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  1. I need to know what i can do to get 400 PR and when this needs to be done by.
    If i get 400 PR then switch to other company after gaining GG will this affect % points?

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    Snow2229 - 6 years ago

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  1. Old game, a frequent concern. All addressed in Split Infinity's various FFX-2 guides. (This IS Game***FAQs*** after all. :j)

    Nutshell version....

    1. The Episode Complete for Calm Lands requires a single company CURRENTLY having accumulated at least 400 PR points when you enter Calm Lands in Chapter 5.

    2. Getting both companies to that mark in a single game IS possible, but requires a lot of duplicate effort.

    3. Each company's unique garment grid is not offered before Chapter 5.

    4. Obtaining both companys' unique garment grids in a single game IS possible but requires a lot of duplicate effort.

    You decide. But frankly, if you're making all the duplicate effort, you might as well play a New Game Plus instead and pick up something else while you're at it. It's faster, nowhere near as tedious.

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  1. To get 100% in a single play through, you must accumulate at least 400 PR points for one of the two Calm Lands travel agencies by the time you reach the Calm Lands in Chapter 5.

    If you accumulate 400 PR points and then switch agencies, the original agency will end up with 200 PR points(Until the PR Mission contest is "completed", accumulated PR points are alway cut in half when you switch agencies). Probably not what you want

    Two Garment Grids may become available form the travel agencies in Chapter 5. However, for a Garment Grids to be available from a given agency , you must have accumulated 400+ points for that agency prior to reaching Chapter 5.

    Once you reach the Calm Lands in Chapter 5, the PR mission percentage accumulation will be set. Subsequent actions, such as switching agencies to play games so as to accumulate points to acquire an alternate Garment Grid will not affect your percentage accumulation.

    Perhaps the best way to accumulate PR points is to follow the schedule presented in the posted "PR Mission FAQ" by Shuuin X2.

    If you want to be absolutely certain of covering everything, you might want to consider accumulating 400+ PR points for both travel agencies by the time you reach Chapter 5. Here is one scheme using the posted PR Mission Guide to do that.

    1. In Chapter 1, start the PR Mission by choosing to represent one of the two Calm Lands travel agencies. Track back through areas to collect all available PR points.

    2. Continue collecting PR points for your chosen travel agency throughout Chapter 2 and through the PR point collection areas of Chapter 3. Do not complete all "hot spot" actions prior to collection of all the available PR points.

    3. After you have collected all available PR points in Chapter 3, return to the Calm Lands and play games sponsored by your chosen travel agency until you accumulate at least 802 PR points (this will take a little time).( A strategy of playing Lupine Dash and always betting the long shot at the maximum possible game level seems to work well. Note that if you choose to accumulate 1030 PR points you can end up with a tie between the agencies at the end of the game.)

    4. Switch agencies (leaving your original agency with half the PR points previously accumulated) and go back to, once again, collect all of the Chapter 3 PR points available. Once again, do not compete all
    "hot spot" actions prior to collecting all available PR points.

    5. Continue collecting all possible PR points for your "new" agency throughout Chapter 4 and Chapter 5. If all goes well, the second agency will end up with an acumulation of 515 PR points.

    Now go to the Calm Lands to collect your prizes!

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  2. The calm lands generally requires one company to have a minimum of 400 PR points once you enter Calm lands in the 5th chapter. However, Getting both of the companies to that mark is likely to be possible, but HOWEVER, that would require a lot of effort for that to happen. The companies however, their unique garment gride isn't offered before you reach the final chapter. However, I'd recommend you follow up with Azorro's method but you decide your choice on how your going to do this. It is VERY LIKELY to affect your percentage of completing the game.

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