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    Ending Guide by Aerius

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    Final Fantasy X-2 Ending Guide FAQ
    Version 2.6
    September 3, 2005
    1. Endings
    2. FAQ
    3. Dialogue
    4. Contact
    5. Credits
     - ENDINGS -
    There are 6 different endings that you can get in FFX-2.  There are SPOILERS 
    included obviously, so stop reading now if you care about plot elements 
    being spoiled.
    The endings are as follows:
    A. Bad Ending
    What you see: Bad ending video and scenes
    How you get it: Getting this one is easy, when fighting the head portion of 
    Vegnagun just lose on purpose.  An alternative way to get this ending is to 
    drag out the fight against Vegnagun's head.  After 80 turns or so he'll shoot 
    the cannon regardless if you are alive or not.
    B. Normal Ending A
    What you see: The normal ending video and scenes
    How you get it: This is the standard ending that you will get for playing 
    the game.  You will see this for all the (non bad) endings; additional 
    scenes will be added/modified depending on what you did in the game.
    C. Normal Ending B
    What you see: The normal ending + extra cut scene
    How you get it: This is obtained exactly the same way as ending B; the only 
    difference is that you see an optional extra scene.  Get this by pressing 
    'X' in the field of flowers (Farplane Abyss) after get the Episode 5 
    Complete message.  People playing the Japanese version will have to hit 
    'O' instead.  If you qualify for the good ending you cannot view this.
    D. Good Ending A
    What you see: Normal ending + Good ending A (Good one)
    How you get it: There are two requirements for this ending.  Firstly, you 
    must talk with Maechen in Guadosalam in Chapter 3, and secondarily, when 
    Yuna falls into the Farplane/Field of flowers in Chapter 3 press X until 
    you hear whistling 4 times. When you press 'X' in the field of flowers 
    (Farplane Abyss) at the end of the game you'll be given an option by the 
    fayth.  Select the first one ('Yes!') to get this ending.
    E. Good Ending B
    What you see: Normal ending + Good ending B (Bad one)
    How you get it: Get this ending by doing everything you did in D except 
    when you get an option at the end of the game select the 2nd option 
    ('It's better this way').  Note that even if you got 100% in the game 
    but chose the 2nd option, you will not see the perfect ending.
    F. Perfect Ending
    What you see: Normal ending + Good ending A + Perfect ending
    How you get it: To get the perfect ending you need to first fulfill all 
    the requirements as outlined in ending D.  After watching the good ending 
    portion there will be an extra clip if you attained 100% completion in 
    the game.
    Q. Do I need to get 100% to get the Perfect Ending?
    A. Yes, there is no way around it.  If you need help refer to the 
       100% Completion FAQ, be warned that getting 100% is not as easy as it
       seems even with a guide.  It's easy to miss some of the minor things.
    Q. Can I get 100% the first time I finish the game?
    A. Yes it is possible, but you must choose the Youth League path and you 
       must follow the 100% Completion FAQ exactly.  If you choose to go with 
       New Yevon the most you can get in a playthrough is 99%.
    Q. I tried following the FAQ but I am missing percentages, help!
    A. Try emailing the author of the FAQ you are reading.  A common mistake 
       is to interrupt Maechen when he talks to you in Chapter 1.  You must not 
       press any buttons at all while he is on his 10 minute spiel.  You also 
       cannot skip any scenes.  Again, it is very easy to miss things, to be 
       safe talk to everyone you come across multiple times and explore
       thoroughly even if the FAQ doesn't tell you do.
    Q. I couldn't get 100% the first time I finished the game, does it mean I
       need to redo everything?
    A. No, the game has a New Game+ option that lets you start all over again
       retaining the percentage you got from before.  All you need to do is
       complete the actions that you did not do the game(s) before.  Saying
       that, you will need to play through the entire story again.
    Q. What do I keep when I choose New Game+?
    A. Basically you get to keep everything except for your levels and
       Key Items that relate to the story.  So what you retain include:
       Dress Spheres, Garment Grids, Items, Accessories, Al Bhed Primers,
       Dress Sphere Key Items, Shinra Bestiary, among some other things.
       You will start back at level 1.
    Q. Is it possible to get 100% without doing all the things outlined in the
       100% Completion FAQ?
    A. Yes it is, but you will be unable to do it in one playthrough of the
       game unfortunately.  Actions you take depending on if you chose New Yevon
       or Youth League give you percentage points independent of each other,
       therefore the total % amount is actually above 100%.  Between the New
       Yevon/Youth League decision there is around 105% available to you, so if
       you absolutely despise some element of the game you don't need to do it.
    Q. How come I read that you are suppose to press 'O' in the field to
       trigger the special events?
    A. This is because the Japanese version of Final Fantasy X-2 (and other
       Final Fantasy's for that matter) the 'O' button is equivalent to the 'X'
       button in the North America release.  Therefore, press 'X' if you are
       playing the English version, or 'O' if you are playing the Japanese
    Q. What percentage (%) do I need to get the normal/good ending?
    A. The percentage does not matter; all that matters is that you completed
       the key tasks outlined.  The exception is if you have 100% since you will
       get the perfect ending special scene.
    Q. I am too lazy to read the first half of the document, what are the
       requirements for getting the good endings?
    A. Firstly in Chapter 3 you must go to Guadosalam and talk with Maechen.
       Go there and talk to Logos and Omni, then go talk to LeBlanc, then go
       back to talk to Logos and Omni.  They will tell you to meet them in
       their room, so go to the secret passageway and you will be shown 2
       spheres.  After that, walk around the room until you find another sphere
       which you will be allowed to watch.  At this time Maechen will come in
       and talk briefly.  After he is done go talk to him again and he should
       talk a bit more before leaving.  Secondarily, at the end of Chapter 3
       (after beating Djose Temple) when Yuna falls into the field of flowers
       (Farplane Abyss) press 'X' until you hear whistling 4 times.  You are
       suppose to press 'X' once Yuna says "I'm all alone..".  Every time you
       press 'X' there will be a whistle then someone appearing to guide Yuna.
       When the outline fades press 'X' again.  Since there is a time limit for
       doing it, I recommend tapping 'X' once Yuna says the key line.  You know
       you succeeded if you hear the whistling sound 4 times and you are led up
       an invisible road that lights up as you walk up it.
    Q. How come your requirements for the Good Ending(s) are different than in
       other FAQs?
    A. The other FAQs are wrong, I have tested everything in this FAQ multiple
       times and some of things are simply not necessary.
    Q. Does your FAQ apply to the PAL and Japanese versions as well?
    A. The FAQ directly pertains to the PAL and North American releases.  The
       endings are also identical in the original Japanese release as well.
       Saying that, there are probably minor translation differences since it
       is a different language after all.
    Q. Are there new endings for FFX-2 International + Last Mission version?
    A. Yes, there are new endings, to be specific there is:
       1. Last Mission Ending
       2. Shinra Ending
       3. Monster Mini-Endings (about 160 of them)
       As much as I would like to go into specifics I do not know Japanese
       so I hope this will suffice.
    Q. How do I get FFX-2 International version?
    A. You will need to import it from Japan if you want to play it.  Keep in 
       mind that you will either need a modded PS2 or a Japanese PS2 in order
       to play this imported version because of region locks. Do not ask me
       for how to obtain either the game or the console, search on the web.
    Q. Can I see all of the endings on one playthrough?
    A. No you cannot, by process of resetting at the final battle and choosing
       different options you will be able to view endings A, B, D, E, F
       (assuming you have 100% completion and fulfill the requirement for
       Good Ending).  However, you cannot view the Normal Ending extension if
       you qualify for the good ending.  I suppose if you really want to you can
       make a save at Chapter 3 and not do the key tasks, but that would be like
       playing half of the game over again, so I don't really count this towards
       one playthrough.
    Q. Can you send me a link to the good ending/perfect ending videos?
    A. I would like to stress that I highly recommend earning these videos
       instead of just looking them.  I strongly believe that when it comes to
       RPGs, the journey matters more than the destination.  If you did not earn
       the endings you will not appreciate it.
       You can view the good ending in the "Full Motion Videos" section at 
       The Good Ending link is titled "Reunion" the Perfect Ending is well, the
       "Perfect Ending" link.
       I do not know if these links will work forever, so I apoligize in advance
       if they are broken, please email me if they do not work.
    Q. Getting 100% is such a pain, is it worth it?
    A. To be honest I was a bit disappointed, it is only a normal cutscene and
       is not FMV and is only about a minute with very little text.  If you
       don't feel like playing the game over again for 100% just read the
       dialogue for it below and be done with it, you won't be missing out
       on a lot.  Then again, FF purists should definitely get 100% just for
       a sense of completion and bragging rights.
    Q. What is the Action Reply/Gameshark code for 100% completion?
    A. I don't know, sorry.
     - DIALOGUE -
    * Denotes special notes
    () Denotes text that is said inside battles
    [] Denotes descriptions of what is happening and relate to what the
       text is about
    Note: A/J/B stands for Auron/Jecht/Braska, basically one of them says
          the line, but their voices are too similar for me to distinguish
          between them with certainty.
    Final Battle(s) against Vegnagun's Head/Shuyin
    [ Gippal shooting at Vegnagun, Vegnagun retaliates ]
    Gippal: This thing just keeps on ticking.
    Paine: We'll finish it.
    Nooj: Do it.
    [ Fight against Vegnagun's chest ]
    Yuna: (It's so big!)
    Rikku: (Woohoo! No more climbing!)
    Paine: (Could you please focus?)
    A/J/B: (This time the lights are just a distraction, you know where
           to strike)
    A/J/B: (Forget the small fries, go for the core! The core is
           your target.)
    [ Win fight against Vegnagun ]
    Rikku: (We did it!)
    Rikku: (Phew!)
    Yuna: (Where's Shuyin?)
    Paine: What now?
    Rikku: Uhh..
    Rikku: Maybe we're finished?
    Baralai: Finished, indeed. [ Shuyin is controlling Baralai ]
    Nooj: Baralai!
    Baralai: All of Spira is finished!
    [ Vegnagun gets back up ]
    Rikku: He's got a plan B, too!
    Nooj: He's panicking.
    Nooj: Yuna. End it now.
    [ Yuna nods ]
    Yuna: This is it, everybody! Stay focused!
    [ A massive gun pops out of Vegnagun's Mouth, the girls
      jump up to the head level to fight it ]
    * You only hear these messages when you deal certain amounts
      of damage to Vegnagun
    Yuna: (Shuyin!)
    Paine: (It can't end like this.)
    Rikku: (I'm getting ticked off!)
    Shuyin: (Come..)
    Shuyin: (Vegnagun, lets purge this repulsive world)
    Shuyin: (The end now begins...)
    A/J/B: (If Vegnagun fires it's all over, you have to stop it now!)
    A/J/B: (There is no overtime!)
    A/J/B: (Stay calm, stay attacking, no matter what.)*
    A/J/B: (Give it an extra pounding, for me.)*
    Shuyin: (All should desist)
    Shyyin: (There's no place to run)
    A/J/B: (Vegnagun's at half it's power, but you still have time)
    Shuyin: (Mine is the one to crush Spira's despair)
    Shuyin: (At last Spira will be cleansed)
    A/J/B: (That a girl, the tides are turning!)*
    Shuyin: (Now! Vegnagun, fire!) <-- *if you hear this you get the bad ending
    [ Battle end, Shuyin stands infront of Yuna ]
    Yuna: (Yea, let's talk to Shuyin..)
    [ Yuna transforms into a songstress ]
    Yuna: Shuyin.
    [ Shuyin is still dizzy from the battle, and sees Yuna as Lenne ]
    Shuyin: Lenne?
    Yuna: There's something I must tell you.  Words left unspoken,
          for a thousand years.
    Yuna: I love you.
    Yuna: And I'm grateful.. grateful that you stayed with me until the end.
    Shuyin: But, I couldn't save you!
    Yuna: It doesn't matter. Please, don't go on grieving alone.
    Yuna: Rest.
    [ Shuyin detaches from Baralai's body and steps towards Yuna ]
    Shuyin: We can finally fade.. together?
    [ Shuyin stops mistaking Yuna for Lenne ]
    Shuyin. No.
    Yuna: Wait!
    Shuyin: You are not Lenne!
    [ Fight against Shuyin ]
    Rikku: (You just don't get it do you)
    Paine: (It's no good, he's not listening)
    Yuna: (Shuyin, please stop this)
    * These are all random quotes said during the battle
    Shuyin: (Vanish with the rest of Spira)
    A/J/B: (Put that crybaby to sleep)
    Shuyin: (All this ugliness must end)
    A/J/B: (Watch his cheap tricks)
    Shuyin: (Don't interfere!)
    A/J/B: (Be strong Yuna)
    Shuyin: (Begone..)
    Shuyin: (Share my despair)
    A/J/B: (You're the only ones that can stop him)
    [ Win fight against Shuyin ]
    Rikku: (Yunie?)
    Yuna: (Shuyin..)
    Yuna: Shuyin..
    Shuyin: Don't try to tell me you understand.
    [ Lenne detaches from Yun'a body ]
    Shuyin: Lenne?
    [ Lenne walks to Shuyin, he resists her touch but she holds his hand ]
    Shuyin: Lenne.
    Lenne: Hi there.
    Shuyin: A thousand years, and this moment is all we get?
    Lenne: This moment's enough.
    Lenne: I don't need anything else.  Just knowing how you feel is enough.
    Lenne: Shuyin, let's end this. Let's go home.
    Shuyin: Can we?
    Lenne: That was all a thousand years ago. We've come too far to
           look back now.
    Lenne: Rest, Shuyin.
    Lenne: Rest with me.
    [ Shuyin rests his head against Lenne's body, Lenne holds Shuyin
      with her hands ]
    Lenne: Let's go. I have a new song for you.
    Lenne: Thank you. (to Yuna)
    [ Yuna smiles, Lenne and Shuyin fade away ]
    [ Chapter 5 complete! ]
    * If you press X once the Farplane Abyss appears if you want to see any
      special scenes!
    Normal Ending
    [ Game zooms to Luca Stadium; Nooj, Gippal and Baralai are giving a speech ]
    Nooj: Once, my friends and I dreamed of flying.
    Nooj: We would sail a ship with me as its captain.
    Nooj: In time, I became that captain. I found a new ship with new friends.
    Nooj: My ship was the Youth League.
    Baralai: Others chose a different captain. Their boat was New Yevon.
    Gippal: You know, I realize I'm like a lot of you people.
    Gippal: We want a captain.
    Gippal: And we want a ship to ride, but more important than that..
    Gippal: Really, we all want to ride together.
    Baralai: There are some things you can't do alone.
    Baralai: But they become easy with friends beside you.
    Nooj: This was the lesson we learned when we launched those ships.
    Baralai: It was power. And we misused that power.
    Baralai: We turned our friends and followers against each other.
    Nooj: Forgive us.
    [ Nooj, Baralai and Gippal bow to the stadium audience ]
    Baralai: Somehow we forgot.
    Baralai: There's a much larger ship out there.
    Baralai: One we've been riding ever since we were born.
    Baralai: That ship is Spira.
    Nooj: No one knows just where our voyage will lead us.
          But I do know one thing.
    Nooj: One way or another, we will get by.  We'll go on living.
    Nooj: The calm will continue.
    [ Audience cheers ]
    Gippal: Just one more thing:
    Gippal: We all owe thanks to a very special lady.
    [ Audience cheers loudly ]
    Gippal: Yeah, you all know who I am talking about.
    Gippal: We really hoped that she could be here today.
    [ Camera zoom to Luca docks where Yuna is ]
    Yuna: It's time for me to go home!
    [ Zooms back to Luca Stadium ]
    Gippal: She left a message.  She said she's going home.
    Gippal: So farewell, but not goodbye.
    Brother: See you next time, kiddies! Yeehaw!
    [ Celcius blasts off ]
    [ Zooms to the girls on the deck of the Celcius ]
    Rikku: Did we really have to leave like that? Just think of the
           party we are missing!
    Paine: I think we party enough, don't you?
    Yuna: Brother, higher!
    Brother: Roger!
    Yuna: Brother, faster!
    Brother: Rogerr!
    Yuna: I can't hear you!
    Brother: Rogerrrrr!!
    [ Celcius flies some more and Yuna thinks to herself ]
    Yuna: So much has happened.
    Yuna: And I'm sure it's only the beginning.
    Yuna: Through the smiles and tears, through the anger
    Yuna: .. and the laughter that follows..
    Yuna: That I'll keep changing.
    Yuna: This is my story.  It'll be a good one.
    Yuna: It all began when I saw this sphere of you.
    Normal Ending Extension
    [ Tidus appears behind Yuna with a yellow halo around him and holds her ]
    Yuna: It's you. You were with me the whole time.
    Yuna: I kept thinking you might be. Kept hoping.
    Yuna: But you know, I'm not worried anymore.
    Yuna: You will always have a place.. here in my heart.
          We'll always be connected.
    [ Tidus fades away and Yuna walks into the distance ]
    Good Ending A
    Fayth: Thanks.
    Yuna: You're very welcome.
    Fayth: You heard it, didn't you?
    Fayth: You want to see him?
    Yuna: Him?
    Fayth: Yes. You want to walk together again?
    * If you choose 1) Yes!
    Fayth: I can't promise anything but we'll do what we can.
    [ Fayth fades, Yuna walks into the distance ]
    * After the credits you see the following scene
    [ Tidus appears in fetal position and slowly looks up; he is floating in
      water. Tidus is in Besaid.  Tidus swims to the surface then whistles,
      when there is no reply he walks to the shore as the Celcius lands and
      sprays water on him.  Yuna jumps out of the airship and hugs Tidus. ]
    Yuna: Are you real?
    Tidus: I think so.
    Tidus: Do I pass?
    [ Yuna nods ]
    Yuna: You're back.
    Tidus: I am back.
    [ Yuna and Tidus hug ]
    Tidus: I am home
    Yuna: Welcome home.
    Yuna: Yes, home.
    [ Rikku and Paine laugh from the airship ]
    Wakka: Hey, get a room you two!
    [ Crowd gathers on the opposite shore, everyone cheers ]
    Wakka: Whassup?
    Tidus: Who asked you to watch, Wakka?
    [ Lulu laughs while holding her baby ]
    Rikku: Hiya!
    [ Tidus grabs Yuna's hand and runs to the crowd ]
    Tidus: You know, you've changed.
    Yuna: Well, you've missed a few things.
    Tidus: I wanna hear everything!
    Yuna: Well..
    Yuna: It all began when I saw this sphere of you.
    [ Zooms past the celcius then fades out ]
    Good Ending B
    Fayth: Thanks.
    Yuna: You're very welcome.
    Fayth: You heard it, didn't you?
    Fayth: You want to see him?
    Yuna: Him?
    Fayth: Yes. You want to walk together again?
    * If you choose 2) It's better this way.
    Yuna: He's already with me.
    Fayth: Oh.
    [ Yuna walks away as Fayth fades ]
    Perfect Ending
    * See this after the Good Ending after you see the credits
    [ Tidus and Yuna are standing in the deserted Zanarkand Ruins ]
    Tidus: I got a theory.
    Tidus: I think the fayth gathered up my thoughts and put 'em
           together to bring me back.
    Tidus: Maybe. Something like that.
    Tidus: Or maybe.. I'm still a dream.
    Yuna: Wait! so you'll dissapear?
    Tidus: Cherish me, Yuna. And I'll cherish you.
    Tidus: All right?  We gotta stay together. That's what we have to do.
    [ Yuna runs up and holds Tidus from behind ]
    Yuna: Is that what the Fayth told you?
    Tidus: Nah. But I like it.
    [ Yuna and Tidus laugh then Yuna pushes Tidus into the water ]
    Tidus: That's not cherishing!
    Yuna: You didn't disappear.
    [ Yuna smiles ]
     - CONTACT - 
    If you have any questions feel free to email me at aerius@beyond.ca.  
    Please prefix the email subject with "FAQ:" (ie, FAQ: Question) else it will
    not get filtered to my Inbox. Questions covered in the FAQ will be ignored.
     - CREDITS - 
    Thanks to:
    Holystar for information on the International release.
    Split Infinity (Damir Kolar) for videos
    People who emailed me about various typos and errors.
    Square Enix for making Final Fantasy X-2.
    Other FAQ authors for some good info.
    GameFaq forum regulars for some entertaining reads.
    GameFaq.com for hosting this FAQ.
    If you want to repost this somewhere, please keep it in its entirety.
    This FAQ cannot and should not be used for commercial purposes.
    Copyright  2003-2005 Aerius

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