you did for Good Ending A except when you get an option at the end of the game select the 2nd option ('It's better this way'). Note that even if you got 100% in the game but chose the 2nd option, you will not see the perfect ending.

    Perfect Ending:
    To get the perfect ending you need to first fulfill all the requirements as outlined in Good Ending A. After watching the good ending portion there will be an extra clip IF you attained 100% completion in the game.

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