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    Normal Ending Translation by JillV

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    -- Final Fantasy X-2 --
    -- Normal Ending Translation --
    -- By JillV  AKA Kairi Li (Kairi_li16@hotmail.com)--
    -- Final Version --
    This is the normal ending that you get if you just beat the game.
    Take note this is NOT a direct translation, it was first translated 
    from Japanese to Chinese by the Hong Kong Gamestation Magazine. All I 
    did was translated it back to English.
    *Luca stadium, we see Baralai, Nooj and Gippel at the throne thing* 
    Nooj: One day, I had hope to said a ship together with my friends, this 
    is the thought and dream I had always had in my mind. Later, I decided 
    to gathered a group of comrades, and it gave born to a great ship, this 
    was called the Youth Alliance 
    Baralai: I created another ship, called the New Yevon group, and it 
    held many people 
    Gippel: Because nobody would want to sail alone, for it's lonely, so I 
    hoped to ride a ship with many of my friends, and I was one of them. 
    Baralai: When there's something, that you can't do by yourself, If you 
    had friends to help you, it'll be a lot easier 
    Nooj: We used a lot of power and control to find a ship that we can all 
    join in. 
    Baralai: But we used the power wrongly, causing conflict between our 
    Nooj: For that, we are sorry. 
    *All three bow their heads * 
    Baralai; We had forgotten, that ever since we are born, we all are 
    already on a great mighty ship, this ship is called Spira 
    Nooj: No one can tell, where this ship is going exactly, but no matter 
    where we'll go, we will still be at peace. We are still alive, and the 
    eternal calm will continue till the end of time. 
    *Crowds cheer* 
    Gippel: During this event, we have all been gathered and reunited, 
    thank to her. 
    *More cheering* 
    Gippel: Yeah, everyone knows who she is! We had hoped she would have 
    come and join us today, but... 
    * Flash back to several hours before the speeches* 
    *We see Yuna deep in thought at Luca harbour, then she claps her hands, 
    Yuna: I 'm going back to where I was. 
    *High fives Paine and Rikku* 
    *Flash forward back to the staduim* 
    Gippel: She's now flying free in the skies above, all this was what she 
    wanted us to say. 
    *we see the airship Celieus flying up and away* 
    Aniki: The Gullwings bid fare well! We'll meet again! 
    *we see Yuna and co. on the roof of the ship* 
    Rikku: Shouldnt' we have stay there longer? There could be a big party 
    going on! 
    Paine: Here, everyday's a party! 
    Yuna: Fly higher! 
    Aniki: Rodger! 
    *Flies higher* 
    Yuna: Fly faster! 
    Aniki: Rodger! 
    Yuna: LOUDER! 
    Aniki: ROOODDDGGEEERR!!!!!!! 
    A lot of things have happened in the past, and this the beginning of 
    even more things to happen...We'll cry, laugh, get upset, the we'll 
    smile again, we'll keep changing ourselves. This is my beautiful story. 
    It all started when I saw the sphere with you... 
                                   ~~THE END~~ 
                                   Credits Roll
    And thanks to Gamestation magazine for publishing a fully translated 
    guide book so I can make this FAQ
    Copyright JillV AKA Kairi Li 2003

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