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    New Game Plus Guide by Krishach

    Version: 0.96 | Updated: 03/22/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy X-2 New Game Plus guide
    Version 0.96
    Copyright 2003, 2004  George Harris
    gwharris "at" shaw "dot" ca
    Last updated Mar. 21, 2004
    This guide is intended to inform players about what is and is not transferred
    to a New Game Plus file, as it is not immediately intuitive from previous New 
    Game Plus options I have seen.  I don't believe there are any spoilers in 
    this guide, but caveat emptor anyways.
    Plaigarizers and guide stealers, GO AWAY!  This guide's for GameFAQs ONLY.
    If you spot something I messed up on or should add, drop me a line.
    Starting a New Game Plus
    After the ending sequence and credits have played, keep hitting the (x) 
    button and the game should inform you about the New Game Plus feature, as 
    well as allow you to save New Game Plus data to your card.  Do so when you're
    asked, but don't save it on top of your old file - you can't go back once you
    If you happen to go to the title screen with some New Game Plus data
    available already (say, by getting out of the save menu after you save some
    New Game Plus data), a third option will be presented allowing you to begin
    the new game.  If the option doesn't appear (say, because you shut the power
    off), just load up the data the old-fashioned way.  This will spit you back
    at the title screen with the New Game Plus option available.
    This process happens after EACH playthrough, even if it had been a New Game
    Plus.  If you go through enough times, it's possible to get six of absolutely
    everything you can carry multiples of (Mascots, Iron Man, Cat Nip...).
    Things that are Carried Over to the New Game Plus
    -All items in your inventory, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF GYSHAL GREENS.  This is 
     to prevent you from catching chocobos before the ranch opens up.  It also 
     keeps the chocobos in Chapter 1 from dropping oversized rocks on your head.
    -All Al Bhed Primers you've accumulated.  Works much like the Save Game Link 
     from FFX in this respect.  The game doesn't care if you get the primers
     from people or from digging them all up in the desert.
    -Key Items related to abilities.  This is limited to the six Break Limit 
     items for the Special Dresspheres and the two books of Magical Dances for
     the Songstress.
    -Game Time.
    -All Accessories you've acquired, regardless of rarity.
    -All Garment Grids you've found.
    -All Dresspheres you've found.  The game will start listing numbers next to 
     them in the Dresspheres menu once you start doubling up - this has no 
     "apparent" impact on anything.
    ** I have been informed, and have confirmed personally, that this is NOT 
       simply bookkeeping; if you have duplicate dresspheres, you can drop them 
       ALL into the same grid, letting you trigger Gates without really changing
       jobs!  (Exploiting this with Covenant of Growth sounds very profitable)
    -All abilities that have been learned / partially learned, including Blue 
     Bullet spells.
    -All Bestiary and Dossier information in Shinra's database.  I've heard that 
     you'll get a special Garment Grid for Oversouling every enemy that can be 
     Oversouled in the game, so this does have advantages.  The parts of the 
     last boss are NOT included in the database.
    -Completion percentage.  Since it's very difficult to know enough to get
     100% on the first time through, and may be impossible by way of certain
     choices, this allows even the average Joe to get a shot at the Perfect
     Ending.  Any "extra" percentage points that you earn over the course of
     your continuing play will be added to whatever you had before - but it
     won't let you double-up and get credit twice for the same event.  The
     Perfect Ending will trigger if you have 100% completion when you trigger
     the "good" ending.  Other guides can tell you how to do that, don't ask me.
    -O'aka's debt reduction.  Regardless of your old progress, his "new" debt is 
     whatever unpaid balance you had on the old one plus 1000 gil.  This happens
     even if you didn't touch it at all the first time through.
    -Luca Theatre spheres.  As well, spheres from the ending will be available 
     for purchase.  Don't forget that you can't cancel the movies mid-play, and 
     the main ending INCLUDES the credit scroll!
    -Blitzball stats.  Stats, rankings, the whole works - it's like you never
    -Gunner's Gauntlet progress.  BE CAREFUL with this one, since Beclem's 
     challenge changes from 500 points in your first game to your current record,
     which can make finishing this mission successfully an absolute nightmare!
    Things that are NOT Transferred to a New Game Plus
    -Levels.  This single reset makes New Game Plus just as challenging as a 
     normal game - no starting off with neo-goddesses!  All characters start 
     off at Level 1.
    -Equip Status.
    -"First Steps" configuration.  Both of these are reset to a configuration 
     meant for the prologue mission in Luca, especially when you consider the 
     "forced" dancing.  Everything that HAD been equipped will be in your 
     inventory, so don't panic.
    -All other Key Items not explicitly saved.  This includes Crimson Spheres,
     Gippal's letter, the Discount Passes for the Calm Lands hover service, and 
     any spare Repair Manuals you have lying around.  It might LOOK like the 
     Beginning Sphere carries over, but since you technically started the
     first game with it, it would be in and out of your inventory so fast that
     only the programmers could tell you for sure.
    -Calm Lands credits for both companies.
    -PR ratings.  C'mon, people, it IS a mission, after all.  Back to Square One!
    -Matchmaking ratings.  Same drill as with PR, just not an official mission.
    -Experiment parts.  Can't have it jump to Level 5-5-5 right from the get-go, 
     can we?
    -Excavation status and wages.  Back to 100 gil, sorry people.
    -Sphere Break coins.  Yes, this DOES suck.
    -Sphere Break coin values.  All coins are back to 100 gil again.
    -Anything to do with the Chocobo Ranch, including Clasko's stash of greens 
     and your former steeds.  So make sure to fill up Yuna's inventory of the 
     high-level greens before you go after the last boss, or sell every last
     one, your choice.  Remember, Gyshal greens don't transfer anyways.
    -Thunder Plains calibration scores.
    -Shinra's CommSphere network.  You'll have to set that up each game.
    -Cactuar Duel highscores
    -Progress you've made in Via Infinito - back to Cloister 0.
    -Access to Ruin Depths and the Fiend Colony is cut off, so you'll need to 
     play with the chocobos to get in there.
    -The game doesn't care if you picked up the Break Limit items in your last 
     game, they're still there and don't make much difference in multiples.
    -Episode Complete status.  I've been asked a few times about this, so I'll
     clarify.  _Percentage_ complete carries over.  _Episode_ complete status
     does NOT - this is to prevent you from getting the Mascot dressphere each
     and every game with no effort.  You WILL have to get Episode Complete in
     each chapter EACH TIME you go through the game to get Mascot duplicates.
    -Any progress you've made on Angra Mainyu's HP tally, even if you left him
     alive when you started over.
    Things Currently Unconfirmed as Transferred or Not
    -Gunner's Temple Gauntlet highscore.  Given that the Tonberrys keep getting 
     me in that mess, my personal High Score for the place is a big fat zero.  So
     there's no way for me to tell if the score transfers or not (Someone make a 
     Gauntlet FAQ, quick!).
    -Momentum kill counter.  I kinda forgot about this myself...
    Things, Therefore, To Do Before You Finish The Game
    -Sell off any excess Greens you have.  Clasko doesn't keep his stash, so sell
     it all off until it's just the pack of 99 in Yuna's bag on the advanced 
     Greens.  Sell off ALL of the Gyshal Greens, since you'll lose them all!
    -If you missed your cue for O'aka, but still have him on board, pay off as
     much of that debt as you care to, since its progress carries over and you may
     as well get some minor shopping in before you leave.
    -Polish off as much of Via Infinito as you can, and clear the other optional
     dungeons so that you can carry their bonuses with you into the next game.
     Cat Nips are so important and so easy (relatively) to get that you shouldn't
     leave without grabbing it off of Cloister 40.
    -Sell every Sphere Break coin you have.  Remember, gil carries over, coins do
    -If you possibly can, grab the ????????? items from the Calm Lands credit
     agents.  They're one of a kind (one for each company), and since you'll lose
     the credits anyways, might as well go for it!  Drain the rest of your credits
     on other stuff you need/want/can sell for profit.
    -Make sure your Chocobos are back in the ranch so that you don't miss any
     of those items they can dig up.
    -Since it'll be another five chapters before you can get back there, if you're
     waiting for a specific Blitzball prize during the season or are in the 
     middle of a tournament, finish it off so you can get the prize now instead
     of _much_ later.
    -Square-Enix for having the skills (and guts!) to make this game the way they
     did.  Not every company will risk their flagship series on an experiment.
    -Jack Power for his incredible Blitzball FAQ on GameFAQs; I don't know why 
     the in-game tutorial bites this time around, but this FAQ makes up for it. 
     It's where I got the heads-up for the Blitzball stat carryover.
    -Celestra, for calling me on my comment about 100% completion and how it 
     might actually be accomplished.
    -raptor raptor, Biggoron5, nephilim cree, and everyone else who've tackled
     the O'aka debt issue.  Lots of people have been saying "old debt +1000", 
     so I think I'll just stick with that one.
    -psyCoTiK for the extra tip on the Cactuar Duel highscores
    -Big kudos to August Stanley and Marstead /Y) for telling me about the 
     doubled dresspheres' real use.  More thanks to Marstead for helping confirm
     Blitzball information.
    -Jeff Hall and Legrac for tipping me on the 101,000 gil debt for O'aka.
    -Guitalex2002 for pointing out the reset of Sphere Break coin values.  It was
     something I hadn't even paid attention to, I was so hung up on the coin tally
    -Tim O'Donnell and Luke Sather for getting the Angra Mainyu information I'd 
     asked for.
    FF X-2 and all related characters are property of Square-Enix.  This guide is
    copyright 2003, 2004 by George Harris aka Krishach.  If you wish to post this
    guide elsewhere from GameFAQs, ask FIRST.  I can be contacted at the gwharris 
    "at" shaw "dot" ca - I presume everyone except spambots can figure out how 
    that really works.  If you find something that carries over that I've missed, 
    OR you find something that doesn't carry over that should be mentioned, drop 
    me a line and I'll slip it in to the next version.  Special thanks to those 
    who can help me clear up some of these unconfirmed transfers that are 
    difficult to confirm.
    (c) 2003, 2004 George Harris

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