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    Pro Action Replay Codes by Adrammelech

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 04/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FINAL FANTASY X-2 - Game Modifier Codes
    Version 0.3
    Compiled and Written by Adrammelech (magil86@yahoo.com). 
    Visit my website at http://020486.0catch.com/vegnagun.htm
    [Note] This is a compilation of Game Modifier codes contributed by Gamefaqs 
    Board Members. This was created due to persistent demands for a 
    compilation containing all the codes displayed in the Message Board of
    FFX-2. Therefore, I will not be held liable for all the information that
    will be displayed within this FAQ.
    April 25, 2003: Added New Codes courtesy of Ardee Santos
    [Action Replay / Gameshark Codes]
    .:Contributed by tomdal:.
    Enable Code
    EC879A34 142F7D74
    Infinite Gil
    1CA33DE0 1DBC9E0C
    Buy Items and Gil will increase by that amount
    0C8BBEB0 1456D7C8
    4C8BBEB0 1456D7C6
    A Change in Gil will result in Max Gil
    9C8BBE8C 1476079F
    99 Items After One Use
    1C8BDD54 3854E781
    1C8BDD98 B678E7A5
    Max Level
    1C8CA1B0 2058EC2B
    Max AP
    1C8CA1A0 3857089C
    .:Contributed by amata:.
    Enable Code
    EC879A34 142F7D74
    Complete 100 %
    1C848D70 3854E7A6
    .:Contributed by jtslau:.
    Enable Code
    EC879A34 142F7D74
    Items do not decrease
    1C8BDD70 2444D7C2
    Gil increases by n times
    1C8CA134 3853E7A7
    1C8CA140 3854E7xx
    A7:2 times
    A1:4 times
    9D:8 times
    B5:16 times
    D7:50 times
    0C:250 times
    Experience Level One Battle Max
    1C8CA1B0 2058EC2B
    Experience Level Increases by n times after one battle
    1C8CA148 1053A3A1
    9C9AB338 9223E501
    9C9AB33C 14434xxx
    9C9AB340 15F6E79D
    9C9AB344 B223E501
    F65:2 times
    F25:4 times
    FE5:8 times
    EA5:16 times
    F68:1/2 times
    Max AP After One Battle
    1C8CA1A0 3857089C
    AP Increases by n amount after One Battle
    1C8CA158 1053A3A5
    9C9AB328 8A34E5FD
    9C9AB32C 1454Dxxx
    9C9AB330 15F6E79D
    9C9AB334 BA34E5FD
    765:2 times
    725:4 times
    7E5:8 times
    6A5:16 times
    768:1/2 times
    Max Play Time
    1C8653B0 3854E7A7
    Zero Play Time
    1C865398 2053E7A5
    Play Time Grows by n times
    1C8653BC 3873E7xx
    A7:2 times
    A1:4 times
    9D:8 times
    B5:16 times
    D7:50 times
    0C:255 times
    Max Ability Values
    1C8BC984 204EE7A7 HP
    1C8BC9B8 3853089C MP
    1C8BC9F4 3854E70C Atk
    1C8BC830 3854E70C def
    1C8BC86C 3854E70C magic
    1C8BC8A8 3854E70C magic def
    1C8BC8E4 3854E70C speed
    1C8BC820 3854E70C evasion
    1C8BCB5C 3854E70C hit %
    1C8BCB98 3854E70C luck
    Master Al Bhed
    1CA33DDC 61DFB00C
    Maximum HP Value
    1CA347AC 145xxxxx Yuna
    1CA34704 145xxxxx Rikku
    1CA3465C 145xxxxx Paine
    Maximum MP Value
    1CA347B0 145xxxxx Yuna
    1CA34708 145xxxxx Rikku
    1CA34660 145xxxxx Paine
    100% Ratio
    1C848D70 3854E7A6
    .:Contributed by tomdal:.
    All Dresspheres
    4CA33D12 1456E6A6
    1CA33D18 1355E6A6
    1CA33D1C 1355E6A6
    1CA33D20 1355E6A6
    3CA33D22 1456E7A6
    3CA33C29 1456E7A6
    All Result Plates
    1CA33D0C 61DFB00C
    1CA33D10 61DFB00C
    Max Gametime
    1C8653B0 3854E7A7
    1CA347BC 14xxxxxx EXP
    1CA347C0 14xxxxxx NEXT
    1CA347C4 1455692C Inf HP 99999
    1CA347CC 1455692C Max HP 99999
    1CA347C8 1456089C Inf MP 9999
    1CA347D0 1456089C Max MP 9999
    3CA347D5 1456E70C Max attack power 255
    3CA347D2 1456E70C Max defense 255
    3CA347D3 1456E70C Max magic 255
    3CA347D8 1456E70C Mag. defense 255
    3CA347D6 1456E70C Accuracy 255
    3CA347D7 1456E70C Speed 255
    3CA347DC 1456E70C Luck 255
    1CA34714 14xxxxxx EXP
    1CA34718 14xxxxxx NEXT
    1CA3471C 1455692C Inf HP 99999
    1CA34724 1455692C Max HP 99999
    1CA34720 1456089C Inf MP 9999
    1CA34628 1456089C Max MP 9999
    3CA3462D 1456E70C Attack 255
    3CA3462A 1456E70C Defense 255
    3CA3462B 1456E70C Magic 255
    3CA34630 1456E70C Mag. Defense 255
    3CA3462E 1456E70C Accuracy 255
    3CA3462F 1456E70C Speed 255
    3CA34634 1456E70C Luck 255
    1CA3466C 14xxxxxx EXP
    1CA34670 14xxxxxx NEXT
    1CA34674 1455692C Inf HP 99999
    1CA3467C 1455692C Max HP 99999
    1CA34678 1456089C Inf MP 9999
    1CA34680 1456089C Max MP 9999
    3CA34685 1456E70C Attack 255
    3CA3462A 1456E70C Defense 255
    3CA3462B 1456E70C Magic 255
    3CA34688 1456E70C Mag. Defense 255
    3CA3462E 1456E70C Accuracy 255
    3CA34687 1456E70C Speed 255
    3CA3468C 1456E70C Luck 255
    .:Contributed by jtslau:.
    100% Game Completion
    1C848D70 3854E7A6
    .:Contributed by tomdal:.
    Item Quantity Modification
    slot One
    3CA34138 1456e7xx
    slot Two
    3CA34139 1456e7xx
    slot 3
    3CA34136 1456e7xx
    slot 4
    3CA34137 1456e7xx
    slot 5
    3CA3413C 1456e7xx
    Xx = quantity
    A6 = 1
    D7 = 50
    88 = 99
    Item Type Modification
    slot One
    4CA33F38 145607xx
    slot Two
    4CA33F36 145607xx
    slot 3
    4CA33F3C 145607xx
    slot 4
    4CA33F3A 145607xx
    slot 5
    4CA33F40 145607xx
    Xx = item digits
    Item Chart
    A5 = Potion
    A6 = Hi-Potion
    A7 = x Potion
    A8 = Mega Potion
    A1 = Ether
    A2 = Ether turbo
    A3 = Phoenix Tail
    A4 = Mega Phoenix
    9d = Elixir
    9e = Mega Elixir
    9f = Antidote
    A0 = Gold Needle
    99 = Eye Drops
    9a = Echo Screen
    9b = Holy Water
    9c = Panacea
    B5 = Cheap Grenade
    B6 = Grenade
    B7 = L bomb
    B8 = M bomb
    B1 = S bomb
    B2 = Hypnotic Grenade
    B3 = silence Grenade
    B4 = Darkness Grenade
    AD = Petrify Grenade
    AE = Fragment of bomb
    B0 = Lump of B0 bomb
    B0 = Demon stone of flame
    A9 = South Pole wind
    AA = North Pole wind
    AB = Demon stone of cold air
    AC = Electric Ball
    C5 = Thunderbolt Ball
    C6 = Demon Stone of Thunder
    C7 = Scale of Fish
    C8 = Scale of Dragon
    C1 = Demon stone of Water
    C2 = Demon stone of Darkness
    C3 = Demon stone of Light
    C4 = Demon stone of Holy
    BD = Reaching High Demon Stone
    BE = Fang of Poison
    BF = Sandglass of Silver
    C0 = Sandglass of Gold
    B9 = Healing Spring
    BA = Shadow of Strange Boundary
    BB = Dark Matter
    BC = Tail of Chocobo
    D5 = Feather of Cocobo
    D6 = Curtain of Moon
    D7 = Curtain of Light
    D8 = Curtain of Star
    D1 = Spring of Recovery
    D2 = Spring of Bewitchment
    D3 = Spring of Physical Strength
    D4 = Spring of Life
    CD = Demon Removal Medicine
    CE = Medicine of Physical strength
    CF = Medicine of Bewitchment
    D0 = Secret Medicine of Physical Strength
    C9 = Secret Medicine of Bewitchment
    CA = ????
    CB = ????
    CC = Medicine of Hero
    65 = Gysahl Greens
    66 = Sylkis Greens
    67 = Mimett Greens
    68 = Pasarna Greens
    .:Contributed by Ardee Santos:.
    Enable Code 
    EC879A34 142F7D74 
    Slow Motion Code for Quick Trigger
    9C9A802C 1C94DE9C 
    9C9A8034 145457a0 
    9C9A8048 393EB00C 
    9C9A8050 1955B00A 
    9C9A8060 15F6E79D 
    1C834CCC 1053B0E5 
    1C834CD0 1456E7A5 
    9C9A8038 203EE79C 
    9C9A8040 293E25CC 
    Thunder Plains Quick Reaction Codes
    3CA3D1D9 1456E7AB 
    3CA3D1DF 1456E7AB 
    4CA3D1D6 1456D1AB 
    1CA3D1E4 0240D1AB 
    4CA3D1DC 1456D1AB 
    4CA3D1DA 1456D1AB 
    1CA3D1E8 0240D1AB 
    4CA3D1E0 1456D1AB 
    3CA3D1DE 1456E7AB 
    3CA3D1EC 1456E7AB
    MAX PR Codes
    1CA3DAC4 17E9C70C 
    1CA3D1C4 17E9C70C 
    1CA3DABC 17E9C70C 
    1CA3D1C8 17E9C70C 
    1CA3DAC0 17E9C70C 
    Enable Code for the next batch of Codes
    1Cb53288 0C539FA5 
    9C9AA328 39A1B005 
    9C9AA32C E19FE7A5 
    9C9AA330 E1B4E7B5 
    9C9AA418 DD9FE7A5 
    9C9AA41C DDB4E7B5 
    9C9AA420 15F6E79D 
    9C9AA424 39A1E7C5 
    All 99 Items
    9C9AA334 1057DEB9 
    All 99 Accessories
    9C9AA33C 1057DE69 
    All Magic Magic Bullets Mastered
    9C9AA344 1057DF17 
    9C9AA34C 1057DE9B
    [Code Breaker / Xploder Codes]
    .:Contributed by tomdal:.
    FA1E006E 32C43351
    Alternative (M)
    FA767F87 32AC4CB8
    Infinite Gil
    2A031047 3B9AC9FF
    Max EXP
    2A333FE3 3C063B9E
    99 Items
    2A9F38A7 24020064
    2A5B38A7 A2660000
    .:Contributed by Xuanwumon:.
    All Dresspheres
    1A27221A 00000101
    2ADB1047 01010101
    2AC71047 01010101
    2AC31047 01010101
    0A2D37CB 00000001
    0A2237CA 00000001
    All Result Plates
    2AD71047 FFFFFFFF
    2AD31047 FFFFFFFF
    Max Gametime
    2A33312D 24020002
    2A271059 00CF6DAA EXP
    2A231059 00CF6DAA NEXT
    2A2F1059 0001869F Inf HP 99999
    2A171059 0001869F Max HP 99999
    2A2B1059 0000270F Inf MP 9999
    2A131059 0000270F Max MP 9999
    0ADE37C1 000000FF Max attack power 255
    0ADD37C1 000000FF Max defense 255
    0ADC37C1 000000FF Max magic 255
    0AD337C1 000000FF Mag. defense 255
    0AD137C1 000000FF Accuracy 255
    0AD037C1 000000FF Speed 255
    0AD737C1 000000FF Luck 255
    2ADF1059 00CF6DAA EXP
    2ADB1059 00CF6DAA NEXT
    2AC71059 0001869F Inf HP 99999
    2ACF1059 0001869F Max HP 99999
    2AC31059 0000270F Inf MP 9999
    2ACB105A 0000270F Max MP 9999
    0A2637C0 000000FF Attack 255
    0A2537C0 000000FF Defense 255
    0A2437C0 000000FF Magic 255
    0A3B37C0 000000FF Mag. Defense 255
    0A3937C0 000000FF Accuracy 255
    0A3837C0 000000FF Speed 255
    0A3F37C0 000000FF Luck 255
    2A77105A 00CF6DAA EXP
    2A73105A 00CF6DAA NEXT
    2A7F105A 0001869F Inf HP 99999
    2A67105A 0001869F Max HP 99999
    2A7B105A 0000270F Inf MP 9999
    2A63105A 0000270F Max MP 9999
    0A8E37C0 000000FF Attack 255
    0A2537C0 000000FF Defense 255
    0A2437C0 000000FF Magic 255
    0A8337C0 000000FF Mag. Defense 255
    0A3937C0 000000FF Accuracy 255
    0A8037C0 000000FF Speed 255
    0A8737C0 000000FF Luck 255
    Thanks to all the Message Board Members who contributed these codes. Without
    your help, this would not have been made possible.
    Copyright 2003 by Adrammelech

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