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Reviewed: 07/20/06

What happens when a classic game tries to mix with Charlie's Angels...

“What happens when a classic game tries to mix with Charlie’s Angels…”

My first impressions after playing FFX were awe and amazement. I was totally in love with the game and characters, but the ending was incomplete. Let me rephrase that. Very incomplete. And to my surprise and pleasure, on the back of the instruction booklet, there was an advertisement for FFX-2. The first thought that crossed my mind was “I have to get this game!” So I got a discount for the game and bought it. And that’s where things went wrong (Please note that these are MY PERSONAL opinions and I don’t want to change how you feel about the game. I just want to let you know how I feel on some of the subjects.)

Storyline and Gameplay-5/10
The second I hit New Game, I was confused. Here are these three girls running around in the Luca BLITZBALL stadium and dressed like they are on some tropical island vacation. Oh yeah, and Yuna’s become this pop-star. Then I see these thugs attacking Rikku and Paine, only to find out that it’s an imposter playing as Yuna. I was like “What is going on?” I didn’t even know it was an imposter until I saw the “real” Yuna with Rikku and Paine. Which brings up another question, “Who is Paine?!” Every word she said was dripping with sarcasm and resentment and I was trying to figure out why she even joined the Gullwings. To top it off, Paine is dressed from head to toe with black. Seriously, you don’t even learn anything (really, I mean anything) about her until Chapter 4.

To make matters worse, some other things didn’t make sense to me. One second everybody wants to be Yuna’s best pal, yet they are telling her things like, “Sorry, Meyvn Nooj can’t see you now; he’s in a meeting. Come back later.” Excuse me, but Nooj and his mechanical self probably would be dead if wasn’t for Yuna and Rikku. Another thing that baffled me is why everyone turns on Yuna and decides they want to go to war. Sure, Yuna gives one lame movie sphere to some group and then everyone who opposes them decides they hate her. Okay, that makes perfect sense, let’s hate the woman who saved us all just because of one sphere.

The rest of the game is completely weird. 80% of the game is completely filled with side quests that you can skip, like selling a really short guy’s tickets. Pardon me, but um, when did you figure that helping a Hypello across a thief-infested road would help Tidus and Yuna rejoin, Square? I was often torn between the story of Lenne and Shuyin’s romance and Vegnugun’s threat to Spira. One second Yuna and the Gullwings are worried about what will happen to Spira because of Vegnugun and a few minutes later, Yuna has decided that she is going to go talk to Shuyin and learn about Lenne. In fact, you don’t even really get into the game until chapter 3! To be more precise, the storylines don’t even make sense with one another until you’re practically at the end of the game.

I was completely disgusted by the fact of the multiple endings. Yep. And the perfect ending is so monotonous to get. Trust me, I have done all the walkthroughs, guides, New Game+, and replayed that game so many times, I can recite the entire script for you. Very annoying.

The voice acting wasn’t too terrible. Except for Wakka’s and Kimahri’s voice, I wasn’t too displeased. Kimahri sounded a lot worse than the first one and Wakka had completely lost that cool island accent. The only thing in this game that was better than the first is that the words and mouths of the characters were in synch with each other. As for the dialogue, that was horrible. Yuna had an array of immature words, like “poopie” and “disasterrific”. And when Yuna uttered the words 'It sucks' I began to wonder why the hell I was playing this game. They often carried on these silly, immature conversations; and we are talking 2 legal adults and a 17-year-old (practically a legal adult). I rather doubt that people between the ages of 17 and 19 say things like “poopie,” in fact I don’t think that anyone says that.

I loved “real Emotion”, I loved “1000 Words”, I loved the Farplane Glen theme, I loved the mission theme, and the final fight theme. I did not love the Bevelle theme, I did not love Leblanc’s theme, I did not love the Bikanel desert theme, and I did not love the Celsius theme. Why did I hate some certain ones? Maybe it was because Bevelle was just flat out annoying with the “aaaaaahhhh” going on forever. Maybe I hated Leblanc’s because, well, I never liked Leblanc to begin with. Maybe I hated the Bikanel theme because I was tired of it repeating for one eternity. Maybe I hated the Celsius theme because I was sick and tired of it going on forever and then continuing to linger in my head for three days and people asking me what I am humming when I go to school.

This was the best of everything. The graphics were stunning, but some scenes were a little weird. The FMVs were beautiful and I enjoyed watching them. I was pleased to see some great scenes and movement to go with “real Emotion” and “1000 Words”. It always thrilled me to go to the movie theatre in Luca and buy movie spheres and watch the FMVs again. I was definitely pleased with the FMV portion of the graphics.

As for the cut scenes, they were pretty decent. However, there was one point where I was watching a scene with Yuna, Paine, Rikku, and Wakka on Besaid and I could have sworn I saw Rikku’s scarf go THROUGH a rock (yep). For the most part, the scenes were okay in the graphic department.

Let me put this delicately about the costumes, terrible. Each of them parade around Spira in these unrealistic and inappropriate costumes. Yuna and Rikku looked like they were on a tropical island vacation with micro-mini shorts and a mini-skirt and Paine was wearing boots with heels! If you are traveling around the world searching for spheres, you would not be wearing high heels! To top it off, Lulu was “supposedly” pregnant and yet she looked like she had lost weight! Umm…let’s be a little realistic here. I was surprised the baby didn’t suffocate because of the tight dress she was wearing. Square, the game is rated T for a reason! You know that all teenagers know what's involved in pregnancy.

Battle System-3/10
This battle system really disappointed me. Although the system in FFX was seemingly slow paced, I enjoyed the ability to teach my party new skills and magic. FFX-2 was totally weird and bizarre, seeing as you barely had any control over it; you basically had to put on a dressphere and hope that you get what you want soon.

The Garment Grid was really weird, seeing as how you had to decide what goes on a grid. Better yet, when you fight, you may be on a grid that has the ability for you to use Blizzaga, even if you haven’t learned yet. Here’s the catch, you have to travel around the ENTIRE Garment Grid to use it for only ONE battle.

For the fighting part, all you had to do was mash X repeatedly. A baby could beat the all bosses and fiends if you taught it to press X. A rubber bouncy ball could beat the game. All it would have to do is bounce, bounce, bounce, and bounce on the X button. The only skill involved is seeing how fast you can press X! You don’t even have time to think about what you’re going to do next, because if you do, in the blink of an eye, you’ll see GAME OVER.

In conclusion, this game receives an overall score of 6/10 (I rounded 5.5 up). I mean, if you are bored over vacation or you want to play a game until some other game comes out, this is an okay game to play. It isn’t too bad; I just didn’t care for some of the things. Square should have probably spent a little more time on this and thought about how bad Yuna’s image would be. She went from an honest and respectable young lady to a rule-breaking and exposing woman. Now, if you don’t mind, I have to go play FFX-2 again, for the seventh time because I didn’t see a specific scene with the Commsphere on Zanarkand with Isaaru, so I cannot get the Mission Complete in Bevelle, meaning I will not get the perfect ending.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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