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    Battle Quotes List by Agent0042 / Zeruel

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    Final Fantasy X-2 Battle Quotes List
    By Agent0042
    Renovation by Zeruel
    Contributions from Members of FFShrine and By E-Mail
    Here is a list of battle quotes from Final Fantasy X-2. These are various
    quotes said by Yuna, Rikku, or Paine and occasionally a few other characters
    during battle. These quotes are all generally random and none of them appear on
    the captions.
    The conditions listed for the quotes are those required for you to hear the
    quote, although just because the condition is met doesn't mean that the quote
    will be said, it just means that there's a possiblity that it will.
    If you notice any quotes that are either incorrect, any conditions necessary
    for a quote that I have missed or have a quote you'd like to contribute, please
    e-mail Agent0042@mail2fanatic.com
    News: Recently, Zeruel came through for this guide in a big way. The entire
    guide now features a new format that is much easier to follow. Thanks also to
    Zeruel for all quotes from the International version of the game, as well as
    pretty much any other quote that's new to this edition that doesn't have an
    indivdiual credit.
    More important notes and other information can be found at the bottom of the
    This guide may contain stuff that might be considered spoilers. If you're
    afraid of that, the don't read further.
    Said at the Start of a Battle:
    Let's do it!
    No problem.
    Gullwings, at your service.
    Hi there.
    It's party time, anything goes. (while wearing Omatsurishi)
    I'm gonna whack you good.
    Piece of cake.
    I'm on a roll.
    Leave it to me.
    This is your lucky day. - Submitted by Sanity
    Here comes the hurt.
    Bring it, punk.
    Well, well, well.
    Yuna and Rikku
    Rikku: Time to clean up.
    Yuna: Right behind you.
    Yuna: Let's go Gullwings.
    Rikku: Yeah, let's do it!
    Rikku: What time?
    Yuna: Showtime.
    Rikku: I got a good feeling about this one.
    Yuna: Me too.
    Rikku: Ready?
    Yuna: You betcha.
    Yuna: This shouldn't take more than... two rounds.
    Rikku: Give me one. - Submitted by CloudOwnage, corrected by AdemA
    Yuna and Paine
    Yuna: Piece of cake?
    Paine: Where's the fun in that?
    Paine: All yours, Yuna.
    Yuna: Where are you going?
    Yuna: You're going down!
    Paine: That's the spirit.
    Yuna: Don't get careless.
    Paine: Who, me?
    Paine: I got this.
    Yuna: Hey, I wanna fight, too.
    Paine: Come get some.
    Yuna: Paine gets all the good lines.
    Rikku and Paine
    Rikku: This is kiddy stuff.
    Paine: Is it? - Submitted by Sanity
    Rikku: You're not getting away.
    Paine: Confident, huh?
    Paine: An easy match
    Rikku: Great!
    Rikku: Dr. P is in the house!
    Paine: Stop that.
    Rikku: I'm gonna kick you in the spleen!
    Paine: Spleen?
    Rikku: I could do this blindfolded.
    Paine: Go ahead.
    Rikku: Aah! - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    Yuna, Rikku, and Paine
    Rikku: Let's finish this, lickety split.
    Yuna: Think we can break our record?
    Paine: Let's just win.
    Rikku: You think this'll be hard?
    Paine: Only one way to find out.
    Yuna: Well, what are we waiting for?
    Yuna: Bring it!
    Rikku: She's sure getting into this.
    Paine: She's trying.
    Paine: Guess I'll take a break.
    Rikku: What?!
    Yuna: Hey, we need you. - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    Paine: Easy.
    Yuna: You really think so?
    Rikku: Less talk, more fight. - Submitted by Sanity
    Yuna: Give me a Y!
    Rikku: Give me an R!
    Paine: Give me a break. - Submitted by CloudOwnage, corrected via e-mail by
    Everyone, stay close.
    We can do it.
    Don't worry, we can win this.
    N-No sweat.
    We are in deep pickles.
    This doesn't look so good.
    Did I sign up for this?
    I don't get paid enough for this.
    This won't be easy.
    Maybe we'll get lucky.
    Let's make it happen.
    Where to begin?
    Yuna and Rikku
    Yuna: Could be trouble.
    Rikku: I don't like this one bit.
    Yuna: What's the password?
    Rikku: How about, don't screw up?
    Yuna: We can do this, right?
    Rikku: If you say so.
    Rikku: Wanna run?
    Yuna: Maybe we should.
    Rikku: Okay, I think it's breaktime now.
    Yuna: My thoughts exactly.
    Rikku: Gotta do what we gotta do!
    Yuna: Do we?
    Yuna and Paine
    Paine: You're thinking we can't win, aren't you?
    Yuna: How did you guess?
    Paine: Don't worry. I'm here to win this battle.
    Yuna: Aren't we confident?
    Paine: We don't stand a chance!
    Yuna: Now I'm worried.
    Yuna: This is one of those easy fiends, right?
    Paine: Keep telling yourself that.
    Yuna: Got any ideas?
    Paine: That's your department.
    Yuna: All mine.
    Paine: You got it.
    Rikku and Paine
    Rikku: Ooh... enough already.
    Paine: Put a sock in it.
    Rikku: This could get a little rough.
    Paine: I like it rough.
    Rikku: I need a nap.
    Paine: Maybe later.
    Paine: We might not win this one.
    Rikku: What?
    Paine: Stay calm.
    Rikku: That's not helping!
    Paine: I'm ready for more.
    Rikku: You're kidding.
    Yuna, Rikku, and Paine
    Rikku: Scary.
    Paine: Your point?
    Yuna: Scary.
    Rikku: Maybe we should call it a day?
    Yuna: Run away?
    Paine: Your call.
    Yuna: We're in trouble.
    Rikku: Yeppers.
    Paine: Someday we'll look back and laugh.
    Yuna: Ungh...
    Rikku: Ooh oohh...
    Paine: You're bringing me down.
    Paine: I'm tired of this.
    Rikku: Me too.
    Yuna: That makes three of us.
    Paine: My heart's racing.
    Rikku: Paine's into this kind of stuff.
    Yuna: That's... odd.
    Paine: What?
    Battle Restrictions
    [3/5 chance of saying one of the following three quotes]
    Rikku: Outta the way. (fighting Goons or She-Goons in Luca, first mission)
    Rikku: You! Step aside! (fighting Goons or She-Goons in Luca, first mission)
    Paine: Move. (fighting Goons or She-Goons in Luca, first mission)
    Yuna: Where's the impostor? (fighting Ormi [Luca] and Logos [Luca])
    Paine: Them again? (fighting Ormi [Gagazet Ruins], Logos [Gagazet Ruins],
    and Leblanc [Gagazet Ruins])
    Rikku: Snake. Snake? Snake!!! (fighting 2 Goons and Recoil, second
    mission) - Submitted via e-mail by Gan-Chan
    Paine: Hi there, creepy crawly. (fighting Boris, second mission)
    Yuna: A trial. (fighting Flame Dragon, first Besaid mission)
    Yuna: This is getting old. (fighting Guardian Beast, first Zanarkand
    Rikku: Let's take this one apart. (fighting YSLS-Zero, first Kilika mission)
    Paine: You guys deserve a medal. (fighting Ormi [Djose], Logos [Djose], and
    Yuna: Time to clobber the robber. (fighting Ormi [Chateau End], Logos
    [Chateau End], and Leblanc [Chateau End])
    Yuna: What are you doing? (fighting Baralai [Bevelle])
    Paine: Fight! You have to! (fighting Bahamut)
    Yuna: I'm sorry. (fighting Valefor)
    Rikku: Why? (fighting Ifrit)
    Yuna: It's been a while. (fighting Yojimbo)
    Rikku: This can't be happening. (fighting Ixion)
    Paine: Isn't this cute. (fighting Zalamander, Chapter 4 mission)
    Yuna: Huh... (fighting Shiva)
    Yuna: Not you, too. (fighting Mindy, Sandy, and Cindy)
    Yuna: Forgive me. (fighting Anima)
    Yuna: Ready?
    Rikku: Let's kick some tail.
    Paine: You're on. (fighting Vegnagun [Tail])
    Paine: Leblanc never stood a chance against this thing.
    Rikku: Well, we've got a leg up on her.
    Yuna: Save the jokes for later. (fighting Vegnagun [Leg], Node A, Node B,
    and Node C)
    Yuna: It's so big.
    Rikku: Woohoo, no more climbing!
    Paine: Could you please focus? (fighting Vegnagun [Core], Right Bulwark, and
    Left Bulwark)
    Yuna: Shuyin!
    Paine: It can't end like this.
    Rikku: I'm getting ticked off. (fighting Vegnagun [Head], Right Redoubt, and
    Left Redoubt)
    Rikku: You just don't get it, do you?
    Paine: It's no good. He's not listening.
    Yuna: Shuyin, please stop this. (fighting Shuyin)
    Yuna: Ready?
    Rikku: Let's kick some tail!
    Paine: You're on. (Vegnagun's Tail battle)
    Braska: Don't be afraid, Yuna. Your friends are your strength.
    Paine: LeBlanc never stood a chance against this thing.
    Rikku: Well, we've got a "leg" up on her.
    Yuna: Save the jokes for later. (Vegnagun's torso battle)
    Jecht: This time the legs are just a distraction. You know where to strike.
    Said After Winning a Battle:
    Too easy. (Gunner, Samurai, Berserker, Songstress, Black Mage, White Mage,
    Thief, Mascot, Psi-kicker)
    Signed and sealed. (Gun Mage, Alchemist, Samurai, Berserker, Songstress,
    Black Mage, Thief, Mascot) - Corrected via e-mail by dbcooper1
    All right. (Gun Mage, Alchemist, Berserker, Songstress, Black Mage, White
    Mage, Thief, Mascot)
    No problem. (Gunner, Alchemist, Warrior, Songstress, White Mage, Mascot,
    Floral Fallal, Psi-kicker)
    That's it? (Gunner, Gun Mage, Warrior, Samurai, Songstress, White Mage,
    Mascot, Psi-kicker)
    So, what's next? (Gunner, Warrior, Songstress, White Mage, Omatsurishi)
    Never underestimate Yuna. (Dark Knight, Omatsurishi, Floral Fallal)
    Stronger than you thought, huh? (Dark Knight, Omatsurishi, Floral Fallal)
    Well? (Dark Knight)
    Have a biscuit, boy. (Trainer) - Submitted via e-mail by Eric R.
    Good boy. (Trainer)
    Good doggie. (Trainer)
    I guess it was the luck of the draw. (Lady Luck)
    Game over, man. Game over. (Lady Luck) - Submitted by CloudOwnage
    Thanks for playing. (Lady Luck)
    How's that? (Gunner, Warrior, Samurai, Berserker, Songstress, Black Mage,
    White Mage, Thief, Mascot)
    Hah! (Gunner, Samurai, Berserker, Songstress, Black Mage, White Mage, Thief,
    Lady Luck, Omatsurishi)
    Oh yeah! (Gunner, Samurai, Berserker, Songstress, Black Mage, White Mage,
    Thief, Lady Luck, Omatsurishi)
    It's a wrap. (Gun Mage, Alchemist, Warrior, Dark Knight, Black Mage, Lady
    Luck, Mascot, Omatsurishi, Psi-kicker, Machina Maw)
    We're on a roll. (Warrior, Samurai, Berserker, Songstress, Black Mage, White
    Mage, Lady Luck, Mascot)
    Nice work. (Alchemist, Warrior, Dark Knight, Black Mage, Mascot, Machina
    Easy as pie. (Gun Mage, Alchemist, Warrior, Dark Knight, Mascot, Psi-kicker)
    All according to plan. (Gun Mage, Warrior, Dark Knight, Psi-kicker, Machina
    Maw) - Corrected by Sanity
    That's my monkey. (Trainer) - Submitted via e-mail by elin_721
    That's how it's done, spunky monkey. (Trainer)
    A hundred monkey points. (Trainer) - Submitted via e-mail by qactuar
    Nice knowing you. (all except Trainer, Psi-kicker)
    Effortless. (all except Thief, Trainer, Lady Luck, Omatsurishi)
    Child's play. (all except Berserker, Songstress, Trainer, Omatsurishi) -
    Submitted by Sanity
    That wasn't much fun. (all except Berserker, Songstress, Trainer,
    We've got bigger fish to fry. (all except Songstress, Thief, Trainer, Lady
    Luck, Psi-kicker)
    Another flawless victory. (Gunner, Gun Mage, Alchemist, Warrior, Black Mage,
    White Mage, Thief, Lady Luck, Omatsurishi)
    Turned on? (Gunner, Gun Mage, Warrior, Songstress, Black Mage, White Mage,
    Thief, Lady Luck)
    Over already? (Gunner, Gun Mage, Warrior, Black Mage, White Mage) - Submitted
    by Sanity
    The early bird catches the worm. (Trainer) - Submitted via e-mail by reptishon
    Good girl. (Trainer)
    Satisfied? (Trainer) - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Yuna and Rikku
    Yuna and Rikku: Gullwings take the gold! - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    Yuna and Rikku: Yeah!
    Yuna and Rikku: Nice work!
    Yuna and Paine
    Yuna: We won.
    Paine: An empty win.
    Yuna: Duck soup.
    Paine: Duck what?
    Yuna and Paine: All right!
    Rikku and Paine
    Paine: Sorry we had to win.
    Rikku: I'm not.
    Paine: Thank you.
    Rikku: Come again.
    Rikku and Paine: Piece of cake.
    Take that!
    I'm ready for more.
    I could get used to this.
    Nice work.
    Case closed.
    This is easy. - Submitted via e-mail by torawashi
    It's all in the wrist. - Submitted via e-mail by XvElvenLightvX
    Okay. Next, please!
    Did that hurt?
    Hah! That's it?
    Works for me.
    That was a close call.
    I thought we were goners.
    That was close.
    I'm bushed. - From guide by The Archimage
    Can we not almost die next time?
    Ouch... That was bad.
    I thought we were done for.
    Let's put that behind us.
    Guess I'm getting sloppy.
    That certainly wasn't dull. - Correction via e-mail by Gamescook
    That was a workout.
    Yuna and Rikku
    Rikku: I'm all tuckered out.
    Yuna: You said it.
    Rikku: You okay, Yunie?
    Yuna: I'll live.
    Rikku: Yup! That was nuts.
    Yuna: You think?
    Yuna: Rikku, you don't look so good.
    Rikku: I've reached my limit. Break time!
    Yuna: Close call.
    Rikku: Hey, at least we won.
    Yuna: That got pretty ugly.
    Rikku: Tell me something I don't know.
    Yuna and Paine
    Paine: You all right?
    Yuna: I guess.
    Paine: Let's keep moving.
    Yuna: Ah... okay.
    Paine: Well, that wasn't easy.
    Yuna: So you like it? - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Paine: Ready for more?
    Yuna: Any time.
    Yuna: Phew...
    Paine: Don't let your guard down.
    Yuna: We'd be lost without you, Paine.
    Paine: Why, thank you.
    Rikku and Paine
    Paine: Working up a sweat?
    Rikku: I just wanna lie down.
    Paine: Stay alert.
    Rikku: Yes ma'am.
    Rikku: Hey, a little healing over here.
    Paine: Heal yourself.
    Rikku: Can we rest yet? Can we rest yet? Can we rest yet?
    Paine: Shut up. - Submitted via e-mail by shadowofeden, corrected via e-mail by
    Rikku: I bet Paine's not tired.
    Paine: What's it to you? - Corrected via e-mail by yamato magna
    Paine: What a sloppy victory.
    Rikku: Better than a sloppy defeat.
    Battle Restrictions
    Rikku: Take that.
    Paine: We're not done yet! (fighting Vegnagun [Tail])
    Rikku: So, did we get it?
    Paine: Sure looks that way.
    Yuna: Shake a leg. (fighting Vegnagun [Leg], Node A, Node B, and Node C)
    Rikku: We did it. Phew...
    Paine: Hmph...
    Yuna: Where's Shuyin? (fighting Vegnagun [Core], Right Bulwark, and Left
    Bulwark) (even if a character isn't fighting, or is KOed, petrified, asleep,
    slienced, or stopped, all will talk)
    Rikku: Is this thing finally outta juice?
    Paine: Maybe he'll listen now.
    Yuna: Yeah. Let's talk to Shuyin. (fighting Vegnagun [Head], Right Redoubt,
    and Left Redoubt) (even if a character isn't fighting, or is KOed,
    petrified, asleep, slienced, or stopped, all will talk)
    Paine: Hmm...
    Rikku: Yunie?
    Yuna: Shuyin... (fighting Shuyin)
    Said When a Character Delivers a Killing Blow in Battle:
    Note: These quotes seem to activate also sometimes if the attack should be a
    killing blow, but the enemy evades or has some special defense that keeps the
    character from finishing them off.
    So long!
    Down you go!
    All right!
    Got ya'! - Submitted via e-mail by camus_120
    See ya'.
    Good boy! (using Trainer dressphere) - Submitted via e-mail by elin_72
    Don't miss. (Using a projectile weapon - Gunner, Gun Mage, Alchemist, Lady
    Luck) - Corrected via e-mail by Eric R.
    Bang. (Using any a projectile weapon) - Submitted via e-mail by torawashi
    Sperechange Quotes:
    Note: For every dressphere except Yuna's Gunner, Rikku's Thief, and Paine's
    Warrior, the first quote is what they say the first time, and the last three
    are what they say the second time after.
    I've got you in my sights. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    You can't run or hide, so why bother? - Submitted via e-mail by torawashi
    Resistance is futile! - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Now this is my kind of weapon. Who wants some? - Submitted by The Archimage,
    courtesy StarNeptune.
    No one's faster with a gun than an Al Bhed!
    I'm gonna pump you so full of lead!
    Don't worry, I brought enough bullets for everyone.
    You're no challenge, just target practice.
    Wherever you run, my bullets will find you.
    You need some speed holes.
    So, who wants to be my first target?
    Gun Mage
    Prepare for a phantasmagoric panoply of magical power! Your abilities will be
    mine! - Submitted by Sanity, Corrected via e-mail by Banana
    One enchanted bullet, just for you.
    Time to let the magic fly! - Submitted by Sanity
    My gun cries out for you!
    Use one of your abilities, I dare you! 'Cause I'll use it right back.
    These aren't your everyday bang bang kind of bullets. - Corrected via e-mail by
    I got a bullet for every fiend.
    I'll be taking your abilities now, thank you. - Submitted by Sanity
    This gun hungers for magic. Let's see what you've got.
    Everyone has a weakness, and I'll find yours.
    The magical mayhem begins.
    Time for a fiend hunt! - Submitted by Sanity
    Need some items tossed around? I'm your girl!
    Time to raid the secret stash!
    I've been saving these just for you.
    Better make this count.
    Is it me, or does this outfit have an Al Bhed thing going on?
    All items carry the Al Bhed seal of approval. - Submitted via e-mail by
    Need some items? I'm your gal!
    I hate to waste them, but here they come! - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    I'm in a generous mood. Get ready for lots of presents with your name on them.
    I feel like splurging. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    What shall we mix up today? - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    What I use, I intend to get back.
    Stand in my way and I'll cut you down.
    I will clear a path. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Strength isn't my only weapon. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Believe in the sword. - From guide by The Archimage
    So, I chop things up and we win? I think I can handle that! - corrected via
    e-mail by Banana
    Slice and dice is very nice. - Submitted via e-mail by repetishon
    Oh, you want a piece of me? - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Oh yeah! I'm getting hot!
    Don't bother blocking. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    All I need is my sword. - Submitted via e-mail by sayojia
    I'm gonna carve you up. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    One sword in my hand, a thousand knights in battle. Go on, take your pick. -
    corrected via e-mail by master_gamer
    My enemies fall to a stroke of the blade.
    Now your life is in my hands. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Nothing a little hack and slash won't fix. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Rikku, master of the blade, creeps through the shadows, cutting down all who
    stand in her way. - Submitted via e-mail by Azure_Dreamin, corrected via e-mail
    by Banana
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Rikku.
    No more Mr. Nice Guy.
    I'm playing for keeps.
    I think this blade could use a new sheath. Any volunteers?
    I'm not picky about who I cut to pieces.
    Time for you to split.
    Don't get too close.
    Dark Knight
    As I bear this darkness into battle, my suffering becomes my strength. -
    corrected via e-mail by montrey
    May the shadows be my strength.
    Darkness is a double-edged sword, but what can you do?
    Darkness is not my enemy.
    This armor isn't just for show you know. - Submitted via e-mail by torawashi
    I kind of feel like I'm a bad guy.
    Nice knowing you.
    Shouldn't you be running scared by now? - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Darkness is my ally. Those who cross me shall know its wrath.
    Sleep in the darkness.
    The night beckons.
    The shadows will swiftly devour you.
    Sometimes you just have to hack your way through.
    You'll never know what hit you.
    Mind if I go a little nuts? - Submitted via e-mail by chocobomog
    I'm not afraid to get rough. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Yuna: Time to let off some steam! (Yuna spherechanges to Berserker dressphere.)
    - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Bite me. Or better yet, let me bite you! - Submitted by Millenia
    Get in my way and you're asking for it! - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    You don't mind if I go a little wild, do you? - Submitted via e-mail by
    I have the strangest urge to roar!
    No holding back now. It's all or nothing.
    Once the fire starts, there's no putting it out.
    If you're gonna bring it, bring it!
    Whatever it takes.
    Well, this is no time for stage fright.
    Might as well have some fun.
    I'm still not used to this.
    Let's start the show.
    Once I get a mic in my hands, it's all over.
    Welcome to your doom, starring me! - Submitted by NGEVA
    Like it or not, you're listening. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Lucky you! You get front-row seats.
    No holding back. If you can't keep up, stay off my dance floor.
    I'll take you places you've never been. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    I guess we can win this way, too. - Submitted via e-mail by Banana
    So all I have to do is sing and dance? - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Black Mage
    A storm of magic rages within me!
    The four great elements heed my call. - From guide by The Archimage
    Double, double, toil and trouble.
    Hmm, where to begin?
    I'm gonna put you in a cast, and I don't mean the broken bone kind! Get it? -
    Submitted via e-mail by torawashi
    All right, should I burn you or freeze you? - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    Fire burn and cauldron bubble. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Now it's payback time. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Time to teach you a thing or two about black magic. - Submitted by Sanity
    The endless power of the world in my hands. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Can't you just feel the magic?
    Fried or boiled, what will it be?
    White Mage
    I'll help with all my might.
    I will be our shield.
    I won't let you fall.
    Believe in the light.
    And now for some Rikku brand white magic goodness.
    You got it, I'll heal it. - From guide by The Archimage
    Don't worry, I'll take care of you.
    Guess I'm in charge of healing, huh?
    I'll heal you if I have to, but don't get careless.
    I'll heal, you do the rest.
    I've got you covered.
    You handle offense. - From guide by The Archimage
    Let me take that off your hands.
    I don't play fair.
    You won't be needing that, will you?
    All in the wrist, huh?
    Mind if I take that?
    Watch the master!
    All right, hand it over!
    Watch out. Items aren't the only thing I can steal. - Submitted via e-mail by
    toka_kat, corrected by Sanity
    So much to steal, so little time... - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Your purse is looking a little heavy. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    I can do more than just steal.
    A girl's best friend. - Submitted via e-mail by pessimisticoptimist
    Be a good boy. - Submitted by Sanity
    Cut 'em to bits and bits and bits... - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    What's the matter? Hungry?
    He may look cute, but you really don't wanna get on his bad side.
    Time to go crazy and break things! - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Watch out! He's a little troublemaker.
    That look in your eyes. You'll serve me well.
    Have you sighted your prey?
    And now the hunt begins. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    I'm counting on you.
    Lady Luck
    Everybody stand back! I'll show you how it's done.
    Win or lose, it's all a matter of luck.
    I don't even need to load the dice.
    A little luck never hurts. - From guide by Archimage
    Live or die by the roll of the dice. Exciting, no?
    Ready to play? - Submitted by Sanity
    Prepare to be shaken and stirred.
    The fun starts now. - Submitted by Sanity
    Don't think it's just a game. Your life is on the line.
    Care to try your luck? - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Would you like to play a game?
    So what's your wager?
    Male Voice
    Ladies and gentlemen. (When there's a puff of smoke during the Lady Luck full
    spherechange sequence.) - Special thanks to nat for submitting this via e-mail
    I'm supposed to fight in this? Well, okay. - Submitted via e-mail by alaron37
    I'm getting the hang of this.
    As deadly as I am cute. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    It's hot in here.
    Aw, I wanted to be a cactuar.
    Yeah, yeah, laugh while you can.
    Now why don't I feel tough in this?
    Oh, no! I think my head's on backwards. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Don't say a word.
    Laugh and I'll hurt you.
    Don't judge a book by its cover.
    We're getting desperate.
    Floral Fallal
    A power too great to be bridled can only be set free.
    I've got this one covered.
    I'll fight you to my last breath.
    It's too late for regrets.
    Machina Maw
    Activate super duper mega ultra assault mode!
    Time for some serious machina mashing power.
    You're gonna rue the day.
    Stand back. I got it under control.
    Full Throttle
    You have picked your last fight!
    What's that? You say you wanna get hurt?
    Beg, vermin. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    A nicer person might let you go.
    Pure energy... a power beyond all human knowledge!!
    Feel the power of the mind!
    I can sense my powers growing...
    I can't hold it back any longer!
    Hey, do you smell something burning? Because I am ON FIRE!!
    Uh-oh, the floodgates are open!
    I won't just defeat you, I'm gonna shatter you!
    What's that? Go easy? I don't think so!
    Better start running. I'm afraid I can't guarantee your safety.
    This will be over before you know it.
    Just let me run with this.
    If you think you're going to survive... think again.
    Let's leave our worries behind and have us some fun!
    Smells like party time to me!
    No reason we can't have fun along the way!
    This hardly feels like fighting at all!
    Rikku's in the house and it's time to get down!
    Party! Ahhahahahah!! Party! Ahhahahahah!!
    Oooh... So much fun stuff, I don't know what to do first!
    Nobody's leaving until this party is finished!
    Don't put off the party for another day, do it now.
    I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have a little fun.
    It's my party, so you'll cry if I want you to.
    Maybe we don't party enough?
    Magic Quotes:
    Recovery (ie. White Magic "Cure," "Cura," "Curaga," "Life," "Full-Life,"
    Kupo! "Moogle Life," "Moogle Cureja," "Moogle Lifeja," "Moogle Jolt")
    This'll help.
    You okay?
    Be strong!
    I've got you.
    Everyone, stay strong!
    No more moping.
    Recharge! - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Boo-boos be gone.
    Chin up. Eyes forward. - Submitted via e-mail by Eva Kasumi
    Gullwing repair service.
    That's just a scratch. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Don't worry. I've got your back. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    It's not over yet. - Submitted by Sanity
    You can do better than this. - Submitted by Sanity
    Do I have to hold your hand? - Submitted via e-mail by ninjadude3355
    White Magic "Full Cure"
    All shall be restored.
    It is not over.
    Hang in there.
    Up an at 'em! - Corrected via e-mail by Cidolfas
    Damage? What damage?
    Why heal a little when you can heal it all?
    Don't throw in the towel yet.
    Losing is not my style.
    Be healed.
    Go into the light. - Submitted via e-mail by Kim Biebaut
    Protection (ie. White Magic "Regen," "Esuna," "Dispel," "Haste," "Hastega,"
    "Shell," "Protect," "Reflect," Gamble "Felicity," Kupo! "Moogle Cure,"
    "Moogle Regen," "Moogle Wall," "Moogle Regenja," "Moogle Wallja")
    Come on!
    Any better?
    Let's play it safe.
    Any better?
    Cheer up!
    Time to turn up the heat!
    Perk up. Now. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    All right, let's finish this.
    Don't get carried away. - Submitted by Sanity
    White Magic "Auto-Life"
    A salvation promised.
    Better safe than sorry.
    Can't be too careful.
    Some insurance.
    Might not be necessary, but just in case.
    Here's a quicker picker upper!
    Never hurts to be prepared.
    No more excuses.
    Why take the risk?
    Fire Magic (ie. Black Magic "Fire," "Fira," "Firaga," Wildcat "Cait Fire,"
    Fallalery "Heat Whirl")
    Dance, flames! - Submitted via e-mail by Wirikidor
    The flame consumes all. - Submitted via e-mail by Wirikidor
    Where there's smoke...
    You're fired!
    I love a good roast!
    Well done, please. - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    Ashes to ashes. - Submitted by Sanity
    Burn! - Submitted by Sanity
    Smoking is bad for you. - Submitted by Sanity
    Ice Magic (ie. Black Magic "Blizzard," "Blizzara," "Blizzaga," Wildcat "Cait
    Blizzard," Fallalery "Ice Whirl")
    Cold spell coming. - Submitted via e-mail by artemis13
    Cool off. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    I like mine on the rocks. - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    Forecast, cold. - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    What's wrong, cold feet? - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    Serve chilled.
    Ice, ice, baby. - Submitted via e-mail by Gan-Chan
    Am I cold? - Submitted by Sanity
    Lightning Magic (ie. Black Magic "Thunder," "Thundara," "Thundaga," Wildcat
    "Cait Thunder," Fallalery "Electric Whirl")
    One one-thousand... - Submitted via e-mail by Wirikidor
    Nature's wrath, strike my foe. - Submitted via e-mail by Diablos
    Do I hear thunder?
    Greased lightnin'! - Submitted via e-mail by Banana
    ZAP! - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    Astraphobic? Not me! - Submitted by Mystery_Man, corrected via e-mail by
    Hmph, shocking! - Submitted by Sanity
    Searing light! - Submitted by Sanity
    Lighting flash, thunder crash! - Submitted via e-mail by chocobomog
    Water Magic (ie. Black Magic "Water," "Watera," "Waterga," Wildcat "Cait
    Water," Fallalery "Aqua Whirl")
    Get wet!
    Rinse, repeat.
    Never turn your back to the sea.
    Drink up.
    Hit the showers! - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    Catch the wave.
    Wake up. - Submitted by Sanity
    You could use a bath. - Submitted by Sanity
    Hold your breath. - Submitted by Sanity
    Flare Magic (ie. Black Magic "Flare," Fallalery "Flare Whirl")
    Hope you're ready for a heat wave.
    There's no escape.
    Magical meltdown.
    I'm gonna flare you good!
    Something's cooking!
    Some can't wait to fry.
    You. It's what's for dinner. - Submitted via e-mail by Shmooth Shailing
    What the hell.
    Hurt. Lots of hurt. - Submitted via e-mail by Shmooth Shailing
    Now, prostrate before me.
    Black Magic "Ultima"
    Do you know why they call it Ultima?
    Storm of darkness, vanquish all.
    Okay, that's it!
    Don't say I didn't warn you.
    Too late. You had your chance.
    Ultima, there is nothing greater.
    Be flung onto the Farplane!
    White Magic "Holy"
    Light our way. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    My prayers are my strength. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Vanquish the darkness.
    Holy moley! - Submitted via e-mail by Banana
    It's smiting time! - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Sacred light, aid our fight! Right? - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Consider this my parting gift.
    This is practically overkill.
    Go into the light.
    Trema "Meteor"
    Hasatekanae Kutamae. - Chanting from FFX's "Hymn of the Fayth" - thanks
    Release your past and tower above all.
    Said When a Character Uses an Ability:
    Normal Attack
    Fly. (Trainer)
    Go to it. (Trainer)
    Booya. (Projectile Weapon - Gunner, Gun Mage, Alchemist, Lady Luck)
    Direct Attack (ie. "Fright," Swordplay type, Bushido type [except
    "Nonpareil," "No Fear," "Clean Slate," and "Hayate"], Arcana "Demi," "Bio,"
    "Doom," "Death," "Black Sky," Instinct type [except "Eject"], Kupo! "Moogle
    Beam," Wildcat "PuPu Platter," Cutlery type, Machinations "Shockwave,"
    You're mine!
    Time to act!
    This'll do it.
    Here goes.
    I've got it.
    That's enough from you!
    Take... this!
    Pow! Right in the kisser. Corrected via e-mail by Gamescook
    No holds barred.
    Ready or not, here I come.
    Get out of here kid, you bother me.
    I'm gonna miss you.
    Kiss me.
    Worm. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    What a nuisance.
    You had your chance to run!
    This is the part where you get hurt. - Submitted via e-mail by Grym
    The unenlightened shall fall. (Demi)
    Instinct "Eject"
    Hope you like to travel.
    You're outta here.
    This is goodbye!
    And you are outta here!
    Kicking butt and taking names! - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    See you around.
    Come again.
    How far can you fly? - Submitted via e-mail by Banana
    Hope you're done packing.
    Zantetsuken! - Submitted via e-mail by Guitalex2002
    My turn.
    One cut, one kill.
    You kill my teecha.
    Looking sharp.
    This may sting a little.
    I'll be taking your life now.
    Keep your eye on the blade.
    My suffering mirrors yours. - Submitted via e-mail by TakeruMouko, corrected
    via e-mail by Gullwing89
    May pain be my blade.
    This had better be worth it.
    This hurts me almost as much as it hurts you. - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    My pain is your pain. - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! - Submitted via e-mail by torawashi
    There's enough Paine to go around. - Submitted by Mystery_Man, Corrected via
    e-mail by xxhyperricexx
    I guess there's no choice. - Submitted by Sanity
    No Paine, no gain. - Submitted by Sanity
    Blue Bullet type
    Feel the power of fiends unleashed. - Submitted via e-mail by torawashi
    This is no ordinary bullet. - Submitted via e-mail by ToNbErRi6452
    Anything goes for Gun Mage Yuna. - Submitted via e-mail by torawashi
    Bullets come in all kinds of flavors.
    Ever seen this before? - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Eat... not lead!
    I use what I have.
    Guess what's coming next?
    And you thought they were lead.
    Fiend Hunter type
    This one's just for you. - Submitted by Sanity
    This should do the trick. - Submitted by Sanity
    Here's your silver bullet. - Submitted by Sanity
    Here comes your favorite kind of bullet.
    This one's custom made just for you.
    Let's do it! Al Bhed tested, Brother approved.
    This one's got your name on it. - Submitted by Sanity
    Right where it hurts.
    Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. - Submitted by Sanity
    "Great Whirl"
    She loves you not. - Submitted via e-mail by Metatron
    Flower power. - Submitted via e-mail by chocobomog
    My pistils are loaded. - Submitted via e-mail by Rys
    Three, two, one, zero!
    Where's the brakes on this thing?
    Machinations type (except "Shockwave" and "Shockstorm")
    Ready to fire, sir. - Submitted by Sanity
    Target locked.
    Verifying target. - Submitted via e-mail by torawashi
    "Sword Dance"
    Now you've made me angry.
    Your luck's just run out.
    Meet Paine on a whole new level.
    Indirect Attack (ie. "MP Absorb," Arcana "Blind," "Silence," "Sleep,"
    "Osmose," "Drain," "Confuse," "Break," Wildcat "Power Eraser," "Armor
    Eraser," "Magic Eraser," "Mental Eraser," "Speed Eraser")
    Try this on for size.
    Behave yourself.
    Not so tough now, are you? - Submitted via e-mail by torawashi
    How you like these apples? - Submitted via e-mail by torawashi
    You crossed the line, buster!
    Now we're even.
    Allow me to burst your bubble.
    What goes around come around. - Submitted by Sanity
    "Steal" (said during usage)
    What you hiding?
    I'll take that.
    No junk, please.
    Don't hold out on me. - Submitted by Sanity
    Takers keepers.
    It's all in the wrist.
    Hand it over. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Show me your goods. - Submitted by NGEVA
    I need this more than you do.
    Flimflam type (said during usage; except "Steal Will")
    Got anything I need?
    Hope you don't mind!
    You're an easy target.
    You got it, I'll steal it.
    There ain't nothing I can't steal.
    What do you think I'm after? - Submitted by Sanity
    Items aren't all that can be stolen.
    Allow me to lighten the load.
    I take what I want. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Fall under my spell.
    Hope this works.
    Please please please! - Submitted via e-mail by Banana
    How do you like me now? - Submitted via e-mail by Banana
    Look into my eyes. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Well, hello there. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    It's worth a shot.
    Here goes. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Charmed, I'm sure. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Mix type
    I hope this works.
    Hmm... If that goes here, then... - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Trust me, I know what I'm doing.
    Not knowing is the fun part.
    Who ordered a round of Rikku Surprise? - Submitted via e-mail by seabeast13,
    corrected via e-mail by artemis13
    A little of this, a little of that.
    I'm figuring this out as I go. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Is there a trick to this? - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Sorry if I screw this up. - Submitted via e-mail by torawashi
    Stash type
    Now is as good a time as any. - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    I knew this'd come in handy. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Good thing I saved this. - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    Here comes my trump card.
    Oops, forgot to mention I had this.
    I wanted to save this for something special.
    Hey, look what I found.
    Always have a plan B. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    I'm full of surprises.
    No holding back.
    Time to let off some steam.
    Yuna gone wild! - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Time to bust out!
    I'm getting in the zone!
    If something bad happens, don't blame me! - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    No turning back now. - Submitted by Sanity
    Hurt time! - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    I hate to do this to you! - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Sing type
    (to the tune of her theme song) Na na na, na na na na, na na na na na. -
    Corrected via e-mail by Gamescook
    Listen up!
    Wanna sing along? - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    May as well let loose.
    Quiet down, I'm singing here. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Listen up!
    Ahem! La la laaah! - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Name that tune.
    This'll stir your soul.
    I hate this dressphere.
    Dance type
    Hey, eyes on me!
    Let's get moving.
    This is a little embarrassing.
    It only takes me to tango. - Submitted by NGEVA
    Time to bust a move. - Submitted by NGEVA
    Who's your Rikku?
    Try and keep up. - Submitted by NGEVA
    Step to this. - Submitted by NGEVA
    Don't make me dance alone.
    Examination (ie. "Scan," "Libra")
    Let's take a look. - Submitted by Sanity
    So what's your weakness? - Submitted by Sanity
    Just how tough are you? - Submitted by NGEVA
    What makes you tick?
    I know all about you.
    Can't hide from me.
    So, what's your secret?
    Spill it.
    Knowing is half the battle.
    Gil Usage (ie. "Spare Change," "Bribe")
    Whatever works, I guess. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Guess we can earn it back later. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Spending spree. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Guess this is my rainy day.
    I give and I give and I give.
    Here you go, cash on delivery.
    Saving's for losers.
    Don't spend it all in one place.
    Alms for the poor.
    Dice (ie. Gamble "Two Dice," "Four Dice")
    It's all or nothing.
    Take a chance!
    I can hardly look. - From guide by The Archimage
    So what have we got this time?
    Oh, I can't watch!
    Getting nervous?
    Big money, big money!
    Don't write off the power of luck.
    Cross your fingers.
    The luck of the wicked.
    Kogoro (Attack) (ie. Kogoro "Kogoro Blaze," "Kogoro Freeze," "Kogoro Shock,"
    "Kogoro Deluge," "Kogoro Strike," "Doom Kogoro," "Holy Kogoro")
    Time for something meatier.
    Wanna bite?
    It's a dog eat you world.
    Kogoro "Pound!"
    The more the merrier.
    Release the hounds!
    Pound away!
    Ghiki (Status Abnormality) (ie. Ghiki "Ghiki Gouge," "Ghiki Gag," "Pesky
    Ghiki," "Bully Ghiki")
    Monkey do, monkey do! - Submitted via e-mail by qactuar
    Think: banana! - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    What is it? Want to show mommy something?
    Ghiki (Steal) (ie. Ghiki "Mugger Ghiki," "Sneaky Ghiki")
    All right, just like I showed you. - Submitted via e-mail by Star Raven
    Swipe something good. - Submitted via e-mail by Star Raven
    Go, kleptomonkey, go! - Submitted via e-mail by carnichef
    Ghiki "Swarm, swarm!"
    Swarm! Swarm! - Submitted via e-mail by qactuar
    One barrelful of fun, coming up! - Submitted via e-mail by qactuar
    Time to monkey around.
    Flurry (Status Abnormality) (ie. Flurry "Poison Flurry," "Stone Flurry,"
    "Death Flurry")
    Make your master proud.
    Hurt. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Do your worst. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Flurry "Carrier Flurry"
    That's our enemy. Remove the enemy. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    Finish this.
    Your quarry awaits.
    Flurry "Maulwings!"
    You have your pecking orders. - Submitted via e-mail by qactuar
    Flock together and hunt.
    Leave some for your friends. - Submitted via e-mail by qactuar
    Psychic "Time Trip"
    Flow of time, heed my call!
    Nobody move!
    Hang on just a sec.
    Time out!
    Might be bending the rules, but hey...
    And now for a commercial break.
    I'm gonna have my way with you.
    Don't move a muscle.
    Hold it right there.
    My body withers, so that my mind my prevail.
    Let's settle this, my way!
    I am power.
    No mercy!
    We're through the looking glass here, people.
    This ought to decide things.
    I'm drawing the line here.
    This fight ends now.
    Congratulations. You earned this.
    Hanabi (ie. Omatsuri "Pinwheel," "Fireworks Piece," "Festival Fireworks"
    ["Toy Fireworks" is counted as "Recovery"])
    This is fun!
    Here comes a big one!
    This one's for you!
    Don't wanna miss this one!
    Here I go!
    Let's party!
    Fireworks fun! Heehee!
    Oh, I love these!
    Al Bhed brand fireworks!
    Look at the pretty colors!
    Let's carnival!
    All together now!
    This is kinda fun.
    Like fireworks?
    You know you want it!
    This'll be a good one!
    Might as well have some fun.
    The party's just getting started.
    Goldfish (ie. Omatsuri "Fire Goldfish," "Ice Goldfish," "Lightning
    Goldfish," "Water Goldfish," "Gravity Goldfish," "Holy Goldfish")
    Fly, my pretty!
    Go fish!
    No one expects the GOLDFISH!
    When I say party, you party!
    Mask (ie. Omatsuri "Slience Mask," "Darkness Mask," "Poison Mask," "Sleep
    Mask," "Stop Mask," "Petrification Mask")
    I fight with style.
    This is gonna hurt.
    Eat this.
    Time to pick up the pace.
    The Leblanc Syndicate
    Pirouette Pitch / Supercollider
    Wa Ha Ha! Here! Catch! - Submitted by Sanity
    Feel like taking a spin?
    Get a load of this.
    Wa ha ha! I choose you!
    Wa ha ha ha ha. How about a big hug?
    Wa ha ha ha. Brace yourself.
    No Love Lost
    Cannonball! (When landing on Yuna, Rikku, or Paine)
    Hall of Bullets
    Goodbye, little girl.
    Parting is such sweet sorrow.
    Russian Roulette
    Don't you just love surprises?
    Logos: Feeling lucky, punk? - Submitted by Sanity
    Love Tap
    Get your act together!
    Stop your slacking this instant!
    Sonic Fan / Mach Fan
    Leblanc: Let me blow you a kiss! - Submitted by Sanity
    Leblanc: Enjoy your flight.
    Elemental Magic / Bomb
    It was nice knowing you.
    No Love Lost
    Leblanc: Let's get 'em, boys.
    Ormi: Our practice is finally going to pay off.
    Logos: Practice? What practice?
    Leblanc: Ready, boys?
    Ormi: Of course we's ready!
    Logos: After you, boss. - Submitted by Sanity
    The Crimson Squad
    Looming Glacier
    Drill Shot (Blue Bullet)
    It's not over!
    Dodge this!
    Critical Attack / Greedy Aura
    No time for farewells.
    See you on the Farplane.
    Let me end your pain.
    Death is happiness.
    This puppet show's over! - Submitted via e-mail by Shmooth Sailing
    Pray later. - Submitted via e-mail by Kim Biebaut
    Initiating Vegnagun's Lacromose ability
    The end now begins.
    Terror of Zanarkand
    Vanish with the rest of Spira! - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    One thousand years of agony! - Submitted via e-mail by akabryan12205
    All this ugliness must end.
    Force Rain / Spin Cut / Hit and Run
    Share my dispair! - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    Be gone! - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    Don't interfere.
    Said When You Get a Game Over:
    Somebody? Anybody?
    This is all wrong.
    Owie. - Submitted via e-mail by Gamescook
    No way... - Submitted via e-mail by FeedBak67
    Oh, rats.
    So this is it?
    You're... no pushover. - Submitted via e-mail by akabryan12205
    How embarrassing.
    I failed. - Submitted via e-mail by thedelf2002
    Ha! Amateurs. (lose first battle against her, Ormi and Logos)  - Submitted via
    e-mail by aje_182
    Wa ha ha! Over already? (lose any battle with only him standing, or random Ormi
    / Logos)
    How disappointing. (lose any battle with only him standing, or random Ormi /
    That's it? (lose Mushroom Rock Road battle, only if sphere was given to New
    Yevon) - Submitted via e-mail by metalgoldknight
    I'm sorry. (lose Bevelle battle against him)
    Garik Ronso
    Farewell, High Summoner Yuna. (lose Mt. Gagazet battle against him.) -
    Submitted via e-mail by aje_182
    I won't let anyone stand in my way. (lose final battle against him.) -
    Submitted via e-mail by vexx878
    Miscellaneous Quotes:
    This cannot be. (falls during the first battle)
    Boss. (falls during the first battle)
    Yuna, Rikku, Paine, this is your time you must defend it. (said during fight
    with Vegnagun's head) - Submitted by Mystery_Man
    Attack the nodes during the battle with Vegnagun's Legs
    You can't reach those nodes with a sword.
    Keep your eyes on those colors.
    You can read its moods. Watch the colors.
    Red uses physical attacks, yellow casts offensive magic, green handles recovery.
    Figure it out yet? Keep hitting a node and it changes color.
    Fight as long as you can and then fight more. Don't let it get back at you.
    Don't forget the leg, that's your main target.
    Yuna, stay calm. What color are the nodes?
    Use your opponent's logic against it and the battle is yours.
    Vegnagun Core Battle
    Jecht: Forget the small fries, go for the core. The core's your target.
    Final Vegnagun Battle
    Shuyin: Come, Vegnagun. Let us purge this repulsive world. - Submitted by
    Braska: The only faith you need is faith in yourself. - Submitted via e-mail by
    Agent Brown
    Jecht: Yuna, Rikku, Paine. This is your time. You must defeat it.
    Jecht: Give it an extra pounding for me!
    Jecht: If Vegnagun fires, it's all over. You have to stop it now, there is no
    overtime. - Corrected via e-mail by XvKarBear
    Jecht: That a girl! The tides are turning. (reduce Vegnagun's HP to critical) -
    Submitted via e-mail by XvKarBear
    Auron: Stay calm. Keep attacking, no matter what.
    Auron: Vegnagun's halfway to firing power. You still have time. Believe, Yuna.
    Shuyin Preps Vegnagun to Fire
    All shall find rest.
    There's no place to run.
    Mine is the power to crush Spira's despair.
    At last, Spira will be cleansed.
    Now Vegnagun, fire! (Shuyin fires Vegnagun, bad ending commences)
    During Shuyin Battle
    Braska: You're the only ones who can stop him.
    Auron: It's almost over, Yuna.
    Jecht: Put that crybaby to sleep.
    Jecht: Stay focused.
    - To Zeruel first and foremost - the guide wouldn't look the way it does now
    without your help.
    ~ Any quotes that say "submitted by" were contributed by members of Final
    Fantasy Shrine's message boards, or by e-mail. If you'd like to join in, visit
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    ~ Special thanks to MWilson's battle quotes list for the original Final Fantasy
    X, which you can check out by clicking on Battle Quotes at
    ~ Square Enix and the game staff and cast for making this great game. I've been
    hearing some complaining about how awful it is, but I happen to think it's
    awesome. Here's a hint: try actually completing certain things and seeing all
    that the game has to offer before dismissing it as bad.
    I think this guide really is basically complete now. Still, I'm gonna leave it
    open in case something got deleted or needs to be changed, or there's still
    something I'm missing. From this point on, please check very carefully before
    Important Notes:
    1. You must submit to me the quote exactly as it is said! If you're not sure,
    either turn up the volume on the television or write it down. If I find later
    that something is submitted isn't correct, it will be corrected and you might
    be removed as the contributor for it.
    2. Before submitting, please check to make sure that your quote isn't already
    listed. The version at GameFAQs is the latest version, always.
    3. If I respond to your e-mail and it bounces, your quote will not be included.
    4. Thanks for the large volume of submissions. Unfortunately, it means that
    sometimes it gets hard to keep track. So if you don't see your quote listed
    within two-three days of sending it and I said that I would post it, please
    e-mail me and let me know. Also, if you believe you're the first contributor to
    submit a particular quote and I forgot to credit you, e-mail me and let me know.
    5. I've been getting a lot of e-mails with "killing blow" quotes that actually
    are ability quotes. If you send a quote, please use "Ctrl+F" to search through
    the guide first and makes sure I don't already have it. Perhaps just put in a
    couple of key words from the quote in case of spelling differences.
    6. When e-mailing me, it would if you gave a specific subject line, such as
    "correction for such-and-such quote" or "new abliity / spherechange quotes,"
    just so that I can identify the e-mail later. Titles like "Battle Quotes List"
    make it difficult to find the e-mail again later if I have to look for it.
    7. The only quotes I am interested in are ones that are said while a battle is
    going on. That means either the battle or the victory music is playing. If it's
    said before or after something like a boss battle, I can't use it.
    November 24, 2005 - Kim Biebaut e-mailed me with a new Full Cure quote for
    Paine and a Lightfall quote for Nooj, both of which have been added.
    October 9, 2004 - Forget the version number. I'm not sure if this guide will
    ever be truly complete. This radically updated version features a new format
    and many new quotes and corrections / new info on old ones courtesy of Zeruel.
    May 22, 2004 - 0.998 released. Added the newest batch of contributions.
    April 18, 2004 - 0.997 released. Another Game Over quote added and a few other
    March 28, 2004 - 0.996 released. Hmm, is that the version number now? Yeah, I
    guess that'll do. ;)
    March 13, 2004 - 0.995 released. Ah, the usual few additions and corrections.
    Can you find anything else that I'm still missing?
    March 3, 2004 - 0.99 released. I added a few more Game Over quotes, quotes for
    the ability Eject and a few submissions and additions by e-mail. Heh heh.
    That's about it. It's pretty much a treasure hunt to find anything else now.
    February 15, 2004 - 0.97 released. Getting really close now. I think I have
    just about all, if not all of the spherechange quotes and pretty much all of
    the ability and magic quotes.
    February 6, 2004 - 0.93 released. It's been a while, I've just been so busy.
    This update contains some more of your submisions, thanks for all the help so
    far! Coming very soon, I will try to find as many of the remaining spherechange
    quotes as possible. I will also be looking for anymore ability quotes that I
    can and game over quotes, as I prepare to work on my next FAQ.
    January 25, 2004 - 0.92 released. I added a couple more contributions that came
    in. Sometime soon I will search out for a few additional quotes that I know are
    still missing and also make a couple additions to certain types of quotes that
    I know are used for more than one ability. If you have any other contributions,
    keep them coming!
    January 17, 2004 - 0.915 released. Just a very minor update with a couple
    corrections and additions.
    January 15, 2004 - 0.91 released. A few corrections and submssions, a few new
    ones of my own (including a couple Trema quotes) and another Important Note to
    January 8, 2004 - 0.89 released. Added a few more corrections and submissions.
    Additonally, I added that Spare Change quotes are also sometimes said when
    using the Bribe ability. Also added a couple more Important Notes. Make sure to
    read them.
    January 4, 2004 -  0.88 released. Happy new year! Added some more spherechange
    quotes, as a nice batch of quotes from some of the final battles and a few
    other things.
    December 30, 2003 - 0.85 released. Whew! This is a biggie. I've added a lot of
    magic and a few more ability and spherechange quotes. I've also added a few
    more Game Over quotes, quotes for critical status at the end of the battle and
    an entirely new group of quotes that are said if characters are in critical
    status at the start of the battle. (I'm betting most players have never heard
    these because of the tendency to heal right away.) One last thing: I've removed
    the "last to fall" tag on Game Over quotes. It seems that these quotes can be
    said even when the character isn't the last to fall, it's just that if they are
    the last to fall, it's more likely to come up, since they're only one who can
    say anything.
    December 26, 2003 - 0.79 released. Just a few additions, corrections and
    December 23, 2003 - 0.78 released. Added more contributions and corrections, as
    well as a few additions of my own. I've also rearranged the order of the
    spherechange quotes so that it's easier to follow. (For each of the girls, it
    now goes in the order listed in the game, from Gunner to Mascot and the special
    dresspheres at the end.)
    December 20, 2003 - 0.75 released. Added a big mess of spherechange quotes and
    also quite a few more ability quotes.
    December 19, 2003 - 0.72 released. More additions and corrections keep pouring
    in via e-mail. I've also added a few of my own and there'll be a bunch more,
    particularly spherechange quotes, in the next version.
    December 17, 2003 - 0.7 released. Added Trema quotes! Also lots of other
    additions and some new notes and information.
    December 15, 2003 - 0.68 released. Added a few more additions, rearranged the
    order on some quotes and also once again fixed nagging problem of forum code /
    HTML being included in the text-version guide.
    December 14, 2003 - 0.675 released. Two updates in one day? Can you believe it?
    Added some more spherechange and ability quotes, particularly quotes from the
    "Den of Woe" bosses. Also some e-mail submissions.
    December 14, 2003 - 0.66 released. Updated information about availability at
    December 14, 2003 - 0.65 released. Many, many new corrections and additons. A
    note when submitted: please try to follow the format I am using: name of
    speaker first, then quote, then any special notes at the end, as a general
    rule. I'm getting tired of having to correct this. It'll save time if you just
    send it that way to start with.
    December 12, 2003 - 0.6 released. Corrected problem in the last version with
    forum code tags in the GameFAQs version. Added many new quotes and
    contributions. Still waiting to hear from NeoSeeker regarding having this guide
    posted on their site.
    December 10, 2003 - 0.55 released. Some corrections made. Added some more
    quotes of my own and added some contributions. Special thanks to The Archimage
    for submitting his list that he had begun to compile, from his own work and
    also from contributions at GameFAQs message boards.
    December 8, 2003 - 0.5 released. Numerous new quotes added and some corrected.
    Thanks to all contributors!
    December 7, 2003 - First version, 0.4 released. Contains a large list of battle
    quotes from Final Fantasy X-2, but many still missing.
    The following sites have permission to post this guide:
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    FFShrine - Available on forums at
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    latest version.)
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    ask. However, you have to be ready to commit to posting the newest version
    within 48 hours of when I post it at GameFAQs. If you can't do that, then don't
    Quote of the Moment:
    "The Zalamamander gathers itsh shtrength and then attacks, giving yoo a shtinky
    time?" - From Scan description of Oversouled Zalmander

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