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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Paradisio

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/07/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy X-2 US version Walkthrough
    By Christopher Speight AKA Paradisio
    Version: 1.0
    This guide does contain spoilers, use at your own risk.
    Table of Contents
    1. Walkthrough
    2. FAQs (Frequently asked questions)
    3. Shinra's Bestiary
    4. Shinra's Dossiers
    5. Dress Spheres or Dresspheres
    6. Blitzball
    7. The Chocobo Secret Dungeon
    8. Version History
    9. Credits
    Thanks to Kouli for letting me use some information from his guide.
    Note: Do as much as possible if you are trying to go for 100%
    The Beginning
    The game starts in Luca with a beautiful cut scene/music video... Ignore the
    fact that I thought Rikku looked like Britney Spears for a moment.  And FYI
    the Japanese version of the song sounds much better.  The song is called Real
    After a while Yuna's imposter will engage you.
    Just wail on the impersonator and company till they die.  All Yuna will do is
    cast Thunder.  If you want to make it faster, steal grenades from the goons
    and bomb them to hell.
    Luca Docks
    Enemies: Goons and She-Goons
    Bosses: Logos, Ormi, and Leblanc
    Percent: Hit the healing moogle and finish the mission
    You now have player control.  You can access the menu now and change options.
    If you are a fan of the older battle systems just put it on wait.  Everything
    else should be self-explanatory.
    NOTE: You cannot change jobs at this time
    Groups of men will run at you and engage in battle.  They are simple enough.
    Continue to the next area. The battles will be a little different, but don't
    The enemies are just pathetic.  There is a healing device on this dock as
    well, it is a curled up moogle, make sure to use it if you are going for one
    hundred percent game completion, you will find out more about it later in
    chapter one.
    At dock 3 you run into some unfriendly fellows and run off, and then the real
    Yuna joins you in another cool FMV.  Yu-Ri-Pa!
    Beat down the imposter's goons; they are easy, basic attacks will take them
    down quickly.  Steal Logo's glasses and Ormi's Iron Bangle.
    Then the imposter shows up, they blabber about garment grids and then the
    imposter is revealed.
    You now gain the ability to change costumes or jobs for you fans of previous
    FF games.  You engage with the 2 previous fellows and the revealed imposter.
    The imposters name is Leblanc... Just follow the instructions to win.  (Change
    jobs with Yuna, use darkness dance and beat down.)   Make sure to steal a
    silver bracer from Leblanc as well.
    You will encounter those three a few times, the typical rivals.
    Mission Complete!
    Percent: Talk to everyone! View the first sphere at Shinra's workstation and
    rest in the Cabin.
    You will now be on your sweet new ride, the Celsius.  Brother will hit on Yuna
    with his funky Al Bhed style, which scares me to some degree.
    There is a guy named Shinra (yes, SHINRA) on the right hand side, he is a
    little hard to see.  Talk to him to learn about stuff.  (It is supposedly said
    that Spira and the world of FF7 are related, and possibly this Shinra is an
    ancestor of the Shinra in FF7, but it really is unconfirmed and speculation
    I would speak to him if you are new to the series, and even if you are, he has
    info about new features in X-2 such as oversoul.  Make sure to watch the
    garment grid tutorial for the Vanguard Garment Grid.
    I highly recommend you talk to him and watch the sphere (under treasure
    spheres) that started the whole adventure (you think they would have played it
    for you automatically.)
    You can "talk" to Paine to learn some info on her since she is one of the
    three main characters, who just isn't introduced very well in my opinion.  You
    will also hear Gullwings a few times, that is your group, who hunt Spheres
    (video spheres, like the Jecht spheres from X.)
    In the back is a save sphere, it'll tell you about some things the save sphere
    Now take the elevator to the Cabin area, make sure to talk to barkeep to learn
    some information about him as well.
    Now go and take the elevator to the Engine Room (vroom!)
    There are some chests by the huge machinery.
    Remedy 3x
    Phoenix Down 4x
    And Potion 4x
    (I put the x after the number, get used to it)
    You can head to the deck for a pretty awesome view of the ship.  Afterwards,
    head back to the bridge.
    Speak to the guy on the left for some back info and an Al Bhed Primer XXI.
    Then speak to Rikku to learn the whole story on what is going on.  (They are
    searching for spheres of Tidus.)
    Speak with Brother (the ship pilot) to learn more about the Al Bhed language.
    You also get Al Bhed Primer XIX, III, and XVII.
    Go to the cabin and rest.  After you exit the bar area, you should know what
    to do next, to the bridge!  Might want to save on your way.
    Mt. Gagazet
    Enemies: Recoil, Goon, Yellow Elemental, Divebeak, She-Goon, Ahriman, and Bomb
    Bosses: Logos, Ormi, Leblanc, and Boris
    Percent: Beat the Syndicate to the top and finish the mission.  Comfort
    brother when you get back to the airship.
    Yuna will lose her balance, and Rikku will make up some new words.
    You will be instructed how to use the new jump/climb system, I find it best
    just to hold circle down... I am lazy.
    In the next area FALL down to get the yellow ring in the chest, not pushing
    circle lets you go to new areas occasionally.
    You can equip this in the menu now to half lightning damage to one character....
    They don't have weapons in this game if you didn't get that yet.
    Go down and save if you wish. Push the glaringly obvious button to start the
    Go down the Cliffside and head to the left to pick up an elixir.  Then
    continue to head up.  Yuna's darkness dance make random battles a piece of
    cake, it blinds them all, and most of the monsters I encountered were pretty
    much physical attackers.
    At the top you run into your friends....  I shall refer to them as the ugly
    triplets occasionally, and if you care their names are...
    I recommend robbing them blind after using darkness dance to get some new
    Logos gave me a white cape.
    Leblanc give me a Tiara
    And Ormi gave me gauntlets.
    Afterwards your opponents will flee and you must get to the top in six minutes
    to beat them... Trust me, it is just funnier to beat them first and you get an
    extra item.
    Go to the very end to get a Mega Phoenix.  Climb up the pillar and fall to the
    next level (don't climb to the very top level, there is no point.)  Then jump
    across the divide.  Some friends will drop in to say hi, and then head off
    once again.
    Go inside, climb up to the left and right and touch the shiny objects to make
    something happen...  Head straight and then take your first right.
    Just keep going down the path and collect the red ring, then go back to the
    fork and head the only way left.  Hurry up!
    Keep going along the path to the outdoors, then head northwest to continue.
    Fatty will give you a warm welcome and then continue.
    Keep heading up... I don't know how to get to that chest so don't ask me... Go to
    the back of the cliff to get a Star Pendant.  Then ascend up again.  Just go
    as fast as you can and you should make it.
    If you make it then the other crew will be hanging around, literally, you
    can't help them so don't worry. Open the chest for the muscle belt; it is
    pretty nice so I would equip it on your warrior if you are using one. Then,
    save and continue up.
    Boris the crab greets you; yes his name really is Boris...  Simple attacks works
    fine, just heal as needed and hit him down with the melee attacks until he
    falls into the frying pan.  He only has a remedy to steal, so take it if you
    feel the need.  He is very easy.
    Yuna and Co. find a new sphere and Leblanc and Co make fun of them... they are
    just jealous.
    Head back outside to get a lift.  Brother went to save Yuna and got injured
    and Shinra will analyze the new sphere.  Comfort brother and he will try to
    make a move on Yuna before Rikku stops him... (Comforting brother is required
    for 100%)
    Talk to Shinra to watch the sphere... It appears to be Zanarkand and some other
    stuff happens which you and I probably don't understand at all at the moment.
    Shinra converts it to a dressphere since they can't do anything else with it;
    you now get the Black Mage costume/job.
    The alarm sounds, sounds like a new mission is brewing!  This is the first
    time where you actually have a choice to get one way or another.
    I took this opportunity to explore a bit
    Percent: Speak to Rin and finish the mission, "Behind the Scenes." Go to
    Mi'ihen Highroad to view another introduction scene.
    As you enter, just like most areas you will see a little scene.  Now you must
    find what really happened with the concert.
    Don't ask me why she wore a moogle outfit of all things...
    Talk to everyone and head down the stairway into the main plaza.  Talk to the
    guy by the stand, and he will act weird and make you promote the concert, now
    hand out balloons.  Make sure to talk to the guys behind the glass...  For
    handing all ten out you get the healing wind garment grid.  Since a couple
    people seem to have trouble with this, here are the locations of all ten
    people inside the plaza:
    1. Lady by cart.
    2. Child in front of monument
    3. Guy in brown on bench on left side.
    4. Guy on bench next to five
    5. Girl on bench next to four
    6. Monk by static televisions
    7. Other guy by static televisions
    8. Guy behind glass
    9. Other Guy behind glass
    10. Guy at back of area guarding café.
    After a few more scenes about the very first game mission it is mission
    complete for "Behind the Scenes."
    Go back to stadium area and go to the rest area on the right to meet with Rin.
    He will talk to you about the sphere break game that you can play a bit later.
    I also got an Al Bhed Primer XXII from this.
    Go check out the Mi'ihen high road to see another sequence, you can now travel
    it via hovercraft by talking to the guys by the swamp boat looking things.
    Next head to the Moonflow...
    Percent:  Finish the escort quest (Shave the Hypello?) without losing any of
    the suitcases.
    Speak with midget, Tobli to learn about his show and he will ask you to help
    Head south from Tobli and exit the area.  Continue along the path and
    eventually you will find him; he is the blue fellow that is complaining by the
    chocobo.  You must escort him, try not to lose any, or you shall suffer the
    consequences if you are trying to get a 100% save file.  Just chase after them
    after they take a package and then slaughter them.  They are very easy; they
    should go down in a couple of hits each.
    That was easy enough wasn't it?  Tobli then hands over the Gun Mage dress
    sphere, spiffy.  He also gives you the Circlet accessory and the Helios Guard
    garment grid.  Mission Complete!
    Percent: Enter the area and go to the top area and view the farplane cut scene
    as well.
    Go to Guadosalam to see the usual sequence about the past events.  No more
    Guado in Guadosalam...  Leblanc's syndicate headquarters is also located here,
    we will come back later for that part.  Go to the top area and try to go into
    the area to learn about the farplane.
    Thunder Plains
    Percent: Enter the area
    Go to the bottom left exit to be in the Thunder Plains, scary place indeed.
    After that, head back to your ship.
    Djose Temple
    Percent: Get the introduction letter from Gippal
    Go to Djose Temple and talk to people until the line clears up and go inside.
    Tell the guy at the front you want to dig and then head inside the temple.
    You will get an Al Bhed Primer IV after talking to him.  Then head outside the
    temple and south a bit and talk to him again.  He will hire you on the spot,
    he will give you a letter of introduction, but we will deal with that a bit
    later, for now head back to the Celsius.
    Percent: Talk to Baralai
    Now head to Bevelle to see the usual sequence and keep heading north and enter
    the large complex and follow the path around and you will meet the new
    religious leader, Baralai.  You will run into him more later on in the game, I
    don't know why they would make a major religion based upon an evil god who
    killed thousands of people...    Now head inside and ride the lift up and speak
    to him again to get the Tiara accessory.
    Now head back to the Celsius to continue to another area.
    Macalania Woods
    Percent: Encounter Bayra near entrance, speak to the two musicians who
    disappear, get Full Throttle by speaking to Tromell (4 times), get O'aka
    onboard your ship and speak to him on your ship, and pay off his debt by
    chapter 3.
    Blue Magic: You can absorb and mighty guard from the Haizhe, to learn mighty
    guard you must confuse the opponent.
    After a few steps you will run into Bayra who will travel up the crystal path.
    Take the very right path and past the next screen and head south and speak to
    Donga.  He certainly has an interesting accent.
    Now head back to the split off by the save sphere and take the path next to
    the crystal path.  Just follow the path it isn't complicated one bit.  There
    are a few chests along the way to grab, but they are not anything special
    enough for me to note except a white ring.  Talk with the guy with the horns,
    Pukutak and he will wander off.
    In the last area you will see three way to go, the first right exit goes to
    the crystal path, so take the second right exit for now.
    Go to the end to find Tromell Guado, talk to him four times, he will be
    awfully surprised at your new profession and he hands you Paine's special
    dress sphere, Full Throttle and the Unerring path garment grid.  Afterwards he
    will be gone... Never to be seen or heard from again!
    Now head out and take the top exit to exit the woods.  Head forward to hear
    some Al Bhed and gain Al Bhed Primer XVI.
    Talk to O'aka and he will run away.  Now you must find him in the woods!  Go
    south and follow the path and he will be hiding behind a tree.  Continue on to
    the next area.  Just run after him as fast as you can now.  Now back at the
    save area go to the right hand side and he will run off again, after him!
    Past the next area and go north and talk to the guy here a few times to find
    O'aka.  After you get him down, talk to him and let him stay on your ship.
    You will get the Ice Queen garment grid for letting him stay as well.  You are
    all done here.
    Back on the Celsius head to the cabin area and talk to O'aka the twenty-third,
    he has a formidable debt of 100,000 gil... You will have to buy that much off of
    him; at least you aren't giving it to him like last game...
    Here is how I paid off his debt and got enough cash for the 900,000-item key
    in Besaid.
    Now go to Luca Stadium and enter the left area you will see a midget guy, talk
    to him to learn how to play sphere break and get coins...
    Basically combine numbers to get what is in the center while using as many as
    the outer rim coins as possible (in this case 20) after you use the outer rim
    coins they wont regenerate for a couple turns so be careful.
    Now pick one of your coins, doesn't really matter, which, you will collect,
    bunches of copies of this coin, up the value and then sell it.
    Ok now, on to how to do that. Select your coin and 3 others when starting the
    game select that coin and then grab as many good outer rim coins as possible
    (+gil +coin(s) and Coin.) It should be obvious what this does, do not grab -
    gil coins if possible. You can also use the inner coins, so don't forget. If
    you lose the game you don't get anything so be very careful.
    After your coin is worth about 300-400 (or you can max out, which I hear is
    around 500) sell the coins to the same guy, but make sure you keep a couple
    just in case you go on a losing spree or something. You probably have a large
    collection (not sure what max is) and keep doing this over and over until you
    have 100,000 or a tad less (if your going with a tad less, just sell what you
    buy from him).
    Now go back to him and buy a bunch of overpriced items until his debt is 0.
    Now... He will stay on your airship for a while (I THINK he leaves in 3) he
    will sell items dirt-cheap... And you know what, you can sell the items for a
    considerable gain to barkeep about 3 steps away... I recommend just
    buying/selling Hi-Potion, Phoenix Downs, and Holy Water.
    Repeat until you have 900,000.
    Mt Gagazet
    Percent: Enter area
    Head to Mt Gagazet now, now will see an interesting development with Kimari;
    he is the Ronso elder now.  Then talk to everyone and head back to the ship.
    Choose the middle option when you speak to Garik.  Then speak to Kimari a
    couple of times and pick the middle option as well.
    Talk to the others as well; just tell them what they want to hear.  There is
    one more guy to talk to in the fayth scar, but I don't think these events are
    very important anyways.
    Mushroom Rock Road
    Percent: Speak to Clasko before doing the mission, Fight Ormi and Logos and
    receive sphere, speak to the guard of den of woe after Ormi/Logos, Speak to
    Maroda and Elma, Complete the mission, speak with Lucil twice, talk to Maechen
    and don't interrupt him (shake his hand,) view the sphere you just received,
    get Clasko onboard ship and speak to him on the ship.
    Head north to see Leblanc's guys.  Talk to Yaibal and Clasko ahead, don't play
    yet, instead talk to Clasko.  Then run the gauntlet.
    Basically when it gets dark more fiends will attack, so stop moving if you
    want to avoid them. Run after the two guys when you see them and hop down.
    Save when you get to the save sphere and head inside the Cliffside to find the
    goons.  You get a Crimson Sphere 9 with no effort.
    Examine the doorway and it will glow but that is about it. As you leave you
    will meet with Maroda, he was a Guardian in the previous game, talk to him a
    couple of times afterwards just to be sure you get the percent.  Go back
    outside and board the airship; we will continue the mission in a bit.
    Once onboard speak to Shinra and watch Crimson Report 1 under treasure
    spheres.  Looks like a failed training exercise or something.
    Anyways, head back to Mushroom Rock Road to continue the mission, don't jump
    down this time, and instead continue along the top portion.  At the end, of
    the first section, ride the lift to the top area.  By the elevator you will
    run into Elma and the mission will be complete.  You also get the Heart of
    Flame garment grid for completing this mission.  Head south and pick up the
    Favorite Outfit accessory from the treasure chest.
    Then get on the elevator and head up; you will now be in Youth League
    headquarters.  Head up to the large building and speak with Lucil, who was a
    leader of a group of knights in the previous game.  Talk to her a couple of
    times until she has nothing else to say.
    Maechen will appear, so talk to him and he will run to the right, so go talk
    to him again.  Listen to his story, and DO NOT SELECT ANYTHING.  If you do,
    you won't get 100%, if you accidentally do, you can start over.  At the end of
    his story make sure to shake his hand.
    Now go back to your ship and go back to the road yet again.  On the east side
    by Shore you should see Clasko, talk to him.  Allow him to ride your ship, now
    go back to the cabin area on your ship and talk to him.
    Bikanel Desert
    Percent: Complete the first digging mission
    Follow Rikku, seems you are lost in the vast desert island and that can't be
    good.  Some Al Bhed will find you and take you back to there little town area.
    You will get Al Bhed Primer XXIII.  Might be a good time to save as well.
    Go over by Paine and Rikku to see another cut scene, looks like you won't be
    leaving so easily.  Speak to the guys by the hover and Nhadala will arrive.
    Speak to her and give her the letter and you will be given a mission, Can you
    dig it?  Save first and then talk to the hover driver.  Dig up as many as
    possible and head back to the hover before the time runs out or you will fail.
    After you dig up the mission item go back to the hover and you will get a
    whole 100 gil for getting the item.  Then you get the still of night garment
    grid.  You can leave or you can dig more, it is your choice.
    Time to head to the Calm Lands
    Calm Lands
    Percent: Enter area and begin PR and Marriage missions
    When you enter go to the little shop in the center of the area.  Talk to the
    guy on the right to start the marriage mission.  Go northeast, here you can
    sign up to do a public relations campaign, check the PR FAQ on gamefaqs for
    additional information on this, it is pretty complicated.
    Kilika Island
    Percent: Speak to Dona
    First, head around town and collect all the chests.  In the first area go
    around to the right hand side and talk to the lady in blue near the monkey...
    There are several monkeys in the forest but we will do that later, since we
    can't leave the city right now.
    Now head to the second area and go to the Southwest house and speak with Dona.
    Make sure to hit the chest upstairs for some nice gil, and then head back to
    your ship.  We are done with the side quests for now.
    Zanarkand seems a bit dangerous so let us go to Besaid Island.
    Besaid Island
    Besaid Cave Monsters: Sahagin, Sallet, and Coeurl
    Besaid Monsters: Purpurea, Coyote, Flan Azul, and Iron Giant
    Bosses: Flame Dragon
    Blue Magic: You can learn the blue magic, Blaster and White Highwind from the
    Coeurl; to learn White Highwind you must confuse them first.
    Percent: Complete the mission to find Wakka
    Continue to Besaid Village, you should be able to see it from where you come
    An old friend will greet you, Wakka.  They will talk for a while.
    If you played the first one, you will notice the crusaders lodge appears to
    have turned into the Aurochs headquarters.
    Stop by the middle tent on the right side to run into Lulu.  She hasn't
    changed one bit... She really doesn't like very pregnant to me... Anyways, go back
    to Lulu's place and spend the night.
    Go outside and speak to Lulu.  Uh-oh mission time!  Talk to EVERYONE in the
    village... I gathered these clues...
    Number on the praying stone on the hill
    Atop the shattered pillars peak, you will find the final clue...
    The cipher easiest to see is first...
    Some contraption by where the road forks, before the beach.
    Ciphers by shore are number 2 and 3 of 4.
    Four Ciphers
    Numbers hidden on the island
    Check out ruins
    Ruins to the left of beach
    Crumbling pillar by shore
    Sounds like a combination lock to me.
    Time to investigate!  I am unsure if these numbers are random or not for each
    game so please just try to follow along.
    Head out of town and continue until you reach a split off, you should see a
    purple thing on your map, which is the praying stone.  It gave me the number
    Now gathering from the clues...
    The first is the easiest to see... so I am going to assume for now it is 4...
    So 4*** is what we have for now.
    Can't go west for some reason so head north.
    Climb the very first pillar and inspect the sparkly to get another number, I
    got 5 this time... This pillar seems pretty shattered...
    Continue on to the next area and the next area... You should see a door quite
    easily; I don't remember that from the first game....
    Head south.
    Hmm, something's up on the ship it seems, just ignore it for now.
    Head over to the side by the docks and climb the wall by the net to reach the
    next number, 0.  This pillar looks like it is in decent condition.
    Go back near the beach entrance and you should see the last purple map marker.
    You should see some kids so climb up by them.  Last number is 5.  This could
    also qualify as shattered....  But it is by the shore so we have 2 combinations...
    4055 or 4505...
    Head back to the doorway.
    4055 worked for me.  Head inside to find Wakka.  Considering what was said
    earlier, maybe it could be a sphere of his parents...  Time to check it out... If
    you check behind Wakka you will find another place to enter a code, you know
    what that means... Must find more numbers laget!
    Go left at the first split to get a chest, and then continue heading north.
    I am beginning to find the jumping moronic, considering you can't fall to your
    death...  At the end you find a sphere and the fiends appear!
    Obviously someone doesn't want you to have his or her goodies, and that
    someone is a Flame Dragon.  Use water based attacks if you have any and lay
    waste to him...  His flame breath is pretty nasty, so make sure to have about
    180 health on characters at all times.  Might be a good time to use Black
    Mage.  Your hardest fight yet by far.
    Flame Dragon
    Dragon Type
    980 HP
    84 HP
    Immune to gravity magic
    Weak vs. Ice Magic
    Strong vs. Fire Magic
    Immune: Sleep, Silence, Confusion, Curse, Stop, KO, and Petrification
    Get a new sphere and the white mage job!  Now you can have a specialized
    healer.  Looks like we won't have to put in another code here, but I have a
    feeling it is part of a side quest.  Head back to Wakka.
    It appears to be a sphere of Besaid Island and quite boring indeed... It shows
    some treasures we will have to go back for later... And you get a Besaid Sphere.
    After finishing the mission I also received a Protection Halo.
    I was unsure where to put this so here sounds fine.  Once you have 900,000 go
    to the item shop in Besaid and look under rare finds DO NOT LOOK UNLESS YOU
    ARE GOING TO BUY!  If you look and don't buy there is a good chance it will be
    gone forever.  Note that there is supposedly a secondary free way to get this
    Once you buy it you will have the Besaid key that unlocks the chest in Besaid
    Temple (go into main rooms not Cloister.)  You will then get the search
    sphere; this allows you to find codes for the second cipher.  Afterwards go
    talk to the guy in the other side room to hear some info.
    Basically hold down circle to dig up some kind of comm. Sphere.
    The first one is in town on the side path by the destroyed hut; I found what
    looked like a shiny sphere with the number 3 on it on a building
    Head out of town now, I found the next one to the left of the save sphere.  I
    saw a shiny sphere that had a 6 on it on the cliff, now head into the next
    Now head north and through the next area is well, ignore your radar it is
    wrong.  Now follow the fence here until your radar starts flashing as usually.
    This one is a bit tricky to spot, I saw it by the waterfall and it had the
    number 8.  Now head along the path and go east at the split off.  It is in the
    left hand corner this time.  The last sphere is in a tree sticking out from
    the rest, it showed me the number 6, now head back into the cave.
    You enter the codes into the panel on the right hand side as you enter.  And
    enter them in which the order we went via this guide and it should open.
    The path is very straightforward, when you reach outside just keep heading
    left and grab the chest for the Raging Giant Garment grid.  Now we are done,
    enjoy your new grid.
    Monsters: Behemoth, Gecko, White Elemental, Mr. Goon, Ms. Goon, Nashorn and
    Flak Python
    Percent: Complete the mission and make sure to scold Cid when you talk to him.
    Seems the old hangout has become a tourist attraction, sad....
    Go up onto the right hill to meet another old summoner friend.
    Continue into the ruins after you get done blabbering with everyone.  Some kid
    hunters will talk about a clue called 'key' or something.... Continue on.
    Follow the path....  And don't touch the monkey.
    Random battles are pretty tough now so be careful.  Eventually the kids will
    talk to you.  Surprisingly Pacce was a guardian.  Just keep going, on the
    You will run into a guy saying the clue is 'mon.' Key, Mon?  MONKEY!
    Unfortunately you must kill this helpful fellow, anyways, continue on.
    Collect the chests and talk with the other similar looking guy.  Just continue
    on, there are a few optional fights.  Eventually you will be in the cloister
    of trials; thankfully you don't have to do it again.
    In the last room talk to the monkeys, nothing likes some red-hot monkey
    loving....  Talk to both monkeys a couple of times... No more monkey love for you.
    Use the elevator to descend to the chamber of fayth.  Save here.
    NOTE: We will deal with the monkeys later
    Go inside and talk to Cid and the gang.  Make sure to get angry with Cid (You
    Bet I Do!) as it will affect the story. After Cid departs talk to the other
    fellow clad in yellow and the monkeys will roam about.  Go to the back will to
    enter a new area.  Open the chests for goodies.
    Go back to the last area up the stairs...
    A guy in a weird voice will ask you the password... Monkey of course...  I
    answered Isaaru (the answer you need to get the grid).... And surprisingly it
    is... He is a weird fellow.  He gave me the Heart Reborn garment grid.
    Go down the back stairs to find a new area. It is a straightforward path.  At
    the end you will find a sphere and some company.  In the words of Paine
    "Kick...Its... Ass."
    Guardian Beast
    Sacred Beast
    2886 HP
    1000 MP
    Weak: All Except Gravity
    Immune: Gravity
    Immune Status Ailments: KO, Petrification, Sleep, Silence, Poison, Curse,
    Stop, and Confusion
    He hits for around 150 damage, so stay healed up or he will make quick work of
    your characters if you are low level.  He will use a similar attack that was
    used a couple of times in X where his fins emit powerful energy blasts that
    damage all characters so heal up quick afterwards.  Just wail on him with
    regular attacks and he should go down fairly easily.  Afterwards you gain the
    half-sphere and are automatically back onboard your vessel.
    Time to head for Kilika Island!
    Kilika Island
    Monsters: League Fighter, Protochimera, Stalwart, Yevon Guard, Red Elemental,
    League Scout, and Death Dauber
    Bosses: YSLS-Zero
    Percent: Complete the mission and Speak to Dona if you hadn't done so
    Note:  Make sure to go to the dock and talk to the camera guys and make sure
    to take a look.
    Just keep heading to the back of the area and another cut scene will take
    Keep heading to the back and you will be let through the gates and another
    scene will take place.  You meet a guy who appears to be the leader of one of
    the new 'groups.'  He looks pretty funky in my opinion.  I am glad Ms Poopie
    and the rebellious squad is on the job.
    Now that you are in the forest you can find the monkies we talked about
    earlier, if you find all 13 you can go back to the lady in blue in Kilika in
    chapter 3 to get a grid. You can't visually see them so try to hear them and
    push X.
    Follow the path in the next area... Backtrack to the save sphere.  Go to the
    right and guys will talk about the password, squirter or squatter monkey.
    Can't go to where that crowd is, so time to go left.  Take the smaller path
    and go straight through the next intersection.  At the next junction go north,
    take a peek to see what is going on ahead.  Number of guards is odd than it is
    Carved Monkey, if number of guards at checkpoint is even then the password is
    Craven Monkey.
    Afterwards, go east, and the north.  Remember to save before continuing.
    There were four, so I selected Craven Monkey.  Keep giving passwords until you
    reach the top it is easy enough.  They try to trick you so you will probably
    end up having to fight, but don't worry, because I have the answers for you!
    Group – Answer
    1 - Craven
    2 - Carved
    3 - Craven
    4 - Carved
    5 (4 a second time) – Carved
    You get items as you go, if you answer them all you should get a Menace of the
    Deep Garment Grid.
    Looks like someone found the sphere, and someone else isn't very happy with
    that...  Time to fight YSLS- Zero.
    1935 HP
    0 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Immune Status: KO, Petrification, Sleep, Silence, Poison, Confusion, Berserk,
    Curse, and Stop
    Steal: Mythril Gloves
    He hits for around 300, very ouch, keep chain healing.  Just hit him as much
    as possible while staying in good health, pretty simple.    Paine snatches up
    the sphere and CHAPTER 1 is COMPLETE!
    -CHAPTER 2-
    Percent: Rest in the cabin; Give the sphere to the Youth League
    NOTE: Treasure chests regenerated as you get to the next chapter!
    You should have 25% completion at this point.
    Speak to Shinra to watch a very interesting sphere.  Brother will strike a
    pose and give you Al Bhed Primer XXII.  He is very frightening.
    Now go to the Cabin area and you will see some very noisy fellows, go inside
    and rest.
    Now head back out and talk to the guys, your objective is to get all three of
    their butts into the elevator, just push them in from smallest to largest
    (short one, tall one, and then the fat one.) After they are all in, a horrible
    music show takes place, enjoy the sounds of you wanting to die.
    After the dream, head to the bridge to find even more arguing about the
    recently acquired sphere, decide on whom you want it to go to, it will affect
    things later in the game.  I picked Youth League and it is supposedly the only
    choice to get 100%.  New Yevon did just throw a huge robot after you...
    Now you automatically go to Youth League HQ and meet up with Nooj. Looks like
    the Colossus, Vegnagun in the sphere still exists in this time period, but you
    have to leave in a hurry as something appears to be wrong onboard the Celsius.
    Leblanc has robbed you; payback will be sweet indeed when you find her.
    Besaid Island
    Percent: Beat Beclem's Challenge
    Now talk to the Blitz ball players, you must disprove Beclem by beating his
    shooting challenge.
    All you have to do is score at least 500 points... Just avoid getting hit and
    stay in the bridge area and then slaughter them.
    When you get to the end just fire death at the mech.
    For finishing his challenge you get the Enigma Plate Garment Grid.
    Kilika Island
    Percent: Speak to Dona
    Can't really do anything here, but this is just for extra game percentage.
    After you talk to Dona, jump around and grab the treasure chests and then head
    back to the Celsius.
    Percent: Do the interview with Shelinda
    Go to Luca and see Shelinda on a sphere camera.  When she interviews you make
    sure you tell her the truth.  For doing so you get the Covetous Garment Grid.
    Note, you can go to Luca Theater and buy movie spheres (FMV movies only) and
    Music spheres, Movie spheres run 2000 and music spheres run 1000 each.
    Now go back to the Celsius first and then head for...
    Thunder Plains
    Percent: Speak to Cid, Calibrate at least five towers and attempt all of them
    If you talk to the guy by the first tower a few times you can help calibrate
    the towers. Calibrate at least 5 and attempt all 10 (one is hidden in second
    area by water) then go to the travel agency and talk to the guy to receive the
    Samurai's Honor Garment Grid.
    After a walking a bit you should see Cid, go over and talk to him.
    Mi'ihen Highroad
    Percent: Get Clasko and the Girl (and the Chocobo!) on the Celsius and make
    sure to save the girl within the given time limit
    Go inside the travel agency to see they have stopped letting people ride
    chocobos, how very sad that children must lose the pleasure of picking on
    oversize pigeons.
    Afterwards head back outside and talk to the little girl, of course help her
    find a chocobo. Just follow Rikku... Don't listen to Rikku unless you want some
    additional items.
    Just go in the direction you think the chocobo will go and eventually you will
    catch it.  Now it looks like your friend is in trouble, head north from the
    travel agency.
    If the Chocobo escapes just follow it around until it runs far off, talk to
    the hover driver to catch up to him.
    Looks like the Chocobo Eater is close, so Clasko will distract it with some
    chocobos and then you must run down there and engage it.  You are given more
    than enough time.
    Chocobo Eater
    2350 HP
    230 MP
    Weak vs. Fire
    Immune to Gravity
    Status Immunities:  KO, Petrification, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Confusion,
    Berserk, Curse, Stop, and Strength Down.
    He does cast, so put silence on him and then pummel him into chocobo feathers.
    For completing the mission, you also get the Selene Guard garment grid.
    Now, go right back to the Highroad.  Go a bit north to see your two buds by
    the Chocobo, and of course, let them aboard your ship.
    No go back to the Celsius and head to the cabin area and talk to him, and he
    will act very scary "you've been a naughty chocobo."
    Now the Calm Lands will be a hot spot but we will deal with that later.
    Percent: Speak to Leblanc's guards outside of mansion...
    Percent says it all...
    Mushroom Rock Road
    Percent: Get the Crimson Sphere from Nooj, Speak With Elma And Lucil, and
    watch the Crimson Sphere at Shinra.
    Enter the area where you run the Gauntlet previously to talk to Yaibal.
    Then head into the area and follow the path until Buddy pages you, now head
    down into the bottom section of the canyon.  Just follow the path until you
    are back at the Den of Woe area.
    Once inside the Den of Woe, you will run into Nooj, you accept the mission to
    unlock the den of woe, and you receive crimson sphere seven as the down
    Now head back to the top path and continue along.  You can sneak past the Ochu
    if you want; I just took the opportunity to slaughter them.
    Once at the end of the road ride the lift up and then ride the elevator up the
    Youth League HQ.
    Yaibal has been spreading rumors about the Gullwings taking a large stance
    with the Youth League.  Afterwards head back to the Celsius and view your new
    Percent: Sell all ten of the tickets for Tobli's show
    Head east one screen and talk to Tobli, of course agree to help him.
    Here are the solutions to sell the tickets and get the most money:
    Save Sphere screen, lady in Yellow: 1500 gil
    Save sphere screen, guy on bench: 1000 gil
    Screen to left of save sphere screen, guy on bottom: 2000 gil
    Screen to left of save sphere screen, guy on stairs: 1500 gil
    Now ride the Shoopuf to the other side.
    Child, 2000 gil
    Lady by spinning device, 500
    Next screen...
    Guard looking guy, 500
    Lady on same screen, 2000 gil
    Next screen...
    First guy you come to on left, 1500 gil
    Guy by elderly woman before Guadosalam, 2000 gil
    Now you sold all ten and made 9500 gil in profit!  Very nice job!  You also
    get a bonus item, muscle belt and the Seething Cauldron garment grid for
    completing the task.
    Macalania Woods
    Percent: Complete the mission to help find the musicians.  Find a chocobo
    before chapter three ends, and encounter Lian Ronso And Ayde Ronso in the Calm
    Head up the regular path next to the crystal path and talk to the Hypello guy.
    Now you must locate the musicians and give them the letter.
    Keep heading along the same path until the split off area.  Go to the second
    right and speak to the bird fellow, Bayra will attempt to summon his friends
    but they have turned into butterflies or something...
    The first two groups can be found here, but apparently they aren't the right
    guys... Must be mini clones...
    Anyways exit the area and go to the most southern exit.  Follow the path and
    jump into the next circle and it will vanish... Odd... Continue along the path
    once more.
    Eventually you will be back at the save screen. Go the right-most path and go
    past the next screen and then go south to encounter another circle of
    butterflies.  One of the fellows is now complete, exit the screen and go back
    to the save sphere.
    Now head up the crystal path to complete the second, and very Scottish
    sounding fellow.
    Now you are teleported to the tree screen so talk to Bayra for the mission to
    end and to receive the Haste Bangle.
    Now after boarding the Celsius head back to the woods and speak to the Hypello
    who gave you the mission for the Bitter Farwell garment grid.
    Calm Lands
    Percent: Complete the mission to cleanse the fiends from the old monster
    When you enter the area Clasko disembarks, hopefully permanently.  He scurries
    off to the old monster arena, choose to follow him.  Help him cleanse the
    Basically you have to find the real fiends... Finding them is pretty random and
    if you screw up enough arrows will show up over their heads which makes it
    very easy, just look for the ones with the arrows pointing in a different
    direction then the rest of the fiends.
    After you defeat them all you must save Clasko from one last group.
    For completing this task you get the Alchemist Dress Sphere and the Highroad
    Winds Garment Grid as well.
    Now go back inside to learn about chocobos and get some greens, which you use
    to catch the little fellows.
    Go to the shop in the middle of the calm lands to encounter the missing Ronso
    pups.  They scuttle away before you get a hold on them, oh well.
    Percent: Speak to Isaaru and help all the monkies fall in love.
    Keep heading through until you ruin into Isaaru.  Now you must help the
    monkeys find their true love how sweet and yet disgusting.
    Now I am not sure if there location is random so I will just tell you who goes
    with whom.
    Find the monkey with the hearts first over its head and grab em.  Then take
    them to their love.
    Birch = Sequoia (trees)
    Spring = Autumn (opposite seasons)
    Dusky = Dawne (dusk/dawn)
    Rosemary = Thyme (herbs)
    Terran = Skye (earth/sky)
    Minni = Maxx (miniature/maximum)
    Summer = Winter (opposite seasons)
    Peke = Valli (peaks and valleys)
    Canis = Felina (Dogs and Cats)
    Arroh = Quivrr (Arrow and Quiver)
    Golde = Sylva (Gold and Silver)
    Luna = Sol (Moon and Sun)
    After getting all the monkies together you get the Soul of Thamasa accessory.
    Djose Temple
    Percent: Obtain the first disguise
    When you enter go all the way south to Mushroom Rock Road.
    You will then be at a split off, so keep going southwest and you will see a
    little scene.  Now keep going down the path and you should see a sphere lying
    on the ground, pick it up to obtain Yuna's special dress sphere, floral
    Ormi and Logos will come along and engage you in battle for the sphere.  Also
    a fem-goon also joins the battle, which you will get your first costume from.
    1150 HP
    22 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immunity: KO, Petrification, Silence, Berserk, Curse, Eject, Stop
    1030 HP
    48 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immunity: KO, Petrification, Silence, Confuse, Berserk, Curse, Eject,
    Stop, Attack Down
    They shouldn't be very difficult, just keep healed up and slam them.
    Afterwards the naked fem goon runs off and you get your first Syndicate
    Bikanel Desert
    Percent: Get the second uniform
    Speak to Nhadala to learn that something is going on in the oasis so talk to
    the Hover operator a few times to get him to take you there.
    When you enter the Oasis area go north to find the next sphere, get it to also
    receive Rikku's special dressphere the Machina Maw.  Congratulations, you now
    have all three special dress spheres.
    It is a trap, they will attack, and you now must fight Logos and two Fem-
    1220 HP
    46 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: KO, Petrification, silence, confusion, berserk, curse, eject,
    and stop.
    Take out the fem-goons first, and then slaughter Logos.  You then receive your
    second disguise and receive the Hour of Need garment grid.
    Mt. Gagazet
    Percent: Speak to Kimari multiple times, view the hot springs scene, and
    obtain the last disguise.
    Talk to Kimari when you enter, and talk to him again and choose the middle
    option, he needs to deal with his own problems.
    Then ride the teleporter up to the mountain trail.  Keep following the red
    arrow on your screen and you will come across a fem-goon hopping up the
    Follow her until you get to a save sphere.  Instead of following her, continue
    going up the mountain.  Eventually you will be above the hot springs, you will
    see a little scene and then you will fall into the spring and Ormi and the
    goons will flee.
    You will get the last uniform and you will see a sexy little scene.  Then head
    past the save sphere to encounter the fem goons. Continue along and you will
    engage Ormi as well.
    1350 HP
    22 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: KO, Petrification, silence, confuse, berserk, curse, eject, and
    You should now receive the Stonehewn garment grid and be back upon the
    After you see the scene with all three in disguise you should also receive the
    Bum Rush garment grid.
    Once you are ready, head for Guadosalam.
    Percent: Complete the mission to get back the stolen sphere.
    Head to the mansion and change into your disguise.
    Once inside you will find out that Leblanc and Nooj are in a deep
    relationship.  Head into the door to be inside the dining area and then speak
    to Ormi and Logos and they will tell you to go help the boss unwind.
    Head out of the room and into the room where Leblanc went.  You must now
    massage her...  Try not to shudder too much. You get different items whether you
    mess up or not.  I am not sure if it changes your completion percent, so just
    be careful.
    She should fall asleep eventually... Go back to the dining area and inspect the
    plant things.  You will get back into your regular outfits and you're in a new
    area... Just follow the red arrow.  You should run into another fight with
    fatty, getting old quick I know.  He is more powerful now, so prepare for
    1640 HP
    40 MP
    Immune: gravity
    Status Immune: KO, Petrification, sleep, silence, confuse, berserk, curse,
    eject, and stop.
    Take out the regular fighters first they are just distracting.
    Save at the save sphere when you get there.  You can pick up a gold hairpin by
    the room near the save sphere (if you didn't mess up at massaging Leblanc.)
    If you follow the arrow you should find Nooj's room.  The sphere is on the
    desk.  It isn't the sphere we are here for, but we will snatch it anyways.
    Time to fight skinny and fatty!  This is very hard, skinny will use Russian
    roulette, which has a chance to inflict random status ailments, and fatty just
    hits very hard...
    1840 HP
    42 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Immune Status: KO, Petrification, Silence, Confuse, Berserk, Curse, Eject, and
    1432 HP
    64 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Immune Status: KO, Petrification, Silence, Confuse, Berserk, Curse, Eject, and
    Both of them will scurry away and then the security systems will be activated.
    Head into the northern area now, them go left and fall into the fist ditch you
    come to and activate the override.  Then jump into the next ditch and do the
    same thing again.  Now head to the very end and a wall of spikes will come
    out, eek!  Jump over the ditches and then stop at the wall before the ditches
    and the spike wall will fall onto you and you will be magically by the last
    switch.  Activate the switch and jump back down; the security system will now
    be deactivated.
    Now head to where the spikes came out and hit the last switch to open up a new
    path.  Head down the path and back around to the save sphere, then head into
    the metal doorway.  Leblanc doesn't want you to have both halves of the
    sphere, time to fight!
    1344 HP
    45 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Immune Status: KO, Petrification, Sleep, Silence, Confuse, Berserk, Curse,
    Eject, and stop
    989 HP
    70 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Immune Status: KO, Petrification, Sleep, Silence, Confuse, Berserk, Curse,
    Eject, and stop
    1380 HP
    460 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Immune Status: KO, Petrification, Sleep, Silence, Confuse, Berserk, Curse,
    Eject, stop, attack down, and defense down.
    Take out Logos first, as he has the least hp... Because they now perform a group
    attack as long as all three of them are in battle.
    Leblanc and gang surrender the sphere and the mission is over, you also
    receive the Healing Light garment grid upon mission completion.  You then see
    another cool scene with Vegnagun.
    Leblanc and the Gullwings are now united in their mission to destroy Vegnagun.
    Time to head for Bevelle.
    Percent: Complete the mission to infiltrate Bevelle.
    When you enter you get a personal greeting, take them out.  Barkeep will then
    appear besides the save sphere so you can buy items, he will continue to do
    this throughout the mission.
    Continue along, slaughtering the guardsmen along the way.  When you are in the
    main city continue along and then enter the temple.
    Go into the right most room and stand on the platform, then head to the
    leftmost room, climb up and hit one of the devices.  Then go back to the main
    area and ride the lift down.
    You will now be in the cloister of trials area, there are optional ways to go
    but I will go the main way.
    At the first junction, go left.  Then head up to the next area and go right
    and you will reach a lift, ride it to the next area.
    In the next area head right to be at a save sphere, barkeep will show up once
    again to aid you on this long mission.  Head into the next room to find a
    gaping cavern where the fayth once stood, hop in!
    Head to the ledge to see a machina fortress under Bevelle, it is simply
    amazing what they can hide underground.  Go to the northern platform and you
    will jump down into the area with the security towers.
    As you head forward you will be attacked by two YAC-13 machina.  They are
    pretty simple, the just hit fairly hard.
    There are six towers in this area; for the sake of completion we shall
    activate all of them.
    Just walk up to the towers to fight an enemy, after you activate the three
    towers with the bright blue lights you will fight the required boss to
    Precepts Guard
    3680 HP
    9999 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Weak: Holy
    Status Immune: Everything but status down attributed...
    He is fairly easy, just he has the affinity for casting death every couple of
    rounds which is extremely annoying...
    After you get done with that the security system will be unlocked... Ignore it
    and finish the last tower.  Time to fight another boss!
    4420 HP
    9999 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Weak: Holy
    Immune statues: Everything but stat downs and slow.
    This boss is even tougher, he likes to cast –aga spells on the entire party.
    Unfortunately it is pretty impossible to stop him, since he is immune to
    silence and has 9999 mp.  Just take him down nice and slow and you should be
    able to win.  Fortunately his defensive is a bit lower, so you should be able
    to do more damage with regular attacks.
    Now, all six platforms will be out.
    Now head from tower to tower, fighting a few bosses along the way and the
    platforms will rotate again. If you hit the boss towers again, you will have
    to fight them again so be weary.  I am sorry I don't have a solution if anyone
    does, please e-mail it to me, after you complete the spiral go to the bottom
    to get the ribbon, then go to the regular exit.
    At the junction head to the right, then hit the square and ride the lift, then
    continue along the path and grab the Downtrodden garment grid, then go back to
    the junction and go the other way.
    Jump on the pillars twice to make a bridge, and then continue along the path.
    There is a minigame where you can get some items by riding the lift, to
    initiate it, hit the switch behind Ormi and Logos, when done head into the
    next area.
    Head into the next area to find three lifts, ride either of the side lifts to
    begin with.  Go to the very bottom to fall off a cliff.  Now use the center
    lift to go to a new area.  Climb the block and some new blocks will raise
    somewhere else, then ride the lift back to the bottom, and ride the other
    lift.  Then head across to be back at the beginning again, now ride the middle
    lift again and step on the block to add even more blocks somewhere else.
    Now head back and ride the other lift.  Step on the two elevated platforms to
    gain access to the lift at the back, and then jump to it to ride it.
    Save your game and head for the left blocks to get the Dark Knight dressphere!
    Now save and head down the other set of blocks.
    You will encounter Baralai, and he will try and stop you from getting to
    3380 HP
    540 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything but stat down, poison and darkness
    Steal: Charm Bangle
    He hits hard and fast, so keep healed up.  He doesn't have much HP though so
    he shouldn't take long to bring down.  Head into the next area to encounter
    your first Aeon battle...
    8400 HP
    9999 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Immune Status: Everything but slow and stat downs
    Steal: Mute Shock
    Old memories die-hard... He shouldn't give you any trouble if you are decent
    level.  The music is very sad sounding so you will probably feel some remorse
    for the big lug.  When he counts down he will release his overdrive mega flare
    for high damage, which is your biggest concern in this battle.
    Seems like Vegnagun somehow managed to scurry away from his location... Don't
    ask me how it can move.  Chapter two is complete!
    -CHAPTER 3-
    Percent: Rest in cabin
    Back on the Celsius watch perhaps the cheesiest scene in the game.  Then go to
    the cabin area and rest, now to continue on with our journey.
    Percent: Win sphere break tournament
    Luca is quite the busy place at the moment, a tournament is taking place and
    the prize is a dress sphere, sounds like our kind of contest.
    When the contest starts you are given coins automatically, learn the rules if
    you haven't played previously, your goal is to win three matches to proceed to
    the finals.  Look for the two star players, as they are the easiest you will
    After beating the first two, I suggest saving your game in the resting room by
    the stadium.
    Once you win three matches you will battle the other finalist Shinra... You must
    win to get the percent and the dress sphere (yes, the greedy guy won't give it
    to you if you lose.)
    The quota for this match is 50!  To win you need to abuse the echo feature,
    just keep using two coins (one inside and one outside) over and over and over!
    Problem being, if you get a one in the middle you are pretty much done for.
    Good luck!
    Gloat win you win, he is probably one of the most annoying things you have to
    do to get 100%. You get the Lady Luck dress sphere for winning, good job!
    Mi'ihen Highroad
    Percent: Complete the mission to stop the machina
    Go to the highroad, it seems the Machina have gone insane, how lovely.  You
    are competing with the Al Bhed, but I don't think it has any impact on the
    game, just do your best to take out as many as possible. Thirteen in total
    must be taken out for the mission to be over... You get a nice gil reward for
    mission completion, not bad.  After all the talking is done you also get the
    Undying Storm garment grid.
    Mushroom Rock Road
    Percent: Speak To Lucil And Yaibal by the entrance to the gauntlet.
    Head forward and speak the Lucil and Yaibal, seems like someone has been bad
    mouthing you.  Looks like you have to search for Nooj part time now, lovely.
    Djose Temple
    Percent: Speak to Gippal
    Head to the front of the temple to run into Gippal again, after you speak to
    him you receive Al Bhed Primer XV.
    Percent: Speak to Tobli
    Head east from the save sphere to see that Tobli's miniature concert is doing
    quite well, then talk to him a few times.
    Percent: Just do everything below...
    Go into Leblanc's mansion and enter the Dining room to see a scene with Ormi
    and Logos, quite funny.
    Then go upstairs and keep trying till you get inside Leblanc's room and speak
    with her, it seems she does have a heart after all.
    Then go back to the dining area to see yet another scene, then head into the
    secret passageway area and into what I think is Nooj's room.  Unfortunately,
    it is just the sphere they were recording in Bevelle... Then another one plays
    of Nooj, it appears that he was in underground Bevelle.
    Afterwards you receive Logos's Sphere and Ormi's Sphere.  Look around the room
    and you should find another video sphere with the guy who looks like Tidus.
    You then score the Gaol sphere, really racking them up now.  Maechen will talk
    a bit, he probably knows more than he is letting on.  Talk to him again to
    hear more about things from long past, mostly about Tidus.
    Go into the circular room where you fought Leblanc's gang all at once and
    climb up the boxes on to the next ledge, you should find a chest with Crimson
    Sphere 4.  Now go back to the Celsius and watch it.  Definitely one of the
    more interesting crimson spheres thus far.
    Thunder Plains
    Percent:  Encounter the Ronso children
    Head into the northernmost section to find a shelter, the Ronso missing
    children will be here.  Pick a choice for where they should look next; I
    decided to get with Kouli's answer of Kilika Island.
    Macalania Woods
    Percent: Complete the fiend-clearing mission
    When you enter you are automatically near the travel agency, you must destroy
    them.  The only hard monsters you will encounter is the Chimera type ones,
    they are very mean.
    After completing the mission you should get the Pride of the Sword garment
    The dying soldier passes on his anger as the Berserker dress sphere.  You also
    get Al Bhed Primer I from listening to his nonsense as well.
    Afterwards O'aka swoops in for a laughable scene.
    Head out and O'aka will have a change of heart from his greedy ways.
    Bikanel Desert
    Percent: Speak to Marlena
    When you enter you get recruited for diplomatic relationships with the
    Cactuar/Cacti.  Then ride the hover to the Cactuar nation.  Talk to Marlena
    and she will tell you why they sent for you.
    Your mission is now to seek out the ten cactuars and have them return.  Speak
    to the cacti on your map to hear clues where the first cactuar, Lobivia's is
    located.  Then ride the hover back to camp.
    Head to the Oasis and then head up to the Oasis to find the Cactuar, then take
    him home and speak to the next cactuar mother to get the next hint, but we
    will deal with that later.
    Calm Lands
    Percent: Complete the mission to help save the tourists, and make sure Shinra
    installs spheres at shop and chocobo farm.
    Stupid tourists got attacked in a holy place, serves them right in my opinion.
    Guy running in circles at dead end: parties 8 or less, 5 or less can handle
    more people
    Guy on floor in next large open room: Hates being more than 3 people, if first
    or second will stay in any sized group
    By split off: Doesn't like more than five people, if first or second, will
    stay with any sized group
    Guy to right of junction: as long as they are together, nothing matters, 3
    Guy running like maniac with no shirt on: Groups of seven or less, if sixth or
    less in line, he doesn't care
    Lady in cove: 4 or less people will join, doesn't care afterwards
    Guy/Girl together past lady in cove: must be seventh or less
    Two children: Up to 12 in a group, up to 10th in line they don't care about
    That makes 12 people in total...
    Now we have to get those people in order so...
    1. Floor Guy
    2. Split-off
    3. Running Guy
    4. Cove Lady
    5. Circle Running Guy
    6-7. Couple (2)
    8-9. Children (2)
    10-12. Family (3)
    Once you have them all head for the exit to get the energy cores to restore
    the teleporter.
    At the last four way split go left and search and there will be another
    tourist hidden.
    NOTE: Now that I have missed some I am beginning to think you don't have to
    get them all at once, but do, as you will.
    Now head back outside (don't leave mission) and talk to the guy standing in
    the brownish outfit to receive another energy core.
    Now warp to the back of the cavern and go to the hidden chamber.  Get the guy
    here and then teleport back to the entrance for yet another energy core.  Then
    warp to the back of the cavern again and go to the other hidden chamber.  Grab
    the guy and teleport back to the beginning.  Head outside and save again...
    Head to the very back of the area and restore the teleporter and take it to
    the Chamber of the Fayth.  You will see why I told you to save now, your buddy
    Yojimbo is back for some revenge, and giving him 2 billion gil won't help you
    this time!
    22000 HP (not a typo!)
    9999 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything I think!
    Steal: Power Wrist
    He has every attack he had in X, even the insta-death move (although it just
    reduces your HP to 1 now.)
    I recommend an Alchemist and two melee classes, equip them all with regen and
    poison proof items and once in battle just continually use your Alchemist's
    stash mega-potion over and over.
    Once you complete the mission you should get the Tetra Master garment grid as
    Mt. Gagazet
    Percent: Complete the mission to stop the Ronso from rebelling.
    Head up and speak to Kimari... If you answered his questions correctly previous
    you get the Trainer dress sphere.  Yay, only two more to go until you have all
    of them.
    The teleport pads do not work so you must go on foot.  The path is very
    straightforward; equip the no encounter item to make it go faster, as it is
    kind of long, operate the pads as you go to reactivate them for easier use.
    When you reach the third pad, activate it, save, and prepare for a hard
    In the next area you run into Garik, you must stop him from attacking the
    Guado.  You will also have to fight a Ronso Youth (or two depending on your
    Garik Ronso (his stats may vary, but I am not positive)
    6880 HP
    238 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Immune Status: KO, Petrification, Sleep, Silence, Berserk, Curse, Eject, Stop
    and Slow
    Steal: Icy Gleam
    If you want, just switch everyone to dark knight and use darkness over and
    over again if you are strong enough.  You should be able to beat him fairly
    easily if you are level thirty plus and have an alchemist with stash mega
    Once you complete the mission you should also receive the Wishbringer garment
    Zanarkand Ruins
    Percent: Speak to Isaaru
    Percent says it all!
    Besaid Island
    Percent: Complete the mission
    Note: Second cactuar can be found on the beach
    Head into town and go into Lulu's house and talk to her about the situation.
    When you head out you will learn about the Commsphere system and brother will
    act perverted again...  Beclem wants to burn down the temple, yea; I don't think
    so, head inside the temple.  Once inside the temple talk to Beclem and head
    inside the cloister of trials.
    Nothing works so don't try, keep heading along and you will find Wakka who is
    injured, time to take out the head honcho.  You guessed it, now you must fight
    Dark Valefor.
    8430 HP
    9999 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything but slow and stat downs
    If you beat Yojimbo this guy is a joke, the most powerful attack he used on me
    was his overdrive for around 300 damage, take him down hard and fast.
    Kilika Island
    Percent: Complete the mission
    Talk to the monkey lady and if you found all the monkies in chapter one, you
    will receive the Chaos Maelstrom garment grid. Then go to the second area and
    look through the camera again to see the youth league base again.
    Head to see Dona when you are ready to continue the story.  Then head toward
    the gate and say you are ready. Play the annoying mini-game and escape out
    into the forest, I don't know what happens if you fail but try not to.  The
    chest right outside of town had the Bushido Lore accessory.
    Go left and hold circle and hug the bottom ledge to jump up, follow the path
    and you will be near the temple, so ascend the stairs.
    Head into the temple when you are ready, you will see some machina flying
    cannons, just head into the cloister of trials.  Eventually you will run into
    Barthello and you will fight to save him, afterwards you will learn his true
    Head into the flames again to fight another fiend that causes the flames to
    die so you can pass into the next area, In the next room do the same for the
    three flames as well.  Head into the next area and defeat the next large,
    looming, ugly fiend.  This time he has brought company... yawn...
    Once the flames die, pick up the Samurai Dress sphere off the floor where the
    flames once stood, easy yea?  Continue on to meet; you guessed it, Ifrit.
    8820 HP
    9999 MP
    Absorb: Fire
    Immune: Gravity
    Immune Status: Everything but slow and stat downs.
    Steal: Fiery Gleam
    He hits hard and fast, so heal up quickly or you will be dead before you know
    Percent: See Gippal Up On The Roof on roof when entering town, where you
    fought Bahamut see a scene with Nooj, Gippal, and Baralai. Pick up crimson
    sphere one after the scene and watch it with Shinra.
    Once inside go into the temple area head up the lift and enter the doorway to
    be outside, talk to the priests here to get some items, then head back inside
    and change the lift so it goes down and ride it.
    As you head through the area you should encounter Gippal by a save sphere,
    then keep going.
    Get the ribbon if you hadn't done so previously.  The tower in front of the
    first platform flips the selected platform across.
    Basically the red towers select one of the lower platforms, and you use the
    blue tower to move them, one blue tower will flip them and the others will
    rotate them.
    The head to the area where you fought Bahamut, you do have to do the lift
    thing again, I know, it is dumb and easy.
    When you enter Vegnagun's chamber you will see a very interesting scene with
    Nooj, Gippal, and Baralai.  It seems that Nooj is possessed, by whom, I am
    sure we will find out.  The biggest pain in the butt monster the developers
    could come up with, Malboro then jumps you.  After you defeat it, you find
    that the trio has fled during the battle.  After the talking is over, pick up
    crimson sphere 1 and head back to the airship and watch it.
    Djose Temple
    Percent: Complete the mission to cleanse the fiends and whistle four times (X)
    at the field
    When you enter it seems that the temple here is final under attack, but you
    won't understand most of what they say, mission time!  You should also receive
    the Al Bhed Primer XIV. Then head inside the temple and into the cloister of
    Once inside, ride the lift up to the second area.  You must shut off the power
    blocking the chamber of the fayth by pushing in the pedestals in the back.
    For me, the one that turned it off was the first one on the left, then head
    inside the chamber.  Time to fight the electric horse...
    12380 HP
    9999 MP
    Absorbs: Lightning
    Weak: Water
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: All but slow and stat downs
    Steal: Sprint Shoes
    Much like Ifrit, he hits hard and very fast, he will also heal himself
    occasionally, and of course like all the aeons, and he has his high power
    overdrive.  I used two dark knights and an alchemist and chained darkness over
    and over again while having my alchemist keep using stash mega potion. After
    defeating Ixion it is mission complete and you receive the Unwavering Guard
    garment grid.
    As the Gullwings peer over the whole Ixion enters the room in an explosion,
    knocking Yuna into its depths...  You then see a very nice CG scene of what
    appears to be the farplane.  Some spirits escape the outfit, and the
    mysterious figure of Tidus appears, but you find out the truth, it is not
    Tidus.  He thinks that Yuna is Lenne for some reason, it turns out that it was
    Baralai, certainly an interesting twist, you should know who possesses them
    now.  Nooj and Gippal hand over crimson sphere 2 and 3.  When Yuna says she is
    alone start pounding X or you'll miss your chance, you will see scenes with a
    ghost and you sill be back in Bevelle.
    -Chapter 4-
    Percent: Rest in residential area and watch the two new crimson spheres
    Once onboard the Celsius you will find out that Yuna's dress is in fact
    Lenne's dress.
    Head to the deck and speak with Paine to learn about her pain... but pun, sorry.
    Then head to the cabin and rest, the head back to the bridge... Eh, it seems
    that Paine may also be part Al Bhed; you receive Al Bhed Primer XI.
    Check the treasure spheres with Shinra and watch crimson record 2 and 3.
    You now have access to Shinra's Comm Network let us begin...
    Comm Sphere Set Number 1
    Percent: Do the stuff below!
    Let us go in order of the list, select Besaid Island and hit connect.  You
    will now see through the sphere, look at Lulu's house and Wakka will come out
    and talk to the Sphere.
    Next view Kilika Island, eh, it seems someone is carrying the sphere, and you
    will be in Dona's house, she will talk about the status of things in the city.
    Next view Mushroom Rock Road, and talk to Yaibal to learn that war is about to
    be breaking out.
    Last, but not least, view Bevelle to hear Maroda speaking and then the sphere
    is forcibly shut off, how rude.
    Speak to Buddy and they decide to host another concert, so your next task is
    to find Tobli to help with the concert.  But we will deal with that Midget
    later, time for more Comm Spheres!  Make sure to speak to Paine to hear about
    the hymn of the fayth.
    Comm Sphere Set Number 2
    Percent: Do the stuff below!
    Going down the list in order again! Note, to view these scenes you will have
    to watch the spheres multiple times, sorry!
    On Besaid Island, view the scenes with Wakka (nervous about baby) and Beclem
    (scolding the Aurochs).
    Next view the Kilika Temple Sphere, view the scene with Barthello, in a fit of
    rage he destroys the comm. sphere, stupid lug.
    The Kilika Island sphere is completely optional.
    At Luca Island, view the scene with Shelinda interview of the guy who talks
    about blitz ball, afterwards the sphere will be no longer usable.
    At the highroad view the scene; he has installed a second network on the
    highroad, so now help find the criminal.  To win I think you just have to
    complete it.  Supposedly you have to get Rikku convicted... But I am not sure.
    Mushroom Rock Road is optional also; view it if you want, if not, whatever.
    At Djose temple, view all the scenes; you should get Al Bhed Primer II and
    The moonflow is completely optional again.
    At Guadosalam, speak to Ormi and you are done.
    At Thunder Plains Shinra will teleport a chocobo, how weird...
    At Macalania Woods Entrance, view the scenes with the band members.
    At Macalania Woods Travel Agency view the scenes with O'aka.
    At the excavation camp view the scene with Nhadala.
    Cactuar Nation is optional as well.
    View Bevelle and watch the comm. sphere get blown away...
    View the Chocobo Ranch Next; watch all the scenes with Clasko.
    At Mountain Gate, speak to Kimari.
    At Hot springs view the scenes (lot of them) with Tobli, Buddy, Barkeep,
    O'aka, Isaaru, Elma, Lucil, Maechen, Cid, Dona (some of these are just
    Percent: Complete the "Where's Tobli?" mission.
    Head forward and Tobli will be chased after some guards, just keep following
    them.  Go forward until you get to the save sphere, then go back to the woods
    and Tobli will run away, follow him and he will hop on the machina vehicle and
    head towards the moonflow, follow him again.
    Now ride the Shoopuf across (he is a sneaky little devil!)
    Exit this screen as well and head into the path to Guadosalam.  After he falls
    out of the tree continue to follow him, yet again.  After the Shoopuf scene
    continue to Guadosalam to find Tobli.
    For completing the mission you get the Black Tabard garment grid.
    Comm Sphere Network Set 3
    Percent: Do the stuff below!
    Besaid Island: View the scenes with Beclem and Lulu
    Kilika Port: View all the scenes with Dona and then the scene with Barthello
    where he breaks yet another comm.
    Luca: Optional
    Mushroom Rock Road: View the scenes with Yaibal and Lucil
    Djose: Optional
    Moonflow: View the scene with Elma and the chocobo.
    Guadosalam: View the scene with Ormi
    Thunder Plains: Optional
    Macalania Woods Travel Agency: Speak to O'aka
    Everywhere else but Zanarkand: Optional
    Zanarkand: View all of the Isaaru scenes
    When ready go to the cabin to rehearse for the concert I just pounded the
    Thunder Plains
    Percent: Complete the mission; speak to Leblanc at the Engine room after the
    A rather large fiend has decided to make a meal out of the crowd, time to take
    him down.
    Follow the red arrow, it isn't far away, right outside the lair is a Hypello,
    which I believe heals you.
    At the back of the area you meet the friendly little guy, not!  Kill him!
    Null Magic (magic just doesn't work!)
    Immune: Gravity
    Weak: Ice
    Status Immune: Everything but Darkness and Berserk
    Steal: Sublimator
    (Sorry, didn't get his HP/MP, dumb me)
    Open the chest after you defeat him for the Black Ring.
    Then head back outside to complete the mission, speak to everyone to find
    things aren't going too well on the ground.
    Speak to Tobli to start the concert after a short speech you see a cool music
    FMV.  You will then see the Shuiyn/Lenne version of the shooting dream.
    After it is over, head for the bridge to speak with Maechen to learn more
    about Shuiyn and Lenne.
    Afterwards head to the Engine Room (Don't speak to Shinra before!)  After
    talking to her you get Crimson Sphere 5.  Now go back to the bridge and talk
    to Shinra, it seems he is getting data from the sphere he dropped into the
    farplane.  You will see a scene with Nooj in Gippal trying to find a way to
    take down Vegnagun.
    -Chapter 5-
    Percent: Watch Crimson Sphere 5, speak to Buddy, rest at residential area,
    rest at residential area and see scene with brother, see scene with Buddy at
    the engine room.
    Head to the Bridge to find the battle plan and then talk to Shinra and view
    Crimson Record 5, quite a nasty battle indeed.  Then speak to Buddy to find
    that Lulu has given birth.  Then the entire planet will have hotspots, heh.
    Then go to the cabin and rest as usual and see a perverted scene with Brother...
    Then you see some hot Barkeep love, disgusting.
    Then head to the engine room and speak to Buddy to learn about the airship.
    Lets do it!  First stop was the last!
    Percent: Get Episode Complete and talk to Maechen about Vegnagun
    When you enter you will see a scene and get Episode Complete, basically means
    you have done everything in this area.
    Afterwards speak to Maechen and learn about Vegnagun, you will find out that
    Maechen is also an unsent.  He was in Zanarkand and knew Lenne, Maechen will
    then depart for the farplane, and his memories will erupt and you will briefly
    see Braska and his guardians.
    Besaid Island
    Percent: Get episode complete
    Head into town and follow Wakka to see his horrible mutant of a child.  Then
    head into the bridge area and jump down to get the twilight rain key item,
    this enables Floral Fallal to learn break damage limit, basically you can hit
    for more than 9999 damage once you learn it.  Then head to the beach and speak
    with Beclem.  He will give you the War Buddy Sphere, hmm what could be inside.
    He will then perform a very powerful blitz move, seems he isn't such a bad guy
    in the end.
    Go back to the praying stone area and talk to Wakka.  You will see a scene
    with Chappu talking about the sphere he said had their parents in it.  Then
    head back to town and you will see a scene where Wakka names the baby.
    Episode Complete!
    Kilika Island
    Percent: Get Episode Complete
    Head into the second area and the town people are about to break through the
    gate.  Then they will finally open the gate to the woods, yea!
    When you regain control, head for the temple.  After Dona and Barthello
    reconcile it is Episode Complete!  You also receive the Tricks of the Trade
    garment grid upon episode completion.
    Now head back to Kilika Island... Go to the second area and talk to the
    cameraman to go to the new base.
    Open the chest by the dock to get the invincible accessory then head back to
    town and leave.
    Percent:  Complete the moogle mission to get episode complete
    Why they put this at the end of the game is beyond me, Blitz ball season is
    starting, and you can now play!  It is a lot different; so don't be too
    Head to the save sphere on the bridge area and go to the ledge to see a
    flashback.  Yuna will see an invisible flying moogle; yep she has gone crazy.
    Follow it around to view more flashback scenes and eventually you will end up
    at the dock and get an Episode Complete.
    Mi'ihen Highroad
    Percent: Episode Complete
    When you enter you will get prompted to go to Rin's, do so and then head
    outside the travel agency to view the results of the mystery.  If you get the
    chocobo eater, you will now probably think than Rin is an idiot.  Episode
    Djose Temple
    Percent: I believe you have to fight the machina weapon when it is at it's
    strongest and its weakest
    Head inside the temple to fight EXPERIMENT machina weapon.
    This machina can be level 1 to 5 depending on how much you dig, you need to
    fight it, get it to level 5, repair it and defeat it again for episode
    At level 1 everything it was:
    18324 HP
    0 MP
    Immune Status: Everything
    After you defeat it you should get Al Bhed Primer XXVI...
    There are several repair manuals, but we only need one, I don't know the
    locations of the rest.  Go to the north room of the temple and talk to the
    sitting guy to receive it.  Then go to the desert and dig up a bunch of
    assemblies. Fight it again once all it's stats are level five.  But we will
    put that off until we get to the desert, since we need to finish those cactuar
    guys anyways!
    When you defeat it at full power you get the magical dances volume 2 item, and
    an episode complete.  It's stats at full power are the same; he is just much
    stronger and can take out a weak group in one turn if your HP is too low.
    Its attacks include rocket launcher, with does high damage to one member and a
    couple hits to others, lifeslicer which kills one of your guys and annihilator,
    a blue magic skill you can only learn when he is at his full power.
    Mushroom Rock Road
    Percent: Get episode complete, speak to Lucil, watch Nooj's sphere, and beat
    the Den of Woe
    Talk to Lucile and the others at the entrance and then talk to Yaibal. Seems a
    bunch of people like beating up girls, mission time.
    In the first round you are pitted against Yaibal and a couple goons.  The
    regular goons should go down in one or two hits.
    Continue along the path to fight pretty much the same group again, just with a
    texture swapped Yaibal.
    Next you fight another weak group, so continue again and defeat yet another
    group, and another, and then you fight Elma.
    You then fight the captain on the guard...
    7324 HP
    370 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything but stat downs
    This fight can be very tough, she constantly uses a doom type move and uses
    elemental gems, just try to keep everyone alive and you should be fine.
    After you defeat her, everyone praises you and you get episode complete!  But
    we aren't done here yet.
    Head back to Youth League HQ.  By the elevator to the Headquarters go south to
    find a chest with machina booster, this allows machina maw to learn the break
    damage limit ability.
    You can now go inside the building so do so, head to the east exit to talk to
    Lucil, she will give you the item, Nooj's sphere.
    We are done here until we collect the two missing crimson spheres, so let us
    continue for now.
    Now once we have all 10 head back to the den of woe and break the seal to
    For some reason there are no items to find, so just head forward to the red
    arrow to see some weird stuff, Shuyin will appear and you will see an awesome
    FMV where Shuyin plays piano like device that controls Vegnagun and then they
    get shot again, yay.  Now you must fight your friends and those you have met.
    7800 HP
    92 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Petrification, KO, Silence, Poison, Curse, Eject, and Stop
    Steal: Bushido Lore
    She just uses items and attacks occasionally, nothing to worry about.  I just
    unleashed black sky on her and wiped her off the face of Spira.
    Now you must fight the dark one, Paine.
    9200 HP
    55 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Petrification, KO, Silence, Poison, Curse, Eject, and Stop
    Steal: Sword Lore
    She didn't do anything besides regular attacks, very easy again.
    Great you have your team back, now you must fight the three crimson squad
    members one at a time.
    12220 HP
    720 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything but stat downs
    Steal: Natures Lore
    Blue Magic: Drill Shot
    If you didn't get his blue magic the first time, this is your last chance to
    get it.
    Like before he is just fast, but he hits very weak, so don't be afraid.
    14800 HP
    235 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything but stat downs
    Steal: White Lore
    Blue Magic: Mortar
    Make sure you get the Mortar attack blue magic, as it is your only chance in
    the game to get it.  Other than that, he is very easy.
    23800 HP
    720 MP
    Status Immune: Everything but stat downs
    Steal: Arcane Lore
    Very easy, he just likes doing group based attacks.
    You should now get episode complete some nice items; Black Lore, Champion Belt,
    Crystal Ball, Kaiser Knuckles, and Magical Dances Volume 1. And of course, you
    receive the mandatory grid, the supreme light garment grid.
    Percent: Get Episode Complete
    Head east one screen to view Tobli's finally successful concert, talk to him
    and take part in the show, you then should get Episode Complete!
    Percent: Get episode complete, obtain Baralai's sphere and watch it
    Head to the front of the city to confront Tromell Guado, after he speaks talk
    to him again to trigger another scene and to get an episode complete, but we
    aren't done here yet.
    Now, head back to Guadosalam and talk to Tromell on the left side to learn
    about the locked door, head inside and you should receive the tempered will
    garment grid.  Then open the chest to receive Baralai's Sphere.
    Now go into Tobli's house and open the chest for the Kaiser Knuckles accessory.
    Thunder Plains
    Percent: Complete the mission; get episode complete, talk to cid on the Deck
    and on the bridge.
    Basically the fiends are feeding off the electrical towers, you must take them
    Head from tower to tower taking out the fiends, after you destroy them they
    leave a chest.
    After you defeat the last one a scene will occur, because you missed one,
    follow the red arrow on your map, I would advise going back to save at the
    travel agency and then proceeding with the tower.
    You will then be engaged with a special behemoth.
    27772 HP
    785 MP
    Absorb: Lightning
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything but stat downs
    He really isn't that hard, he just hit very hard.  After completing the
    mission you get the Valiant Lustre garment grid.  Afterwards you will be
    prompted to go into a hole, I would advise saving first before continuing on.
    Just follow the red arrow and you will run into Cid.  He will show you hit
    little friend
    Machina Panzer
    30500 HP
    1247 MP
    Absorb: Lightning
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything but slow and stat downs
    Use multi enemy attack to take out the little guys first, and then concentrate
    on the Panzer; he isn't very hard at all.  After you save him you get an
    episode complete and Al Bhed Primer V.
    Now head to the deck and speak with Cid, then head to the bridge to see a
    scene with Brother and Cid.
    Percent: Get an episode complete at the travel agency and the woods!
    First go to where you receive the Full Throttle sphere... Talk to the guy there
    to trigger a scene about the woods.  Then go back to the save sphere at the
    beginning of the woods and go right and to the place where you found the
    drummer guy earlier to see another scene and get an episode complete.  After
    Paine and Rikku leave head towards the water and get an episode complete and
    get the Ray of Hope garment grid.
    Now go to the travel agency to find that Wantz is O'aka the twenty-fourth and
    see a slightly humorous scene and get another episode complete.    The agency
    is now open and it sells AWESOME accessories, stock up on ones you find useful
    or don't have.
    Mt Gagazet
    Percent: Get episode complete
    When you enter speak to Garik and hear him speaking with Kimari.  Afterwards
    speak to Kimari and the Ronso children will return, then follow Kimari up the
    mountain.  Afterwards you will see a touching scene with Kimari and Garik
    where they finally make up and you get an Episode complete and the sacred
    beast garment grid.
    Bikanel Desert
    Percent: Get episode complete by doing all the stuff below!
    When you enter, you automatically go to cactuar nation who is under attack by
    an army.  You must complete the ten gatekeepers mission.
    Now is a perfect time to get the digging out of the way if you want to get
    episode complete at Djose.
    Dug up Al Bhed Primer 8 and XXV on accident, so they may not be in the guide
    now... I am not sure, my apology.  I know some of them can only be found in the
    desert so let us hope those are it.
    Here are the locations of the first nine cactuars; you do have to go to the
    desert in between unfortunately.
    1. Oasis in desert
    2. Besaid Island by the dock area on beach
    3. Guadosalam, in the secret passage area in the room by the save sphere in a
    4 and 5 are riding chocobos in the north exit area of the calm lands
    6 is by the last tower in calm lands by a cactuar stone
    7 is in Kilika Woods search the right side for a tree to climb up
    8 is on Mt Gagazet, go to the mountain trail teleporter and continue up the
    mountain to find him on a Cliffside
    9 should be obvious from the clue; it is Dona's house
    After you get the last clue talk to Marnela to enter the sealed chamber in the
    back of the area.
    I would save if I were you, and then continue through the passage.  As you
    head through you will fight enemies, even with no enemy encounters on, ands
    some of the monsters are quite strong.
    Eventually you will be in a trap, just run through the area and ignore the
    chests so you don't die.
    After you finish the mini game a horde of rough cactuars for the Jumbo
    Cactuar!  Mommy!
    This guy and his two friends are a joke, I laugh at you if you lose to them,
    and the jumbo cactuar never even attacked me.
    Now save and head outside and a cool cut scene will take place and blow all
    the fiends away, in the end Marlena is dead, how sad...  You have bigger
    problems now... Angra Mainyu, one of the hardest bosses in the game.
    Head back to the desert when you are ready to face this awesome machina of
    If you fought him previously, he should still be down however much damage you
    did to him...
    He has three parts, the main body and two skeleton guys... Just concentrate on
    doing attacks that affect all three to make things go faster, like darkness.
    He does use the full life spell to raise his body parts again, so just hit
    hard and fast.
    Angra Mainyu
    HP: 333444
    MP: 9999
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Don't even try
    Tawrich and Zarich
    HP: 5440
    Rest of stats are moot, it is also immune to everything and comes back at full
    stats when resurrected.
    The right head does an attack the drains your MP most of the time and cast
    level 3 spells.
    The left head does weak physical attacks, and occasionally a nasty attack that
    inflicts several status ailments.
    The body casts full-life on it's fallen comrades and casts flare, which pretty
    much automatically kills one person, and a flame attack that hits all three of
    your characters but is considered a physical attack.  It also occasionally
    casts demi.
    One head is physical tolerant and the other is magical tolerant.  So the way
    to take out both heads at once is to use the Dark Knights Darkness attack,
    while they are down the body will waste time resurrecting them, so pound on it
    Congratulations if you win!  He is probably the second hardest boss in the
    game.  After the battle you get the ribbon accessory as you gain exp and
    afterwards the Mercurial Strike garment grid.
    You can go back to cactuar nation to see a scene where you find that there
    will be a new Marnela.
    On a final note, in the central expanse (activated by sending a chocobo to the
    desert) you can find the desert key that opens the chest at the camp and gives
    you the horn of plenty garment grid.
    Percent: Get episode complete, get and watch the last two crimson spheres and
    beat Trema.
    Head to the front of the temple to run into Maroda and get an episode complete
    and the Scourge bane garment grid, but we are far from finished.
    Head back to Bevelle and into the Temple and head to the room on the right.
    Enter the shining light after you save, this is the Bevelle secret dungeon,
    Vio Infinito, it has 100 floors... And at the end is the most horrible thing the
    designers could come up with, and at the same time the most powerful item.
    Floor 0: Head forward and talk to the children and you will hear about Trema
    and then pick up Crimson Sphere 6 off the floor and take a peak if you would
    like.  Jump into the hole when you are prepared.
    Each level has a hole you drop into to continue on and a glyph where you can
    go back to the start.  Make sure to confront the tonberry's as you go along as
    well.  On the final note, the no encounter accessory does not work here, nice
    Occasionally you will see a dragon jumping, for the love of god, time yourself
    to run past it, it will waste your entire party before you realize your even
    in battle.
    Floor 20: Leave and save before continuing to the central area, there you will
    find Maester Kinoc who transforms into Aranea, uber Boris.
    18280 HP
    178 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything
    Steal: Kinesis Badge
    He isn't very tough; if you have the blue mage annihilator you can probably do
    9999 damage a turn and wipe him out very quickly.  Pick up the final crimson
    sphere, 8, and continue on.
    Floor 40: A Guado turns into a black elemental!
    Black Elemental
    9999 HP
    2380 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: All but stat downs
    Unfortunately, he does cast ULTIMA... Which is ouch, very ouch.  Expect your
    whole team to die if you don't manage to obliterate him first.  In my opinion
    the easiest way to beat him is to have a dark knight use suicide attack
    After the battle open the chest for moon bracer, shining bracer, speed bracer,
    recovery bracer, and cat nip.
    You are probably wondering what the hell catnip is, it is simply, the best
    accessory in the game, and it allows you to do 9999 damage per hit when you
    are in critical status!  Make someone a gunner, give him or her the initiative
    skill and catnip and watch the rest of the dungeon become a joke.
    Floor 60: A monk guy turns into a giant slug, nasty!
    343280 HP (omg!)
    170 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything
    Yes, his HP is almost as high as Angra Mainyu and he hits much harder than
    that desert fiend...  Use cat nip and obliterate him as soon as possible.  It
    took me about four rounds to completely kill him, pretty impressive for an
    overgrown snail.
    Floor 80: Not too much longer, you have done well to make it this far...
    I was unfortunate enough to have him oversoul so my stats are probably
    459743 HP
    820 MP
    Weak: Ice
    Absorb: Lightning
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything but EJECT!
    Pound on him fast, he can kill characters in one hit, stone them and more.
    Floor 100: Congratulations on finally making it here, I know those last few
    levels are insanely hard; don't expect it to get easier now.
    200000 HP
    9999 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything
    Use auto haste + catnip to deal about 20 hits with an auto fire controller and
    then one more hit to take him down.  Afterwards Trema will appear and will
    finish off Paragon in a super powered combo.  Unfortunately you don't get to
    save before fighting Trema, which is just a pain.
    Max stats
    Immune to everything
    I first recommend level 99 definitely and this strategy by Luminus on the
    gamefaqs board.
    "Easy way to beat Trema in first play through is get all to level 99, 1 gunner
    and 2 mascots. Equip gunner with catnip and SOS auto-haste (since they'll be
    low health whole battle), 2 mascots equip 60 or 100% hp boost (to get 9999
    health), and auto-haste. Just keep using x-potions, phoenix downs, mega
    phoenixes as necessary, use mana springs or another method to bring his mp
    down to 0 early in fight before you try to finish him. Once his mp are
    drained, he can only physically attack or do meteor, and he's a wimp to your
    party then. Go to town with trigger happy on your gunner = Dead Trema in
    around 6 rounds of it."
    After you defeat him, you get the second best accessory, iron duke, then head
    back to the beginning, congratulations if you finished that, it is a triumph
    and you should pat yourself on the back.
    Iron Duke
    Doubles HP and MP
    Adds 100 to strength, magic, defense, magic defense, accuracy and evasion
    It also adds 50 to luck and 10 to agility
    Calm Lands
    Percent: Get one company to 5 to get episode complete
    When you enter the two companies will square off, the old people and the young
    people.  After a winner is decided Tobli will appear and scold them and you
    should get an episode complete and the two companies fuse into Calm Skies
    Now to get the full percentage you need to do the hidden calm lands dungeon,
    basically (from what I hear) you send out 3 of each level around the world at
    one time and have them all return.  Then for the level 5 set you have to have
    4 of them and send three to the calm lands and have them all return, then exit
    and go back to your airship and come back to unlock the dungeon.
    This place is a freaking labyrinth, eventually you will encounter the horribly
    weak anything eater boss, which I killed in about 2 hits...
    If you can't find him, keep trying to open the dark colored walls.
    After defeating the eater you must go around and open the other doors, you
    will find treasure after opening each one, I got pixie dust accessory, a
    repair manual for experiment, shining gems, and the machina reactor key item.
    After all the doors are open head into the back area and look around to get
    the amazing chocobo and an episode complete and the higher power garment grid.
    The End
    Before we continue we need to pick up the last two special dress sphere power
    ups.  Now go to the Calm Lands and go to the northern exit and then go into
    the cave where you fought Yojimbo and right by the hole you can find the
    Aurora Rain key item, which allows Floral Fallal to learn break HP limit.
    To get the last item you must be able to use Chocobos on the highroad, go to
    the travel agency on the highroad and head north until you come to the curve,
    you should see a chocobo feather along the ledge stand on it and go when given
    the option.  Now leave the area and come back and stand in the same spot and
    go yet again to get the Victor Primoris key item, which allows full throttle
    to learn break damage limit.
    Now talk to brother and select Besaid first.  We are going to go down all of
    them; by beating them all you get a special garment grid.
    Eventually you will run into Shiva, who you should easily bash into little
    fragments all over the area.  She is extremely easy, especially if you got
    catnip and Trema's item.
    Keep heading down to encounter the Magus Sisters, steal Chaos Shock from the
    small one (Mindy,) Then steal porpourri from the tall one (Sandy), and then
    steal white cape from the fat one (Cindy). Then kill them all.
    If perhaps you don't have the items from Vio Infinito just use the double
    darkness and alchemist like we used on Yojimbo.
    Then continue down to fight the final Aeon, ANIMA.
    36000 HP
    9999 MP
    Half: Everything but Gravity
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything
    Steal: Fury Shock
    He isn't special at all, just steal and then pound him with trigger-happy
    catnip or darkness attacks.  After you defeat him you should receive the
    immortal soul garment grid.
    Afterwards you will be back in the Farplane Abyss and talk to Leblanc and
    company; unfortunately they aren't dead.  Afterwards save and go back to the
    ship and speak to Shinra.  He will talk about what appears to be Mako energy
    and makes tons of references to Final Fantasy 7.
    Now go to the deck and hear a long conversation in Al Bhed, you won't
    understand much unless you have much of the Al Bhed Primers.  Afterwards I
    received Al Bhed Primer XII.
    Next head to view another cut scene with everyone and Cid will complain.
    Now head to the deck again and speak to Rikku.
    Time to continue, speak to Brother and choose Kilika Temple.  This is very
    simple, just go over the flame geysers when the tall flame isn't coming out
    and you should make it to the bottom in no time.
    Now go down the Djose temple hole, eventually you won't be able to go further,
    so hop to the right and step on the shiny thing and then examine the platforms.
    Basically you want to complete the path.  Step on the shiny object again to
    reset the puzzle.
    Now when finished take the Bevelle route, it is the simplest route, there is
    nothing special involved.
    Now take the last route, the Calm Lands gorge.  This one is like a combination
    of all the others with teleporter added, it is very confusion, just keep going
    different ways and try to head down a lot and eventually you should reach the
    bottom and get the Megiddo garment grid.
    Now when you are ready jump into the portal in the farplane to continue on.
    When you enter you should see a keyboard like device, you know what this
    means... Get off the keyboard and step on the blue panel to find the notes you
    So Mi* Re* was mine.  So go to the keyboard and enter it, talk about 0
    challenge, but I am not sure if they are random, so continue on.
    Collect notes as you go and go through the electric fences when they are off
    and find the next keyboard and enter your notes.
    If you enter them right you will see a little scene where the barrier goes
    down, and then continue.
    Eventually you will meet Gippal and you will receive Paine's Sphere...
    Now you have to jump on the platforms in a particular order, the same in which
    you input the notes.  I just said screw it and jumped to the last part and
    fought the optional boss, I imagine him being very tough without the items
    from Vio Infinito, so be careful.
    Continue on to confront Vegnagun...  After the long speech ends you must
    confront Vegnagun in different pieces, beginning with his tail.
    Vegnagun (Tail)
    34200 HP
    9999 Damage
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything
    The only bothersome attack he has is tail laser; you should be able to take
    him down in a couple of turns if you can do 9999 damage.
    Of course, Leblanc and company doesn't stand a chance so you must assist them
    with the legs.  This has three nodes and the main leg, the nodes cast
    different types of magic, but just try to concentrate on the main leg
    Vegnagun (Leg)
    182220 HP
    9999 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything
    This is even easier than the first part... You think they would make the final
    boss a bit challenging.
    It appears Nooj and Gippal are having trouble as well so continue up to assist
    them now.
    Vegnagun (Core)
    33040 HP
    9999 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything
    Right Bulwark
    3000 HP
    9999 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything
    Left Bulwark
    9999 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything
    With one darkness attack I killed off the Bulwarks, they only seem to cast
    defensive magic.  Then pound on the core, is he down for good?  You wish!
    Shuiyn then reactivated Vegnagun and you must fight the head.
    You can't target the head until you destroy the Redoubt, which are very weak...
    Redoubt x2
    2500 HP
    99999 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything
    After destroying the Redoubt, Vegnagun becomes targetable, but he will also
    raise the Redoubt back to life, but they aren't much to worry about.
    38420 HP
    99999 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything
    Pound the rest of Vegnagun's pathetic body into nothing and watch it finally
    stop permanently.  Shuiyn then realizes Yuna's deceit and attacks!
    23850 HP
    210 MP
    Immune: Gravity
    Status Immune: Everything
    Shuyin has all of Tidus' overdrives; the only one you need to fear is his
    ultimate overdrive, terror of Zanarkand.
    I won't ruin the next part for you. When you are back in the Farplane Glen
    pound X like you did the first time and the fayth child will appear, of course,
    select 'yes.' This enables you to get the good ending or perfect ending.  The
    perfect ending is only available if you got 100% completion.
    Enjoy the ending; you've earned it, especially if you managed to get the
    perfect ending.  Don't turn off the game when the credits role!  For every
    ending there is a new beginning waiting!
    I hope you have enjoyed this guide.
    New Game + Allows you to keep:
    -2. Frequently Asked Questions- Frequently Asked Questions-
    Q: How do I start playing blitz ball?
    A: Go to Luca in Chapter 5
    Q: What carries over in new game +?
    A: Basically everything non-major and your levels reset.
    Q: Levels reset? WTF?
    A: Considering the game doesn't get any harder why would you want it to be
    that easy?
    Q: This game is girly!
    A: That isn't a question!
    -3. Shinra's Bestiary- Shinra's Bestiary- Shinra's Bestiary-
    This is in order of his list (left right next row), and ones indicated with *
    cannot oversoul.
    Sallet/Helm Family
    Heavy Sallet
    Lupine Family
    Wild Wolf
    Killer Hound
    White Fang
    Bird Family
    Reptile Family
    Wasp Family
    Death Dauber
    Assassin Bee
    Flan Family
    (All start with FLAN)
    Plant Family
    Sahagin Family
    Ruminant Family
    More coming soon...
    -4. Shinra's Dossiers- Shinra's Dossiers- Shinra's Dossiers-
    Coming soon...
    -5. Dresspheres- Dresspheres- Dresspheres- Dresspheres-
    Coming soon...
    -5. Blitzball- Blitzball- Blitzball- Blitzball- Blitzball-
    This section is by Colonel Clunk at gamefaqs, it is slightly modified from his
    First of all ditch almost all of the original players you have as soon as you
    can find some better people (I never even raised my replacements. by the time
    I had raised the ones I kept, I found my permanent people). Keep Yuna, Paine,
    and Rikku and Shinra. They are the only original players worth wasting your CP
    First rule of Blitzball: kick the crap out of the Kilika beast in exhibition
    mode for easy points.
    Next use your entire CP on Shinra's CAT. Try to max him out. It's something
    like 76. This will keep the beasts from even scoring on you and net you more
    points in the beginning.
    Next up would be Paine. I'll give you some advice on training in a second.
    Level her up so you can score. She maxes her sht at 92 and endurance at 42.
    Rikku and Yuna should be next unless you get some of the permanent recruits.
    Here's some of the people I recruited
    I didn't keep any of these guys. They just filled my ranks to until I got my
    permanent recruits. Don't even bother wasting points on these guys.
    Mep sl2
    Shaami sl3
    neefe sl3
    Ropp sl1
    there's some others but the don't stand out too much so I just picked some one
    with decent stats and stuck them in as need, but those are the best of the
    early recruits.
    yuyui sl max (maxes at 99 or 255 in everything. any position would suit him)
    Barthello sl max (maxes in 90s in SHT and CAT and has 40 END good goalie (3rd
    best I think) or forward. he's my backup in case I forget someone is injured)
    Lucil sl max (maxes at 77 or 177 in everything. great midfielder)
    defense (you're not given much in terms of defense. most defense have high BLK
    or ATK but not both, or their END and PAS make it impossible to get out of the
    Zev Ronso sl3 (60s in both ATK and BLK. decent PAS and END)
    Donna sl max (she maxes out in the 50s for everything. good average player to
    cover all points of play)
    kwinn sl4 (94 in CAT. better than Shinra. 2nd best goalie. only yuyui is
    better but don't waste him here)
    I started out with a 3-2-2 setup. With an emphasis to the side Paine was on.
    It was set up like this
    Paine - temp - temp
    Rikku - Yuna
    temp - temp
    once I had my final team I used 2-3-2 setup. Doesn't matter what strategy I
    used. If going for a leading scorer focus on a forward.
    It looked like this
    Paine - yuyui
    Rikku - Lucil - Yuna
    Donna - Zev Ronso
    Take a deep breath... much better.
    Now for training.
    When you raise a stat another one lowers. You can level them up evenly (takes
    forever) or you can sacrifice a stat they don't need.
    The whole raising/decreasing process is broken into two cycles.
    when you choose to raise a stat it lowers the one below it in the cycle.
    So if you sacrifice CAT and start with PAS you'll never lose the training that
    you've already done. This is good for every player except the goalie (the non-
    goalies are not meant to play goalie so CAT is a small sacrifice). For
    goalies, start at CAT and sacrifice ATK (he'll never attack any one, so that
    stat is moot).
    You can sacrifice SHT if you're not a forward in the second cycle, but I don't
    usually. The REC rises a lot faster than the SHT and the losses while training
    those don't become too bad. I usually do SHT and max it, the do REC and max
    it, and then reraise SHT to its max. If the player isn't going to shoot you
    may want to put the importance on REC. you can max them both out by repeatedly
    doing both but I find that it's not worth it.
    A stat is at its max when it won't rise anymore even if you put 9 cp into it.
    Injuries are also a factor. Usually when training a stat you'll want to use
    consoling first to boost their biorhythms. Then put a number of CP into the
    stat = to the biorhythm. You get 1 fatigue point for every CP point you put
    over the biorhythm. If cp is not a problem don't even concern yourself with
    downtime. Just injure them and intensive care them. I find that certain
    character often times go up to 99 and still not injure them. It's random,
    though. If you're concerned about cp wait until they're around 20-30 fatigue
    points and then downtime them 9 cp.
    If you put 9 points into a stat, you'll be guaranteed a raise of 1 or 2
    points. I'm not sure how it works, but if you put less I think you'll have to
    put a certain number of cp in before you'll get a raise.
    Also raising just one person at a time doesn't affect anything at all. The
    comp teams never raise their levels. So if you finally become the ultimate
    team you'll never have to worry about the other teams catching up.
    I think I had Shinra, Paine, Rikku, and Yuna maxed before I was able to beat
    the al Bhed constantly with no adrenaline.
    You may want to find some sucky players to keep on your team for substitutes
    just in case the 2nd prize is better than the 1st.
    Also later on you'll win prizes that can enhance your players even more. Some
    give special shots (give one to yuyui) and some give stats (not sure how that
    works. I accidentally gave it to yuyui who already had 99 SHT and all it did
    was turn the word SHT yellow on his stats.). There's even an option to trade
    with other teams (you get to trade once per winning that prize. none of the
    original teams has anything worthwhile to trade for). You can even win two
    more teams to play against (the last one has some nice players to trade for if
    you can trade for them. I haven't unlocked them yet so I don't know if you
    The only thing I really wonder about is if your blitz data carries over in a
    new game +.
    I forgot to mention that Rikku and Yuna make good midfielders because their
    stats are well rounded with an emphasis on passing and blocking.
    Also Isaaru is also a good candidate for midfielder. He has 90s in PAS END and
    BLK. everything else is low but those are important areas for midfielders. He
    probably is better than Yuna and Rikku, but I'll keep them anyways since it's
    their game.
    Oh yeah, avoid auborine like the plague. Sure a 99 sht looks good, but
    everything else maxes in the single digits. He and Maroda are the only two
    level max characters I don't recommend recruiting (if I remember them all
    correctly right now).
    -Colonel clunk from gamefaqs
    -7. Chocobo Dungeon- Chocobo Dungeon- Chocobo Dungeon-
    By Hackenigma at gamefaqs
    1) Capture three (3) chocobos. When you check in with Clasko, they you will
    see you have three (3) chocobos that are all level 1. Dispatch those chocobos
    to the Calm Lands and leave. Get into about 10 random battles and return to
    the ranch. Clasko will either say they've returned safely or they haven't. If
    they haven't, reset (assuming you saved before this) and try again (or you can
    just dispatch three (3) more instead). Once they have all returned safely, go
    to step two.
    2) Raise those chocobos to level 2. You may have to capture more during this
    process, as not all chocobos' levels can be raised. Once you have three (3)
    that are at level 2, dispatch them to the Calm Lands. Once again, go engage in
    some battles and return to the ranch. Make sure they returned safely and if
    not, refer to step one for instructions on what to do. If they have returned
    safely, go to step three.
    3) Continue using the above instructions with level 3, 4, and 5 chocobos. You
    must dispatch three (3) of each to the Calm Lands and all three must return
    safely. Here's where I feel most people are missing a step. Before you
    dispatch the final three (3) chocobos (those would be the level 5 ones), raise
    FOUR level 5 chocobos. You only need to send three (3) out, but once they
    return safely, all four of your chocobo runners MUST be at level 5. After
    you've dispatched three (3) of each level and had all return safely, leave the
    ranch, board the airship, whatever. Just get the hell out of there.
    4) Return to the chocobo ranch and Clasko will approach you and tell you of a
    hidden dungeon that was found. It's located in the very back of the first
    floor in the center of the hallway.
    Now let's sum it up in a nutshell:
    1) Capture and dispatch THREE level 1 chocobos to the Calm Lands. Make sure
    that all THREE return safely.
    2) Raise and dispatch THREE level 2 chocobos to the Calm Lands. Make sure that
    all THREE return safely.
    3) Raise and dispatch THREE level 3 chocobos to the Calm Lands. Make sure that
    all THREE return safely.
    4) Raise and dispatch THREE level 4 chocobos to the Calm Lands. Make sure that
    all THREE return safely.
    5) Raise FOUR level 5 chocobos. Dispatch THREE of those to the Calm Lands and
    make the fourth your runner that doesn't get dispatched. Make sure that all
    THREE return safely.
    6) Leave the ranch. Board the airship. Return to the ranch. Clasko will
    approach you.
    There are numerous excellent items and accessories that can be obtained here.
    The ones that stick out in my mind the most are the AP Egg and the Machina
    Reactor. The end "boss" is an Anything Eater, and your "prize" at the end of
    the dungeon is an Amazing Chocobo.
    -8. Version History- Version History- Version History-
    1.0: walkthrough finished!
    Pre 1.0: Still getting the main sections up and finishing the walkthrough
    -9. Credits- Credits- Credits- Credits- Credits- Credits-
    Thanks for gamefaqs for hosting this guide.
    Thanks to Kouli for letting me use information from his 100% guide.
    And thanks to Square Enix for making a great game!
    Got Corpus Ivictus in thunder plains dungeon
    Got Salvation Promised grid in thunder dungeon as well
    Got Force of Nature accessory from plains dungeon also
    Thanks to everyone who contributed information

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