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    Gull Force Guide by ChibiWallin

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/25/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy X-2 (American Version): Gull Force Guide
    Platform: Playstation 2
    Version: 1.0
    Last Updated: February 25, 2004
    Originally Created: February 25, 2004
    Author: David Lam, chibisage(at)chibiknights.com
    Website: www.chibiknights.com
    Table of Contents
    (Titles below are printed EXACTLY as such in the walkthrough)
    1. Introduction
    2. Updates and Versions
    3. General FAQ
    4. Publicity Campaign
    5. Gull Force
    6. Cheats
    7. Credits
    1. Introduction
    This guide will focus mostly on the Gull Force game in the Calm Lands.  It will
    also give tips for the Publicity Campaign.  I wrote this guide since I found 
    myself somewhat frustrated with the Calm Lands because the publicity is 
    required for a 100% completion, and Gull Force is necessary in order to win 
    enough credits to buy high cost items.
    2. Updates and Versions
    Version 1.0 - The original version of this guide, which is pretty much already
    complete by itself, unless I add more info on the other Calm Lands games.
    3. General FAQ
    Q: How do I play the Calm Lands games?
    A: Take the airship and head to the Calm Lands, then look for of the hover 
    crafts, at which there will be a game, with two different people.
    Q: Why are there two people at each game?
    A: There are two competing companies out in the Calm Lands, used for the 
    Publicity Campaign mission.  It doesn't matter which one you choose, as far as
    I know.
    Q: What is the Publicity Campaign Mission?
    A: See Section 4, 4. Publicity Campaign.
    Q: Why would I play Calm Lands games?
    A: When you win a game, you can earn credits that can be traded in for a 
    variety of items.  The best being the ???? item, which is a Grid.  You can also
    get Lore items, which are incredibly helpful, especially if you can nab a 
    White Lore (they make casting time of Auto-Life so small... it's amazing).
    Q: How do I win points fast?
    A: Play Gull Force.
    Q: How do I play Gull Force?  I can't find it anywhere.
    A: Complete the Publicity Campaign mission and you will unlock it.  The person
    to start the game is located at the Macalania Woods zone.
    4. Publicity Campaign
    Q: How do I get publicity (PR) points?
    A: First sign up for the mission at one of the twoThere are two ways to get
    points.  One is by talking to certain people around the world, using the Square
    button.  The other is by losing points in the various Calm Lands games.  Keep
    in mind you have to lose a LOT of points to gain PR points.  You are NOT
    penalized PR points if you win credits.
    Q: How do I know who in the world to talk to for the campaign?
    A: Try talking to anyone you can, though only specific people will work. 
    Better yet, check out Shuuin X2's PR Mission FAQ at:
    Q: Help!  I'm already in chapter 5 and I didn't start the Publicity Mission! 
    What do I do?
    A: Check out the PR Mission FAQ mentioned in the previous question.  That will
    give you 265 PR points, though you need 400 to finish the mission.  To get the
    rest, do the following:
    It takes roughly 250 credits (as I recall) to gain 1 point in the PR campaign.
    Instead of buying all those credits for high prices, you can do it all with
    only 1000 credits to start you off with.
    First off, make sure you get the 265 PR points before playing the games.  The
    reason is that having the 265 will raise your level in the campaign, allowing
    you to play higher level games, and to gain and lose more credits in less time.
    The two games you will play are Sky Slots and Reptile Run.  SS will help you to
    lose credits, and RR will help you gain them.
    Start out by playing RR, level 4, maxing out the amount of credits you can bet
    (5 tickets x 5 credits = 125 credits).  The first round actually has a very 
    simple pattern to this game, which you can use to get a ton of points very 
    Keep in mind the highest multiplier you can get from RR is 7.0.  If you move
    fast enough (anything above or equal to 500 remaining time), you can get a 3.4
    multiplier in the first round, for which you should stop, and play again (you
    will win 425 credits).  If you get under 500, you'll only get a 2.5 multiplier.
    Note that if you continue to play, the pattern in the first round can't be
    used, and it can be very difficult to win.  The multiplier may not even go up
    enough to be worth playing (I.E., you may only get a 4.5 multiplier instead of
    3.4, which isn't worth your time).
    Here's what the first RR board for level 4 looks like:
    ++++++++ <- Finish Line
    ++++++++ <- Start Line
    G = Goon, B = Bomb, L = Lizard, R = Reptile
    There are three different layouts, depending on where your reptile starts.
    Follow the 'O' path to the top to safely and quickly complete the run.
    Layout 1:
    You should end up winning with around 505 left on the clock.
    Layout 2:
    Unfortunately, you'll end up with something around 490.  I did this three times
    and couldn't get above 500.  And the bombs make it impossible to go to the
    right exit.
    Layout 2:
    You should end up winning with around 505 left on the clock.
    When playing RR, rapidly press the button in the direction you want to go in,
    and don't hesitate for a moment.  You should get the times I mentioned.
    Then head over to SS, bet the maximum amount of credits, and press the button
    like crazy.  You'll spend a ton of credits that way.  Save 500 credits for RR,
    and repeat the process.  You'll have 400 PR points in no time!
    5. Gull Force
    "Soar the skies over the Calm Lands and hunt down fiends with your BFG: Big
    Flocking Gullshot."
    In Gull Force you will be flying a tiny little seagull (BFG) in an unusual
    shooting gallery.  It's a side-scrolling shooter, like Gradius or R-Type,
    however it is much more simple... at least, in theory it is.  Since it's a Calm
    Lands game, some of it comes down to chance rather than skill.
    The Basics of the Game:
    - Start off by making a bet, from 10 to 1000.
    - There are 3 levels, each with 4 rounds, for a total of 12 rounds.
    - You are prompted between each round if you would like to go on or stop and
    take your winnings.
    - There are a set number of waves per round, each wave has 5 targets in it.
    - You can only shoot once target per wave, there are no second chances if you 
    shoot too early or too late.
    - You do not have to shoot if you are unsure or can't hit a real target.
    - Real targets will spin, however in round 3-X, there will be fake targets that
    spin in the opposite direction.
    - In some rounds, the waves will not spin at all.
    - You must shoot a given amount of targets for each round.  If you do not get
    enough, you fail automatically.
    - If you win 3-4, you automatically win.
    There are several things to know about Gull Force:
    1) You can bet up to 1000 credits.
    2) You can win up to +200 times your original bet (meaning you can win 200,000
    credits in one round, and that's without the bonus).
    3) You are penalized 0.1 for missing (I'm still trying to figure out if this
    value changes between levels and rounds).
    4) You are awarded in small amounts for hitting extra targets.
    You need to hit only X amount of targets per round above the required amount,
    however each hit that you get adds a bonus to the end when your score is added
    For each extra target you kill in 1-X, you get 0.1 added.
    For 2-X, you get 0.5 added.
    I haven't tested the value for X-3 yet.
    The Four Stages:
    There are four different types of stages.
    X-1, which scrolls from bottom to top. (8 waves, the last being a somewhat
    blind shot)
    X-2, which scrolls from right to left. (7 waves, the last being a completely
    blind shot)
    X-3, which scrolls from top to bottom. (6 or 7 waves)
    And finally, X-4, which scrolls from left to right. (5 waves)
    Note that the number of waves decreases from X-1 to X-4.  For X-3, the last
    wave can be hit if you fire early enough (right before they even appear), 
    however this is a completely blind shot and should only be done in emergencies. 
    For levels that require three targets to pass, mostly for X-3 and X-4, playing
    them is a gamble.
    Payout Levels for Winning, the Multipliers:
    X	1	2	3	4
    1	0.1	0.4	1.0	2.0
    2	4.0	6.0	8.0	10.0
    3	20.0	40.0	80.0	200.0
    Number of Real Targets in Each Wave in the Round:
    X	1	2	3	4
    1	4/5	4/5	4/5	3/5
    2	3/5	3/5	3/5	3/5
    3	2/5	2/5	1/5	1/5
    Number of Hits Needed to Pass:
    X	1	2	3	4
    1	1	2	2	3
    2	2	2	3	3
    3	2	3	2	3
    Stage 1-X:
    All real targets will spin.  There are no fake targets.  They will spin for
    each wave.
    Stage 2-X:
    All real targets will spin.  There are no fake targets.  They will NOT
    necessarily spin for each wave.
    Stage 3-X:
    All real targets will spin.  There ARE fake targets.  They will spin for each
    How to Beat the Rounds:
    Stage 1-1 to 1-4)
    Shoot all of the targets you can.  You should be able to get 7, or if you're
    daring enough, 8 hits.
    Stage 2-1 to 2-4)
    If a target spins, shoot it.  If a wave doesn't spin at all, it is up to you to 
    decide whether or not to shoot.  Sometimes you may go through an entire round
    with only one wave that will spin.  To get to round 3-X, you may want to just
    shoot blindly on the rounds where they don't spin, or else you may end up
    failing the game.  This holds especially true for 2-4, since you need 3 hits
    and there are only 5 waves.  You may want to stop at the 8.0 or 10.0 multiplier
    if you don't like using the cheat for round 3-X.
    Stage 3-1 to 3-4)
    This is a very difficult set unless you cheat (which will be explained below in
    the '6. Cheats' section).  All of the waves will spin, however there will be
    fake targets in all of the waves.  At round 3-4, only one will spin out of
    five, so your chances of winning are very unlikely.  Be very careful of whether
    or not to stop with your winnings early.
    6. Cheats
    Beating Stages 3-1 to 3-4:
    If you pause at the right moment, while they're spinning, you can pick out the
    real and fake targets by knowing the number of real targets in the round.  So,
    if there are 2 real targets out of 5, two will be spinning one way, and three
    will be spinning in another direction.  If you time it just right, you'll even
    have enough time to move the gull to the position of a real one.  If you pause
    too early, you're out of luck since you can't unpause and pause again fast
    7. Credits
    This walkthrough was made by David Lam, copyright 2003.
    For any feedback/questions/etc., please send an e-mail to
    chibisage(at)chibiknights.com, changing the middle part accordingly.  
    If you submit any sort of information that you think you should be given credit
    to, please include a name of some sort, real or a nickname.
    Thanks to Squaresoft for making the wonderful Final Fantasy series, and to
    Square-Enix for making FF:X-2!
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    The following sites, and only these sites, have been given my permission to
    post my FAQ:
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    GameSpot (www.gamespot.com)
    IGN (faqs.ign.com)

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