How do I beat Chac?

  1. She too strong for me even if I'm already Level 88. I didn't stand a chance. Please give me some tips or what Accessories and Garment Grids should I equip.

    User Info: SicaPrishe

    SicaPrishe - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    @CatMuto -> Not to mention that my Cat Nip gives me an SOS Berserk since mine is International + Last Mission version of FFX-2

    User Info: SicaPrishe

    SicaPrishe - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. However as it was said by "Catmuto", I recommend that you level up to the level 90-99 and make sure you maximize the stats of yuna's special dressphere, equip the quick special dressphere of floral fallal if you learned all of it's abilities and can break the HP and damage limits. You can cast Great whirl and can quickly deplete the life off of Chac. I've tried this method on most enemies like the guardian dragon blocking vegnagun at the maximum level of leveling up to the 90s.
    The other possible methods are by using high stat items and strong dresspheres that you possess. A great example of a useful dresssphere that took me days to discover without a FAQ was alchemist. Three hasted theives with Maximum HP/DMG or break HP/DMG limit will be good. Using your gunner's trigger happy with cat nip is likely to allow you to increase the damage you deal to Chac.
    You can also attempt and try to bribe Chac with Gil but however, unless you have a massive load of gil, there can be a good chance that this method won't work.
    The best RECOMMENDED benefit before you go into this fight is to directly have FIRST STRIKE before fighting Chac.
    Other information: If you are fighting the oversoul version of Chac, Chac will get 10,000 bonus HP it is recommended you can also cast the black sky IF YOUR MP COST IS REDUCED TO ZERO.

    User Info: timo4142

    timo4142 - 6 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. A lot of people would say that you should equip a Garment Grid that gives you First Strike onto the girl that has the Gunner Dressphere equipped. Then you should have Cat Nip equipped to her and her HP in the yellow area - then use Quick Trigger to give 9999 damage with every hit.

    Otherwise, I'd suggest to have the Mascot equipped on Paine, have her use Saboten Machine Gun (not sure about the english name of this attack, probably Cactuar Something) which should do over 9999 damage. However, you'll need Ether for this, as it costs 99 MP.

    Another thing to do is to Bribe your way to victory .. but that would cost something like 2 - 3 Million Gil.


    User Info: CatMuto

    CatMuto (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. 1. 3 hasted thieves/lady luck can easily flinch her to death without her ever getting a turn.
    2. Cat nip+trigger happy
    3. Bribe/congrats her
    4. 3 Dark knights equipped with defense bracers+oath veils, valiant lustre gg
    5. 3 Mascots equipped with speed bracers/oath veils+ crystal gloves, valiant lustre gg

    If fighting oversoul Chac, oath veils are not needed as she won't use heaven's cataract.
    She can easily be beaten at around level 60. At 88 methods 4. or 5. should be effortless.

    User Info: Yay_Cyanide

    Yay_Cyanide - 6 years ago 0 0

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