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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mobius Soul

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/20/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FFFFFFFFFFF   IIIIIIIII    NN        N            A          L
    F                 I        N N       N           A A         L
    F                 I        N  N      N           A A         L
    F                 I        N   N     N          A   A        L
    FFFFFF            I        N    N    N          A   A        L
    F                 I        N     N   N         A     A       L
    F                 I        N      N  N         AAAAAAA       L
    F                 I        N       N N        A       A      L
    F                 I        N        NN        A       A      L
    F             IIIIIIIII    N         N       A         A     LLLLLLLLLL
    FFFFF       A       NN         N   TTTTT       A          S    Y     Y
    F          A A      N N        N     T        A A        S      Y   Y
    F          A A      N  N       N     T        A A       S        Y Y
    FFF       A   A     N   N      N     T       A   A     S          Y
    F         A   A     N    N     N     T       A   A      S         Y
    F        A     A    N     N    N     T      A     A      S        Y
    F        AAAAAAA    N      N   N     T      AAAAAAA       S       Y
    F       A       A   N       N  N     T     A       A     S        Y
    F       A       A   N        N N     T     A       A    S         Y
    F      A         A  N         NN     T    A         A  S          Y
                     X         X                  222
                      X       X                  2   2
                       X     X                  2     2
                        X   X                  2       2
                         X X                          2
                          X         -------          2
                         X X                        2
                        X   X                      2
                       X     X                    2
                      X       X                  2
                     X         X                222222222
                                 BY MOBIUS SOUL
    I Table of Contents I
    1   Preliminaries
    1.1 Version History
    1.2 Introduction
    1.3 Legal Stuff
    2   Walkthroughs
    2.1 Gullwings Swoop Into Action!
    2.2 Operation: Infiltrate Bevelle!
    3   Closing
    3.1 Thanx
    1 Preliminaries
    1.1 Version History
    Version 1.0--11/17/03
    Both walkthroughs, intro, legal junk, and thanx done...probably the only
    version there will be.
    1.2 Introduction
    This guide was made, well, because I wanted to publish _something_.  I really
    want to write a guide for FFX2 itself, but there are like seven ones just made
    from the Japanese version and there are sure to be a pile of other ones once
    the game actually comes out in the US.  I figure having written this beforehand
    will improve my standings with CJayC for letting me get my guide into the
    suddenly ballooning list.  Also, I thought people might actually like a guide
    to this thing.
    1.3 Legal Stuff
    I very much doubt anyone will want to steal this, but just in case...this guide
    is the sole property of Declan P. Geoffrion Scannell, AKA Mobius Soul (also my
    Fictionpress.com name), AKA Boyle Deggs, AKA Euell P. Yorpanz.  This guide can
    be reprinted anywhere, I don't care, just so long as it is presented in its
    entirety including this disclaimer and you give sole credit to Declan P.
    Geoffrion Scannell, AKA Mobius Soul, AKA Boyle Deggs, AKA Euell P. Yorpanz. 
    This guide cannot be sold or in any way used to make a profit, except maybe
    making a bet you can get to the top with more time left in the race between you
    and Leblanc.  Okay.
    2 Walkthroughs
    2.1 Gullwings Swoop Into Action!
    In the opening, the Celsius appears through the clouds, and Yuna remarks that
    "the rocks are floating."  Rikku expresses her dismay at having to climb them,
    but Brother explains he will simply take them to the top.  When the real
    gameplay starts, Yuna is standing on an elevator (which doesn't work, so don't
    bother).  The game will show you a short couple paragraphs explaining FFX2's
    new platform-hopping (oh, the horror!) elements.  Don't worry, this is still
    the same FF you know and love.  Anyway, first go directly south from the
    elevator, holding O to jump down/climb ledges.  Down the ledges, across the
    waterfall, and up the ledge is an Elixir--but you probably won't need it,
    because you are at great levels compared to all the enemies here.  Not very
    great levels in all the history of levels--you're at 9s and 10s--but high
    compared with the opposition you will face here.  Both the boss battles are a
    snap, and any normal enemies you encounter can be taken out with one or two
    hits.  Anyway, after you get the Elixir (or not), go back across the waterfall
    and climb the cliff wall by moving around and right-ish while holding O.
    Atop the ruins on the broken roadway (reminds me a bit of the opening of FFX)
    you will be ambushed by Leblanc and her comical henchmen, who have apparently
    been following you this whole time.  A short, easy boss battle ensues--just
    keep pelting with physical attacks and Trigger Happy, and it'll be over in no
    time.  However, you will probably want to Spherechange at least once just to
    see the kick-@$$ graphics on them (it's almost as cool as summoning an Aeon in
    FFX).  After you beat them, they run off to beat you to the top.  (This section
    is timed, but it hardly matters, because it shouldn't take you _three_ minutes
    to get to the point at which you automatically win if  the timer hasn't run
    out, let alone the six the game gives you).  As I said, treasure will be almost
    completely unnecessary in this demo, but for you completists out there, here's
    a step-by step walkthru with all the treasure:
    After the battle, run to the right.  Go a past the column to the foreground of
    it, not the back, or you won't be able to get to the chest and you will lose
    some time (not that it really matters.) This chest contains a Mega Phoenix. 
    Now go back and go up the column.  Don't go up the second column, instead go to
    the left and continue to the door you may have glimpsed Leblanc and her goons
    going through a second ago right after the battle.  If you skipped the Mega
    Phoenix, you should simply go right after the battle with Leblanc then, when
    you jump the chasm, go up and you can take a shortcut directly to here.  Once
    you get in, go forwards a little bit then go to the right of the path and push
    the switch (O button to climb up).  Now climb down, go across the hall to the
    other little alcove on your mini-map, and push the switch _there_.  You will
    see a small cutscene of a rock getting lower.  Now continue down the hall and
    jump some rocks.  Go to the path on right, do a bunch of stuff with the O
    button including jumping across the rock you lowered, and you will come out
    next to a chest with a Red Ring accessory.  This is utterly useless since you
    can't access your equip menu in the demo, but I said I would be completist.  I
    don't know what it does in the real game, but it probably has to do with the
    Fire element.
    Now go all the way back to the hall with the switches and exit stage north. 
    Once you come out the door there is nothing to the right, so go left, noticing
    along the way the chest you opened a second ago.  Now go up a bit, climb up
    some, and you will see a bumpy gray path curving along the tower.  Go along
    this if you want another useless accessory, this time a Star Pendant (in FFVII
    a Star Pendant was an accessory that protected you from poisoning...probably
    what it does in here too).  Now head back along the path to where you climbed
    up.  Jump right and climb some more.
    Here you will trigger the end of the race, for it is at this point that you
    will see a rather silly cutscene of Leblanc and her guards hanging from a ledge
    ("would you stop staring!").  Continue past the save point--which here
    functions only as a heal point--and climb some more.  The chest next to Leblanc
    and Co. contains yet another useless accessory, the Muscle Belt.  And no, I
    don't know what it does in the real game either.  Continue up the stairs to
    reach the top of the ruins.
    A cut-scene will trigger, showing you the boss you are about to fight.  Paine,
    interestingly, says Auron's trademark line from FFX, which he says when a fiend
    boss is showing up, "It comes".  It is fractionally tougher than Leblanc and
    her goons, but will be easy all the same.  Spherechange, again, is not required
    but is recommended just to see the graphics.  Just pound away at the guy for an
    easy victory.
    You will now see the "buy FFX2 when it comes out!" ad screen, and will have to
    reset to get rid of it.
    2.2 Operation: Infiltrate Bevelle!
    This one opens with a cutscene showing the trio dropping from an impossible
    height onto pointy rubble without protective equipment, not only without
    injury, but without even breaking stride.  Go figure.  Leblanc, strangely
    enough, is with them and appears to be at least in a truce with them, for
    neither attacks the other.  They then walk forwards into a cavernous room that
    is apparently inside Bevelle.  The girls mention some gibberish about "Yevon
    liking to hide things..." Don't ask me, I don't know the plot.  When you move
    to the right, you are shown a panoramic view of some sort of giant machine. 
    Then an alarm goes off and you are forced to fight some monsters.  Don't worry,
    they aren't tough, especially since you are, in this part of the demo, about
    level 57.
    After the battle some platforms will appear.  These can be jumped down with O. 
    You can circle the top, but there is no reason to as there is no treasure.  At
    the bottom of the platforms there is a door--enter it.  Jump a few boxes and
    come to a fork. you are not allowed to take the path to the right--I'm not sure
    if you are in the real game--
    so go left.  Here you will meet an enraged wild Aeon, for reasons never
    The fight with Bahamut is easy.  Like the ones in the first mission, attacks
    and Trigger Happies will destroy him easily.
    But Sperechange is recommended, just because it look so darn cool.  At the end
    he will dissolve in a storm of pyreflies, and that's that for the mission--you
    see the same ad screen as the end of the last one.  Man, that was short, wasn't
    3 Closing
    3.1 Thanx
    Squenix--for making this great game!
    CJayC--for posting this walkthrough (he hasn't yet, but if you're reading this,
    All the fans who mailed Squenix (back when it was Square without Enix) about
    "please make a real sequel to FFX"--for making Squenix make this great game!

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