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    Mi'ihen Highroad Mystery Cave FAQ by Kouli

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/06/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -- Final Fantasy X-2 --
    -- Mi'ihen Highroad Mystery Cave FAQ --
    -- By Kouli {aka Ken Zhao, kenzhao99@yahoo.com} --
    -- Version 1.0 --
    - Send a high level Chocobo to Mi'ihen Highroad in order to discover this cave
    - Once found, head to 'Mi'ihen Highroad Old Road Southern Part'
    - In this area, there should be a Save Spere and the entrance to the cave is to the right
      of the Save Sphere
    * You can easily tell and see the entrance once you enter this area. It's blurry.
    * There is no map display in the cave
    <What To Do In The Cave>
    - You proceed by bombing down walls, as simple as that. However, only certain walls can be
      bombed down
    - For certain walls, if you bomb it, a monster will come out and attack you (Hence Battle)
    - For the walls that can be bombed down, it contains three types: Super Strong, Strong and 
    - Each of them have their own Endurance Point
    	- Super Strong Wall = 25
    	- Strong Wall = 10
    	- Normal Wall = 5
    - In order to bomb these walls, you can use three types of bombs from your inventory
    	- S Bomb (Takes away 1 Endurance Point)
    	- M Bomb (Takes away 2 Endurance Point)
    	- L Bomb (Takes away 3 Endurance Point)
    * You can also get Gil, Item and Accessory randomly by bombing
    * Points (From the Bombs) can also be added up 
    <How To Tell Which Walls Can Be Bombed Down>
    - I don't think there is any way. So I will provide you with maps from different sites and 
      hopefully these sites will last for some time
    - Another way is, bomb a wall that you think can be bombed down or indicated on the maps
      with S Bomb, by doing that, the worst you could get is wasting 1 S Bomb; But if it hits
      someting, there will either be an item show up, certain amount of Gil show up, an enemy 
      pop up or, best of all, a menu pops up and ask for more bombs for further bombing {Which
      means you got the right wall) 
    - If you got the right wall with 1 S Bomb and it asks for more bombs, then the wall can 
      either have 5, 10 or 25 Endurance Points; So start from 5 Points, if not, 10, if not, 25
    - There are only 2 Walls with 25 Endurance Points and 6 Walls With 10 Endurance Points
    - The rest either have 5 Endurance Points or can't be bombed down
    * For continuing bombings, the entrance might collapse and block your way out. You will 
      then either bomb your way out or beat the boss of the cave to get out
    ** According to an E-Mail I got from Orlando Soares (the.hare@mail.telepac.pt)
    - If you look at Yuna's skirt when she is standing still in front of a wall that can be 
      bombeb, the skirt will wave. If the wall cannot be bombed, the skirt will remain still.
      When you get used to looking at the skirt, you can even do it when she is not standing
    <Items In Cave>
    - You can sometimes get Gil and Phoenix Down by random bombing
    - S Bomb 
    - M Bomb
    - Mega Phoenix
    - Elixir
    - Turbo Ether
    - Sword Art Essence
    - Sorcery Essence
    - White Magic Essence
    - Black Magic Essence
    - Result Plate 'Limitless Magical Power' (Defeat the Boss)
    * Enemies you encounter in this caves will drop Bomb Items
    * Monster also hides in Item Box
    * You can also get 'Ougi Essence' and 'Rage Essence' by bombing certain places in the cave
      - Their locations seem to be random or around deeper part of the cave
    - http://www.squarecn.com/ff/zhuanti/FFX2/mihen.png 
    	(Or http://ff-11.com/ff10/10-2/mihen.png)
    - http://ffdb.fc2web.com/ffx2/map/dungeon_mihen_map1.gif
    - http://f4.aaacafe.ne.jp/~teke/FinalFantasy10-2/ff10-2_map.gif
      (If it doesn't work, get to it by this page:    http://f4.aaacafe.ne.jp/~teke/FinalFantasy10-2/place/ff10-2_17.htm)
    - http://babu.com/~dk-second/ffx-2/img/nagi.gif
    <Map Explanation>
    1/ - http://www.squarecn.com/ff/zhuanti/FFX2/mihen.png 
         (Or http://ff-11.com/ff10/10-2/mihen.png)
    - Letters represent Item Boxes (F = 5 Empty Item Boxes)
    - Deep Blue Area = Monster (If you bomb that wall)
    - Orange Wall = Strong Wall (10 Endurance Point)
    - Red Wall = Super Strong Wall (25 Endurance Point)
    - IN = Where you begin
    - Boss = Boss Battle
    - 1 = Possible Location For Ougi Essence
    - 2 = Possible Location For Rage Essence
    - Ougi and Rage Essence could be around the areas of K, L and M
    2/ - http://ffdb.fc2web.com/ffx2/map/dungeon_mihen_map1.gif
    - st = Start
    - Boss = Boss Battle
    - Letters = Item Boxes
    - Ougi and Rage Essence could be around the areas of K, L and M
    3/ - http://babu.com/~dk-second/ffx-2/img/nagi.gif
    - Greyed Box = Wall
    - Red Star = Empty Boxes
    - Letters = Items / Monsters
    - H = Ougi Essence
    - S = Rage Essence
    4/ - http://f4.aaacafe.ne.jp/~teke/FinalFantasy10-2/ff10-2_map.gif
    - Red Square = Walls That Can Be Bombed Down
    - Pink Square = Items will fall if bombed
    - Blue Square = Valley, Yuna needs to jump
    - 14 = Ougi Essence
    - 15 = Rage Essence
    - Number = Items
    <The End>
    - Me
    - CJayC
    - Orlando Soares (the.hare@mail.telepac.pt)
    - Japanese Sites:
    	- http://ffdb.fc2web.com/ffx2/miss/dungeon_mihen1.htm
    	- http://babu.com/~dk-second/ffx-2/minigame/mini17.htm
    	- http://f4.aaacafe.ne.jp/~teke/FinalFantasy10-2/place/ff10-2_17.htm
    	- http://ff-11.com/ff10/10-2/dungeon.html
    This Document Copyright 2003 Kouli

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