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    Good Ending Translation by Kouli

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    -- Final Fantasy X-2 --
    -- Good Ending Translation --
    -- By Kouli {aka Ken, kenzhao99@yahoo.com} --
    -- Final Version --
    Good Ending? Yes, Final Fantasy X-2's Good/Happy Ending Where Tidus and Yuna Finally Get 
    To See Each Other Again. To Get That, You Have To Complete The Five Steps. Since I Will 
    Be Mainly Translating The Actually Good Ending, I Won't Post The Steps Here, But You Could
    Check Out The Five Steps At IiNcXz's FAQ.
    *Continues From Final Fantasy X's Ending Where Tidus Is Swimming Up*
    *Tidus' Head Got Out Of The Water*
    *BackGround Music Starts*
    *Tidus Looks Around While Still In The Water*
    *As You May Know, He Is At Besaid Island*
    *Tidus Wistles*
    *Lays Back And Floating In The Water*
    *Camera Shooting At The Blue Sky*
    *Then Starts Swimming Toward The Shore*
    *Got The Shore*
    *Starts Walking*
    *An AirShip Is Coming From His Back*
    *Tidus Turns Around And Look*
    *Celsius{The AirShip} Then Lands Near Tidus By The Shore*
    *Yuna Jumps Down From Celsius And Runs Towards Tidus*
    *Yuna and Tidus Hugging*
    Yuna: Real thing?
    Tidus: Perhaps.
    Tidus: How's going?
    Yuna: Un.
    Yuna: You've came back.
    Tidus: I am back.
    *Repeats What He Just Said In Emotion*
    Tidus: I am back.
    Yuna: Welcome Back!
    *Camera Shooting At Rikku and Paine As They Feel Happy For Them*
    *Voice From A Distant*
    Wakka: Hey, If you want to do it, do it somewhere else.
    *Yuna, Tidus Look Toward Where The Voice Is Coming From*
    *Paine And Rikku Also Look Toward Where The Voice Is Coming From*
    *Camera Now Shooting At All The People From Besaid Village*
    *Camera Shooting At Wakka And You Can Also See Lulu Holding A Baby*
    Wakka: Yo!
    *Tidus Then Reply To Them*
    Tidus: Don't Bug us.
    *Camera Then Shooting Back At Wakka, Then Lulu With Her Baby*
    *Camera Then Shooting At Rikku and Paine As Rikku Saying Hi To Wakka And Lulu*
    *Camera Backs At Tidus And Yuna As Start Running Toward The Direction Where Wakka Is*
    *They Start Laughing As They Run*
    Tidus: You've changed.
    Yuna: That is because lots of things happened.
    Tidus: I want to know!
    Yuna: Un.
    Yuna: Everything, It all begins with the Sphere contains you.
    *Camera Starts Shooting Around*
    *Camera Then Shooting At The Eagel Statue On Top Of Celsius From The Back*
    *Blacks Out*
    <The End>
    This Document Copyright 2003 Kouli

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