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    Monkey Sidequest Guide by Chiiiiler

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                             ||  Operation Monkey! ||
                  A guide by Chiiiiler, A.K.A David Hutchison.
                   Version 1.0 Copyright 2006 David Hutchison
    You know the drill. Press Ctrl+F to bring up search, then wack in the code
    of the section you want to find. If you want to find a particular monkey,
    whack in the name, and it'll appear as if by magic with it's soulmate!
    1. Introduction         [ITDCN]
    2. Preparation          [PRPRN]
     a.  Template           [PRPRA]
     b.  Areas              [PRPRB]
    3. Operation Monkey!    [OPRMN]
    4. Soul of Thamasa      [SLTMS]
    5. FAQ                  [FRAQU]
    6. Updates List         [UPDLS]
    7. Contact              [CNTCT]
    8. Other Stuff          [OTRSF]
     a. Copyright Stuff     [CPRST]
     b. Credits             [CRDTS]
                            1. Introduction                           [ITDCN]
    Hi there all, and welcome to my first guide! I'm kinda nervous becuase this
    is the first version and they may not accept it, but hey ho, if you're
    reading this, then it must have!
    *NOTE* This is no longer the 1st version but the 1.1th, so hooray!
    I'm writing this guide because this sidequest is annoying, hard if you
    don't know what you're doing, and heavily unexplained in the game, with a
    reward that is (in my opinion) a great accessory (Soul of Thamasa), and
    (again, in my opinion, the funniest piece of text in the game.
    I remember that I spent hours on end talking to one monkey then talking to
    another, throwing my controller at the TV in frustration, standing in the
    checkout queue at Currys, and so on my next playthrough, I decided to help
    fellow gamers who where as stuck as I was and didn't have to go raiding
    through the full FAQ/Walkthroughs, only to find a tidbit of information
    that didn't help them at all.
    And that's where I come in. Well, I've sort of been in all along, because
    I've been telling you things you didn't need to know, but no more! Now i'm
    gonna explain the layout of this guide, and what it's about incase all this
    time you didn't know.
    This guide is about the "Operation Monkey" sidequest in Chapter 3. The
    sidequest involves matching monkeys up with each other. It doesn't even
    appear as a mission, so it takes some hunting down.
    But basically, fly the Celcius (your ship) to Zanarkand Ruins, and walk all
    the way through the Dome area until you see Isaaru (the guy with colourful
    robes on). Talk to him, and at the end of your conversation you'll be
    presented with something along the lines of (Sorry, but neither time did I
    manage to catch this so if you do please email me!):
                               Operation Monkey
                       Find all the monkeys soulmates.
                     Hint: It helps to look at the names.
    Sorry about that. There is a lot more text than that, but it basically says
    that anyway. Either way, it is not helpful at all. My version makes it
    easier to pick out the important bit, which is that you have to match the
    monkeys up by their names. Sounds easy huh? It's not. Unless of course you
    have my wonderful guide to take you through it step by step!
                             2. Preparation                           [PRPRN]
    So here we are, having just been presented with a sidequest, with very
    little information. First thing the game doesn't tell you? You have to do
    this in order! But it follows a certain template, that goes like this.
                             a. Template                              [PRPRA]
    First of, you'll get the name of the monkey that is hopelessly in love. A
    bit of information is then listed, including why the names of the two match
    up. A bit like this:
    Location: [Where they are]
    Partner: [Name]
    Why they match: [Explanation]
    Location Of Partner: [Where the partner is]
    Right, you have all that info, now, it's probably very clear what you have
    to do, but just incase you don't understand, I'll take you through it.
    Follow my instructions to where the first monkey of the two is. (Bear in
    mind that it will not work if you haven't done all the monkeys previous to
    the pair, because you have to do this in order!) You'll see a monkey with
    pink hearts over it's head, talk to it and you get:
                             Where is [Name]'s Soulmate?
                                   Grab Him/Her
                                   Leave Him/Her
    Of course, you're going to pick "Grab Him/Her". Yuna will then pick the
    critter up. As a little extra, if you ever approach the camera holding one
    you'll see that these monkeys bear a striking resemblence to Carbuncle from
    FF7. Well i think they do anyway. Anyway, this is where my guide comes in.
    Go to the Area (see [OPRMB]) that i've said that their partner is, and
    where i've said about in the area where it will be. It will be there if you
    haven't already spoken to it, in which case it will be around that area.
    Then you talk to the soulmate, and it says:
                         [Name1] fell in love with [Name2]!
    That's you done with this couple. They'll now be together in the location of
    the second monkey, always.
    As a bonus, i've also added what what each monkey says if you talk to them
    now. Sorry, told you I was in depth! Or maybe I didn't... :P
                              b. Areas                                [PRPRB]
    So you're now ALMOST set up for my guide. But not quite, because first, we
    need to get aquainted with the 5 areas the monkeys are in. I've numbered
    them in order of progression, but i'm trying to make it easier by telling
    you certain landmarks as well.
    At this point I just want to say that all the trekking in this sidequest is
    made more bearable my the fact that there are no encounters in any of the
    5 areas. So thats one easy way to tell if you're in the right place. But on
    with the areas. First up...
                             =Area 1=
    Area one is the long corridor full of rubble where you encounter Isaaru to
    start this sidequest. It has the most monkeys in it, and you'll be coming
    back here a lot.
    If you exit to the south of this corridor, you have left the five areas.
    However you can exit and enter as many times as you like, the quest doesn't
    restart. As long as you dont go and finish the chapter that is. So to be
    safe, best not leave eh? Hahaha, you're trapped now! O.K, moment of
    insanity over, on with the guide!
    The most noticable landmarks here are the stairs at the north end. However
    there are several monkeys near the south, so i'll describe where they are
    the best I can.
                             =Area 2=
    Area two is the "Cloister of Trials" for those of you who've played FFX, and
    the "weird rooms with white dots on the floor for (unless you've played FFX)
    no reason what-so-ever" for those who haven't.
    I've made both of these rooms the same area, beacause there is no blackout
    between the two. I'll basically say the left room or the right rooom if
    there is a monkey in one of them, then describe the position from there.
    It's hard to forget this area, as you'll be going through here a lot, and
    going down the lift in the middle of the left room a LOT.
                             =Area 3=
    The "Room-at-the-bottom-of-the-lift". Welcome to Area three! According to my
    very sub par math, this is the room you'll be going through the most.
    It basically consists of the bottom of the lift, then a short archway
    through to a sort of "oval lying on it's side" shape, with jagged bits on
    the map that you cant get to.
    There's only one real landmark, and thats the lift. But you'll be going up
    and down that damn lift so often, you'll definatley remember Area three.
                             =Area 4=
    Wow. Look at all the chests! Treasure Hunter's paradise, Area four! That's
    proabably the most obvious landmark of this area, the chests.
    The room is circular, and has stairs at the north end. Thats pretty much it.
    Oh, and this is the hardest room to describe where the second monkeys are
    because they're all pretty much together. You'll come through here quite a
    bit with all the back-and-forthing from area five.
                             =Area 5=
    Where on earth actually is this, that's what I want to know. Enigmatic Area
    five with the freaky staircase.
    This is where you first met Isaaru on this game (back in chapter 1). You'll
    remember this room becuase of all the stars, and because, well it isn't
    really a room more of a wide open space...somewhere.
    This is the last room, and it only has one entrance/exit, and it's the one
    you came through. And about the freaky stairs? Go to the north of the area
    and there are some stairs leading somewhere you cant see. A new area? Wrong!
    Hehe, the world of spira is full of suprises!
    (Don't worry, you do not die or face a ludicrously hard boss. I
    say this because the writer of a guide for Tales of Symphonia thought it
    funny to say, oh yeah, it's okay, go into the evil book. What's in there?
    Oooh it's a suprise! Yey I love suprises... BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Instant annihalation. Grrrr). Ok, deviation over.
    And that's it on areas! Memorise them well friends. Or if you like, just
    print off the whole guide, and check up on the areas as you go. Your
    _-*NOTE*-_ If you are still having problems with my instructions, which you
    shouldn't becuase they are very easy to understand, you can always refer to
    Ramen Junkie's map, which can be found at:
    YES! We are finally onto the guide, keep the template in mind friends, and
    off we go!
                             3. Operation Monkey!                      [OPRMN]
    Right, straight into the action and onto the first monkey!
    Location: Area 5. He's the monkey on the left, and will be strikingly obvious
              because of the pink hearts over his head.
    Partner: Sequoia
    Why They Match: Well, as you know, Birch is a type of tree, and so is Sequoia!
                    I had no idea what a sequoia was, so that got me researching!
    Location Of Partner: Sequoia is located in Area 3. The monkeys here are all
                         clustered up, but she's usually the one in the top right
                         hand corner of them.
    Birch is eternally grateful!
    Sequoia is delirious with joy!
    Then, onto...
    Location: Good ol' Area 4. As you enter, on the right.
    Partner: Autumn
    Why They Match: To be honest, I have no idea why it's Spring and Autumn, not
                    Spring and Summer. I think it's probably becuase they are
                    every other season, as are Summer and Winter.
    Location Of Partner: Autumn is located in the right hand room of Area 2.
                         Instantly noticable becuase he's the only monkey there!
    Spring is all warm and fuzzy!
    Autumn is in seventh monkey heaven!
    Next up...
    Location: He is the southern-most monkey in Area 1.
    Partner: Dawne
    Why They Match: Take away the Y and the E and you get Dusk and Dawn. Not that
                    hard to work out.
    Location Of Partner: Dawn is in Area 5. Of the two monkeys on the right, she's
                         the one below.
    Dusky's face is all aglow!
    Dawne's fur has a healthy sheen!
    Which leads us too...
    Location: Area 4. At the bottom of the north stairs, on the right.
    Partner: Thyme
    Why They Match: I love that TV show don't you? Never mind, Rosemary and Tyhme
                    are two very complimentary herbs.
    Location Of Partner: Thyme is in Area 2, in the bottom right hand corner of
                         the left hand room.
    Rosemary flashes a beautiful smile!
    Thyme's eyes are all atwinkle!
    Where on earth is...
    Location: Area 2. At the top of the left hand room, in the alcove. He's the one
              on the right.
    Partner: Skye
    Why They Match: Terre is the french word for "Earth", and if you take the E off
                    Skye then you get Sky. Earth and Sky. That one was tough, but
                    other people interpret Terran as Terrain, which is another way
                    round it.
    Location Of Partner: The only monkey left in Area 5, shes just above the newly
                         smoochin' Dusky and Dawne.
    Terran is in an ecstatic stupor!
    Skye is beaming!
    Off to find...
    Location: Area 4. As you come in, she's on your right.
    Partner: Maxx
    Why They Match: An old childens book by Patricia Reilly Giff series saw the
                    adventures of Minnie And Max, two detectives out to solve
                    mysteries. Also, via process of elimination, they're the only
                    two Monkeys with names that (In my opinion) sound like names.
    Location Of Partner: Maxx is in Area 2, now the only monkey in the alcove at
                         the top of the left hand room.
    Minni looks relaxed.
    Maxx is on cloud nine!
    Ah, the joys of...
    Location: Area 3, in the top right hand corner. Again, the monkeys in here tend
              to cluster up a bit, so shes in that vague direction anyway.
    Partner: Winter
    Why They Match: See the Why They Match for Spring And Autumn
    Location Of Partner: Winter is located near the south entance of Area 1. There
                         are two monkeys as you walk up from that entrance, Winter
                         is the one above.
    Summer is euphoric!
    Winter won't stop fidgeting!
    Also looking for some sweet lovin'...
    Location: In Area 2, just above and to the left of the lift.
    Partner: Valli
    Why They Match: Took me a while for this one, but eventually found that Peke ->
                    Peak and Valli -> Valley, as in Mountain Peak, and Valley.
    Location Of Partner: Valli is just at the bottom of the lift in Area 3! She
                         ought to be the monkey in the bottom right hand corner.
    Peke shrieks with delight!
    Valli is burning with passion.
    Where are you?!...
    Location: Area 4, by the left of the north stairs.
    Partner: Felina
    Why They Match: Again, tough, becuase I thought thta it would be star related,
                    because Canis is a constellation (two infact, major and minor).
                    But, I did work out that Canis -> Canine, and Felina -> Feline.
                    Canine and Feline. One means dog, one means cat respectivley.
    Location Of Partner: Remember where Winter is? Felina is below the
                         now-smooching couple at the bottom of Area 1 that is
                         Summer and Winter.
    Canis's heart is racing!
    Felina is blushing!
    Wanted: Boyfriend. Interested? Call...
    Location: Area 2, bottom left hand corner of the left hand room.
    Partner: Quivrr
    Why They Match: This was quite simple, Arrow and Quiver. One's where you put
                    your arrows, the other is, well, an arrow.
    Location Of Partner: Quivrr is right at the north end of Area 1. He is the
                         monkey next to the door leading to Area 2.
    Arroh is appeased.
    Quivrr seems calm now.
    Heart Of...
    Location: Area 3. He's the only easy one to find in this room, becuase he's on
              the left hand side of the room.
    Partner: Sylva
    Why They Match: Ok, now if you didnt get this one, you need help. Mentally.
                    Gold and Silver. Enough said.
    Location Of Partner: If you enter Area 1 from the north, and go down the stairs,
    they'll be a lonely monkey sitting there. Her name is
                         TALK TO HER! Aww, I love moments like these!
    Golde is weeping with joy!
    Sylva seems grateful!
    The End is Nigh!...
    *NOTE* Special text here. It actually says "Finally! Luna is in love!"
    Location: Area 1. Easy to spot, because shes the one with hearts over her head
              that's all on her lonesome. She's before the stairs.
    Partner: Sol
    Why They Match: Last usually means hardest, but not in this case. As you
                    know, Luna means Moon, Sol means Sun. Moon and Sun, hey presto!
    Location Of Partner: Suprise, suprise! Area 4. The only monkey without
                         over it's head. Should be at the far left.
    Luna is going ape!
    Sol looks very pleased!
    And...we're done!
    And now you're greeted with this (soooooo funny) piece of text:
                           Their world was veiled in darkness.
                        But now as monkey love blossoms and grows,
                           A monkey full future lies ahead.
                 This is their home. They will protect it, Now and Always.
    After you recover from you're laughing fit, you'll realise that we're really
    You'll be rewarded with the Soul of Thamasa accessory, which is explained in the
    next section.
    4. Soul of Thamasa
    The Soul of Thamasa accessory is the reward from doing this sidequest. Some
    love it,
    some hate it, but i'm a lover. This is the in game description:
     Soul Of Thamasa
    Strengthens spells, but doubles their MP cost.
    Thats all very well, but what it ACTUALLY does is below:
     Soul Of Thamasa
    Magic +15
    Spells do 1.5x damage
    MP cost x2
    This accessory is invaluble to any Black Mage user, as their MP is astronomical
    anyway. I also think, but have not as of yet confirmed, that this works with
    the Gun-
    Mages Blue Bullet skills. And if you dont think this is an adequate reward,
    hey, at-
    least this counts 1% towards your completion score!
    5. Frequently Asked Questions
    6. Updates List
    =Version 1.1=
    Hooray! We're on version 1.1, after Supercheats started hosting my guide, I had
    add it in somewhere! Until next time fellows!
    7. Contact
    If you ever want to write in to complain about this guide, ask to add to it, or
    even correct a spelling or grammatical error, i'm all ears! I will not ignore
    emails, even if they are entitled, &B0uT ur Gu|dŁ, |t $u><.
    As long as it mentions in the title that its about my guide, i'll read it, and
    Simple. If you have the burning desire to do so, i have *shudders* MSN.
    Anything mentioned in the above, should go this address, even *shudders* MSN.
    And that's all for contact details!
    8. Other Stuff
    The stuff that very few people read but EVERYONE should. Copyright info. and
    credit where credit's due. Read on!
    a. Copyright Stuff
    This guide is Copyright to David Hutchison, 2006. No other person is allowed to
    take anything from this guide, and put it anywhere on the net without my permit.
    I will almost always say yes, but at this moment, the only sites allowed to host
    this guide are:
    Don't plagurise, it's no fun for anyone.
    b. Credits
    A list of all the people who contributed to making this guide.
        NAME                       WHAT DID THAY DO?
    David Hutchison           Write this guide. It took me
                            long hard hours, but I managed it!
    Josh Miller              Graciously granted me permission
                            to link to his helpful map. Rock
                                        on dude!
    Square Enix          For making yet another groundbreaking
                            installment of the Final Fantasy
                            series. This guide wouldn't exist
                                     without them!
    gameFAQs.com            For being the first site to host
                                      this guide!
    Supercheats.com              For being the second!
    I know it's cliche, but i hope you had as much fun reading this guide as I had
    writing it. It may have been hard at times, but when I think that i'm helping
    people, it just makes it worthwhile. Until next time guys, Chiiiiler out!

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