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    Speed Guide by KADFC

    Version: 1.30 | Updated: 08/31/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      Final Fantasy X-2 Speed Run Challenge FAQ/Walkthrough
      Created by: KADFC (aka Fabian Chang)
      Copyright KADFC 2005
      E-Mail: New_KADFC@hotmail.com
      Created on: 1:43 PM on August 1st 2005 (Pacific Time)
      First Version Submitted on: 4:45 PM on August 8th 2005
      Current Version: 1.30
      Current Version Submitted on: 12:40 PM on August 31th 2005
      Best Viewed on: Courier New, 10 Font
      (This FAQ contains Spoilers)
      This FAQ can only be posted on Gamefaqs, no other site has this privilege.
                            Table of Content
                        I.       Introduction
                        II.      Tips/Hints
                        III.     Reference
                        IV.      Walkthrough/FAQ
                        V.       Author's Fastest Time
                        VI.      Challenges done by Author
                        VIII.    Credits
      Version 1.00: Second Run and Walkthrough Complete
      Version 1.20: Author tried to follow his guide and found the mistakes.
       Improved stratgies stated with '**' or will be completely changed.
       Third Run completed and Author's Fastest Time Complete
      Version 1.30: New Game Plus Speed Run Complete, along with times.
      For this guide, I'll try to make it as simple as possible. The main point
      of this challenge is to be able to have the power to finish off Shuyin,
      while still have a very low time. This time being the last point. This is
      based off of NOT using a New Game Plus. Future versions might include the
      time achieved for using New Game Plus.
      No cheat device may be allowed, but you can always take the game's glitches
      if possible. For FFX-2, there aren't any, or many. At least I don't
      consider them it.
      This will be my 7th guide and I hope to improve my typing skills as well as
      grammar and spelling errors. I've done Speed Runs for FFVII, VIII, and IX
      and X. This is just another one on the list left to do. Just to prove to
      someone the possibilities (aka showoff), like all challenges.
      There's always a possibility that my way isn't the fastest, that's why I'm
      gonna find out the fastest route possible. As I'm typing this up, I'm about
      to do my second run. My first run was kinda crappy and I got a horrible
      time. I think I need to do 2 or 3 more after my second run to get a
      desirable time, I'll just have to wait and see.
                                 Tips and Hints
      This section is for challengers that doesn't want to use my walkthrough and
      instead would like a few words of wisdom. What's the point of doing a
      challenges if you're being spoon fed? This doesn't mean that you shouldn't
      read this even if you're using the walkthrough section.
         1. Don't have too many saved files on your memory card. Having too much
            on them will lag up the time needed to get the next save.
         2. For the beginning battles, you'll need to rely on Trigger Happy
            combined with other physical attacks made to get a chain.
         3. Unlike FFX, FFX-2's pause actually stops the timer from going.
         4. Sometime, you'll need to wait for other's ATB to be full, so that you
            can launch a full party chained attack. This is used in the early
            part of the game.
         5. Charm Bangle is a must. Keep tapping to the right and using 'Escape'
            in all unwanted battles.
         6. On all EXP/Gils/Items Screens, hold X to quickly get out.
         7. Don't use Pause in battles. Using it will NOT stop the timer. Pausing
            only works for non-battles. My third run was based on this unexpected
            discovery. So for each battle, try to enter the right commands as
            fast as possible.
      Terms and other stuff.
      SS = Start and Square. Meaning you should first press Start and then the
           'Square' button to skip ahead.
      DS = Dress Sphere.
      ADS = Any Dress Sphere. When Paine is about to activate Full Throttle, this
            Dress Sphere will be the first one that Paine will be using. She won't
            be using this DS, she'll only change into Warrior from this DS. Most
            likely to be Gunner or Thief.
      GG = Garnet Grid
      Also, all girls must survive by the end of all battles, unless I state this.
      Start a New Game. (NO NEW GAME PLUS)
      Watch the intro.
              Chapter 1
       Battle #1: ???? and 2 x Goons
       Nothing special, just hold down X and win the battle easily
      After the battle, press Start and then Select to skip the little clip.
      For the rest of this guide, 'Press Start and Then Square' will be refer to
      as 'SS.' I will list all the possible places that this will need to be
      When chasing after LeBlanc, SS again.
      Before going forward, go to your menu screen. Press up to go to
      'Config.' Inside press right a few times, go down twice and to the right
      again. Exit the menu screen and proceed forward. This will change the
      Sphere Change to Off, to limit animation time, and ATB Speed to fastest.
       Battle #2: 2 x Goons
       Just like last time, just hold X and win.
      Move foward, and get into the battle in the next screen.
       Battle #3: 2 x Goons and 2 x Fem Goons
       Have Rikku and Paine aim at the Fem, one each. This will take both of them
       out fast. After that, just hold X.
      Move towards Paine. SS it.
      (Note: This battle can be avoided. You'll need to slip inbetween the two
       Fems and pass them right by. If you're aiming for speed, try to do this.
       It took me 6 tries to get it right.)
       Battle #4: Ormi and Logos
       Killing whoever first doesn't really matter. Just kill them fast with
       Trigger Happy chained.
      After Battle, SS it.
       Battle #5: LeBlanc
       Quickly press R1 and change Yuna's DS to Dancer. After that, just keep
       pressing X or just hold it down if you expect the chain to come.
      Just wait after the battle. After you seen Yuna's intro, press X constantly.
      During the EXP/Gil screen, just hold X down.
      SS Gullship.
      SS it again.
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      1. Hold X and move foward, this will cause a jump effect.
      2. Talk to Paine
      3. Talk to Shinra, when you see his list, select 'Done'
      4. Talk to Brother
      5. Talk to Rikku
      6. Move over to the left and talk to Buddy
      7. Go back up the stairs and save your game
      Author's Time:  0:11     1%
      Gils: 1020 (Maybe higher, like 1140)
      8. Go to the cabin and talk to Barkeep
      9. Go back to the bridge, Buddy will talk. SS it.
      10.Keep tapping X on the black screen dialogues
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
                   Mt. Gagazet
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      After Buddy's "I'll take you to the top." SS the next screen
      You'll have to wait a few seconds before Yuna can move.
      Tutorials Jump and Climb: When you see the text box, just tap X quick.
       The speed things up, just hold down O when doing any of these actions.
      Third Tutorial: On this one, just jump down get the Yellow Ring. Then hold
       O to get back up the left and move right to quickly jump.
      Move toward the Save Sphere and Save.
      Author's Time:  0:14     2%
      Gils: 1020
      (This may require a lot tries, I did 6. Do 2 full runs, before trying to
       get the perfect one.)
      Go into your menu. Turn everybody into Warrior and have everyone learn
      Armor Break. Equipping anything right now doesn't really matter.
      Walk to the left and mash X. Activate elevator (already done if you kept
      pressing X). The screen will turn black, on the next screen SS it.
      Move down and then to the left and grab that Elixir. Do this while getting
      into 0 encounters. If you get into one, restart.
      Make your way to the upper right. After Yuna's "Who's there,' on the next
      screen SS it. You shouldn't be able to see LeBlanc if done fast enough.
       Battle #6: LeBlanc, Ormi, Logos
       Just have all 3 girls constantly chain them all to death, one at a time.
       Shouldn't see more than 2 Sonic Fans and 2 Love Taps. I actually saw
       LeBlanc giving herself the Love Taps because I killed Logos before she
       could use it.
      Head for the entrance. You should get into 0 random battle
      (Using Flee is a bad idea. It takes too long, so that some girls can
      receive blows. You'll have to wait for her ATB to be filled up and then
      press Triangle to get to find her turn. If Rikku gets hit, this will delay
      her action. While Escape on the other hand, doesn't take any of this.)
      Logos will send enemies at you, just time and hold X to quickly take them
      out. Proceed to the entrance. Hold O and quickly pass this area. Get into
      0 encounters. You decide if it's worth a restart or not if you did get one.
      Once outside again, walk near the rightest path, to limit your encounters
      as well as time needed to travel. You'll get 2 random encounters,
      escape them both.
      Ormi will send enemies at you this time. Just hold X like before. Try to
      reach the Save Sphere ASAP. By the time my Time Left Counter was gone, it
      was around 4:13:??. LeBlanc talks, X tap it. Go save your game now.
      Author's Time:  0:22     3%
      Gils: 1570
      Go up and grab Muscle Belt from the chest. Go into the menu, give someone
      the Muscle Belt. Proceed to the boss.
      SS it at first view.
       Battle #7: Borris
       This boss shouldn't get more than 2 hits on you. You'll need to perform
       4 full party chained attacks on him. A few more hits may be required.
      Keep on tapping X for the storyline. Exit Mt. Gagazet.
      SS the Gullwing.
      SS again.
      Head for the Cabin and talk to Barkeep. Sell the Faerie Earrings that you
      got from the previous fight with Borris. Also sell the Elixir you got
      from Mt. Gagazet.
      Go back to the bridge and save.
      Author's Time:  0:26     4%
      Gils: 5370
      Jump down and talk to Shinra. SS it quickly to avoid viewing the Sphere!!
      Tap X throughout the dialouge. Obtain Black Mage DS. Buddy will call out,
      after Rikku's second jump, SS it.
      Mash X through the tutorial. Head for Calm Lands.
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
                   Calm Lands
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      (May require a few attempts)
      You can get from 1 to 3 random encounters here. 1 or 2 is ok, but if you
      get 3, that will need a restart
      Head for the left and talk to the guy standing on the left near the hover.
      Do this fast:
      1. Buy Credits   - 410
      2. Trade Credits - Charm Bangle
      3. Ride Hover    - Travel Agency
      4. Talk to the merchant and buy a Wristband.
      5. Go back to the airship
      6. Talk to Buddy and select Besaid Island
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
                 Besaid Island
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      1. Mash X through Yuna's Dialouge, SS when you see the green ground.
      2. Head for Lulu's Home and talk to her. SS when dialouge starts.
      3. SS again.
      4. After watching the Sphere, SS again.
      5. Tap X to get through dialouge, head for Lulu's Home again. When Lulu
         come in talk to her and keep tapping X.
      6. After the nap, go outside and talk to Lulu. Mash X.
      7. Exit the village and save game.
      Author's Time:  0:33     5%
      Gils: 270
      Have Paine equip the Charm Bangle and take anything else off of her. Just
      keep tapping X when Brother is talking.
      Okay, now for the 4 Digit Password. You'll need to do this twice for the
      speed of this game. For the first time, just collect all the numbers. Copy
      it down on paper or memorize it. Test the numbers out, just to make sure.
      Now restart.
      Go use the code. Head for Wakka, SS it. Head for the Savepoint and save.
      Author's Time:  0:36     5%     (Y = 4, R = 4, P = 4)
      Gils: 1270
      Give Rikku the Muscle Belt and Wristband. Yuna take the Gauntlet and any
      other defense based equipment. Paine sticks with the Charm Bangle only.
      So basically, you have all Warriors.
       Battle #8: Flame Dragon
       For the first turn, have everyone attack in a chained manner. On the next
       turn, have Yuna and Rikku use a Potion on themselves and have Paine attack.
       After this, some of it will be based on luck. Everyone keep chaining with
       regular attacks. By the time he's going to attempt to launch his second
       Firebreath, he should already be dead.
       An alternative way to which I thought will work was to have Paine have the
       lowest HP and have her keep using Sentinel. The boss should keep on
       attacking the character with the lowest life, except that when I tested it
       3 times, this never occurred. So I used my way instead.
      Head back to Wakka and SS IT!! (This is a must) Then SS it again. After
      that, there will be more dialouge, so just keep tapping X.
      SS the Gullwing.
      Head for Zanarkand.
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      Save your game.
      Author's Time:  0:40     6%
      Gils: 1570
      Head north and talk to Issaru. Go to the left. Go through all of Passe's
      dialouge. Defeat the goons with Chained attacks. After that, go to the
      right and pick up the Mega Phoenix.
      Fight another group of goons, followed with Fem Goons. Pick up the
      Phoenix Down from the chest.
      Head to north, speed through the dialouge and save again.
      Author's Time:  0:47     7%     (Y = 5, R = 6, P = 5)
      Gils: 1810
      Go talk to Cid, pick whatever answer you like. After that talk to the
      guy to the left, head for the doors. Just open all the chests on the left
      side. Keep going north. Mass X when needed. When Issaru gives you the
      second question, DO NOT pick the right one. It'll waste time and you don't
      need that GG anyways.
      Head north for the next boss, along the way, you should prepare yourself.
      Yuna should be close to Armor Break by now, so need to mess with her.
      This is the first time that I did this... but it's worth it, I think.
      Keep Rikku the same way. Now for Paine, go to First Steps and put White
      Mage somewhere. Now turn Paine into a White Mage. The DS is set to Vigor,
      so that's good enough.
       Battle #9: Guardian Beast
       Yuna and Rikku keeps on using Power Break. If Yuna gets the chance to use
       Armor Break, use that instead and keep using it until she runs out of MP.
       For Rikku, you keep using Power Break until 10 is inflicted or if she
       runs out of MP. For this to be able to count at all, Armor Break must have
       a 6. You can aim higher, only if you spare MP to use, don't use an Ether.
       Restart if you must.
       For Paine, just keep using Pray. There are small occasions that you should
       use Cure. If an ally have HP less than 100, use full party cure. If an
       ally have less than 51 HP, use Cure directly on them
      Speed through the dialouge and menu.
      SS the Gullwing
      SS in middle of Brother's order.
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      Save your game.
      Author's Time:  0:58     8%
      Gils: 2010
      Move to the right. SS Tobli. Head north, SS it. Move up to the second
      screen, get the Star Curtain and Holy Water. Move toward the gates, X
      tap the dialouge. SS the next screen.
      Kilika Forest: SS the first screen. Move to the left, you'll see Dona pass
      upper tree. Head back to the right and take that middle section. Go all the
      way up, then go right, and then up. Choose the top option. When given
      options, select the bottom one. Continue to the right. At the end of that,
      head to the second vine and jump towards that. Grab the Megalixir and go
      back down. Proceed to the Save Sphere and save. If you think you could've
      done better, be my guess and redo it over again. It certainly isn't hard,
      but it's very time consuming.
      A small diagram:
                           G       |
                           |       |
                      ----- -------             Legend:
                     |             |            o = Start
                     |             |            s = Save Point (Don't save)
                     |              \           S = Save Point (Save when reached)
                     |               M          D = Where Dona passes from treetop
                     |                          G = Listen on Guards
                     |                          M = Where to access Megalixir
                *    |    *                    '-, |, /, \' = Travel here
                *    |    *                    '*' = Routes to avoid
                *    |    *
                *    |    *
      Author's Time:  1:03     8%     (Y = 6, R = 7, P =7)
      Gils: 3510
      Just remember this pattern and you're ready to go:
       - Craven (1)
       - Carved (4)
       - Craven (1)
       - Carved (4)
       - Carved (4)
      (You'll get Menace of the Deep Garnet Grid)
       Battle #10: YSLS-Zero
       Same as last battle, no preparation. Yuna's first attack is Power Break,
       while the rest are Armor Break until it hits 6. Rikku keeps on using Power
       Break until it's 10, after that just use regular attacks. Paine is the
       White Mage so she'll mostly use Pray. If ever anyone's HP is lower than
       180, have her use a full party Cure. If anyone's HP is lower than 120, use
       Cure directly on them. Vigor is used to replace Cure in this case. The
       goal is to get 10 Power Break and 6 Armor Break, after that just chain
       him to death with Rikku and Yuna. You'll get a Wristband at the end.
       **Set everyone as Warrior. Quickly Power Break him to 8, then Armor Break
        him to 6 - 10. Then Chain him to death. In the process, you'll need to
        heal yours of a HP higher than 1/2 of there max with Potions. As well as
        use Phoenix Downs.
      Ends the first Chapter. Save game.
      Author's Time:  1:09     8%
      Gils: 4510
              Chapter 2
      1. SS the Gullwing
      2. SS again
      3. Jump down and talk to Shinra, keep tapping X and watch CG.
      4. Keep tapping X
      5. Move toward Brother and SS it.
      6. Go to the Cabin and speed through Brother's dialouge.
      7. Once at the Cabin, talk to the guy farthest back (The one that looks
         like he's playing a drum). Tap X through all the dialouge. Now move
         the musicians to the elevator.
      8. Watch the concert. Once Yuna's singing stops, SS it. Watch CG.
      9. Once Yuna wakes up, SS it. Hold O and jump from the left. Go to Bridge.
     10. Jump down there, SS it. Jump down there again, talk to Brother. Pick the
         first option (which by tapping X you'll get). When Rikku talks, SS it.
     11. Pick New Yevon, bottom option.
     12. SS it. After the monk's bow comes back up, SS it.
     13. SS the Gullwing. Barkeep talks, SS it. Watch LeBlanc Sphere.
     14. SS it. Open all the chests in the Engine Room.
     15. Head for the bridge and save.
      Author's Time:  1:18     10%
      Gils: 4510
      Head for Macalania Forest
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
               Macalania Forest
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      The only reason for this place is Full Throttle, Paine's Special DS.
      Watch the opener, you can't skip it. Walk through the crystal road
      to the left. Head for Tromell. Talk to him 4 times, each time SSing it.
      The first time is tricky, you'll have to wait for Yuna's 2-3rd step.
      You'll get Full Throttle. After that, go back to the ship.
      (From this point foward, Full Throttle will be called FT)
      Head for Mt. Gagazet
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
                  Mt. Gagazet
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      1. Talk to Kimarhi, SS it.
      2. Go to the tele and pick Fayth Scar.
      3. Travel South and then follow the Fem Goons.
      4. Save your game
      Author's Time:  1:24     11%     (Y = 8, R = 8, P = 8)
      Gils: 4510
      1. Garnet Grids -> (R2) Unerring Path -> Any DS with Warrior.
         (I picked White Mage for some reason... You might want to pick Gunner or
          Thief for their HP. This DS won't be used anyways. I'll call this DS
          'ADS' for the rest of the walkthrough. Note: Don't ever change this DS.)
      2. Equip Paine with Unerring Path, give her ADS. On her second slot, first
         being Charm Bangle, give her the Wristband gotten from the previous boss.
      3. Go to Paine's Abilities. Set FT for Double HP, Dex and Sin for Reboot.
      4. Now time to face the boss.
       Battle #11: Ormi
       Have Yuna and Rikku use Power Break, aim for 6. Quickly have Paine change
       into Warrior. After that get FT on. This will be only time you'll see both
       animations. FT should just use any of her Throttle attacks. Have Sim use
       Stamina on FT and Buckle Feather once. Dex uses Venom Wing and then Blind
       Wing. After those moves connected. Have Paine turn back into Warrior.
       You need to chain their attacks now and kill Orni fast. There is still one
       danger point though. That is if Ormi's HP is very low, he'll use a bomb
       attack that will deal 200 or so. So be prepared to use potions if any of
       them gets HP lower than 200. Having this kind of HP is also good for the
       next battle. Also, if Power Break isn't on 6 yet, do that first. Restart
       if needed.
       **Start out as all Warriors. Power Break him to 6 and Armor Break him to
        6. Then time your Chain well and slaughter him. Use Potions cautiously.
        1 or 2 Phoenix Downs may be used, but more isn't considered fast, IMO.
        Hope not to see the bomb. You're girls should leave the battle in
        critical state (yellow HP) and that's what you should aim for.
       After the battle, you'll face 2 Fem Goons and a rattlegun guy. Chain their
       attacks to end the battle fast.
      Keep tapping X to speed through dialouge. SS the Gullwing. Save game.
      Author's Time:  1:30     11%     (Y = 9, R = 9, P = 9)
      Gils: 4870
      Now head for Mushroom Rock
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
                 Mushroom Rock
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      Go up and head for the HQ. When the screen changes, SS it. Then go to the
      direction of the HQ, Yaibal will stare then leave off. Go talk to Clasko. X
      tap through his dialouge. Now head north.
      X mash through the Dialouge. Walk towards the DS. Before activating it,
      change Paine back into ADS. After that talk to the DS. X tap through the
       Battle #12: Ormi and Logos
       Have Rikku and Yuna quickly kill off the Fem Goon. After that, have them
       use Power Break on Ormi. Paine on the other hand, changes into Warrior and
       quickly bring out FT. If Paine dies while attempting to do this, restart.
       Once you get FT out, Paine uses Throttle, Sin heals FT has lost more than
       400 from her max. If not, Sin will keep healing with Stamina or use Buckle
       Feathers up to 6. Dex will first use Venom Wing on both of them, followed
       with Blind Wing. After that use Lazy Wing on Logos and kill off Ormi with
       Once Ormi dies, change Paine back into Warrior and finish Logos off.
       You should get Iron Bangle and Silver Bracer as drops, both essential.
      SS the Gullwing.
      Head for Djose Temple
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
                  Djose Temple
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      Ok, I've tested this out myself through 6 trials. Here are some facts:
      1. Walking around will not help, no effect
      2. Talking and or on the menu will not help, rather just make it longer
      3. Opening a chest will not help, delay effect once again
      4. The next guy entering is determine by solely on time.
      So in any case, just wait on the screen patiently. When the last guy goes
      in, just follow him in. Talk to the guy in front of the desk, tap X. Go
      outside and head for the main door. Go inside.
      SS it. Go back outside, head south. Head for Gippal, SS it. Pick the first
      option, SS it again. Go back north, and back to the ship. Go to Bikanel
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
                 Bikanel Island
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      X tap through the stuff. Save your game.
      Author's Time:  1:42     12%     (Y = 9, R = 9, P = 9)
      Gils: 5180
      Go talk to Nhadala, X tap through the text. Hold left and keep tapping X.
      Talk to the Pilot and speed through his text, talk to him again and keep
      tapping X.
      Head up and X tap through the dialouge. Before touching the DS, give Paine
      ADS, then proceed. Once you see Logos' first line, SS it.
       Battle #13: Logos and Fem Goons x 2
       Have Rikku and Yuna get rid of the Fem Goons with regular attacks. You
       should have enough time to get rid of one at least. Have Paine change
       into Warrior and bring out FT. Like last time, give Logos Venom Wing
       followed by Blind Wing. Sin does the same as last time. Do try to kill
       of the Fem first. Once Logos gets the Lower Defense of 6, poison, and
       darkness on him, have Paine change back to Warrior. Then chain him to
       death. Word of caution, not good if he uses Flash Bomb. Good luck though.
      **This is done with a lot of luck. Start out with everyone as Warrior. Have
       the girls Armor Break him to 8. Then chain him to death. In the process,
       don't ever use a potion or any items. This plan will fail if Logos decides
       to use a Flash Bomb. Hope to see Hush Bomb all the time.
      Keep tapping X through the screens.
      SS the Gullwing.
      Tap X through more dialouge.
      Save if you want. Due to some events, I don't have a time for this.
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      Head directly for the entrance. X tap through the dialouge. Once inside.
      SS it. Enter the door on the bottom floor. Move toward Logos and Ormi.
      Speed through their text. Go back to the right and up to the second floor
      by taking the left side. X tap the Goon, move toward LeBlanc.
      You'll need to do this minigame once, and I know, it's hard. While on the
      second round, once you find the yellow spots, stick with it to get a easy
      win. You decide which you want. I picked the first one. Speed through their
      text again. Go back to the lower floor, go back to where Logos/Ormi was
      standing, talk to the left door. SS it. Move foward, SS it. X tap through
       Battle #14: Ormi, Fem Goon, and Goon
       Have Rikku and Yuna chain the Fem Goon first, and then the Goon. Have
       Paine change into Warrior and then FT, after both goon is gone. FT uses
       Throttle, twice. Sin uses 2 attacks of Buckle Feather. Dex uses Venom
       Wing first, followed with Blind Wing. After that, change Paine back into
       Warrior. Then have the girls chain him to deal. If you're fast enough,
       you shouldn't see Concussive Shock or his hugging attack.
      Save your game.
      Author's Time:  1:55     13%     (Y= 10, R = 10, P = 10)
      Gils: 5860
      Move to the right and enter the door. Watch the little clip. Move toward
      the Sphere, but don't talk to it yet. Change Paine back to ADS and give
      her the Lure Bracer. Now talk to the Sphere, SS it. X tap through their
       Battle #15: Ormi and Logos
       Power Break on Ormi with Yuna and Rikku. Quickly have Paine change into
       Warrior and LT it. Have LT use Throttle on Logos. Sin keeps on casting
       Buckle Feather. Have Dex do this in order. Lazy Wing (Ormi), Venom
       Wing (Ormi), Venom Wing (Logos), and Blind Wing (Logos). After that
       change Paine back into Warrior. You should have at least an Armor Break
       of 4 them by now. Chain Logos to death, and then Ormi.
      Replace the Lure Bracer with Charm Bangle and get Paine back on ADS. Now
      activate the 4 Nodes on the north section. After doing the first two, you
      should see the a trap sent at you, instead of running, move towards it.
      Activate the 3rd Node and then the 4th. Walk through the open path and
      back to the Save Sphere and Save your game.
      Author's Time:  2:02     14%     (Y = 11, R = 11, P = 11)
      Gils: 6320
      Walk to the right. The door should open. Replace (Paine) the Charm Bangle
      with Lure Bracer and put her on ADS. Walk foward, SS it. X tap the
       Battle #16: LeBlanc, Ormi, and Logos
       Have Yuna and Rikku use Power Break on Ormi. Get Paine into Warrior and
       then FT it. The main goal is to kill Logos. So have FT use Throttle on
       Logos on every turn. Dex does this in order: Venom Wing (Logos), Blind
       Wing (Ormi), Venom Wing (LeBlanc), and then use Stamina on FT. Have Sin
       use Buckle Feather 4 times. When any part has less than 500, have the
       next guy use Stamina on them right away, assuming that they aren't
       finished with their tasks. When all the status has been inflicted,
       change Paine into Warrior.
       Have all Warriors chain Logos to death first. Then chain Ormi. Then
       LeBlanc. When doing LeBlanc alone, she might use Flash Bomb. Don't worry
       much, use Remedy on everyone and then keep chaining. Even without
       Darkness on the girls, it may be hard to hit LeBlanc, but keep attacking.
       Heal only when a girl has less than 50 and use Phoenix Downs.
      X tap through everything.
      Save game.
      Author's Time:  2:13     15%
      Gils: 7100
      SS the Gullwing.
      SS again. Keep tapping X.
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      After the 'Mission Time,' talk to the guy on the right to ride the mobile.
      Keep going north and approach the next destination. Go to the right first.
      While holding down O, activate it. Go to the left, climb up and then
      activate it to 'down' position. Go back to the center and use it.
      A few battles. Heal up after the second battle. (with only full party Cure)
      1. Flan Blanco and Skink: Chain them one at a time.
      2. 2 x Vertigo: Chain them one at a time. Heal up with Cure.
      3. Open the two chests.
      4. 2 x Skink: Chain them one at a time.
      Save your game.
      Author's Time:  2:19     15%     (Y = 13, R = 13, P = 14)
      Gils: 7478
      Head for the left. X mash the dialouge. Move directly to the right, SS it.
      Move to the upper right. Little action clip. Move foward. You'll have to
      face 2 YAC-13. Chain them both to death with Warriors, one of a time.
      You'll need to face 2 single YSLS-Zero monsters, by activating the towers.
      Just remember to skip one and do the other. The first attack for all the
      girls is Power Break, then just chain these guys to death. Full party Cure
      quickly after each fight.
      For Georapella, have the girls' first attack be Armor Break. Then chain him
      to death. If he decides to use Death, you should think of restarting, but
      only if he does it twice. Just Phoenix Down if once.
      Jump down. Keep going, open the chest near the end, take the
      left. Activate the pillars.(NOTE: Left Pillar must be reached from the
      right side and Right Pillar from the bottom) Move forward, SS it. Keep
      going to the left. Next screen, go up. Take the left carrier. We are
      not getting Dark Knight, so activate both platforms and jump on the upper
      carrier. Save game.
      Author's Time:  2:30     15%     (Y = 15, R = 15, P = 16)
      Equip Yuna with the newly acquired Wristband if you want. Put ADS on Paine.
      Then go up and face Baralai. (If you time it right, distance wise, you can
      put Lure Bracer on your girls before the fight against Baralai and Bahamut.
      But you'll need to keep switching it with Charm Bangle when walking to the
      next boss. I'm doing this because of the Lure Bracer's Strength increase.
       Battle #17: Baralai
       Have Yuna and Rikku use Armor Break on him. Have Paine change into Warrior
       and get FT out. FT uses Throttle on him. Dex uses a Venom Wing and then a
       Blind Wing. Have Sin use 2 Buckle Feather on him. If Thawing Glaciers is
       used on Dex before those thing are placed on him, you might have to
       restart. Try to get an Armor Break of 4. Change back into Warrior and then
       chain him to death.
       Alternative faster way: To get the faster time, you'll need to take a
       bigger risk. Have everyone start out as Warrior. Quickly Armor Break
       Baralai to 10, then chain him to death. His constant swipes, Glint, and
       Drill Shot are the killers. If you're fast enough, no girl will be KO'd.
       And by using this, don't revive any girl. I used this way :)
       **Tip on using the 'faster way': The first girl does Armor Break, then
        she'll get her turn. Before she attacks again, wait for the other girl's
        Armor Break. When it's about to strike, quickly add to it to chain it.
        Same with the the last Armor Break, except that you'll have 2 girls
        adding to that chain instead. Then Chain Baralai to death.
      X tap through the Dialouge. You can go back to the Save Sphere and heal up,
      then proceed. I didn't. Time to face Bahamut. SS when he shows up. 
       Battle #18: Bahamut
       Start off by having everyone Power Break him to 6 - 8. Then work on Armor
       Break to 6 - 8. Then finish it up, so that both are 10. Chain him. Don't
       worry about Curse. His punches will be dealing lower than 35. Impulse
       is based on current HP, so it can't kill you. So just keep chaining
       until the count down starts. When it does, start using potions on
       everyone until everyone has 500+. After that, go back to chaining. You
       won't see the second Megaflare if done right. Once you got the first
       heal to 500+, don't heal anymore. I never got to see 4th count from the
       second Megaflare.
      X tap through the dialouge. Ends Chapter. Save your game.
      Author's Time:  2:40     16%
              Chapter 3
      SS the Gullwing.
      Wait for the line 'Fiends are pouring..' and SS it.
      Head for Luca.
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      (You're going to need to beat Shinra in Sphere Break and everyone else
       that I listed, FAST! They are the easiest by the way)
      SS it twice.
      Once you got passed all the coins, pick the last option.
      Tips on playing Sphere Break: Quota is what that counts. If you keep
       having the same quota throughout the whole battle, you'll win for sure.
       For the first 2 victims, I kept on using the quota of three. Meaning I
       used only 3 coins to get a multiply of the middle number, for each turn.
       My strategy for 3 Quota: Pick any inner coins that isn't a multiple of
        the middle number right off the bat. Look at the list of numbers on the
        top, right section. Pick the second/third number and minus the one that
        is on the left section, you'll need to aim for this number. Quickly
        decide which two numbers will add up to that number.
        NOTE: There are three reasons that you can mess up.
         1. Not enough Outer Coins to use, diverse wise.
         2. The middle number is 1, which forces you to restart the quota chain.
         3. You're slow!!
      1. Go to the bottom left. Then all the way left till you see a lady sitting
         on the ground. First victim.
      2. Talk to the guy that has a blue hat on with a lot of people surrounding
         him. Second victim.
      3. Head toward where Rin was standing and walk all the way up and Save
         your game.
      Author's Time:  2:46     17%
      Gils: 12628
      4. Talk to the girl standing to the right of the Save Sphere. Third victim.
      5. Time for Shinra. Beat him and get Lady Luck
         (NOTE: I beat Shinra by doing a Quota of 2, that's right. :) I already
                won before my 11th turn)
      6. Go back up to the same Save Sphere and go back onto the ship. Head for
         Calm Plains.
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
                  Calm Plains
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      Put the Charm Bangle back on. Head for the Chocobo Ranch (Monster Arena).
      Yes, we're getting Alchemist now. Talk to Clasko. Keep tapping X. Quickly
      go and save your game.
      Author's Time:  2:55     17%     (Y = 17, R = 17, P = 18)
      Gils: 12628
      Time to take out the fiends. Give Paine the Lure Bracer.
      Here's the strategy:
      1. Skink: Chain him to death.
      2. Queen Coeurl and Armet: Have everyone use Armor Break on Queen Coeurl
         first and by using the method stated on Baralai. After that chain
         QC to death. If more than 1 Phoenix Down is used, restart it.
      Go back to save if you must, or at least get a cured party.
      3. Skink and Armet: Chain them both to death, one at a time.
      4. Armet x 3: Chain the first two Armet to death, one at a time. On the
         last one, Armor Break it twice, and then chain him to death. If he
         still have a Armor increase of 10, keep Armor Breaking. When he has
         10, you'll be doing 10 - 20s, which is very crappy.
      Save your game.
      Author's Time:  3:02     17%     (Y = 18, R = 18, P = 18)
      Gils: 13484
      5. Skink and Queen Coeurl: Chain Skink to death first. Then try to do
         the same for Queen Coeurl. Don't heal when the girls' HP is low, just
         keep attacking. Armor Break of 6 will be nice. Use Phoenix Downs 
         whenever a girl is down, probably 2 is needed.
      6. Blue Elemental x 3: Before going towards it. Go to Garnet Grid and
         pick 'Menace of the Deep.' Give it Warrior. Put this Garnet Grid on
         of the girls and Warrior as well. Enter the battle and chain them to
      X tap the dialouge. Go back into the ranch, go to the Save Sphere and go
      back to the ship. Head for Besaid Island.
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
                 Besaid Island
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      Save your game. (Due to some error, no time)
      Put Lady Luck on one of the slots of Menace of the Deep and have Yuna
      equip it, and also give her Silver Bracer. Give Rikku First Steps and
      make her into a White Mage. Give Paine the Unerring Path and get her on
      ADS. Set cursor onto 'Memory.' Save your game, if you need to because we
      will need to encounter a certain monster on the first try. If you don't
      want to save, at least touch it to refill Yuna's MP.
      The best random encounter: Barbuta x 2. Kill one off. Have Paine change
      into FT and use Lazy Wing on the last one. Change back and have her use
      Escape. Now have Yuna use Water on Barbuta and Rikku use Cure on Barbuta
      after 3 of Yuna's Water. When Yuna's MP gets low, have Rikku use an Ether
      on her. The memory makes it great for this task, since you'll only need
      to push Triangle and X. Soon Yuna will learn Bribe.
      Replace the Lure Bracer with the Charm Bangle. Head for the Cave, the one
      that Wakka was in. Go to the Save Sphere located there and save. Now equip
      the Lure Bracer back on and try to encounter Flame Dragon. Within three
      encounters, if he doesn't show up, restart and try again. For speed, limit
      yourself to one encounter.
      Once you get Flame Dragon, get to Yuna's turn and use Bribe. For each time
      give him 6125 Gils. Don't do anything for the rest of the girls. Hopefully
      you'll get something over 30 Fire Gems by doing this. If you do, save, if
      you don't, restart. But only if you want to. I would suggest you get 62
      at minimum. There are times in which case you can get 40+. If you give
      9000+ Gils, you should get 40+ Fire Gems. Once you did the second time,
      go to the Save Sphere and go to the ship. Go back to Besaid. Save game.
      Author's Time:  3:22     17%     (Y = 19, R = 19, P = 20)    
      Gils: 3169
      Replace the Lure Bracer with the Charm Bangle. Go into Besaid and head for
      the shop. Try to get a total of 11 Holy Water. You may sell any of your
      accessories, except for Iron Bangle. You can sell Lure Bracer as well, but
      it's only worth 10 Gils. If you feel you can do this faster, restart if
      you wish. But remember this, you'll need to finish both Besaid and
      Kilika before your next save. So you might want to do a test run through
      Go to Lulu's home and talk to her, mash X through dialouge. Exit the home.
      Once you see Yuna's text displayed, SS it. Go into the temple. Talk to
      Beclem, SS it. Keep tapping X and enter the Cloister. Run to Wakka, SS it.
      X tap through Dialouge.
      Time for preparation. Go into menu and get Highroad Winds and put Alchemist
      on one of the slots. Go to Items, Sort, and Manual. Move Fire Gems and
      Holy Water to the top of the list. Equip everyone with Alchemist, as well
      as the Highroad Winds GG. Now proceed to Valefor.
       Battle #19: Valefor
       Simple battle. For each girl go to Mix, and use Fire Gem with Holy Water.
       This will make an attack called "White Hole." Generally speaking, this
       attack should only deal somewhere close to 4800, but instead it can do
       a few thousand more. For Valefor, only two of these is needed.
      After the battle, SS it.
      Then keep tapping X for more storyline.
      SS the Gullwing.
      Now go to Kilika.
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      Go get the same chest that you got Star Curtain from, and you'll get a
      second one as well. Then go to Donna's House, SS it. Get out of her house.
      Get Pass the Gate, Minigame: We aren't doing this for fun, we're doing this
      for speed, ONLY. Keep tapping X until you get to select the second option,
      select the second one. Just tap 'X' and go through the gate quickly, no need
      to look at anyone, just do it!! Now enter Kilika Forest. SS it
      You'll need to examine all 3 gates, the one that you're currently on and
      the two others one of the left. After that, just go back to first one. 
      You'll get a trigger, keep tapping X. Then head straight forward, SS it.
      Walk the stairs, on the next screen, SS it. Go into the temple. You'll be
      fighting a monster known as 'Daeva.'
      1. When meeting Bartello, SS it after battle.
      2. Go forward, you'll quickly get a second one.
      3. Go foward to the next room. Touch the fire on the right.
      4. Fire on the left.
      5. Fire in the middle.
      6. Go foward again. You'll get two Daeva in this battle.
      Strategy for all of them: Mix White Hole (easily done by having Cursor on
       memory. You'll just need to hold X down.)
       Battle #20
       White Hole him twice, done. (By holding down X)
      Keep tapping X.
      SS the Gullwing.
      SS it again.
      Pick 'Djose Temple.' (This won't be the only option, so you'll need to pick)
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
                  Djose Temple
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      Keep tapping X for the dialouge, no SS here. After that, save game.
      Author's Time:  3:41     17%     (Y = 21, R = 21, P = 22)
      Gils: 3299
      This may take a few tries or many. Go into the temple and make your way to
      the Cloister's 2nd Floor. Here you'll need to push stone block to go to the
      next floor. You can do this on the first try, if not, you'll have to
      restart. My advise is to always choose the same one. For me, I always pick
      the rightest one.
      Enter the new entrance. Just watch it, nothing can speed it up.
       Battle #21: Ixion
       Once again, use 2 White Holes. Dam that was fast.
      X tap through the dialouge. After you see Yuna go down and the screen
      changes black, SS it. SS it again. Watch the CG.
      You'll get some Crimson Spheres, just keep waiting. After Yuna says,
      "Where am I?" keep running around. After that just keep tapping X.
      This will end the Chapter.
              Chapter 4
      Save your game. (There will only be one other save in Chapter 4)
      Author's Time:  3:54     20%
      Gils: 5099
      1. SS the Gullwing.
      2. SS it again.
      3. Approach the elevator. SS Rikku.
      4. Go up to the Deck. Approach Paine, SS it.
      5. Go back down to the bridge, SS it.
      6. Talk to Shinra, keep tapping X.
      Viewing Comm Spheres: There are 4 locations you have to visit. Keep tapping
       'Square' throughout all of these.
      1. Besaid Island
      2. Kilika Island
      3. Mushroom Rock
      4. Bevelle
      After that, exit Comm Spheres. Run to the left and talk to Buddy. Once you
      see his text, SS it. Go talk to Buddy again and keep tapping X.
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      You know the drill. Keep tapping X if there are any dialogues.
      Walk north.
      Walk south. Tobli's ride.
      Walk north. Get on Shupuff, SS it.
      Walk north. Keep tapping X through Tobli's dialouge.
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      SS the Gulling.
      SS it again.
      Head for the elevator and head for the Cabin.
      Do the Dance Minigame, it doesn't matter if you get Shmooth Sailing or not.
       You certainly aren't going to use it.
      After the minigame, you can buy Holy Water again. This time up to the limit
       of Fire Gems you have in your inventory.
       *Optional if you don't have that many Holy Waters*
      Go back to the Bridge. Save.
      Time:  4:09
      Talk to Buddy, go to Thunder Plains
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
                 Thunder Plains
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      X tap through. Head to the cave. Inside the game, use this route.
                     (x) <---- Boss
                     (o) <---- Start
       Battle #22: Zalamander
       It will take 2 White Holes to kill him. Yet in the process of doing so,
       he'll get to kill one of your girls. If you're fast enough, you can still
       revive her with a Phoenix Down. If not, it doesn't really matter.
      To get out, use this route.
                     (o) <---- Start
                     (x) <---- Exit
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      Jump down and talk to Buddy, X tap through.
      Talk to Rikku, SS it.
      After the Comm Sphere ends, SS it.
      Talk to Tobli and keep tapping X to select first option.
      SS it.
      SS it again.
      Watch "A Thousand Words"
      After, SS it again.
      Go to the Bridge, jump down and SS it.
      Jump down again and talk to Shinra, SS it. Watch Comm Sphere. X tap through
      Once Rikku starts talking, SS it.
      End of Chapter 4.
      Save Game.
      Author's Time:  4:22     23%
              Chapter 5
      SS the Gullwing.
      Jump down and SS it.
      Jump down and talk to Brother, X tap through.
      Once Brother says "Surging Flapping...", SS it.
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~
      First take the right and then the left. Time to face another Aeon.
       Battle #23: Shiva
       Send 2 White Holes and the battle is over.
      Save your game.
      Author's Time:  4:25     24%     (Y = 26, R = 27, P = 27)
      Make your way to the next Aeon, keep on the left side.
       Battle #24: Magus Sisters
       This battle will be based on some luck, but after a few tries, it won't
       seem hard. You'll need to release 6 White Holes at them. Sandy's Razzia
       and Mindy's Passedo are the only moves that are deadly. Passedo being the
       deadliest, even if it can't kill. If you have some good luck, you won't see
       this. Hope to kill Sandy or Mindy before they take one of your girls out.
       Phoenix Down will be used only once if done right, or none. Good luck.
      A small event clip will occur. Move on to the next Aeon, but full party
      Cure before facing her.
       Battle #25: Anima
       A simple battle, you'll need to release 3 White Holes. She'll probably get
       1 or 2 attacks at you, but that's ok.
      After battle, SS it. Walk to the left. SS it again. Save game.
      Author's Time:  4:31     (Y = 30, R = 31, P = 31)
      Walk to the left. Touch the red spot on the ground and select 'Yes.'
      SS it
      This might take 2 or three runs. I'll try to display this as best as
      possible. I'm going to try to do this twice. And that is, to play the
      scales perfectly. By doing so, you will NOT need to face Azi Dahaka(s).
      EX #1: From the way the keys are laid down on the bottom.
      | Do | Re | Mi | Fa | So | La | Ti | *Do | *Re | *Mi |
      |    |    |    |    |(1) |    |    |     |     |     |
      |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |     |     | (2) | < - (Part 1)
      |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |     | (3) |     |
      |    |    |    |    |    |    |    | (4) |     |     |
      |    |    |    |    |    |    |(5) |     |     |     | < - (Part 2)
      |    |    |    |    |    |(6) |    |     |     |     |
      |    |    |    |    |(7) |    |    |     |     |     |
      |    |    |    |(8) |    |    |    |     |     |     |
      |    |    |(9) |    |    |    |    |     |     |     |
      |    |    |    |(10)|    |    |    |     |     |     | < - (Part 3)
      |    |    |    |    |(11)|    |    |     |     |     |
      |(12)|    |    |    |    |    |    |     |     |     |
    EX #2: How the notes are suppose to be placed on the scale (top).
        Part 1     | Part 2        | Part 3
      |      2     |               |                        |
      |            | 4             |                        |
      |            |         6     |                        |
      |            |               | 8       10             |
      Run to the first piano and play Part 1.
      Go through that gate and take the right path. When you see the circle like
       nod, pause there for a second. You'll see electricity, after it gones,
       it's safe to pass.
      Run to the second piano, get the Megalixir from the chest. Play Part 2.
       When doing this, go to the left to get a quicker access to the notes.
      Go through that gate and to the right path again. This time the same
       electricty gate is there, but you'll have to notice that on your own.
      Go through that gate. X tap through the dialouge. 
      I could explain how to do this part, but I rather not. Instead, use this
      link to get a picture of it:
      Do give it more detail. You start off from the left and use the Left's
      right side to get 1 and 2. Then use the right(top) to get 3. Then you use
      the Left's left side to get 4, 5, and 6. Approach the Save Sphere, give
      the Iron Bangle to someone. Set ATB to Wait and put the Speed to normal.
      Put Potion, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down, and Star Curtain on the top of the
      list with Fire Gems and Holy Water. Save after doing those.
    Author's Time:  4:38
      Take the right (bottom) to activate 7. Then approach the gate. Watch the
      pwetty colors. ^_^
      Move foward and X tap through the dialouge. Keep going forward until you
      see Nooj. X tap through it until Yuna starts giving her speech. When
      her words end with "Believe in Yuna," start tapping X again. Now time to
      face the parts of Venagun. For the next boss to go by easily, the Iron
      Bangle should give that girl more than 1300 HP.
       Battle #26: Venagun's Tail
       In the beginning you'll have to wait for his first attack, which is
       called 'Noli Me Tangere.' Everyone should be Ko'd now, except for the
       person that you gave the Iron Bangle to. Have that girl use an Elixir or
       Megalixir. Next, mix Final Phoenix, which is Phoenix Down and Hi-Potion.
       This will bring back the other two girls.
       White Hole will deal its basic damage on this guy, so you'll to release
       6 - 7 White Holes. Most likely you should be fast enough to do this
       before he pulls out his second Noli Me Tangere.
      Full party Cure quickly. Move onto the next part.
       Battle #27: Venagun's Leg
       Have Yuna mix Hi-Wall, which is Star Curtain and Potion. There are only
       two ways that they can attack you now, the Leg itself and the Red Nod,
       but their attacks are weak. Use 4 White Holes to end this battle.
       Even if Shell is cast on his legs, the damage by White Hole isn't going
       to be halved. Also, White Hole will never target the nodes.
      Go into your menu and look at the time. Now use a timer/clock to count
      how long it takes for you to kill Shuyin. Write this down if needed.
       Battle #28: Venagun's Core
       Very easy battle. You probably won't even receive any damage. Just
       release White Holes constantly. Highest amount you'll need is 6. One
       for each left and right, and then 4 for the Core.
       Battle #29: Venagun's Head
       Could become a hard battle if you're VERY unlucky. The only move you
       should be very cautious on is 'Pallida Mors.' A attack that will deal
       enough damage to kill 'one' girl. This can be halved and the girl can
       stay alive if you can set another Hi-Wall before this occurs. In any
       case, set Hi-Wall as your first move (Star Curtain and Potion).
       Then throw, at max, 9 White Holes. 2 for each left and right side and
       5 for the Head.
      **If you're very unlucky, the Head can pull an attack that deals over
       2200. By that, it kills everyone and the game is over. I saw this once
       and this was the first time seeing 'The Bad' Ending.
       Battle #30: Shuyin
       (Your party is fully healed for this battle)
       Easy battle. Throw 4 White Holes to quickly end the battle. In the
       process, he should be able to release 'Terror of Zanarkand.' Which will
       take down one girl. It's natural. Once you got the 4th White Hole out,
       the battle will end anyways.
      Add the time that you calculated to the one you got before facing the Core.
      Hopefully you got the time you wished for, or in any case, try to beat my
      time. :)
      Author's Time: 5:26
      End of Chapter 5.
      Enjoy the ending. (Even if it's a crappy one)
                                Author's Fastest Time
      Start of Chapter 2
      Yuna       8%    1:02     
      Level 8
      Start of Chapter 3
      Yuna      16%    2:24     
      Level 17
      Start of Chapter 4
      Yuna      20%    3:30     
      Level 22
      Start of Chapter 5
      Yuna      23%    3:57     
      Level 23
      Heart of the Farplane (Final Save)
      Yuna      25%    4:12:15
      Level 30
      (This save was taken after all the pieces, except for the last one, was
       done for the second puzzle. The seconds was calculated after I counted
       the amount it took to get to 4:13. Tested it in 3 trials to be accurate)
      Time of Shuyin's Defeat: 4:43:42
      Time of 'Complete Chapter 5' appearing: 4:47:30
      (The last two recorded times was done by recording the battle on VHS and
       then reviewing it. The 7 second save loading process was taken into
       consideration for this. From the time that the save was loaded, it took:
       31 minutes 27 seconds for the Defeat of Shuyin
       35 minutes 15 seconds for 'Complete Chapter 5' to appear)
      New Game Plus (Time)
      Yuna      28%    5:00:28
      Level 33 (Rikku: Level 34, Paine: Level 34)
                                New Game Plus Speed Run
      This section is newly added for my interest only, lol. This section is for
      doing a Speed Run in a New Game Plus. I've tested this 4/5 times so far,
      just so that it won't be easily beat. This part assumes that you have done
      a lot for this game, meaning to have beat the game at least once and have
      access to almost everything. I will list the requirements for the
      preparation of this challenge.
      Things needed:
      Alchemist        (Mastered)
      Gunner           (Mastered, at least one person)
      Thief            (Rikku mastered)
      Highroad Winds   (Garment Grid)
      3 Key to Success
      2 Iron Duke
      1 Charm Bangle
      35 Dark Matter   (9999 on all enemies, can't break 9999)
      5 Shining Gem    (2,800 ~ 3,000 with Alchemist)
      11 L-Bombs       (800 ~ 900 with Alchemist)
      2 Phoenix Down
      3 Hi Potions     (Optional)
      3 Potions        (Optional)
      Sidenote: Supreme Gem and Blessed Gems are out because they take way too
       long to use. Supreme Gems takes 9-10 seconds, Dark Matter takes 6-7.
       Shining Gems and L-Bombs are there because of their quick actions, 1-3
       seconds. Also, even if 2 Shining Gems can take out the boss, 1 Dark
       Matter can do the same thing, but it doesn't require two girls' actions
      1. ATB Mode is set to Active
      2. ATB Speed is set to Fast
      3. Set Cursor is to Memory
      3. Sell all items, excpet for the ones listed below.
         On your item screen put these items into this order for easy access:
         Dark Matter   Shining Gem            (You may put them into a      )
         L-Bomb        Phoenix Down           (different order, if you want.)
         Hi-Potion     Potion
      4. Sell all accessories, except for the ones listed below.
         Charm Bangle
         Key to Success
         Cat Nip
         Iron Duke
      5. On Highroad Winds, put Alchemist on the top. Gunner on either left
         or right of Alchemist
      Extra Testing -
      1. Make sure non of the bosses are Oversouled. Check this by going through
         Via Purfico. This part can be skipped if Alchemist is indeed mastered.
       New Game Plus Mini-Walkthrough
       This will be a quick walkthrough of how to really speed through the game.
       By using this with the original walkthrough, you can achieve a good time.
       This section will be very brief.
       Places to Save:
       1. After Gullwing Intro
       2. After talking with Lulu, before going to the cave (Chapter 1)
       3. Start of Chapter 2 (End of Chapter 1)
       4. Start of Chapter 3 (End of Chapter 2)
       5. Djose (Chapter 3) Before facing Ixion
       6. After Anima (Chapter 5, optional)
       7. Final Save (Start of second Piano Playing)
       1st Battle: L-Bomb 
      (Note: When set on memory, just hold down X for the next battle to quickly)
            (use the same item over again. Since Rikku starts with Thief and it )
            (already has First Strike, using L-Bombs will be very quick and easy)
       2nd Battle: L-Bomb
       1st Boss:   L-Bomb
       2nd Boss:   Change to Songstress, use Darkness Dance, L-Bomb
       Gagazet: Give each girl a Key to Success. One girl should hold the Charm
                Bangle. Equip the 2 Iron Dukes on the free slots. Get all girls on
                Highroad Winds and all on Alchemist.
       Gagazet #1: L-Bomb
       Goon #1:    L-Bomb
       Goon #2:    L-Bomb
       Boris:      Shining Gem
       Flame Dragon:   Shining Gem
       Guardian Beast: Shining Gem
       YSLS-ZERO:      Shining Gem
       Logos/Fem:      Dark Matter
       Ormi/Logos:     Dark Matter
       Ormi:           Shining Gem
       2 Fems:         L-Bomb
       Ormi:       Shining Gem
       Ormi/Logos: Dark Matter
       Syndicate:  Dark Matter
       2 Percept Guards: 2 Dark Matter
       Georapella:       Dark Matter
       Baralai:          Dark Matter
       Bahamut:          Dark Matter
       Valefor:    Dark Matter
       Ifrit:      Dark Matter
       Ixion:      2 Dark Matter
       Zalamander: 2 Dark Matter
       Shiva: 2 Dark Matter
       Magus: 2 Dark Matter
       Anima: 4 Dark Matter
       For pure speed purposes, the 2nd Piano Playing won't be done. So you'll
       have to fight Azi Dahaka. Replace the Charm Bangle with Cat Nip and give
       them Gunner.
       Azi Dahaka
       Have one of the Alchemist attack the Gunner, their HP should reach 300 to
       500 ish. Have the Gunner quickly use Happy Trigger. This may require two
       times of Happy Trigger or you could use 2 Dark Matters with the Alchemist.
       For me, I had Paine at level 39 and with 3000 HP as a Gunner.
       Tail: Get the Gunner's HP above 1250 with Potions/Hi-Potions. Use Happy
             Triggered Cat Nip only after 'Noli Me Tangere.' Using it before will
             only hit 0s.
       2nd: Heal others, except Gunner. Trigger happy it.
       3rd: Trigger Happy only the Core
       4th: Dark Matter 2 times. Kill off Gunner and then mix Mega-Phoenix
            (PD + PD). Using Mega-Phoenix or Phoenix Down won't get her back on
            critical, which isn't any good with Cat Nip
       Shuyin: Party is healed fully. Have one of the Alchemist attack the Gunner.
               Trigger Happy it.
        Author's New Game Plus Times
      This it the fastest one that I got for New Game Plus. It could be beaten by
      3 - 4 Minutes. If you told me it was more 5 minutes, I would call you a liar
      or cheater. Unless of course you can show me something that I already didn't
      know about.
       Author's Times (Accumalated):
       Celsius - Bridge:    0:11  (After Intro to Gullwings, except Barkeep)
       Besaid:              0:24  (After talking to Lulu in Besaid)
       Start of Chapter 2:  0:46
       Start of Chapter 3:  1:36
       Djose Temple:        1:52  (Before facing Ixion)
       After Anima:         2:37  (After Defeating Anima)
       Final Save:          2:42  (Before facing Azi Dahaka)
       Time of Shuyin's Defeat:  3:07:36
                          Game Challenges Done by Author
    Not to brag about my accomplishments or anything. These are the challenges
     I've done when I've started to become a true gamer. And I've also listed some
     of the challenges that I'm wanted to do and complete. For best up to date
     completes, refer to the newest (by date) FAQ.
     Final Fantasy IX:   Level One Game
                         No Equipment Game
                         Excalibur II
                         Perfect Save Without Maxing Stats
                         ODINS Challenge (One Day In No Saves, 18:59:58)
                         Zidane SCC
     Final Fantasy VIII: No Junction Game
                         ODINS Challenge (One Day In No Saves)
                         Perfect Game (Maxing out every stats, except for Speed
                                       and Luck)
     Final Fantasy VII:  Initial Equipment with No Materia Challenge
                         Perfect Game (With Best Materia Combo for everyone,
                                      missing one KOTR though, until I have 8 KOTR)
                         Lowest Average Level Game (LAL)
                         Lowest Level Party Game (LLP)
                         Speed Run (Bottom of Crater at 9:47)
                         ODINS Challenge (One Day In No Saves)
     Final Fantasy X:    Perfect Game
                         NSGIE (My Challenge :D)
                         ODINS Challenge (One Day In No Saves)
                         Speed Run (12:24)
     Final Fantasy X-2:  Level One, One, Two Game
                         Speed Run (4:43:42)
     Super Marino RPG:   ODINS (One Days In No Saves)
                         Perfect Game
     Zelda OOT:          Perfect Game
    Other Challenge I hope I can complete in the future:
     Final Fantasy X:    NSGNCNONS
     Final Fantasy X-2:  Six Iron Dukes (I got 5 so far, working on 6)
     Final Fantasy IX:   Attack and Item Only Game
     Zelda OOT:          Three Hearts, No Death, Minimum Requirements Game
                         ODINS (One Days In No Saves)
     Zeld MM:            Three Days Game (Even better than ODINS)
     Super Mario RPG:    Level Three Game
     Starcraft:          Get over 1000 wins (Currently have 700s)
     If you don't know what ODINS is, it stands for 'One days in No Saves.' Also
     known as a No Save Game, except that you have to beat it within 24 hours. The
     concept of a No Save game doesn't really explain it's true meaning. You can
     just leave the system on and go to sleep and by tomorrow you can play it some
     more. That isn't a real challenge. ODINS give you the full name that you
     should do it. It's a very enduranced base challenge. You must know the game
     very well and you must not sleep throughout the whole process, even if you're
     using a automatic turbofire controller.
      *Split Infinity*: For his words of wisdom, and his guides that I used while
                        trying to finish this challenge.
                        1. FAQ/Walkthrough
                        2. Boss FAQ
                        3. Bribe FAQ
                        4. Mix List FAQ
      *WalkThruWalls*: For answering a few of my questions that I posted up.
      Accessory FAQ:             by Terces17
      Dressphere Stats by Level: by FFBeowulf
      Enemy Database:            by hardcore rpg gamer
      Enemy Encyclopedia:        by SinirothX / Zeruel
      Item Locations FAQ:        by ArionX
      Shop List:                 by ABlaster
      Final Dungeon Musical
      Pillars Diagram (GIF):     by Xythar
      Gamefaqs and CJayC for posting this guide.

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