What are the best dresspheres?

  1. What are the best dresspheres for each of the three girls? Because I currently use Yuna's Floral Fallal, Riku as a Black Mage, and Paine as a white Mage.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    chaoslord3 - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    Mascot and berserker and dark knight are the best

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    leonashleyada4 - 8 years ago

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  1. Well it all really depends on your personal preferences. The best of all the dress spheres is the mascot, which can only be obtained in chapter 5 by getting all of the episode completes. I personally like to use alchemists as healers because they can use items very quickly and can mix to make powerful healing items, ex. potion + hi-potion = mega potion. For a hard hitter I use either dark knights, samurais, or berserkers. Dark knights have higher defense stats I believe though so they can take more. Also if you equip bloodlust, at the sacrifice of max hp and them being berserked, their attack will rise by 70%. And you can never forget the awesome black mages. Combined with the accessory Wring they are nearly unstoppable, however the drawback is low hp, but most battles won't last that long anyway. Hope this helps. Just try out different combinations and see what you like.

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  1. All of there final ones are great. But I always liked to keep Yuna as a gunner,Paine bieng warrior or dark knight, and rikku an alchemist. I never found too much use for Lady luck, or the mascots, or the trainer ones. I know there is more but this is all I rememeber right now.

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  2. The best three dresspheres are whichever ones you think look the best.

    And Mascot.

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  3. warrior or blue mage or thief Two hits

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  4. The Lady Luck DSP is great for build up levels fast in the cave of fayth. They can double money, experience and AP, as you grow them. I was able to reach level 99 in chapter 3 very quickly. After, I got to the highers levels, I switched in other DSPs to level them up. By using mug and Lady luck I was able to defeat the fiends in cave of Fayth easily. No magic was used. Until I got to Lady luck, I used Alchemists, with mug, to build up quickly. In combination with a strong hitter, like dark knight. dark Knights and Alchemist work well together. DK strike and alchemists heal and repair MP.

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  5. No question: Lady Luck.

    If you keep pressing pause, you can stop the reels wherever you want, this lets you do things like
    multiple ultimas, heal the party complely, ect. For no MP. This should get you through most of the game.

    If you want a less cheap way then it's your choice.

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  6. definately depends because Mascot is the best overall, but if you want to have a team in the earlier parts of the game then have Yuna as a warrior Paine as blk mage and Rikku as a wht mage until you get the alchemist and darknight then you should trade up like your white mage for and alchemist and warrior for Dark knight, it's always good to have a girl who has mastered Black mage for Chap. three and other fights with elementals and such.
    The reason the first three are specific is that then you can ue those dresspheres when you are using Mascot for each of the girls.

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  7. Depends on what you REEEEEAAAAALLY need...
    I never bothered with:
    Black Mage
    White Mage
    Lady Luck
    But I'd say the strongest individual dresssphere is the Dark Knight.

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  8. I go with Yuna as White mage (i have her as master in that) and Rikku and Paine as Warriors (master in that too :D)
    Then I equip the appropriate accessories (i.e. White mage- mana/magic, warrior-strength/defense/health)

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  9. IMO i always liked the alchemist dresssphere, coupled with paine 'zerking and rikku lady luck(ing?) are a good combo until you get mascot. MASCOT FTW!!!

    User Info: CrimsonFantasy

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  10. I would say that the mascot dressphere is the best to use, but the alchemist is also very useful.
    Just mix a potion and a hi-potion, and you get a mega-potion.
    Lady Luck gives you less HP, but double AP.
    It really depends on what you need. I don't think there is one "Best" dressphere.

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  11. The only one that really stands out as being better than the others is Mascot, which you get near the end of the game and (I believe) can't keep for New Game+. Rightfully so - that dressphere is amazingly powerful.

    For the rest of the game, it really comes down to personal preference. Do you want a well-balanced team, three powerful attackers, casters, healers, etc.? There's a high amount of personalization involved in your question, so I'd say try 'em all and see which ones stand out to you!

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  12. Hmm...It mostly depends on preferrance and play style, but my choices are Mascot, Lady Luck, and Gun Mage.

    Mascot is just amazing. On any girl. Having a party of all 3 mascots means almost guaranteed victory.

    Lady Luck + Treasure Hunt/Horn of Plenty + Critical = Riches. Seriously, I had a Lady Luck with a Champion Belt, Treasure Hunt, and Double EXP and Double Items....Those ladies can obliterate anything that stands in their way.

    Gun Mages are just cool like that. Using an opponents attack against them? That hurts the body and the pride at the same time.

    But again, it depends mostly on playstyle.

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  13. Yuna-Gun Mage
    Paine-Dark Knight

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  14. Yeah i love berserker and mascot

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  15. There really isn't 1 best dressphere for YRP.

    I've found the right combinations of Mascot and/or Lady Luck, Gunner or Gun Mage + Alchemist or Warrior + Dark Knight or Berserker, and, when used right, the Special Dresspheres are incredible for healing the girls and being lethal at the same time.

    User Info: Kraleck

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  16. The best combination is Gunner,Berserker and White Mage
    Gunner lets you attack multiple times(trigger happy)
    Berserker Lets you attack which deals huge damage(Berserk)
    White Mage will heal you(White Magic)

    User Info: Littleroot56

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  17. If I was to pick one dressphere to use for all 3 girls, it would def be mascot. It has the highest base hp, and a lot of the stats are very high too. Auto protect+auto shell makes you even harder to kill, and then you can have ribbon on all 3 too, which means you can have whatever acc you want without having to worry about those. Also, having access to 2 other dresspheres for each girl, plus the abilities for mascots, is pretty much amazing. Yuna's has some great healing and damage spells, and if thats not good enough rikku's can access white magic. The only reason any other can be better is lucky 7s with lady luck (for making mass gold and such) and using trigger happy with catnip in critical condition to do 9999 barrages.

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  18. Just one other thing to add, if you put 3 girls in mascot dsp, on higher power gg, with 2 crystal/mythril bangles each, you're pretty much unkillable by anything thats not like guaranteed 1 shot kills (like megaton press...), but most of those are single target so just have yuna life or others phoenix down and back up. You can have almost 20k hp though with the acc, while having constant protect and shell, and pretty high def and mag def. Then if you really want to be OP, just use 1 stamina tonic and your girls will be near 40k hp.

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  19. Alchemist is pretty nice. Once you can Stash Mega-Potions, you have infinite free (but slow) healing for you to abuse. Alchemist can also use items VERY fast, if you get hit with Zanmato, bust out a Mega Potion in a few seconds.

    Lady Luck is also awesome. Dice skills ignore defence and they never miss. Plus through pausing slots, you can cast Ultima for free. Also, BAR BAR BAR on item reels gets you Mighty Guard +, which makes you EXTREMELY difficult to kill. Oh, Lady luck can spam Megalixirs too. Double exp speaks for itself.

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  20. i have Yuna as a dark night and Rikku and Paine are Berserkers and they crush most every thing

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  21. Honestly, I think Berserker is the best. I'm someone who uses mainly physical attacks, and I beat the game with Rikku and Paine as Berserkers, and Yuna as a White Mage.

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