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    Side Events Dialog Translations by JillV

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    -- Final Fantasy X-2 --
    -- Side events dialouge translations--
    -- By JillV  AKA Kairi Li (Kairi_li16@hotmail.com)--
    -- ver1.1 --
    This guide is basically dialogue translations of the story of 
    FFX-2. However, I only do the side missions and events, the main 
    story can be found on this site.
    Story level one
    Yuna thinking: "Bevelle is still the center of Spira, and the 
    place i was born. Technically this is my home, yet I can't think 
    of any happy memories in here..."
    *as you walk in, you'll run into a priest*
    Yevon monk: It's... It's Lady Yuna! Are you here to join the New 
    Yevon group? This is joyous news! Lord Braska will be pleased in 
    the Farplane!! I'll go find our leader, please wait a moment!
    *Yuna kinda looks like she wants to refuse but didn't get a 
    Rikku: Hey...they're practically MAKING us!
    *Yuna paces around a bit*
    Yuna: C'mon, let's go back.
    Rikku: Huh? What's wrong Yuna?
    Yuna: Actually... The New Yevon leader's son had tried to propose 
    to me... I refused the offer, but how do I put this? I don't want 
    to see him...
    Rikku:* with a cheeky grin* Ohhhhhhhh.
    Paine: That is kinda annoying. How about we head back?
    Rikku: *feeling a bit disappointed* Awww, c'mon!
    *Yuna nods and is about to leave*
    Rikku: *Grabs her hand* Hey! Wait!
    *at that moment, the door opens to reveal a guy with silver hair*
    Baralai: It's an honor to meet you, Yuna. I'm Baralai, leader of 
    the New Yevon alliance.
    Rikku: Hey, are you the old leader's son?
    Baralai: The previous leader has retired (quit actually) and he 
    left with his son. They both tried to have power to themselves, 
    and they were driven back. We younger people are taking care of 
    this organization.
    *Yuna looks relieved and smiles*
    Yuna: Really? *claps her hands together*
    Baralai: That is what happened. *smiles* I have no intention of 
    having the great summoner as a bride, so you don't need to worry.
    *Yuna is shocked that he had overheard and gasped out loud, Rikku 
    in the background is cracking up*
    Baralai: Of course, you are all welcome if you intend to support 
    our group.
    *the 3 of them stopped smiling at looks of suspicion appears*
    Baralai: I can see you all have different thoughts of Yevon now, 
    right? The world may have changed, but it can't change all the 
    people. We hope those who have not changed can help us regain 
    Yuna: ....
    Baralai: I still have work to do, so I must leave. Oh, and if you 
    find any spheres, please give it to us if possible.
    *he goes back in*
    Rikku: Well? *giggles*
    *Yuna ignores her*
    Rikku: Well?
    *Yuna still ignores her*
    Paine: How about just say "whatever"?
    *they leave with Rikku trailing behind*
    Gippel's intro, can be seen in story level 1 or 2
    Djose Temple
    *Yuna and company arrive at the temple. People see Yuna and all 
    stare at her and wave and stuff*
    Yuna: Huh? Eh? Why is everyone looking at me?
    Rikku: Because Yuna you're famous! It can't be helped!
    Yuna: Ohh~~~ and I was hoping for some peace and quiet in my 
    Rikku: *whispering to Paine* She has been in Besaid for too long.
    Yuna: Hey! What's that suppose to mean?
    *and that moment a blonde spiked hair guy came*
    Rikku: Yuna Yuna! That's the leader of the Machina Faction! 
    Gippel He can be a bit annoying sometimes, but he's a nice guy!
    Gippel: You girls here for initiation? C'mon in!
    Yuna: Yep... Definitely a good guy huh...*smiles*
    *they went in*
    Gippel: Hey... you are...!
    Yuna: Hello.
    Gippel: You're here for the initiation?
    Yuna: Yep!
    Gippel: Whoa! The great summoner's here for an initiation?!
    Yuna: FORMER summoner Yuna!
    Gippel: Heh! C'mon out here.
    * they headed out to the bridge*
    Gippel: The real Lady Yuna in flesh and blood~~~~
    Yuna: Huh?
    Gippel: Heh! very nice~~~
    Yuna: Very... nice?
    *turns to Rikku*
    Gippel: Hey, it's that old man's daughter! How are you girl?
    Rikku: *smiles * Just call me Rikku!
    Gippel: So how's Aniki?
    Rikku: Haven't changed much, him. We're traveling together now.
    Gippel: Ahh...
    *turns to Paine*
    Gippel: Huh...? IT'S you!
    Paine: I'm Paine, pleasure to meet you.
    Gippel: Hey wait a min... you...
    Paine: We're just here for the initiation.
    Gippel: ...I see...
    Gippel started explaining about the digging stuff in the desert, 
    then, he'll give you proof .
    (kinda like a license)
    Kimahri's intro
    Story level 1
    Mount Gagazet
    *Yuna and co. head to Kimahri*
    Yuna: Kimahri~
    Kimahri: Yuna. You seem well, Kimahri is glad.
    Rikku: How are ya Kimahri? How's it feel to be chief?
    Kimahri: Being a chief is hard, Kimahri is very troubled.
    *another Ronso comes over*
    Gariku: Cheif, Rian and Eid have disappeared! The children said 
    they want recover your
    Yuna: What's wrong?
    Kimahri: Rian and Eid are Ronso's future. They want to find a way 
    to recover my horn.
    Gariku: If Kimahri's actions act more like a chief, this would 
    have never happened.
    Kimahri: ...Perhaps.
    Rikku: Kimahri...
    Gariku: It's an honor to meet you, Great Summoner Yuna.
    Yuna: Pleased to meet you.
    Gariku: Lady Yuna had saved Spira, yet couldn't save us Ronsos...
    Yuna: (three choices here, the magazine chose this) Please work 
    together with Kimahri.
    Gariku: Walks off. (jerk!)
    *Kimahri tells Yuna he can't leave the mountain, but you can help 
    him find the lost kids.*
    Story level 2
    In the hot spring event, to get this event, you have to take a 
    different route. In other words don't follow those guards as you 
    run along but head up.
    Mount Gagazet Holy Spring
    *You'll hear two women's voices at top of the cliff*
    Woman 1: Ahhh... What a great hot tub... I can't believe they 
    have a hot spring here.
    Women 2: But... isn't this the Ronso's holy place? Don't you 
    think it might be a bit rude...?
    Woman 1: What? You're scared? We just don't let Le Blanc find 
    *while chatting, a guy's voice came in*
    Man: Hey! You two! Quit goofing off!
    Women: We're not slacking off! We're just... resting up a bit...
    *suddenly, the platform Yuna was on began to crumble, and the 3 
    of them all fell down to the spring, scaring off the 2 Le Blanc 
    *they climbed out of the water*
    Yuna: This is... a spring?
    Paine: Those 2 were working for Le Blanc.
    Riku: *Looks around and spots a Le Blanc guard outfit*
    Hey! Lost property! How easy was THAT?
    Yuna: Well, since we're here, how about going for a dip?
    Rikku: At the Ronzo's holy place?
    Paine: Nobody will see us anyway.
    *so they all changed into swimmers and dived in*
    Yuna: Ahhh... this feels good....
    *Rikus goes around, checking Yuna out*
    Yuna: Huh...? ... What?
    Rikku: *looks back at "hers", feeling a bit disappointed to 
    herself* Oh well... at least mine's more flexy and bouncy.... 
    Yuna: Hey! That's RUDE!!!
    *Rikku goes over to Paine*
    Paine: Go away! *annoyed*
    Rikku: *grins* Ohh... so Paine's a bit... underdev...
    Paine: *gets up and goes over to her* DIE!!!
    Yuna: *gets up too* I'll help!!
    *They both tried to hit her*
    Rikku: ARGH!! Guys, give me a break huh??
    Yuna and Paine: NO!!!
    *they all fought and splashed, then after some time Aniki called 
    Aniki: Hey, what are you guys doing??
    Yuna: We're dipping in a hot spring.
    Aniki: Hot spring??!!!! WOW!!! I'm coming down too... 
    OOOOWWWWW!!!!!! *cries out in pain*
    Yuna: Aniki???
    Dachi: Don't worry, I just hit him.
    Rikku: HAHAHAHAHA!!!! C'mon let's go. I've had enough for one 
    Yuna: I feel so alive!!
    *they got dressed, but after that, ran into those 2 guards again*
    Woman: Hey!! Gives us back our uniform!! Le Blanc will get mad at 
    *after the battle*
    Uno: Oh! The Gullwings! So you're the ones that fell in to here! 
    However, I was just surprised... a bit.
    Rikku: A bit eh? Well, it took you long enough to come crawling 
    back here.
    Uno: Shut up!
    *then Aniki calls in*
    Aniki: This is Aniki! How's the situation??
    Yuna: Mission accomplished! We got the battle uniform!
    Aniki: Ok! We're getting you guys now!!
    It only occurs if you had chosen to give the sphere back to 
    This happens in Mushroom Rock, story level 2
    *When Yuna and co. get there, they found that all the Young 
    People Union has added more security to the place because they 
    now see the Gullwings as enemies*
    Yebalo: Lady Yuna! Why did you give the sphere to New Yevon? Now 
    everyone here sees you as their enemy.
    Paine: Everyone?
    Yebalo: Yes! Everyone! Of course, I personally still support you 
    Lady Yuna. Oh! I'll go and tell them to soften the security! I 
    gotta go!
    Rikku: Hey~~ calm down!!
    *when you go down the Mushroom Rock, you'll eventually run into 
    Nooj: Ah, the Gullwings. How is everyone? Our people here seem to 
    have gotten skeptical when supporters of New Yevon appeared...
    Yuna: We're Sphere Hunters Gullwings, we don't support anyone.
    Nooj: Free roaming sphere hunters, you say? Ever since the 
    Eternal Calm started, more dishonesty has appeared...
    Rikku: Why you...?!
    *Paine stops her*
    Nooj: *noticing Paine* You became a sphere hunter...too?
    *Nooj gives her Akagi sphere 7, then leaves without a word*
    Rikku: What the... You two know each other??
    Paine: Yeah, kinda...
    Rikku: Tell me~~~~!!
    Paine: Rikku... WE trust each other. That's why we're a team, 
    aren't we?
    Rikku: No no, because we ARE teammates, we have to know more 
    about each other! Don't we?
    Paine: I don't wanna say.
    Rikku: But I wanna know more about you!!
    Yuna: Did you two have a thing going together??
    Paine: ...We're just friends.
    Yuna: Really!? Ohh...
    Rikku: Then, did he like, confess his true feelings to ya??
    Paine: Hey! Enough of that! I'm taking off points in your value 
    of respect!
    Rikku: Huh? Then how many points do I have left??
    Paine: 47 points
    Rikku: AWWWWWW~~~~~~~~
    *Yuna pats Rikkus head*
    Rikku: But I wanna know~~~~
    Paine: ...46 points left...
    *end of event*
    Regarding the event where Nooj gives Paine the akagi sphere
    It seems that you can still have the event even if you gave the 
    sphere back to Young People Union, but the dialogue alters a bit.
    *Yebalo will instead tell Yuna he's glad that the Gullwings want 
    to join the Union (which is not true, but Yuna never had a chance 
    to tell them she's not joined either parties)
    *Nooj will not scoff the Gullwings about dishonest people instead 
    but tells you about the secret door that can only be opened with 
    Yuna: Do you think we can collect the spheres for this door?
    Nooj: Collection the spheres?
    Yuna: We are sphere hunters. It's our job to collect them.
    Nooj: Alright then, take this.
    *gives Akagi sphere to Paine*
    Nooj: ...Its almost like fate bought us here... (NOTE: The word 
    he used isn't exactly"FATE". It's just kind of meant that 
    something brought these two FRIENDS together again. It's a term 
    that Chinese and Japanese have, but not Westerners, so I can't 
    translate properly)
    Paine: ...Its just a coincidence.
    *Nooj leaves, and you can just insert the dialogue that Rikku 
    starts going "What? What?? Did you guys have something going part 
    in here...*
    *and then you'll run into Elma*
    Elma: Lady Yuna! Is it true, that you are joining our group and 
    leading us??
    Yuna: Why is everyone saying that? Did Yabelo tell you that?
    Elma: Well he's spreading the news.
    Rikku: It's getting more exaggerated.
    Yuna: We just thought we just lend a hand a bit..
    Elma: Well, that's what I thought. Lady Yuna has her own thoughts 
    and ideas. Why would she have come? Large groups don't seem to 
    suit you.
    Yuna: I think that's how I see it too...
    Rikku: *to Elma* Be careful about what you say...
    *Lucil comes in*
    Lucil: I had lectured Yebalo on this. He won't do it again, and I 
    apologize for all this.
    Elma: If only it were true though... it would have been great.
    Paine: So you ARE still trying to lure us into joining.
    Lucil: No! We had no intention for that. And I don't think these 
    few words can change ones mind as strong as Lady Yuna's. Our 
    hearts don't keep on going by outside influences. It goes on ON 
    its own, finding the place that you WANT to be. Part of is very
    important to everyone.
    Elma: Thats our Captain! Always uses wise words!
    *end of event*
    If you go back to Zanarkand at story level 2, a small event will 
    *Yuna and co. run into Isaaru*
    Isaaru: Hello everyone!
    Rikku: How's business?
    Issaru: Terrible. As you can see, there are a lot of these 
    monkeys here. It disturbs our
    tourists, so we can't keep the business going.
    Rikku: After pissing off Yuna and lots of monkeys, I guess dad 
    can't take it anymore,
    Issaru: *sighs* Well I must be off.
    Yuna: *kneels down to a monkey* C'mon little guy, don't mess 
    around the guests.
    Rikku: Wait! If there are MORE monkeys... then... this place will 
    be more peaceful
    Paine: Seems like it.
    *hence begins the mini game of "pairing of the monkeys"*
    Story level 2 event 
    Mihen highroad 
    *Yuna and co. reach Rin's travel bureau.* 
    *They see a young girl.* 
    Girl: Are you Lady Yuna? 
    Yuna: Yes? 
    Girl: Do u remember me? 
    Yuna: You are... Hikari?  
    Hikari: Yes! You remember me! 
    Yuna: *monologue* "Remember? She's the little girl we met a Mihen 
    Highroad, 2 years ago. She told me she was looking forward to the 
    Yuna: What are you doing here Hikari? 
    Hikari: I want to ride a chocobo. I've been dying to ride one 
    since I was a kid. 
    Rikku: Yeah, but you don't see chocobos nowadays. Everyone's 
    using machina. 
    Hikari: Yes... and there are fiends hunting down chocobos, for a 
    chocobo, there's not much place for it to live. 
    Rikku: Probably none are left... 
    *they see a chocobo pop out* 
    Yuna: Cho... 
    Rikku: Cho! 
    Paine: Cho?? 
    Hikari: CHOCOBO!!! 
    *you'll start the mini game to catch it, once you caught it, a 
    man will inform u that something's happened* 
    *You'll head down the road and will meet a chocobo eater. Yuna 
    tries to jump down.* 
    Paine: No! Don't! 
    Yuna: But we don't have time! 
    *at this moment, Clasko arrives with a herd of chocobos* 
    Clasko: I'll buy us some time! Lady Yuna! Now's your chance! 
    Rikku: NOW, we have enough time! 
    *Yuna heads down on time and fights the fiend* 
    *after that, we see Hikari happily riding a chocobo* 
    Yuna: She looks happy. 
    Paine: looks like she didn't really learn a lesson from all 
    *they headed back to the airship, but players should take note to 
    go back and get Clasko and Hikari on the ship*
    Story Level 2... 
    Calm Lands: Active Link 
    Clasko: This is... if it is here... I think, I found my path in the 
    future! Lady Yuna, thanks for all your help. 
    Paine: Don't you think we should follow him? 
    *Choose yes and they head into the monster training arena.* 
    Clasko: What am I gonna do? I found the right place... but there 
    are too many fiends... 
    Paine: Why are you praying in the dark? 
    Clasko: If only there are no fiends, I can do what I always 
    wanted to do... 
    *after Yuna and co. killed all the fiends...* 
    Clasko: Thank you! Now I can carry on my dream! 
    Yuna: Dream? 
    Clasko: To make a chocobo farm! If its here, no one can 
    interfere! I can take care of chocobos! 
    Yuna: That's great! Go for it! 
    Clasko: But...oh no! How can i make a farm with no chocobos! 
    Paine: Still got a long way to go... 
    *after this the players can capture chocobos in battles*
    STORY Level 2 Luca
    Interview with Shelinda
    *Yuna and co. head to Luca. They see Shelinda with a cameraman.*
    Shelinda: (This is one HECK of a Long interview. Brace yourself.)
    Good day to everyone in Luca! I'm Shelinda, and I'm here to tell 
    the latest things happening in Spira!! There are now many 
    different factions and groups who are now fighting over 
    historical spheres found in many ruins! First its the Young 
    People Group led by Nooj. Most of the members are former 
    Crusaders. They gave the whole Spira a fright when they tried to 
    attack Kilika Temple! Another rivaling group is the New Yevon
    Alliance. Because the previous leader left, the whole place was 
    in chaos, but now, thanks to Baralai, the whole group is now more 
    stable. Another group is Gippel's group, Machina Faction. 
    Apparently, they have no interest in sphere hunting, but their 
    skills in machinery may turn them into quite a powerful group. 
    Another group is the Le Blanc Syndicate. They are a group that 
    acts on their own, and their headquarters lies in Guadosalam. And 
    lastly, there is now, a new GROUP. That's right! Led by Lady 
    Yuna, the Gullwings! Today we get to have an exclusive interview 
    with her!
    Yuna: Uh...
    Paine: Well, good luck!
    Shelinda: Lady Yuna, the concert you held was marvelous! It must 
    have been quite tiring.
    Yuna: Well, it wasn't really me that day...
    Shelinda: Hmm, you don't quite understand... Speaking of which, 
    why did you become a sphere hunter? When you disappeared from 
    Besaid, there was a panic!
    Yuna: Well, I did regret my rash decisions.
    Shelinda: Rumors say that you left to find a young man... Is it 
    Yuna: (there are choices. One should be yes, no and no comment, 
    THIS magazine chose no comment) No comment.
    Shelinda: No comment? What does this mean?
    Yuna: It's a long story.
    Shelinda: Ah, so after many events and stories, you settled to be 
    the leader of the Gullwings.
    Aniki: NOO!!! I'M the new leader! Of the Gullwings! Pleased to 
    met you all!
    Dachi: (to the camera) Oh, so THIS is filming us?
    Shinra: Filming an idiot. Compared to what I invented, this 
    camera is just a mere toy.
    Shelinda: And one more thing. Is it true that you are helping the 
    New Yevon/ Youth People Alliance?? (This depends which group the 
    player returned the sphere to.)
    Aniki: Only a little! Nothing more!
    Dachi: We don't want to be restricted, make things simple.
    Shelinda: We would like a few more words, but we have run out of 
    time, so thanks to our guests, Lady Yuna and the Gullwings.
    *After that, the show is over.*
    Paine: That was good.
    Yuna: You should have joined us Paine.
    Paine: I find watching you getting nervous, funnier.
    Shelinda: Thank you so much for the interview Lady Yuna.
    Rikku: When did you start this job?
    Shelinda: When the Calm started, all the temples are feeling low. 
    At first, I wanted to rebuild the group, but people became 
    dependent... So I got tired of it.
    Yuna: But when someone asks you to do something, can't you say 
    Shelinda: I tried to change, but when I came here, people here 
    needed more helpers, so I ended up doing this.
    Paine: In other words, another favor from somebody.
    Shelinda: In a way, I didn't seem to have changed much... Oh! I 
    have another job to do! I must go! Bye Lady Yuna!
    Paine: It may be another favor from someone, but she seems quite 
    Rikku: Kinda like Yuna, Isn't it?
    Yuna: Really?
    *Paine and Rikku shook their heads, hopped in to a booth table in 
    a restaurant*
    Rikku: So, teacher Paine, enlighten us with your opinions.
    Paine: Some people can't see themselves properly...
    Yuna: ...I don't like your antics...
    *end of event*
    Here's an IMPORTANT story level 3 side quest
    Story level 3
    Le Blanc's feeling low and down...
    *Yuna and co. arrives at Le Blanc's HQ*
    Uno: Le Blanc, you don't need to worry.
    Sano: You don't sound like him at ALL.
    Uno: Fine! YOU try it then!
    Sano: Le Blanc, you don't need to worry.
    Uno: HAHAHAHA!! And you said I sucked!
    Yuna: What are you two doing?
    Uno and Sano: WHA!!
    Sano: Ever since Nooj has disappeared, Lady Le Blanc has been 
    Uno: We're thinking up of ways to comfort her.
    Rikku: OHH! You were trying to imitate Nooj??
    Sano: You mean you couldn't tell??!!
    Paine and Rikku: NOPE!
    Uno and Sano: *sigh, shoulder sagged*
    Paine: You're both trying to comfort her by pretending to be 
    Nooj, right?
    Sano: We're gonna keep trying!
    Uno: Yeah!
    *Yuna and co. head to Le Blanc's room*
    Le Blanc: Please leave now.
    Rikku: So you're giving up being a sphere hunter?? And let us 
    Gullwings take all the spheres?
    Le Blanc: You can do whatever you want. What's the point of 
    collecting these spheres if Nooj wont' even smile at me?
    Paine: Yup, she's depressed.
    Le Blanc: I don't want to talk about it anymore...
    *they headed back to Uno and Sano*
    Uno: Should we show her that sphere with Nooj in it?
    Sano: Yes! The one we filmed in Bevelle! Do you want to look?
    Yuna: What did you get?
    Sano: Not sure, haven't really looked at it yet... Please wait 
    that the room down there.
    *after you head back down the secret place*
    Sano: This one here...
    *sphere however shows Yuna and Rikkus... err... privates... ok, 
    ok... their butts and waists*
    Yuna: The heck is this?!
    Rikku: Ewwww! Pervert!
    Sano: (defensive) UNO's the one FILMING!
    Paine: So I see...
    Sano: (realizing this is the wrong sphere) This is... how 
    Rikku: What do you mean "empty"?!!
    Sano: (takes another sphere) This one shows Bevelle.
    *then they all saw some one in there*
    Yuna: There's someone!
    Sano: Zooming in...
    Rikku: It's Nooj! What is he doing?
    Paine: This blows...
    Yuna: Why?
    Paine: Sneaking in... Probably got more secrets...
    Sano: You can do whatever you want... but don't tell this to Le 
    Rikku: Why?
    Sano: The Vegnagun 's existence is dangerous. If we sphere 
    hunters interfere, we could lose our lives, but if she knows that 
    Nooj is involved, she'll bust her way into this... If anything 
    happens to her...
    Rikku: Pretty sly of you though.
    Sano: No matter, please don't tell her about this.
    *end of part one*
    Part 2 will occur assuming the player finds another sphere in 
    Sano's room on the shelf
    Yuna: Another Bevelle sphere?
    Rikku: Another perverted sphere huh?
    Sano: No, we found that one in Bevelle. It's very old. Most of 
    the footage is probably blurry.
    *in the sphere, we see the cage dungeons in Bevelle, with a 
    Tidus-looking guy in it*
    Man(guard?): If Zanarkand doesn't surrender, the war will never 
    ????(Tidus-looking guy): No, if Bevelle will stop attacking, then 
    the war WILL end!
    Guard: We won't be moved by these lies.
    ????: One day... you will all be destroyed by your own weapons...
    Maechen: This is a sphere from a thousand years ago.
    Sano: When did you get in here, old man??
    Maechen: Don't mind such small matters. (turns to Yuna) Even 
    though he isn't... he looks too much like him...
    Yuna: It's not him... is it?
    Maechen: I'm afraid so, that is, after all, a thousand year old 
    Yuna: I see...
    Maechen: Oh! (remembers something)
    *Okay, to all players, you must go to him, and select the first 
    option. This CRUCIAL to get the happy ending.*
    Maechen: Lady Yuna, have you heard of this legend? The great 
    summoner Yuna, along with a guard from Zanarkand, he was quite a 
    big hit in the Luca stadium in the Blitzball
    games. I talked to him too. He was very different from the other 
    people in Spira, and he's different from the one we have in that 
    Yuna: Is it connected?
    Maechen: Perhaps, if only I can talk to that young man again, 
    perhaps I can confirm it.
    Yuna: He's... not here... anymore... The Fayth told me: "Our 
    dream has ended."
    Maechen: Dream of the Fayth you say? Oh!
    Rikku: What?
    Maechen: There's a light... shimmering... but where it IS 
    shimmering. I must go and think some more of this... Goodbye Lady 
    *prepares to leave but turns back*
    Maechen: Lady Yuna, people are always linked, even if that person 
    may not be here anymore, you will meet again.
    Paine: Don't say such irresponsible words please.
    Maechen: I'm very sorry. You can pretend that its a babbling of 
    an old fool.
    *end of event*
    Mount Gagazet story level 3
    Stop the Ronso's attack
    *Yuna and co. arrives again*
    Kimahri: Yuna, you can't come here. The young Ronsos want to use 
    their power to avenge. Gariku is leading them to revenge against 
    the Guados. Gariku wants to start a war. He went to the top of 
    the mountain to tell the gods.
    Rikku: So you are just gonna wait here?
    Kimahri: When Gariku hears the gods, perhaps he'll change his 
    mind. That's what Kimahri thinks.
    Paine: And if he doesn't?
    Kimahri: Kimahri will stop him, even if it means going alone.
    Yuna: But you can't!
    Rikku: Kimahri's the chief.
    Kimahri: I have something here for you Yuna. I searched the 
    mountains and only found this one. Kimahri doesn't know if it's 
    the one Yuna wants to find. If it's of any use to Yuna, then 
    Kimahri's happy.
    Yuna: Kimahri...
    Rikku: Uh oh... Yuna.
    Paine: We can catch up. Let's go after him.
    Yuna: Let's go and try to convince him to stop.
    *when you meet up with Gariku*
    Gariku: The wrath of the Ronso's can't be stopped. To all of us 
    who want revenge, we will fight the Guados.
    Yuna: What if I say that you can't go?
    Gariku: The gods told us to go.
    Yuna: Then I guess I have to stop you by force.
    Gariku: You think a small hand like can stop the wrath of the 
    Yuna: If I can stop you, then you must give up the idea of 
    Gariku: Alright, since it can never happen anyway!
    Rikku: They're determined aren't they?
    Paine: Those are Ronsos...
    Rikku: Not just them, Yuna too.
    Gariku: Great Summoner Yuna, I'll let you know the wrath of the 
    *boss fight*
    Gariku: ...Revenge is... Ronsos always keep their promises. Yuna 
    had beaten Gariku, we'll listen to you and give up our plan to 
    start the war.
    Yuna: Thank you.
    Gariku: No need. Gariku has lost again, Lady yuna, I now know my 
    limits. If I want to defeat the Guado, I must train harder.
    *end of event*
    Short event in Moonflow at story level 3
    Assuming you did the side quests here in level 1 and 2
    Toberi: Bother... the eve has started, but how should I do 
    this... it lacks something. It never gets exciting enough. I must 
    have thought it wrong. It shouldn't be like this.
    Rikku: Don't get so down. Next time, try harder and it'll get 
    Toberi: Next time... no, my plan isn't good enough to gather a 
    crowd. If only I can have some famous people to gain 
    Yuna: You mean famous people as in...
    Toberi: Oh! Such la...
    Paine: *cuts him off* Yuna, lets go back.
    Yuna: Why?
    Paine: Don't ask, just go. C'mon! Let's go now!
    Rikku: Okay...
    Toberi: Huh? Waaaaiiiit!!
    Paine: Cover your ears.
    Rikku: What the heck are ya doing?
    Paine: "The heck I'm doing"?? You know what that guy wants?!
    Rikku: To ask us to join!
    Yuna: It could be fun you know.
    *Paine was silent after that*
    One of the Akagi Spheres can be found in Bevelle before you 
    finish the Djose Ixion battle in story level 3. Well, you'll see 
    a crucial scene involving Baralai, Gippel and Nooj.
    Story level 3
    *Yuna and co walk in and see Gippel.*
    Rikku: Hey... isn't that Gippel? What's he doing here??
    *They see the other two, Nooj and Baralai.*
    Gippel: *waves to the other two* Yo!
    Baralai: You're late.
    *Gippel's about to say something, but Nooj cuts him off.*
    Nooj: Never mind. I'll be worrying if you actually came EARLY.
    Yuna: Aren't they supposed to be missing or something?
    Gippel: You guys sure it's alright? If the leaders suddenly just 
    disappeared, it'll cause a panic.
    Nooj: Group?... barely qualifies it.
    Gippel: *to Baralai* What do you have to tell us?
    Baralai: I wanted to check something. The Vegnagun is gone...
    Gippel: What do you mean "gone"? So you think that just because 
    you said it's got legs and ran off. It doesn't mean Yevon can 
    dodge the responsibility.
    Baralai: Well it's the truth. That thing is sensitive. If it 
    detects hostility, it'll activate. If someone attacks it, it'll 
    wake up.
    Nooj: You're awfully informed!
    Baralai: I knew about that 2 years ago.
    Gippel: So you're saying the Vegnagun ran off because someone 
    wants to destroy it?
    *Baralai nods.*
    Gippel: Peh! Ridiculous!
    *Yuna and co. glanced at each other*
    Baralai: The thing is that, I'm not sure about, is that someone 
    wants to sneak in right? So it woke up.*to Nooj* You really hated 
    it didn't you, to control it? Or destroy it? Which?
    Nooj: Both. Ironic isn't it? Only people who are popular think 
    that way. * points his stick to Baralai* You can understand that!
    Baralai: I do NOT understand. I just don't believe it. I trusted 
    you. When we were in the Akagi team, I thought we were best 
    friends, yet you betrayed me, it's been... 2 years...
    *He grabs a gun from his sleeve, and points it at Nooj.*
    Baralai: Why did you pull the trigger?! Why did you shoot me and 
    Gippel?! You shot us from behind after we promised each other 
    that we'll meet again! Answer me!!
    Gippel: Calm down! Nooj apologized, remember?! I said stop it! 
    Dammit... You won't stop huh... not even with this?
    *points HIS gun at Baralai*
    Nooj: Heh heh heh. Such a confusing situation this is... He... I 
    DID pull the trigger... You were all good target practices... 
    whether it is Paine, or you two... 
    *drops his stick and pulls out his gun and points it at Gippel, 
    bears the question on how he can hold it when he's disabled*
    Gippel: You shot Paine!?
    Baralai: Why!? Tell me!
    Nooj: *going nuts here* I did it! Because she had too many flaws!
    Gippel: No-ooj?
    Nooj: We have the same power...
    *The light in Nooj 's body went instead into Baralai. Nooj drops 
    to the floor panting*
    Baralai:*has an insane smile* A heart that's full of hatred and 
    despair is the easiest to get into. Just like 2 years ago, you 
    just wanted to die Nooj, and I'll help you now! *points gun
    at Nooj again*
    Gippel: No! Wait!
    *Paine rushes to them.*
    Paine: Stop!
    Nooj: Paine! RUN!
    *a fiend appears and you enter a boss fight*
    *after that ...*
    Rikku: Where are they?
    Paine: I saw Baralai ran off. They must have gone after him.
    Yuna: So the three of them met before...
    Paine: Long ago.
    Rikku: Yeah. but Nooj...
    Paine: Yeah. He pulled the trigger, but I think it was an 
    Yuna: Why didn't you tell us?
    Paine: Cause you never asked.
    Rikku: If we did, would you have told us, like now?
    Paine: Maybe another time.
    Rikku: Not telling??
    Paine: Correct. Worried about me or something?
    Yuna: Yeah... but we won't force you to say it. We'll wait 'till 
    you're ready.
    Paine: Heh, smart huh...
    *Yuna smiles*
    *end of event*
    *To find out more about what happened, watch the 10 Akagi 
    Story level 5
    Besaid Island
    Wakka and Lulu's baby
    Wakka: HEY!!! IT'S a boy! Come over and see!!
    *Yuna and co. went to Lulu to see the baby.*
    Rikku: He soooo little!! It's so cute!!
    Yuna: And his hands are so tiny! AWW!
    Wakka: Cute huh? Luckily it doesn't look much like me...
    Yuna: Oh no, his mouth looks like yours Wakka.
    Wakka: Really?
    Rikku: What's his name?
    Wakka: ...
    Lulu: He hasn't figured that one out yet. He's been pouring his 
    head on one...
    Yuna: You better hurry and think of one.
    Wakka: You can't rush such things! Naming a child its a dad's 
    first step. If I'm gonna be a responsible parent, I have to be 
    Rikku: Getting prepared? 'Till when?
    Wakka: Till...Till I'm fully prepared...
    *Wakka goes back and thinks. Yuna and co. head to the beach.*
    Bechrem: Has Wakka named his child?.
    Yuna: Not yet.
    Bechrem: Still the same old guy....
    *Bechrem prepares to leave to the ship*
    This is the part where two scenes may take place! One is where 
    Bechrem hands Yuna the Chappu sphere! One is when he doesn't! I 
    think if you DON'T want the Chappu sphere, you must not veiw the 
    Besaid Commincation spheres with Shinra at level 4! If you want 
    it, you have to watch it 'till Bechrem mentioned that Chappu was 
    his comrade in the crusaders!
    END OF NOTE!!!
    Alternate scene 1
    *Bechrem suddenly turns back*
    Bechrem: Sorry, but I have something for Wakka.
    *takes out sphere*
    Bechrem: A memory... from my comrade... it's probably better if 
    you give it to him than I.
    * prepares to leave again but suddenly, a blitzball hits him*
    Keepa ( Auroch member): SORRY!!!
    *Bechrem then did a move not like Tidus's shot, and sends the 
    ball flying back. NONE of the Aurochs can catch it.*
    Bechrem: You guys still need more practice!!
    Keepa: Hey! How about next time, we get together again for a 
    game? You can show us that move again!
    Bechrem: Heh... still the same old simple minded guys..
    *Yuna and co. head back to Wakka.*
    Yuna: What's wrong?
    Wakka: I was gonna say goodbye to Bechrem.
    Yuna: He left already...
    Wakka:  ...I see...
    Yuna: It's for you. *hands him the sphere*
    Wakka: For me? What's this?
    *turns it on*
    *We see Wakka praying in the background, and Chappu talking to 
    the sphere.*
    Chappu: Hey bro, do you still remember? When we were kids I said 
    there was a sphere with our parents in it on this very island?? 
    I'm sorry... there wasn't such a sphere at all... I remember you 
    were always scolding me, trying to become a mother and father to 
    me... now I feel bad about telling you about that sphere...
    Wakka: *in background* Hey if you have time to film, how about 
    praying? You're gonna
    need it if you're joining the crusaders.
    Chappu: Lecturing again huh?
    Wakka: I gotta do that for mom and dad. It's my job.
    Chappu: *to sphere* Don't say that you wanna be mom and dad 
    again... Your burden's heavy already... You should just be 
    yourself bro...
    *the sphere ends*
    Wakka: I should just be myself... is that how he felt?
    Wakka: Ok! Can you all stay here 'till nighttime?
    Yuna: *monologue* "That night, Wakka gathered all the villagers 
    around the square."
    Wakka: I gathered you all today, because I want to introduce a 
    new member to our village!
    Datto: We know THAT already!
    Jassu: Have you come up with a name yet? Or are you gonna make us 
    think one for ya?
    Wakka: Of course not!! His name is Inami. I thought of it. 
    Alright, everyone please welcome him.
    Yuna: Congraulations!
    *here the eternity piano music plays*
    Wakka: Heh, you know, during all this time, I wondered about what 
    kind of person I should be... a blitzball player... a guardian... 
    a Yevon citizen...or a dad... but all these thoughts just made me 
    confused and frustrated... at last I decided that I am who I
    am. Trying to imitate something won't work. So I just used my own 
    way to deal with things, create a path for our story...
    Yuna: You can do it, dad~~
    Wakka: Heh... this is where things get tough.
    *later all had left except for Lulu and Wakka*
    Wakka: sorry it took so long just to think of a name
    Lulu: It's alright, I have faith in you, that you will think of 
    Wakka: Really?
    Lulu: That's why I stayed by your side, now I have someone to 
    lean on.
    Wakka: I won't give up.
    Lulu: Yes...
    *Yuna and co. are peeking*
    Rikku: They're in their own little world...~~
    Paine: Let's go back now.
    Yuna: It wouldn't be nice for us to ruin the moment...
    *They left, but not before Yuna casts them one last bow and 
    End of altenate scene 1
    I'm afraid I lost the exact text on the other alternate scene. 
    But I can tell you the difference. Instead of a Chappu sphere, 
    you'll have a conversation between Rikku and Wakka , and Yuna 
    too. Rikku tells Wakka that Kimari had told her (in the 1st game) 
    that she should just be herself, that Rikku should just stay 
    Rikku, and she told Wakka to do the same.
    And another major difference is that Wakka WILL NOT think of a 
    name for the baby.
    This is the Maechen hand shake event, it only happens in story 
    level 5 Zanarkand
    if you did the monkey side quest and shook Maechen's hand in the 
    Youth Alliance base.
    *Yuna and co. are at a fire place*
    Rikku: Finally it's quiet...
    Paine: So, you protected your memories...
    Yuna: Yeah... but... even if my place of memories has changed or 
    disappeared... I can't dwell on it... I have to be strong.
    Rikku: So you don't care anymore?
    Yuna: It's different.
    Rikku: Just don't stress on it, okay?
    Yuna: Yeah... I guess. *monologue* "Perhaps one day, something 
    more important might show up. But before that, I want to protect 
    my memories, with the monkeys, hehe..."
    *Yuna stares at the ruins*
    Paine: Did you see something??
    Yuna: Secret.
    *they see Maechen*
    Maechen: Lady Yuna! Would you like to hear about the Vegnagun?
    *chose yes*
    Maechen: The Vegnagun was created back in the war of the Machina, 
    but it was never used. Sin was the reason why the war stopped at 
    all. It was said that the Vegnagun was a failure. It's far too 
    sensitive to tell the difference between friend and foe. It 
    nearly destroyed all there is now! So it was never used for it 
    was far too dangerous, it wasn't used for the war, and it was 
    sealed under Bevelle.
    Rikku: Wow, you sure know a lot.
    Paine: How did you find out all this?
    Maechen: Well...
    Rikku: What is it? What is t?
    Maechen: Because of this *pyreflies surround him*
    Rikku: You're dead? All this time?
    Maechen: Until now, I never remembered that I was dead. It was 
    Lady Yuna that
    reminded me, when she shook my hand.
    Yuna: ??
    Maechen: 1000 years ago, I shook hand with another.
    Paine: 1000 years ago?
    Yuna: It's Lenne.
    Maechen: Indeed. How extraordinary, to go through such a long 
    time frame and able to shake hands with two different people.
    Rikku: And meeting many other friends at that, huh?
    Maechen: Yes, I got to know all sorts of people, and said goodbye 
    to many... All my old friends have left... to the Farplane... I 
    felt all alone...
    *He is slowly disappearing... Yuna turns back and sees her father 
    Braska, Jecht and Auron, sitting at the fire.*
    Yuna: Father!
    Maechen: I apologize. My memories have leaked out.
    Yuna: Everybody is linked together in a way...
    Maechen: Yes...
    Yuna: Good bye, Mr. Maechen, we'll meet again.
    Maechen: Indeed we will...
    *He disappears.*
    *end of event*
    Mushroom rock story level 5 
    Important note: There are 2 events, depending on what you chose 
    to give the sphere back to at story level 2. 
    This is what happens if you gave it back to Yevon. 
    Elma: Lady Yuna! We went to your concert! It was so touching and 
    Lucil: And thanks to the song, we can avoid a war between us and 
    the New Yevon group. The ones that went with us to the concert 
    are persuading the others to no go to war. 
    Yuna: That's great! 
    Lucil: But there are those in our group, who still want power. 
    They weren't pleased with the fact they didn't get a chance to 
    fight in a war. 
    Elma: There are a lot of reckless guys, but Captain Lucil thought 
    of a good plan. We're planning to hold a tournament soon that 
    others can show what they got! 
    Paine: That's interesting. 
    Lucil: We hope you can join us too, if some of the Yevon group 
    will join us, it'll be better. 
    Yuna: Don't confuse me of being with the Yevon group. 
    Elma: There are still those who don't understand.  
    Rikku: We'll take care of these guys. C' mon Yuna, lets go. 
    *Yuna and co. run into some soldiers.* 
    Soldier: We are not looking to Yevon for help. 
    Yuna: I just wanted to check out something. 
    Soldier: I have no intention to interfere, but there are still 
    those who hate Yevon. Please be careful. 
    Soldier 2: We liked your song. It was great. 
    *Yuna and co. run into Yebalo* 
    Yebalo: I thought of a lot since I heard your song, Lady Yuna. If 
    there was a war with Yevon, Spira will be split in two... then I 
    might not see you again Lady Yuna. There are still a lot of 
    people that want to go to war... but I'll stop them. You'll see! 
    We have repeated too much of the tragedy that had happened 1000 
    years ago... Lady Yuna, we'll see you... Good bye! 
    Rikku: Are you sure he can stop them? 
    Paine: Doesn't seem too reliable. 
    Yuna: *monologue* If only there are more people who can stand up 
    like him, maybe we can change something... that's what I thought. 
    *end of event*
    Musroom rock 
    Story level 5
    This occurs if you gave the sphere back to Youth Alliance
    This is what happens if you gave the sphere back to the Young 
    People Alliance. 
    Elma: Lady Yuna! We went to your concert! It was so touching and 
    Lucil: And thanks to the song, we can avoid a war between us and 
    the New Yevon group. The ones that went with us to the concert 
    are persuading the others to no go to war. 
    Yuna: That's great! 
    Lucil: But there are those in our group, who still want power. 
    They weren't pleased with the fact they didn't get a chance to 
    fight in a war. 
    Elma: There are lots of reckless guys, but Captain Lucil thought 
    of a good plan. We're planning to hold a tournament so that 
    others can show what they got! 
    Paine: That's interesting. 
    Riku: How about we join, Yuna? 
    Elma: That's great! Now just register with Yebalo. 
    *choose "go"* 
    Lucil: Lady Yuna will be the challenger. So everyone, show them 
    what you got! 
    Yebalo: I... uh... I wanna join too! Duelling with Lady Yuna is a 
    once in a lifetime experience! 
    Lucil: Alright! Places, troops! 
    *Yuna and co. fight a couple of soldiers, and Elma and Lucil, but 
    I haven't got what they said to translate... sorry* 
    *after you defeat Lucil* 
    Elma: Captain! 
    Lucil: Thank you Lady Yuna. It was a great duel. 
    Yebalo: Lady Yuna is still amazing... 
    Elma: So was our captain! 
    Lucil: Now is a good time. Everyone, there is something I need to 
    tell you all. It concerns our group... and the future of Spira. 
    *we see Lucil on top of the headquarters addressing to everyone* 
    Lucil: Two years ago, the Eternal Calm took over. Many of the 
    young warriors have gone through a change. Without Sin as our 
    opponent, we were lost of who we can fight to live for... I was one 
    of them... I couldn't find a way where I can show what I can do 
    in battle... So, I'm with Nooj, and his goal: "to find out the 
    truth of Spira". The die hard Nooj came to us when we felt lost. 
    Why have all these changed? Maybe there was a reason for all 
    this... but we didn't know. It was Nooj that led us to find our 
    way to prove ourselves of what we are, what we can do. But 
    looking back now, haven't we, Nooj and I, got seduced with too 
    much power? Now we have become a group that lusts for power and 
    violence... We had achieved nothing, pointless powers we had... 
    This is not much difference from Sin... Everyone, I ask you, why 
    have we decided to search for the truth of Spira? We are doing 
    this for Spira. We are using whatever power we have to create a 
    new path for the future. (note: in the US version of FFX, Lucil 
    said "When there's a will, there's a way." It's referring to that 
    line, except in Japanese) A future, where children will not 
    achieve their goals with swords and violence... 
    (whew... that was long..-_-;;) 
    *everyone clapped at her speech, the people of Spira are now 
    waking up...* 
    *end of event*

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